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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i'm darcy spencer live in loudoun county, where tragedy unfolded in a backyard swimming pool earlier this morning. a 2-year-old has died. i'll have a live report. and early morning apartment fire in northwest, hundreds are displaced. the cause, under investigation. i'll have details coming up on news4. and breaking right now at 6:00, a crash on the beltway in northern virginia, backing up traffic to maryland. news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. tragedy at a family pool in loudoun county. a young child drowns, another clinging to life after a loved one finds them in the pool.
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home on acorn court in sterling. darcy spencer has the details on this breaking story. darcy? >> reporter: erika, there's no other way to describe this other than just a tragic, tragic situation. a short time ago, i was able to speak to a family member of these twins. he confirms that the 2-year-olds are in fact twins. and the tragedy unfolded in a house behind me on acorn court in sterling earlier this morning. the family member tells me that the little boy and girl apparently snuck out of the house. he says that the mom did not know that they had left, and ended up in the pool in their backyard. the pool is surrounded by a privacy fence. she discovered them unconscious around 10:45 this morning, in the pool. medics arrived quickly, the children were transported to the hospital, but sadly the 2-year-old did die. her twin bro
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clinging to life but in critical condition. the family member tells me, it doesn't look good for him, but this family is hoping and praying for a miracle that this little boy will pull through. the sheriff's office is investigating, they say it appears to be a tragic accident. i did ask the man how the mom is doing. you can imagine you can't put into words the pain she's experiencing right now. suffice it to say, she's absolutely distraught. we asked about the twins, what they're like, and he described them as being inseparable. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer, just an awful story. we'll be looking for your updates on social media. thank you. now we want to go to the district. four firefighters are hurt after putting out one of the biggest fires that northwest, d.c. has seen in decades. derrick ward shows us the rescues. >> anybody else up there? >> my an
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> the number of people hanging out windows, not only in the front where you see, but it's a u-shaped building, so they were in the corridor also. a number of rescues happened at that time. >> reporter: this 55-unit apartment building in the 1300 block of peabody street northwest caught fire just before 3:00 a.m., endangering the lives of some 200 residents. some were helped through windows, others down ladders. others jumped from their windows to safety before the firefighters arrived. >> we were able to get back in there and do a primary search, a secondary search. we believe we got everybody out of the building. >> residents say they heard smoke alarms. they'd heard them before, but the thick smoke and the sound of neighbors screaming "get out," told them it was no false alarm. thick smoke could be seen for blocks. it clearly was a devastating fire. >> it's the largest that i've seen in the
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been in office. >> terrible. >> why? >> because some people lost their homes. and some people have their belongings. >> reporter: but there was no loss of life. five people, four of them firefighters, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. displaced residents were put up at the emory recreation center, a few blocks from the fire. there, they were connected with services from the red cross, the department of human services and other agencies brought in on the effort. derrick ward, news4. tonight, fire investigators say they think the fire started in a unit on the building's top floor, but say it will be days until they can get inside the structure to make sure. we've t eagoking news now, a crash on the beltway in virginia is backing up traffic to maryland. police say a pickup truck hauling a boat was pulled over in the median just before the split in springfield. two men were out working to secure the boat to the truck, when a tractor trailer h
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the impact of the crash injured the other man as well. state place say both men have life-threatening injuries. we're told the area will be closed for at least two more hours. wi a mother faces charges tonight for killing her two young children. investigators say she locked them in the car as punishment, then went inside to do drugs and take a nap. temperatures reached the mid 90s on that day back in may. police say the mother first told them the children locked themselves inside the car. she came clean yesterday and she was arrested. d.c. police need help finding a missing mom and her toddler. michelle manley and 21-month-old daysy have been missing since thursda thursday, june 15th. the pair was just reported missing today. we've posted all the details on your nbc washington facebook page to encourage you
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people in prince george's county say the newly proposed health care law is, quote, evil. they met for a town hall today in bowie. maryland senator chris van hollen was there, he accused the gop's new bill of being all about politics. it cuts back federal support of medicaid, repeals the insurance mandate, and defunds planned parenthood. senator van hollen promised that democrats would push back. residents agreed to join that fight. >> it is important that we do stand together as one, unite together in power, and make sure that this evil does not occur. >> republican leaders say the bill would make health insurance more affordable, and would eliminate coverage requirements that some people find onerous. five gop senators have already come out against the legislation,
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of getting through counsel. jim graham died thursday after a brief illness. he was known for his love the bow ties. so many people today wore them to honor him. millions of dollars spent and decades passed, now a fnew trail is finally open. and a local teen with a taste for business is helping children just like him get the healthy food they need. and as far as weather goes, what a 180 we saw today. starting with rain,
