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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 8, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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sports team including the nats that made it happen. they came through. >> the team wanted a hero. they got a couple. >> hope you're having a good start to your sunday morning. >> thank you for joining us here as well as all of you joining us live already on book mere on the nbc washington facebook page. >> the second land fall of nate. live fisks from the gulf koes this morning. what was a hurricane just got downgraded to a tropical storm. you can see the radar but not before all of this caused major flooding. >> we want to send things to lauren standing by for a look at where nate is headed next and whether or not we'll see rain because of it. this thing is moving fast. >> oh; man. it came barrelling into mississippi late last night. 12:30. that's when it made land fall. really just missing new orleans but they're still
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eastern side going out toward alabama. that's where they were seeing storm surge and the rain out there right now, not from nate. not yet. 76 right now. get ready. ladies put a whole bunch of hair spray in your hair. it's so humid it feels like a july day out there because it's so muggy and the humidity is so thick and we're going to continue to have that around through much of the week. now the radar showing light showers. you can still see right around we are still seeing showers a few showers. this is all from a frontal system. rain will continue through much of the day and then we tap into that moisture. that's nate. we'll time it out for you and sort everything out coming up. >> thank you very much. more on the breaking news that lauren was just
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making a second land fall as a category 1 hurricane. >> take a look at it. it's moving and turning. you can see the storm there. we're starting to see images of the destruction nate is leaving behind. take a look at this. nate carried strong flood waters. this is in mississippi. it actually at this point it picked up some cars in the parking deck and if you stayed at the golden nugget in this town, this is what it looks like now. jay is along the gulf coast with the very latest. >> nate made a second land fall overnight along the mississippi
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coast. 85 to 90 miles per hour pushing water and rain and other places it wasn't supposed to be. rushing through the area as quickly as it proved in. >> this is an unusual storm. moved fast and with a minimal amount of damage we hope. >> that was not the case as nate ripped through central america earlier in the week as a tropical storm. the system blamed for at least 2 dozen deaths across the region. this is one of the 10 most active on record. 14 named storms and five hurricanes. those category 3 or higher. nate a strong reminder that hurricane season continues through the end of november. nbc news
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>> time now is 9:03. we're learning about positive news for the family of a maryland native shot in the head during the las vegas massacre. the young woman has been able to breathe on her own for a little bit. now the family posted an update on the go fund me page. they say that frost breathed on her own for 30 minutes yesterday with little help from the ventilator. doctors also say some of her organs are working again. now she has been in a coma since the shooting. she graduated from high school in 2008. >> jason aldean was on stage when the gunfire in las vegas overtook the crowd right in front of him. last night he made an appearance on saturday night live. >> aldean paying tribute to those that were killed and hurt through the words of the late tom petty. he performed won't back down during the show's opening. the country artist says he is
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happened that night and how to pick up the pieces. he had this message for everyone touched by this tragedy. >> we hurt for you. and we hurt with you. you can be sure that we're going to walk through these tough times together every step of the way. because when america is at its best, our bond and our spirit it's unbreakable. >> 58 people were killed during the shooting and nearly 500 others were hurt. and as you heard there, jason aldean, he sang that tom petty song. likely also to honor the music icon. >> hard to believe that petty is gone. he died from cardiac arrest a day after the shooting. >> the time is 9:05. it's an emotional weekend for dozens of families as we remember fallen heros. the u.s. fire service is paying tribute to the lives of 75 firefighters that died in the line of duty last year. >> one of them is from prince george's county. mark is live
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are being honored. good morning. >> good morning, for the past 25 years they have been holding this ceremony here and more than 3,500 names have been added. 75 new names from last year. yes that happened actually after the actual injury. many of those from 911 but as you mentioned from our area, from prince george's county, the young volunteer firefighter that was killed earlier this year when performing a welfare check on a man in prince george's county and was shot and killed. his name today will be added to this memorial. last night there was a candlelight vigil service as there is every year. today we're inside because of the rain. i'm joined now live by the prince george's county fire department chief. thanks for joining us. this is a somber day for your department and for the family. can you first tell us
