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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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normally peaceful path. this little dog apparently spared by a killer in a bizarre shooting incident on the bike trail beneath the east capitol street bridge. scores of cops on the scene looking for clues to try to unravel this strange story of death. sources tell the story this way. they say it was around 8:30 in the morning. witnesses heard about a half dozen shots. they found a man on the trail who had been shot to death. nearby they found a dog. the dog had been murdered, too. and nearby that dog they found the little dog. the little dog for some reason had been spared. how did this all come about? police are trying to figure that out. sources say investigators believe the dogs found on the scene belong to the murder
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victim. but what led to this shooting? what led to this case of murder? police so far said they don't have a motive. they continue to investigate. now, for hours a large section of the trail was shut down as police work the case. here now reaction from some bikers on the trail. >> it's terrible. this is the first time i have heard of a violent act like that occurring on the trail since i have lived here. >> that's crazy. it don't make no sense. this is a recreation. it shouldn't be like this down here. >> this is going to change the way you ride the trail? >> i don't think so. i just keep on living my life for sure. >> reporter: there is a lookout here, not much of a lookout. here it is. a man dressed in black riding a bike, a red mountain bike. so far n
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>> pat collins, appreciate the information. thank you, sir. new details, a deadly wrong way crash on a major highway. two people died on route 50. we brought this to you as breaking news this morning. we now know much more about the people in the cars including the woman driving in the wrong direction. chris gordon joins us live from annapolis. >> reporter: this was a terrifying accident that could have happened to any of us driving home from the beach or commuting to annapolis from the eastern shore. the driver, it happened right there behind me in the westbound lane. she hit other vehicles head on. some people say in this area that getting confused and entering the wrong lane happens far too often. this overnight accident on route 50 is the most recent in what seems like a rash of recent wrong
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highways that have killed people. investigators say the hyundai driven by 31-year-old christine parks was headed eastbound in the westbound lanes of 50. her car struck the honda head on. it was driven by 34-year-old hui xu of herndon. police are trying to determine the cause of the crash. people who live near route 50 have their own opinions. >> maybe improvement of the signs or some way where it is more difficult to go the wrong way. >> reporter: just last friday two men died in a collision on indian head highway. a northbound car was traveling in the wrong direction. that accident followed a fatal crash on may 17 along route 50 when a woman hit a sports utility vehicle killing her and the other driver. her young son survived the crash. following each fatal accident in maryland highway engineers conduct a thorough investigation. >> they are
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have grown over a sign or lane markings and working to clear that. they found after the survey related to the may 17 fatal crash that there were no issues in that area. >> reporter: police say alcohol may have been involved in the overnight crash. some local motorists say the wrong way driver could have gotten confused. >> it is kind of scary because right around here the exit to get on to 50 towards the bay bridge kind of iffy, kind of scary. it is easy to take the wrong route because they are right next to each other. >> reporter: you're now looking live at the exact spot where the accident reconstruction crew has been investigating looking for a cause. they are trying to determine exactly where the wrong way driver entered route 50. that's the latest live from the sc
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a look into our archives shows three other wrong way crashes on route 50 in the last five years. four people died in a two car crash in february of 2012. among the dead three teenagers in the car going the wrong direction. in may 2013 a 77-year-old woman driving the wrong way ran into a tractor-trailer. three people were hurt but survived. and then may of this year two drivers died in a head on crash just west of the bay bridge. the woman driving the wrong way did not have drugs or alcohol in her system. her baby that was with her survived the crash. you have seen the reaction on social media today as the white house announced a major change in military policy. transgender men and women will no longer be allowed to serve in the u.s. armed forces in any capacity. president trump made that announcement on twitter today after aconsulting with generals and military
