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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, still fighting the travel ban. the newest legal challenge happening tonight even as this new limited ban takes effect. more fallout tonight from the president's tweet attacking the hosts of "mor
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one local republican weighs in tonight. and rushern baker says he's sticking with dr. kevin maxwell. the travel ban is back. but not without another legal challenge. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm doreen gentzler. a new limited version of president trump's order restricting travel to the u.s. took effect at 8:00 tonight. minutes before that, hawaii filed a legal challenge to the new rules. those rules stop people from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen from getting visas to the u.s. unless they have a bona fide relationship with a relative, school, or business here. >> it's the definition of close relative that hawaii's attorney general is challenging tonight. news4's jackie bensen has more from
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>> reporter: what we did not see here, jim, are the protests that we saw after the administration's first attempt at a travel ban. tension and uncertainty crackled in the air in the international arrivals area of dulles airport. people were just aware that parts of the travel ban had gone into effect. but there was nothing like the uproar there was in january, when people learned their relatives were being denied entry into the u.s. once again, lawyers from the dulles justice coalition planted themselves near baggage claim. but late breaking word gave hope their presence may not be needed. >> we're monitoring the situation in hawaii. there's a motion, there could potentially be a stay in that case as well. we're hopeful. >> reporter: the aftermath of president trump's signing of the first travel ban on january 27th
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classmates victoria and jennifer to work to stymie the bill. >> it doesn't include parents, fiances, cousins. there are a lot of people who will be excluded still. >> it's going to be become a problem when refugees are trying to seek aid over here. and if they can't establish some other sort of bona fide relationship, they're going to be denied. >> reporter: the latest travel ban has inspired a twitter campaign that has the hashtag #grandparentsnot terrorists. jackie bensen, news4. >> jackie, thank you. new reaction coming in tonight to the controversial tweets from president trump today targeting the hosts of the "morning
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leon harris is in our newsroom with the response. >> doreen, you can now add the name of representative barbara comstock to the list of those who went after the president tonight for his widely condemned remarks about msnbc anchor mika brzezinski. the northern virginia lawmaker retweeted comments from a white house spokesperson and said, "yes, the tweets went too far, please stop." the president's early morning sweet slammed brzezinski's intelligence, mental health, and appearance. trump suggested she has a low i.q., was, quote, crazy, and crudely said that she was bleeding from a purported face-lift during a holiday visit to his palm beach estate. there are pictures of brzezinski from that visit and the pictures dispute the president's account of how she looked. critics and supporters alike say the president crossed the line. >> completely inappropriate. >>re
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tone of the debate. this obviously doesn't help do that. >> we're not always going to get along. but there's no need for such uncivil language. >> some conservatives defended the president by saying "morning joe" has attacked trump personally and unfairly. we'll see what happens next. leon harris in the newsroom. >> leon, thank you. we'll stay tuned. president trump got two victories in the house as he tries to advance his immigration agenda. one bill forces so-called sanctuary cities to honor federal government requests to detain suspected immigrants for an additional two days. if the cities refuse, they could lose federal grants. the other bill would increase penalties for undocumented immigrants who repeatedly cross the border into the u.s. both pieces of legislation now head for the u.s. senate. turning to our weather now, and you can feel the difference outside tonight. the humidity starting to settle in on us. >> it
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on the way, huh, doug? >> the last couple of nights, guys, you may have been able to open the windows up. not tonight and not the next couple of days either. heat and humidity are starting to creep in. high today 91 degrees, the warmest across the mid-atlantic. hagerstown, 88. 91 in de.c., the start of our heat wave. as far as the heat index is concerned, saturday could be 100 degrees, the hottest day. also a chance for storms. i'll take you hour by hour and we'll talk about just how long this heat sticks around. >> all right, see you in a bit, doug, thank you. new tonight, three people shot at an apartment complex here in d.c. this is stanton road, southeast, just off of suitland parkway in the berry farm area. district police tell us two men and a woman were shot here, all conscious when they went to the hospital. this shooting happened around 8:00. police tweeted they're looking for a black
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leaving that area. a cheerleader and athlete and singer had dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday. instead tonight her mother and here family members are coping with unimaginable loss. she is the 13-year-old hit by a vre train yesterday afternoon while hiking with her brother and cousin near manassas. she was walking on the railroad bridge when the train came up. her cousin, also 13, jumped out of the way. he said he yelled for her to jump too but she just kept running. >> i have to believe that god loved her so much that he wanted her in heaven with him. and one day we'll be reunited with her. >> family members have started a gofundme account to raise money for her funeral. her mother says she would want it to be a celebration. the virginia man
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selling u.s. government secrets to china is home tonight. a judge released kevin mallory on bond today. mallory is charged under the federal espionage act. the former government contractor allegedly sold classified documents to chinese intelligence officials. prosecutors argued that mallory is a flight risk, because wigs and disguises were found in his house. he'll be combined to his home in leesburg. metro protesters gathered outside the columbia heights station to protest recent fare hikes and service cuts on metrobus and rail. union members handed out fliers saying, "don't drink the kool-aid." metro workers handed out cards thanking riders for their patience.
