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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and mosque to pay their respects. >> it's very terrifying. just not right. and no girl or nobody should ever have to go through it. >> reporter: thousands of mourners are struggling to accept the fact that 17-year-old nab bra hassanen was brutally murdered. >> i don't think any of us could describe it. >> reporter: and pain felt even by complete strangers. >> it's a hard time for the people. it could have easily happened to anyone. >> reporter: place say hassanen was with a xwruch friengroove g friends were walking when darwin torez jumped the curb and he caught up with hassanen beating her with a bat and threw her body
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police call it road rage. others are concerned that she was targeted because of her faith. >> whatever the authorities say. >> reporter: whatever the reason, today any say their focus is the life of a 17-year-old girl whose life was taken far too soon. while investigators are calling it a case of road rage, the county's top prosecutor says all motives are on the table here including the possibility of a bias charge. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. today the fbi released new clues and information about the gunman who opened fire on members of congress during baseball practice in alexandria last week. we know that james hodgkinson had 200 rounds of ammo in a local storage facility. there was also a list of six members of congress and p
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of the capitol and other landmarks. chris gordon be has thas the la. >> reporter: the fbi investigation reveals the shoot shooter carried a list with names on it. >> not a hit list, but more of a piece of paper with names on it. >> reporter: james hodgkinson told his family last plarnlg he was coming to the washington, d.c. area. the fbi says he went to the u.s. capitol, he visited the office of senator bernie sanders, he took pictures of himself at the u.s. supreme court, the library of congress, the washington monument and at the front entrance of the smithsonian national museum of african-american history. he also took pictures of eugene simpson stadium park where the congressional shootings occurred. the fbi says he was running out of money and under mental and financial strain. >> i know
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in all kinds of different ways, but i don't know the specifics of his motive at this time. >> reporter: alexandria police are working closely with the fbi on the shooting investigation. >> this begins the painting of a portrait of the shooter. that is important for us here at the local level so we can try to identify potential threats a that may be in our community. >> reporter: and investigators say hodgkinson lived in his van which was parked in the ymca lot right next to simpson stadium. a witness says that hodgkinson came up to him wednesday morning and said is the team on the field the democratic or republican team. the witness said republican. and said okay kin shodgkinson s. back to y
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to make progress today. the majority whip has been upgraded to fair condition. medstar washington hospital center says he's about to begin what is described as an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. last week's ballpark shooting has some republican lawmakers pushing for changes to d.c.'s gun laws. they want to make it easier to carry a gun in the district calling the con seemed carry laws too restrictive. currently a gun other than newn show he feels reasonably threatened to get a permit and d.c. does not recognize permits from other state. a bill by a republican congressman from kentucky would allow reciprocity for out of state permits. the mayor here calls it an attack on local authority. >> our laws do allow people in the district of columbia to avail themselves of firearms, but they have to go through or process. >> the permit process in washingtons
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there have been less than 200 people who have enabout a able been able to receive a permit. >> his bill has more than two dozen co-sponsors. and he says it would apply to everyone, not just politicians. no matter where are you live, the threat of violence from the ms-13 gang is everywhere. that word from government officials who testified today. immigration homeland security and justice department officials spoke before the senate juswru addition judiciary committee. they are looking for ways to stop gang activity. officials told lawmakers what they can do right now to combat the problem. >> you can help us take the fight to where it emanates from, work with our overseas colleagues and make
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those people never get here to the united states and those people who are already here so that we can either prosecute them here or send them back to their own countries. >> officials also stressed the need for outreach programs to educate young people about the dangers of gangs. well, his hat is in the ring. rushern baker has his eye on the maryland governor's mansion. today he kicked off his campaign with this very person ale al ad. >> every day i live by the words of my father. if you see something wrong and you think you can do better, don't just complain. do something. >> derrick ward has a closer look at baker and other candidates vying to be maryland's next governor. >> reporter: after nearly eight years at the helm of the second most populous county, rushern baker says it's time to
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statewide. >> if i look what i've done in prince george's county, butt but more importantly the issues statewide. >> reporter: so how does it translate to governing nearly 6 million state residents? baker says the issues and concerns are similar all over. >> but you know what i found, thumg o number one issue is public education and make sure their kids are can can get a job and be ready for college. and second thing is jobs. >> reporter: baker says the inability to secure more money for public schools and a late breaking sdanl regarding inflated graduation numbers and defeated property tax hike. and there are a couple of local county issues that could are have state implications. one is keeping the football here in prince george's county on and the other is across 202,
