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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 29, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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avenue. prince george's county police say he was shot. they have not released information about a suspect or a motive. why were they on an active train track? that's one of the many unanswered questions after another deadly train accident. a 13-year-old girl was hit and killed near manassas by a vre train yesterday. this comes hours after an amtrak train hit and killed two csx workers near union station in d.c. chopper 4 was over the scene shortly after the crash as authorities tried to help the teen. fairfax county police say the teen was hiking in the area with two family members. the girl and another teenager were on the tracks and didn't realize a train was headed straight for them. the boy jumped out of the way but it was too late for the girl. she was hit, fell into the ravine below the tracks and died. vre's manassas line is running on time this morning. justin finch has reaction from people livinn
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say they're not surprised and that something needs to be done about people walking on the track, especially teens. now to the other train accident in d.c. that weigh brute as breaking news at this time yesterday. the csx workers were inspecting. they accidentally stepped on to active amtrak tracks near new york avenue not far from union station. that's when they were hit and killed. we don't know if amtrak was notified of the accident about the workers. it was just two weeks ago when a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. several people, including house majority whip, steve scalise, was shot. since then, lawmakers were praised the courage of the first responders. they will visit the alexandria police department to talk with
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gunman. congress byer from virginia will add a formal -- he will give the department a framed copy of that statement honoring their bravery. covering prince george's county now, more bad news this morning for the head of prince george's county schools. they're asking the county to wait to renew ceo kevin maxwell's contract until the investigation into possible grade tampering is over. whistle blowers say teachers were pressured to change grades in order to boost graduation rates. in a letter to richard baker, the naacp says maxwell's new contract was based, in part, on his success np proving graduation rates. they wanted grates put on hold until the investigation is complete. wildfires raging across the country working feverishly to keep people and property out of
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it's torched more than a dozen home. the governor saying -- this video here, california where firefighters have been able to get a handle on a fast-moving blaze on camp pendleton. ravaged some 300 acres of brush. these images are quite possibly the most dangerous ones. in arizona, the massive goodwin fire prompted evacuation orders. the flames in over 20,000 acres. a state of emergency declared and 3,000 structures at risk. 1% of that fire is contained. back to you. erika, thank you. part of president trump's travel ban blocking foreign travelers from six majority muslim countries will go into effect. this comes after the supreme court decision temporary upheld portions of the ban. >> the administration set new guidelines for visa applications from those countries. it requires applicantspr
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to the united states. >> tracie potts will have a look at how they plan to implement the changes in a few minutes. meanwhile, the department of homeland security is roll out new rules for international flights coming into the u.s. here are four things to know. the rules call for more extensive passenger screenings, an increased use of bomb sniffing dogs. there will be other changes that have not been made public. passengers will be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than a cell phone on to a u.s.-bound flight if they board an airline that complies with the new rules. airport officials hope this will not add to wait times at security checkpoints. 4:34 now. many of you are up preparing for the holiday weekend. here's a live look at traffic on the bridge right now. aaa says more than a million people will travel 50 miles or more from home. maryland transportation officials say avoid the middle of the day when planning your trip over the bridge. if you are leaving today, dot
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p.m. tomorrow before 8:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. saturday before 6:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. and similar times through july 4th. be safe. some are calling it christmas in july at the gas pumps. that's because prices are the lowest they've been since 2005. people paid $2.21 for a dpal of regular. it will cost $2.21 in maryland, 2.43 in d.c. and $2.01 in virginia. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> melissa mollet has a look at how the roads are shaping up for those leaving early for your holiday weekend. but first, chuck and sheena have a look at the weather. >> the humidity on, going to feel like summer. >> i like the 80s more than the 90s. just me. >> you like the 80s. >> i love the
