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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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what will it take to shake off the bad luck vibes? >> all game. plus spring break shakeup. if you're planning a family vacation, you may want to hold off. families like their family time. spring break, a lot of people make big plans to go on vacation. this is going to be a tough challenge >> it's a big change that could be coming to a local school system. >> we're going to talk about what it feels like outside. >> not like october. >> it's like a wet towel when you walk outside. >> i want to talk about eun, is your tv okay from yesterday? >> i almost -- i'm ripping my hair out. seriously. >> that's why i'm concerned for your well-being. >> i am yelling. it's not good. i'm yelling. >> you're not a hitter. you're more of a -- >> i really -- >> i just want to see us advance. >> listen, jt
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>> i love when eun gets fired up. i do love it. it adds a lot to the morning. >> oh, man. >> yes. i am not an ins gator. but i could be. here is a look outside. this image, actually looks pretty clear. so we're seeing nice conditions this morning. we've got a little bit of patchy fog in some areas. it's warm and humid when you walk outside. 73 degrees in the district. you might want the ac on this morning. chris lawrence had his ac on. we have calm winds. helping to create patchy fog. the fog is from the rain that we had yesterday. the good news. this morning, you won't be running into the rain. we don't have rain coming into the forecast until overnight tonight. 65 dulles. 73 quantico. 72 annapolis. leesburg at 66 degrees. as you wake up and walk outside, you might run into patchy
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by 8:00 a.m., we're mild. 74. 77. it's going to be another unseasonably warm day today. we'll talk about that, plus the rain chances and fall-like temperatures coming up for the rest of this week. take a look at that straight ahead. let's take a look at the roads with jack taylor. hey, jack. >> hey, sheena. anne arundel county, i-97, early delays from an overnight truck fire. look at the red line building toward 32 leaving 50 headed northbound on i-i-97. southbound backlick road between 236 and john march drive, northbound unaffected for now. residual delays to mt. vernon square. there was an earlier train malfunction at braddock road. back to you. yes, thank you. we have breaking news right now. more than 100 people are missing in those deadly fast-moving
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just moments ago, we found out that an 11th person died. >> that person was in a car accident somehow related to the fires. this is an insane scene in northern california. there are more than a dozen fires and they're burning out of control. these are dry conditions here with some high winds whipping them up. >> not only that. but a lot of people don't have power. it's not clear whether they're getting the information they need. we'll have a live report from there in just a few minutes. meanwhile, a bow i father is morning after his daughter was shot and killed by miami police. his daughter ran over an officer and that's when they fired the shots. the video might be tough to watch. >> oh! >> police ordered hithon to get out of the car she stepped on the gas instead. she ran a red light and hit se
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her father is still trying to put the pieces together. >> it's hard to express the amount of pain and distress you feel. >> her father says he doesn't understand why his daughter would not listen to police and police are waiting to find out if she had any drugs or alcohol in her system. meanwhile, a young sailor from maryland will be laid to rest today. timothy echols was one of ten sailors killed over the summer in a ship collision. services begin at 10:00 this morning in alexandria. a military burial will follow. he was killed after the "uss mccain" collided with a merchant ship near singapore and malaysia. our meagan fitzgerald sat down with his mom and will share his story tonight on news 4. the driver convicted of running over a baby in a stroller will be in court today. john miller iv is facing one year in jail. you may remember when he ran over the child and mother in landsdowne last year. miller was turni
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riverside parkway and they were in the crosswalk. the mother survived. but 5-month-old tristan schultz died. the grand jury originally indicted him for involuntary manslaughter. that charge was dropped. if you're worried about the extra traffic that could happen when the wharf project opens in d.c., you're not alone. muriel bowser is showing off other ways to get around. the mayor is taking a free west shuttle with us to the wharf and ride a water taxi that connects to several areas. now, the wharf includes restaurants, bars, hotels and concert venues. it's open this thursday. this is an impressive structure. >> a complete redevelopment of that area. unrecognizable. i am going to have to plan months out to enjoy all the restaurants, to go to shake shack and all the fancy things out there. going to be a while. >> a lot of things have gone into thela
