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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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do you want puss in boots to go this way or have choices to open a door. >> it's all on the ipad. you can mess around with it. probably on your tv. >> i want more information. i need to know. >> you need to get it. >> i need tho to know if in occupies my kids for a half hour. stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 a.m. begins now. that breaking news. a crash on the ant cost i can't river bridge that has several areas roadways shut down. look at that scene there. good morning, i'm eun yang. i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning. let's get straight to that breaking news with melissa mollet and how it could impact your commute. >> this is going to be a major problem this morning. this is video we just got from the ground this morning. a massive, massive response. at least one person has died in the crash that involved multiple cars
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injured in a car fire as well. take a look at the map here now. we're talking about new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge. all lanes are still blocked. don't pay too much attention to all of the colors here. there was question about that earlier this morning. all of it is closed here this morning. so it should look purple. sometimes it doesn't catch up. alternates, westbound diverted at kenilworth avenue. southbound bw parkway has to continue on kenilworth avenue. pushed off at bladensburg road. >> justin finch is live at the scene. what a scene it is. good morning, justin. >> reporter: melissa, indeed, we're in the footprint of that crash while south dakota and new york avenues. it is blocked off. that's one block. there's road flares and cones out. they're looking down south dakota avenue too. we have seen tow trucks go back and forth all morning.
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four-vehicle crash. take a look at this video showing you the scene this morning. again, four vehicles, three reported to have caught fire. at least one person has been pronounced dead at the scene. reports of one entrapment and two people who have reported lesser injuries. this on the anacostia river bridge overnight. several closures in the area of this bridge as we have sienna long the 3600 block of new york avenue. as well as nearby. south dakota avenue is where we are right now. week tell you this scene is very much an active scene. should be so for some time. we're hearing this could extend well into rush hour. lots of closures in the area of anacostia bridge. stay with us for more updates. back to you. >> justin finch. thank you. happening now on "news4 today," breaking news out of north korea following the death of otto warmbier. what the country is saying about
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governor of maryland. who just announced his candidacy. the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz. >> making prince george's county proud, hear from markelle fultz after being draflted as the number one nba pick. before you go, we want to look at your forecast. uh-oh. amelia is holding the umbrella. >> amelia has been very nice and holding the you will brel a. it's warm and humid. i think the only thing keeping the bugs away is the nice breeze. >> it's extremely muggy. light rain falling outside our studios. look at the radar. rain moving into the district. you can see it on justin's live shot as well. fauquier county, lighter rain. that lighter rain is about the beltway. we can s
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here is your morning commute forecast. rainy. by noon, the roads will still be wet but drier by the afternoon. we have the chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. more rain comes to start off your week and amelia are back in a bit to talk more about the timing of that. let's get back to erika at the live desk. >> north korea denying torturing the american student that recently died after being released from north korea. an article was out published by the official korean central news agency. since the north has weighed in on uva student otto warmbier since his release. it describes the release as a humanitarian issue but denies wrongdoi wrongdoing. warmbier arrived in the states in a coma. north korea stating he got bot litsch. however, there were no traces of botulism in his system. he was laid to rest thursday with thousands in attendance. his family has
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an autopsy. just a tremendous outpouring of people and support for his family yesterday. back over to you guys. >> erika, thank you. it is 5:035. it looks like former president obama is getting back into politics to help the man who could be virginia's next governor. the huffington post reports that obama will hit the campaign trail for democrat ralph northam. according to the "washington post," it was confirmed that he made a congratulatory call to him. ed gillespie will be going up against him former d.c. councilmember jim graham, so colorful. he was a staunch advocate for gay rights and pioneer for hiv research funding. he served four terms starting in 1998. until 5:00 today, his body will lie in repose at the wilson building. a little after noon, d.c. councilmembers and his family will be part of a service there.
