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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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the focus of the search. mig. lived up the street with his mom and a sibling. when he didn't come home last thursday evening, right away friday morning they reported him missing. reported him missing and now police consider him in danger. . >> this is the photo of 18-year-old miguel ruiz that police want to get out and want the public to see. he's an 11th grader in the fairfax county public school district. this was the team searching for him today just after they left the woods late this afternoon. they've been looking and investigating since saturday and the information they developed only created more concern, that's why sunday evening they reclassified him as both missing and endangered. >> suffice it to say, we have acknowledged that we believe it's gang related, again it's so out of his character to just go missing, not let his family know where he is or what he's doing. so given the totality of the circumstances, we're very
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>> reporter: police do want to add, though, that there's no evidence that he himself is involved with a gang. now, police very well aware of the spike in gang violence in northern virginia in the last year that's claimed a number of young lives and that is why they're responding to this case with such an intense search effort. back to you now in the studio, wendy. >> julie carey, thank you, jewels. new information on a storey that had a lot of women who ride metro on edge. there's an arrest now in that up skirting case that occurred at the columbian heights metro. surveillance that we shared with you allegedly shows williams roaming around the metro station and putting his cell phone up a woman's skirt. he's also suspected another up skirting incidents. if you think you've been victimiz victimized, police wano
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north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> tough talked to from president trump as the threat potential from north korea rises. u.s. intelligence assessment has determined that the nation could put a miniaturized nuclear weapon on to a missile. let's get right to nbc with the latest from london. >> reporter: are reaction from around -- reaction from around the world with the nuclear capabilities. that's perhaps because many countries knew that north korea was trying to reach this point. the uss echos an assessment by japan published just this week. this is a diplomatic chess game in which there were multiple players and the stakes are very high. the concern for those
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is that a strike by the u.s. against north korea's nuclear capabilities might set off a regional war in which hundreds of thousands of people would die. that is the kind of scenario that everybody in the region wants to avoid. there has been tough talk, including by china and russia in recent weeks. the question, though, is north korea really listening, back to you. >> also, simmons reporting. teenager will be staying in jail. he's accused of shooting his half brother inside a metro train that was on the red line. montgomery county judge denied bond for jermaine brown today saying he put innocent victims at risk. that was a crowded train. shooting his half brother was an accident. dc police was looking for the three men he was aiming at. men who got into a fight with brown before gunfire. video here mark
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surveillance video shows a couple from montgomery county breaking into a home. prosecutors want you to see it in case there are other victims out there. the couple hit this home in the middle of the day. you see ashley looking inside and earnest jeffries is caught smashing out the back patio glass and going inside. minutes later, he's out with a large red duffel bag. >> it's just a cautionary tale, if you have video, you're likely to get justice in the case. they pled today knowing full well they were caught red handed. >> we concealed the deal. jeffries they stole ammunition and cash from that house. the couple pleaded guilty today. they'll be sentenced in october. jeffries faces up to 20 years in prison. assessing the damage on the other side of the chesapeake bay bridge on the eastern shore. we sent
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national weather service did confirm this. that was a tornado, strong winds flipped cars, brought down trees, this happened yesterday. megan fitzgerald is there today as neighbors are cleaning up the mess left behind. >> the video was incredible. it was scarey. >> reporter: surveillance video does look like a scene from a movie, strong winds flipping over cars, tossing them like toys. we now know they were in the path of a ef 1 tornado. >> we rated this tornado and it is a tornado of ef 1. the maximum wind 100 to 105 mile an hour. >> the tornado's path stretched nearly a mile through town. >> next thing i know it was like this huge boom sound kind of. >> reporter: christine was home when strong winds ripped through her neighborhood, snapping trees and forcing branches through homes and
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have been out here trying to clean up the mess the tornado left behind. the mayor said they're making great progress around town, but two homes have been condemned and it will be a few days before kristine's neighborhood is back to normal. town officials say, mother nature caused thousands of dollars in damage, but this community says, they're just grateful it wasn't worse. >> luckily nobody got hurt, so. >> reporting in salisbury, megan gits gera fitzgerald news 4. >> let's go more on the path and just how quickly it formed. here is amelia draper, what do you know? >> i want to show when the tornado was on the ground touching down at about 1:40 in the afternoon, it puts it from about 1:35 to 1:45, you can see right there on the center of your screen, you see the heaviest range to the north of salisbury. the tornado was actually just south by the university. going to hone down in
