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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> people would tell me gosh your daughter is gorgeous, all the time. not just her face, her heart was gorgeous, too. she had a beautiful soul. >> news 4 chris gordon talked to the family. he's near the accident site this afternoon, chris. >> this is a heartbreaking story. i spoke with her mother today at their home here and i spoke from 13-year-old cousin who was with her over the bridge yesterday afternoon. he says she was afraid of heights and didn't jump out of the way when he did. -- 13-year-old was full of life. her family said she loved cheering. she had a wonderful voice and wanted to learn the guitar
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hockey camp. -- i had her summer loaded with things to do. >> she was killed by a train while hiking along these tracks with her brother and 13-year-old cousin michael. >> when we were on that bridge, like that train, we were just having a blast and that train came right around the corner and started honking i said run, we started to run. i jumped to the other side of the tracks. i said jump, but she kept running. she was in shock. she just ran and like boom. >> her mother believes there's a reason she didn't jump off the tracks. >> but i think god said, no, you're not going to jump because i'm going to take you to heaven. your time is now and you're going to come with me. she was too awesome to this world. he took
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>> her mother says she doesn't have the money for a funeral, her family has posted a go fund me page to help her out. that's the latest, live in virginia. back to you. >> such a horrible story. chris, thank you. we now know the names of the two csx workers hit and killed by that amtrak train for the union station. they tell us steven from pennsylvania. were both killed the freight train conductors got out to check an alert that there was a problem with one of the trains wheels that both died on the scene late tuesday night after getting hit by that amtrak passenger train. the ntsb says one of the things they'll be looking at is communication between csx and amtrak engineers. >> swift condemnation across the political spectrum for the tweets by president trump that thargt
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he went after calling her low iq and claiming he saw her once bleeding badly from a facelift. the white house argued he's fighting fire with fire. members of the president's own party believes this is below the belt and hurting his agenda. >> there's nobody, nobody that has more respect for women than i do. >> then candidate donald trump speaking on the campaign trail. this march in his address to congress. >> the time to trivial fights is behind us. >> but today the president appeared to step on his own words, taking aim at meka in a pair of tweets insulting her intelligence and appearance. >> completely inappropriate. >> what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and stability of the debate. this doesn't help do that. >> republican senator lindsey graham called this, beneath the office and represents what is wrong with american politics, not the greatness of er
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fired back. >> everybody wants to make this an attack on a woman and call it, what about the constant attacks that he receives. american people elected a fighter. they didn't elect somebody to sit back and do nothing. they knew what they were getting when they voted for donald trump and he won overwhelmingly. >> msnbc released a statement calling it a sad day for america when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job. back on the hill, a renewed call for unity. >> i think he needs to better appreciate the rolls played by the three branches of government and by the media. you are not always going to get along, but there is no need for such uncivil language. >> and we've been asking all afternoon, do you think the president's tweets crossed the line and looking at nbc washington
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that is the case. tonight part of the president's controversial travel ban will take effect impacting people from six muslim majority nations. the supreme court said this week, only individuals win a bona fide relationship to the u.s. can travel here from those countries. today the trump administration specified, that includes parents, children, spouses, siblings sons and daughters in law who are already in this country. it does not include grandparents. aunts and uncles, cousins or fianc fiances. they're expected to challenge this. >> house republicans are pushing forward with president trump's immigration agenda just voting on two important bills, the house is tallying the votes now on case law. another one that involves sang ware cities -- sanctuary cities. >> it's thousands of immigrants ng
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virginia. so let's start with case law, which cracks down on illegal immigrants who keep crossing the boarder into the u.s. it was named after kate steinly, a young woman who was living in san francisco. who was shot and killed walking with her dad. now, kate was let out of jail despice federal immigration agents asking the local sheriffs to keep him locked up. it raises the maximum sentence for escalating penalties for repeat offenders. if someone says enter the u.s. with three misdemeanors or one felony conviction, they could go to prison for ten years. critics say it makes criminals out of undocumented that haven't hurt anyone. if they get caught again, even with no criminal record,
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10 years in prison, by contrast. the no sanctuary for criminals act goes after the cities and towns that don't cooperate with federal law. it forces them to honor request to detain suspected immigrants in extra two days. if they don't, the penalties can be severe. they can pull federal grants to the local police officers and if someone -- police forces and if someone gets hurt, they could sue the town itself. of course, this still will have to clear the senate, which remains high. >> chris, thank you. more calls for action today regarding the allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates within the school system. the naacp is calling for changes at the top of the public schools, our bureau chief tracy wilkins is live now in largo with more on the story, tracee.