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he cites tremendous medical costs and disruption. the announcement leaving many people with more questions than answers. first, what happens? >> something the department of defense and white house will have to work together as implementation takes place and is done so lawfully. >> this reverses a policy change set in motion by president obama last year that allowed transgender service members to service openly. you may recall mr. trump called himself a friend of the lgbtq community. the change in policy could have huge ramifications for any military family with a transgender member. chris lawrence spoke with a local wife and mother to bring us this side of the story. >> her name is amanda brewer married to a soldier. they have six children including jennifer, a teenager transitioning fromal
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female. what was it like for you when you saw this tweet? >> it's like i just lost it. she looked and is like how long is it going to be before i don't have to go march or stand or talk i am just allowed to be? i was like honey, i wish i had an answer for you. in one tweet he can literally ruin your life. >> amanda says she tried to get treatment in children's hospital in a specialized clinic that works with lgbtq kids. tricare wouldn't cover it and jennifer had a rough go of it at school. amanda thinks getting the treatment is what turned it around for her daughter. she is worried about jennifer losing coverage and the transgender service members who have been suddenly singled out. >> where do they stand right now? >> most of them a
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the percentage of americans who just sign up to serve in the military is such a small amount of people compared to the overall population and then to start targeting them and their health care needs. it's horrible. you can't be a fit and ready soldier if you are just waiting for the next tweet. >> i asked amanda, can you see the perspective of those who say this money would be better spent on the war fighters? she says these transgender soldiers and marines are the ones doing the fighting. the cost of their health care does add $2 million to $8 million a year but that is a fraction of a fraction of the military's overall health care budget of nearly $48 billion a year. >> thank you. lawmakers and celebrities are tweeting their reactions to the president's announcement. those who
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americans to contact local lawmakers to complain. the hash tag protect trans troops is trending. some people in support of the president. congressman steve scalise takes a big step forward. the majority whip was discharged this morning. his next stop is in patient rehabilitation program. scalise was shot in the hip last month when a gunman opened fire on republicans practicing baseball. doctors say scalise was near death when he arrived at the hospital. he endured multiple surgeries and infections before being released today. republicans keep trying. the senate just took another stab at health care. it didn't work. this time they voted to repeal and replace later. the bill was modelled after one that passed both chambers in 2015 but died with a presidential veto.
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died in a 45-u vote on the senate floor. more votes are in the works. a vote called skinny repeal could come up for vote tomorrow. mark murray has more details on that option now. >> for the second time in the last 24 hours the united states senate has rejected a replacement or any kind of legislation as they are trying to cobble together an effort to repeal and replace obamacare. and that all means further amendments and people are looking ahead to a possible vote on what is being called the skinny repeal and that is just repealing the individual and employer mandates as well as attacks on medical devices and that measure could end up being voted on by as early as friday. it will be interesting to see if that has the votes and if there is any kind of reception
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might have to replace that or go back to the drawing board. it will be interesting to see with more votes expected. back to you. we have new information kmo coming in. david culver first told you about this story yesterday. a maintenance man is accused of hiding a camera in an apartment complex bathroom in fairfax and encouraging at least one young woman there to use that facility. we can put a face and a name to that story. police are looking for this man, dzubur adnan. he is 39 years old. if you live there take a really close look at his face. police think there is a possibility he may have left the united states. officers offering up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest in this case. back to you.