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public can view him. jim was a great guy. today the virginia man accused of sending top secret documents to chinese intelligence officers will be in court. news 4 cameras were there in leesburg as the fbi searched kevin mallory's home. he was a former defense contractor and state department security agent. he was interviewed in april after flying back to the u.s. from china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash. mallory claimed he unknowingly met with chinese intelligence and said nothing he gave them was classified. buts there were messages in which mallory said, your object is to gain information and my object is to be paid. mallory could face life in prison and under certain circumstances even the death penalty. time right now is 5:06. the university of maryland deal
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this comes as the university wants to take on hate and bias incidents on campus. it was filed by two african-american employees. they claim they've been treated differently than white counterparts. when they made complaint, they were given more work and forced to be out in extreme weather and cold outside. it's a priority. educate, then graduate. >> protesters letting their voices be heard in prince george's county. they gathered before the packed school board meeting last night. this was the first meeting since members of the school board made allegations the county is changing students' grade in order to boost graduation rates. the school ceo says the u.s. department of education cleared the district of the same allegations earlier this year. prince george's county native markelle fultz is probably still taking
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he went number one overall in the nba draft last night. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> there he is. the 19-year-old is from upper marlboro and went to high school in hyattsville. now he's headed to philadelphia. >> go ahead, sixers. >> to play with adam's team, the sixers. carol ma lope i caught up with fultz and was there for a special reunion between him and his old coach. >> number one overall for markelle fultz. even more amazing when you consider that three years ago he was cut from his varsity high school team. noup, on top of the basketball world, feeling so much joy and no pressure. >> a lot of people say there's a lot of pressure. for me, i don't feel pressure. i got goals that i set for myself. that's the way i look at
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i don't p. >> we have one question from the pack right here. here he is. this guy here, maybe you could ask him, why did you cut me? >> i was going to ask you how do you feel about that coach that cut you? he was an idiot, right? >> it made me better. actually, made my story a little bit better. i think that actual little helped me, put a chip on my shoulder and work even harder. >> great moment with his former high school coach there. what a momentous occasion for the dmv. first player from the area to go number one since 1971. a long time coming. at the nba draft, carol maloney, news 4 sports. a big day for markelle fultz and his family and other families. that's his alma mater. pil have reaction from a watch party that was held there. >> etch is pumped. it's great for our area. >> 76ers. >> more
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player. he does have a great story. >> he was cut? >> he was cut from the vrs at this team. >> all the stats from his season, search markelle fultz. breaking news in first alert traffic if you head into the district. take a look a new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge. all lanes blocked. we'll talk about where you're being pushed off the roadway because of police activity coming up in a second. amelia? >> melissa, showers out there now if you're headed to the pool, not bad. plenty of clouds and breezy, muggy. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. more on what you can expect with sheena coming after at break. days after a mistrial was prepared, the comedian plans to hold town hall meetings. the subject those
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does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. breaking news in first 4 traffic. the anacostia river bridge, all lanes blocked in both directions. westbound on 50, you're being pushed on to kenilworth avenue. southbound bw parkway, again, you have to continue on to
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york, diverted there at bladensburg road. big mess for folks this morning. new name in the race for maryland governor. james shea entering the race for 2018. he's a lawyer involved -- he's led one of maryland's large he's law firms. he also chaired the university of system board of regents. he's the sixth democrat to challenge republican larry hogan. the others include prince george's executive, baker, and former naacp -- the primary still a year ago. election, november 2018. back to you. thank you. >> it's 5:14. other top stories we're following in morning. the british government says it will not abandon the people left homeless by the deadly apartment building fire. the familiar also will be relocate today apartments in an after flupt area of west lo
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theresa may says all of the families will be relocated within three weeks. most are currently living in hotels. entire families and children died in the fire last week. terrible story there. tropical storm cindy left damage and flooding in the south. now that system is coming our way. we're already seeing some of the rain. sheena parveen will let you know when you need an umbrella. bill cosby might be retired on sexual assault charges. but the comedian plans to talk to young people in a series of town hall meetings. his spokesperson says he's eager to get back to work after a mistrial was declared. he wants to talk to young people about the dangers of partying and what they should know about what can be considered sexual assault. we're learning more about what happened inside the jury room during cosby's trial. >> it was so tense that some jurors were crying. that's the latest revelations from one of ju
