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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00 the agonizing wait for a local family, their son among the missing in that u.s. navy collision at sea. >> the last stand for dozens of families with nowhere to go, forced out of their h
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safe. tonight one man shares his fierce now that he's out. and a local priest who admitted to a past live with the ku klux klan, new details could ex explain why he came forward when he did. . good echg, ten families tonight are preparing to hear the worst about their sons and daughters serving in the u.s. navy. >> and one of those families lives here in montgomery county. this is a picture of electronics technician second class kevin booshle. he served on the uss john mccain. he's one of the sailors missing after a collision in singapore. >> reporter: all of gaithersburg sending positive thoughts to this young man's family
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page three weeks ago, a imagine that would make any family proud, kevin bushel on the on patrol in the east china sea. the 2009 graduate join the navy not long after graduation. the collision on monday between the john mccain and the oil and chemical tanker tore a large hole in the side of the navy ship. they are looking into multiple possible igts of what happened. navy divers wound some remains inside the mccain. when they accessed the flooded compartment. the family has issued a statement saying our family asks for privacy during this difficult time as we continue to wait for further information from the u.s. navy, our thoughts and pairs go out to the family and friends of the other missing
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sailors. >> reporter: kevin's mother is a long time employee of montgomery county circuit court, she's serving as chief deputy. it was just two months ago, the seven sailors died after a similar collision involving the uss fitzgerald off the coast of japan, two of them were from maryland and virginia. personnel specialist first class, and gunners meat sea man. the fitzgerald and the mccain are both part of the navy's seventh fleet, the commander has been relieved of duty. for your safety, you are being ordered to evacuate the property. >> first they used bull horns, then police and firefighters went door to door tonight trying to get the last of the holdouts to leave the condo complex that's been declared unsafe. at t
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we know some residents said they have no where to go. what's it like there right now? >> reporter: just yesterday, this place was home for dozens of families, now there are rows of barricades, cars, police, all there to keep those families out. >> it's crazy right now. i'm upset. >> reporter: walking through what used to be his home. now he's not sure where he'll go. >> it's sad. i have to move all this stuff out on short notice. >> you should give somebody notice, not 24 hours to just up and leave and go to another place. >> reporter: boards going up as the clock ticks down. as moving trucks drive out, police there to make sure people stay out. some people making moves of their own. meanwhile, down the road, george kill banker is at a hotel. for now he's found a place to life. a br
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>> this was supposed to be my retirement. i put a lot of money into this and now i'm back to square one, paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: paychecks he hoped to send to his family. >> i'm supposed to send my mother money, not vice versa. >> reporter: as night falls, families left wondering what the morning will bring. and some families weren't able to move everything out in time. they now have to make a appointment with social services to come back and get their things. live in temple hills. if you thought there was more to that story about a virginia priest revealing his past with the ku klux klan, turns out you were right. the arlington diocese confirms that a freelance reporter was about to out father william ach son before he came clean. the priest claimed he was moved to come forward after the violence in charlottesville. he
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back in the '70s. one couple he targeted spoke today. they said this if he was really sorry, he'd name the people who helped him carry out his crimes. >> burning that cross, he needed help to put that cross up on the ground. >> the father is on a leave of absence from saint leo the great church. he's been working in the arlington diocese for decades. the washington national cau theet draul ill make a decision about two stained glass windows that honor the confederacy. they memorialize robert e. lee and stone wall jackson. workers installed them back in the 1950s. >> those windows won't remain in their current place and context. someth
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>> the cathedral already bloted out the image of two confederate battle flags after the shooting that targeted black worshippers in south carolina. >> the black tarp did nothing. that was a gun stropd to a man's leg as he tried to cut the tarp down with a knife. he eventually stopped. the statute was at the center of protests that killed a woman two weekends ago. today workers used to cherry picker to drape robert e. lee and stone wall jackson. the man said he thought it was a decembera creation. he complied with police. we have wn coming in. the white supremacist featured in that documentary has turned himself in. you may recognize this man, christopher cantwell, more than 44 million people have watched the documentary sincet
