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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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volatile temper on the job and the warning signs in the weeks just before the tragedy. news 4's kristin wright talked to relatives of one of the victims. >> yeah, but our coverage begins with erika gonzalez at the live desk as the accused killer faces a judge in court. erika? >> well, doreen, he's accused of carrying out shootings in maryland and delaware that left three people dead and three others wounded. tonight radee prince is locked up on $2 million bail. the crime spree, if you'll remember, started yesterday in edgewood, maryland, where he worked for the past four months. police say he shot five coworkers and then just took off, shooting somebody else he knew at an auto shop, that time in delaware. prince was arrested after a 10-hour manhunt. again, the motive in all this still unclear. what is clear, though, is his criminal history. prince has 42 arrests in delaware and 15 felony convictions. we also know he was fired from another job earlier this year after he
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now, as this investigation continues, some wonder if red flags were missed in the weeks leading up to the shooting. news 4's kristin wright continues our coverage now live from falls church with reaction from relatives of one of the shooting victims. kristin? >> reporter: well, erika, bayarsaikhan tudev's daughter told me he said the new guy at work was not getting along with people, but that her dad still tried to be nice to him. his family and the members of his church hearsay that that is the kind of person he was. bayarsaikhan tudev and his wife of 32 years on a church trip to shenandoah national park just this past sunday, everything's changed since. his wife now a widow, their daughter without a father. >> he was the best dad and the best husband, the most humble person.
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>> reporter: she says her dad, an immigrant from mongolia was living the american dream. >> his dream was finally came true. >> reporter: she says he worked so hard, waking up at 5:00 a.m. to beat traffic and drive an hour and a half from arlington to his job in edgewood, maryland. he was a fabricator at advanced granite solutions. until the shooting rampage that took his life. bayarsaikhan's assistant pastor at washington mongolian church says the congregation is sad but hopeful. >> he went to heaven, i have no doubt, yeah, because he believed in jesus christ. >> reporter: she tells me her father talked about the coworker suspected of killing him and two other employees at advance granite solutions. >> he would come home and mention that, you know, he would have -- he had a rough day at work with this person and i think the guy didn't really get along with the other workers. >> reporter: bayarsaikhan was a father of three. >> i will see
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but we'll be okay. we know that he's in a better place. >> reporter: she says she forgives the man accused of killing her father. the assistant pastor here at the church says he does, too. advanced granite solutions is accepting donations for the edgewood victims and their families. that information is inside the nbc washington app, just search workplace. jim, a big, big loss for this family. >> indeed, so tragic. kristin, thank you. the pain travels from virginia to i-95 tonight in harford county maryland where the shooting spree began. loved ones picking up the cars of family members who will never return from work again. >> he was a very humble guy. he was just from home to work, church, i mean, our heart is broke. we have lost
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here. it's unbelievable. >> that man's brother oscar hidalgo leaves behind a family in el salvador. his loved ones in the u.s. are working to coordinate his funeral in his home country. >> an emotional turn today in the controversy over president trump's response to the families of fallen soldiers. white house chief of staff john kelly is defending the president. kelly is a retired marine corps general who lost his own son on the battle field in afghanistan in 2010. today he spoke in deeply personal terms about the service and sacrifice of military families, and he leveled with erring criticism at congresswoman who blasted the president's call to a fallen soldier's widow. >> it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. absolutely stuns me. and i thought at least that was sacred. >> but there are still questions abouhe
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four soldiers in niger as well as the white house response to families of the fallen. let's start tonight with blayne alexander. hi, blayne. >> reporter: doreen, certainly a heart felt moment inside the white house briefing room. we saw john kelly give an emotional account of what happens after a service member is killed in action from bringing his or her body back home to the moment that the commander in chief reaches out to the family. and today it was clear that kelly was very upset that any part of that had become politicized. >> well, thanks a lot. >> reporter: chief of staff john kelly, who lost his own son fighting in afghanistan, now defending a phone call by president trump to the widow of la david t. johnson, killed in niger. kelly, giving his version of the president's words. >> he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be, with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the mee.