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schools chief dr. kevin maxwell. county executive rushern baker is defending the school ceo over allegations of grade fixing. shomari stone has more on the show of confidence in mitchellville. >> your next governor, rushern l. baker iii. >> reporter: rushern baker officially kicks off his campaign for the democratic nomination to be maryland's next governor. >> we're here for something bigger than ourselves. >> reporter: baker told this crowd of supporters his strong leadership, experience, management style and a proven track record of success qualifies him to be the next governor. it comes amid controversy surrounding prince georges county public schools. the local naacp chapter wants baker to put school systems ceo c. kevin maxwell's contract on hold until an
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widespread grade changing is ended. should it be put on hold? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: why not? >> we signed the contract and he's doing a good job. >> reporter: maxwell's new contract is signed and set to renew july 1st, jews tust two d from now. maxwell insists the allegations are false and politically motivated. >> i have all the confidence in the world that he's moving the school system in the direction it should be. i have not changed that. >> reporter: maryland governor larry hogan asked the state school board to investigate the grade changing allegations. they are. >> for what they're alleging, in order for that to happen, that means thousands of teachers would have had to participate. >> reporter: county executive baker is confident that isn't the case. in prince georges county, shomari stone, news4. next at 11:00, nbc 4 responds to a local man with ticket trouble. not only was his zipcar towed but he got stuck with two tickets that weren't even his.
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straightened out. it's about to cost students and parents much more to borrow money for college. how much of an increase is coming, and how soon? and knew luxury apartments in d.c. are offering more than a small floor
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a heads up if you or your child are concerned about paying for college. student loant
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going up again. the rate for new federal undergraduate and graduate loans will rise from this year's rate of 3.76% to 4.45% this weekend. the increase also applies to new federal plus loans that parents take out. as the economy strengthens, the treasury department is charging more to borrow money, so there's not much family can do now. however -- >> it's possible to get a lower rate after you graduate by refinancing your loan. but you have to have good credit typically in order to qualify for that. >> americans currently carry a staggering $1.3 trillion in student debt. tonight, nbc 4 responds to a d.c. man's ticket trouble. not only did his car get towed, but he wound up paying for someone else's parking tickets. after trying to sort it out on his own for a month, he decided to contact consumer reporter
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>> reporter: driving in the city is not always easy. and finding a parking spot? good luck. this man decided to ditch his car when he moved to de.c. 30 years ago. >> how do you get around? >> bus, uber, zipcar. >> reporter: but one recent zipcar trip didn't go as planned. >> i went down to the wharf on sunday. we had parked, which i thought was a safe place to park on a sunday, by the wharf. i came back and the car was towed. >> reporter: he got two tickets technological $150. >> i went to the d.c. dmv website to pay the ticket. unfortunately there were two other tickets that were associated with the tag numbers of the zipcar. >> reporter: he thought he only selected his two tickets but ended up paying all four, a whopping $400. he immediately called zipcar. >> i got the run around.
