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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 2, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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vegas boulevard south. we experienced an active shooter situation, approximately 10:08 p.m. tonight, this evening. we had calls come in to dispatch of multiple shots being fired from the direction of the mandalay bay toward the route 91 concert that was taking place on the east side of las vegas boulevard. through investigation and response we determined there was a shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect at that location. he is dead currently. he has been identified. he is a local resident. i will not release his name at this time. but we are interested in a companion that is traveling with him and her name is and i will provide you the names so please be accurate on this is mary
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loudanley. she is an asian female, approximately 4'11". weight of 111 pounds. we have not located her at this time and we are interested in talking to her for followup. two vehicles we're interested in locating and we need your assistance with that. we have a hundred die tucson with nevada plate 114 b 40 and a chrysler pacifica touring nevada plate 19d 401. these are the plates registered to the suspect that we located at the mandalay bay. so there's a couple things that need to occur at this time. one is the red cross is responding to the headquarters here at the police department at s
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receive any phone calls from family members who are trying to locate their family that attended the concert and are unable to contact them. so that number will be established here shortly and we'll get it out to you to publicize it here shortly. addition additionally, anybody that may have cell phone video or any type of video that would be of benefit to the investigation, please respond to the las vegas police department headquarters at 400 south martin luther king and we will take custody of that video. so if you have it, you evaluate it and you think it would be of benefit, please bring that down to the headquarters. family members, if you are unable to call or you do not want to wait for a call and you want to respond in person, we have set up a family retreat area for you to respond so we can help you locate your loved ones here at the headquarters, so you will be
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police officer here at the headquarters and they will direct you where you need to go. standing with me is special agent in charge of the fbi. he is assisting with the investigation which is ongoing and then we have fire chief greg castle from clark county fire and they're assisting with all the victims. as far as number of victims i cannot give you an accurate number at this point. we have well in excess of a hundred plus injured and in excess of 20 plus that have died at this point. so we will get those numbers to you accurately as soon as we can. but please bear with us. this is an ongoing investigation but we are comfortable that the primary aggressor in this event is -- has expired or passed away, and he is no longer a threat. there has been multiple phone calls and accusations or conjecture coming through social media that there's multiple
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shooters at other resorts. that has been proven to be false. additionally there has been accusations or belief -- there's some explosives going off, that is also false. the only explosive contained in this event was from our swat team breaching the room, so please, we are pretty confident that there is no longer a threat other than we are attempting to locate the person of interest. >> any kind of motive or anything? >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. >> any kind of motive? >> no, it's an ongoing investigation. as you can imagine, it just happened. please bear with us. we have all the forces to bear, public safety
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okay. i'm going to say this one more time. we do not know, it's an ongoing investigation. right now we believe he is the sole aggressor at this point and the scene is static. we are attempting to locate the person of interest. >> i have two police officers that are currently at the hospital. one in critical condition and the other one minor injuries. but there are other police officers that were off duty attending the concert that have expired. we have -- we don't have those individuals identified at this point. >> reporter: how many people who are injured right now? >> right now we believe it's a hundred plus injured and 20 plus dead. okay. and i don'tnt
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have it at this point. >> i want people to shelter in place and we'll advise when they're free to go. it's better to stay in place. all i know is that they are roommates. >> what kind of weapon was used? >> i can't give you that now. >> would you be able to repeat the make and models of the cars that you're looking for? >> yes, absolutely. we're looking
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additionally we're looking for a chrysler pacifica touring, unknown color. nevada plate 19d 401. >> this is a devastating time. what words of comfort do you have for las vegas residents right now? >> it's a devastating time and it's unfortunate and we have been talking about active shooters in the past and it's unfortunate it did occur here but we have responded to the scene and we're doing the best we can to provide safety for the survivors and right now we believe it's a sole actor, a lone wolf type actor. and we have the place under control. >> can you provide details on how he was taken down? >> no, i cannot. we'll advise you of the schedule as they come forward. thank you. >> all right. let's recap for you what we just heard thre
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you were just listening to the sheriff of clark county who briefed reporters on what they've learned. a lot of information coming out both about what took place and more importantly where the investigation is going forward from this point on. we want to start with what he was able to tell us and perhaps most notably the number of fatalities, the number of injured within the last hour obviously being re-evaluated. two people killed and 24 injured. now according to the sheriff he's saying in order of 20 plus individuals killed, 100 plus more injured. that is according to the sheriff of clark county. what he was able to describe for us began around 10:08 local time. he said there were multiple reports of gun fire coming from the direction of the mandalay bay hotel, in the direction of a music festival that was taking place on the eastern part of the las vegas strip. police officers responded to the scene where they believe he was
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that hotel. they engaged the suspects and the suspect was killed. they have identified who that man is. they've described him as a local resident of las vegas, not giving any more information as to his identity, his motivation, other than to simply say that he was a local resident of las vegas. interestingly enough though, they're now talking about who they are looking for. they eve identified an asian woman according to the sheriff. mary lou danley. they've also identified two vehicles that they believe were registered to the gunman and are now in pursuit of. so they are asking for the community's help. anybody who may have seen these two vehicles to contact police. they have working with officials from the red cross to try to help families who may have been in the area or at that concert. they've set up a family reconnection hot line. that number is going t
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a lot of folks who may have had cell phone video to provide that to the area as they continue that investigation, but again, the headline coming out of that, over 20 people dead, over 100 people injured as a result of that shooting that took place in las vegas this evening. >> and the sheriff wanting everybody to understand that this investigation is very much ongoing. there are reports on line. he said this could be a multiple shooter situation. there were explosions going off on the strip and he has re reiterated that that has not happened. however, they will looking for this asian female mary lou d danley. i want to take a listen to the video from the scene where you could hear the multiple gunshots just spraying over that concert crowd.
