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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rates. who is now stepping in to take a closer look at dozens of schools. >> takata in trouble again. a company that owes millions of drivers new airbags filing for bankruptcy. what it means for the recall you've been waiting for. good morning everyone. welcome to monday. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. aaron has the morning off. thanks for waking up early on a monday with us. >> you might want to leave extra time if you have to drive on the beltway. melissa mollet has breaking news. we're going to check in with chuck bell and sheena parveen. melissa. >> great news in northern virginia. inner loop at van dorn street. we're shut down. a four-mile backup here this morning because of this crash. so we understand from v-dot this is a collision reconstruction situation. that means it could be around for a couple of hours. take a look at the backups on the map. all of these folks
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already in trouble this morning. if you need to head that way, you can do franconia road and do duke street depending where you're to or headed from. right now they don't look so bad. lots of people going to try that same thing to avoid this, this morning. major, major mess. we'll keep our eyes on it this morning. >> good morning, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. chuck and i are out here. it is nice outside. >> nice. early sunrises like this are all back lit. >> this is nice back light. >> it's in my eyes. >> i can't see traffic. i know you're there. >> here's the sign of beautiful sunrise to start your monday. just fantastic. 69 degrees in the district. that's the coolest we've been in the district all morning. but some areas are in the mid-50s. 7:00 a.m., 70 degrees. by noon, 80. low humidity. perfect. go sit outside and eat lunch. 83 degrees. look at the temperatures elsewhere, in the mid-50s. 54
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52 warrenton. 57 in clinton. a fantastic start to the week. low humidity. >> chuck and i are back to talk about rain chances as we get closer to the weekend. we'll look at that forecast coming up. thank you, sheena. >> it's 6:02. covering prince george's county while kids are on summer vacation. in crisis mode. governor larry hogan demanded an investigation into the school system. >> we told you that they're accusing them of changing children's grades to boost graduation rates. justin finch is outside school headquarters. how did this go from an allegation to full blown investigation, justin? >> reporter: this has been a fast-moving story indeed, chris. these letters obtained by news 4, governor hogan is calling for the state board of education to investigate the widespread fraud and corruption
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at issue is the claim that schools officials actually did go in and augment students' grades to raise high school graduation rates. the ceo, kevin maxwell is spewing the allegations releasing i a statement reading in part here, there has been no systemic effort to promote students in prince george's county public schools who did not meet graduation requirements in order to inflate our graduation rates. now, maxwell also calling the allegations here baseless. a handful of people are in no way indicative of what's going on in prince george's county schools. of course, the governor wants them to push forward and protections for whistle blowers who do come forward in the case. back to you. >> thank you, justin. we have breaking news right now. c. anthony muse wants to take charge in prince george's county. he's running for county executive. the news coming down
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hour. muse is a minister and a maryland state senator representing southern prince george's county. he's married to news 4 anchor pat lawson muse. the democratic primary is one year from today. flights iowe japanese airbag maker is filing for bankruptcy. the company has to pay to repair all of the defective airbags. the company must also cover the compensation for the victims hurt by those airbags. takata has been overwhelmed by billions of dollars in lawsuits and fines, at least 16 people died because of faulty inflators. he was responsible for days of panic and confusion in prince george's and montgomery counties. today he is going to court. he's charged with his wife's murder in the parking lot of high point high school. he's also charged with shooting someone who tried to help
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he's already facing a life sentence for shooting four people in montgomery county after his wife's murder. two of the victims have died. we have breaking news right now. angie governor has -- angie gofs more on this. >> we have just confirmed that four people were shot in the 5900 block of southern avenue in southeast d.c. this is where it's located. look at the map here. melissa has been reporting the road closure there as well as the 5800 block of southern avenue because of the investigation. we're told the victims are all men and all four are expected to be survive. police are not releasing any information on a suspect. chris? thank you, angie. her pastor calls her a pillar of the community in deanwood. yesterday the community came out for a vigil to honor robin fitzgerald. >> ♪ >> the mother of three spent the finaur