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landover mall site. >> fbi is a state issue about that bringing those 11,000 jobs to maryland, so it will be maryland jobs. >> reporter: baker joins a crowded field of declared candidates. ralph jffle larry hogan has a 6b approval rating, but numbers drop to 41% showing support for a second term. >> i will see what he has to say because one thing to be county executive, another thing to be governor. >> reporter: in prince george's county, derrick ward, news 4. there is also another name in the race for the governor's mansion. sean quinn received nomination of the maryland libertarian party. turning now to the forecast and the first full day of summer. >> dul
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live. how is it looking? >> reporter: we with are looking good. we had a lot of cloud cover, but now some sunshine, blue skies. a really nice day. let's take a look and show you what is happening temperature-wise. temperature is in the 80s. 86 right now. through the rest of the evening, temperatures will be moving down into the 70s by around 9:00, 10:00. for the radar, we are watching some storms up toward the mason dixon line coming in towards parts of washington county right now. could drift into frederick. not anticipating much with these. outside here right now, are you having fun? all right. they have a football line right here. are you ready? because i'm going out. we'll see you back here in a michbts. i minute. i'm going deep. with a microphone.
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you can't see this anywhere else. >> are that is bound to go viral. thanks. the wait is over, ben's chili bowl unveils its brand new mural today. we're there for the ribbon cutting as the wall pays tribute to living legends and our own jim vance. and also the fight over health care. as president trump heads west to rally his base, mark murray joins us to break down what is happen position on the hill today. >> reporter: inauguration day, intersection of 12th and l filled with protestors. police ard hundrerest
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hope to learn what is in the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. republican senators are expected to get details of the plan. a group of 13 senators has been creating their version of the health care bill that narrowly passed in the house. but even one member of that working group says he's frustrated by a lack of transparency. republicans can can only afford to lose two votes to get it passed. some considered it a litmus test for president trump and following the most expensive house race in u.s. history, the state of georgia is now set to send its first woman to capitol hill. and democrats are once again left frying to pick up the pieces. joining us now with a look at the special reaction and some of the other big news from the hill and white house, mark murray. mark, democrat jon ossoff appeared to have a lot of momentum heading into the election. what went wrong here? >> reporter: well, it was interesting. he ended up losing the ,
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percentage that he ended up receiving in the contest back in april. so worth in understanding the two different contests. back in april, a free for all regardless of party where you had numerous candidates in the field. ossoff got 48%. so he got karen handel as an opponent. and handel essentially consolidated the 52% of republicans who voted for the republican candidates in the first go around. so to me, it seems that while democrats ended up losing the contest last night, they almost hate ceiling of what they can do in a congressional seat that newt beginning griffen carginb s and republican and carried since the '70s. >> so where does the party go? >> reporter: they are looking for wins. and
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virginia governor's race and a lot of the virginia state legislative seats that will be up in november is another chance for them to score. but last night was bad news for the democratic party, but there was an important silver lining that is georgia as well as south carolina earlier in montana and also in kansas, all of these red states, red congressional districts, democrats are outperforming where they were in 2016, even outperforming hillary clinton where she was. and that gives the party some kind of nice stilllego. and the president is headed to iowa. it's a state he won. what does he hope to accomplish? >> and he will get a really powerful reception from his fans. this
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president. and what he does is go to states that he won in the presidential election and as you can tell, he prefers really the campaign trail to a lot of the hard slogging that you have in the oval office. and he seems always very animated with his audience. and the question is, you know, there is still a very important trump base that is out there, that trump base came out and helped republicans in the georgia special election but is it going to continue to be there. and then of course will there be more voters than just beyond the trump base. >> and he met with the congressional black caucus back in march. and late this afternoon, the caucus rejected an invitation with a followup. >> and it shows the toxic relations that president trump has not only with african-american dnls, but democrats as a whole. and that to me
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ordinary development. this is still the honeymoon phase of a presidency in which you are supposed to have the greatest power. but relations are at a very difficult place not only with african-american leaders, but any type of democrat. >> all right. mark murray, thank you. keep it here for all of the latest on the hill and white house with the nbc political team. ahead at "nightly news." a police officer recovering after being stabbed inside an airport terminal. ahead, the investigation into whether it was an act of terror. and new concerns about the brightly colored laundry pods. why there is a warning to keep those away from some
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how do you like the first full day of summer? amelia is in the storm center. >> we're loving it so far. >> it's great out there so far and doug is in prince george's county. >> hey, doug. >> you're in good shame.