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allegations could be some form of civil rights violation. so they are asking for changes at the top. >> you can expect us to continue to do the work we've been doing to support children. >> in the conversation earlier this week, he said his job as ceo, the school system was secure. >> just signed a four-year contract. >> but now, the leadership of the naacp chapter has sent a letter to the county executive requesting major changes, including changing titles for ceo to interim ceo and putting a hold on his six figure contract. >> let's give this contract a hold until we finish with that investigation. >> he's already signed the contract. >> well, that's okay. you can sign a contract. >> and graduating unqualified seniors of possible civil rights
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members and board of education members suggest that maxwell temporarily stepped aside. it reads in part, there are legitimate concerns that dr. maxwell may interfere or attempt to limit the scope of the investigation. it's referring to the investigation being done by the maryland state board of education into whether the allegations are true. >> i don't find anything wrong and direct it back to the ceo. >> no, just before 5:00 p.m. noon began, i received a statement from county council or county executive saying it reads in part at the heart of the letter, they're concerned about these allegations and resolving whether they are true. now that msde will be investigating this matter, i am confident they'll fully cooperate with the investigators. now, folk hydrogen sulfis who h they're the ones to review the contract and that it would
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to take that contract back. reporting live in largo, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> luckiest man in the storm center, at least. >> it's a beautiful day for golf. he's for the quicken loans tournament out there. looking good. >> nice backdrop, buddy. yeah, i mean, it's not a bad office, i've got to tell you that. it looks phenomenon. this is kind of amazing. you come out here and these guys play 18 holes. they come out here and continue to work. this guy -- who is that? he's been going literally for about the last hour and a half. so he must not have had a good round. maybe he had a great round and keep it up. it's nice afternoon. it is hot. we're tracking a couple of storms out there, too. most of the storms are back to the west, looking at those storms back along winchester right now. if you look near jefferson county, west virginia, you're seeing those storms. but notice down around t
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little bit of a storm, as they move over the mountains they're kind of falling apart. take a look at the temperature wise around the rest of the mid-atlantic. we hit 90 degrees today. there it is. 86 in richmond. so d.c. actually the warmest place on the map. that may be the case over the next couple of days, too. how about that heat index. it is going to be way up there. heat index close to 100 degrees, especially on saturday every other day, right around 95 to 100. saturday is the day we're concerned about as far as not only the temperatures of the heat index, but obviously best chance of storm. carol will join me, we've got it all out here. >> yeah. if only you and me both, buddy. thank you, doug. we'll see you in a bit. coming up, it's been a deadly season in area pools and lakes, too. seven drownings. tonight a mother who lost her
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share her story with us. >> i live to smile every day. and i have a lot of stress. >> what it's like to lose it. for some it means crossing this super busy road and those residents are an elderly community. i'll tell you about that story, coming up. >> and the county catches a liquor control employee for allegedly helping himself to the county stash and what the i-team found out when they loo
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an employee arrested for stealing tens of thousands of dollars in alcohol had been fired by the department before. this happened after i-team investigation that exposed missing inventory and allegations of internal theft. investigative reporter joins us now with similarities in this case. jody. >> well, the biggest one is snowden, the warehouse worker and truck driver helper who is facing charges. the agency's director told the i-team in this e-mail, the agency terminated an employee by the name of kelvin e snowden just 9 days after the investigation. months later, while that director was still in charge, county records show snowden was back on the payroll. police arrested on theft charges yesterday, another man john augusta is also charged
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montgomery county, all alcohol must be purchased from the government controlled warehouse. in february liquor controlled noticed someone had stolen alcohol and contacted police, who now say snowden scaled it at least eight times and broke the seals on trucks parked outside and walked away with more than $21,000. after our original i-team reports in 2014, an inspector general found security problems at the warehouse, including broken cameras and unintended doors. those problems were fixed and it was surveillance video that helped catch the suspect in this case. now, the doc has a new director now who was not there when snowden was fired or rehired. we reached out to him for any information on how that was allowed to happen, but we have not heard back. jody fliesher, news 4 i-team. the transit agency said it saw its highest
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nearly 700,000 trips were taken on the rails that day. metro was averaging over 700,000 trips the day before safe track started. a lot of riders bailed when the maintenance work began. as a way of saying thank you, they handed out cards, on the back coupon for a free cup of coffee. >> that always works. community of seniors is struggling after metro eliminating a busline for budget reasons. the two key metro bus ran through virginia, now people who live there are looking for other ways to get around our transportation reporter explains the expensive this community is facing. >> wesley is 79 years old. even though he recently had a stroke. he still los to see his friends to the grocery store and barbara shop and to the doctor when he needs to.