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study at this church. she was killed by a stray bullet inside her friend's apartment just across the street. the pastor says fitzgerald's passing has been very hard on his congregation. >> she will always be remembered at our church and in this neighborhood because robin was the heart of deanwood. >> mrs. fitzgerald's funeral is scheduled for saturday. one person has been charged with her murder. firefighters are still on the scene of what is now a deadly apartment fire in northwest. look at the flames there yesterday. investigators found a man's body while searching the burned-out building. his body was found in the same room where they believe the fire may have started on saturday. flames broke out before 3:00 a.m. firefighters had to carry children down ladders as adults climbed out windows. five firefighters and a resident were injured. they're all doing okay. at least 200 people had to find temporary
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capitol hill in the battle over health care. it starts today when the congressional budget office is expected to release its analysis of the senate republican health care plan. that could be a key factor into which way several republican senators vote on this bill. right now, five republicans are opposed to it. republican leaders are planning on a vote by the end of the week. he's been called the most hated man in america. now a former pharmaceutical exec who raised the price of a life-saving drug is going to trial. details just ahead. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. chopper 4 just getting over the skie scene. a four-mile backup. full details on this massive problem coming up. and developing right now. fairfax police want you to be on the lookout for this missing woman. this is her picture. linda rail i disappeared from her home last night. she suffers from mental illness
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we shared this photo on the nbc
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breaking news in traffic. a massive problem on the beltway. take a look from above. chopper 4 over the scene in alexandria. a four-mile backup. crash reconstruction. inner loop shut down at van dorn street. a major, major mess for a lot of people. here's another vantage point from this v-dot camera. this happened almost an hour ago. really major delays. as you take a look at the map, you can see, again, when my maps have purple on them, that means nothing is getting through. everything is shut down. outer loop of of the beltway, not much of
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your at nats, route 1. duke street, franconia. any of those could work. above this, what are you seeing from above? this is bad. >> melissa, it is bad. this is basically the worst case scenario for drivers trying to get into virginia from prince george's county. you can see the shot right now. all lanes are blocked on the inner loop. this is going to be before van dorn street. if you're able to get on to duke and use van dorn to get to the beltway, you can. unfortunately, as i zoom out, we can look back to the wilson bridge where the delays are starting to tap the breaks. in the next five minutes, if you're not leaving the house, you need an alternate route to get to virginia. because it is complete gridlock headed over the woodrow wilson bridge just about at this point. brad fray disreport -- reporting live. >> it is nice outside
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currently working on our temperature trend. we're going to be cooler than average the next couple of days. she's got the five-day coming right up. thank you, chuck. what was supposed to be a fun trip for some people in columbia turned into tragedy. at least nine people are dead and dozens are injured after this tourist boat capsized. that video shows the boat starting to submerge and rocking back and forth. other boats rushed in to help. officials say it was over capacity when it sank. more than two dozen people are still reported missing. angie goff in the live desk. bad weather, bad news for firefighters here in oregon. take a look at this video. fireball in the sky. they're trying to get the 200-acre wildfire under control. the strong winds are fueling the flames. a big part of the major highway shut down. but it's since reopened we're
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go to more video. this out of california. utah hit very hard also. but the weather actually helping in utah. still more than 1,000 forced to leave their homes. we know the fire which has grown to more than 42,000 acres there is only 10% contained there. angie, thank you. keep an eye on the upper right corner of your screen. security video showing a plane crashing into a building at chico's corporate headquarters in fort myers, florida on saturday. the plane with two people on board was in the process of taking off at a nearby airport when it crashed into a daycare center. no one was there at the time. the crash killed the passenger and seriously injured the pilot. the ntsb is working to find the cause of the crash. a teenage girl is back home this morning. i shared the story on my facebook page. hailey burns lived in north carolina and
