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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the storm in the nbc washington app. if you don't have it, get it now. then you'll be prepared for the next storm to come along. we want to get a check on your traffic is melissa mollet. hopefully everything is good to go. >> everything is looking quite good. no road closures like last night because of the downed wires and trees and the storms. what we're looking at is bigger picture this morning, anging i. from rockville pike zone blocking the right lane. outer loop fine this morning. 66 and 95, no big woirs. that situation in silver spring has resolved itself roadwise where justin is this morning but lots of cleanup. >> to the spur, you're on time as well as heading southbound or northbound. angie. >> some might say this is a sign. after a rainbow appea
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remember a virginia teenager. the muslim society light candles and tried to comfort each other after learning about the murder of nabra has a then. the teen was run down, beaten and dumped in a pond sunday morning. she and a group of friends were headed back for ramadan services. she was attacked after getting into a fight with another in the group. now he has one question for this man. >> [ inaudible ] why kill my daughter? for what? you don't do anything to -- >> the first vigil tonight will happen at lake and plaza at 6:30 p.m. in reston. also one in
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7:30. we have a list of other events happening in our nbc washington app. that's what it sounds like when things get back to normal at simpson park. this is where the congressional baseball team was practicing and kids will take the field today for the first time since the shooting. that field in the delray area of alexandria was supposed to reopen yesterday, but the celebration got rained out. the sounds of kids playing ball will be a welcome sound compared to what we heard last week. >> what is that? >> this morning we're learning more about how that shooting unfolded. three alexandria police officers are being praised for helping to take down james hodgkinson. the police chief says minute after the first 911 call, three of his officers arrived on the field. on
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hodgkinson but got pinned to the ground by a barrage of gunfire. the police chief says her actions distracted hodgkinson while two other officers and two capitol police officers started shooting. four people were wounded, including congressman steve scalise. they're happy it's reopening but things won't be the same. >> it's normal but a new normal like post 9/11. you still live in the city. everyone is saying how safe it is. the reality is i still get texts every day about crime. >> the opening ceremonies get started tonight around 6:00. representatives of the alexandria police and fire department will throw out the first pitch. today we kwo learn more about the killing of democratic national committee staffer seth rich. a group of experts at george mason ufrt -- and george mason university graduate students will release some of their initial findings. you might recall
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last year. the shooting was a random robbery and has made no -- sending thoughts and prayers to otto warmbier's family. warmbier died yesterday nearly a week after north korea released him from prison. he returned to the u.s. in a coma. the university of virginia student was visiting north korea 18 months ago when the government detained him for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. news of his death hit especially hard in his hometown in ohio. >> a crime. both for him and for his family. >> ribbons line nearly every street in warmbier's hometown. we are still waiting to hear about the funeral arrangements. but coming up, we're going to go live to capitol hill where tracie potts will have a look at how this
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security between the u.s. and north korea. joining us from the live desk, a lot of lawmakers up all night, molette? >> oh, yeah, the democrats were revved up but eventually shut down. for a time the hash tag, hold the floor, was trending. this happened hours ago when senators began speaking against the lack of public hearings and debates over the plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> you have 13 republicans, all men, working behind closed doors to produce legislation which will be brought to the united states senate at the last moment so the american people don't know the disaster that it is. >> now, democrats were supposed to talk and talk and talk for hours, but majority leader mitch mcconnell voiced his objections over and over again. it ended around midnight. democrats argue a small group of republicans drafted the bill in secret. senator mcconnell is pushing for ot
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recess even though it's unclear if he has the 50 votes to pass t angie? >> two months away, but today you can start getting excited about this. a total solar eclipse. the u.s. post office is selling the stamp. it changes when you put your finger on it. when the stamp is room temperature, shows the eclipse. when it's warm, it shows the moon. the solar eclipse is august 21st. it is the first eclipse you can see all across the u.s. since 1918. nearly 100 years ago. it is now 4:36. we want to get another check of weather and traffic. >> we're going to get a look at your commute with melissa in a minute. let start with chuck and sheena. i know you're all over that stamp. >> i want one of these stamps big time. >> i actually do. i'm out of stamps. >> i'm going to treat you to one, but you can't mail it. >> all right. i'll stick it on my hand and never wash my
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not for mailing. it's a beautiful morning outside. got the moon out there. got venus out there early this morning. clearing skies during the course of the day. still a few raindrops across southern maryland. haven't forgotten about you folks down there. temperatures are cooling as the drier air moves in. mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. mid to upper 80s today. dry weather back for the next couple of days. in addition to that, a nice break from the humidity today and tomorrow. 90s back on friday. the p. -- storm chances back on friday. the ten-day coming up. but for now, it's traffic time, melissa. >> good morning. 66 inbound for before 53rd. on 95 southbound, two right lanes get by. neither of those things really causing any delays this morning. back to rockville pike, two right lanes are getting by and inner loop after 4. work zone blocking the right lane there. outer loop is okay. live look in man
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powder mill road. chris? >> thanks, melissa. weeks after he was arrested for driving under the influence, tiger woods makes a big announcement. why you may not see him on the golf course any time soon. >> a warning for people in northern virginia in case you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. the man police say is pretending to be one of them. and we got news about a recall. a lot of pet owners want to hear this. the item being pulled from the store shelves that could make
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it's 4:4 is. a look at four things to know. >> we want to begin with tiger woods who says he's getting close to the point to manage his medication and how he deals with pain. he made that announcement here on twitter yesterday. it comes less than a month after woods was arrested for driving under the influence after falling asleep from behind the wheel of his car. woods denied he was taking illegal drugs. >> georgia has a high stakes special election. voters will pick a new representative. democrat jon ossoff and republican karen handel are vying to win the seat held by tom price who left to become secretary of health and human services. the race is screwviewed as a re
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ruining some summer vacations. the fire in big bear store chd 850 acres on monday. many popular hiking spots and campgrounds. temperatures were near triple digits there. we love our dogs. this caught my eye. your favorite rawhide chew bone could make our pets sick. recall of several brands from united pet food have been expanded to include private brands at stores like petco and walmart because of a possible chemical contamination. head to the nbc washington app and search rawhide recall. 4:42. call it the calm after the storm. it's going to feel different than yesterday. >> absolutely right. the drier air is going to be working its way nurg tduring th course of the morning. still dealing with raindrops across southern st. mary's and
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parts of the eastern shore. that's where it will stay. no chance for rain in the area today. sheena is back with a look at the ten-day outlook. if you could get paid to drive to and from work, who is offering to do that? >> all ears. move over cookies. see you samoas. the new bag girl scouts are
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have.
