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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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many people ready to shred. >> because we're ready for summer, clean slate. >> shredding it up. >> we've been doing it all morning. >> that's not the first time i've done that. good morning on saturday i'm adam tuss in for david. >> i'm angie. the weather a lot different from when we first came in this morning. >> absolutely. now it's dry. smor, a. >> you look out your window, you're like what rain? the pavement is wet. a line of showers moved through quickly. we really picked up on it. that's because it was remnants left over from tropical storm cindy. we also have a cold front moving through. a lot of changes under way but all good changes. right now temperatures 80 degrees in washington. 76 in dulles and 79 in norton. a look at saturday planner. we can expect clouds to decrease through the afternoon. pretty breezy out there but temperatures reaching mid to upper 80s. back to you all.
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hey -- >> we continue to follow breaking news out of the district. a number of people had to be rescued as you can see here from this burning apartment building on peabody street. >> news 4's derrick ward live on the scene with the latest. derrick, this was a big fire. >> indeed it was, a three-alarm fire, big building. these are the rolling terrace apartments. this fire started at 2:00 a.m. take a look. when firefighters got here, they saw smoke coming from the roof and flames. they also saw people getting themselves out of the building. some jumped out. they immediately put ladders up, startedri
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ladders to safety. firefighters got into the lobby of the building, the smoke was so thick that apparently they were met by smoke and people crawling out from that smoke as well. lots of rescues doing. here we hear from the chief who talked to us about what firefighters are encountering. >> i don't have the number of people. but when we first got here, people were hanging out of windows. also when we get here people on the second floor this jumped. firefighters were there to catch them. a scene for safety and a heavy fire. >> here is what we know about injuries, firefighters treated for injuries, another five people treated on the scene and evaluated. red cross is here as are city officials. again, 55 units, hundreds of people. perhaps 100 people, perhaps more have been displaced by this fire. this is doing to be days before
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this building is not anymore. investigators will have to get in there and determine what caused the fire. we know it appears to have started on the upper floors of the building. it is still burning. live in northwest. >> thank you very much. also practicing this morning, outside the metro station, a man was sent to the hospital after someone hit him with a sharp on. d.c. police say it happened around midnight. someone is in custody. we are working to find out how that man was doing. for updates head to nbc washington app. put them there when we get them. also congressman she's out offism cu. good news following horrific shooting. the positive news continues for lobbyist mike mika as well. his family says he's out of the hospital. see mika with nationals outfielder werth. his family says we are truly gratul
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we are truly grateful for compassionate world-class care tore doctors, nurses and team at george washington hospital. we will never forget and continue to be great it will for the heroism shown by capitol police. people outraged here this morning and it has to do with the pictures you see on the screen. the pictures show three young black men in handcuffs on the national mall. u.s. park play say the teenagers were selling bottled water on the mall without a permit. >> people asking why selling water was serious enough for the handcuffs. >> there's obviously a racial disparity on how they are treating these young men and other vendors on the mall. right over here we can look around, see ice cream vendors. they may get citations. i've seen them get citations before. i've never seen them hauled out of the car and put on the ground and put in handcuffs. there's obviously a disparity. we have to be honest about it. >> u.s. park police said handcuffs used for safety purposes. d.c. councilmember charles allen september a letter to u.s. park police say, "i can'tp
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think how the reaction by these same officers might have varied if different children had set up a quaint hand painted lemonade stand on the same spot." mourners urged to wear bow ties at funeral services for jim graham. the former councilmember was known for his stylish neck wear and constituent services. he served the city for four terms starting in 1995. yesterday people paid respects as he lay in repose at the wilson building. today a funeral at the all souls untarrian church at 10:00 a.m. graham died after a. >> steve: illness. he was 71 years old. >> serum a colorful character. what a friday it was for metro. take a look at the people that had to stand outside to wait for buses, some for hours. trains stopped running during morning rush. arcing insulators caused by heavy rain were responsible for both those incidents.