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traffic patterns will calm down, but it will be a busy place for sure. major changes to the school calendar in montgomery county could affect your holiday trips and vacations. >> even if you don't live in montgomery county, these changes may impact you. justin finch is live in silver springs to explain what every parent should prepare for. no matter where they go to school. these are big changes we're talking about here. >> there could be really big changes. i can hear that. this is a tough needle to thread for montgomery county schools. they have a mandate of 180 school days between september and june. right now they're thinking about next year's calendar. there may be cuts that parents and students and families may not like very much. here's a look at what's on the table. talk of scaling down spring break to a four-day weekend. not very popular right now. they're talking
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september days that fall around religious holidays. shuffling protection for -- what got people a butt was talk of a breath spring break. >> i don't like that. i would think a whole week would be good. yeah. his mind was made up very quickly on that issue here. this is not a done deal yet. montgomery county reaching out to the public for input on this as they make at that calendar next dwreer. they have 180 days. this comes after governor hogan authorized an all state public school start after labor day. they're trying to comply with the law but also balance the needs of their students and their families. so again, it's not done yet. boat suffered next month. they'll talk about the issue today. i'm just tip fin
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back to you. justin, thank you. so moms and dads fighting for paid leave in the district today. they're demanding they preserve a law it passed last year. the group, mom's rising, the university paid leave act. it provides eight weeks of paid parental leave. six weeks of paid family leave. two weeks of paid personal medical leave. let's turn our attention to the nats. this has to happen today. let's get everyone in the positive mind-set. today's game against the cubs is a must win. >> they're down 2-1 after yesterday's heartbreaking loss. and the season is on the line. >> win or go home. that's it. here it is. >> carol maloney spoke to the players about what needs to be done to come out on top. >> a series on the brink. the washington nationals have to
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another brutal end to a playoff run. >> we've won two games in a row before. not a record. not an ideal situation to be in. obviously, i'd rather be up 2-1. this is playoff baseball. >> hasn't really gone our way just yet. but i began tomorrow. get the series back to d.c. i like our chances. >> how do you approach tomorrow with your backs against the wall? >> win the game. what else you going to do? win the game. >> the play of game 3. a back breaker for the nats. a loop rbi single by anthony rizzo gives the cubs the winning run and puts the nats on the defensive. >> it's in no man's land. it's one of those drop balls that in the moment, it's been a tough ball for somebody to call and get there. you're not going to hear it. >> that ball can get down. i take blame for that. center field. i got to take charge and step off. can't drop like
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today. michael a. taylor says it's another bloop single comes his way, like the team, they're going for it. in chicago, carol maloney, news 4 sports. every play, every ball. come on. >> that was a tough one. >> i like the confidence max scherzer has. a woman attacked near a popular shopping destination. how she escaped and the one thing that could have prevented in the first place. >> will the real mrs. trump please stand up. please stand up. the first lady fight gets nasty. how melania had the final word, though. >> that was great, adam. i love it. a lot of people do not love this weather. it is muggy once again on your morning. temperatures right now in the low 70s. but the humidity breaks and fall makes a
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously,
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for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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well, it's not looking too bad except for that humidity. temperatures right now, low 70s here in d.c. outside the beltway, we've got temperatures in the 60s. you may encounter patchy fog in areas this morning. that will burn off. partly sunny today and dry and hot. low to mid-80s. the humidity falls later on tonight and of course, fall-like temperatures around the corner. we'll show you those coming up. first, let's show you the roadways with jack taylor. >> out of frederick. 270. still a tough ride. headed toward urbana. improved south to 109. all in all. not too, too bad. northbound i-97. before route 32 out of crownsville. the left lane is getting by. the truck fire cleanup. this has caused a sizable slowdown. we're dealing with a water main break on backlick road.
