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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making major changes to its operating hours. monday through thursday trains will run between 5:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. on friday and saturday, metro will close at 1:00 a.m. cuts on sunday are more significant. they're adding options after the rail system closes. you may want to save your change because also starting on sunday metro fares are going up. this includes weekend and federal holidays. they p. 25 cents per trip. regular and express bus fares take the biggest hits. the fares go up by 25 cents. we have a complete list of new fares and hours in the nbc washington app. just search metro. a lot to keep track of. speaking of metro, for the first time in three years, you can keep your cool at the dupont stations. the new cooling tower up and
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the equipment broke down years ago leading to leaking pipes. the pipes are in such bad shape, they had to turn off the system. that's just a temporary fix. crews have to dig up part of connecticut avenue to permanently fix the problem. there is a new name in the race for maryland governor. erika gonzalez at the live desk with the latest. >> the new name. james shea entering the race for maryland governor. he's one of maryland's largest law firms. he chaired the university system of maryland board of regents. he's the 6th democrat to challenge larry hogan. the others are baker, state senator richard met lynn owe and ben jellies. the primary still a year away. in 2018. it looks like former president obama is getting back into politics to help the man who could be virginia's next governor.
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the huffington post reports that obama will hit the trail for ralph northam. an obama aide confirmed that he made a congratulatory call to northa m. ed gillespie will go up against him for that seat. time is 4:32. a district icon will be remembered. former d.c. councilman jim graham was a staunch advocate for gay rights and pioneer for hiv research funding. he served four terms starting in 1998. until 5:00 today his body will lie in repose. after noon, the mayor and his family will be part of a service there. at 12:30, the public will be allowed to pay respects. tomorrow his funeral will be held at the all souls unitarian church. top secret documents -- news 4 cameras were in leesburg, as the fbi
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home yesterday. he's a former defense contractor and state department security agent. the fbi interviewed him in april after he flew back to the u.s. from china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash. mallory claims he unknowingly met with chinese intelligence and said nothing he gave them was classified. but an fbi search of electronic devices showed messages in which he said quote, your object is to gain information and my object is to be paid. mallory could face life in prison if convicted. and under certain circumstances, even the death penalty. the university of maryland is dealing with a a discrimination lawsuit. the suit was filed by two african-american employees. they claim that they've been treated different than white counterparts. when they made complaints about unequal treatment, they were given more work and forced to workut
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cold. the university says equitable employment is a priority. 4:34 now. markelle fultz is probably still taking it all in. there's so much to take in. it was a big moment for the prince george's native. and our entire area last night. he went number one in the nba draft. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select marqukelle fultz fm the university of washington. >> there you go. the 19-year-old is from upper marlboro and went to a catholic high school in high yachtsville. he's headed to philadelphia. adam's hometown. to play for the 76ers. >> welcome to my team. carol maloney caught up with fultz and was there for a special reunion between him and his old coach. >> reporter: number one overall for markelle fultz. even more amazing
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top of the basketball world, feeling so much joy and no pressure. >> a lot of people say it's a lot of pressure. for me, i don't feel pressure. i got goals that i set for myself p that's the way i look at it. i set goals for myself and my team goals. >> we have one question from the back. right here. here he is. this guy right here wants -- maybe you could ask him why you cut me? >> i was going to ask you how you feel about that coach that cut you. he was an idiot, right? >> made me better. made my story a little bit better. that helped me to work harder. >> great moment with his former high school coach, mike jones there. what a momentous occasion for the dmv. first player from the area to go number one overall since 1971. a long time coming. at the nba draft, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> mike jones cut him from
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he's never forgotten it. feels he has something to prove. megan mcgrath will have reaction from his former high school. >> if you'd like to learn more about him plrks search markelle fultz. welcome no the nba. >> you're excited. >> i am very excited about our team. it's 4:36. let's get another check of your forecast. >> with sheena parveen and amelia draper. but first, back to breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news for a lot of people headed into the district today. the anacostia river bridge, a major crash and fire that was there. a very big response. all lanes now shut down in that area. let's talk about what's going to happen if you're headed in to town. westbound on 50, you'll be pushed on to kenilworth avenue. southbound bw parkway. you must tip on to kenilworth there. outbound, if you're headed out
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bladensburg road. other issues around town, nothing major. that's our biggest problem. good morning. >> you just saw the maps. we even have rain that moves things more complicated. >> good thing it's only for the morning commute. kind of hot and humid today too. >> we have a lot of the tropical moisture moving in from what was tropical storm cindy. here's a look at the radar. light rain heading towards the beltway. in fauquier county and shenandoah valley, you see moderate rain across 66. near marshall if you're headed in that direction. through the morning, we expect the rain to increase. still humid as we go through the afternoon. not too bad, amelia. >> not too bad. mainly dry. a few peeks of sunshine but more cloud than sunshine today. look at the hourly per