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[ gun fire sounds ] >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> shocking to hear from this vantage point. you can only imagine what those people. >> reporter: thinking not knowing if it was gun fire. but some people say they saw it was muzzle flashes coming from the building and the shooter was on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. i want to go to pete williams now who's in washington, d.c. for us and pete is just joining us. what are you hearing from your vantage point having just heard the press conference that we all listened in to from the sheriff
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there? >> reporter: well, the information that i've gotten from the federal authorities i've talked to and obviously they're in support of the las vegas police is that they don't know the motive yet either and that's going to take some time. they know the name of the suspect. they're not releasing it at this point. we've heard some names but we haven't confirmed them. but the investigative effort now is to search this man's house. we know that the police say that the shots were fired by a male suspect, so he's a local resident so police are getting the search warrants they need to search his house. they know what cars are registered to him and they're asking people to help find those cars. they have the nevada plates for those cars and the make and model of the car. they didn't give the year, but recent model presumably, so they know the cars because they know the suspect and they know the cars that are registered to the suspect and they also have asked
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woman who was his roommate or his companion as the police call it and they've identified her as mary lou danley. they say she's 4'11", asian, weighs 111 pounds. they say the shots came from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. that hotel according to the website has 43 floors, so they were not at the very top of the hotel, but up in the upper floors of the hotel, and the police have been saying for some time that the number of people killed was going to be very high, 20 plus, the police say. 100 plus injured and from the sound of the -- what we heard from the -- this video and others, and hearing from witnesses there, they say it sounded like automatic fire from the rifles that were being
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it clear that they believe only a single person fired all these shots, simply spraying what is apparently automatic weapons fire from the 32nd floor of this otell down on the concert goers on the other -- just across the street. >> all right. stand by. we have vince with us on the phone who shot the video that we've been showing to people throughout the night. this video that you're seeing right there of people running away, of hearing that gun fire spray over that concert. vincent, do i have you? >> yeah, you've got me here. >> how are you doing? >> good. a scary situation and i didn't think it was real until, you know, you start seeing people running. >> i mean, tell me, what was it like? you were there, you shot that video. what was it like when you first heard those shots ring out? >> caller: sounded like fireworks. i thought honestly, i'm a local
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and i thought honestly from the smell it smelled like a pyrotechnic. i they thought they messed up, they were kind of misfiring and then it stopped and then it went again and then it started getting like louder and then you saw people start screaming. you see jason aldean start running offer the stage and then from the front of the stage where we were at where the shooter was and then you see people running, you saw a body on the floor and people just started running. it was hectic. >> what was going through your head at that point when you saw that body on the floor going from listening to jason aldean to seeing a body on the floor in your hometown of las vegas, a place that you feel safe walking every single day? >> caller: well, i mean, it's a complete just mind freak on you. you've got an amazing country concert and you were having a great time and then it's like somebody can do this. it's just mind blowing. it just gets -- you know,
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drinking and some people thinking, you know, saying one thing, and others another, everyone was just hiding and diving our bleachers and we were pretty much just kind of running and ducking and you hear gunshots everyone would get down and we'd hide under the concession stands and they ork strait -- aorchestrated everyone to mm and people started running at the bar. so -- >> if i can, waynted to ask you we have the video, i want you to put in context for us where you are in relation to the shooting when it started. i assume obviously everyone was facing the stage. did the shooting come from behind you, to the left of you? put it in context for us. >> caller: yeah, it
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we were standing, if you're facing the stage, to the right of it, so we were standing right where the shooting was going on by mandalay bay. >> did you pass through any security? was there a police presence outside where you were at the time? >> yeah, there's -- there's security out there. they would wand you, search you, you know, there was some on that end. >> and that was to get into the venue though. right? >> correct. >> and what about when you were -- after all this took place, how -- did authorities at all descend on the concert? was anybody there trying to direct you in any direction or was it sort of a free for all, people just sort of running to get out? >> caller: it was a little bit of both. you know, the staff at route 91, you've got to give them credit for people that are really -- that are just hired for that one efferent for them to be able to stay calm and try to orchestrate people in the right way because you