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the evening hours. it is dry tonight. if you are heading to the nationals game or kids are outside playing you don't have to worry about rain. take a look at your evening planner. beautiful clear skies as clouds diminish just before sunset. sunset time about 8:25. 9:00 upper 70s. 11:00 p.m. mid 70s. noticing humidity a little bit more overnight tonight and definitely noticing it tomorrow and friday. take a look at the road conditions. it's not just humidity but storm chances in the forecast. tomorrow morning it is dry. no worries out there. tomorrow for the evening commute we will be tracking some wet roads and on friday widespread wet roads to deal with during the morning as well as evening hours. more on the timing of the rain to close out the work week and the severe weather impacts coming up in my full forecast. >> so you're saying no car wash? >> not until sunday. >> thank you. a big night out at the ballpark as t
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classic. the big unveiling of the team's new all-star game logo. while on vacation a mother's health takes a turn for the worst. she thought she would be stuck on the other side of the coast. the generosity of strangers will be bringing her back home. an amazing story of kindness coming up. and the local connection to that case of human trafficking
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she was 4,000 miles from home on vacation when her health took a turn for the worst. and because of the medical crisis a prince george's county woman stuck in alaska for months. thanks to outpouring of support she is finally on her way home tonight. prince george's county bureau chief wilkintracee wilkins just. >> reporter: 71-year-old nancy greathouse and her husband paul wanted to live the life they had left together. >> they were looking forward to go on this trip for more than
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and they went on and she could not make it. >> reporter: while on a cruise in alaska greathouse suffered a severe medical crisis and had to be sent to a hospital in anchorage. she was on a respirator. the moment she was taken off of sedation. >> every time the doctors asked what is your goal what are we working on? she would say go home. >> reporter: she wanted to return to the home she and her husband lived in. it would require a special medical flight that could cost from $40,000 to $70,000. her insurance could not pay for it and medicare was stopping hospital coverage in a few weeks. >> we thought how will we get more than $50,000 in less than two weeks. >> reporter: that is when her son create ad go fund me page. >> somebody from the church contacted a news reporter up there and she wrote this article. >> fiv
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less than $3,000 and this morning it's over $60,000. >> my husband said i don't recognize this person. >> two gifts for 2,500, several gifts for 1,000. tonight mr. greathouse is on her way home and her first stop will be assist. living facility. >> why invest money in somebody who is going to die anyway? she could die over there but those weren't god's plans. >> reporter: tonight they tell me they are going to be praying not only for mrs. greathouse to make it here safely but for her to have extended life beyond that point. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. we have a local connection we told you about last night to the case of human trafficking uncovered in that wal-mart parking lot in texas. one of the ten people who died
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inside that overheated trailer grew up here in fairfax county? frank guisseppe fuentes immigrated from guatemala from the u.s. he graduated in 2015. he was protected from deportation under the dream act but his protected status expired last year. i.c.e. says fuentes was a suspected gang member who was -- a strange phone conversation about pig manure. the secretary thought he was talking policy but it was a pair of russian pranksteres known for recording silly phone conversations. he talked about coal exports and natural gas pipelines and tried to remain business like even when they floated alcohol as
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nats park is hosting next year's all-star game and we are pumped about today being park of kicking off excitement. news 4 live at nats park for the festivities. beautiful behind you there. all quiet. >> reporter: it is all quiet. let me tell you, the media circus for the mlb all-star game is officially underway. just about an hour ago we got our first sneak peek of the logo. underneath this tarp fans in the ballpark will get to see the logo. we have a sneak peek as d.c. prepares to host the fifth all-star game. here it is. it says all-star game washington d.c. 2018. the mlb commissioner, d.c. mayor, the nationals owners dusty baker and four players from this year's past all-star game on hand for the unveiling. mayor
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>> we host all national special security events. we welcomed the pope, put on inauguration. we know how to manage traffic, events and people and have a lot of fun. we look forward to 2018. >> it is very difficult to imagine the kind of renewal taking place in this area being driven by anything other than a baseball stadium. and i think the venue stadium itself but even more important the surrounding area will be a fantastic location for an all-star game. >> thank you guys for being here. thank the family for including me in the important table up here. but starting as a 20 year old i feel like that has kind of grown with the fan bases. they have learned to become a baseball city again. it has been fun to watch. >> ande
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metro system and accommodating festivities and said it would be taken care of. a man collapses with a heart issue and a group of strangers are there to help keep him alive. the important message from one of those involved. clear skies now but there are big changes on the way. amelia is back in a flash and talking about some storms on the wa y.