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roads blocked between rivero owe and eun, back to you. not good. not good. >> oh, my goodness. breaking news. home after home destroyed by at least 50 wildfires burning across northern california. >> hell on earth. never seen anything like it. >> instagram posts show disneyland surrounded by an ominous orange glow. >> families forced to leave their homes. >> it's horrible. i couldn't stay because i couldn't breathe. >> we just learned that another person died in those wild out of control fires in california. just look at all the flames there. the death toll now at 11 and it could go up again. >> let's get straight to nbc's jennifer bjorklund live in napa, california. jennifer, the images coming out of there are heartbreaking. >>
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been a difficult overnight. we're getting that news also that we have confirmed one more fatality bringing the total to 11 from this series of wildfires here in northern california. beautiful, beautiful part of the country that napa and sonoma valleys, the wineries are and where tourists come to see them. the landscape has definitely changed. there's a plume of smoke hanging over and we expect the death toll to rise again. we're telling you, there are 100 missing persons' reports. people unaccounted for during this fire. the crews have been so busy chasing the fire, they haven't been able to do a lot of overhaul in the fire burned-out areas. some of these places we're standing here and watching a tree on fire in front of us. it's been burning all night. they don't have the resources to come through and stamp out the fire that is still burning within the burn areas. they're chasing the fires
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record. 1500 homes and businesses and they are expecting to give us some new numbers hopefully at dawn and hopefully some progress. some of those numbers, we're hoping, are acreage fire lines. we will wait and see. but, again, the numbers that are rising are the one that is we don't want to hear. which is acres burned. fatalities and homes and businesses lost. i'm jennifer bjorklund live in napa. eun, adam, back to you. >> dire situation, jennifer. thank you. thanks, jennifer. first lady melania trump making her way to west virginia today. the first lady is lending her support to the innocent victims of the opioid 'em depidemic. she's set to visit a place where addicted babies are born. we must first help their parents succeed. lily's place is providing services to parents and families wh a
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issues. this is turning into a school ground, schoolyard fight here between a couple of first lady wannabes and the real first lady. you might think this is out of a reality show. melania trump and ivana trump fighting over who it the first lady. >> ivana trump was promoting her new book and she says she has a direct line to the white house and called herself the first lady. as you can imagine, that didn't sit well with melania trump. her spokesperson released a statement saying, in part, "there is clearly no substance to the statement from an ex. this is unfortunately, only attention-seeking and self-serving noise." >> you know what the guys do when this situation arises. just go away from here. >> right. no comment. >> there you go. i got to
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weather. >> or change the subject. >> how is the weather outside? >> good. >> it's not raining. that's good news. yesterday morning it was raining. this morning, patchy fog. your weather outlook, some areas of fog. i think most spots are okay. dry, but it is humid and warm this morning. exercise, it feels like summer again. we are back in the 80s today. unseasonably warm. we should be over 10 degrees above normal. normal high is 70 degrees for this time of the year. recess, warm and muggy for the kids today. you see the leaves changing colors, but it's not going to feel like fall, especially with all the humidity around. that's contributing to some of the fog. warr warrenton, half mile visibility. warr warrenton down to a mile. a mix of clouds and sun today. 73 the temperature in washington. 65 dulles. 68 clinton. 73 quantico. 65 in gaithersburg.
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area. as we go through the day, you'll notice the clouds. we will stay dry through the day. then the rain back off to the west and southwest. that will start to move in overnight. for tomorrow morning. if you're wondering when we'll get cool air, by thursday, we'll have a little shot of some cooler air to tap into. around 70 degrees. the warmup comes back for the weekend and then next week, this is going to be a better cooldown. it will be longer-lived and won't be coming with rain starting next tuesday. a lot of the country is going to start to see that cooler fall-like air move back in. for this afternoon, the clouds will be around. but we do stay on the drier side. rain returns through tonight. tomorrow morning, i think we'll be dealing with showers through the afternoon. even hold on to thaur umbrella for thursday. thursday morning through thursday afternoon. we're still going to keep that shower chance in the forecast. here's what the temperatures will do. 835 today. 735 tomorrow. 69 thursday. 70 friday. back up to near 80 on saturday. sunday looks warmer, too. before
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cooldown next week. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast coming you. let's check the roads with jack taylor. hey, sheena, good morning. in annandale, keeping an eye on backlick road. it's closed in an area. the weater main break. you will be affected if this is your normal traffic pattern. northbound on to i-97, you see this red line comes into crownsville before 32. overnight truck fire has only left lane getting by. also jammed coming out of frederick on 270 south leaving 70 headed down toward 109. the work zone is gone. but the delays aren't. eun, adam, back to you. >> thank you, jack. teens talk about killing a classmate. they called it operation will to kill. the app they used to threaten lives and why local students aren't being charged. >> cowboys controversy. the team's owner is getting praise from the president. what it means for the
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anthem protests. the joyce of olaf. the funny snowman is getting you