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for all of running. so they were orchestrating and the metro was also there, you know, directing people to safe locations which was at that point at mgm. >> how long was the whole ordeal for you from the moment you realized your life was in danger when the shooting began until you were able to feel safe and secure. >> caller: i just started feeling safe and secure right now at a friend's house. >> were you there with friends? is everyone okay? >> yeah. we did have a mutual friend that got hit but he's safe. he's getting treatment. i haven't been updated on that one but the people that we were with, we're safe at the moment. but it's more -- i'm a local out here. i've got somewhere to go and i know how to get in and out of these hotels and that's how i got out of mgm. i'm not going to be a sitting targ
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car out but i feel bad for everyone who's visiting and they don't know where to go right now. they're stranded and it's making me nervous. >> for your particular situation we are happy your friend is doing all right. and everybody is safe and accounted for. >> it's peace of mind now. it's crazy this happens but it's going down and it's the people that are visiting right now, i mean, imagine you came to visit and you can't come out of your hotel. it's confusing. it's a messed up time going on. >> why did you decide to turn your camera on? >> well, to be honest, i don't know why, but in this day and age with news and everything going on you just hold it up and you can be safe. not safe, but i mean, it needed to be documented. i first thought it was fireworks. i thought it was part of the show and we realized, you hold it up and you don't think about these kind of things. >> let me ask you in
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i'm sure you're aware of some of the incidents that took place in manchester. did the thought of that weigh in at all in your decision when you were going into this concert tonight? is security or safety something you were taking into account? >> no, not at all. no, i mean, like i said, i love country music. i love route 91. i took off for the weekend for it. i had none of that thought in mind that something like this could happen. this isn't the kind of thing i would feel. >> for anyone who may have had cell phone video, certainly you have video that we've been playing throughout the night that obviously makes very clear the sounds of those gunshots, we're obviously very relieved to have you with us. we're happy for you and i know this is a difficult time f
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our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone you know in that area and we wish your friend a speedy recovery as well. >> thank you, vincent. >> caller: thank you. >> we want to go to some audio of a 911 call. let's take a listen to that. >> upstairs mandalay bay, halfway up, i seen a shot coming from mandalay bay. we have multiple casualties. multiple casualties. >> be advised it was automatic fire fully automatic fire from an elevated position. take cover. >> multiple gsw mplts send a medical team. 4a south of reno. >> you were just listening to that broadcast of multiple 911 calls. you can hear the dispatch reporting multiple
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for gunshot wounds. we have with us joe fryer who has a vantage point over las vegas. joe, give us a quick update in terms of how it's playing out now that police have confirmed that the shooting situation has -- has ended with the killing of the suspect. >> reporter: yeah, well, as we heard, the police -- the sheriff saying earlier he still wants people to remain in place, to shelter in place. now that we've heard the news conference we know how close we are to the scene. we are in the mandalay bay tower. our hotel is the four seasons which is in the mandalay bay tower on the higher levels. we are on the 38th floor. the shooting suspect was on the 32nd floor of mandalay bay. we don't know where along here it happened but we can tell you where we are, the 38th floor. these windows do not open at least where we are in t
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the scene you're going to see in some of the upper levels throughout las vegas. we want to show you the vantage point where we are. i'm going to turn off the light so you can see through the glass here at night, but basically right across the street that's where the concert was taking place. music.ute 91 harvest festival, it was packed. it's dark right now but it was packed with thousands of fans listening to a singer, jason aldean was singing at the time. we've told he's safe but this is where all these people were. we're on the 38th floor here from the mandalay bay tower looking across where this concert was. it gives you a vague idea of perhaps the shootser's perspective coming from the mandalay bay tower on the 32nd floor. of course police have told us now they were able to engage the suspect from here on the 32nd floor and they were able to shoot him dead from here. we don't want to give away too much information but there's been a
