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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 15, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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spoke with his wife. sean spicer said it was an emotional meeting. the president spoke with the doctors who are treating the congressman. scalise is, quote, one of the truly great people is in very tough shape, but he is a real fighter. pray for steve. >> after the investigation the fbi will build a time line to figure out when the suspect, james hodgkinson arrived in the area. he had a history of arrests involving guns. everything points to this attack having political motivation. in march he wrote on facebook, quote, trump has destroyed our democracy. it's time to destroy trump and company. at one point he was a volunteer for the bernie sanders campaign. the fbi says they still need more information on hodgkinson's state of mind. >> to the
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community, we believe the shooter has been living out of his vehicle in the vicinity of eastman road -- street, therefore, asking you to report any interactions that you may have had with him. >> and in a chilling exchange, south carolina congressman jeff duncan said he was leaving practice yesterday and a man asked him if the players were republicans or democrats. he believes that man was the suspect. >> the shooting has sparked calls for unity in a congress deeply divided. house speaker paul ryan and house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke to congressional leaders just a few hours after that horrifying incident and called for unity and assured that tonight's annual congressional game will go on. it was a game that the gop leaders were out practicing for yesterday morning when those shots were fired. the annual event draws thousands of people and d.c. police say everybody will be safe at nats
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security would be in place for the game? more than 10,000 fans are expected to attend. and to give you a little bit of perspective on this, the congressional baseball game started back in 1909. this is a way for members of both parties to come together and solidify some friendships. the event has evolved into a fund-raiser and this year the capital police memorial fund will also be added to the list of this year's beneficiaries. tonight's game at nats park will mark the 108th congressional baseball game. that game starts at 7:00. news 4's megan mcgrath will be live coming up. after a long day of pure shock and sadness, the dell ray community walked together. you can see that area full of families. one mother told news 4 that the field where that shooting happened is the same field where
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baseball. >> this is a story that we will continue to follow. you can get the developments with us on air and of course through our nbc washington app. 4:33. megan fitzgerald with information out of prince george's county. >> two maryland state police troopers are recovering right now. they were in a crash. they have reopened the roadway. according to state police, the troopers were trying to catch a driver who was going the wrong direction but the troopers crashed into each other. trooper warren thomas and trooper camille cavoyo are expected to survive. the other driver was pulled over and charged with a dui. >> megan, thank you. 4:34. happening today. another man whose shooting spree shocked our area and the country will be in the court. hearing for leroy malveaux's hearing starts this afternoon. a
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determined malveaux had to be re-sentenced because of a supreme court ruling that said mandatory lifetime sentences are unconstitutional. it will affect his sentence, not his conviction. they're appealing his convi conviction. today d.c. police are expected to announce the turkish security agents will face felony charges. five others will face misdemeanors. u.s. officials tells nbc news d.c. police will release photos of eight other possible suspects they hope to identify. now to what could be a major development in the russia investigation. the washington post reporting that the special counsel, robert
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president trump tried to obstruct justice. coming up news 4's tracie potts will say who mueller wants to tubing as part of the investigation. >> the time is 4:35. we want to get a check of weather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning, guys. very comfortable morning out there. not too bad right now. >> not too bad considering a rain shower or two coming our way. not a big rain threat until monday of next week. the big view on storm team 4. most of it is way out towards our west. if you're flying out, there could be a few weather related delays. around town is ground clutter on storm team 4 radar. skies will be partly to mostly cloudy. we'll get enough sunshine for future weather. it's mainly out here in the shenandoah valley. rain chances well out to the west of
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go over to miss rickets and find out how warm it's going to be. it will continue to warm up into the 70s. we have clouds in place. by 9:00 a.m. the temperatures in the mid 70s. not quite as warm as we did yesterday. yesterday temperatures actually made it into the low 90s. i think we'll stop into the mid 80s today. right around average for tomorrow. a little bit of cloud coverage. we'll see sun. then we so i remember back into the 90s as we head back into the weekend. humidity is coming back in. we will see humid conditions and more storm chances as we get into the weekend. chuck has your ten day forecast. melissa mollet has your traffic. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. a little more road work here happening on the beltway. inner loop after branch avenue, two lanes getting by.