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we had some rain earlier today but so far no incidents. looks like we're in the clear. the melt doup leadown leads int weekend of changes. off hour rail fares which include weekends and federal holidays, $0.25 a trip. rush hour by a dime monday morning. regular take the biggest hit, they increase by $0.25. the changes don't stop there. stay with me here. service hours are also being reduced certain days. trains will run between 5:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. monday through thursday. friday and saturday, close at 1:00 in the morning. on sunday the system opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 11:00 at night. a big change for sunday. adding bus options. all that done for maintenance >> got all that? >> i have. >> it's in
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it was closed for nearly three decades and caused quite a stir of controversy. now a part of klingle valley trail opens in d.c. today. a three-quarter mile portion is now the valley trail. it will be open to runners and hikers. muriel bowser cuts the ribbon at 3:00 today. you are taking a live look at the capital this morning. that is where we've been watching a battle play out all week for the proposal to scrap the affordable care act. >> absolutely. there's a voting dead line in a week's time. it's not clear if senate republicans can get votes. now the number of republicans who say they can't support the plan has risen to five. >> today in this form i will not support it. >> gop senator heller the first moderate to oppose the plan because he says the cuts to medicaid go too far. he joins four conservatives who say it doesn't go far
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repeal affordable care act. a long list of advocacy groups including american pediatrics say it will cut coverage to millions. there are talks about negotiations but three no votes here are going to kill the plan. so we'll have to see how it winds out. coming up, cleaning up after cindy. a closer look at the damage this tropical storm left behind as the remnants already moved arrough our
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okay. so we continue to work for you this morning. nbc all state community shred event. >> a simple way to protect your family from identity theft. we are live out there to see how things are going this morning. with us from the event, eileen,
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montgomery county. vice president and provost of the montgomery college rockville campus where all this is happening today. >> it is. a lot of action early. eile eileen, i want to start with you. why so important to montgomery's recycling effort? >> there's so many reasons it's important for folks to reduce waste and recycle more. first of all, it's the right thing to do, great for the environment. it also saves natural resources for the future. also we have a goal in montgomery county to recycle 70% by 2020. >> dr. kelly, let me ask you a quick question. we can hear the truck rumbling out there. do you know how many poxes people can bring to this event? just some specifics we need to be telling people. >> how many boxes? >> they can brink up to four boxes
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dr. kelly, there once a year at montgomerie college. tell us why it's important to be par of the event. >> we're always thrilled to be part of the event. because it's important to our community to participate and help with reducing identity theft. we're also committed to being green. all our buildings are certified and either silver or gold. we know the importance, especially, for example, educating cyber security professionals why identity theft is an issue, why shredding personal documents is important and montgomery college provide a huge venue for this huge group of individuals. we've been backed up since 6:00 a.m. this morning. we're thrilled to be here with eileen and her staff. >> ask our photograph to pan around. i want to see how many people are in the parking lot there. my goodness, a lot of people. this event goes on until 11:00 this morning. if you want to shred y
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>> absolutely. in line by 11:00. >> always amazing. >> we've done this over and over again. this is a big part of what we do at news 4. it's always a theme. we've done it in the elements, rain, shine, today a little breeze. we encourage all of you still watching at home to get out there by 11:00 and help protect your own identity. >> guys, thanks so much for joining us this morning. we'll check back in a little bit. >> thank you. >> by by. >> ti-- bye-bye. >> time 9:13, nice for national shred event. sup up over the nation's capital. saturday started with some showers. they are out of here. we'll check back in with somara in a second to let you know what to expect when you head out the door. >> incredible update to a story we've been talking about all day long. how an infant
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forecast. we're going to continue to see temperatures rise during the day. mid to upper 80s. rain chances very slight. maybe a shower or two this afternoon. radar right now showing we are dry and it is going to be an absolutely lovely day. we're going to
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full forecast as well as see what's going on at the top of the week. >> somara, thank you. if you waking up, we're taking a look at devastation the landslide caused in southwest china. according to chinese television five people are dead, more than 130 are still missing. local authorities declared a state of emergency and more rescuers have been sent in to help. we just learned one family, they were saved because the father woke up to change a crying baby's diaper and noticed something was wrong. he managed to get his family out of the house just in time before it was washed away by the landslide and all that debris. >> wow. >> now we do want to turn to a story developing out of london. hundreds of people you can see right here have been forced out of their homes after five highrise apartment buildings were evacuated because of fire safety concerns. the buildings have some of the same materials blamed for that m
