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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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work or kicking off the holiday early, we are here to get you ready this morning. >> melissa will have a look at the roead and how things are shaping up in a minute. first, chuck and sheena, who have moved outside to feel it. >> what was that. >> to feel it. i guess that's why you're out there. >> it's really nice out. it's breezy. >> taking it all in before it gets hot and humid. deep breaths everybody. great weather to be outside for today. still not too terribly, terribly humid yet. that changes later on today and the weekend. live view looking eastbound. soon the sun will be coming up. 5:46 is the sunrise today. current temperatures, everybody down below 70 degrees today. this might be one of the last mornings washington national airport can get below 70 for quite some time. nice and comfortable here for the morning hours. all sunshine, all the time today with afternoon highs back into the upper 80s to around 90 or 91 on the national
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more like on the warm side today. we'll talk about weekend rain chance this is a few more minutes in the fourth of july forecast as well. for now, let's go to melissa mollet who is breathing deep in traffic, right? >> i am. it could get ugly throughout the day. lots of people are, no doubt, leaving for the beach later today. so best advice, we'll keep saying it, leave as early as you can today or as late as you can. same thing applies tomorrow as well. the bay bridge right now, nice light volume. green in both directions. you only care about the outbound direction this morning. prince george's county, no problems there. 56 and 95, also looking quite good this morning. tiny slowdowns southbound near quanti quantico. nothing reported. might be a work zone. >> it is 5:01. big developments while you were sleeping concerning a top vatican cardinal. erika gonzalez at the live did he say he can. >> aaron, eun, good morning to
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the treasurer. he's the most senior catholic p cardinal. his name is george pell. we have not heard from the pope on the charges. he's at the vatican attending a mass blessing 36 bishops appointed over the last year. these are some live images, i believe, that we have this morning? police announced the charges this morning in melbourne without giving details. cardinal pell spoke about the charges overnight. he called them false. >> i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. i'm innocent of these charges. they are false. >> the 76-year-old cardinal was appointed to the vatican post by pope francis. he is now on leave. back over to you. all right, erika, thank you. new details on a shooting in northeast washington. we've learned the man found shot on trinidad avenue has died. police were called to that scene
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that this is now a homicide investigation. so far, there is no suspect, but there is a reward for information that leads to an arrest and a conviction in this case. police are expected back at an apartment complex in district heights today after a man was found dead last night. this is just off pennsylvania avenue. prince george's county police tell us the victim was shot. they have not released any information about a suspect or a motive. why were they on active train tracks? that is just one of the many unanswered questions this morning after another deadly train accident. a 13-year-old girl was hit and killed near manassas by a vre train yesterday. this comes hours after an amtrak train hit and killed two csx workers near union station in d.c. chopper 4 was over the scene shortly after the crash as vre employees tried to help the girl. fairfax county police say she was hiking in the area of bull run bridge with two family members when she was hit. the manassas line isni
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time this morning after the crash. justin finch is live at the manassas station now with more on what neighbors say need to be done with teens walking on the tracks. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. in the past hour we've learned that vre service on the manassas line will resume as normal out here. the trains will be on the tracks soon despite yesterday following that fatal crash. we're learning more about the teen victim in this case and that dangerous spot where she lost her life. now, first chopper 4 was over that scene yesterday afternoon. at first responders worked to save that young girl's life with her family, a friend who was a 13-year-old boy and the young man watching nearby. it turns out that teen boy and teen girl, police say were on the tracks as that train approached. the boy in this case, though, managed to jump from that rail overpass. the girl was not able to make it in this case. those familiar with the area say it's a very narrow, hilly spot. made more dangeus
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it turns out, it's also a popular area for younger people. >> yeah. there's a lot of people. it's summertime. they like to go walking and everything and that's just a place where a lot of teenagers go to have fun. >> reporter: now, at this hour, the victim as not yet been identified. we do know that she was a student at secondary school in virginia. back to you. >> justin x thank you. now to the other train accident in d.c. that we brought you as breaking news at this time yesterday. here's what we've learned. the csx workers killed tuesday night were incompetent suspecting a problem with the wheel of a train. they accidently stepped on to active amtrak tracks not far from union station. that's when they were hit and killed. we don't know whether amtrak was notified before the accident about the workers.