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it is fire prevention week. if you're sitting down to breakfast, you may want to talk about holding a family fire drill. in the survey from nationwide insurance found a little more than half of families say their kids know what do in the event of a fire. only one in five families regularly practices escape plans at home. a link to a website to
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home. serve fire safety in the nbc washington app. so important when you have little kids. life-saving techniques there. >> got to get advice there. the time is 6:25. when it comes to fire safety, every member of your family needs to know what to do, even your children, as we were talking about. >> knowing the drill can save their lives later. that's why prince george's county firefighters are taking that message to classrooms. here's news 4's justin finch. >> reporter: the slam of a fire truck door. and roar of a fire engine down road carrying crews to an important call. >> the smoke, it rises to the top. >> reporter: teaching fire safety at the greenbelt children's center these preschoolers were quick studies. >> stop, drop and roll. >> prince george's county firefighters want you to know kids are never too young to practice fire safety. >>
6:26 am
show them what they're supposed to do. crawl on their hands and knees to find a door. >> the kids' favorite part, hands down, the fire truck tour. but the hope is for each child to retain what they learned. so we had a pop quiz. if you see a fire in your house, what is the number that you should call? >> 911. >> calling 911 is great and each better once they have key information. >> if a kid says his address, something is going to come. whether a police officer or a firem fireman. >> the sooner the response, the sooner your child is safe. justin finch, news 4. got to know what do. coming up, a virginia tech football star troubled by a tragedy. his brother killed. the murder unsolved. we'll tell you what the victim was doing moments before the shooting. fauquier county, parents scared after sdents make tu
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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today" team. we're up early at 6:30. >> we're working for you when we're sleeping. when we're sleeping and up. all these people are working for you. all the time. we're monitoring your weather and traffic before you head out the door. >> we begin with meteorologist sheena parveen on the weather deck. also working for you. >> of course. she has your forecast. >> it's hot and humid. >> i'm out here in the humidity. it's sticky this morning. kinds of buggy outside if you know what i mean. it kind of feels tropical. not rainy, though. like yesterday. so that is the good news this morning. we're not looking at rain for the morning commute. it's 73 right now in the district. but we are looking at a little bit of patchy fog. not everybody, but some spots. mainly near warrenton and a areas mostly to the south and west of the district. patchy fog this morning. by 10:00 a.m., 78 degrees. still humid by lunchtime. we're already in the low 80s. unseasonably warm today. normal high should be around 70 degrees this time of the year.
6:31 am
before the weekend arrives. but also more rain in the forecast too. we'll talk about when you can expect that and how cool it's going to get before we warm back up again. that's all coming up in a couple minutes. right now, let's check your commute on this tuesday morning with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. if you're trying to ride through annapolis. a tough trip leaving 50 west to go northbound on to i-97. cleanup from an overnight truck fire, left lane only gets by. unfortunately, it's enough to look like. southbound sounds like we have a crash that they can hopefully clear quickly. you have issues on 50 east virginia before stone cross boulevard. the accident in the center lane. early fender benders to pay attention to. come out early and cautiously, please. back to you. jack, thank you. a young maryland sailor who was killed after the "uss mccain" crashed will be laid to rest today. a funeral for
6:32 am
starts this morning at 10:00. a military burial follows at arlington national cemetery. president trump praising cowboys owner jerry jones. he'll bench any player that doesn't stand during the anthem. two weeks ago, jones took a knee with his players before the anthem. after the president said owners should fire players who don't stand. the chicago cubs have the nationals facing elimination today. the nats have to win on the road in chicago or they are done. the winner takes all this thursday at nats park if they win. one game at a time. >> focus on today. get today done and then you can talk about that. let's turn our attention to virginia tech. wide receiver shawn savoy began with success and celebration on his saturday. savoy led virginia tech to a
6:33 am
college. >> once he arrived home, he received some devastating news. his older brother, local singer, omar rogers, had been gunned down. 25-year-old rogers had just finished performing at the union town bar and grill in southeast washington early sunday morning. rogers was sitting in his car when a man shot him five times. the father of two died at the hospital. >> i never called. he passed away. brings me down so much emotionally. >> he says his brother omar was always his number one fan and supporter. tough for the family >> that's a hard one. there are parents waking up scared and worried after threats were made at a local high school. >> those threats happened in an online app. news 4's kristin wright is live from fauquier county this morning with a look at what those threats were and what's being done about it. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. that
6:34 am
about their children's safety and they feel like there's nothing being done about it. at liberty high school where we are this morning in bealton, virginia, in fauquier county. it's about 60 miles from d.c. if you're not familiar. i want to take you back to last night. to a very intense and heated meeting. frustrated parents walked out of a town hall meeting. they are upset that students who made threats online against other students won't be charged with any crime. the students involved called it operation will to kill. they used a gaming app called discord to post messages like, we've gone from premeditated murder to social espionage and lynching him is just the end game. the sheriff told us why students aren't being charged. first listen to why this mom says there is no good reason. >> to keep this from happening again.