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recall we've covered recently that killed 79 people in west london last week. about 800 people are being relocated while the repairs are done and the work is expected to take about three weeks. >> earlier this week, we showed you this incredible video of a steam pipe explosion in downtown baltimore blocks from camden yard. now we're learning police officers who went to that scene might have been exposed to asbestos. the company that operated the pipes said they found low levels of the minerals there. five people hurt when that ground burst open there. nearby buildings and a number of cars were also covered in the debris. >> this morning families trying to peace their lives together after tornadoes tearing through birmingham, alabama, thursday. it's going to take quite some time for the cleanup. thankfully, though, only a handful of people were hurt. no deaths confirmere
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tropical storm cindy. weather across the southeast. we didn't see anything of that nature but did see the remnants of that storm pass through here. >> certainly had moisture this morning, somara but they got out in a hurry. >> line of showers during the 5:00 hour. now we're shaping up for a beautiful saturday. after the last remnants moved out this morning, we actually saw some of the sunshine getting to peek through. seems cloudy in some spots, mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon. the whole forecast. let's go ahead and take a look at your fitness forecast. so hitting the pavement whether you're going on a pike ride or run, it will be pretty wet. that's evidence it did rain but we are dry, not expecting any more showers. by 10:00 a.m. it will be breezy. right now it's pretty breezy. will stay breezy through the lunch time hour as the cold front pushes through. temperatures still, though, steadily on the rise. lunch time looking at sunny nd
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a look at radar right now. we are dry. the last of the showers moved out this morning. i'm not too worried about any showers returning. in fact, here is a look at future cast. by noon staying dry. lots of sunshine out there. we aren't going to be see more sunshine in the evening. the clouds will be on the decrease. for your sunday, we start off very quiet. i think we are on a roll with this one. wait until you see your ten-day forecast. here is a look now. we left the rain bin and headed for a week full of sunshine. temperatures in the 80s and working to upper 80s this afternoon. we actually get a little cool pocket on tuesday. you notice that in the upper 70s. by the end of the week we return to the 90s and we leave that sunshine and head back to kansas for storms around friday. overall this is a forecast i can't complain about. i hope you guys enjoy your weekend. >> all right, somara, thank you very much. coming up, adding a touch of color to thoc
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this art is the kind you can actually relax on. stories behind brightly painted benches and where you can see
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the art project we told yo
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close today. for the past few weeks people have been writing their burdens on rocks and painting a paper bird as part of the soar project in delray. the creator hopes they will see they are not alone and able to move past them. thousands of people have participated. >> we're going to invite people to take a rock that speaks to them. it doesn't have to be their own rock, then paint over the rock, and make something beautiful out of it. i think the symbolism is really nice. sometimes the stuff that is maybe the worst parts of us become the most beautiful parts of us. >> you do still have time to check out the project. stop by the well ray festival. it happens in delray. fitness and other vendors. it's free and runs until 1:00 p.m. cool. public art getting front row seat in purcellville, virginia. next time you're in that area may want to stop by for exhibitions set up around town. this
9:25 am
let's you rest for a while. >> >> it brings a lot of people in town. it's like a hunt. >> the hunt for painted benches. afulup to last year's summer project, painted wine barrels, which organizers say was a huge success. volunteer artists were given the benches and came up with their own design. >> i was inspired to paint this bench. at first i thought hedgehog. then, i thought, no, that's not going to look comfortable. so i decided to go with something i thought would make little kids happy. i thought sitting with kittens on the bench would be the best thing ever. >> last year there weren't enough benches to go around with all that wanted to sponsor them. >>ening everybody gets really excited about it. it's something fun and cool going on. that's what we like, always something fun happening. >> art works auctioned off to benefit public art in town. >> we raised $37,000 at the auction.
9:26 am
for local artists. we had that for three months. we also had huge cutout christmas decorations that we gave to 85 artists and they volunteered their time to paint them. we put them all around downtown purcellville. this year with the money, hopefully we'll do about 120 cutouts for christmas directions and have artist is paint them on main street in purcellville. what we created here were self-funding art projects for the town. >> organizers are working on the maps of where the benches are located. this year they will have a chance to vote on the favorite work with artists getting a cash prize. if you want to vote for your favorite, the link to discover purcellville is in the nbc washington app. all you have to do is search benches. really brightens the atmosphere. >> it's really cool. the one that says wet paint isn't wet. you can sit on it. a look outside -- come on, angie. >> i get it. >> come on. looking like a beaut
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full storm team 4 forecast coming up. what we need to follow breaking news. we're at the scene of an overnight fire that forced dozens of families from their home. another update coming up. announcer: welcome to the future of health care. it's a future where health outcomes are valued over volume. a future where out of pocket expenses are capped. and medicare coverage comes with more benefits, like dental and vision. when will this future arrive?
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americans who rely on the public-private partnership of medicare advantage. medicare advantage.leading the way.