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going to be on time. it will take you 11 minutes. headed out of time to bwi perhaps you're fine as well. nothing in your way. 66, 95 virginia okay. right now we have a little bit of a slowdown you can see as you're headed southbound out of quantico. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 4:37. new this morning, a lead warning. something you hear about when you buy your home. it could be in your food, food you feed your children. the fed raising rates, now we're breaking it down. >> new details from this deadly high rise fire. 28 floors of a london building burned. the latest on the investigation in that. and we will be bringing you live team coverage on the
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capitol hill police immediately begin to return fire and alexandria police also immediately came and began to return fire. they shot the shooter. >> but we do not shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. for all the noise and all the fury, w
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>> and it's in the family. it's an injury in the family. >> house majority whip steve scalise and three others were wounded in yesterday morning's shooting in alexandria. the gunman, james hodgkinson was killed by police. 24 members were practicing for tonight's game. before the violence, many members of congress were looking forward to an event to honor the victims of one of the worst school shootings in school history. >> they honored people for their work in gun violence and wellness. this brought together lawmakers, parents of the sandy hook victims. >> sometimes unfortunately you don't think about this issue and what you can do to prevent be it until it affects you personally. >> want to make the world safer, more knowledgeable, more caring.
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gala helped fund violence prevention methods. families are grieving from where a ups employee went to a warehouse with a gun, killed three other people and then him selves. hundreds of people work in that facility. police helped them to safety although a few others were hurt in the incident. in the last half hour we got an update from investigators about the deadly fire in london. it destroyed a high rise building. we know 12 people died there. now the london fire commissioner says that number is probably even higher. he said fire crews genuinely don't know how many bodies might still be inside that building. the cause of the fire isn't clear. one good story to come from this. a woman dropped her baby out of the window to save the baby, she was nine stories up. someone caught that baby safely. >> bill cosby due back in court agai
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still no verdict? new details about the evidence of the jury is reaching. and we have temperatures in the 80s once again today, so not quite as warm as yesterday. we made it into the low 90s yesterday. you may feel a little less humidity when you step out the door, but that's going to be short lived. the humidity and some rain coming back to the forecast. chuck's going t haveo
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news 4 i-team says members of congress have been asking house officials for better protection outside of the bubble of the capitol building since mid may. >> it's important to note that had steve scalise not been there, they would
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there either. they're asking for a $2 million budget increase when they are off grounds. they're also asking for an increase in his budget. one republican congressman who was injured yesterday hobbled into a news conference on crutches here thankful to be alive. >> we saw two people risk their lives to save the lives of others. we saw courage in the face of death and we saw examples of why all-americans should be grateful every day for law enforcement officers around this country. >> a house democratic leader tells news 4 that he's asking the speaker of the house to launch a review of security. if they are getting a boost in funding it would happen in late july at the soonest. megan fitzgerald is in the newsroom with more on how the del raymu
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together. >> it's an incredible display of strength and resilience. this community is a place where everyone knows each other. many play at the field where the shooting happened. get this, last night neighbors visited hours after this attack happened. they walked through the streets to show they were there. they wore buttons with the words, quote, love lives here in del ray. they even ended with a prayer. >> what's important here is that you know that we're here for you. we care about you and we're going to spend time out here with you. >> now there was supposed to be a little league championship game at that field where the shooting happened last night. it was canceled, but the league said they are working on rescheduling. back to you. >> megan, thank you. it is 4:47 now. for the moment the nominees in virginia's election for governor are putting aside politics. both the
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democrat called off campaigning yesterday in response to the shooting. news 4 caught up with cory stewart who lost to gillespie. he acknowledges gillespie as the gop nominee. there could be more trouble for president trump in the washington investigation. >> robert mueller is now looking into whether the president tried to obstruct justice. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what actions of the president are the special counsel looking into and who do they want to interview? >> reporter: they want to talk to members of the senior national security team, according to the washington post, about whether the president tried to lean on them to somehow get involved in or get the fbi to back off this russia investigation. specifically, according to the post, mueller wants to talk to the director of national intelligence, dan coats, admiral mike rodger
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nsa and richard leggett who according to "the new york times" may have detailed a conversation between his boss and the president. coats and rodgers when they testified here recently wouldn't say what they talked to the president about. leggett may be able to shed some light on that. according to the post, those are the people that the special counsel wants to talk to. the white house is responding to this saying that the fbi leak of information regarding this investigation is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal. that is coming from the president's personal attorney doing a lot of the out front response on this russia investigation. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. for the first time since taking office president trump will visit the supreme court today. he'll take part in an afternoon ceremony to welcome new justice kneel
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the jury is coming up on 30 hours of deliberations in bill cosby's sex assault trial. today will be day four. the jury has to be unanimous on any count. the jurors stopped after rehearing testimony about a police interview where cosby acknowledged giving andrey yeah constant pills and touching her inside his home. cosby says it was consensual. when there is any kind of decision in this case, we'll send a breaking news alert. we expect to learn more about otto warmbeerier's case. he's been in a coma for over a year. they'll address his medical condition during a news conference today in ohio. there is a new way you can help the two d.c. bike officers hit by a truck. that happened a week ago in adams morgan.