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storm team 4 meteorologist
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the humidity makes all the difference. >> every time. >> how did you guys enjoy today in. >> loved it. >> loved it. >> it's like -- >> i feel like bad news is coming. >> 84. so for tomorrow we are dealing with some thunderstorms and heat and humidity back tomorrow. temperatures around 90 for a high for thursday. on friday storms aren't just a possibility but rain and a few thunderstorms almost a guarantee. take a look at your weather headlines. some thunderstorms possible later in the day tomorrow. heavy rain in the forecast on friday at times we can see one to two inches. with that much rain we could have flooding concerns on friday that linger into saturday. unfortunately, we will have a 50/50 weekend with the chance for showers on saturday. cloudy and cool day and gorgeous weather for your sunday. right now we
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84 in washington. 82 in fredrick. beautiful mainly clear skies out there right now. tomorrow we will have increasing clouds throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies overall. high temperature around 90. late day thunderstorms possible. about 30% chance you are dealing with rain tomorrow afternoon. here is future weather 7:00 a.m. notice clouds for the most part in place. they continue to thicken. and then during the afternoon hours it's not widespread storms we are talking about. most of us i think will stay mainly dry. i can't rule out storms mainly between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. then we move to friday. i'm stopping future weather here at 8:00 a.m. notice showers already in northern virginia for the friday morning commute. lunch time dealing with rain in spots as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. notice bright colors on future weather. pockets of heavy rain. that is where we get flooding concerns. as we head on into the weekend yard work wait until sunday. if you have friday or
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barbecue or birthday party outside definitely have a plan b. if it is on sunday. outdoor exercise awesome on sunday and then get the car washed on sunday because we are looking at a dry stretch. here is your friday. 80% chance for heavy rain and thunderstorms. temperatures in the mid 80s on friday. still pretty muggy. at least humidity is low on saturday. i hate to change the forecast but new information coming in showing chance for showers at times on saturday. morning, noon and into evening hours showers are possible. new information and nailing down timing later tonight and tomorrow, as well. 77 for a high on saturday. 84 sunday. beautiful sunshine on sunday. a picture perfect day on sunday. >> thank you, ma'am. one of the world's best soccer teams joining forces with some d.c. high schoolers. >> the partnership that could end with free trips to spain for
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this neighborhood street back open right now. it was what neighbors awoke to that had them asking what is going on. we are working trying to get an
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> now at 5:30 we just learned the name of the two young
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found dead in a car left running in the middle of a neighborhood street doors wide open. northern virginia reporter david culver talked with the neighbors as they try to process how this callus killing happened on their street. he joins us now live. >> reporter: new information we got from police just in the past hour, the names of the two victims involved in this, ryan cross and gregory dennis. they were young, just 20 and 19 years old. here in lorten you are looking at the spot where this happened this morning. the neighborhood kind of coming back to normal, back open. the disturbing memory of what happened here earlier this morning still lingers. where was it at? >> right up at pohick. right up there. >> it's a quiet neighborhood, real quiet neighborhood. it's oc
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raised a family here. it's home. >> i lived here 25 years. all the kids in the neighborhood always played and had fun. >> reporter: he is hesitant based on what woke him up just before 4:00 this morning. fairfax county police lights and dozens of investigators out here taking notes looking in and around and under this white sedan. police found it like this both passenger and driver doors left open. the two victims sitting lifeless inside. >> my information is that the car was running, the motor was running but it was stopped. >> surprised. nothing like this has ever happened in the area. for something like this to happen it raises some questions. what is going on? >> reporter: what is going on? police
5:33 pm
answer that question. just before coming to you live i had a mom and her daughter pull up and they said this place is quiet. this neighborhood nothing like this ever happens. they don't understand how this could have happened. one of the things police are looking into tonight is the possibility that this was drug related. that is still to be determined. >> david culver, thank you. this is why you stay home from work when you don't feel good. chipotle confirmed norovirus and says it started with a sick employee. the company is vowing to retrain workers on how to prevent outbreaks, handle food properly and follow sick leave procedures. the store closed last tuesday for deep cleaning after dozens of customers became ill. the local outbreak sent the company's stock plunging six percent. we are working for you can details o