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family is getting along now? >> they're still grieving and first i want to say that he was one of our career members and family is coping as best they can and there's another opportunity for -- to get support from the fallen firefighters foundation and it's great that the foundation is supporting families that have lost loved ones that are given the ultimate sacrifice as well as recognizing the firefighters on a national stage for their ultimate sacrifice. >> it's a sad reality of your line of work that typically we don't see someone shot and killed, a firefighter. what has been put in place to ensure the safety of firefighters going forward. >> on that day our crews did exactly what they were trained and supposed to do. they had a loved one on the scene with the shoot
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was inside and having medical issues. they went around the house and knocked on windows. unlocked doors, opened windows. they made that last resort and we had a tragic outcome. we had the national institute of operational safety and health come in and to help us do a review we're still looking at action but mainly we tell our people now just to make sure that if you see something, smell something, or hear something, make the entry but if not we will wait for the police department to get there. >> chief we appreciate you taking time this morning. a very somber day. 95 names added to this memorial here. stay with news 4 later this evening we'll have more and i'll be doing facebook and twitter live from this ceremony. reporting live, news 4. >> nats have rallied to tie it here in the
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to take the lead. in the air to right field. goes back. at the track. and that ball is gone. ryan zimmerman. >> didn't look like it was going to come down. straight up into the air basically and the wind was blowing out of it last night. going crazy with their backs against the wall. all it took is a couple of swings to come out on top against the cubs. two big swings of the bat to be exact. >> bryce harper here. sorry i was watching. >> you were enthralled. >> we can't get enough. let it replay. play it again. bryce harper with the homer to tie it up. the home run to win the game. the series now tied at one game a piece. last night win putting fans in a much better mood because we had that loss on friday. they're hoping to keep up the team's momentum in the series against
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>> that's the guy you want on the mound. game three tomorrow afternoon in chicago. so looking forward to that. all right. time right now is 9:10 on this sunday morning. let's take a live look outside. normally this time of the year you might need the rain jacket. what am i trying to say here? >> i don't know. who wrote this? >> it's cloudy outside. there's rain and drizzle and a little bit humid and lauren is going to take a look at how long the warm temperatures are going to stick around. >> that's right. >> it's something that could happen in a split second. and you only have minutes to escape. with well we are working for you with a look at how to protect your family from a deadly fire. >> changes are on the way for virginia voters. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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nelly was released without any charges. he tweeted several times yesterday saying he is innocent and has been the victim of a false allegation. >> well the national hockey league has its first player to demonstrate during the national anthem. tampa bay lightning right winger j.t. brown raised his fist during the anthem yesterday. to raise awareness for police brutality and racial inequality. the protests have grown after president trump called for nfl players who protest during the anthem to be fired. >> 9:13 on this cloudy morning. cloudy start. if your washing your car or that's on your to do list you might want to wait a bit. lauren is back with a look at
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days. >> it was created as a way to receive constructive criticism but kids are using it for cyber
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well, if you're headed out for the renaissance festival one of my favorite things to do, one of the last weekends to do it as
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well. it's going to be muddy. it's going to be damp. probably not the best day. i thought about going yesterday and you saved it until today you might want to wait until next weekend only because it's going to be rainy out there. now the rain is going to break later on today and it will tap into the moisture from nate. we'll time everything out for you and let you know how it will impact your monday coming up in a few minutes. >> look at this video, okay? it's going to have your heart pounding. to the left. yeah. that's a human being and he just fell off the top of the waterfall in china. we want to let you know he's doing okay but apparently what the man did is there was a fence there and he climbed over it and plunged into the water below. there's a lot of people there and thankfully rescuers that were able to save him. he had back injuries we're told but officials say they're not life threatening. >> lucky guy for sure. >> did he do it on purpose? what's the back story here. >> i don't know. >> find that man. >> well, we know that
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month and there's constantly new platforms and new apps, new type of things popping up every day and they actually encourage or fuel cyber bullying. >> absolutely. a new app is marketed as a way for co-workers and friends to give anonymous self-development feedback. it's meant for adults but the app is kicking off with teens. >> messages, posts and likes. kids have a lot of ways to stay connected. one of the newest social media apps is called sarahah. it targets adults but is gaining popularity with teens. it's a way to get honest feedback from your co-workers and friends. it allows users to send anonymous messages. >> that leaves room for lots of problems because anonymity is a license to be mean.