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year while walking outside. she didn't have her medicine with her and then this weekend federal agents found her living in a house in georgia. agents have arrested a man in his early 30s and charged him with false imprisonment and child cruelty. it is a story you have to hear to believe. 11 days after attending his son's funeral, frank care began received a call he will never forget. the man was told that his son was actually alive. the orange county coroner's officials had misidentified the body. >> i knew that when you said mr. kay, your son is alive. there was no, this never should have been a joke from him to me. no. >> well, you're probably wondering the same thing we are. how on earth could this happen? >> bizarre
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the "today" show. they'll explain how the mixup happened and where frahis son w the entire time. he's often described as the most hated man in america. today, jury selection gets under a in the trial of march stin shkreli, the former pharmaceutical exec is known for drastically raising the price of hiv medication. shkreli is accused of running a ponzi scheme, taking millions of dollars from a former drug company to pay investors into hedge funds that he was running. he has denied any wrongdoing in these accusations. new video this morning, chelsea manning attending her first pride parade since her release. this picture was posted yesterday. the former u.s. army intelligence analyst who shared classified documents was released from prison last month. that's the virginia transgender teen who sued the gloucester county school district for denying him
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bathroom. the case was ultimately remanded by the supreme court. we want to congratulate your colleagues. >> including eun yang of the morning team. >> the awards were held in bethesda. >> the emmy goes to "news4 today." >> yea! "news4 today" was recognized with an emmy for our coverage of the silver spring apartment explosion. there's our producer lindsey wau walter, our news director and our i-team. barbara harrison among those who received special honors. barbara received the board of governor's award for her 35 years as an anchor and reporter. she has touched many lives with her storytelling. >> it can be bittersweet, too. we know some of the stories, like the silver spring apartment building. they touched so many families and they're heartbreaking really. it can be a little bittersweet
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get you the information that you need. >> the hard working morning team. congrats, everyone. netflix does it again and amazon does it. now facebook could produce its own original tv show. so much content out there. according to the "wall street journal," facebook is in talks to get programming up by the end of the summer. it could spend as much as $3 million an episode. they're discussing a relationship drama and april game show. got to get you back now to the breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> melissa mollet begins our team coverage. melissa? >> massive problem on the beltway. a four-mile backup. the bemt way is shult downmeshu. a major mess. now we're starting to see delays on the outer loop as well. another vantage point here. this is growing rapidly as far as those delays. you can see, as folks are headed across the river here
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prince george's county into northern virginia, you are just going to be stopped this morning. because they are calling this a collision reconstruction, this could be several hours before it's out of the way. alternates, route 1, franconia street, any of those might work this morning. brad is up in chopper 4 showing us how bad this is. hi brad. >> melissa, this is one of the worst backups i've seen in the spot. absolute bumper to bumper traffic. headed towards van dorn street. as i zoom towards the camera, the woodrow wilson bridge where the express lanes are completely shut down. there is no movement whatsoever that we're seeing from here. if you stay to the right on the local lanes, you can get off on route 1 north. take it to duke street. that's what everybody is going to be trying to do in the next few minutes. you may want to think about an alternate route. >> live from chopper 4. adam tuss is on the ground. what's going on down there,
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awful. just as you described it, want to give you a look at what's happening. you're going to be able to see the car that's actually smashed up here on the other side of the beltway. inner loop at van dorn street. take a look at the other side. people are out of their cars sitting here wondering what's going on. they're absolutely stuck on the inner loop here. again, inner loop as you come toward van dorn street, it's a tough, tough ride this morning. don't try t big backups. back to you guys in the studio. well, we're going to get to your weather now. we'll check on the traffic in a bit too. here's a live look at the sunrise. beautiful conditions as we start this monday. so the rest of you driving out there, you're going to be encountering sun glare obviously. morning commute. the sun glare will be out there this morning even for the evening. lunch, sit outside. it's going to be beautiful. low humidity if you're exercising. if you're heading to the pool today, a perfect day to