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all right. we're good. you can see i'm going in and out. all right. step back, step back. you have to step back especially because i threw you -- >> i think he's having a lot of fun. 86 right now with a south wind at about 14 miles per hour. it was warm, but the one good thing about the weather, the humidity for most of us really wasn't too big of an issue. not the case tomorrow. it will be hot as well as humid. but right now, temperatures are in the 80s even at 90 degrees in frederick, down to 8 of 6 in washington. and the d.c. metro area is completely dry, but it's a broken line ever rain up to the north that we're keeping a close eye on. right around hagerstown right now starting to move into northern frederick
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county. these are moving to the east/southea east/southeast. at the moment not picking up any lightning, but a heads up again if you're in washington, frederick, even howard county potentially dealing with heavy rain this evening. and you can see that here on the satellite and radar 37 what we're also keeping a close eye on, tropical storm cindy. you can see the churning in the gulf. 6 to 9 inches in louisiana, mississippi, alabama, even panhandle of florida. is he had to make landfall late tonight. you can see it's right there. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. it is moving toward the northwest at 9 miles per hour. it will continue to generally move north/northwest overnight tonight. here is its position tomorrow afternoon. as we head toward the end of the week and weekend, it really starts to pick up and gets
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bring us rain chances at times, a piece of the remnant on friday and then another piece on saturday. but tomorrow we're completely dry come start to finish. but partly cloudy skies. humidity arrives overnight tonight. lauren will be in doing wtop radar. tomorrow more than the mugginess will hit you. a high tomorrow of 92. so a touch warmer than today. and tomorrow night, it's muggy, sticky, 88 degrees. so your weather outlook, the commute dry both ways, but if you bike or walk to work, it is uncomfortable especially later in the day. exercise is muggy probably earlier the better. pool, perfection there. if you're having dinner out tomorrow night, ite it's sticky. indoors probably the way to go. as we take a look at the 10
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forecast, friday talking about some of the remnants of cindy along with a front will bring us some rain and thunderstorms as times especially later in the day. but not a washout. we'll have plenty of dry time as well. 86 for a high there. chance for rain and thunderstorms at about 50%. on saturday, take a look at the forecast, 40% chance of morning rain. this is pretty early in the morning about 6:00, 7:00, 88:00. after that, rain looks to move out. but we could have heavy rain saturday morning. so keep it in mind if you have an early tee time. might want to schedule it a little bit later saturday afternoon and evening looking great. sunday looking fabulous. low humidity and temperatures in the mid-80s. and of course we'll get doug back coming up. a shakeup at ub are aer tod. what it means for you if you use the service. >
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now at 5:30, 15 new faces adorning the wall of the ben's chili bowl. that looks amazing. hard to sell which is more famous, ben's chili dog smokes or the murm outside tal outside. as tom sherwood will tell us, it now has an updated mural. it was dedicated today and our very own jim vance was there to talk about his likeness being painted on that wall. >> the blessings never stop flowing.