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the bus. >> every day. >> the bus now gone, the bus stopped this empty, wesley not happy. >> from one to ten. >> he's not alone. there are 300 residents in this community where the average age is 85. miller is the general manager. >> metro says it cut the busline because of low ridership and because the fairfax connecter runs along the same route but getting on that fairfax bus usually requires a half mile walk up a big hill and there's more. >> now if these residents want to catch a bus that runs on a regular schedule, they have to come to this busy intersection.
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area and it is quite a challenge to get from one side to the next. >> in the meantime, management here paying a big monthly bill for private transportation for the residents. >> have a $9,000 bill now to provide transportation for our tenants. >> they say they like to see the bus come back. adam, news 4. >> well, old hollywood is opening its stores to more diversity as the motion picture academy invites almost 800 new artist to join. film maker jordan peel who debut film get out broke box office records this year is one of 774 people invited to join the academy. barry jenkins who directed the award winning film moonlight was also invited where as a number of women. the academy vowed to include more artists that represent the broad community after it took a ton of flak in recent years fur being so color blind that it prompted the
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white. >> a new study finds renting an air bnb will save you money, but how safe are those rentals. sou susan hogan with more on a new push to make sure you're not risking your security when you book one. >> warmer temperatures headed our way. doug is coming up with more on how hot
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quicken loans tourney and the warm weather is out there with you. yeah, you know, it is warm, but i'll tell you, it is so much nicer now. we've got some nice clouds. i mean, it is right now, absolutely beautiful, nice and comfortable. humidity is not too big of a factor. you can see the flags blowing. we've got about everything you need. when the sun does come out. it makes a huge difference. i know for me i'm carrying around sunglasses, you saw those earlier. i've got sunscreen on as well. make sure you carry that sunscreen with you. as far as temperature wise, we're actually on the hot side for sure. again, without the humidity, we'll call it a comfortable 90 degrees, that's where we are right now. down to the airport, we're sitting at 90 degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds. that breeze will continue winds out of the south at 14
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everybody in the 80s close to that 90 degree mark. sitting at 89 degrees right now. we're tracking a couple of shower and thunderstorms. these have been moving through parts of the valley. when they move over, they quickly died. notice back, we saw a pretty big storm in frederick county virginia. that's died off in jefferson county, crossing over the patomic and another one. this one will effect 66. it's going to get a little bit on the wet side. we're not expecting much more as we move on through the evening hours. if you are thinking about coming here, looking good for the quicken loans nationals. 93 degrees tomorrow. it will be hot. it will be hot tomorrow and, especially on saturday, even though the temperature may go down a little bit
5:26 pm
temperature around 93 degrees. a lot going on. big holiday weekend as you extend it through next weekend, we've been tracking this forecast for the last couple of days. it's going to go right on into early next week. >> the good news, we're not talking about temperatures in the upper 90s. take a look at tomorrow, high for your friday, 93 degrees. we start off the day at mild 72. plenty of sunshine from start to finish and nice breeze as well. very similar to today. but the humidity will be up for your afternoon and evening hours for sure and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. for most of us, it's going to be dry friday. the humidity levels right around that muggy area. as we look to saturday, we really see the humidity jump up and it's feeling oppressive when you factor in the mugginess on saturday. it's feeling more like 100 degrees. for the remainder of the weekend through the fourth of july. it's feeling a bit humid to muggy. high temperature general in the
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saturday, a high of 92. notice that 50% chance of late day shower and thunderstorms. you want to keep that in mind. sunday is looking dry, 93 degrees for a high. monday is going to be refreshing, the humidity low drops on monday. that 94 dry heat. >> more of the forecast on wednesday, jim. >> hydrate if you're heading down to the big weekend on our national mall. the line festival and fireworks show. >> what you're going to notice and what you want when it comes to security for those big events.