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you can do something and not melt during the middle of the day. still not a lot of darkness early in the day. sun is not up until 5:46. still a ways to go. four things to know about the next four days. getting hot again. up around the 90-degree mark after our break in the 90s the last couple of days. upper 80s in the suburbs. tomorrow, in addition to heat and humidity, a slight chance for a thunder shower coming our way in the afternoon. primarily in the shenandoah valley, our next best chance of rain is late in the day on saturday. as a result, sunday is looking a little bit on the drier side. as far as temperatures go, sheena liekts 90s. we'll let her talk about those. >> that's later this afternoon. this morning, still a nice cool start. if you liked yesterday morning, maybe if you were able to get away with long sleeves, some areas might be able to. 59 in leesburg. 68 degrees in the district. in upper marlboro, 62. pretty cool this
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right now 69 degrees. if you're dining out today, it will be warmer than it was yesterday. humidity will be up a bit more. you will notice that. by lunchtime, 84 degrees. more humid through happy hour. 90 degrees. dinner pretty comfortable. check the roads now. a closer look at the weekend forecast. hello, melissa. >> everything is nice and light right now. headed out to the beach, do it early or late. because it is going to be quite yucky middle of the day today and tomorrow. we're going to keep an eye on that this morning. right now, we're talking about the beltway. the only thing is the inner loop after pennsylvania avenue. right now blocked by the work zone there. outer loop looks okay. northbound 270 at 80 at urbana, work zone there block blocking that left lane as well. we'll look at 66 coming up in a minute. aaron. melissa, thank you. more than a year of closures and delays. metro wants to say thank yo
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its appreciation to riders who dealt with all the safetrack surges. their arrest sparked controversy and still has people talking today. the local councilman who wants to know whether skin color played a role in how they were treated when detained for selling water to tourists. new developments in that high-rise fire that killed dozens of people in london. why we may not know w
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four things to know this morning. police say the number of people presumed dead in the london highrise fire is up to 80. but final death toll may not be known for months. crews have searched all 129 apartments, but the intensity of the flames made locating and identifying remains difficult. one person was hurt in a gas explosion at a dorm at murray state university in kentucky yesterday. emergency management officials say there was a gas leak when that explosion happened. the dorm was built in the last few years. but it wasn't being used by students. the injured employee went to hospital and is in stable condition. the creator of the beloved character paddington bear has died. british author michael bond, was 91 years old. he named paddington after a london train station. they've honored him at the paddington bear statue located on the train platform. macy's fourth of july fi
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today in new york city. you can see crews here preparing for the spectacle. that will illuminate the new york city skyline next week with more than 60,000 shells launched from barges in the east river. it's 4:had 2. d.c. fire officials are chaking down on illegal fireworks. inspectors are checking fireworks stands around the district. they're trying to keep the illegal and more dangerous items out of people's hands. they'll confiscate the illegal fireworks and issue tickets. important to have a happy and safe fourth of july. we posted the laws in d.c. and local counties in the nbc washington app. search for laws. you like heat and humidity, good news for you, i guess. >> absolutely right. perfect pool weather. just be careful as you're out there today. put your spf on. the sun angle is still plenty high. 88 degrees at 11:00. when you go out to the pool and
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coming back in. if you're going to the nats and the cubbies this afternoon, it's a 4:00 game this afternoon. temperatures near 90 when they yell "play ball." sheena has the ten-day coming up. it's something most of us own and it's evolved dramatically in the past decade. the tenth anniversary today of a device. we're working to keep you and your family safe this morning. the item being
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good morning everyone. i'm chuck bell. 86 ingatorsburg, maryland this afternoon. sheena is checking out that ten-day forecast including a look at the fourth of july. stay with us. hwa
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people in new york city do. being a tourist and it almost killed him. how officials hope to solve the now cold case that changed the life of a fairfax county man. a major heads-up for certain metro riders. a line shutting down for the next several weekends. 4:46 now. a portion of president trump's travel ban goes into effect today. >> this comes after monday's ruling by the supreme court and will affect foreign travelers from the six muslim majority countries you see on your screen. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, how did the administration set these new guidelines overnight for how this will be implemented? >> all right. seems like she's having trouble hearing us. tracie, can you hear us? >> yeah. i got you now. cut out for a second there. what the travel ban means is if you are from one of the