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advised the commander in chief that not all presidents call family members and angrily slammed a florida congresswoman who called the president's remarks insensitive. >> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted at what i saw a member of congress doing. >> reporter: today the pentagon trying to explain how they were killed during an isolated ambush in niger. >> we and the department of defense would like to know what we're talking about before we talk and so we do not have all the accurate information yet. we will release it as rapidly as we get it. >> reporter: top senators angry that the pentagon still has not explained what is and isn't known. >> do you think that you know enough about the deaths of the four soldiers in niger? >> of course not. >> have you been briefed? >> no. >> why not? >> you'll have to ask the pentagon. >> the delay as much as the nondisclosure is
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very great concern. >> reporter: and today the pentagon, white house and congress all promising a full investigation. and as for that investigation, right now the pentagon has a team on the ground in niger collecting what one senior official calls very basic raw information about that ambush. meanwhile, jim, the florida congresswoman frederica wilson says she stands by her words and her criticism of president trump. back to you. >> blayne, thank you. general kelly also said the most important calls families of our fallen heroes receive come from the close friends of service members. but some local families say hearing from the commander in chief can help them with their grief. news 4's meagan fitzgerald has that part of our story. >> reporte >> running has been a huge help. it's been my therapy. >> reporter: kristen johnson runs to help the pain. corporal
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20 years old and had just married kristen, the love of his life, three months before he died. >> it just suddenly hit a brick wall and it was being lost. >> reporter: but through her grief she still remembers a meaningful gesture from years ago. >> i received a letter, it was president george bush at the time it felt emotional, not a generic thing. >> reporter: kristen was also invited to meet president bush in the oval office. inside bob and pop sandwich shop, owner arlene wagner understands that sentiment and kristen's pain. >> peter was my younger, is my youngest son. he was killed in action in afghanistan. >> reporter: she tries her best to keep busy as a way of distracting herself from the pain. >> it's devastating. sometimes it's debilitating. >> reporter: but like kristen, arlene says there's something soothing about being contacted by the commander in chief. >> for me it was
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you know, that i got a letter from president obama. that meant a lot to me. >> reporter: president obama sent her two letters, one was just days after peter was killed. but not every gold star family has received that honor. timothy echols was laid to rest in arlington national cemetery last week. he was killed on the uss mccain in august. his mother rachel says she has not received a letter or a call from president trump and it's hurtful. it may be a small gesture, but kristen and arlene will tell you it makes a big difference. >> that they care, and that they are aware of what's happening. and i think that's what any gold star family wants. >> reporter: now, as we reported, general kelly said that the most important call that gold star families receive is that from the military members that served with their child. but, jim and doreen, i talked to a lot of different families who say that call from the c
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in chief really means the world to them. >> sure. doesn't get any bigger. >> this whole discussion about this is creating new pain for a lot of people. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. >> sure. >> a double tragedy on what was supposed to have been a fun night out. two people on their way home to potomac were killed when their car hit a tree and today we are learning more about the victims. a man and a mother of two. news 4's chris gordon is along democracy boulevard where that crash happened. chris? >> reporter: doreen, i'm standing tonight on the site of the memorial where two people died in this fiery inferno, car parts are scattered along the charred ground. now, this was a single-car accident leaving some people wondering how could this have happened. family and friends of the victim walking the scene of the fatal crash call it tragic and horrific. two young people killed here. the passenger in the car,
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potomac, is the mother of two young children and the author of a soon to be released children's book. >> hi, everyone. i'm kathleen. i am the all authorize of foxy the fox and the unexpected treasure. >> reporter: her sister says kathleen's most important role was raising her children. >> she's so creative, so smart, and more than anything else, she just -- she loved her family so much. she loved her children, and she was just -- she was an amazing sister. we're all going to miss her forever, but she'll live on in our hearts. >> reporter: french was riding with a friend, 30-year-old kent brooks in his 2011 audi. his friends say he was in sales. he loved cars and video games. they were returning from a karaoke night in potomac and were almost home. police say the cause of the deadly crash is under investigation with a number of factors being considered.