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occur on any site. 70% of kids ages 12 to 17 say they have seen it happen. >> when we see this cruelty online we have to step up and step in and start saying this isn't right. >> she says bystanders can make a big difference. instead of ignoring cyber bullying major social media sites have options for reporting online abuse and even muting or blocking users. some students are even countering with the trend of cyber encouragement. >> we have to start instilling that kindness with our own key strokes. >> students creating pages to spread positive comments about their peers. parents also play a role in monitoring their child's online activity. especially when it comes to apps like sarahah. >> i would tell them not to use it period. >> one opinion speaking out against anonymous ones. nbc news. >> got to watch out
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that stuff. >> uh-oh. >> i haven't used it. had to dust it off. >> i know. 24 days. 24 days. today's the 25th day and we're finally getting rain. much needed rain. >> the plants will be happy and the grass will be happy. >> we are 3 inches below average since september 1st so we need some rain. areas to the west of us are starting to get a little on the dry side and you probably noticed that as well. usually we're seeing sunshine. at least over the last couple of weeks we have but it's a great day. now that rain finally moving in. we have a pretty muggy stretch as we go over the next couple of days but we do have an unsettled work week. if you want fall-like temperatures they're returning as we get into the end of the work week. temperatures out there now 70s. i have been optimistic that maybe we'll reach 80 degrees but mostly we'll stay in the 70s. rain showersve
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hours. now as we can get into the evening we'll start to see the rain break up a little bit. boy is it humid out there. rain conditions to fall right around baltimore. coming down through the d.c. belt way and back off to the central valley. this is not from nate. this is a frontal system that stalled to the north and west of us. it's producing some showers out in front of it. now we travel down to the deep south. there's nate right there. now a tropical storm. the winds now at 45 miles per hour. it made land fall at 12:30 this morning. rain is going to continue through much of the morning. but by the afternoon more spotty and late this afternoon more dry periods before overnight. that's when we start to tap into the moisture from nate. temperatures upper 70s to around 80. periods of rain throughout the day however it will taper off later on tonight and overnight tonight we'll see the rain from nate and then rain continu
9:22 am
much of us tomorrow. it's going to be heavy if you are west of d.c. along i-81. could get an inch or more. maybe a couple. here around the d.c. area up to about three quarters of an inch and south and east we're talking about half an inch of rain. so rain chances today tapering off this afternoon. rain chances tomorrow for nate tapering off late afternoon through the evening. spotty showers on tuesday. a little disturbance on wednesday, thursday and friday so keeping rain chances in and will dry out as we get into the weeke weekend. >> we're now a month away from virginia's high stakes race and it is starting to sound a lot like the 2016 presidential election. with his attorney twang and military background is no hillary clinton but made trump an issue in this race. >> trump obliged by accusing him falsely. >> meanwhile the republican with his
9:23 am
george w. bush administration and a lobbyist is no donald trump. >> but he ran on the issue of illegal immigration and his cam page charged he has increased it. >> if this race is a relitigation of 2016 that probably helps the democrats
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>> susan hogan tells us about a device you need installed in every vehicle. >> carried out the bodies of four elderly people. >> tragic and often deadly effects of carbon monoxide poisoning making headlines nationwide. people accidentally leaving their cars running inside their garages. deadly fumes slowly and silently invade their homes. and then there's this. a california police vehicle crossing several lanes of traffic. the officer says carbon minoxide leaking inside of his suv caused him to fall asleep at the wheel and crash. >> from vehicle exposure you have about 1500 americans die each year. tens of thousands are injured.
9:27 am
says it has a cheap solution that will cut down if not eliminate injuries and deaths due to vehicles. >> a simple $5 detector will prevent those tragedies. >> his crew, public employees for environmental responsibility filed a petition with the national highway traffic and safety administration in march 2016. the petition requested the agency require all new vehicles be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and install a device that would shut off the car before fumes reach a deadly level. >> that's the sort of thing that they should be tracking and we think acting on. >> and they're not. >> and they're not. >> nhtsa has denied similar petitions filed in the past. one reason being a concern that the injury may shut off in certain traffic situations such as sitting in the tunnel. in a statement to news 4, it takes all possible safety risks or defects seriously.