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rain until 8:00 a.m. we dry out at lunchtime. we're looking mainly dry. breezy to windy today. low 80s by noon. 4:00, 88 degrees. that's going to be our high for the day. maybe a shower or thunderstorm later today. really what we'll be tracking is this morning, potentially impacting that commute. looking good for the nats game and dinner out tonight. as you go to bed, rain moves back in. more rain in the forecast tomorrow. more on that coming up in ten minutes. amelia, thank you. it's the kind of thing you see on a show like "dateline." this morning, the mystery surrounding a montgomery county woman's death is growing. why police think they say her death is suspicious. actor johnny depp under fire. the comments he made about president trump that some say cross the line. battle over health care continues. when congress could vote on the latest measure, as well as a look at some of the cuts that cod impact you.ul
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welcome back at 4:41. >> here's a look at the four things you need to know as you get your day started. >> bells chimed, one for each year of his life. the student
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korea remembered by a sea of mourners. his funeral was held at his former high school. he returned to the united states last week in a coma after more than a year in prison. as mentioned a few minutes ago, north korea is denying claims that he was tortured. at least 60 business owners are suing city officials for their handling of the riots that followed his death. you will remember businesses were burned to the ground and vandalized. the lawsuit names several defendants, including baltimore police, the city council and former mayor stephanie rawlings blake. no recordings between president trump and former fbi director james comey. the president said he did not make and does not have any tapes. he was the one two who tweeted the possibility of recordings. he made this new announcement once again on twitter. george w. bush will be in d.c. today. he'll be meeting with veterans
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affairs as part of the military service initiative. the goal is to outline key priorities and an action plan to improve the treatment of v veterans and their families. breaks news in first alert traffic. a massive problem for a lot of folks. new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge, all lanes are blocked. what you will encounter if you try to head that way, coming up. this morning on radar, tracking showers across the area right now, mainly in parts of northern virginia.
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breaking news in northeast washington. if you're headed into the district, look at this at
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anacostia bridge. a fatal crash overnight. westbound 50, pushed on to kenilworth. southbound bw parkway, kenilworth as well. outbound new york avenue p at bladensburg road. we'll be dealing with wet roads. as we look at the afternoon hours, we're looking dry. a small chance for a shower or thunderstorm. dealing with dry roads but breezy conditions and more wet roads for your saturday morning. in less than ten minutes, sheena will have more on tomorrow's rain timing. when the rain moves in, when it moves out and what that means for the rest of your saturday, guys. >> amelia, thanks so much. take a live look at the capitol this morning. for the moment, things are calm. that was far from what happened yesterday. protesters
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medicaid. it was a powerful scene on the hallways of congress. they were clustered outside mitch mcconnell's office. some were carried who refused to move. it's not just medicaid that could see cuts under the senate republican health care bill. it calls for defunding planned parenthood and eliminating the need to buy insurance. live on capitol hill is tracie strah strahan. >> -- tracie potts. >> democrats called it heartless but some are scratching their heads and wondering if they can support this bill the way that it's written. there are sure to be changes here. but at this point republicans could win some and lose some. they're trying to strike the right balance. while there are likely to be most, if not all, democrats against it, at least four republicans have said they won't support the bill the
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been presented. >> tracie, we know that democrats are strongly opposing the proposal but some in the medical community and former president obama are speaking out about the plan. what are they saying? >> a number of big medical organizations with coming out against this. first the american lung association, the american medical association is reviewing it. but they are strongly opposed to the medicaid changes. president obama in a pretty lengthy facebook post talked about this. he called it a massive transfer of wealth from middle class families to the richest americans to support the tax cuts in this bill that would benefit the wealthy. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. news this morning. johnny depp coming under fire for a controversial comment. last night he spoke in england at an outdoor musical festival to
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he appears to jokingly suggest the assassination of president trump. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify. i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. however, it's been a while. maybe it's time. >> during that comment, depp was referring to the assassination of abraham lincoln by john wilkes booth. earlier this month, comedian kathy griffin posted a photo showing a gruesome mask of the president. developing this morning, police are looking for answers after a mother of four is found dead inside a burning car in montgomery county. they are body was discovered in the back cargo space of a honda pilot in sandy spring. told you about the dea
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hover mail until yesterday. they're calling her death suspicious. the medical examiner will determine how she died. it could be easier to catch criminals. montgomery county police are hoping this composite sketch is the clue they need to solve a case of rape. that image you just saw, police believe that man raped a 68-year-old woman six years ago. but he's never been caught. new technology is using dna to make sketches like this one. the process predicts a suspect's appearance and ancestry. they believe the man is from west africa. he's suspected in four other rape cases. chris gordon spoke to one survivor by phone. >> it's very important to me that he is arrested so anything we can do to catch him is going to save a lot of other little old ladies problems. >> that woman is 75 years old and lives in a