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tornado was on the ground. it was right in this area, take a look at the path here. i've drawn that on. this was the path impacting parts of the university, passing over route 13 and traveling up towards the north and the east on the ground for about a mile and a half. but the thing is there was only a severe thunderstorm warning issued for the tornado, not a tornado warning. why is that? well, here is salisbury, here you see the sweeping, this is the radar they used out of wakefield. so as the radar beam goes away from the radar, it actually travels up in the sky. so what happened yesterday, the beam was over shooting the rotation that was down on the ground with that tornado, so it didn't pick up the rotation but it did pick up the fact that there was a severe thunderstorm in the area. again, that's why we say when we see a tornado that is radar indicated, that would be the beam shooting into the cloud and picking up the rotation. but, guys, the beam just over shot that thunderstorm so it couldn't pick up the rotation,
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amelia. a tremendous problem, the likes of which our country has never seen. >> that's how president trump referred to the opioid epidemic just a short time ago. >> the president was meeting with health and human services and other top advisers to talk about the opioid epidemic. the crisis threatens people across the spectrum. and the best way to prevent it is to ensure people don't use opioid's in the first place. he's pushing for stronger prosecution. addicts need to know they matter. her son mattered. he died last year a six-year struggle with this drug addiction. now even the discipline of the military could prevent him from relapsi relapsing. kristin wright is explaining how the county he lives is working to crack down on abuse. >> the 27th is the day that i got to hear my first born say, i love you mom for the
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>> a mother feeling the pain of one year since her only son's death. >> over the period of about six years it was a rollercoaster. >> bryant lawson's addiction to opioid's was relentless. he managed to get clean and join the navy. his mother donna french says life seemed better until he was prescribed pain meds for injury. >> he spiralled into his addiction deeper than he had ever been before. >> like so many communities, opioid addiction is plaguing st. mary's county. the number of deaths so far this year surpassing all of last. brian got help at wall den treatment center in lexington park. dr. kathleen o'bryant tells me opioid addiction has changed the fabric of this county. >> the majority of our treatment has started to become opioid related. >> tomorrow state's attorney will announce
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murder and manslaughter charges against drug dealers they say cause the deaths of six people. brian's mother said her son's dealer was not arrested for hez death. >> he was found dead in the bathroom with loaded si riyring the county. >> -- on the counter. >> there needs to be passion and care. in maryland, kristin wright, news 4. now both maryland and virginia are taking steps to combat opioid abuse. maryland created new policy that requires all medicaid patients to have prior medication to have prescription. there's a stricter prescription drug monitoring program. it requires farmist to review a patient's past drug use before prescribing opioid. the state receives a waiver that
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for substance abuse programs. in virginia the state health department decided a new drug disposal program. they launched a new online resource center to help people recognize and prevent opioid addiction. the white house commission calls on the president to declare a national emergency, some have pointed to racial despairties in just how you approached opioid compared to new drug crisis a few years ago. they found that 560,000 people died from drug overdoses between 1999 and 2016, that's more than the entire population of the city of atlanta. this crisis hitting in all parts of the country, but particularly among whites in the suburbs. now, in contrast to that, the crack epidemic of late '80s and '90s which was concentrated. in 1989, the country's drug czar announced $8 billion to be
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rather than focus on treatment. the addicts help line points out 70% of the money went to hiring new law enforcement and building more prisons. lawmakers passed bills that increased dramatically the prison sentences for crack cocaine which many say targeted african-americans, particularly, young black men. >> we should have responded differently and we did not. but we can't make the same mistake again. america owes an apology to 2 million african-american young men in the 1990s who we put in prison and did not give them the treatment which they needed. >> massachusetts senator, a democrat by the way, he was out of town all last night, he went on to say this that there must be prison reform, something in which he believes there's interest on both sides of the aisle. jim, back to you. >> leon, thanks so much. who is behind the wheel, that storey
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the driverless car. it goes viral this week. it's also raising some questions with some of our viewers. adam tusk bringing you answers next. from the track to the field, even a snow cone truck, we'll give you inside access as dale eahardt, jr. spends a srnpe