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majority muslim countries, you won't be able to come into the u.s. over the next 90 days over that portion of this ban. if you are a refugee for the next four months, 120 days, you won't -- may not be able to come into the united states unless you have a bona fide relationship with someone here. now, that's vague. what does bona fide mean? an aunt, cousin, spouse? border agents may be making those determinations. as of last night, the department of homeland security said this will go into effect today. but a senior administration official told us maybe later in the evening they're getting out detailed information. the agency has promised that this would be professional and clear with a lot of public notice this time as opposed to the chaos that we saw the first time that they tried to implement it. but as of last night, it sounds like some of those at the bottom, some of those agents who have to deal with this hands-on were still waiting for instructions. the trump administr
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we'll wait to see what the final decision is from the u.s. supreme court. for now, that ban goes into effect today. tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie, thank you. this was the scene outside of the trump international hotel yesterday as the president held his first reelection fundraiser. the group chanted and held signs criticizing the president's health care and environmental policies. the republican national committee expected to raise about $10 million. prince george's county executive baker will officially kick off his campaign for governor of maryland today. he'll hold a barbecue at the newton white mansion in -- seeking the democratic party's nomination right now. a d.c. councilmember wants to know whether police racially profiled tsehe teens when they were detained on the national mall. this picture caused a lot of debate on our nbc washington app. park misplaced the teens in handcuffs for selling water without a
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councilmember charles allen believes they're skin color played a role. >> i'm pretty sure if my daughter were out there selling a bottle of water, she wobt have ended up in handcuffs. i think that's what upset people. to see the image of three young black men handcuffed, on the ground, pockets outturned, patted down and searched for selling bottles of water. >> the teens were let go with a warning. councilmember allen spoke with the chief of park police about the issue and it is being investigated. 4:49 now. we're learning more details about the investigation into the brutal murder of fairfax teen nabra hassanen. police looked into reports that suspect darwin martinez torres is a member of the ms-13 gangs. they found no credible information that he's connected to gangs. torres killed nabra as she left prayer at a mosque in sterling. it stems from a case of road rage and the police chief says
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hate-related crime. pay montgomery county liquor control employee was busted for helping himself to the county's stash. the department of liquor control fired eugene snowden jr. yesterday police arrested him and sean a gust accusing them of stashing liquor in bushes. there was more than 20,000 worth of booze dating back to february. back in 2014, i-team cameras caught two wokers drinking on the jork and reported on allegations of dlc employees selling cases of liquor on the black market. we found significant security problems inside the warehouse. those problems were later fixed. in this case, police say snowden scaled a warehouse fence, broke security seals on trucks and stole boxes of alcohol. the other suspect was caught with some of that alcohol in his car. don't be surprised if metro worker comes up to you to say th
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nearly 700 metro administrative employees will be out at several stations during the afternoon to thank people for their support during safetrack. they'll hand out thank you notes that include a token of appreciation offered by a metro partner. hmm. have to check it out. first on 4:00, segment of the -- it lob closed four weekends to repair a leaking tunnel. >> thank you. >> this is what i'm talking about. >> transportation reporter first reported on the possibility of shutdowns nearly four years ago. meth row says it will test out a new pilot program that uses a curtain grouting technique to add a waterproof membrane to the outside of the tunnel wall. it will prevent leaking. there will be no train service between grove nor and friendship heights. in addition, red line trains will single track on weeknights between f
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medical center. read, lots of delays. get that thank you note. the second is a revolutionary mobile phone. >> remember when the iphone looked like this. it may seem like it was forever ago. today marks ten years since the original iphone was released. >> i do remember that. some of the differences before that first generation edition and the 7s on the market now. they were smaller but thicker. remember that? >> iphones have become longer and thin her over the years. there is no app store and you needed to plug it into a mac computer to be updated through itunes. i'm not sure if i remember that. i didn't have the first generation. >> you couldn't use it for what so many of us rely on it every day now. the gps. >> that's the most important thing on my phone. >> it could approximate your location. th'r