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throughout the night. initially when we heard about these shots we called down to the front desk. they told us the hotel was in a lockdown and we have stayed put ever since that time. so we're looking down across the strip. of course mandalay bay is on one end of the strip. we're looking at the heart of las vegas and if you're looking down, we can see some buses, there are three buses in a row that are sort of pulling through. those are the first nonemergency vehicles we've seen in quite some time. but police immediately came out here and blocked all of the intersections to make sure no more cars were coming into this area. we've seen a lot of police vehicles and a lot of ambulances that flooded this area and it was their job to try and get everyone to hospitals. >> joe, quickly, you're saying that you're in the four seasons on the 38th floor i believe. just so everybody can get a perspective on that if they don't know what the mandalay bay resort looks like, how many tours are there that this shooter could have been in? we know
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but not exactly which tower he was in. how many tours is there a possibility he could have been in? >> reporter: the mandalay bay is more like an x. so there's sort of different wings to it. we don't know which wing he was in and we want to make that clear. there's a tower nearby, but there are sort of different wings to it. we don't know where he was but that's sort of the layout. it's an x shape. >> all right. joe fryer live for us there on one of the elevated floors at mandalay bay just above the floor where police say the shooter was on the 32nd floor below. we have all of our nbc affiliates and stations joining us throughout our coverage at this hour. we will take a break and recap at the top of the hour for you everything that we've learned both from the clark county sheriff who spoke a short while ago as well as from all the eyewitness accounts and our reporters on the ground.
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pete williams who's confirmed for us that the fbi is now assisting in the investigation as they continue to look for a person of interest, a person they've described as the companion of the shooter who they believe was responsible for tonight's killing. the death toll of that now stands at least at 20, could be more, as the night unfolds. we've also gotten reports according to the police that a hundred people were injured so obviously a deadly situation continuing to unfold here by the minute. >> we're actually not going to take a break because we want to continue our coverage of what's been happening in las vegas for people just joining us. i want to show people some more video that we have of a witness that was at the concert. let's take a listen to that and we'll go to steve patterson who's been reporting for us. >> and then the reaction. you begin to hear the screams
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>> unbelievable. i just got goose bumps after hearing that. that is a really tragic -- >> you can hear there and we heard just sort of put that next to the video that we heard earlier from vincent that we spoke to. this is a different vantage point. you're hearing jason aldean listening to this music there and then you're hearing shots ring out not knowing exactly what's happening. and turning out it's automatic gun fire happening at a concert that you're attending on a sunday evening there and here we have it, 20 plus people now dead, confirmed 100 plus people injured. wow. just pretty terrifying even to hear it from here and we weren't attending that concert there. imagine being a witness to that happening. i want to go to steve patterson who has been covering this with us all morning. steve, do i have you? >> reporter: you have me. i can hear you. >> so you were standing by for that press conference there when we were listening to the sheriff sort of
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bring us up to date as to what you're learning from the ground. >> reporter: so from the ground we continue to have a stream of people who were at that venue at the time of the shooting. there was one woman that just wandered out, probably about 20 minutes ago while that press conference was happening. she didn't know where to go. she came from that shooting. she was there as the shooting was taking place. she described that automatic gun fire sounding first as so many people have described it. it sounded like a series of fireworks going off and then realizing it was automatic gun fire raining down from an elevated position. she said there were bodies littered around everywhere where she was. she said there was a body on top of her and she used that to play dead for a few minutes and tried to rush off as so many people did from that venue out on to the strip where there was aldy
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police then tried to push those folks as far away from the scene as possible and that's the scene that we've had now for a few hours. complete lockdown here where police blocking this area and on foot going from residents and building and casino, casino, casino to push people out and keep people away and keep this area safe. back to you. >> all right. we appreciate you joining us. thanks so much for covering this with us the last couple of hours. we want to take a pause as we allow other networks to rejoin us, and as we do, want to bring everybody up to date as to what's been going on. we've been covering this las vegas shooting outside the mandalay bay. concert goers reporting they saw multiple muzzle flashes there. 26 people were admitted to the hospital. we are now hearing 100 plus people were injured and confirmation of 20 plus people dead. we hea t
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shooting took place about 10:08 p.m. and the suspect is now dead and they're looki asian female, mary lou danley. let's take a pause here, everybody. out of las vegas, nevada. a deadly mass shooting. >> it happened after 1:00 a.m. eastern time, about 10:00 local time near the mandalay resort and casino on the vegas strip. jason aldean was performing the finale of a three-day festival, when the sound of automatic gunfire erupted. >> we just received, you can


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