6:35 am
from sending a threatening message to someone and saying, well, i'm not going to be punished? >> after a review, a thorough investigation, working with the office of the commonwealth's attorney, it is determined that it didn't rise to the level of a criminal violation of the law. parents do want these students expelled. adam and eun, back to you. >> all right, kristin, thank you. >> someone attacked him on the way home from work in loudoun county. yeah, this morning a man is on the run. according to the sheriff's office, the man tried to assault the woman not far from the dallas town center in sterling. the woman was walking through many of the wooden paths around there and detectives say the man followed her, pushed her, but she punched back and made it home. they're working now to catch the man. your drive is about to get better. brand new interchange openi
6:36 am
route 7 today. crews built an overpass over ashburn village boulevard which shut cut back on delays. anything that helps in that area is appreciated. a legacy for ashanti. the parents of a murdered teen want to leave their mark on a local school community. how they plan to honor her memory in prince george's county. parents, pull up your calendar. one school district wants to cut your vacation .sp
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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when the weather is this hot, it's hard to talk about the winter olympics. guess what? it's around the corner. four months away. when i visited south korea this past sum toer check out pyeongchang for the winter olympics. i made a must-stop in seoul. that is the capital city. this neighborhood is like international hubs of bars and clubs
6:40 am
many entrepreneurs are moving here to bring their businesses, giving the neighborhood a unique vibe. >> this little back alley, like, it looks like a seedy little place. before you know it, it opens into this great little restaurant. this is linus' barbecue restaurant. it's american-style. like pulled pork and brisket. the guy is really creative. from alabama. >> another korean american. >> another korean-american. >> the headquarters for the u.s. military forces in south korea is right here in this town. that's what brought the international tourists. but what's happened now is the locals are getting involved. there really is a -- it's really cool. if you join me tonight on news 4 at 5:00, you can see the melting pot of seoul. a place to visit. >> it makes sense. you take the american fusion over there. >>s
6:41 am
good food all around. hey, time right now is 6:40. let's check in on the weather. >> this whole morning, we've been talking about food, i feel like. i'm starving at this point. temperatures in the mid-80s today. probably not a good idea to eat outside. you do not need the umbrella today. you will need it tomorrow. it's a sticky start. you'll probably have shorts and shedding layers as we go through the day. fall is right around the corner. we'll talk cooler temperatures if a minute. let's talk traffic with mr. jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> man, are we slow lauryn. i-97 northbound leaving 50. cleanup from an overnight truck fire. only the left lane getting by. then there was a crash on the other side. southbound the lanes are open. only the left lane getting by northbound has jammed traffic. plan ahead for this. >> thank you very much, jack. vegas strip attacked. new details about a failed diversion and the targets ouftd concert
6:42 am
this school year is getting started and one local school system is exploring cutting vacation days in next ♪ system is exploring cutting vacation days in next do you want to do a monster check? yes.