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it's been over 25 years in the making, but the clingel valley trail finally opened today. it runs from klingle road northwest from cortland place to porter street. d.c. mayor muriel bowser was there at the ribbon cutting. many residents say they waited a long time for this. >> we've been watching the progress for months, years now. and yeah, really excited to come down. it's a great way to get into town. it's a great way to run around with kids and not have to worry about cars. >> the trail has also been a source of controversy over the years. it cost $6 million to build even though it's less than a mile long. many people w
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two weeks into her life at first lady in the nation's capital, she's staying true to her reputation as a home body. but yesterday she hired the chief usher and she is settling in young barron. she said she's enjoying white house life so much that she doesn't really miss new york. a virginia family's boat sinks while vacations in south florida. the one thing that kept them above water until help arred.iv
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a vacation almost turns into tragedy for a virginia man and his two daughters. matthew esmar booked a boat as a graduation gift for one of his daughters. 20 minutes into the trip, the engine failed. they made a mayday call, and in minutes, the boat sank and the family ended up in the water. >> we tried to tie the boat up to our boat so we we could pull it, then realized the boat was taking on water. >> for a minute, we couldn't see any people. >> the family used cushions to stay afloat until the good samaritans pulled them, one by one, onto their boat. everybodad
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of you talking on social media. people are upset because of the pictures on your screen, showing african american teens in handcuffs on the national mall. park police say the teens were selling bolthed water on the mall without a permit. people are asking, why selling water was serious enough for handcuffs. a spokesperson said the handcuffs were used for the safety of everybody involved. the teens were detained thursday and then released. you can read a letter d.c. council member sent to police in our app. we are working for you in the community. we want to say thank you to all of you who came out to the shred event in rockville. we had a line of cars when we started shredding about 8:00 this morning. the line kept going and going and going. we're told it took about 30 minutes to get through the line. most people brought a bag or t
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them. >> i happen to have so many documents to be shredded, i just didn't have time to do it myself. and i'm here to have it done, and it's so efficient and they did a great job. >> this is such a popular event for us. shredding is one of the easiest ways to prevent identity theft. not being able to eat certain foods can be a bummer, especially for kids. but now, one montgomery county teen is doing something about it. 14-year-old caleb frye started caleb's cooking company. he showed off his skills at d.c. ud.c. union kitchen. he has krone's disease. some of his specialties are enchiladas and chicken nuggets. >> it's hard being on the diet, eating differently than your friends.
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food they love. >> his company just started selling the foot online today, and they're also planning to sell in whole foods stores today. you can find more information by searching caleb's cooking company in our app. thanks so much for joining us, you'll be seeing a lot more of samarra theater. she's joining our team on the weekends. >> very happy to be here. thank you, erika. i'm excited about today's forecast, it's been lovely. did you enjoy it? >> today was really nice. it was a break from the heat, a nice breeze. felt like it rained overnight to cool it off. >> that cold front moved through, really started to kick up the winds as well, pretty breezy out there, helped to lower the humidity with the drier air from the northwest. if you haven't gotten outside the house yet, i hope this live picture at
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implores you to do so. tonight, less humid, it's not super soupy like it was this morning. temperatures in the 80s around 7:00 p.m. then dropping off toward the low in the 70s. in the suburbs, a little bit cool, into the upper 60s. but a dry, mostly calm night. winds had been gusting at 22 miles per hour earlier. on the radar, we are dry and we stay dry for the remainder of your saturday. let's walk through your future cast. by 9:00 p.m., you can see barely a cloud in the sky, really quiet out there, models keeping us dry into sunday morning as well. a few clouds building in on sunday on and off, especially in the afternoon. other than that, we'll be on the fairer side for weather. let's go ahead and spend some time with your storm team4
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we're in the 80s now, but we're going to get a little bit of -- i don't want to say a cool snap, but we'll be in the 70s on tuesday. check that out. then we'll rebound nicely heading to wednesday in the 80s. if you've been wondering where have the 90s gone -- no, you're not wondering that, erika? [ laughter ] we'll be seeing the 90s make a comeback toward the end of the week. we'll ride this weather of great sunshine all the way into the end of the week. there's a slight chance for maybe a shower or two in some of our northern counties on tuesday and i'll keep watching that, but as we head towards friday and saturday, that's when the rain will return. >> i'm watching tuesday, that 77 degrees, very nice. >> now that i know what you like, i'll put the order in with mother nature. some kids had a chance to play against bradley beal. guess wh.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> chris miles in the csn studio. the capitals have
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being movers and shakers in the draft. nine straight years they've made a trade. that streak ended today. the front office did not have a pick in the first three rounds, conservative in the final four. they took christian roy kof. the highest pick was fourth rounder tobias geyser. while it looks as though the caps had a clear executed plan to add several defensive prospects. members of the front office say that isn't exactly the case. >> it's not a conscious effort. we take the best player available, and our staff liked these guys. >> when you don't have a first, second, or third, you know there are going to be a lot of good players that were taken, but we were very happy when it was our turn.