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police with the university of virginia issued arrest warrants for him last night. he's facing two felony charges of using tear gas that weekend. this time tomorrow, we hope to know how a woman ended up buried alive on a ocean city beach. police announced today they're finished with their investigation and ocean city's mayor is expected to update reporters in the morning. the woman was found late last month. she was visiting with her family from texas. tom is the first day of school in loudoun county. be sure to watch tomorrow morning for the latest traffic and weather. we'll also be talking to a third grade teacher who is now working at the elementary school she attended as a child in ashburn. and if your kids go to school in fairfax county, you might get a personal visit from your teacher tomorrow. teachers are heading outnt
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schools, going door to door to personally welcome stupds back. the school year starts on monday in fairfax moint. a young woman can't walk and the dump truck driver who hit her may get off with a ticket. dc police say he failed to yield to miss butler last month. he hit or on south dak avenue near south east and dragged her nearly 70 feet before he heard her scream. she tells pat collins what the driver said to her. >> reporter: did he talk to you after it happened. >> he didn't talk to me. he said i'm sorry what happened. i said that's all you can say? look i can't even walk now because of you. >> reporter: al various easy is facing hit and run from in 2017. he is facing charges in that case. he no longer drives trucks for fort mire
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the company says they are cooperating with the investigation. felt like 100 degrees across the area yesterday. today much cooler. temperatures into the mid 80s, but the cold front will drop temperatures further as we go the next couple days into the conditioned. i'm tracking what
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we're monitoring talk of a government shutdown here at the live desk. late tonight the white house refused to walk back the president's pledge to take us there over the funding for
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>> the obstructionist democrats would like us not to do it, but we need to close down our government, we're building the wall. >> that comment drew cheers last night in phoenix. reporters pushed the press secretary for more as air force one made its way back to washington. she made clear that wall is one of his top priorities. but there is push back even from top republicans back on capitol hill. house speaker paul ryan saying he doesn't think a shutdown is necessary and most people don't want it, himself included. going back to you. somebody's life may have just dramatically changed in the last few minutes. the numbers for tonight's $700 million powerball jackpot are in. here you go. they are. 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and the power ball is 4. this was the
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if no one hit the jackpot tonight, and no one here did, we'll still be finish inthe broadcast, then the next jackpot could surpass a billion. >> i wanted to wait for that one any way. colin camper nick became a controversial person to kneel during the -- the quarterback doesn't have a job. it brought the naacp and other protestors to new york city to protest. they kneel nfl owners are not giving kaepernick a chance because of his political beliefs and they're calling on the league to step in. >> and we've got to make sure that the modern day mohamed ally, kaepernick, we surround and support him and tell the national football league we will not lay down.
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summers to a super bowl with the ravens. the ravens showed some interest in signing him as a back-up, but he is still looking for work. a community radio station with a mission to stop crime is forced to shut down because of a burglary. somebody broke into the we act radio offices overnight. they took broadcasting equipment and the hard drives and cameras the station uses to get out its message. the station's could founders talked only to news 4. they said the set back keeps them from helping their neighborhood. >> we were response organize the book store to address crime in our community. and now this prevents us from doing that. >> the station is asking for the community's help to get back on its feet. they took hard drives to store security camera video, so dc police will need help finding them. the cream of the crop in the world of tennis are
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on prince george's county, the best 18's and under from all over the world are competing this saturday in the tennis fed rigs championships. among the top talent, and drew findy, son of the former t.c. mayor. i got a chance to hit with him today and hear what drives him to play on the world stage. he has advice for youngers considering taking up the stores. on news 4 at 5:00 tomorrow. he is 66'4" and he ran wree rag he had. he's a twin. matthew's his brother. foo. we'll look forward to your story. >> he crushed me, so -- how good that kid is. out there today we saw a great day. let me talk about tennis the next few days
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book time in bubble, whatever, out doors is the way to go the next couple days whether you bike, play tennis, take the dog for a extra long run, whatever it is, go to the pool, all looking great. we are reeling in for fan tas if i can weather, 75 dress, wind 7 miles an hour, and we are in the 60s in some spots, 68, nice night. any chance of rain? charlottesville, these are christing to the south, maybe they'll stay in the southern portions of it. nothing falling in our area. we'll see clear skies tonight. 82 degrees tomorrow. a great day tomorrow. most of us, if not all of us remain dry tomorrow. satellite radar, the front moving to the south, here's the showers toward the charlottesville area, forming along the