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home but another is still in the hospital. a fundraiser is happening tonight at madam organ's news bar. the truck driver that hit them is charged with assault with intent to kill. good morning to you. we are a few minutes shy of the 5:00 hour. chuck joining us now. not as bad as it was out there earlier. >> nice little change. easterly components of the wind has dropped temperatures a smidgen. we get to stay slightly cooler not just today but tomorrow as well. if you like heat and humidity, you're from texas -- >> i can tolerate it. i know what 110 feels like. the. >> the higher heat and humidity will be back. very dry month of june. only a trace of rain in the first half of the month now at ragan national. we're about 1 3/4 behind.
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little something. not even 1/4 inch of rain in the bucket for the entire month. 73 in washington. temperatures outside of the beltway are mostly in the upper 60s this morning. there could be an isolated rumble or two mainly out in the mountains of west virginia. rain chances remain very, very low. radar, cloudy skies this morning. future weather keeps the rain chance out towards i-81. i don't think there's much of a threat of rain here and around town. out the door you go, 69 in martinsburg, 79 in manassas. if you're headed to the pool, don't forget your spf. temperatures staying in the low to mid 80s. we were 91 yesterday. that's quite the improvement from yesterday. highs in your hometown today, 83 in hagerstown, 85 in manassas, 82 by the bay in annapolis. here's the first peek at
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day forecast. only one day in the 90s out of the next ten. that will be on sunday. plenty of heat and humidity. chance of thunderstorms both days. next chance of rain everywhere comes up on monday. let's see what melissa mollet is working on. good morning. this is the last day of sa safetrack surge 15. still have the stations closed for today at least on the orange line, new carrollton, landover, cheverly, deanwood and the red line closures will come up on saturday. the entrance to the inner loop expressway is blocked. this long standing project at the bridge at tacoma park, carroll avenue and flower all lanes opened. >> melissa, thank you. congressional workers targeted during their morning exercise. in just
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♪ prayer vigil last night in alexandria. this is the lutheran church. less than a mile from where those shots were fired in the del ray community. passengers told us their focus of that service was from psalm 120, i am for peace but they are from war. there was another gathering at a nearby middle school. all through the night the lights of simpson field in alexandria have stayed on while investigators look for answers. news 4's justin finch has a look at where that investigation stands and why the fbi needs your help. then we will check in with megan mcgrath. she's live at national's park with a congressional game the victims were practicing for will take place in just a few hours. it's official, the federal reserve is raising interest rates by 1/4 of a percentage point. >> the question many of you may be asking, how will it affect me? news 4 is working for you. here's the b
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if you're looking to buy a house, mortgage rates likely won't go up. as for your student loan, federal lending rates are locked in when the loan is taken out. unless you're looking to borrow this year, you shouldn't see any change in payments. all week we are working for you to make sure your family is financially save. ahead in the next hour see more on this story. if you bought a flight lately, the price is going up. airlines will raise rates and charges significantly over the next few years. the reason is major expapgss happening in airports around the country. the airports will charge carriers more money. they, in turn, will hit your wallet. delta is expected to see the highest jump in costs while jetblue is among the lowest. we all know the warnings about lead paint, but new this morning there's warnings that it could be in your child's food. the environmental defense fund
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administration and it found what it calls detectable levels of lead. though there's no information about how much or which brands are involved. the fda said the administration set a maximum daily lead intake at 6 micrograms. why not zero? the fda said that lead is in food because it is in the environment and it cannot simply be removed from food. doctors discourage parents from worrying too much about the lead in baby food. >> i certainly would not recommend avoiding entire food groups. root vegetables are a healthy choice for babies. >> the fda is currently reviewing that 6 microgram level of lead. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. right now on "news 4 today," lawmakers and their aides
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targeted. four people shot when a gunman goes on a rampage. >> we are learning about him, his motives and a question he asked before the attack. >> the victims, who they are, their victims and their plans. "news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. eun yang is on assignment. justin finch is live at the field where it happened. >> the lights are on as the investigation continues. we'll get more on that. first though, check on your forecast and first 4 traffic. we'll start with chuck bell and lauren rickets who have stepped outside this morning. feels a lot better today than it did yesterday. >> certainly does. definitely. going to bed earlier, it's a little more comfortable when you step outside. >> i'll take it. >> me, too. >>


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