5:30 pm
i came here on june 10th, of 1969. and within one of the first plat i came to to spend my money this d.c. was ben's chili bowl. and all these years later, he's still here. and it's been my distinct honor and privilege to have been in the company of some extraordinary people. you cannot imagine my joy and my pride when i got the word a month or so ago that all of y'all had voted for poor little me to sit on ben's chili bowl wall. you have no idea. what an honor that is. >> a
5:31 pm
cutting. the colorful mural is there for all to see, including 78-year-old sandra butler whose father was an early accountant for the owner and is a walking history of local washington. >> it means so much to see the living legacy. it deserves a lot of the history. >> thank you so much for our community, for the washington, d.c. community. >> reporter: virginia ali, ben's widow, spoke for the family that commissioned a new mural. it includes president and michelle obama, harriet tubman, know am ali, marion barry and jim vance. >> my blessings continue to flow. and i thank each and every one of you. >> reporter: the veteran mural artist says his mural represents a narrative of local
5:32 pm
national history. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton joked she was uncertain when she heard she'd be on the wall. >> when i hear the word wall, i go into fighting mode because we're so busy fighting donald trump's wall. >> reporter: the big mural replaces a smaller one that had included bill cosby, a long time supporter. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> that looks incredible. it's like life. >> it's come to life. and life of weather out there at lake arbor where doug kammerer is. >> when you went to that catch, does that pull or cable or something? >> you outdid yourself. >> reporter: that's what you have to do. you have to make sure you do
5:33 pm
right. this chef does it right all the time. explain what is going on because you have a huge event. i've interviewed this man before he smas really gohas some reall. >> we have some d.c. barbecue batter. we'll be making these barbecue chicken sundae.pictured ice cream. >> no, no, chicken, macro any and cheese, more chicken, some of my secret sauce, coleslaw, and there is your barbecued chicken sundae. >> reporter: what happened is this event going towards? >> the event supports a lot of local organizations. uso, many different chair i dids that the barbecue battle d.c. put out there. so we just encourage everybody to buy tickets. i think sometimes if you buy something from giant, they will get you buy one get one
5:34 pm
>> reporter: and you know i would normally try this, but i have our newest meteorologist is ready to try the waffle barbecue chicken sundae. >> let's go for it. >> reporter: you know, i was skeptical, i was waiting for something sweet. but this is a game changer. >> game changer right here. this is his signature dish. we'll send it back into you. >> that looks delicious. why is she using a fork. no fork, doug. go for it. that is good stuff. a lot going on. >> looks mighty good. he can eat it as soon as he gets off camera. a warning now about construction on a busy commuting route into and out of district. crews are working to fix a broken sewer
5:35 pm
that needs 24 hour lane closures on canal road at the entrance to georgetown university. the work started this week and will continue until monday. crews will close one westbound lane and the eastbound turn lane of canal road. a kooump couple of years a caused major flooding on to the capitol trail. maybe you will take an uber out. soon you can tip your driver just like in taxicabs. just one of the changes for the pap uhe l pop you lar ride sharing company pnd and adam tuss is live with the big shake up, too. >> reporter: that's right, travis kalanick is now out, he's resigned. and catching an uber is a way of life. so many people do it here. but with these new controversies and these new changes to uber, some longe
5:36 pm
are at least thinking about making a switch. uber, a company so popular that items entered into the way we speak. >> it was hike the gentlemlike term like call an uber. >> reporter: but long time users say that the company has been tainted by allegations of text all harassment, bullying and bad behavior. all reading up to the chief travis kalanick resigning. >> uber is now just sin nynonym with sharing, it's synonymous with these scandals. >> reporter: and kalanick recently lost his mother. he says at this difficult moment, i've accepted the investors' request with to step aside so uber can go back to building rather than be distracted. in addition to all that, uber is changing some of the way it operates by offering a
5:37 pm
love that, but it wouldn't be enough to make them switch. >> for me it's just an issue of convenience. if uber is providing the service that i needed and it's still convenient, that is the main reason i use it. >> reporter: for now uber rolling along as the organization tries to get back in the right lane. in claire do adam tuss, news 4. >> and we asked on our facebook page will you tip your ib euber drivers? we're seeing a pretty even split between yes and no and maybe sometimes. many of you also say you don't use uber. we invite you to add your response right now on facebook. there is growing competition for your money when you buy groceries. ahead, how ebay is stepping up its game to compete with amazon and walmart. and a police officer stabbed inside an airport
5:38 pm
the suspect and his motive in this case.