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. now at 5:30, the loss of her son. >> the louden county mother pushes through her pain to share her story. >> i mean, it's so hard to raise a child and be losing a child it's so difficult. i can't even -- i can't even explain to you what we're going through. >> now, at 5:30, seven drownings since late may in our area. four of them, young children. >> in april, a child died in this pond just outside his home. his mom on a mission. one she hopes will save other young moms. our bureau reporter is live in south virginia with the emotional energy tonight, david. >> and you look behind me, you
5:32 pm
for most of us, it's calming, peaceful. maybe brings you a little bit of tranquility. for a family that lives to speak from this, they look at this and it's reminder of devastating loss. >> i love this. >> it's a way to hold on to her precious memories. pictures of her son. they call him, jave. >> i miss his smile every day. i have a lot of stress. >> she recalls a stormy day. she noticed the trash can up front had fallen over. she headed out to bring them in. her husband sick in a
5:33 pm
her twins playing upstairs. and he followed her out. >> i didn't notice he was out. i just closed my garage door. i didn't notice that he was there. >> within five minutes she heard a knock, a neighbor with news she never expected. he drowned in the nearby pond. >> i sometimes i feel guilty why did i open the garage door if i would have left it closed, this would not have happened. but i can't do anything to bring him back. he's gone. >> she can't go back. so she's moving forward with a mission to have a fence built around this pond. she says that she even spoke to the community association. >> i lost my child, they're saying we'll think about it. >> she's worried if they don't act, another parent could feel her suffering. >> this morning i did call the
5:34 pm
he would get back to me and late today he did. we wanted to ask him why not build a fence here. he said he'll defer me to an attorney i left for a voicemail for that attorney. still have not heard back. >> such tremendous pain there. thank you for sharing that. >> the national mall is gearing up for big crowds for july 4th holiday. preparations underway, security fencing that started to go up. whenever there's a big event, security topple it. this year in light of overseas terror attacks using vehicles, well, the park service and other federal agencies are taking steps to keep people safe. >> vehicle attacks are an increasing potential and risk for large events with a lot of people. we are aware of that threat and we had a robust plan in place. >> hey, if you're heading down
5:35 pm
need to know, just open our nbc washington ap for metro alternatives along with what you can and cannot bring. just search july 4th. >> that's with news of big victory today for the washington redskins in the teen's toefrt keep the copyrighted name. recent supreme court ruling supports the teen and it will no longer contest the legality of the team's stake. it can be copyrighted if they're offensive to some people. the case involved in asia rock band, which called itself the slant. the u.s. patent and trademark office had moved to void the name because some american indian groups found that name offensive. the justice department's decision today means the federal government will no longer contest the case. that's live, chris lawrence, back to you. >> thank
5:36 pm
his diner always busy. jeffrey always had a comment on anything and everything. the owner of the american city diner on connecticut avenue died last night. he choked while he was having dinner at another restaurant in downtown d.c. 74 years old. tom joins us with a look at his life. this was just stunning. >> it was stunning. and what a life it was. jeffrey, a true local washington character. >> upper connecticut avenue. the retroe american city diner serving customers since 1988, nearly 30 years. it appealed popular with all sorts of people hungry. all the handiwork, a fixture in city business and politics for decades who died wednesday night after choking at the palm restaurant in downtown washington. long-time customers and fans,
5:37 pm
some coming today for the diner and lunch, was shocked by the news. >> he was a good person, down to earth guy. employees really seem to care for him and spoke very highly of him and we've been coming here forever. >> from the painted walls of this parking lot out back. the diner reflected the showmanship. >> he loved this city, incredibly. he loved everything about it. >> in this race to win. >> he awaited the long shot. promising to bring a businessman sense to city government. he and others lost to tony williams. nice to meet you. >> from a family of business owners, a graduate of georgetown june ver university. recently served trump sandwiches who he said