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three different e-mail addresses. i texted them. >> what were they saying to you? >> nothing. it's under review, or send us the documentation. >> and you did it all? >> i did it all. every time i would call back, i spoke to someone different. i spoke to different supervisors. it was the same story. it's under review. i said, what do you mean it's under review, what's happening? >> reporter: paul reached out to nbc 4 responds. we got right to work and contacted zipcar. >> later that afternoon, zipcar called and they're like, oh, we're going to refund you your $250 or whatever it was from the two tickets that weren't mine. >> reporter: in statement to nbc 4 responds, zipcar says, quote, obsessing about the member experience is one of zipcar's core values. as such, we have spoken to the member directly and resolved the matter. the company also sent him a goodie bad. >> will you be a cus
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off for a bit and let my steam kind of subside. >> we asked zipcar what exactly is their policy should you get a traffic violation while using one of their cars. here's the deal. if you're caught on camera running a red light or getting a speeding ticket, that ticket goes directly to zipcar and they'll automatically deduct it from your account. but a parking ticket, that's your responsibility. you have two choices. either you can pay it directly yourself or let zipcar know about it and they'll take it from your account. if you do pay it on your own, be extra careful to only select the tickets you're responsible for so you don't find yourself in paul's situation. back to you guys. >> yeah. >> mm-hmm. we have that
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there today, thank you. i was trying to do that big time. you got to wear the sunscreen. that's for sure. because that sun has been very powerful, the biggest time of the year for that as a matter of fact. take a look outside right now. temperatures still in the mild side. our average high is 87 degrees. currently we're at 81. if we're at 81 at 11:00, you know something is up. look at those winds out of the south at 60 miles per hour. dew points are 60 or higher at many locations. when it gets to 65, it starts to get humid and the heat index creeps up. winchester, current temperature 75. a trio of 77s towards the bay and eastern shore. no rain right now, most of the area is dry once again. it will be saturday that we have a better chance of showers and storms. there are
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chicagoland area. all this moisture in atlanta is trying to work its way up here. we may see a few more clouds, maybe an isolated shower. most of us should remain on the dry side. your forecast tomorrow, 93 degrees. isolated storm possible. most of us dry. hot and humid, a great day for the pool. 86 by 11:00, 91 by 2:00. hot and humid by 4:00 tomorrow. definitely going to be a good pool day if you're out and about. next ten days, we're talking the heat waive right on through nex wednesday and thursday. friday and saturday, we're extending the heat wave all the way through next week. tuesday is the fourth of july with a temperature there of 93 degrees. i do think fourth of july fireworks will look okay. 50% chance of storms on saturday. if you go to the quicken loans national friday, tomorrow, looking good. pop-up storm, 93. a better chance of storms on saturday. sunday, a high of 93 degrees. where can we go to beat the he
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you know you can normally beat it there. we're going to be in the 80s there. temperatures five to ten degrees below where they'll be inland. scattered storms on saturday. ocean temperature above 70 degrees in most locations. i was just taking a look at some of the buoy numbers there. notice july 4th, the warmest day around 87 degrees. looking hot, looking humid, looking like summer. >> kind of like the fourth of july weekend usually looks. >> exactly right. >> thank you, doug. some breaking news just in, a man is dead after a crash in prince georges county. investigators believe speed was a factor here. this is near pine drive on indian head highway in accokeek. police say just before 9:00, two cars collided here. one of them was going very fast. that person in that car is expected to be okay. police still investigating. we'll beight back with sports. r
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this one hurts. it may hurt the nationals for a while to come. >> nationals adding insult to injury. the bullpen blows another game, stop me if you've already heard that. tre turner broke his wrist. tonight's loss, out indefinitely. turner takes a 96-mile-per-hour pitch to the wrist. turner left the
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it's a fracture in his right wrist. no timetable for his return. a huge blow, he leaves the national league with 35 stolen bas bases. taking over manager duties after dusty baker was ejected for the first time as skipper, randone gets all of that one, a two-run shot to left center. the nats take a 3-2 lead. the top of the ninth, nats up a run. one out away from the series win. john jakes takes it deep to center. the tying run scores easily. tommy lestella comes all the way from first. just a little late. cubs score three in the ninth and steal a win from the nationals. 5-4 of final. orioles visiting the blue jays. jimenez gave up
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making fans nervous. sailing this pitch in the first. looks like it's going to be a long night. it really was, because he was unstoppable from there. strikes out eight in eight shutout innings, shocking birds fans every. o's take it 2-0. fans at the first round of the quicken loans national today. man of the day, david jimmer finishes third, seven birdies today. opening round 65, he's your leader by a stroke. some other talented golfers out there as well. these two took on the shot for heroes. you need to check this out. >> reporter: nobody has gotten a hole in one. they've been doing this two years. this is the third year. >> whoever gets close, this is lunch. this is lunch. ♪ that looks like it's way over.
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>> i see it! >> i win. >> mulligan! >> let's put that back right there. >> i missed. but at least i hit it. >> oh, my god. hook it in again. >> he wins. i buy lunch. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> we just raised $150 for military charities. >> a valiant effort. do you have a place already in mind for lunch? >> i've got a few places. they're not cheap. >> you have a few lunches there. >> but close is relative. >> we'll be right back.
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hey, there's new kind of luxury living come to dupont circles. news4 got a look inside. this is in the old paterson mansion, remade into studio apartments, 350 to 600 square feet. they're small, but it also includes a residence dining room, ballroom, and full bar and library.
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continental breakfast every day, all utilities, cable, internet, and the apartment comes fully furnished. >> oh. >> that's a good one. >> uh-huh. >> prices range from $2800 a month to $9,000. >> whoa. >> they're also focused on social connections. for $9,000, i d't want thaton
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- alex rodriguez, nick kroll, musical guest ,


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