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for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. here's something to sm il about. the humidity is moving out for a couple of days. a dry start this morning. temperatures may be closer to average for a change. no more 90s, at least for a day or two. sheena is back with the ten-day forecast coming up in less than
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>> we'll take the break, chuck. a police officer pulls over another. only one was a fake. the search for a police imposter under way in northern virginia. it's something a lot of you can relate to. the startling new numbers about so-called mommy shaming as well as the surprising people behind the trend. but first, otto warmbier's death is raising some new questions about how the trump administration is going to handle north korea. >> this comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries and tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. tracie, how could this impact how the u.s. deals with north korea. we know that trump talked about it yesterday. >> right. the president said that this is a brutal regime, angie. and we'll handle it. what does he mean by we'll handle it? what's the policy going to be? what about travel to north korea? that's something that both the administration and congress are looking at, restricting travel, a travel ban for americans going to nth
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the state department strongly warns against it. but they're also looking at other measures, like possibly an executive order here on capitol hill. a democrat and republican have introduced what they call the north korea travel control act that would require people to get a license to travel to north korea. seems that there's more support for that in the house than in the senate. but what's happened to warmbier could certainly push the senate to consider it. >> tracie potts for us. >> thank you, tracie. lawmakers in rockville are taking steps they say will protect immigrants in their city. late last night the city council passed an amendment that bars all city employees, including police officers from checking a person's legal status. that's unless it's required by law. now, council members did not specifically use the term sanctuary city when they passed the new bill. but before the vote, council members heard from members of the community who gave thoughts
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>> you want to abide by the rule of law and not have millions come here illegally and not cheat the people from all over the world trying to come here legally. you should not enact this ordinance. >> this country and this community would not exist without immigrants. i've always benefited from the constant influx of immigrants as they have benefited from the opportunities afforded here. >> strong feelings on both sides. the measure passed 3-2. i'm molette green at the live desk. got info at an emergency landing at an airport in poland. smoke appeared aboard a flight to copenhagen. that prompted the flight with 94 on board to turn around. the plane safely returned to the airport where passengers evacuated through emergency exits. no injuries were reported here. back to you, angie. >> thank you, molette. in montgomery county we continue to learn more
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before their graduation. we're hearing more about a setup before their murders. court documents saying that 17-year-old shadi najjy naj tha said he was going to send a ticket to garcia. he's one of the three suspects now charged in the case. najjar's father says he's going to follow this case to the very end. >> i would be coming here every court to make sure those people will get justice. >> police say the motive appears to be retaliation. in court papers, they say witnesses told them that najjar used and sold marijuana. last year, it is claimed that he sold drugs from one of the suspect's girlfriends. najjar's mom denies that happened. >> my son is innocent. my son did not do ever in his life and he doesn't believe in that. >> the suspects are held without bond and will be back
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the search is on in prince william county after a real police officer pulls over a fake cop. a man impersonating a police officer tried to make a traffic stop. he was driving this white chevy silverado with a blue flashing light on top. this happened monday morning on the prince william parkway in woodbridge. when a real officer pulled up behind him, the suspect took off and eventually ditched the truck which turned out to be stolen from fairfax county. they're still looking for him this morning. we know that some people would go pretty far for their pooch, for their dog. d.c. police may have gone a little bit farther. take a look at this picture from the police chief. he said officers went above and beyond to save a chihuahua. looks more like below and beyond, though. the dog fell down a hole this weekend. looks like a pretty narrow hole. chihuahuas are very
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that's teamwork. >> wow. >> anything for the dog. yeah. pull over. let him get out. try it again. >> it was probably a jaw dropping moment for the guys who saw the snake. it was inside the hood of their car and it tried it get out on the highway. this happened in texas. the wind was blowing the snake backwards. i kid you not. this happened to me in south carolina. i stopped in the middle of the road, i got out of the car and a passerby helped get it off with a stick. it was half the size of that. >> can it get in the air vent? >> feeling more anxious, right? >> i didn't care. i put my life on the line. i was not letting it get near me. >> you come back from hawaii, boy, what a day to come back to. >> by the way, apparently they say there are no snakes in hawaii. i've heaha