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his name or face. he believes cosby is guilty for allegedly drugging or assaulting a woman. but he has gone through a lot already. >> whatever the man did, he has paid his price. paid -- suffered. i think they created this whole thing, a case that was settled in '0 a and we had to bring it up again in '17. >> the prosecution says it would like to try again with a new jury. cosby denied all of the allegations. it is 5:16. we're less than eight months away from the winter olympics in south korea. today, world celebrates the birth of the modern day olympic games since 1894. millions of people from more than 160 countries will promote the olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect. they will host educational programs and -- i just came back
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here's some pictures from my recent trip to see the venue. that's the hockey rink. it's going to be awesome. >> is there ice there? >> not yet. they had test runs. it's really ready to go. i'll be back in february from the olympic games to bring you live reports. really looking forward to that. >> you don't always here that, that people are ready. >> i think what they learn from rio is that they have to get ahead of the game. then don't want to make the same mistakes. they're on point with this one. >> 100%. let's turn our attention to the weather. i don't want to think about ice ever, really. i'm more of a sunshine kind of guy. little bit of rain to start our friday here. >> yes, we have rain. we've been talking about it and watching tropical storm cindy. now that moves on shore yesterday in louisiana. now it's a tropical depression. as we go into the day today, we're going to see the morning rain. but by the afternoon, we'll see a break, i think.
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it will be decent this afternoon and tomorrow morning. the rain is going to come back again. here's a look at the radar. we'll zoom into the district. we also have rain moving in to make it worse. bethesda seeing more moderate rain. the green shows the lighter rain. it's moving from west to east. we'll continue to see it move across the area. manassas, light rain through warrenton. much of fauquier county seeing moderate rain towards fredericksburg as well. this will be crossing 95 shortly. if you're driving there. take your time this morning. looking at moderate rainfall there. martinsburg as well. that will be coming to answered, i would say, after 7:30, 8:00 this morning. but there's more rain on the way to start your weekend. that's tropical depression cindy. it was a tropical storm yesterday. but it's going to bring us more rain for your saturday morning. it's 71 degrees right now. most areas mid to upper 70s. we
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think we'll see cloudy skies with still the chance for an afternoon shower. then, another round moving in tomorrow morning. quickly clearing through the afternoon. the humidity will be dropping. so your weekend after saturday morning is actually going to be comfortable. beach forecast today, not that great. but tomorrow, 83. more sunshine in the afternoon. sunday less humid. sunday is going to be a very nice day. even going into next week. let's check the roads this morning. big problems out there. also with the rain, melissa. good morning. >> big mess this morning. breaking news in first 4 traffic a take a look at this. a major mess here in washington this morning in northeast. we're talking about inbound here was where the crash happened. new york avenue at the anacostia river bridge. a bad, bad accident there this morning. inbound 50. chopper 4 at 295. we have a one-mile backup on 50 already. it is way too early in the morning to see something like this. the new york avenue on the anacos r
5:20 am
as far as what's going to happen if you head that way, westbound 50 pushed on to kenilworth. southbound bw continues on to kenilworth. outbound new york avenue diverted to bladensburg road. outer loop before rockville pike, that accident on the shoulder. inner loop at 50, arlington boulevard, crash blocking the right lane. new problem on the yellow line we'll talk about in a minute. ♪ >> listen to that. a rising star. that would be an understatement. meet the 28-year-old prince george's county teen on his way to becoming an opera star.
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>> i love it. listen to that. an 18-year-old from prince george's county on his way to becoming an opera star. >> told him to the to use my voice in this piece. aaron krause, he was accepted into julliard. at the curtis institute of music. >> set to be the most selective conservatory for vocalists in the world. meagan fitzgerald spoke with him. >> it can take a while for most people to find their own voice. aaron is no different. he started sings gospel music at just 5 years old. >> i wasn't really into like pop and r&b. i just wasn't. i just liked gospel and i just sang gospel. >> but the tone of his life changed when he got to high school and was accepted to the
5:25 am
>> you get classically trained. but i remember going home and going to my mom, like, angry because that's not what i was expecting. >> his music teacher, dr. michael menzel remembers his hesitation. >> on the rhythm and then also too the vocal technique. which can be daunting. >> a lot of times we're afraid of things we don't understand. i didn't like that there was a lot of work. >> pitch. >> ♪ >> good. >> all throughout high school, aaron worked hard performing in plays and studying the words he would sing. >> ♪ >> it was basically a thank you letter. thank you for loving me. thank you for being with me. >> so many people told aaron that he was a star. >> but there was one person that was so negative all the time.