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if you met her, instantly, you'll fall no love with her. >> she first got
6:45 am
the words of the parent of a local missing woman. the action they're taking now to help other families. las vegas massacre. a new timeline and a new discovery. what we learned about the very first victim of the attack. michael, my name is susan hogan. i'm with nbc4. >> news 4 working for you. a deal for lawn work is, what an investigation reveals. >> what we heard from three people who all tell us the same exact story. school calendar controversy. a fight already brewing over your family's spring break vacation. we start with breaking news at 6:45. the death toll from those raging wildfires in california just went up. we're now talking about 11 people who died in that fire. that number could rise again. >> devastating images here. the fires burning out of control in wine country and spreading quickly in high winds. thousands have been forced from
6:46 am
their homes. 100 more were hurt and treated. >> on top of all of that, families cannot find their loved ones. there were more than 100 missing people reported overnight. keep it right here for live coverage from napa ahead on the "today" show. new information this morning about man who killed 58 people in las vegas one week ago. the clark county sheriff says stephen paddock shot a hotel security guard six times before opening fire on a crowd at a country music festival. that's changed to the timeline. it's not clear why paddock planned and carried out the mass killing. why he stopped shooting or why he killed himself. now talking about politic. the candidates for virginia governor faced off in their last debate last night. >> it was their final chance for vote toers see why they stand on issues. chris lawrence is following this pivotal debate in decision 2017 from the newsroom. >> no su
6:47 am
a good chunk of the debate fo s focused on gun issues so soon after the massacre in las vegas. republican ed gillespie supports universal background checks on gun purchases which are already in place. he added he's in favor of restrictions on bump stocks. that's the device used by the shooter in las vegas. >> a device that allows you to circumvent app a ban on automatic weapons should be banned and regulated if it's designed to turn it into an automatic weapon. >> if you've seen his commercials, you know he's used the issue of sanctuary cities as a line of attack against democrat ralph northam. last night, gillespie used the questions to pin northam down on that issue. >> do not have sanctuary cities in the commonwealth of virginia. it's a solution looking for a problem. with only a matter of weeks to go until virginia picks a
6:48 am
governor, a poll shows northam leading the race by seven points. eun, back to you. >> chris, thank you. while police search for the person who killed a prince george's county native, her parents are telling us about their new mission in life. >> ashanti billie left our area to go to culinary school in norfolk. she left the area a couple of months ago. she was last seen on a navy base there september 8th. we found her remains hundreds of miles away near a church in charlotte nearly two weeks later. ashanti's parents are setting up a foundation in her name. >> offer one scholarship in the beginning is our goal. to a deserving student graduating from henry r. wise high school in upper marlboro to attend the art institute. >> the foundation will help other families search for their missing children by helping ease some of the financial burden. the driver convicted of running offer a baby in a stroller will be in court today. john miller iv was
6:49 am
charged with involuntary manslaughter for the crash. he will likely face just one year in jail. you remember the story from landsdowne. mindy schultz was in a crosswalk when miller hit them. her 5-month-old son tristan died. prosecutors could not prove involuntary manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt. miller will plead guilty to two lesser charges instead. if you're worried about the extra traffic that could be coming when the wharf project opens in d.c., you're not alone. mayor bowser showing off other ways to get around there. the mayor is taking a new free southwest shuttle bus to the wharf and then going to ride a water tax that i connects to old town alexandria. national harbor, georgetown and southwest d.c. the wharf includes restaurants, bars, hotels, concert venues and it all opens this thursday when a massive project. >> it's going to be a scene. i feel like i have to plan so many outings to try all the different restaurants and bars and ice cream shops that w
6:50 am
>> take me with you. >> you can help me navigate. >> i'll eat and drink my way through there. it will be great. major changes to the school calendar in montgomery county could affect your vacations and trips. >> even if you don't live in montgomery county, the changes may impact you. justin finch live in silver spring to explain what every parent should prepare for, no matter where their kids go to school. justin, what's this all about here? >> reporter: essentially start planning now. so many families build into their plans their time off around these school calendars and the breaks that are already included in that calendar. so any change of that calendar is going to raise eyebrows. trust me, the eyebrows are raised in montgomery county. potentially, the school breaks could be getting shorter very soon. two options that the school board is now considering. that includes scrapping that spring break and replacing it
6:51 am