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a summer tradition. this year local artists painted benches and plantars that fit all around town. they will be auctioned off later this year with the proceeds to benefit public art. >> we
5:41 pm
plantars made for a total of 50 pieces. each one is located at the sponsor's location. >> it's really important i think to all of us to have something that counter acts the bad news that we see every day. >> so i think everybody getting really excited about it. it's something fun and cool going on. and that's what question like, always something fun happening. >> sounds fun and cool . if you would like to see how the town benefited, search benches in the nbc washington app. the life of a dog can be pretty darn important especially if that dog is trained to investigate arsons. a black lab named bandel is the newest member of the d.c. fire department. the owner and trainer at engine 24 demonstrated his ability to sniff out being a accelerates. he's one of two available across the city. >> these dogs
5:42 pm
and we don't leave them in a kennel. so when we go on vacation, trips, the dogs are always with us. >> i respond to food reward well, too. he's three years old and taking the place of a 10-year-old retiring from service. and will live at wilson's home in suburban maryland. these dogs get about 200 hours of training and are recertified every year. they say they were illegally detained. then denied. now they want d.c. police to pay. the lawsuit related to the anti-trump protests on inauguration day. and new concerns about those laundry pods. susan hogan has a warning for
5:43 pm
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breaking at 5:00, the attack at the flint michigan airport is being investigated as an act of terrorism. that is the word now from the fbi. authorities just gave an update on the organization. the 50-year-old from canada
5:46 pm
stabbed a police officer standing on an escalator. the officer is now in stable condition. law enforcement officials say the stabbing was before tsa screening which means that the suspect did not get past security with his knife. the airport is now back open. and belgium tightened security even more after a failed bombing shocked the country. security forces foiled what the prosecutor is calling an attempted terror attack. in video recorded minutes after the suspected would-be sue you side bomber appears to be lying on the floor. after the explosion, soldiers shot him. belgium gum hhas been on high a after the bombings last year. and you've heard the warnings about the detergent pods and children. now there is a new safety alert from consumer reports. here is susan hogan with what you need
5:47 pm
>> those same pods can be just with as dangerous to adults with dementia. here is the more you need loved. >> reporter: for years consumer reports has warned about the dangers with children. the pods can look like candy and kids can bite into them. but after looking into the reported deaths from laundry pack exposure, consumer reports is changing its warning to clut some adult populations now. since 2012, there have been eight reported deaths in the united states, two were young children, six were adults with dementia. >> an expert that we talked to let us know that people with dementia often mistake random items for food. >> reporter: in 2015, poison control centers logged more than 13,000 calls related to liquid pack exposures. and the same year consumer reports also poe pushed
5:48 pm
packaging that is now available to kirmconsumers. >> and including provisions that make the pods taste bitter have been enacted since january of 2017. we're hoping that this will help alleviate the thousands of calls that poison control centers receive every year regarding these pods. railroad the american cleaning institute says manufacturers are fully committed to reducing accidental access to laundry detergent packets. the pods remain off the recommended list. its new advice? do not use lick we laundry packs if there is a child under 6 or anyone who is coming neveritily impaired in your household. these laundry packs or pods can cause anything from eye irritation, vomiting, let erd gi, trouble breathing. if you have anyone in your home with these symptoms, you should call the poison control center or 911.
5:49 pm
air for more than three gek and i had decades and today he gave his final forecast. >> we go way back with him after 32 years of telling us what to expect, tom kierein is retiring today and he's doing it on his terms. well done, tom. >> heading to colorado. tom of course has the best sgrin description of the d.c. sun advise and a trusty source for winter storms. >> years and years, tom he predicts it, i stand in it, and then i measure it with the official pat collins snow stick. it's only appropriate that you take a pat collins snow stick. >> i'm honored. >> only one of a kind of. >> wait until threat getey get f that. >> we rol o
5:50 pm
surprises during his final broadcast including a visit, look who that is, bob ryan. if you missed anything, check it on our nbc washington a.m. just search tom retires. we're so happy for him. >> and joe krebs even called in. >> he sure did. >> we'll miss you, tom. >> he was such a wonderful mentor, friend. his laugh is so genuine. >> and nobody could describe a sky at 5:00 a.m. quite like tom kierein. >> and it was always different. a blueberry sunrise and we'll miss him dearly. >> and what will the weather with be like tonight? >> on storm team 4 radar, i am tracking some areas of rain, a broken line of showers not picking up on any lightning, but this is impacting parts of frederick, carroll, baltimore counties. this is moving towards the east/southeast. you can see it's in northern frederick