5:26 am
i kind of saw them as an important person in my life. i almost didn't apply for curtis. i almost didn't apply for julliard because they told me not to. >> it was his parents and teacher who reminded him to believe. in 2016, he was accepted to julliard and the curtis institute of music. he won countless awards in competition. >> he could be the finest in your generation. >> ♪ >> reporting in prince george's county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> the future is so bright. >> the advice here all throughout this morning, markelle fultz, this guy, don't listen to the people who tell you no. >> absolutely. >> use it as an inspiration. good for him. >> how about the prince george's county kids. we continue to track breaking news. a deadly
5:27 am
major impact on your commute. melissa mollet will have an update on the road you want to avoid. breezy outside right now. we're also tracking some showers moving through the area. the latest at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. breaking news at 5:30. a deadly crash and backups
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extending into maryland this morning. we have team coverage to get you around the mess. >> a rainy start. what's left of tropical depression cindy is moving through aur area. what it means for the weekend forecast. a serial rapist. he attacked women inside their own homes. now dna is helping police put a face to the crime. a live look outside as we start this rainy day. we can see glimmers of the sun. the storms are going to add to an already busy morning on the roads. good morning everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning. >> first, aun update on the deadly crash that could impact your commute. melissa mollet will have your updated routes. first a live look with our reporter justin finch. >> reporter: lots of traffic going into washington
5:31 am
morning. route 50 going towards d.c. at this time. the traffic out here is bumper to bumper. it will eventually be off routed away from the anacostia river bridge, which is now the scene of that fatal crash. let's get you to video of that scene this morning. overnight, reports of a four-vehicle wreck out here on the anacostia river bridge. we also have reports of at least three cars that caught fire. reports of one person dead, one person trapped and two others suffered injuries as a result of this crash. this did trigger the closing of lanes on both signs of the bridge and trickling off to new york avenue and surrounding areas around that bridge and new york avenue northeast. we've seen closures on south dakota avenue northeast as well as other interested in and around this area. emergency officials arrive on scene to assist the scene and also get wrapped up here. expect the closures to last into the rush hour.
5:32 am
>> justin, take a look from above. chopper 4 over justin here. inbound 50 here at 295. you can see from chopper how bad these delays are. they're stretching to 1.5, almost 2 miles on inbound 50 here this morning. new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge. all lanes blocked. you can see that mess. now you can see the rain falling there. justin, we saw has his hood up too. alternates are where you're being pushed off at this point this morning. westbound 50 pushed on to kenilworth, southbound bw parkway has to continue on to kenilworth. outbound new york avenue pushed off at bladensburg road. that's as close as you can get to the bridge. as you zoom out, all of the rain is fall across the area adding to the pain. beltway, overall, no major problems. a little bit of a slowdown on the inner loop. we'll talk about that in a bit. now over to sheena. >> good morning. i'm out here with amelia outside the states. s
5:33 am
we have the umbrellas, but we don't need them. as quickly as it moved in, it's moving out. >> we had the band that we showed you. traffic moving through the district. we have another band to the west in parts of fauquier county. now heading towards the district as well. if we zoom in, you see the rain moving into prince george's county. that's most live light. embedded moderate rain. you see the band to our west moving through. this will tina proechg the district. we'll be seeing more rain around the beltway shortly. by noon, humid and windy. in the weekend, more rain for your saturday. coming up, amelia and i are back with a closer look at your weekend forecast and what you can expect as you make your plans, straight ahead. >> see you then. add this man to the list of candidates for governor of maryland. lawyer james shea just announced his candidacy. he is a democrat. he
5:34 am
university system of maryland. >> for the first time in 46 years, someone from our area went number one in the nba draft. congrats to markelle fultz. he's from upper marlboro. went to school in high yachtsville. now headed to philly. to play for the 76ers. why his outfit got as much attention online as he did. metro fares are going up and the hours are changing. on weeknights, it will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. saturday hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and sunday rail service will run from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for the fare hikes, there will be a 25 cent incompetent crease to off peak rail trips and a 10 cent incompetent crease for rush hour rail trips. all of this information is on the app. this begins on sunday. developing this morning, police are looking for answers after a mother of four was found dead inside
5:35 am
montgomery county. andrea haugh ver mill's body was found inside a honda pilot in sandy spring on excalibur lane. we told you about the death but didn't learn who it was until yesterday. investigators are only calling her death suspicious. a medical examiner will determine how she died. five elderly women were raped in montgomery county. now police are hoping new technology can help them catch the suspect. take a look at this composite sketch. it uses dna, not just testimony to make an image of the suspect. it predicts someone's appearance and their ancestry as well. the police believe he raped five of these women already. he spoke to us by phone. >> i think this individual isn't going to stop. he's going to keep on doing it.