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about 200 people have no place to call home after a massive fire tore through their
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street off georgia avenue in northwest d.c. five people taken to the hospital including four firefighters. news 4's derrick ward will have an update on how it's coming along. answers from police. charles allen upset over these photos that show teenagers in handcuffs after being detained for selling bottled water without a permit on the wall. police say they were handcuffed to protect officers and their own safety and then released. many say the move went too far. today former d.c. councilmember jim graham will be laid to rest. he served d.c. 16 years and is well-known for his activism in the gay community. he was 71-year-old. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. a busy saturday morning here in the nation's capital but thank you so much for joining us and starting your day with us. i'm adam tuss for david. >> i'm angie
9:31 am
looks like whatever was brought our way is out of here. >> bye-bye cindy. we'll bring in somara to tell us more about it. >> we did see showers. if you got up you saw the action move through. right now we are seeing dry conditions out there. do straight to the radar, you can see how quiet it is. i don't know why i'm stumbling over my words. what's wrong with me this morning. we are seeing dry conditions across much of the northeast. i do want to point out a little bit of showers, a little bit of activity, that tropical moisture in the south. i'm going to keep my eye on that. could cause a problem heading to the beaches. you may see some showers with that. let's zoom in here, we are quiet now. i'm not expecting rain showers for the remainder of your saturday. let's break it down. a lot going on. low humidity, it is breezy as the cold front is making its way. nbc community shred, bring your boxes but leave the raingear. if you are hng
9:32 am
wmzqfest, it will ab nice night. 9:31. we do have strange developments from a murder scene in heightville. this is the first murder in the city. police are telling people do not be alarmed. they say the two men found dead yesterday morning blocks apart likely knew each other. one near the hyattsville arts district and the other on 48th avenue in riverdale park. police say it looks like one of the men shot helms. time is 9:32. we are waiting for an update on those hurt after this mega bus crash on 8th street northeast. emergency crews say three people were hurt. it happened on 7th and h northeast around noon yesterday. witnesses say the bus crashed into parked cars there and other cars driving down the road. >> he's not stopping. he's not stopping. >> that must be when he was pushing cars down. >> no cha
9:33 am
d.c. police say they are trying to find out if the driver has some sort of medical emergency. the man accused of injuring two d.c. police officers and vdot employee is due in court monday. adams morgan who you see here was smoking marijuana before the horrific crash. he's accused of plowing into officers and vdot employees with a truck june 8th. news partners say attempts to review that yesterday, one of the officers is still in the hospital. a federal appeals court meanwhile is temporarily blocking an order that would grant a new sentencing hearing to convicted sniper lee malvo. he was just 17 when he was convicted for a series of shootings that killed ten and wounded three. those shootings terrorized the district. the sentence questioned because of the supreme court wulg that says mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional. new this morning california governor p g
9:34 am
blocked parole for charles manson follower bruce davis. this the fifth time a governor has blocked davis' bid for parole. davis is now 74 years old. san francisco police say ups driver turned gunman targeted his victims. he shot five co-workers killing three and injuring two. police say he was armed wiat th time. they have not figured out what his motive was. he killed himself at the end of the attack. they are working through witnesses and evidence. if you're taking visitors to world war ii memorial this weekend, it may be differ. national park service draping rainbow pool and other water features tomorrow. all the update current lighting features with high-efficiency lighting. pools refilled and running by friday. the work is happening to avoid
9:35 am
that bring veterans to d.c. to visit the memorial. the quebecen loans national golf tournament returns to maryland in just a few days. chopper 4 flew over the potomac to get a look. >> beautiful course there. it's sponsored by tiger woods foundation, of course. many have been wondering if the pro golfer will be there after his recent legal trouble. news 4's chris gordon has the story. >> reporter: for 11 years it has honored military and supported by tiger woods foundation. he's been a big draw epa in years where injuries kept him from playing. this past memorial day tiger was arrested for dui. this week tiger tweeted i'm currently receiving professional help to manage medications and the way i deal with back pain and sleep disorder. i want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support and understanding, especially
9:36 am