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when a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. several people, including house majority whip steve scalise, were shot. since that shooting, lawmakers have praised the courage and actions of first responders. today, members of congress will visit the alexandria police department to talk to officers who helped stop the gunman. congress don buyer of virginia will add a formal acknowledgment to the congressional record today and give the department a framed copy of that statement honoring its bravery. more bad news this morning r the head of prince george's county schools. the county chapter of the naacp is asking the county to wait to renew kevin maxwell's contract until the investigation into possible grade tampering is over. whistle blowers say teachers were pressured to change grades forward to boost graduation rates. in a letter to county executive baker, the naacp says maxwell's new contract was based in part
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graduation rates. > . >> property out of harm's way. this morning, we've got video to show you of the scene in utah. the brian head fire that's cop sumd 85 square miles and torched homes. a torch used to clear weeds is what's responsible for this. then there's the scene in california where firefighters have been able to get a better handle on a fast-moving blaze on camp pendleton that ravaged 300 acres of brush. this is possibly the most dangerous scene. the goodwin fire prompted evacuation orders. flames in over 20,000 acres. a state of emergency declared and 3,000 structures at risk with 1% of that fire contained. back over to you. erika, thank you. it's coming up on
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ban blocking foreign travelers from six majority muslim countries will go into effect. this comes after the supreme court's decision to temporarily uphold portions of the ban. the trump administration set new guidelines overnight for visa applications from those countries. the guidelines require applicants to prove a close family or business tie to the united states. news 4's tracie potts will have a look at how officials plan to implement these changes coming up later in the broadcast. meanwhile, the department of homeland security is rolling out new rules for international flights coming into the u.s. here are four things to know about the rules. they call for more extensive passenger screenings and an increased use of bomb sniffing dogs. there will also be other changes that have not been made public. passengers will be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than a cell phone on to a u.s.-bound flight if they board an airline that complies with the new rules. airport officials hope this will not add to wait times at security chepo
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morning as you prepare for the holiday weekend. here's a live look at traffic on the bay bridge right now. not too bad so far. but you know that's going to change. aaa says more than a million people in our area will travel 50 miles or more from home. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live with when you should plan to hit the road for the holiday. hey, megan? >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah. more than a million people traveling this holiday weekend. that's actually a record. the highest number of folks leaving for the holiday weekend since they started keeping track back in 2001. you're going to have a lot of company out there, especially on the roads. take a look at the road here. you can see everything is very light. that's going to change heading through the next couple of days and into the holiday weekend. so be aware that there's going to be a combination of holiday traffic as well as rush hour traffic on thursday and friday. because while some people are leaving early, not everybody
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now, if you are going to be heading out of town, when is the best time to leave? take a look at this. if you're leaving today, leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. if you're leaving friday, before 8:00 a.m. or wait until after 10:00. if you're headed out on saturday, best bet here is to leave before 6:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. sunday, before 8:00 a.m. and after 7:00 p.m. monday, before 8:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m. tuesday, before 9:00 in the morning or after 10:00 p.m. you're going to kind of want to be strategic about your departures here. there will be a lot of people out on the roadways. nine out of ten people who are traveling, they are going to be traveling by car. so expect things to be very, very busy. now, the major jurisdictions have canceled many of the major highway projects. that's going to start monday and tuesday. so that should help things a little bit. no doubt about it. bring your
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it's going to be a slow go. if you're traveling in the brunt, it's going to be tough. back to you guys. >> megan, thank you. it will be great weather for the beach this weekend. will the fireworks get rained out? >> that's a good question, aaron. today looks dry, but i'm sure nobody is shooting off fireworks today. yes, the beach weather looks good. coming up, we'll check your fourth of july forecast. you see the 90s for today. still going to be hot going into your fourth of july. we'll show you the numbers coming up. it is something that will stop people in their tracks. a look back at the severe storm and da
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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5:14. a comfortable start to the day. >> we knew it was going to heat up, sheena. >> we knew it was. we told you it was. the heat and humidity going up this afternoon. aaron is right, a beautiful start. you can enjoy your morning. look at these numbers. mid to low 60s for the most part. some areas upper 50s. i'll show you how hot it will be. good morning. taking a look at the bay bridge. if you're headed that way for any reason,ha