9:28 am
does investigate carbon monoxide poisoning in motor vehicles and will take future action as appropriate. >> if you want to take action right now to protect your family we're working for you. a lot of you have asked me if we can put carbon monoxide detectors inside of our car. the simple answer is yes but you can't use a home detector. by the time it will alert you about high levels of co it's a little too high for a car. you want to look for detectors that look like this. that start reading levels of co as low as one part per million. for more information about how to look for these and how to read them go on to our nbc washington app and search carbon monoxide detectors. >> valuable tips there. 9:28. looking live outside this morning where the sky is full and filled with clouds and in some areas it's already raining. lauren is back with a look at how long the rain is going to
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>> and alex ovechkin making history. what he did that hasn't been done in a ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well.
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>> nate is now a tropical storm. it made a second land fall in mississipp
9:32 am
since hurricane katrina. >> her family posted on go fund me that the young woman has been able to breathe on her own for a little bit. doctors also say some of her organs are working again. she has been in a coma since that shooting. >> fly to right. no doubt about it. >> bryce harper din miss the curveball leading the charge for the nats in their come from behind win over the cubs. ryan zimmerman also put the team on top with a 3-run homer. series now tied up at one game a piece. game three tomorrow afternoon in chicago. >> news 4 today starts now. >> on a day like today, the coffee is better. >> yeah. >> even though it is raining it doesn't matter. beard is a little longer. we're a day farther
9:33 am
having to shave. >> that's right. but what a stunner last night. >> yeah. they waited until the bottom of the 8th to do it. congratulations to the nats. thank you for starting your sunday morning with us. >> we do want to get to your weather because some of us woke up to a little drizzle this morning. >> that humidity. what's up with that. >> oh my gosh. that humidity. it just hits you right when you walk outside. we are going to continue to have the humidity not only today but also tomorrow and tuesday. so that humidity is going to be thick for the next three days. winds out of the south. that's helping transport some of the humidity into the region. temperatures in the mid 70s right now. some areas seeing a little bit of rain. temperatures are going to stay in the 70s. that's as good as we can get through the day today. heavier rain breaking up in some spots and i expect that's the way it's going to be through much of the day today. this is all from a frontal system. we have to tap into the moisture from nate. we're going to be doing that
9:34 am
rain. >> thank you. today a funeral will be held for a local college student who we told you about earlier this week. he attended george mason university and he was found unresponsive at his campus dorm last weekend. this after officials think he took some kind of drug and then jumped out of a window. like so many other teenagers, he loved to play football. he used to play in fredericksburg. he was just 19 years old. >> first responders are trying to learn from tragedies like what happened last week in las vegas. >> that includes first responders that are right here at home and this morning they're training for the worst case scenario and that's where we find news 4's derek wood this morning. he joins us live with more. >> that's exactly the way they want it.
9:35 am
bethesda. and what this is is mass casualty drill. they didn't know what the scenario would be. we're seeing some of these folks triaged and taken down. we have victims here that do this regularly and this is all about being prepared. we talked about this earlier. this is one of the people that helped plan the drill. take a listen. >> it's hard on a day-to-day basis to practice large incidents like this. it's easy to be at the station and practice your skills but it's hard to get a lot of people together and practice treating 30 people at once so that was our goal today. >> now actually he was leading this exercise. all of these folks participating in this and they make sure that if somethi
9:36 am
really happened they could communicate with each other and know what they would do to minimize the pain and loss of life. these things are always driven by it and there seems to be a tie in when they have these things. that's what is top of everybody's mind today taking part of this. we're live, back to you. >> decision 2017, virginia voters you're going to witness a come back of sorts when you two to the polls in a few weeks. the washington post reporting that all the common wealth cities, towns and counts will be using paper ballots. now this started about a decade ago and has been accelerated because of the threat of hacks of electronic voting machines. election officials say that it is to make sure that voting is secure. >> time is 9:36. the caps are off to a good start this season. they won last night bringing the team to 2-0 on the season and there's possibly one person to thank for all of
9:37 am
alex ovechkin who is off to the best start of his career. >> scores! . a lightning bolt. >> another hat trick. and the first game of the season on thursday night against ottawa. 7 goals, 2 games. he becomes the first player since 1917 to open the season with back to back hat tricks. caps win 6-1. >> that's a long time. >> that was a big accomplishment. not easy to score one goal. >> congrats. >> if you had any outdoor plans today take a look outside. this is what you're dealing with. clouds, rain, humidity. literally take a live look outside as morning showers move through the area. lauren is going to be back with a look at how long all of this rain will last. >> it is the question more parents are asking themselves. how young is too young to give kids one of these.