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as well. it's 69 degrees. 54 in manassas. beautiful weather for walking the dog. you can find out more on their website. by noon today, 81 degrees. low humidity. 6:00 p.m., 83 degrees. still low humidity. still very comfortable. if you're eating out today, i told you lunch will be perfect. sunshine, low humidity through happy hour time, even dinnertime. you will notice more clouds on the increase as we go into tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be mostly cloudy day. 79 for a high. isolated chance for a shower. wednesday, back into sunshine. 90 by thursday. by the weekend, it will be feel like summer. humidity goes up and a chance for thunderstorms. we'll take a look at your entire weekend forecast coming up. >> couldn't ask for a better way to start the week. we're working for you to make sure your summer is safe and scouecure. one of the biggest threats outside, pretty small. t
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this week we're work to go keep you safe and secure this summer. >> we're always telling the kids to get outside. for all the fun that's out there, you don't have to go far to find danger as well. >> molette green has an important reminder for you and your family. >> a ticking time bomb. crawling in tall grass. in your backyard, in a forest
6:25 am
>> the deer ticks, the black legged ticks is one of the ticks that causes concern with carrying lyme disease. >> they're bloodsuckers. >> they can do that as well, they're called that as well. >> putting you at risk. devon mills spreads the word with these signs posted around watkins park in prince george's county. >> have you ever had a tick bite? >> no. >> where is the bug spray? what happened? >> i don't know. >> i'm sorry. with lyme disease and all, i should do. i'm glad you reminded me. next time i'll have it. >> first thing repellent. >> one of the best tools to keep you safe, a bug spray with deet can protect you for several hours. ticks lay in wait and f in tall grass. so cover up. >> watch me tuck this in. tuck in. >> the creepy crawlers are the size of a point of
6:26 am
sesame seed, small. so proper removal is key. >> use fine tip tweezers. we want to grab the tick by its head. >> long lasting health problems are no walk in the park. molette green, news 4. have to be prepared. if you get a tick bite, there are warning signs for untreated lyme disease. >> we have a complete list on our app, search safe summer. a beltway shut down. the accident impacting traffic in a big way in virginia and the investigation. that could stretch on for hours. here's a live look from chopper 4.
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that breaking news is a first 4 traffic alert. lanes of the beltway shut down. lo a
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if you are just waking up this morning, this is going to be a rough drive for people in virginia and people in prince george's trying to come into virginia. >> from chopper 4 in the sky to crews on the ground, we've got team coverage with the up to the minute details. >> this is the inner loop beltway at van dorn street. melissa mollet has your work warned. but adam tuss begins our coverage. adam, what are you seeing in. >> reporter: eun, look at the car all smashed up on the other side of the beltway. this is the inner loop by van dorn street. you can see these investigators actually taking a really close look at that car. that means that there's a reconstruction effort going on right now. that's why the whole road is shut downment take a look at everybody here who is standing around watching what's going on. people are completely out of their cars here. this is a complete standstill on the inner loop. what we do know is that virginia state police say around 5:00 th
6:31 am
happened. at least one person taken to fairfax hospital. we don't know many details beyond that. because this is a reconstruction, that tells you it's more serious in nature. again, inner loop before van dorn street completely shut down. the backups are going to the wilson bridge. you can bet it will spill into maryland. it's going to be an ugly ride on this section of the beltway. we've got your work around covered. melissa mollet has more with that. >> it's a major, major backup, six-mile backup. take a look here from above. this breaking news. as you're headed into virginia, this is inalexandria, inner loop shut down. big problem for a lot of people. here's another vantage point. these folks have been sitting here for about an hour. take a look at the beltway. when you look at the map, you can see the pain here. coming across the bridge, out of prince george's county, headed
6:32 am
work or school, wherever you're going this morning, you're going to want to do something quite different today. as far as your alternates, route 1, duke street, franconia road, all of those looking a heck of a lot better than shut down beltway. >> heading outside to chuck and sheena. good morning guys. comfortable outside. the one thing this morning if you're driving, the sun glare going to be an issue. >> absolutely right. warm weather for sure. save money on air conditioning bills. a mild monday. humidity is on vacation for the next couple of days. that means we have one or two more cool mornings to come. looks like most of the week on the dry side. 69 degrees at national airport. that's the first time they've been below 70 in two weeks. mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. it will be a nice afternoon today. temperatures rising into the mid and upper 730s by lunchtime. today's high a pleasant 83