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that front is ushering in great weather from canada, we're going to see the canadian air into next week, maybe the end of next week, below average temperatures moving in. something else we're tracking, tropical depression harvey, it could become a tropical storm, but all eyes on the coast of texas here. we are watching the storm very, very closely. currently winds of 35 miles an hour, moving to the northwest at 2, not moving fast. it is forecast by the national hurricane center to take on shore close to corpus christy with category 1 hurricane. but it's not that. normally a storm would move right on in. watch happens. look at this wide area. this is saturday, sunday, monday. this is supposed to kit around corpus christy upwards of three to four days. this is going to inundate parts of southern texas, houston, one of the latest
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this is what i was showing you earlier today. this is one computer model, 10 to 20 inches, one of the latest ones has isolated rainfall total for corpus christy near 40 inches. this could be incredible frooding. we saw it in tropical storm al is in 2002. this is something we're going to talk a lot about over the next couple days. i think it will come our way. take a look at next week, thursday, tracking harvey, it could impact our labor day weekend. first this weekend, absolutely gorgeous but a little on the cool side, if you're heading to the beach, camping, take the sweatshirt because we are talking cool numbers there, i think many areas will see numbers in the mid to upper 50s as we move on through the weekend, really a very cool forecast. averages 86, we could be below average almost the entire 10 day forecast. >> lot of us might be glad to put on a sweatshirt. >> open the windows
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after. coming up a welcome return for the redskins but will we see read in the preseason. >> sports next, but
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> starting off with redskins still putting together before game three into that's what the preseason is for, figure out the parts as coach said, you need to evaluate. ahead of the most, say, important preseason
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redskins addressing a -- they traded the steelers for center luke as crawly, it was last night we learn the skins starting center had knee surgery and expected to be back in the few weeks. the next couple weeks someone will be handing the ball to kirk cousins. the quarterback. the happiest guy at practice. and the the second happiest the head coach. their superstar tight end jordan reed back on the field. he missed all of training camp and preseason with a toe injury. how par important is it to play? >> a player like read will be fine either way. >> i think jordan's the type of guy that has missed time before and not missed a beat.
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that can do that. you like to have a player get involved in a game before you play a real one. >> i think it's important to feel some hits and things like that, get my feet under me. i think it's really important. >> from football to football, hosting atlanta, 46 minimum, scoreless, snerg the pass that is rustle ken house with the header and it find the way, check this out, the header goes right off atlanta defr michael park hurst, d.c. united will take it. >> good play. >> but wasn't the best night. the nationals, washington's won every game against houston since april 2012. that streak just ended. including side liner who couldn't get away from
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edwin johnson on the mound, tied add 1, changes that with a swing, sends this one high and deep to left center, gone. jackson allows two runs over six innings. in the bullpen not helping the cause in the 8th, mac grace facing mac staffy, this one what we call a moon shot, wave goodbye to that. as astros make a 3-1 lead. shawn killy, they're all coming home. a three-run shot to center. houston gives the nats a problem. astros win it 6-1. orioles hosting. their cards could use prayers. bottom 12. tied at 7, manny machado, he might be a saint in baltimore. he smacks the balance into the seats in left center, walk off home
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second time in five days. orioles walk off winners against the a's, 8-7. he hit that last one, he hit a grand slam walkoff on friday, he hit three home runs in that game. so -- >> unbelievable. >> it's working, whatever he's
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lot of parents taking their children off to
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president obama and michelle taking time off from dc. they were spotted in cambridge massachusetts before she begins her appreciateman year at college. she took a year off after high school to work, travel and complete a internship. people are following their knows to the u.s. bow tannic garden to get a whiff of that stinky plant. the corpse flower is expected to bloom any time between today and tomorrow, its smell is compared to something rotting. the staff recreated a synthetic version of the smell to waft at visitors. the smells vary from garlic, a body, a used
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barbara brought some in in o jar today. it was a hint of diaper, but mostly garlic and alleges bit of fish in there, too. go to sleep on that, folks. thanks barbara. >> you got the full experience. >> that's going to do it for us. the tonight show with
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john boyega, youtube stars rhett & link, musical guests kygo an


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