5:51 pm
and then we have heavier rain in parts of carroll and baltimore counties. so north of town some scattered showers. south it is looking mainly dry. so we'll continue to keep an eye on that area of rain as it impacts walkersville right now. now tomorrow, it's hot and humid. take a look here, 92 for a high. we'll have some sunshine around, but overall partly to mostly cloudy skies for your thursday. we're also noticing that mugginess in full force out there tomorrow. as we take a look at friday, some of the remnants of cindy will bring us rain and storm at times along with a front that will sit to our west with. 86. and then morning rain around saturday. after that, the weekend looking beautiful. and speaking of beautiful wet, do weather, doug is enjoying the beautiful afternoon in prince george's county. hey, doug. >> reporter: yeah, we're out here at the lake arbor community center and lake arbor has its own dance troupe, t
5:52 pm
studio seven gans team. these are the coaches. and theyt dancing here, tell me about your dance troupe. >> we're trying to compete to go to florida and there will be competing in the dance awards down in orlando. so shout out to the dance awards. so that competition is the 9th through the 16th about so that that is a big deal for us because some of our girls haven't really gone out of the county. so we're trying to let them see the world. >> and they call you coach cha-cha. so what does it mean to go to florida? >> time to get out of this box and time to explore. >> and we'll explore what you do right now. i want to see this. ♪
5:53 pm
>> they are trying to get to florida. we'll send it back in to you. but contact lake arbor community center if you want to help them. >> they are good. they have moves and you can tell they are practicing. ebay is taking on the world's biggest online retailers by agreeing to match some of its rival's prices. ebay w
5:54 pm
unopened items on the website's deals page before you buy, you have to contacting customer service to request a price match. and to restream where you found the lower price. once ebay verifies the match, the company will immediately send you an ebay coupon for the difference. >> reporter: inauguration day the intersection of 12th and l in d.c. filled with proceed fte. police arrested hundreds. today, why the aclu is
5:55 pm
i'm at higher risk fore as depression.ave a stroke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are,
5:56 pm
en caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪
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frightening sights and sounds from inauguration day protests. fires were set, windows were broken. hundreds put in handcuffs. well, now the aclu says police took it too far. >> they didn't care who was doing what or who was dressed as what. they just came through and assaulted all of us. >> he says he was working as a journalist when he was swecht inin ti swecht up in the confusion. >> kristin wright explains the allegations against police. >> reporter: inauguration day protests erupted in d.c., police and demonstrators faced off. hundreds were arrested, including elizabeth, who is charged with rioting and destruction of property. but says she did nothing
5:58 pm
press conference announcing a civil rights lawsuit against d.c. police officers, the chief and the district of clum buy bee a columbia. >> many of us asked for food or bathrooms, but they refused to provide anything or even answer questions like why were we detained. >> reporter: the suit filed on behalf of belizabeth and three others. one journalist says he was covering the protest one minute and then rounded up. >> people are innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: the police department says in part that each year the men and women of mpd protect the rights and ensure the safety of thousands of first amendment assemblies, fl demonstrations and protests. and it goes on all instances of use of force by officers and allegations of misconduct will be fully investigated.
5:59 pm
aclu attorney says d.c. police handled peaceful protests well, but when some of the crowd breaks the law -- >> the response is plas simassi unconstitutional. that's what we saw on january 20. >> reporter: the aclu worries that the police response that day discourages protesters from coming to the nation's capital to express their views. kristin wright, news 4. now you at 6:00, thousands of mourners of many faiths attended today's funeral for nabra hassanen. the 17-year-old was murdered as she walked with a group friends to a mosque. and tonight some will be gathering for a vigil in her memory, all this coming with new details in the investigation. >> meagan fitzgerald joining us from sterling with
6:00 pm
>> reporter: fair fax county whom side detectives are investigating the possibility that this 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted before she was murdered. they are waiting for the autopsy results from the medical examiner, but mourners say that they are more focused of course on how this young girl lived instead of the brutal way that she died. family members say that 17-year-old nabra hassanen was a shining star and epitome of kindness. those who knew her say that she will remember her bright smile. >> such a beautiful young lady. >> it's a pain in a i don't think any of us would be able to describe. >> reporter: a pain that is not only felt by people who knew hassanen, but by complete strangers, too. >> it's a lard tihard time. it could have easily happened to anyone male or female. all right police say hassanen was with a group of friends early sunday morning walking back from mcdonald's and heading to their mosque when investigators say that darwin torres jump t


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