next year's calendar could see cutting out religious holidays and fewer professional planning days for teachers. people are mixed on the idea, especially of a shortened spring break with some wondering if the school board could borrow time from the summer break. >> really cut summer break altogether. i don't agree with that. have intermediate breaks throughout the year, one week, two weeks. >> shorter. >> essentially shorter. >> i'm against it then. >>. >> reporter: it's not over yet. there's still time to weigh in before it goes for a vote. as to why it's happening, governor hogan did mandate that public schools in maryland start after labor day and wind down in june. back to you in the studio. >> justin finch live for us in montgomery county. thank you, justin. time now 6:51. time to c
6:52 am
>> jack taylor is watching the roads for us. what's going on? >> been a tough ride in anne arundel county to go on i-97. the earlier truck fire, only a left lane getting by. now a crash southbound, same spot. that was moved to the shoulder. i-97 is a mess in both directions. annandale, southbound backlick road closed because of a water main break. northbound lanes are unaffected. find trying to roll into tysons before the dulles toll road, accident activity that caused sizable delays. this is all on dry roadways, sheena. at least good news in the weather department. traffic is not good this morning. >> i can give you at least some good news like you mentioned. no rain this morning. we have a little bit of patchy fog through some of the area. but most of it looks fine. unseasonably warm through this afternoon. again, a lot like yesterday. rain returning through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. showers andle
6:53 am
forecast for the rest of this week. now here's a look at the visibility. less than a half mile. in some parts of manassas, lorton, la ray. most of the area not looking too bad. warmer and humid. 73 right now wash ton. 65 dulles. 68 degrees in clinton. if you're walking the dog today or need one to walk, this is bunny a available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. by 8:00 a.m., 74 degrees. by the afternoon, the mid-80s. we're dry right now but we have rain off to the south and southwest. let's head over to meteorologist lauryn ricketts with a closer look at the timing and the humidity forecast. >> hey there, sheena. we've got rain on the way to our region. mostly dry out there today. as we head into the overnight, we'll see rain showers headed our way. then rain showers through the day on wednesday. so, again, a few spotty showers out there right now. i'm sorry at 9:30, a few spotty showers. you may be dealing with those. overnight and flew tomorrow morning, we'll be dealing with
6:54 am
with rain for a good portion of your wednesday. even into thursday. we're going to also have rain showers. we're keeping that in the forecast. the thing not in the forecast is going to be the humidity. it's muggy out there this morning. as you head through your evening, the humidity starts to drop. thursday and friday looking better. of course, sheena, looking better in terms of temperatures. fall makes a return. >> yeah, fall makes a little bit of a return. 85 today. 75 tomorrow. 69 thursday. the chance of showers, though. 70 by friday. this weekend, back up to 80 degrees. look at next week. so monday, that's the next chance for rain after the weekend. then we get more into a fall-like pattern with sunshine. dry conditions and upper 60s. >> interesting. we do need the rain. we'll take that. news 4 consumer investigation exposes a possible scheme that may be coming to your neighborhood. >> this involves tree cutters of all things. we're working for you to get action and answers after hearing from a number of viewers who tell us they paid for a
6:55 am
news 4 consumer reporter susan hogan is here to tell us what she's uncovered. >> we heard from three people who all tell us the same exact story. they got a knock at the door from a tree cutting service offering to give them a good deal to cut down their dead trees. while the customers don't dispute the trees were dead, they say the crew never returned to remove the stumps. something they paid for. there's more. what allegedly happened at this woman's home is part of a fraud investigation after numerous attempts to contact the owner of the company, news 4 went undercover. >> michael, my name is actually susan hogan. i'm with nbc4. >> okay. >> we've been trying to get in touch with you a lot. >> tonight at 11:00, we confront the company's owner. you'll hear more from him and how our investigation led to the police getting in on it. back to you. thanks to susan hogan. it is now 6:56. here f
6:56 am
before you head out the door. wildfires burning out of control are now being blamed for 11 deaths in california with more than 100 people missing. that death toll could rise. watch for a live report from northern california coming up on the "today" show. a family in bowie is heartbroken after their daughter is killed in miami beach over the weekend. she was shot after she ran over an officer with her car. she also caused several car crashes and was speeding. watch the nbc washington app for updates on this one. parents in fauquier county are calling for a group of students to be expelled after they made online threats. they're aimed at a classmate. no charges will be filed. be sure to follow kristin wright for details on what the school is saying now. today. the montgomery county school board is meet to go make changes that could impact your family vacation. they're thinking of shortening th
6:57 am
weekend. find out what else they're talking about getting rid of in the nbc washington app. today will feel like summer again. mid-80s, mostly cloudy. the rain clans come back though. wednesday, thursday, friday, have the umbrella. but temperatures cool down. this weekend looks good and dry. but it will be a little warmer. then we get more fall-like weather next week. >> roller coaster. >> it is that transition time of the year. >> thanks so much guys. that's going do it for the broadcast today. the "today" show is coming up next. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with your weather and traffic and local news. we'll see you then. until then, have a great day. in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable,
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