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weekend for the caps was re-signing t.j. oshie to an eight-year deal on friday. when his daughter found out the news, she couldn't control her emotions. she jumped for joy and chanted "we're going back to washington, d.c." head coach barry trotz was just as exuberant to get him back. >> he's a guy that brings energy, he's a guy that consistently brings a high compete level, a high execution level, and sort of a relentless attitude. all those being said, that's osh. and so i think that it's a great signing. looking forward. i text him, he was thrilled to death. nats hosting the reds this afternoon. last night d.c. did not plate a runner from scoring position. not an issue today. first inning, ryan zimmerman brings home his 59th rbi on
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season. over .350 batting average now. turner, second hitd of the game, 4 for 4 on the day so far. and daniel murphy with the bases loaded, the double drives in three more. the nats still not done in the second. anthony rendon up, and he's also doubling down. six runs in the second inning, nats jump ahead 8-0. this game still in progress. roifls a royals and tampa. castillo goes yard in the second. birds up, 2-0. next up is adam jones. and this is back-to-back jacks. but the issue with the 2017 baltimore orioles is pitching. dylan bundy gives the runs back in the bottom of the frame. corey dickerson with his 17
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obligate on the year. rays mirror the o's, themselves with back-to-back jacks. evan longoria getting the job done here. 3 for 3 game, in the seventh, orioles becoming the only team in major league history to give up five or more runs in 21 straight games. bradley beal held his annual camp and it was a spectacle. beal played one-on-one with kids. it was mostly as expected with the wizards guard blocking shots and dunking. but one camper got the best of beal coming up with the steal. that 9-year-old has bragging rights for a long time, and that competitive spirit was a big part of beal's message. >> my goal was to win every single thing, every skills challenge, every championship. my team had to be in the playoffs. that's how -- i was competitive. that's kinda how i try to instill in these kids, we're going to fo
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get better. i want to teach them things that i learn, some drills that i still use today and see where they can take it. speaking of competitive nature, that kid that stripped beal wasn't even born when kirk cousins graduated high school ten years ago. this weekend, the redskins quarterback attended his high school reunion and played a giant game of jenga. his wife played photographer and captured his pure exhilaration after pulling a block from the tower. erika, the theme for sports tonight, under 21 activities. caps drafting four guys under 20 and bradley beal playing against elementary school kids. >> and showing no mercy. >> no mercy at all. dunked it all over them. >> chris miles, thanks so much. > "games of thrones" fan, you don't have to cross the sea to visit. you can head to the shaw neighborhood this weekend. the bars have all
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transformed into the "game of thrones" pop-up bars. if you're any kind of fan, i'm sure you've already seen this on our facebook page. different rooms resemble different scenes from the show. the popular hbo season starts a new season next month. one final check of the weather with samarra theerdor. >> a great weekend to get out. very pleasant conditions. >> nice evening to be outside. thanks, samarra. thanks for joining
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on this saturday night, deadly heat. millions of americans under heat warnings this first weekend of summer. ato ghnit, a tragic reminder of just how dangerous the high temperatures can be for children. fire fallout. hundreds are evacuated from apartment buildings in britain because they contain the same materials that led to that deadly towering inferno. swiftwater warning. record snow melt is putting first responders on high alert. daring procedure. why some patients are willing to be infected with a disease to live longer. and artful escape. inside a chicago program that's keeping at-risk youths safe and


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