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>> i'm with the news, dude. can you pull over so we can talk for a second? >> transportation reporter adam tusk driver disguised as a car seat. the costume is meant to make people think the van is driving itself, turns out it's all part of a virginia tech study as that storey went viral, viewers started asking questions. so tonight adam. let's start with the law. a lot of people asking for this on facebook. what are the rules for testing selle driving cars. >> reporter: in dc and maryland in you're allowed to test as long as someone is able to take control of that vehicle if something goes wrong, so everything that was going on with that van yesterday and over the last couple of days was perfectly fine. you just have t
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the vicinity or in the car that can take over as that happens. don't forget governor here in virginia said he wants virginia to be breeding ground for aton mouse testing. a lot of that stuff is already happening and we've seen plenty of other vehicles being tested, specifically here from virginia tech. so there's plenty of that going on right now. >> adam, we all saw your surprise yesterday as you got a real close up look. is it illegal to drive around with something covering your face even if you can actually see. >> reporter: we dug into this a little bit more. there is a law that says you can't cover your face for any reason whether you're working or need it for a medical reason. that law is very vague. it does not state specifically that you can't have something covering your face while you're driving around. so virginia tech certainly did its research on this before it went out there on the road and actually started
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vehicle. so they can certainly come around that room right there. there's no definitive that says. >> you've got the attention of clowns and santa claus out there, too, now. good stuff. >> sure is. >> thank you. adam. nbc 4 responds more reports of samsung phones catching fire. susan hogan working for you has more on what she found. >> we received a call that says her samsung phone caught fire. says this is all that's left from her phone. >> she showed us the damage her phone is not part of last year's recall involving millions of galaxy note samsungs. we found reports of other
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overheating, and catching fire. >> you now have two chances of jackpots of more than $300 million. so many of you are buying them and the power ball jackpot is now $307 million. drawings for both games of this weekend came and went without winners this past time. it happens tonight at 11:00. the power ball drawing is tomorrow. good luck to everyone with particul particularly. >> you don't need to win the lottery to get in on one on the
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and getting away from its unsofisticated reputation. i've been drinking it for years people. it's also the social media buzz that's upping its popularity. entire companies have been built on the hashtag yes rose. research shows sales are up 60% over the past year. >> more men are drinking. >> that's right. that's right. >> that's good stuff. >> today is international cat day. it's a day for all of you to appreciate she's celebrating with teddy bear. it's first started by the international fund. and it's a time to remember. it's like
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but it's also a time to just remember that there are animals in general in the shelters and nina came from from the shelter. she was just we're going to be clearing the shelter of august 19th the thing about getting a cat or dog. now is the time to do it. august 19th will be clearing the shelters. so keep that in mind and i'm going to get smooches to my little clean up. >> don't regret it. >> saved her. >> it raised a lot of questions. we got a look at how inspectors are handling those. >> higher humidity is moving in. there's something missing from the ten day forecast.
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>> when jim vance died, our community lost a legend. you lost someone who helped make the world a little clearer each night and we lost a very dear friend. so many of you have reached out to us and comfort us and share your memories. we want you to know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness. you have lifted us up. it's a sense of integrity who lives on in all of us here on news 4 and we'll try to continue to live up to his high standards. now more than ever, we're vance strong and working for you.
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>> this is the forecast. and right now 79 degrees and 77 at 7:00 p.m. and a
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this is awesome weather for early august outdoor eating, great tonight. great tomorrow night and looking spectacular on thursday, as well. take a look at your plan for tomorrow. and forecast and 85 and low 80s, low humidity and plenty of sunshi sunshine. outdoor exercises not too hot or too humid. >> and thunderstorms in the forecast and plenty of -- also the mugginess. and warmer, 87. and thursday, take a look thho
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thursday. friday we're only into the 70s, so the temperature on friday really similar to yesterday, kind of cooling and cloudy out there with rain and thunderstorms possible, but best chance of rain and thunderstorms on friday, to be during the second half that you're dealing. and mid-80s. and widespread rain, heavy rain and some storms. you can with a high temperature of 85 and after that we returned to a beautiful stretch of weather and working on this forecast and going to change. it's only tuesday. so we keep having updates.