6:33 am
that's 4 degrees cooler than average. tweet all the info on the forecast and our nbc washington app. find me on twitter or forecast for you on instagram. back in to the news. we'll sit out here and enjoy -- maybe we shouldn't go back in. >> he came here with his head out the window. it was so nice. there's no sign of this d.c. mom and her toddler. michelle manly and 21-month-old missing since thursday. they were last seen on holbrook street in northwest. d.c. police say the pair was just reported missing over the weekend. we posted all the details in our nbc washington facebook page. maryland governor larry hogan is calling for a full investigation into the prince george's county school system. whistle blowers say they have evidence grades were changed to boost graduation
6:34 am
state board of education system to look into this. justin finch will have the response to that investigation. c. anthony muse is running for executive. he represents southern prince george's county. he's married to news 4 anchor pat lawson muse. the democratic primary is one year from today. leonard schultz was the kind of person you wanted your kids to look up to. >> the beloved football coach and special ed teacher from james madison high school was killed in a traffic accident over the weekend. angie goff is in the newsroom with more on this terrible story. angie, so sad. >> it really is. it's so tragic. eun and chris, this morning, students who need support can meet with counselors in the school. james madison's principal released a statement today. he said he was a person of integrity whose life and dedication to students were an inspiration to all of us. on saturday, as you mentioned, the driver of that box truck ran
6:35 am
the beltway inner loop in fairfax county. they were trying to secure a boat on to the back of their truck when the accident happened. the box truck drifted into the median area and his nephew is still in critical condition this morning. the driver of the box truck has been charged with reckless driving >> thank you, angie. safetrack is finally over. but if you're headed on metro to work, expect to pay more. metro has new higher fares in effect. an extra ten cents this morning until from the opening of the system until 9:30 and again from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. during off-peak hours, expect to pay an extra 25 cents a fare. a reminder, there are new hours. trains stop running at 11:30 at night monday through thursday. now that safetrack is over, they're implementing standard parking restrictionsau
6:36 am
work. starting today, it's from 7:00 to 9:30 in the morning and again from 4:00 to 6:30 in the evening. this is going to happen in parts of several streets, including connecticut connect avenue, massachusetts and k street as well. amusement park scare. a terrifying fall. a teenager trusting people bee hoe her. the aftermath of a deadly fire. a d.c. apartment tragedy. the action being taken this morning days after the flames were doused. breaking news from chopper 4. closed into virginia. we'll have more on this breaking news.
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breaking news on the beltway. we're talking about a shutdown in northern virginia. the inner loop closed here in alexandria. just before van dorn street. a seven-mile backup. how to get around this, what to do, much more coming up. and we're also talking about a cool start to the morning. take a look at these temperatures. 69 in the district. 54 manassamanassas. 6 in clinton. comfortable as we start out this monday. as you're driving, we're talking about the sun glare. your wake-up weather, the low humidity take a look at your afternoon with chuck and i in a bit. her neck is stuck. >> some scary moments for a 14-year-old girl over the weekend. she was dangling from a ride at six flags
6:41 am
>> thankfully, a good samaritan was there to catch her as she fell. they rushed the girl to the hospital where she's now listed in stable condition this morning. the man who caught her had to be treated for a minor back injury. all of this led to chaotic moments. >> he was screaming you got to help her, she can't hold on, she's going to fall, she's slipping, she's choking. she can't breathe. her head is caught. oh, my god. he was hysterics. >> it's unclear how the girl ended up dangling b. from that ride. >> state investigators inspected it and found everything to be in working order. >> amazing. i saw this pop up two or three times on my facebook feed this morning, people going how could this happen? the ride wasn't each a big roller coaster. >> the fact that she could come loose, thank goodness somebody was there to catch her sdwliefrnlts pl. political websites have been
6:42 am
attack. did you see the b.e.t. awards? we'll catch you up on the big moments you missed. we continue to follow that breaking news. chopper 4 live over the scene the beltway at van dorn. traffic is backed up for seven miles. it will take hours
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
a seven-mile backup on the beltway. take a look at the investigation right now live from chopper 4. this is the inner loop at van dorn street in alexandria. >> the backup is so big. folks are jumping on the other side trying to go further down to get around. it's impacting traffic on the outer loop and impact you at prince george's county as well as virginia.