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multiple times. i didn't see any snakes. anyway, yes. beautiful weather to come back to. very interesting. yesterday, not so much. a lot of storms yesterday. obviously a lot of people with power -- my power went out. today, very different. total 180 today. more sunshine, better weather out there. later on this week, we'll be back in the 90s. it's going to be heating up. we have showers in the forecast, though, for the weekend. hopefully, you can be planning around this. right now, it is what it looks like. currently, it's warm this morning. it's a little muggy out there. 72 degrees. you'll notice the humidity going town a bit as we go through the day today. 67 in gaithersburg. 64 in leesburg. the rain down to the south and east. we don't expect it to be moving back in. we're going to be staying dry today. that's part of a cold front that will keep moving away from us. then the dry air back to our west. that's actually plenty of clear skies. we'll be seeing a lot of
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if you are exercising outside, it's a beautiful day to do so. 7:00 a.m., 72 degrees. very nice. mild. by noon today, short sleeves. 84 degrees. plenty of water this afternoon. we're heating up into the upper 80s through the day. future weather keeping us nice and dry through the afternoon. more clouds moving in later this evening. tomorrow, looking mostly dry. some of the models are trying to hint at a shower possibly. we'll stay mostly dry. there's the 90s on thursday. 92. we go into the week and we stay hot, feeling like summer, which starts tomorrow. there's that rain chance friday, saturday and sunday. we'll take a closer look at what's going on over the next couple of days with chuck. let's check the traffic is melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning, sheena. taking a look at roadwork on the beltway. this is the same roadwork we've been dealing with. one after rockville pike, the other after 94. pennsylvania avenue. lanes blocked there.
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66, that has cleared at 50. don't have to worry approximate that one. 95 south, two right lanes still getting by that work zone this morning. no problems northbound or southbound on montrose road. >> thanks, melissa. are you going gluten-free? so is a popular fast food restaurant. the menu item you can get your hands-on. but it's going to cost you a bit more. also ahead at 5:00, it's something a lot of people will be doing today. you see this? >> yeah. cleaning up after yesterday's severe weather. in one area, one case a tornado. new allegations against pay prince g ♪
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so we don't have to tell you. commuting in this area, wow, it can be a bear. it can be really tough. now, someone is actually willing to pay you to drive. >> do we have to tell you there's a catch? they're going to collect all sorts of data about how you get around town. news 4's aimee cho on the road to explain this morning. aimee, what's going on? >> reporter: guys, good morning. this thing will pay you up to 500 bucks. wouldn't have to drive your own car. it's part of a study of how people drive and commute in the d.c. area. there are aai
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you have to live and work in the d.c. area, commute at least 25 miles each way, 25-54 years old, have a valid driver's license and have a bluetooth phone. of course, you have to be willing to drive one of virginia tech's cars for weeks. it's got all sorts of wires that measure how you drive and react on the roads. if you have a long commute, 25 miles or more and you're lucky enough to qualify or unlucky, i guess, depending how you look at it, we've got all the details to how to sign up. head over to the nbc washington app and search driving volunteers. sadly, my commute is not long enough. otherwise, i would be all over that. >> lucky. >> aimee cho for us. thank you. raising kids, one of the most rewarding things that you're going to do. but it's not easy. it's hard. any parent will tell you that. there's new research suggesting that a lot of moms, they feel judged by other moms. a poll revealed that
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women have been mommy shamed about their parenting skills. discipline was the most common topic of criticism, followed by diet as well as how much sleep someone got and a big topic, breast-feeding. you hear about that all the time. the most frequent offenders were a mother's own parents, spouse and in-laws. they feel they have the right. we've all dealt with that. as a result, half of the women avoid family members who are too critical and we would love to hear your thoughts on this. i posted actually on twitter. i'm going to share it on facebook as well. especially with the rise of social media. thp mom shaming, this parent shaming, because it happens on both sides, it's been taken from the playground to online. really, we need to start helping and stop shaming. okay. we're going to talk about girl scouts. this is really cool. they can now earn cyber security badges. the badges will be available kindergarten through grade 12. the
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on their age. younger scouts can learn about data privacy as well as cyber bullying. older scouts will study hacking and ethical -- the badges will be available in the fall of 2018. cyber security, kie cookies. >> always support the girl scouts. a lot more coming up. especially updates with the forecast. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. boy oh, boy, things are calming down this morning after severe storms pounded our area. >> the storms, including a confirmed tornado in silver spring, leaving quite a bit of damage. going to be hearing a lot of that in some neighborhoods today. just like yesterday. homeowners will be cleaning everything up. trees, fallen rims. some which crashed into power lines


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