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>> all right. >> it's a practice that comes under scrutiny. it's part of the debate. reacting to the plan, it will give undocumented a right to vote. troubling news about deaths related to colon cancer whachlt - what is beh - you eainch drive a ford pickup right? - what is beh - yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- oh my... the current chevy silverado. it's the chevy summer drive. get a total value of $9,600 or, get 0% financing for 60 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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extra security will be on hand. the city council in college park will wave this and. >> and. >> to the point, the prince georges c
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making sure their presence is felt. >> reporter: normally. >> if you're not a citizen of this country, you cannot. >> only american citizens should and shouldn't be participating. >> as long as you can prove that you are a resident of college park. and that's white different. >>
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and. >> and the issues -- -- and they are investigating the threats. >> into something unexpected. >> people were so at odds with each other. and you know, they're at odds again. >> reporter: prince georges county police say
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can't get into the specifics of the kind of threats that have been made here for the folks who are working within the college park city hall and members of the council. we're told that there may be an amendment made this evening to put this off to give them a little more time to get some things together. the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. good morning live in college park, tracee wilkins back to you all in the studio. we have an investigation that you'll only see on news 4. the top law enforcement official accepted thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions. mark seagraves broke this storey. mark got a response from attorney general campaign's office telling him the excessive donations were oversights, they have been repaid. mark found out in all, the campaign has refunded $3,500 to its donors. the dc office of campaign finance says it's investigating two dc council members who also
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contributions. today's findings come just two months after mayor was fined $13,000. >> today a training kamcamp, redskins foregoing their morning walk through, rod and dale earnhardt, jr.'s car at the racetrack. the players and for dale, jr., too. >> reporter: yeah, it was. today was the final practice for the redskins before their preseason game on thursday. but as you said, some of the players, including kirk cousins started where the mayor proclaimed today to be dale earnhardt, jr. day, because today is august 8, 8/8. he drives the 88 car. the players got to drive around with him were so excited and in junior's own words, he was
5:36 pm
geeked. >> out there playing. i felt like like we were a foot or two from the wall going 110, 120, 130, to go that fast and be that close to the wall is unbelievable. i do want to go fast like ricky bobby. i don't know, if maybe one more chance i may go out and buy american made sports car. >> dale, shall we do this. >> what's up man. >> good to meet you, bro. >> can we do the dog filter. stick your tongue out. >> that's the most star struck or in awe that i've become as around the redskins having been a fan for so long. any time you get a chance to meet some of the guys that are playing the game it's a real honor. it's cooler for me that i'm a little bit more
5:37 pm
>> the practice with -- kirk cousins dale earnhardt, jr. with poll lite coverage from josh norman. he pulled off the rest of the camp passing off snow cones. >> you can see what i can do, a little bit and i see what he do does. >> reporter: and you can definitely see the admiration between the two and we have to say, when they were driving around that racetrack, guys, they were going 135 miles per hour. >> that's fast stuff. sherree, thank you. you can catch the first preseason game starting 7:30 thursday night and right after the game, catch the ravens. we hope you'll stay tuned for the prime time premier for the weekend update. that followed by news 4 at 11:00. >> more than 96,000 people have signed a petition that calls for a
5:38 pm
quarterback collin kaepernick doesn't get picked up this season, organizers believe it has to do with kaepernick's protest and he said couldn't show pride for a country. later this month director spike lee. and. it was widespread. >> more experience in the air. we're looking at wonderful conditions out there. finally we've got some sunshine as you continue into your evening. temperatures right around the 80 driver's license gree mark comfortable condition gs as we into the over nigh
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the american cancer society says more younger people are dying from colon cancer than in recent years. doctors say they've seen a sharp rise in deaths among people in their 30s, 40s and 50s, particularly in white people. doctors are not sure why there's an increase. the american cancer society recommends that people get a colon