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iphone 8 in september. experts expect 241 million will be sold. >> with people camping outside of the apple store to get their hands-on a new phone. >> i can't imagine having a 8 because i have a 5. i'm going to use it until it breaks. >> good for you. it works, right? >> most of the time. i do the update, it does something to make it not work. i deal with it. >> everyone keeps buying them to get the new devices. >> i like the smaller one. it fits in my hand. >> right. >> i don't want a computer up to my face. it's a little bit chilly this morning again. eun, did you need a jacket this morning? >> a little tiny bit, maybe. >> okay. >> i know the heat is coming. >> it is coming. but if eun thinks she needs a light jacket, i'm sure somebody else does. a really nice start to the day. more heat and humidity through the afternoon. we're going to be in the 90s today. the humidity is going to go up. weekend storm chances mainly
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temperaturewise, we have areas in the 50s. not as cool in some spots as yesterday morning. winchester at 59 degrees and lorton at 61. dulles 63. manassas, 57. in the district, at 68 degrees. 53 in clinton. this area of high pressure yesterday was far off to our west. that gave us the dry air. today, it's moved offshore. now it's giving us more of a southwest wind and that's why we'll be more humid as we go through the afternoon. you will notice that. if you're exercising today, still going to be nice this morning. sunny, around 70 degrees. by noon, mid-80s this afternoon. around 90 and you will notice the humidity increasing. beach forecast, as we go into tomorrow, really nice. sunny, mid-80s, breezy. saturday, that's when we have the late chance of thunderstorms and sunday, we could see an isolated chance. overall, it's looking pretty good. lots of mid-80s. pretty noose for your fourth of july weekend if that's where you're heading. otherwise,
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isolated shower chance sunday. there's your fourth of july tuesday. 90 degrees there. we could see an isolated chance looking mainly dry. that's all good news. a commute is mainly dry this morning. that's good news, melissa mollet. >> very good news, sheena. especially for anybody headed out of town today. here's another live look. 50 there at sandy point. as you get on the bay bridge, you're nice and clear this morning. remember to leave early. the advice is before 10:00 today or after 10:00 in the evening. inner loop after 4, right lane blocked by the work zone. rest of the beltway looks okay this morning. taking a look at 270, had that work zone northbound after 80, urbana work zone there. it's now clear. 66 at germantown road, no problems into or out of town. thank you, melissa. we're working for you. starting the fourth of july weekend early. here's a live look at the roads this morning. pretty clear so far. traffic is light. that's going to change. a look at the best times to travel strai
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a 13-year-old killed after being hit by a vre train. what we're learning about the final moments of her fe, as welill
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it is coming up on a year since a young man lost a foot in an explosion in new york central park. connor golden jumped on a rock and landed on a bag of explosives. his left leg had to be amputated below
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there is now a public plea and a $40,000 reward to help solve this mystery behind that blast. >> i know there are people out there who have information, who know more about this. >> we've learned the substance in the bag gold ep stepped on is often used by isis. more on the push for answers in this case coming up on the "today" show. we're working for you -- working to keep your family safe. thousands of tv sets could fall on top of your kids. this is what they look like. the stockholm three drawer tv chests were sold online between 2015 and 2016. no falling incidents have been reported, though. it is just about 5:00 a.m. now. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. welcome to your thursday. it's june 29th. almost the end of the
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work or kicking off the holiday early, we are here to get you ready this morning. >> melissa will have a look at the roead and how things are shaping up in a minute. first, chuck and sheena, who have moved outside to feel it. >> what was that. >> to feel it. i guess that's why you're out there. >> it's really nice out. it's breezy. >> taking it all in before it gets hot and humid. deep breaths everybody. great weather to be outside for today. still not too terribly, terribly humid yet. that changes later on today and the weekend. live view looking eastbound. soon the sun will be coming up. 5:46 is the sunrise today. current temperatures, everybody down below 70 degrees today. this might be one of the last mornings washington national airport can get below 70 for quite some time. nice and comfortable here for the morning hours. all sunshine, all the time today with afternoon highs back into the upper 80s to around 90 or 91 on the national


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