5:36 am
>> that woman was 68 years old when she was attacked in germantown. it's been six years since then. police say to call them if you believe you recognize the image of the suspect. time right now, 5:36. the case has been dismissed against a man drawing and buying blood from people. prosecutors dismissed the case the day before it was set to go to court. he has been charged with practicing as a registered nurse without a license. he was paying people $30 to draw samples of blood and then was storing it in a southwest d.c. apartment. not clear why the case was dismissed. prosecutors and his attorney have not commented. replacing boarding passes with your fingerprint. check that out. the technology isn't a thing of the future. it's actually happening in one of our local airports. what to expect the next time you fly ziefrmg tracking that breaking news. a crash in northeast washington. look at that live picture of
5:37 am
the backups into maryland this morning. you want to avoid new york avenue. lelissa mol
5:38 am
5:39 am
this morning, we are getting a closer look at the tools to solve the problem no one likes to talk about.
5:40 am
i can't even look at them. >> what? >> muriel bowser introduced new trash cans equipped with sensors that signal that they need to be emptied. the trash cans will keep the city one step ahead of the rats that feed off the trash and other waste. bowser says the city will pay up to $13,500 for small businesses to improve trash containers and compaq tors. i cannot even look at the video. >> all i can say is the -- >> i won't go near there because of the rat issue an the size of raccoons. i got to test out at this technology upgrade that will make livees easier. it's a biometric screening program. it only requires your hands or eyes to check your bags on the plane. delta is offering the service at rag app national. the second phase will be out in the airport. that's expected later this
5:41 am
fingers on the thing. it knows who you are. you can check your bag or get on the plane. >> you pay for each service, right? >> yeah. >> it's good if you're a frequent traveler? >> totally. you have to be in the clear program. that gets you through the tsa part of it. delta is trying to make it so you don't need a boarding pass. >> for you frequent flyers out there. >> we'll see if it works. breaking news, a massive problem in the district. incompetent boupd 50 at 295. almost a packup because of this problem. new york avenue all laps blocked for fatal crash this morning. >> melissa tracking showers across the area. look at storm team 4 radar. moderate rain in northern virginia. when it comes to an end in a few minutes. plus, a prince george's county basketball star making nba history. >> go ahead. >> this
5:42 am
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breaking news now at 5:45. a crash shutting down a major road into d.c. as you head out the door. chopper 4 over the backup. inbound 50 at 295. we'll take a look at this and where you're being diverted. some work around as well coming up. walking out the door, dealing with rain in spots. by 8:00 a.m., we look to dry out by 9:00 a.m. 82 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and muggy and breezy. prince george's county native markelle fultz, he's the nba's number one draft pick. i'll have reaction from his alma mater
5:46 am
back to that breaking news right now that melissa mentioned. take a live look in the area where police say four cars were involved in a horrible crash. all of the backups. the crash happened on new york avenue northeast on the anacostia bridge just over the maryland state line. >> certainly backing up here. police say one person is dead, two others hurt. there was also one person trapped in a car. if this is part of your morning commute, melissa will have alternate routes coming up just ahead. with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> prince george's county native markelle fultz is probably still taking it all in. what a night. he went number one overall in the nba draft last night. >> the 19-year-old is from upper marlboro. he went to
5:47 am
hyattsville. the moment his name was called, his first thought, about his mom. >> i was thinking about sacrifice that was given to me. everything they've done for me and knowing that this has happened, it's paid off. i have a lot of work to do, but i have a chance to take care of everybody at that table. >> i have a little bit of a vested interest in mr. fultz. he's on his way to play for my hometown team, the 76ers. >> our hometown guy making your hometown news. megan mcgrath is live at fultz's alma mater in hyattsville with reaction from his family. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. markelle fultz, a local guy. he went to the catholic high school in hyattsville. friends and family gathered at his alma mater last night. as you would imagine, there was a lot of excitement when his name was read. listen in. >> the philadelphia
5:48 am