5:42 pm
col col colonoscopy. >> it's shifting the burden to young families. stay away from processed foods. we got the news just before we went on the air this afternoon. legendary singer and song writer glen campbell died today from the cool wrath of alzheimer's disease. he was diagnosed seven years ago and he was in a long-term care facility in nashville when he passed away this afternoon. cowboy, wichita lineman, my favorite. jim on my mind. just some of the biggest hits from campbell's 70 albums. he won numerous grammys. the glenn campbell show, you remember that, was a hit in the early '70s making him more of a household friend. when he was diagnosed with alzheimer's in 2011, he immediatel w
5:43 pm
tour, one last hoorah before the disease pulled him off the stage. he said after he was diagnosed he was at peace with his fate, saying "get up and be a man and do what you have to do." glenn campbell was 81. >> he was tough and sentimental stuff, too. >> certainly was, hef perfect. >> coming up a lot of people getting ready for the solar eclipse in just a couple of weeks. still ahead, how you can find the exact moment down to the second for this rare treat. the official mascot's for the 2018 winter z2fwcz z16fz
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y2fwcy y16fy
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netflix says the episode debuts next year. they'll include indepth interview with one guest and letter man will do segments in the field, which we just love. he joked, if you retire, to spend more time with your family. you need to check with your family, first. >> always. >> he was so looking forward to that. >> we can't wait to see it. netflix, we'll do it. >> the winter olympics just six months away. young city is ahead of schedule with most venues already complete. before the competition begins the city is rolling out the welcome with something fun and
5:47 pm
interactive, too. >> welcome, a one stop interactive playground for all things winter olympics. this unique space offers visitors a chance to learn more about all the different winter sports you'll see at the upcoming winter games. get ready for a high-tech adventure. we're in the experience room where we're going to feel what it's like to compete in some of these olympic events. so fasten your seat belts. we're in for a fun ride. >> this is the only way i get to try it, especially since they travel an average of more than 80 miles an hour. they'll show you how fast it snakes around the windy course. >> how do you crawl out of this thing? >> and the seats move throughout so you can experience every b
5:48 pm
near the finish. >> yeah. >> that was awesome and really hard. i'm not cut out for these winter sports, i can tell you right now. the next stop gives you a smoother ride. you get to experience the sensation of what it's like to compete in the winter sports. i'm going to experience what it's like to ski jump. the reality glasses make you feel like you're on top of the mountains. it's really steep. and i can see the landing area, too. this is like where we were this morning. >> from liftoff to landing, the virge yule reality station let's you be an olympic ski jumper, even for a moment, flying off the slopes and
5:49 pm
ground again. for a change of pace, the last stop is decidedly tech, good old fashion hockey. >> it's not golf, so no -- i know at least that much. okay. ready. >> it's -- isn't my calling. you can try my hand at any number of winter sports to get a feel for the winter olympics. it is your first stop for a firsthand look at competition at the highest level. >> school stuff. be sure to follow on facebook for a look at storeys she brought back and coming up tomorrow night on news 4 at 5. she'll show us some high-tech features korea is ready to launch for these winter olympic
5:50 pm
games. >> we'll get you ready for the solar eclipse. but today we found a new way that you can still get a pretty good view of it. now to put -- nasa puts together this interactive map that let's you zoom so you can see when the ellipse is happening over your house. most of us should be ready to look up. our chief meteorologistist camera is looking up. he's heading south for the big event. he'll be live in clemson south carolina where they'll be in the path of totality. two mondays from now, but doug insists he has to go now. >> i remembered it was going to be raining this monday, right, in a big way. >> it's the following monday. it looks like the best chance
5:51 pm
will be monday. doug is down there. he has his glasses on, he's ready. >> we're hoping the weather stays clear here for august 21st. that's something we'll have to watch and of course we're watching this weekend that's going to be our next chances of rain, fortunately we'll get a days break. >> take a look at your rain fall outlook tomorrow and thursday, it's completely dry, no worries of rain in the forecast, though. as we close out, here is your friday, scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and then we head on into the weekend. saturday we go down, that means a chance for showers and later in the forecast. best chance right now and then sunday, maybe some late day showers and thunderstorms. right now temperatures in the 80s. and
5:52 pm