i ask quicken loans national tournament director the question on many's minds. >> will tiger woods be here this year. >> tiger says he's receiving ongoing treatment. because of that he's not able to attend this year's quicken loans national. he will be in touch during the week and we'll send him regular updates throughout the tournament. >> until this year the tournament has been hosted locally at congressional country club. this is the first time in 16 years that tpc potomac has hosted a pga tour event. the golf course has undergone $25 million renovation. 120 pros have been invited to play here. >> of course local hero billy hurley iii makes hires title defense joined by rickie fowler, dustin thomas, patrick reed, stars of the game coming to the quickens loans national. >> this the 18th green where the
9:37 am
tpc potomac will show whether it is a true test of golf and worthy of a large local audience and national tv exposure. chris gordon, news 4. still ahead, check this out. fireworks safety fourth of july coming up. fireworks fun can take a turn fast. important reminders you want to share with your family as we get
9:38 am
9:39 am
well, imagine that's your backyard where your kids are playing. every year we remeeind you abou the dangers of feerks because every year adults and children end up in the hospital. consumer products safety estimate 8500 people will
9:40 am
hurt by fireworks this year. boys will more likely to be hurt. >> they get in trouble. >> barbecue. >> a good reason to head downtown in d.c. 25th annual giant national capital barbecue festival happening today and tomorrow. can you smell it? shutting down pennsylvania and cooks are competing for the coveted title. i got to talk to a guy on midday yesterday who won 12 times, myron mixon. he's the mayor. he's a character. he talks about mistakes home cooks take, undercooking or overcooking. ey an internal meat thermometer. you've got to check out the
9:41 am
perfect roast. that man knows what he's talking about. >> i thought it was all in the sauces. i drench mine. >> see the rub there. you've got to have the right rub. >> i'm hungry. >> falling apart there. so good. >> take it away. live pictures now on this beautiful saturday morning. we started off with some showers but it's dry now. smor, somara is back with the full forecast straight ahead. >> firefighters on the scene of a major apartment building fire in northwest. it started at 2:00 a.m. it's still burning.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. well, if you don't have any outdoor plans planned for saturday, i recommend you do so because it is going to be absolutely lovely. right now radar on showing how dry it is. we're going to stay dry as we head through the remainder of saturday. we are on our way to seeing amazing weather. we'll talk soon. next one. we continue to follow this breaking news this morning out of the district. we just saw small children and adults being rescued from a burning apartment. this is on peabody
9:45 am
northwest. >> firefighters battleing with hot spots and trying to help those displaced. news 4 sz derrick ward live on the scene. derrick, the fire is still burning, isn't it? >> reporter: indeed, it is. we just saw a flairup. they are going to be here for a while because of that danger of flairups. this is considering it started early. 3:00 a.m. firefighters got called here. 13 0 peabody northwest, rolling terrace apartment. firefighters say when they got here they saw flames coming from the top floor. it's since taken the roof off the building. they also saw people rescuing themselves, jumping from windows. they put ladders up to windows and started taking people out. children handed down those ladders and rescued. firefighters got into the lobby of the building
9:46 am
we're told four firefighters transferred for treatment. red cross set up a shelter at the emory recreation center down georgia avenue here. police at the headquarters across the street as they work out their command post to coordinate what happens next. this could have been a lot worse considering the hour. take a listen what the chief had to say. >> we're fortunate we did get calls when we did. 3:00 in the morning, as we know, people are sleeping. it makes everybody's reaction different. >> authorities believe it may have started on one of the top floor apartments. it's doing to be a while before this building can be examined to that extent. it's not structurally sound now so they aren't in a hurry to determine the cause. they want to make sure
9:47 am
some of the power is cut off to the area. that's doing to be a challenge later today. as the temperatures start to rise. i'm hearing people say they have low water pressure. if you want to help, we're told by red cross the best thing you can do is call 1-800-red cross. let them know you want to help on the peabody fire. >> derrick, thanks very much. this gold star father got to take a look at the house dedicated to his son brendan, a navy s.e.a.l. that died in afghanistan. >> it's for wounded veterans getting out of the hospital who need a place to call home. they built these houses in riverside dale, maryland. each one is dedicated to a fallen service member. >> love that. around the world and here at home will mark the end of ramadan tonight. >> holy month of prayer dawn to dusk fasting is time for a charity for many muslims. won
9:48 am
appropriate and immediate temporary health helps low in co-family and domestic abuse in virginia. this group expects to receive $500,000 in donations through tonight. to find out how you can help, search ramadan on nbc washington app. >> we arrive on facebook. so many of you are telling us you're doing out for a bike ride, ride the motorcycle. one person said they are going to have the dog walk them. >> why not? >> looks like the day for it. >> you know what i think? i think we lucked out with timing on this wet weather. came in overnight. by the time we woke up, it is out of here. we're going to relish in the beautiful saturday ahead. let's get a look at that saturday outdoor planner. morning run not too late. i think you're good to go. pavement a little damp. overall you don't have to worry about rain coming down. request patio seating. it's breezy but dry. i always sayoo