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holiday weekend, looking quite good here. 50 at sandy point. no problems outbound. no problems inbound. take a look elsewhere coming up. thank you, melissa. these are the other top stories we're following for you. a 6-year-old oregon boy is in critical condition after getting stuck in the trunk of a family car. police say it looks like a terrible accident. the dad thought the boy was with his mom and the mom thought the boy was with his dad. after a frantic search, they found the boy in the trunk of their honda civic. police say he had been there probably for about an hour in 90-degree weather. the boy is being treated for severe heat exhaustion. president trump will meet with the new president of south korea today at the white house. you can expect north korea to be a part of their talks. trump is also likely to raise concerns about trade barriers to the sale of american-made cars in south korea. the home of thomas jefferson is recovering from a cyber
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attack. monticello clarified it's not connected to the global cyber attack earlier this week. they've been running without computers for it was for the past few days. like old times. five years ago we added a new word to your weather language. derecho. if you were in the area, it was a storm and name you won't soon forget. storm team 4 meet rolts auto f amelia draper takes a look back. >> mention the word derecho in the washington area and you're sure to get a reaction. people are instantly reminded of what happened on june 29th of 2012. it killed a total of 13 people, left over 4 million homes without power for days. 2 million of those in our region and knocked down trees and power lines in the 700-mile long path
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maryland and the district were the hardest hit areas. our local national weather service issued 15 severe thunderstorm warnings and two tornado warnings. all three airports in the area reported gusts near or higher than 70 miles an hour. before the storm each arrived, we were in the midst of a heat wave. we recorded one of our hottest temperatures ever that day, 104 degrees. with humidity levels through the roof. when the storm arrived around 10:00 p.m., the damage was unbelievable. most people were unfamiliar with the weather phenomenon called a derecho. in this area, they're more common in the midwest. according to the national weather service, we usually have one impact the area about once every four years. the strength of the june 29th storm was highly unusual. >> the
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>> it really was a sight to behold. >> dulles airport and national airport both gusted over 70 miles an hour in straight-line winds and we all remember, not only was it 104 that day. with almost two million people losing power, we were still near 1 hurn for the week after that without air conditioning. it was just an amazing -- >> aftermath and the cleanup. the weeks and weeks that followed. >> and a lot of people didn't think those things ever happened here. on average, it's about once every four years. the high-end derechos are pretty rare here. i have a fact page. >> of course you did, chuck. >> the guy who named derecho, his name was gustav hen ricks. it's on the computer. don't do this to me. gus after taaf-- gustav hin ric gave us the name in the 1800s.
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we did not. derecho means straight in spanish. that's because of straight-line winds. it's not a rotating tornado storm. it's a straight-line wind damage event. the june 29th storm five years ago, but we had two other high-end derechos, july 16th in 1890. a famous heat wave ended with that derecho there and another one that killed more than the 2012 one was june of 1954. almost to the day. the high-end events come about every 25 or 30 years apart. even though on average, we can get one every four years. they don't tend to be that high end of an event. right now 67 in washington. no chance for a repeat performance of that today. we'll all stay sunny and dry today. sunshine, 67 degrees right now here in washington. 63 leesburg. 59 in frederick, maryland. here are thunderstorms out here across parts of the upper midwest. that derecho f
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started near chicago with 930 mile an hour winds in northern indiana and raced down to our area. we're not facing anything near that strong the next couple of days. today, sunny and hot. not terribly humid today. if you're going to the nats and the cubs game this afternoon, plan on temperatures he can near 90 degrees. i can give you the beach forecast in the next half an hour there's a peek at your five-day forecast. our best rain chances and thunderstorm chances come saturday afternoon and saturday night. let's go over to melissa mollet and see how traffic is holding up. >> good morning. if you're headed out any time soon, do it soon because if you're headed to the beach, it's going to be yucky this afternoon. really, advice today is before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. looking good as you try to get over the bay bridge right now. still have the roadwork inner loop after 4. right lane blockedy
5:21 am
today. looking good right now. 95 northbound rolling along just fine this morning. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. melissa, thank you. all week long, we've been working to keep your family safe and secure this summer. we're not done yet. what you need to know before you and your family leave for vacation. remember to tune in for ellen degeneres show later today. it airs here on nbc4 at 3:00 followed by news 4 at 4:00.