for the nats to have their game tonight. 81 degrees. pretty unusual in august, we're talking about the humidity levels being nice. and more of that, we'll send it over to lauren. >> tonight is absolutely gorgeous, amelia. last night we got the nats game in, thank goodness. overnight hours last night. throughout the over night and the clouds are clear today, but now as a beautiful evening tonight, take your dinner out si side, the hue mimidity level fo this time of year. it will be comfortable as we continue through thursday. thursday over night into friday, that's when the mugginess starts to build back in. and also the rain chances increase as well. as amelia just showed you, well eel n -- the humidity is going to be on the high side. that's going to be something that we're dealing with as we
5:53 pm
but, of course, we're talking about monday, of course, it looks like the best chance of rain over those next four days. >> yeah, exactly, potentially some heavy rain, you're looking at this this afternoon, we're in the forecast. probably the best day on the work week, beautiful sunshine, low humidity. take a look at your ten-day forecast, 85 for high tomorrow. 87 on thursday. there you see the 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms. 79 for a high on friday, so make sure you take note. we're only in the 70s for friday and you warm back up into the mid-80s for both saturday as well as sunday. maybe some showers around earlier shower, chance for late day thunderstorms on sunday. again, best chance of storms on monday and then after that, well, another beautiful stretch of weather, which we hope lingers into that total solar eclipse. >> we'll take it. thank you. 1,000 ministers in all denominations that march on washington in just a few weeks on the anniversary of
5:54 pm
speech. it's the 1,000 ministers march on august 28th. it will start at the mlk memorial and end at the justice department. reverend al sharpton visited to drum up support for the march. he talked about historic level of gun violence in baltimore and spike in hate crimes and discrimination since president trump took office. you remember the outrage after that united airlines passenger was violently dragged off that over booked plane in chicago. since then, u.s. airlines say passengers being bumped involuntarily has reached its lowest level since 1995. united and other airlines have announced they reduced increase in maximum amount of money they're offering people who willingly give up their seats. >> reporter: in gaithersburg at the montgomery county agri cultural fair. it opens on
5:55 pm
this is the carnival section where the ridesike to l
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5:57 pm
news 4 is working for you to make sure you know how rides are inspected. >> it's hard to forget this ride when it malfunctioned and tossed a young man to his death. news 4 tom sherwood
5:58 pm
firsthand look of safety precautions at the montgomery county fair. >> reporter: in just a few days this midway will be filled with crowds seeking out carnival rides. beyond the kiddy rides, they are the rides that thrill and scare you, the adult rides, they want to be scared but they don't want to be hurt. >> we want folks to be safe. >> reporter: he serves as the executive director of the fair. he spent 30 years with the montgomery county school system. >> this is a second career where i found that running a fair is very similar to very similar to running a school. >> is that a good thing or bad thing. >> it's a good thing. >> reporter: they were out today overseeing construction of the rides before they opened on friday afternoon. the rides will be inspected every day of the fair. the vendor has done the ride since 2006. >> because of their professionalis
5:59 pm
in the industry for ride safety. >> reporter: the fair will draw more than 200,000 people over nine days. people were excited, despite news of safety incidents elsewhere. >> they heard about something in ohio that happened, but i'm not worried with montgomery county fair, they're usually pretty well monitored. >> they seem to do a pretty good job here and other years. i'm not worried about it. >> friday afternoon is the best day for just $15 you can ride all you want from 3:00 p.m. until midnight. in gaithersburg, tom sherwood, news 4. >> and that breaking news is the u.s. enters a troubling new phase in the north korea crisis, one that leads to new questions about how best to protect the nation from a potential nuclear
6:00 pm
aggressive approach with strong words today. >> they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before nbc news has confirmed intelligence experts believe north korea reached a critical milestone in its nuclear weapons program, faster than expected. that news led to president trump's dire warning just a few hours ago. >> blayne alexander is in the white house briefing news with the fallout for us. blayne. >> reporter: these are the toughest words that we've heard not only from this president but really from any u.s. president when it comes to north korea. it's important to point out there are still several steps to go before a long range nuclear weapon has finalized. what this does is ramps up the pressure on the trump administration to take


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