9:49 am
car on days you've got a lot of sunshine to come. that's the case for us. definitely go ahead and get that done today. here is a look at radar. we saw the last of the showers exit this morning around 6:00, 7:00. now we are going to sit quiet through the rest of your saturday. not only that but clouds are clearing out of here faster than i expected. starting to see mostly sunny conditions already. that will be the case for your saturday afternoon into your sunday. all those outdoor sunday place are a go. let's go ahead and get a look right now at storm team 4 ten-day forecast. i couldn't make it any better. look at this. sunshine spot top of the week. temperatures a little mild as we head towards tuesday. notice upper 70s. but if you're wondering where have the 90s gone, they are going to make a comeback at the end of the week, so will the storm. for now let's enjoy the wonderful weekend. >> you know we don't ask silly questions like that. we don't know where the
9:50 am
>> we're still working for you this morning with all state community shred. >> that's right. we told you about it last hour. this hour we'll tell you a simple way to protect your family from identity theft. back out live to see how things are going for all state insurance agent tina halford. >> good morning to you. a partner with us teamed up with nbc 4 for a very long time. why is it important for your organization to be part of this? >> good morning, guys. here at montgomery college, all state is committed to the community by making sure we protect your identity. by shredding personal documents, that's the first line of defense. all state we can give you advice to protect your family and loved ones. >> tina, montgomery college's rockville campus. tell how long it's running and how many boxes they can br
9:51 am
bring four boxes over. we've been here since 8:00 a.m. and we will be here until 11:00 a.m. >> you have to be in line with your car by 11:00 in the morning. >> yes, you do. please be in line at that time. >> thank you very much. tina for community shred, always a good event. >> you can't bring anything like binders, because people do. >> paper. >> bring paper. up next, oh, gosh. >> oh. >> going to the dogs literally. not the most pretty pups some would say but still getting a whole lot of attention. which of these was the ugliest dog in the world? we have the answers ahead.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." ♪ maniac maniac oh no ♪ >> one of the many memes. he dances like no one is watching, watching, a gorilla at the dallas zoo. this is part of play therapy which helps stimulate physical and mental health. the memes have gone wild online.
9:55 am
musical ♪ dancing like he's never danced before ♪ that's amazing. >> go. from gorillas, dogs, everyone thinks their own pet is the cutest in the world. a yearly tradition celebrates those animals who just don't have the looks. >> some would say that. it's called the world's ugliest dog competition. this year the winner, big girl martha and neopolitan smashed it. >> she's lazy, slow. when announced winner, she slumped onto the stage. the owner once $1500, a trip to new york city and media appearances. i don't think that one is that bad. >> i don't either. they are cute in their own special way. here are fou
9:56 am
this morning. nearly 200 people in d.c. are without a home to go back to because of this massive apartment fire on peabody street northwest. some people jumped spoke firefighters arms, others brought down ladders early this morning. all in all five people taken to the hospital including firefighters for minor injuries. follow derrick ward on twitter for updates. metro making changes that will affect riders. fares going up and we have it in the apps. a funeral service for jim graham will get under way in a couple minutes at the church. he's being remembered for his community service and activism. he was 71 years old. we're working for you this morning with nbc 4 all-star community shred event. it's happening at the montgomery college rockville campus. if you're in line by 11:00, you should be able to make thi
9:57 am
remember, four poxes of stuff to bring somara. >> if this live shot doesn't get you out of the house, i don't know what will. upper 80s, breezy, mostly sunny out there. then we start to see the humidity doing down as well as that cold front passes through. so this is a really good saturday and sunday coming up. i'm happy that the rain was overnight, guys. >> the rest of the week setting up to be nice. >> we're going to coast into this workweek sunny. >> i like that. we're doing to go ahead and coast on out of this show. time to wrap. thanks for joining us and being part of our weekend early on this saturday. ve a great ha
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[ applause ] students from georgetown day! [ applause ] >> langley! [ applause ] >> and quince orchard meet today on "it's academic"! ♪ >> and hello, everybody. i'm hillary howard. this is the opening round. you know how it works. each team begins with 100 points, 10 up for a right answer. 10 down for a wrong answer. contestants don't see what you see on the screens at home. let's begin. hi, charles. let's see if you c


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