marqukelle fultz from the university of washington. >> reporter: that was the reaction. a wonderful achievement. markelle fultz worked very hard for it. at one point he was cut from the varsity team. but he refocused, played hard and came back. we spoke to his cousin last night. needless to say, she's thrilled. >> marquel said it best. god called your name. that was absolutely amazing. >> reporter: and some of marquel's former teammates here at da math a were at the watch party last night. we did seek speak to them. i'll have their reaction at 6:30. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thanks so much. >> fultz's big accomplishment was nearly overshadowed by his shoes. look at those. made out of basketballs. >> of course. >> you can tell. kept the orange co
5:49 am
made. they were his idea. that wasn't the only interesting part of his outfit. the tribune posted these pictures that represented his college alma mater on the inside of his jacket. it was pretty cool. he also had a picture of his grandmother who passed away last year and of course the watch. >> don't want to look the other local player drafted in the first round. josh hart from silver spring. he went to villanova. he was the 30th overall pick. >> championship that he was a part of. >> the last-second shot. he was picked by the jazz. then traded to the lakers last night. congratulations to him as well. >> the lakers had the number 2 pick, too. live look at the capitol this morning. for the moment things have calmed down. that was far from what it looked like inside the hallways of congress moments after the release of the new gop plan to reform health care.
5:50 am
tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on what we can expect this morning. tracie, good morning. >> hi there. good morning. we can expect to see a lot of shifting. there are sure to be changes on this health care bill as republicans try to figure out if they can hold on to the 62 majority. they can't lose more than two votes to get this passed in what they hope will be next year's -- or next week when they try to put this up for a vote on thursday. there are four republicans opposed. but, again, we could see shifting as they try to make changes to apiece more people on both sides. >> tracie potts live on the hill for us this morning. thank you so much. coming up. johnny depp the latest celebrity coming under criticism for harsh words about the president. we'll have a look at what he said at 6:00 this morning. four years is how long a man will serve in prison for the
5:51 am
pizzagate shooting. edgar welch apologized in court. he told police he was investigating an internet story about a child sex ring connected to the hillary clinton campaign. it was a made-up conspiracy theory. the judge said it was shear luck no one was hurt when he welch fired his gun inside the traunt. prosecutors asked the judge for a 4 poip 5 year sentence. the doctor charged with illegally bringing weapons and ammunition to the trump international hotel might face a psychiatric evaluation. our news partner at wtop reports that he pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. we also learned he has a history of mental health issues and a judge may rule he gets a checkup. pest confident in his case. north korea denies torturing the american student that recently died after being released from north korea. an article is out published by the central news agen
5:52 am
weighed in on student otto warmbier. they say it's as much a mystery to them. it vice warmbier's release of a humanitarian issue. if you remember, warmbier riefd in the states in a coma. the north saying he had contracted botulism while in their custody. however, they say there were no traces of botulism in his system. warmbier was laid to rest thursday. thousands of people in attendance. his family decided against an autopsy. from the live desk, erika gonzalez. educate, then graduate. educate, graduate. >> protesters are letting their voices be heard in porjs county. it was the first meeting since alss were made that they're changing grades to increase graduation
5:53 am
cleared the district of the same allegations earlier this year. we want to go back to first 4 traffic. melissa mollet still tracking that accident on new york avenue. >> a big problem for a lot of people in the news. delays inbound 350 at 295. take a look at that. almost a two-mile backup. this is the actual problem. new york avenue on the anacostia river braj still has all lanes blocked there. alternates are the diversion points. at kenilworth, bw parkway continues on to kenilworth. this morning, one option. the orange line. you can try landover or new caroll tan stations. just a thought for you there. no delays on the orange line. inner loop at 50, arlington boulevard, crash blocking two right lanes. inner loop, crash
5:54 am
fairfax county parkway, debris in the roadway. a slow go near fairfax county parkway. because of that, maryland -- your on top of the beltway, still a look back. fairfax county parkway. 94 northbound in virginia. remember to listen to wtop. 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> the only problem is if we had more rain coming this afternoon, it will be moving into the district shortly. we had a round of light rain. but we have another band moving in soon. prince william county seeing it. as you look across the beltway, we're seeing the rain approaching. light rain into the district. bethesda. that mayor i can't will see rain. leaving gainesville, across 66 into fairfax, you'll be seeing that rain this morning.