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go to newly released records are showing the impact it's having at home. >> it's making the huge backlog even worse. jodi explains how. >> we heard it was happening but now we have the numbers to prove the impact. records show from january to july of this year, immigration judges from around the country were forced to postpone nearly 25,000 cases because the judges weren't in their courtrooms to hear them. i think it's a misuse of resource. >> retired immigration judge says he's glad he left the bench last year because it allows him to speak freely about what he's
9:41 am
seeingth >> he doesn't mince words when directing his words at the immigration policy and which type of cases are a priority. >> they are trying to detain everybody that arrives so they asigned more judges to the southern border and leave behind full dockets. >> in the first 7 months of this year judges spent weeks away from their home court. records show more than 200 reassignments and even more are scheduled later this year. here in arlington we counted at least 15 reassignments and while they were gone those judge hearsay the postpone more than 2,500 local cases. only l.a., new york and miami had more. >> since most judges are backed up for years it's not like they move into next week. they move into slots three or
9:42 am
four years down the road. >> 5 have weeks of reassignment to the border. 946 cases delayed as a result. >> when you can't give people hearing date which is they compound on then as a judge i feel you lose credibility. >> to make matters worse while the judges are reassigned they can't work on cases back here at home remotely because they're all on paper and not electronic and at the border many of those folks just arrived in the u.s. and haven't had a chance to get an attorney yet so those cases have to be delayed as well. >> time right now is 9:42 and taking a live look outside if you have anything to do out there better get it done yesterday. >> right. >> the rain is starting to move in and it's not going anywhere for awhile.
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9:45 am
a closer look at >> it's going to be muggy out there and then we have to worry about nate. that arrives later on tonight.
9:46 am
>> thank you very so that means after school activities they are in full swing. >> it is also like primetime for them to start pressing you and begging for that cell phone. they need it. they need to communicate in case of emergency. so when is the right time to get your child that phone? lauren freeman has some advice. >> like it or not cell phones are part of growing up now. >> i got my first cell phone in 7th grey. >> tray evans knows this too well. >> that was a good time i think because it was right when i was old enough to make my own decisions and stuff. >> he got his first flip phone for protection while his parents put parental controls on it he admits he did make a few mistakes along the way. >> i made stupid prank calls when i was younger. >> she got her first phone at 11 in 5th grade. >> it was a flip phone that had three phone numbers programmed into it and 911.
9:47 am
>> she also had several parental certain apps. it had timer on it and at night it would shut off. >> now she does publicity for her school's play house and uses her phone for school. >> have to use my phone to get the word out about our new shows. i run our instagram and snapchat and do all of that so i have to have my phone on me. >> before you get your child a phone you need to have honest conversations about the sometimes scary things that can happen as a result of the cell phone. >> every house will be different. every child will be different. it's based a lot on their age and their level of maturity. >> don't be afraid to check up on your kids and what they're doing on the phone. >> and a lot of moving parts there. it is more complicated. >> sure. of course. >> but while we're talking technology, this is exciting. apple's upcoming ios software update is going to include new ways you can express yourself.