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"news4 today" honored with our sixth consecutive emmy. always working for you. congratulations, by the way. >> and to you, ma'am. to our whole team. 5:35. now that it is summer, we know a lot of you are going on vacation. >> before you head out, news 4 is working with you with tips to make sure your home is safe and secure while you're away. thieves look for easy targets. leaving your house unattended is tempting for someone looking to steal. before you leave your home, the fairfax police department has four tips. >> make sure that your doors and windows are locked and secure. two, make sure that you have a plan that someone will bring in your garbage cans and pick up your mail. make it look like someone is home and attending the
5:26 am
media where you're going or how long you're going to be gone. four, make sure you tell a trusted neighbor that you're not going to be home and instructions on how to contact you and to contact police if something is out of the ordinary. >> and as tempting as it might be, it may be best to post your vacation pictures and comments after you come back home. >> that's tough. >> it really is the pest way to do it. look at me doing my fun thing in my special place. getting off the plane when you head back home and get out of the car. $21,000 worth of alcohol stolen and now police say it was an inside job. ahead at 5:30, more on the county employees accused of abusing his job to get drinks. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. my special place, outside on the front lawn enjoying a refreshing breeze and the last of our cool,
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a peek at the
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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now at 5:30, warming up. high temperatures headed our way just in time for your holiday weekend. how hot it's going to feel as you celebrate. plus, the new push for new leads after a frightening explosion. police taking a closer look at the bomb that left a virginia man without a leg. and they're the photos getting attention all over our area. teens handcuffed for selling water. what one local lawmaker is doing to make sure this doesn't happen again. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. thanks for waking up early with us on this thursday morning. we're working to get you out this morning. melissa mollet will have a look at your commute. >> first a ak loot our forecast with chuck bell and sheena
5:31 am
parveen. >> we are loving it outside this morning. no doubt. >> i will say, i have chilly bumps on my arms. >> you do have that. >> it's a little crazy. it's actually really nice out. this morning, you could get away with long sleeves. look at this beautiful pre-sunrise live picture. it's going to be gorgeous going through the day today. humidity will increase. look at that south wind. our winds are different today. that's going to blow in the more humid air. 67 currently. but it's going to really warm up this afternoon. 59 if you're in fredericks. 66 quantico. 63 in clinton. your morning commute, nice and dry. sun glare out there, but by lunchtime the road still dry. 84. much warmer this afternoon. rain chances not until the weekend. we'll look at that coming up. we like the nice dry commute. >> the sun glare, that's not for prince george's county commuters. >> everybody. everybody's sun glare. let's check the roads speaking of sun
5:32 am
>> sun glare can cause a problem anywhere. the right lane was blocked by the work zone. nothing happening now on the inner loop or outer looch the beltway. everything is rolling fine. as we zoom out, 95 headed northbound for some reason over the holiday weekend, you're nice and clear. southbound is nice and clear as well. no other big problems on any of the roadways. 50 here at sandy point. you can see bay bridge in the distance looking good as well. eun? >> thank you, melissa. our top stories. vre's manassas line is back on eye normal schedule after a teen was hit and killed on the tracks near manassas. the girl has not been identified. she was walking on the tracks with family near bull run bridge when she was hit. neighbors say that it's a popular area for young people to hang out. news 4's justin finch will have more ahead at 6:00. we're working to find out
5:33 am
killed by an amtrak train. the csx employees were on the tracks to inspect a problem when they were hit near union station tuesday night. it's not clear if the train operators were told the workers would be on the tracks. part of the travel ban will take effect tonight. it will block foreign travelers from six majority muslim countries from entering the u.s. news 4's tracie potts will have more on the impact in a live report at 5:45. we're learning more details about the investigation into the brutal murder of nabra hassanen. fairfax county police looked into reports that the suspect darwin torres is a member of the ms-13 gang. yesterday they said detectives found no credible information to suggest he's connected to gangs. police say torres killed has then last week as she was going to a mosque for morning prayers. investigators say it stems from a case of road rage and the police chief says they do not
5:34 am
believe this was a hate-related crime. today the virginia man accused of trying to sell top secret documents to chinese intelligence officers will be in court. kevin mallory is a former defense contractor and security agent. prosecutors say mallory lied to fbi agents. he told them in april he didn't know know he was meeting with chinese intelligence during his trip to china and never gave them classified documents. but his objective was to get paid for the information. he faces life in prison. it's been nearly a year since a young man from fairfax county lost his foot in an explosion in new york's central park. connor golden was with friends in the park and jumped on a rock and landed on a bag of explosives. his left leg had to be amputated fw knee below the knee. >> i know there are people out there who have