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911 m. people can now text in the case of emergency. the county stresses you should only text if you can't call. examples would be people who can't speak because of a disability or someone in a situation where speaking puts them in danger. another warning just like any text your message may not go through right away. prince william county tells us they are working to fix that issue. do you love computer science? this is your week. the first virginia is for computer science lovers week is intended to boost interest in computer jobs across the state. an education group called code virginia is teaming up to highlight educational and economic opportunities. virginia can barely keep up with demand for tech jobs. the state recently made computer science part of the core school curriculum in
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large crowds expected to watch two of the best soccer teams in the world. fc barcelona playing manchester united. our mark segraves shows us what it means for dozens of high school girls. the partnership between d.c. public schools and fc barcelona is something for these young soccer players to cheer about. it means next year as many as 40 high school girls will get a free trip to spain to learn soccer skills at a world class facility. >> barcelona, the best team in the world. what are you going to do about that. it's the field they train on. if i can go there that is great. >> reporter: while none of the players were on hand for the announcement the vice president of the team explained to the students what he said are the five values they will learn. >> first one is humility. the second one is
5:36 pm
the third one is ambition, respect and last but not least this is team work. >> reporter: mayor says this partnership is part of her effort to focus on needs of teenage girls in the district. >> we recognize the importance of sport in the development of children. we recognize having a robust set of sports offerings at facilities and coaches and discipline and teamwork. we know that all of those skills will help them live a rich and successful lives. >> it is really cool. i'm glad they are finally taking it into some girl sports. >> reporter: soccer trip to spain is open to all d.c. public high school girls who are juniors or sieniors. the goal too send two girls from every high school. in the district mark segraves, news 4.
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>> how awesome is that? this week we have been remembering our friend and our colleague jim vance who died saturday after a fight with cancer. >> a special tribute is planned for this friday evening. right now we are hearing from his long time colleagues. >> i'm glad vance is getting his due as newsman and kind and generous man that he was. he was all of that. when i thought about what i wanted to say about him, i heard him say be for real, be yourself. let's be for real. vance was mischievous. he was encourageable. i loved him for that. one piece of video left on earth of me i'm happy it's with vance and george laughing at that poor model because we all need a laugh right about now. i'm going to miss him
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anchor the special. she will share her memories. a tribute to jim vance airs friday night at 7:30 here on news 4. there is a saying that being ready isn't enough. you is to be prepared. those words ringing true for a local man. what he bought for his son that led to him helping save a stranger's life. that time of year the redskins headed to richmond for the start of training camp. carol maloney with four things you need to know about this year's team. we want to know what you think of the team's chances this season. it's our flash survey tonight. so far the results are they'll miss the playoffs.
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a step towards sustainability across the pond. britain says it is banning gas and diesel powered vehicles by the year 2040. the shift is ramping up as the industry feels pressure to meet tighter government pollution standards. france announced the same ban earlier this month. millions of americans will be pausing to view a rare solar eclipse. experts warn us to do it safely. one way is through special glasses that protect your
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paper optics. and if you use those you are also helping a good cause. the company has been gearing up for the event for the past two years now. something special about the design on the glasses the artwork was inspired by patients at st. jude hospital. >> proceeds are donated to saint jude. you can use the glasses to watch the eclipse as it is happening. >> they go for about $20 for a pack of ten pairs. find out how you can order them search glasses in our nbc washington app. it's an issue that sparked a major debate and coming to a close. >> when officials will make a decision about changing the name of jeb stewart high school. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer. a man is being credited with saving another man's lif
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this is a story of strangers coming together to save a man's life. one of those strangers hopes what happened in college park will inspire others. darcy spencer has his message only on 4. >> reporter: reyes was driving on the university of maryland campus when he heard screams. >> someone call 911. we need a defibulator. does anybody have a defibulator. >> reporter: he grabbed his own personal aed from the back of his suv and went to work. a man had collapsed to the ground not far from the stadium. by standers including a local er doctor were performing cpr. >> begin by removing all