9:48 am
the upd yender neutral characters, myth ka creatures and even a hand emoji that represents i love you in american sign language. there's a zombie. >> zombie person in lotus position. >> what is the lotus position. >> is that in the barre class? all that you do to stay in shape. >> there's a bearded person. >> that was good. it was a bearded guy, i don't know. >> we have beard adam tuss right there. >> absolutely. >> we need the umbrella emoji today but it's good. it is good. we're almost in a drought. >> we were abnormally dry in some counts through virginia. there's some areas that are dry. we are here ourselves in d.c. three inches below average since september 1st so we need that
9:49 am
rain. >> >> temperatures aren't going to buzz too much today. let's show you what's going on. 76 right there. 76 in washington. leesburg at 73. frederick at 75. so temperatures staying in the 70s right now. look at this. until 4:00 p.m. i am being a little bit more optimistic. of course we report our temperature from reagan national airport. nobody lives at the airport so again pretty much we're going to stay in the 70s. as for the next 12 hours or so, spotty showers right there. spotty showers. do you like that? all right. as we get into the afternoon, it looks like that will break up a little bit. some of that rain will start to break up. if you have plans this afternoon and throughout the evening watching football a lot of this rain will move out.
9:50 am
let me show youha by 1:30 starts to lift out. maybe a few spotty showers and by 4:30 we're looking better and then more rain comes over. now the rain we're seeing now is from a frontal system. the rain we'll see overnight through the day tomorrow will be from nate. so widespread chances. today and tomorrow we'll keep spotty showers around for tuesday and then a disturbance comes through for wednesday and thursday and will bring us another chance for rain and showers. so again that rain continues, you can see that front right there going back down into the deep south. here's nate. made land fall as a category 1 hurricane. 12:30 earlier this morning. it's just to the west of us by monday morning so we're expecting rain and winds here. heaviest rain will align west of our area. that's around i-81. here in the d.c. area up to
9:51 am
about three quarters of an inch and then just about half an so spotty showers on tuesday as nate lifts to the north and east and then another disturbance coming through wednesday and thursday. the chance of showers in on friday as well. >> they're great for tracking your steps but what about your sleep.
9:52 am
>> why some experts are warning about the accurac of certainy but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. >> we're working to keep your family safe. >> you may only have three minutes to escape a home fire so starting tomorrow we're going to show you the best way to prepare and prevent tragedy. so i will be live all morning long at the d.c. fire department training academy where we'll do a fire and sprinkler side by side burn demonstration to show how quickly they'll spread in a room that doesn't have a fire sprinkler. now in addition to sharing tips for survival she'll join me and talk about how she has turned tragedy into outreach after losing six members of her family in that devastating maryland mansion fire in 2015. >> that was such a tough story there and we'll hear from two
9:55 am
fire chiefs that will have real a difference in a situation. those live reports starting morning at 4:00 a.m. >> well, this next story has gone viral for all the right reasons. >> a weekly visitor to children's health care of atlanta is making an impact but as nbc shows us the biggest impact is being felt by the hospital's smallest patients. >> he thinks he gets more from the preemies than they do. even if not everyone understands why they do it. >> i holds babies. and they're like why would you do that? they just don't get it. the kind of reward you can get from holding a baby like this.
9:56 am
>> he quickly earned the nickname nicu grandpa for his embrace. he was cuddling logan that was born at 25 weeks when his mom walked in. >> all my anxiety and everything was gone and i was just filled with joy. >> she has been driving two hours each way to see her little boy who was born at just 1 pound, 15 ounces. >> every morning i get here as soon as i can but i'm always anxious that he is alone and he's missing mommy. >> usually she finds him in an incubator but found him in nicu grandpa's arms. >> when i saw grandpa i of course started crying because i'm like so precious. he was so cozy in his arms. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> she had trouble finding the words to thank him and tell him how much what he does means to the families with babies in the nicu. >> he comes and snuggles when
9:57 am
mommys andad showers or eat or be with brothers and sisters. >> he's my buddy. >> david says it comes naturally to him and he treasures every minute he can spend with the babies in their young lives. >> every day i drive in here i don't know which kids and parents i'm going to meet and what the issues will be and how can i help and, you know, it's been wonderful. >> david has been volunteering at that hospital for 12 years. >> lucky to have him. >> much more ahead on news 4 today. >> that includes an hour by hour look at your dreary sunday
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forecast. stay with us. >> a second land fall before turning into a tropical storm. >> an encouraging update about one of the victims of the las vegas massacre that's from our area. the improvements she's making each day.


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