5:35 am
>> we've learned the substance in the bag golden stepped on is often used by isis. more on the push for answers coming up on the "today" show. this morning, a baby is recovering after falling out of a window in southwest d.c. this is on third street, a few blocks away from -- the fall was less than ten feet. the baby was taken to the hospital but was conscious, breathing and is expected to be okay. this morning, a d.c. councilmember wants to know whether police racially profiled teens when they detained them on the national mall. this picture caused a lot of debate on our nbc washington app. park misplaced the teens in handcuffs for selling water without a permit. councilmember allen believes their skin color played a role. >> i'm pretty sure if my daughter was selling a bottle of water, she wouldn't end up in handcuffs. that's what se
5:36 am
image of three young men handcuffed, pockets outturned, patted down and searched for selling a bottle of water. >> the teens got a warning. the issue is being investigated. 5:36 right now. a montgomery county liquor control company is busted for helping himself to the county's stash. the department of liquor control fired eugene snowden, jr. police arrested him and another man accusing them of stashing liquor in bushes. montgomery county police say the pair snatched more than $21,000 worth of booze dating back to at least february. the news 4 i-team reported on problems with the dlc in the past. back in 2014, i-team cameras caught two workers drinking on the job and reported on allegations of the employees selling cases of liquor on the black market. after our series an inspector general report showed significant problems inside the warehouse. those problem
5:37 am
in this case, snowden scaled a warehouse fence, broke security seals on trucks and stole boxes of alcohol. the other suspect was caught with some of that alcohol in his car. crab season shortened. oh, no. we warned you your feasts were getting more expensive. new details on why you have less time to enjoy them. the holiday
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
your favorite summer meal may not be available as long as you'd like. maryland and virginia will end their crabbing seasons early this year. you will still be able to buy crabs for your fourth of july feast, but the supply may be more scarce. chesapeake bay's juvenile crop population is down 54%. maryland will end it crab season november 20th, ten days early. virginia will close november 30th. it's not summer until you've had a crab feast. >> that's true. >> newspaper. >> get it done soon. you may notice extra traffic in the bethesda area today. >> it's the quicken loans golf tournament. the pga tour event is being held at avenel farms. the tiger woods foundation hosts this tournament. tiger woods will not be at the ev
5:41 am
but the pga tournament's pro-am started off with a special moment. take a look. >> who does that look like in the white hat? >> look at that right there in the white hat. >> surprise reunion is thanks to the pga star ricky fowler. it's safe to say that the green family will never forget the quicken loans national tournament. the first tee times scheduled around 7:15 this morning. taking a look right now at first 4 traffic. want to show you how it looks headed to the beach this weekend. we're going to do that and also look at a new problem on indian head highway coming up. chuck? i just hope the bay bridge looks that nice friday afternoon when i have to drive over it. i know, yeah. wishful thinking. anyway, for today, it's going to be great. sunny and nice. highs in your hometown today, 89 in culpepper, 86 in martinsburg and 91 on the natna
5:42 am
after the break. developing this morning, new tensions at the vatican. the pope chief finance officer, icialatest catholic offl
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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a roared number of people are traveling this weekend. i'm megan mcgrath with big news about gas prices. plus, added restrictions for flyers. new rules about the electronics allowed in your carry-on bags. an apple anniversary. we're marking ten years of the iphone with a look back at the first generation. many of you are up already this morning getting ready to hit the roads this holiday weekend. traffic on the roads already. this is a live look at the bay bridge right now. not too bad. aaa says more than a million people in our
5:46 am
>> news 4's megan mcgrath is live with good news about what you'll be paying at the pump this holiday weekend. hey, megan. >> reporter: hey there. it's going to be busy. but there is good news about gas prices. we're here in buoy in prince george's county. that exit ramp is for route 50 east. a lot of people will be traveling on that road as they head over to the beaches. and this is going to be a record number of travelers out there on the roadways this weekend. take a look. they started tracking aaa started tracking the number of travelers back in 2001. well, the record number is being reached this year with more than one million people traveling 50 miles or more. nine out of ten will go by car and gas prices, here's the good news. the lowest since 2003. here at my location, we're seeing regular at $2.41 a gallon. although some are still deciding not to travel this weekend,