5:55 am
woodbridge and south of that, towards fredericks berg. we have moderate to heavy rainfall across 95. this band will be crossing 95 shortly. if we look farther to the north, we have mostly light scattered rain north of the district through parts of montgomery county and frederick seeing that rain this morning. we're watching more rain going into the weekend. here's tropical depression cindy, the remnants of what was tropical storm cindy. moderate impact with the rain around lunchtime. warm and humid and windy. still the chance of a stray thunderstorm even later on this evening. so far the rest of your day past this morning is looking better. this is future weather. wind a and humid. saturday morning, more rains moves in as part of the same system. but much less humid saturday afternoon. sunday looks really good too. sunday through most of
5:56 am
that will make things really comfortable. the beach forecast looks good for saturday and sunday. coming up, a closer look at that. right now, back to you guys. you want to check your fridge. three brands of hummus may be contaminat contaminated. here's what you need to know. the hummus with pine nut topping. sold as different brands in different stores like fresh market, the pack angs distributed april 18th through june. new option for out of town visitors who plan to take over your home this summer. a new micro hotel just opened in the heart of d.c. this pod hotel celebrated its grand opening last night in chinatown. the 150 foot square rooms. they're barebones. we lookedt
5:57 am
are about a hundred bucks a night. this is good if you're just going to sleep there. you're spending the rest of the time with family and outings. >> if you're visiting our area, there's no reason to stay inside. so much to do, you can't get it done it one day. going to cost you more to commute this summer. the metro price hikes we've been warning you about go into effect this weekend. we'll break down how much more it will cost you and plus the changes to rail service. university of maryland facing new accusations of discrimination on campus. why employees say they're being targeted because of their race. and look at your screen right now. woef breaking news. well check back in with team coverage with a deadly crash on new york avenue. justin dpin much and melissa mollet will get you around the traffic closures. that's in less than two minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00 a.m., a breaking traffic alert. a tedly crash impacting commute ners d.c. and maryland. our team coverage will help you get around the backup. >> you need to leave yourself extra time no matter what route you take. we're starting out with storms soaking roads. >> your ride is about to get more expensive. what you need to know about the fare hikes and cutbacks to the hours you can get a ride.
6:00 am
good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning. we're getting a look at the damage left behind by tropical storm cindy. >> that's a lot of destruction there. it's a tropical depression now. what's left of it is what is soaking our area this morning. sheena parveen and amelia draper. more on how long the rain will stick around. >> first, we want to get to the breaking news on the roads. melissa is working on alternate routes. let's start with justin finch live along new york avenue. justin? >> reporter: good morning. coming to you from alongside the d.c. bound traffic now impacted by this wreck we've been talking about all morning. a long line of cars. but the d.c. bound traffic is able to move here along route 50 as a result of that crash we have been telling you about. take a look here. this is video from the aftermath overnight. this is happening in the area of the anacostia


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