5:46 pm
chest. >> reporter: he hooked up the aed to the semi conscious man. it delivered a shock. >> within seconds we had a pulse. within 30 seconds he was breathing and talking. within one minute he was asking what is going on. >> reporter: he is being credited with saving the man's life. he says the man is improving at the hospital and thanked him for what he did. >> what are you thinking? >> i thought this only happens on tv. >> he bought the device to protect his 10-year-old son who is a catcher on a baseball team. he was concerned if his son got hit in the chest with a fastball he could need a shock. he bought it for $1,300 thinking he would probably never get a chance to use it. never dreamed he would use it and save a total stranger's life. >> reporter: he was on campus for a coaching clinic. his daughter is in a field hockey camp. >> i was never interested in health care and hearts but now that he sav
5:47 pm
>> reporter: he hopes his story will inspire others to learn cpr and get familiar with aeds. safe to say you will continue carrying one with you? >> i will continue to carry one with me. >> reporter: reyes hopes he never has to use it again and feels good knowing it's there in his trunk just in case. in college park, darcy spencer, news 4. >> unbelievable story. a debate lasted half as long as civil war itself. tomorrow we should find out whether a school will continue to be named after a confederate general. the school board is supposed to decide whether to rename jeb stewart high. the debate heated up when actor julianne moore raised a petition. a school board committee came up with two reports, one supporting and one opposing a change. chan
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school system up to $900,000. back to school is just around the corner and prince george's county is holding a series of teacher recruitment fairs. some candidates are hired on the spot. right now the greatest need is elementary school teachers. and kaiser is offering free immunizations clinic for prince george's county public school students. parents are asked to bring the exclusion letter provided by the school to the clinic between now and august 4. meanwhile, you can help make sure local students are ready for the coming school year. help a classroom near you by going to the nbc washington website and clicking on the link for supporting our schools. pick a classroom near you then make a donation so students and teachers get exactly what they need. everything from tumbling mats for cheerleaders to composition books to backpacks.
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training camp today and before they hit the practice field some big injury news. carol maloney joins us live from richmond. this story breaking just in the last 20 minutes or so. >> reporter: just moments ago the redskins released the pup list, the physically unable to perform list. guys missing out on first days of training camp. there are names we expected. deangelo hall. then jordan reed on the pup list. we last saw him in mini camp and looked like a beast. this was in june. he has been injury prone his entire career and yet to play an entire season. missed four games last year, some concussion concerns and injured his shoulder on thanksgiving. we do not yet know his injury this time around. now, the four things to watch out for as they do start
5:50 pm
practices tomorrow, kirk cousins, the quarterback no long term deal. will it be a distraction? it wasn't last year as set records. when it comes to the players new receiver prior is a big target at 6'4". he is going to have to be really good with the team losing jackson. a lot of new faces on defense. guys like defensive lineman jonathan allen and look to help improve the d. more on jay gruden's plate. in addition to being the head coach he is going to call the plays, too, this year. it's like when you volunteer to run pta on top of everything else you are doing. did i say that out loud. we'll see what kind of impact he has. working parents know what i'm talking about. it's too much sometimes. he says he is up t
5:51 pm
didn't expect to have my running shoes on today but i am going to run in there and see if i can figure out more and come back to you. >> you are getting a workout. good thing you are in great shape. one of the league's best football players took a big hit before his team opened training camp. wide receiver julio jones lost a diamond earring while jet skiing on this lake in georgia yesterday. this diamond is worth about $150,000. >> i don't have sympathy for this. this is a bad idea. >> it was a rescue mission trying to find that sunken treasure. divers hit the water to try to catch what the star receiver dropped. they didn't pick up what he put down. no luck today. >> that earring was worth a lot? >> it was worth a
5:52 pm
>> it is impossible. absolutely impossible. >> get this. that lake is at least 65 feet deep and the bottom is covered with old tree branches. >> you are wearing somebody's house on your ear and you think it is a smart idea to go wear it -- i have no sympathy. >> he wears it under the helmet when playing. not anymore. i have no sympathy, either. pretty ridiculous. >> you just jealous of that. >> reporter: as far as weather goes today it was another beautiful day. currently temperatures right now still holding in the 80s. as we head into the overnight hours the suburbs falling into the 60s and low 70s here in washington. 84 degrees right now in washington. 79 in gathersburg. 83 in hunting town. beautiful night for baseball game tonight at nats park.