5:38 pm
bologne. >> they posted the own signs on the diner which had closed for the day. >> and his loyal employees say they hope to reopen the diner tomorrow. you know, jeffrey had a zest for life. if you put zest on the menu, he would. >> he was -- the part of washington that isn't, you know, capitol hill. the part of washington that really is the hometown of washington. >> neighbors. >> his father, grandfather were in business right there just below chevy chase circle. he made that neighborhood place to go rather than a place to pass through. >> he will be missed. i'm so sad. i was so sad when i heard this morning. >> i would hear, i'm a businessman. i'm a businessman. you have to remember the city was broke back then and he was like, i could fix it. he probably could have. tony williams run that race for
5:39 pm
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the world is eagerly awaiting the iphone 8. coming out this fall. do you know that just 10 years ago, no one han
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anniversary of the iphone hitting the market. that first iphone was modest by today's standards, just four gigabytes of storage. the camera, it only took still pictures and there were no apps, how did we survive. it has still sold more than 3 million phones, by the way, that first year. >> we decided to do a hot dog taste test today, no stranger to over eating, that was sent out on the plaza here this afternoon where things were cooking, literally, outside. so we lined up four top name brands from pricey to least expensive. that's before -- now i can't button my jacket. we first tried the naked dog. then we addressed it. we'll reveal the winner on air tomorrow. let me just say, the most expensive did not win, i
5:43 pm
six-and-a-half hot dogs out there, today. you should know we put on our facebook, the question that got more than 550 responses so far, you put ketchup on your hot dog. people did lit them up. >> that's personal. >> i like ketchup. >> it's got to be mustard and only mustard. only mustard, ketchup on hamburgers, mustard on hot dogs. >> that's it. that's it. it may seem like a bargain, short term rentals like -- are short-term rentals like air bnb safe. they may be facing to keep you secure. >> what john had to say when given the opportunity to apologize for his comments about
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dc residents who list their homes on air bnb and those other short-term rental sites. you could required to be rental requirements. here are details on the steps the city is taking so that your guest stay safe. >> when you stay at a hotel, a long list of federal regulations
5:47 pm
room. hotels must have exit signs, working smoke detecters, evacuation plans and sprinkler systems billings higher than three stories. when you say in a short term rental, those same standards don't apply. that may soon change, though, in dc. >> dc lawmakers are set to vote on the so-called air bnb bill. it will require health and safety inspections of all short-term rental units. if approved, the bill would establish some of these strictest regulations on air bnb units in the country. dc councilman mcduffy the bill. he said should have. >> what we want to really do, is to make sure that a person comes
5:48 pm
to. >> i think this should also apply. >> air bnb says it is reviewing the bill and safety is their number one priority. and agree they will be in compliance with all applicable laws and other rules and regulations including permits licenses and registrations. and provide guest with important information about the rental home. including locations of fire extinguishers and emergency exit route. if guests report concerns about a unit, that online listing can be suspended. and plans for just how housing inspectors will check thousands of units are still in the works, the dc council is likely to hold an ial
5:49 pm
early july before their summer recess and to learn more about the bill and hear one scarey story of escaping a fire and air bnb unit and search air bnb safety. >> this is what he said to cbs this morning. >> would like to apologize? >> no, it's because it seems in tennis, unlike other sports, they're -- how i would do -- why is it how would he do against serena. why don't you combine and solve the problem, i'm sure the men would be all for this, the men and women play together. >> okay.