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looking at a number of factors, but they're not confirming any right now. >> reporter: police say the driver traveling east on democracy boulevard apparently lost control on a curve just before gains boro road. the cara apparently hitting a light pole, crashing into two trees, sending the audi careening across the roadway into a ditch, broken and burning. neighbors of kathleen french say they are shocked by the news of her death. >> it's a sad tragedy because she has two young children. >> that's awful. >> reporter: they say all the neighbors use that stretch of democracy boulevard every day, and it could happen to anyone. in potomac, chris gordon, news 4. >> bracing for trouble, a state of emergency issued in florida as a white nationalist from alexandria takes his message to a college campus. see how it unfolded and the somewhat surprising ending.
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virginia. the lines are long as a popular former president steps back into the political arena. it is this enthusiasm for barack obama will help keep virginia blue in the governor's race. >> and the end of an era as united's 747 makes its final flight at dulles. what it means for the future of air travel. >> and i'm talking about some really nice weather over the next couple of days. a fantastic friday, the weekend, what does that hold in store? i have that forecast umming up. right now the temperature losok
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19 days now until virginia voters choose a new governor and this race is tight. >> yeah, four new polls are out this week. take a look. fox news has democrat ralph northam up by 7 over republican ed gillespie. quinnipiac has northam up by 14. the lawson center for public policy shows northam with just a 4-point lead, but it's within the survey's margin of error. and monmouth poll has gillespie up 7 with a margin of error. >> barack obama is returning to the campaign trail for the first time since he left office. he's campaigning for ralph northam in richmond and
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>> reporter: janet robinson is like most people who lined up early to see the former president and ralph northam, a die hard democrat. >> i'm a democrat born and a democrat bred and a democrat dead. north ham is fine with me. >> reporter: young people and african-american voters especially, those are groups ralph northam needs to win, but who don't always turn out as strongly in off-year elections. >> a lot of people said at the beginning it was his election to lose. but i would tell you there are a number of democrats right now who are very concerned that that's exactly what he's doing, because he doesn't have a strong issue and he's not motivating and exciting people the way they believe can be done in this first year of a trump presidency. >> reporter: democrats in line today think barack obama's campaign visit will make a difference. >> i just need that energy obama gave me. i miss that. >> what drew me here today was
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obama's first campaign event since he left the presidency. i was already pretty excited for northam, and having this sort of big ticket name come down to support him is huge. >> but a republican spokesman questions whether an obama appearance will really help at the polls, writing, virginians will cast their ballots based on kitchen table issues, not star power. but republican ed gillespie has turned to a vip in his own party, vice-president mike pence campaigned for him in southwest virginia last weekend. >> that was julie carey reporting. she'll have complete coverage of the former president's campaign stop in richmond and look at what happens next in this race that is still too close to call. >> it's been a day of protests outside the university of florida where a white nationalist from alexandria just made a speech on campus. the governor there so afraid the event would spark violence, he declared a state of emergency. take a look at the crowds. brought in hundreds of police, the governor did, as a precaution.
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calm. protesters are upset that so-called alt-right leader richard spencer got to speak on campus this afternoon. university officials had originally denied spencer's request to speak, but then relented when he threatened to sue. >> hate speech cannot be banned from a public university. the government, and we're considered to be the government, cannot censor speech. >> authorities were worried spencer's visit would spawn the same violence seen at the white nationalist rally in charlottesville back in august. a rally spencer helped organize. >> it's a sign of the times, an iconic cruise liner that used to dominate the skies takes one last flight out of dulles international airport. united airlines and many others are moving away from larger jets like the 747 in favor of more fuel efficient planes. transportation reporter adam tuss has the sights and sounds of the day and what it may mean for you.