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facility in waldorf. police believe all five of the suspects' victims were elderly women. this morning, the university of maryland police department is mourning the passing of its former chief. he led the department for 20 years. he's credited with helping to -- the security camera. after that, he became the major in the baltimore county police department. his funeral will be next week in maryland. a wildfire in utah growing at an unprecedented rate and emergency officials there are trying to get a handle on this. with only 5% of it contained. this is in southern utah in brian head. there are approximately 18,000 acres that have already burned. and there are so many fire engines there. 34 different engines. 23 crews. they had 800 personnel there on the ground trying to get this contained. again, as of last
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only 5% contained. back to you guys. erika, thank you. it is 4:52. we'll get back to the breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> good morning, guys. here is a big issue we have for a lot of people headed into the district this morning. take a look. new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge, all lanes are blocked. take a look at the slowdowns. here's what we're talking about. if you try to head into town, westbound 50, pushed off on to kenilworth avenue. southbound bw must continue on to kenilworth and outbound new york avenue being diverted at bladensburg road. it's a mess. if you can possibly avoid this, you're going to want to. as you widen out, no other major problems but you can see the rain starting to move through the area starting to cause issues on the roads as the morning commute progresses. >> thank you, melissa. we want to talk about the rain. you can see it on melissa's map
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a little bit, it's moving in. definitely need the umbrella. >> the remnants of what was tropical storm cindy popping up. a lot of that moisture for us. we have it around for the morning drive. take your time and don't forget your umbrella. it won't be with us all day. but the morning commute will be rainy. if you want to have lunch out, a lot of the rain will come to an end. windy and humid in spots. as we go through the evening, chance of a thunderstorm. the p.m. commute looks better. dinner out, the chance for a shower. here's a loosk at the radar now. there you see the light rain moving into the district across the beltway. not a good commute right now. gaithersburg, across 270, we have light to moderate rain moving into parts, again, of fauquier county. rain from the west across 81, winchester, martinsburg. heavier rain near frostburg. a tropical depression in parts of arkansas. but that moisture, again, is heading in our direction. we'll see rain this morning, a bit of a break later
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saturday morning. temperatures are warm outside. mid to upper 70s. it's also very humid. it will stay that way through the afternoon. if you're exercising today, rain by lunchtime. mainly dry. 88 degrees, though. still very warm day. chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. here's future weather, 7:00 a.m., the rain around and then should be for the most part drying up through the afternoon. still the chance of an isolated thunderstorm possible. there's saturday morning. we're looking at rain to start your day. but through the afternoon, i think you'll like it. less humid on saturday. sunday looks really good. 86. low humidity look at next week. it's looking really nice until about next week when we get hot again. more details on the forecast with amelia and i coming up. alarming new findings when it comes to women and their health. the number one killer most people don't even know about. talk about adding insult to injury. coming up at 5:00,
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welcome back. be sure to check your refrigerators this morning. news 4 is working for you with information on a food recall. three brands of hummus may be contaminated with listeria. it's sold in grocery stores under names such as fresh food markets, lantana and market side. here's what it looks like. the flavor is hummus
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the packages were distributed between april 18th and june 13th. an alarming new study says heart disease often goes undiagnosed. in a huge part of u.s. population. it says women don't always go to the doctor with the symptoms. the study found women face stigma in the doctor's office that prompt them to lose weight before they go. that could prevent them from getting crucial care. a quarter of women would consider heart disease an embarrassment. the study was published in the journal of the american college of cardiology. heart disease is the number one killer for both women and men in the u.s. got to take control of your health. go to the doctor. scary numbers. every single one of us is born with one. a hole in the heart. >> i didn't know that. >> in most cases it closes. for some it doesn't. that could cause major problems. one mom learned the hard way. she was on the way back from a vacation inlo
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suffered four strokes. she had no idea she had a disorder known at pfo. as many as 20% of a suladults h it. most go their whole life never knowing you have it. you can't find it unless you're looking for it. >> i was devastated. i thought i was going to die, honestly. i deep down knew i should have gotten it checked sooner. >> you can see the entire story online and in the nbc washington app, including what doctors say they look for to detect the problem before it's too late. netflix is letting kids' imaginations run wild. the streaming service launched its first interactive show. it's called pus in books, trapped in the epic tale. the show begins normally and lets kids take charge of how the story unfolds. >> how does this work? >> i don't know. they plan to introduce other interactive titles. they probably give you
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do you want puss in boots to go this way or have choices to open a door. >> it's all on the ipad. you can mess around with it. probably on your tv. >> i want more information. i need to know. >> you need to get it. >> i need tho to know if in occupies my kids for a half hour. stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 a.m. begins now. that breaking news. a crash on the ant cost i can't river bridge that has several areas roadways shut down. look at that scene there. good morning, i'm eun yang. i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning. let's get straight to that breaking news with melissa mollet and how it could impact your commute. >> this is going to be a major problem this morning. this is video we just got from the ground this morning. a massive, massive response. at least one person has died in the crash that involved multiple cars


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