5:47 am
spoke to. >> this weekend is going to be very busy. in this area, we have the worst traffic in the country. for me, stay home and relax. >> reporter: so she decided not to get caught up in the hassle of all of the traffic. but she is, i believe, in the minority here. because a lot of people, the majority of folks in the greater washington area are going to be leaving for the holiday weekend. many leaving today and of course, the volume will build as we head into the actual weekend and monday and tuesday. back to you, guys. >> megan, thank you. a quick reminder that metro will stay open late on the fourth of july. staying open until midnight, and then increase to rush hour service before and after fireworks on the national mall. off-peak fares will be in effect all day and parking will be free. the department much homeland security laying out new rules
5:48 am
here are four things to know. the rules called for more extensive passenger screenings and an increased use of bomb sniffing dogs. there will also be other changes that have not been made public. passengers will be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than a cell phone on to a u.s.-bound flight. if they board an airline that complies with these new rules. airport officials hope this will not add to wait times at security checkpoints. domestic flights within the u.s. will not be affected. part of president trump's travel ban goes into effect today. >> this comes after monday's supreme court ruling of holding parts of that ban -- upholding parts of that ban. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. tracie, how are officials going to implement this and what could be the impact? >> that's a good question. a senior administration official said it could be later this evening before it's implemented as opposed to earlier today. dhs was still trying to get the information out to the people on the ground who have to decide who comes into the
5:49 am
the supreme court gave the administration the okay to do this temporary 90-day travel ban on people from six majority muslim countries. how will it be rolled out? including refugees who are allowed in if they have what's called a bona fide connection here in the united states. a bona fide relationship. what does that mean? a spouse, a cousin, someone that they work with, a job offer. those are some of the details that authorities were still waiting to get overnight. tracie, let's turn to health care. republicans are working on a revised version of their bill. what real changes can we expect? >> medicaid was a big sticking point, one of the reasons why democrats aren't involved at this point. republicans want to try to keep the medicaid cuts but bring in members of natheir party who ha disagreements with the level of the cuts. democrats have a big disagreement with that. they could t
5:50 am
fast they scale back medicaid. in other words, three years, seven years or ten years to lessen the effect. that could be a real change that we seement frankly, a lot of experts think they're not going to give up getting rid of this medicaid expansion from obamacare. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. that was the scene outside the trump international hotel yesterday as the president held his first reelection fundraiser. the group chanted and held signs criticizing the president's health care and environmental policies. the republican national committee expected to raise about $10 million. covering prince george's county, more bad news this morning for the head of prince george's county schools. the county chapter of the naacp is asking the county to wait before renewing ceo kevin maxwell's contract until the investigation into possible grade tampering is over.
5:51 am
in order to boost graduation rates. in a letter to county executive baker the naacp says maxwell's new contract was based, in part, on his success improving graduation rates. they also want his raise put on hold until the investigation is complete. the second is a leaf illusion errie -- revolutionary mobile phone. >> you remember when the mobile phone looked like what you see there? >> i do. >> it teams like forever ago. today marks ten years since the original iphone was released. >> some of the main differences before that first generation edition and the 7s is on the market now, they were smaller, remember. but thicker. they've become lodger and thinner. -- longer and thinner. there was no app store and you had to plug it into the mac to update itunes. >> we rely on
5:52 am
approximate where you kind of sort of where. but the turn by turn directions wasn't there. >> i couldn't get where i need to go without my phone. >> pretty soon no one will know what a map is or how to use it. >> kids don't use maps. >> remember, you had it in your glove compartment in case you needed it. >> mapquest, remember when you used to print out directions. >> yes. the iphone 8 is coming out in september. you know there are going to be long lines. experts are saying 241 million will be sold within a year. >> see, my whole thing is i'll probably get the eight three years after it comes out. >> smart. >> once the 12 and the 13 is out, i'll go for the 8. i'll splurge. why not? >> this morning, it's fantastic. again, if you thought yesterday was cool, this morning is very similar, maybe not as cool. but it's
5:53 am