6:46 am
this morning. we've got triple team traffic coverage coming up in a few minutes. what started as allegations of fraud has become a full-blown investigation into one of maryland's largest school systems. >> we first told you last week that prince george's county school board members are accusing officials of changing students' grades to boost graduation rates. news 4's justin finch is outside school headquarters with a response to the accusations. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. maryland governor, larry hogan sent letters to some officials at the prince george's county public schools headquarters acknowledging concerns and also they plan to seek a state investigation of corruption allegations within the school system. now, governor hogan's asking the state board of education to pursue an investigation asking the president, andrew smart to help lead that after allegations for student credit for grade changes as well
6:47 am
rates and performance. hogan says this is a major concern of state and county lawmakers as well as some prince george's county schools officials. he's also calling for protection for whistle blowers in this investigation. meantime, school ceo kevin maxwell has rebutting statements in all this saying in part i have maintained that politician lie at the root of these accusations. there's been no systemic effort to promote students in prince george's county public schools. maxwell also saying a prior investigation into high school performance found no evidence of wrongdoing by the school's department. back to you. >> justin, thank you. we have breaking news in d.c. right now at 6:47. four people are recovering from a shooting right now. this happened on southern avenue southeast. you would have heard gunshots around the capital heights metro station as it was closing last night. they're all men and expected to survive. firefighters are trying to douse hotspots
6:48 am
in northwest d.c. on sunday, investigators discovered a man's body while searching chg the burned out apartment building in brightwood. they think his body was found in the same room where the fire started. saturday morning, firefighters had to carry children down ladders, adults climbed out of windows to escape the flames. five firefighters and a resident were injured. they're all doing okay this morning. at least 200 people had to find temporary housing. she would always find her way to church. that's what robin fitzgerald's church family said about her at a vigil last night. they gathered at the house of praise in d.c.'s deanwood neighborhood to remember the mother of three. >> fitzgerald spent her final hours at bible study at this church. she was killed by a stray bullet inside her friend's apartment just across the street. the pastor at the house of praise says
6:49 am
has been very difficult on his congregation. >> she will always be remembered at our church and in this neighborhood because robin was the heart of deanwood. >> mrs. fitzgerald's funeral is scheduled for this coming saturday. one person has been charged with her murder. we're taking a look at four things to know as the senate gears up for a fight this week over health care. it all starts today when the congressional budget office is expected to release its analysis of the senate republican health care plan. the cdo will estimate how many people could lose coverage and the impact it will have on premiums. five republicans are opposed to the bill. the main sticking points, cuts in medicaid and planned parenthood, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell want a vote this week. some say the process is moving too fast. >> got a developing story. a whole lot of government website are down this morning. they look a lot like this.
6:50 am
pro-isis messages posted online. investigators say they were all hacked but don't know who was behind it. hourt coined, one of the places where it happened. hackers targeted multiple government agents in ohio. b.e.t. awards are over. but there are plenty of moments sharing this morning. especially for us early morning folks. we didn't get to see it. >> each if you didn't stay up, we're working for you. you'll see these on facebook and instagram. angie has more. >> ♪ right. >> sing it. >> do it all over again. >> we don't have all morning. some fun things and funny things. we want to start off with how it all started at. won best male r&b and pop artist. he opened the show with some real incredible dance moves an instrumentals. must have tired him out. the cameras caught him like this, nodding off. so many people. it took everything out
6:51 am
big on the internet. oh, boy. we talked about new edition being honored with a lifetime achievement award. bobby brown, of course one of the members. trying to take the microphone. that's woody mcclain on the left dressed like bobby. the real bobby steps right in. gets a pretty firm grip. people went wild on the internet about this. speculating what their conversation was all about. let's talk about the silver carpet. who wore it best. people going crazy over this look by actress pa lank owe from orange is t"orange is the new b" i wish you could see this. this is d.j. khalid's son. you hate when you show up and you're wearing -- >> this is gucci. you can't get mad at him for showing up in the same gear. so adorable. >> so cute. >> let me hear your new edition. escape also performed. >> thanks, angie. got to get you up to date on what's happening on the beltway. it's going to affect so m
6:52 am