5:50 pm
today to espn he said that he later expressed regret for the comments, no official apology. on my facebook page today some of you said that the two of them played, williams would crush him. others accuse him of using the controversy to promote his new book. former women's tennis star champion billy jean said he wanted to play williams for sure. she crushed bobby rigs back in the '70s. >> i saw her do it. it was fabulous. for the first round for the quicken loans nationals today, not a lot of marquee names, so what is bringing the fans out to this tournament. news 4 did some digging as she joins us live from the course. hey, carol. >> hey, guys. they may not have a number, but today did bring out some of the biggest fans in our area. and they've message for those o
5:51 pm
you're really missing out. with the nice breeze and watching the players. >> a long work -- spoiled by the fans, i don't think so. >> you don't see that a lot out here. >> my plans were not necessarily to come here even a week ago. but things kind of fell in the right place and i lived nearby. i lived 30 minutes. you live 30 minutes an hour. >> tour golf returns ten years later to this
5:52 pm
>> you have an argument. >> whoever plays the course. >> you see them behind us on the driving range, working on their game. >> so far today it's been great. it was not so nice. >> and now it's like crazy. if they started the tournament
5:53 pm
>> it's going to be hot. the heat definitely working its way in. the heat index close to 100 during the day on saturday. let's take a look at that number and show you the current temperatur temperature. >> most of them were dying as they make their way, you can see them back towards the frederick area. as we move on through the rest of the evening hour, going to be rather nice night. humidity is not much of a factor. we're not all that worried about the mugginess that's going to be coming in the next couple of days. you'll definitely during the day on saturday and -- >> quicken loans. first off, take a look at the beach forecast. sunday, monday, water temperature, still around 70, you willee
5:54 pm
there, too. so the best chance will be on sunday, too. that's something. -- >> it's hard to believe it's already here. >> i think before we know it's going to be the end of the summer. >> i do think that we stay dry and hot. 9:00 in the evening, fireworks getting underway. it's a warm 84 degrees. not too bad there. take a look at the next ten days, a high of 93 degrees. breezy out there, isolated late day, it's another dry day. better chance, though, for
5:55 pm
50% is also humid. they were talking about feeling closer to 100. sunday, monday, low to mid-90s, july fourth again, with more storms in the forecast pontially on wedntees
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
you're trying to figure out how best to deal with the growing opioid
5:58 pm
>> from our affiliate has more on that. >> need to be protected. >> it's trained to sniff out explosives and it's human partner officer steve said he's part of a family. >> goes home with us, he, particularly, has his own bedroom so it's like another kid. >> that's why officer he and the rest of the officers with the baltimore police department get training to administer to their k-9 t in case the dog come into contact with opioid. >> dog search numerous and a lot of locations and we never know there's dangerous substances at the location if it actually k s exist at the location.
5:59 pm
it's not packaged and it's sealed and it's open, you might get to a scene where you see powder out laying around somewhere. you're pretty much, you know, take it out. the effects are very deadly to a dog. >> the training teaches officers about the effects and the signs the dog is suffering from an overdose. >> as you see, most dogs when they're walking and heads are perked up, when they start having the effects of that, the heads will start drooping down, they'll start drooling, you'll definitely tell the difference. >> it's administered the same way it is for humans with a spray up the nose, same dose, same equipment officers already carry with them. it's almost nine and nearing retirement and doesn't want anything to happen to him. >> i want him to have a nice retirement. so he's happy, i'm happy. >> and other police agencies around the area are also doing similar
6:00 pm
heart break. >> she was amazing. everybody loved her. she was always. >> caught in the path of on coming train. >> i had her summer loaded with things to do. but it wasn't meant to be. >> she dreamed of being a veterinarian some day. instead, 13-year-old's life came to a tragic end along northern virginia train track. >> she called her a beautiful person both inside and out. >> about the unthinkable loss of young person with bright future. >> chris gordon about her, chris? >> her mother spoke to me today, sometimes she smiled when she was talking


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