little bit of sun glare this morning. but nice and dry if you're exercising. it's going to be nice early. later this afternoon, it will be hotter and more humid. if you're going to sit outside for lunch, keep in mind that humidity will be up. maybe feeling a little more sticky. stickier for you. your p.m. commute, if you are heading out of town for the fourth of july weekend, the good news is, because we expect a lot of traffic, at least the roads will be dry. so hopefully, that will alleviate a little bit of it. currently, lees burglary at 58 degrees. in vienna, 64 is your temperature. 67 degrees. annapolis at 68. prince george's county, mostly the mid to low 630s. riverdale, 66. your eating out forecast. more humid by lunchtime. happy hour around 90. hotter today. but still dry. so that is good. even for dinner, mid-80s. the humidity is incompetent creasing. the area of high pressure moved
5:54 am
look at the temperatures. it's going to be feeling like summer. normal highs 80. we'll be above that. fourth of july looking pretty good. isolated shower chance in the afternoon. but it will still be around 90 degrees. we do have a rain chance as we go into saturday. keep that in mind. a look at your beach forecast at 6:00. let's check the roads with melissa. good morning. >> good morning. brand new problems here northbound. indian head highway at swan creek livingston road. a crash reported. a little bit of a slowdown northbound. everything outbound is looking quite good. the bay bridge right now, you can see nice, light volume. no problems there. here's a live look this morning inbound. outbound, either way. best thing to do if you're leaving today, leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. to kind of avoid that middle of the day traffic. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big issues this morning. as you look at travel times, 270 south, germantown at the spur,
5:55 am
inner loop and outer loop looking quite good this morning. the whole beltway is looking good as you just say. 66 inbound, no worries. 95 northbound in virginia. quantity quo going 45 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. melissa, if you're just waking up, i want to show you this cool video. finally a successful launch after nasa scrubbed ten attempts to get the rocket off the ground. wind was playing the biggest role in this. it was designed to release colorful clouds. scientists can track particle motion in space. nasa says the launch is likely visible from new york to north carolina and even charlottesville, virginia. back over to you. thank you, erika. it's 5:55. first on 4, a segment of the red line on metro will be closed for four weekends in an attempt to repa
5:56 am
transportation reporter adam tuss first reported on the possibility of shutdowns nearly four years ago. metro says it will test out a new pilot program that uses a curtain grouting technique to add a waterproof membrane to the outside of tunnel walls. there will be no train service between grof ner and friendship heights between july and august. in addition, red line trains will single track on weeknights between friendship heights and medical center. d.c. fire officials are cracking down on illegal fireworks. >> inspectors are going around and checking fireworks stands around the district. they are trying to keep the illegal and more dangerous items out of d.c. firefighters say they will confiscate illegal fireworks and issue tickets. the mission is simple. for everyone to have a happy and safe fourth of july holiday. we posted a look at the fireworks laws in d.c. and local counties. that's in the nbc washington app. search fireworks laws.
5:57 am
make sure your summer is safe and secure. >> while you're keeping an eye on your families, criminals could be keeping an eye on your home. ahead at 6:00, how to make sure your home is safe while you're away enjoying a vacation and what not to do with the family photos you take. >> reporter: a teen girl is struck and killed by a vre train yesterday. this morning, what she was doing on the tracks and a warning from police. plus, new revelations from a former redskins player. clinton portis admitting he once considered murder. we'll fill you in on that shocking new report you'll be hearing about today. stay with us.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the latest victim just 13 years old. now we're learning why she was walking near the railroad in the first place. developing overnight. new sex abuse charges rocking the catholic church. this time it's a close aide to the pope. holiday weekend is almost here. it will be a hot one. your storm team 4 forecast breaks down the high temperatures and humidity you should be preparing for. "news4 today" starts now. just about 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us early on this thursday, june 29th. we'rrk
6:00 am
out the door whether you're starting your vacation now, lucky you, or headed to work. >> melissa mollet will have a look at the roads. storm team meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside this morning. the sun is up. >> yep. >> is it already going to work? >> a beautiful day outside. >> it's my thursday and her friday. another day off. i have to look into this. there needs to be a full investigation. >> i'm going to be sick next week. that's what's happening. >> that's what it is. good forecast, sheena. hope flip she'll get to enjoy her long weekend and hopefully everyone at home will enjoy theirs as well. >> beautiful skies over washington. temperatures, a few spots in the 50s. frederick, maryland, leesburg, virginia in the 50s. everyone else, low to mid-60s. it will be a hot one today. upper 80s in the suburbs. about 91 in washington. not too terribly humid yet. the humidity will build as we get into tomorrow and over the weekend. we're off to a comfortable start. next best chance for rain will be coming up on saturday night.


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