5:53 pm
not a washout by any means but we are noticing from start to finish the heat and humidity. take a look at your hourly planner. 7:00 a.m. waking up to 72 degrees. pretty similar to where we have been in the district but with increase in humidity going to feel a little more uncomfortable especially if you bike or walk to work. by lunch time mostly cloudy. temperatures in the mid 80sism then as we head into the afternoon and evening hours the chance for widely scattered thunderstorms and isolated showers. high tomorrow 90 and by 7:00 p.m. we are in the low 80s. storms by far not a guarantee tomorrow for everybody. it is a day where if we see a thunderstorm develop it could be strong to severe. the biggest concern i am seeing is very heavy rainfall and slow moving thunderstorms and maybe isolated damaging winds. of course, updates tomorrow morning and i will be here filling in for doug tomorrow afternoon. the commute no problem. evening commute slow in
5:54 pm
out for the lunch time walk it is dry and humid taking kids to the playground do it before 2:00 and you will be absolutely fine. dinner outside scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. i wouldn't cancel it but i would be able to move indoors quickly. as we look to friday i think it is storm team 4 weather alert day. rain and storms at times with heavy rain possible on friday. that is going to lead to flooding concerns. we could see one to two inches of rain in the area on friday and maybe more and potential for more rain unfortunately on saturday. that chance of rain carries over to your beach forecast if you are getting out of town and heading to ocean city chance of showers and windy on saturday. mid 70s. sunday it is beautiful at the beaches. 80 degrees for a high. water temperature in the mid 0e7s and pollen report coming in today everything is back to low. here is a look at your ten day. friday high temperature of 86. saturday a high of only 77. it is clou
5:55 pm
maybe showers at times on saturday. sunday it's the beautiful weekend day. temperatures in the mid 80s. after that summerecides to d one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. ring a bell? then you have to try always discreet.
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but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. for incredible protection... snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. i've discovered incredible bladder leak underwear that hugs every curve. can't tell i'm wearing it, can you? always discreet underwear. for bladder leaks.
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these are images we will never forget, that deadly flash flood rolling down the street. >> it happened a year ago this week. while the city has come a long way there is no guaranteeha
5:58 pm
>> the effort to rebuild. >> reporter: it is going to be an emotional weekend. highs and lows. we have to realize that. there are some people who may not want to come. we have to respect that. >> reporter: anniversaries are usually celebrated, not this one. this saturday marks one year since more than six inches of rain fell in about two hours virtually wiping out main street and killing two people. taking a look at downtown now it is truly incredible how far the area has come. >> the buildings are in better shape than a year ago. the streets back in service. the sidewalks are walkable. the spirit that makes this community is indestructible. >> reporter: tuesday officials announced further commitment to prevent tragedy again. four major flood mitigation projects costing about $18 million in local, state and federal
5:59 pm
retain more water in the upper reaches of the water shed and improve the way we move water down hill. basically making water less likely to back up and flood the streets. >> reporter: while a lot has been done already including installation of various retaining walls and drainage improvements construction on the new plan is scheduled to start next year in hopes of slowing down mother nature's next fury. >> although projects will alleviate significant amount of flooding, storm like last year water will still reach buildings. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> a presidential tweet sending shock waves here and across the country tonight. good evening. >> president trump made the announcement on twitter today barring transgender people from serving in the military. there are questions about what it means
6:00 pm
enlisted. >> insiders in the pentagon said they had no idea this was coming and reaction has been shift especially here in washington. what is behind the move? >> reporter: as you can imagine there was certainly a lot of questions around this. many of those questions directly squarely at the white house. during today's briefing the white house spokesperson was unable to say exactly how these changes would be implemented. today from the president's twitter account, political threats and new policy. president trump announcing transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the u.s. military citing tremendous medical costs and disruption. a strong about face from then-candidate trump who called himself a friend of the lgbtq community. >> who is better for the gay community and who is better for women than donald trump? >> reporter: on capi


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