>> melissa mollet with the latest. >> good morning, guys. breaking news on the beltway. take a look at this. chopper 4 over the problem. inner loop shut down at van dorn street. a seven-mile backup at this point this morning. here's another vantage point from a v-dot camera. a major mess on the outer loop through that area. also a delay here of three miles. adam tuss is on the ground showing us exactly what's happening on the beltway. hi, adadam. >> reporter: this is off the connector, inner loop and van dorn street. that is the beltway right there. completely stopped right there. nobody is moving on the inner loop right there of the beltway. it's right before van dorn street. or the outer loop vf van dorn street. i want to show you the video of the scene. what we actually saw of that crash. you can see this black car here that was just completely banged up from the ba
6:53 am
at it. that's why it's taking so long. this is a reconstruction effort going on there. there were also a lot of people getting out of their cars to see what was going on. completely stopped on the beltway trying to understand what was going on. taking pictures and things. this is going to take more time to clear up. nothing is moving at this point. you can bet that the backups are starting to go across the wilson bridge and into maryland. making a mess of the commute. we've got more on this in the wtop traffic. >> yeah. adam, it's a complicated detour and diversion pattern. we're talking about maryland and virginia authorities working together. as far as the routes, i-295 is the most popular. southeast, southwest freeway through washington. that's soaking up a lot of the bail-out traffic. heading south on 395. a lot of folks are also taking d.c. 295 south. route 50. the best option, though, if you're coming from the east and and trying to go around the beltwaak
6:54 am
it's volume between college park and silver spring. at least it's moving. at least 495 west is open. that's the latest, melissa. back to you. >> thank you, dave. good advice there. couple of other things happening right now. southbound bw parkway at 175, the right side blocked by a crash there headed into town. northbound, i'm hearing in my ear this morning, on 95 in virginia as you're approaching the beltway, some delays there as well for a new crash. 270 looks okay, top of the beltw beltway. typically slow this morning. 95 north, no major issues. listen to wtop, 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. hi, chuck. >> good morning everybody. beautiful start to a monday morning. current temperature now at national airport 69 degrees. so below 70 now at national for the first time in a couple of weeks. thankfully, we have a nice mild day coming. humidity on vacation for the next few days. not only this morning but the next couple of mornings in a row will be comfortably cool like this. 50s in the
6:55 am
gaithersburg and germantown in the mid-50s this morning. afternoon highs today, upper 70s and low 80s. plenty of sunshine. not much of a rain threat around here as high pressure is in charge of our weather. into tomorrow, we'll pick up a few more clouds and may be able to ring oupt one or two lonesome showers tomorrow. not too worried about it. there's future weather today. fair weather clouds in the afternoon. a bit of a cloudy start tomorrow. a chance of hit and miss showers in the afternoon. let's go over to the beach weather. sheena parveen has that. >> chuck, as we go through the week, most of it like chuck mentioned, low humidity, very comfortable. by the end of the week, it's going to be feeling like summer again with temperatures well above normal. so today, tomorrow below normal. by thursday, 90. normal high 87. the highs stick around for the weekend. cape may, sunday. late chance of a thunderstorm.
6:56 am
good friday, saturday. late thunderstorms on sunday. ocean city pretty much the same thing. sunday is going to be the best chance of rain all the way to virginia beach. let's look at the extended forecast now being, chuck. there's the extended. those afternoon thunderstorm chances do creep back into the picture as we get back to more summer-like heat and humidity friday into the weekend. enjoy the weather while we've got it. >> thank you. it's 6:56. four things to know this morning. maryland governor larry hogan asked the state board of education to investigate the prince george's county school system. whistle blowers say they have evidence on the investigation. ten cents more during rush hour, 25 cents more all other times. the bus cost you a quarter more. for full details, head to the nbc washington app. police need your help to find this missing woman. she went
6:57 am
county last night. you can find the number and full information on the nbc washington app. a complete mess on the beltway causing problems. a seven-mile backup. something melissa will keep an eye on throughout the morning. >> absolutely. we'll be tweeting about it as well from first alert traffic. >> boy oh, boy. that does it for us. the "today" show is is next. thanks for joining us. >> make it a great monday everybody. >> look for those detours out there.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. >> morning. new set back, another gop senator voicings his opposition to the republican healthcare bill. can a compromise be reached with a vote expected in just four days? breaking overnight, panic moments as a ferry packed with tourists sinks in columbia. six people killed, dozens missing this morning. what caused that boat to suddenly go down? rough flight, a packed commercial plane begins shaking like an out of balance washing machine. it goes on for two hours with the pilot asking passengers to pray for their safety, not once, but twice.


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