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>> when you really look at her, you think the majesty that she has. if you go out and you look on that tarmac, she commands the runway. >> if we've been flying this plane at united airlines for decades upon decades, since 1970. and so most of us who are on it try to fly it as much as we can. >> reporter: why is the 747 going away from not just united, but virtually every other u.s. air carrier? money. this is really a decision all about fuel efficiency. 747s have four engines, two on each wing. the newer model airplanes only have two engines, one on each wing. that means it can cut down on fuel. >> our new aircraft also the 787s, for example, have cabins that are far more comfortable, and we can reduce the impacts of jet lag on for people on long haul flying. >> reporter: one last chance to take in the so-called queen of the skies as the s
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at dulles international, adam tuss, news 4. >> loud one, too. >> yeah. >> nearly every city rolling out the welcome mat, but some say d.c. is one of the top contenders for amazon's second huge home. we'll explain what we have that others don't. >> hundreds of cars damaged during the recent hurricanes and coming to a car dealership near yo
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doesn't it seem like the closer we get to the weekend the more the weather is improving? is that trend going to continue, doug? >> yes, it is. that trend a really nice trend. it has been fantastic the last couple of days. cool mornings, nice warm afternoons, that's what we would love to see every day in fall. that's what we've seen really over the last few days. take a look today. lot of people enjoying the weather out there towards georgetown. yeah, you needed the sunglasses for sure and, yeah, you noticed the jackets and notice this guy. i love this picture right here. somebody taking their son in and putting them in the -- put him out there into the fountains a little bit down there towards the georgetown waterfront. the day really nice to get out and do a little bit of walking. now, if you were with me the last couple of nights, i've been showing you this shot. oh, and the sun was just about to set. now the sun at 6:24 is down. that just goes to show you our days continue to get shorter and shorter and will continue to do so right on through almost christmastime. 69 degrees the current temperature, winds outth
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southwest at 5 miles an hour. again, a very beautiful night. it is going to be on the cool side. temperatures, well, they're cool but not nearly as cool as we've been. by this time some areas were already in the 50s the last couple of days 72 cull pepper, 62 over towards the honeytown area. no rain, we have been dry and by dry, very dry. over the past month and a half about 3 inches below avenue. so, we do need to see some rainfall but i do not see any chance of rain until the day on tuesday. we have another four or five days for rain even tries to move in. you can see what i'm talking about on the map here. the entire u.s. on the dry side. some showers around santa fe, new mexico if you're heading there or maybe up toward seattle. that is about it. the rest of the country high and dry. no storms heading our way. what will be head heading our way, milder air trying to creep on in. all that's really happening is the air is starting to moderate after the cooler air is beginning to filter on out. 47 in gaithersburg tonight instead of the upper 30s they were in last night. manassas 34 last night. 45 tonight. 45 winchester, 54 in the city.
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this in some of the suburbs, but for the most part we will be well above where we were over the last few nights so a cool nice start to the day tomorrow and a very nice afternoon. high of 75, more sunshine and a fantastic friday. i love fantastic fridays because that leads us right on into the weekend. if you're thinking about getting out there take a look at some of the fall foliage, here's the color of peak. that's the red here. peak colors the mountains of west virginia and up towards the poconos. so, two, three-hour trip in those directions it could be nice for your viewing this weekend if you're thinking about doing that. but the rest of the area now under moderate color. ten-day forecast, 75 on your friday, 76 saturday. 77 on sunday, a beautiful weekend. as i mentioned next chance of rain coming up on tuesday, maybe into wednesday, this could be a big storm. once again, something we'll be watching for you very closely from the storm center. >> all right, thank you, doug. family coming to the defense of a maryland man they say mental health issues and race played a role in his case. but the top prosecutor is firing
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didn't do enough to save a baby's life. >> crisis in puerto rico, president trump surprising response to the hurricane aftermath as that island continues to struggle to rebuild. >> and find out why parking in one popur part ofla
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians.
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attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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the death of a two month old at the hands of his own father was so sickening, a judge said the crime destroyed him to his core. >> the maryland man repeatedly punched the newborn because the child wouldn't stop crying. he then buried the body and hid what he had done for weeks. our bureau chief tracee wilkins was in court today when the judge sentenced the killer to 40 years in prison. >> reporter: in court prosecutors argued that antoine petty had a long history of abusing many of his nine children. >> there were other offenses against other children, broken ribs, kicks to the face. so, and these instances were reported to child protective services to no avail. >> i feel like that even though stuff was done, i feel like, like the attorney said, that he's never been criminally charged with anything. >> reporter: the state said it all came to a head september of 2006 wh
6:31 pm
20 2016 when petty killed his newborn son antoine phlegm inches. >> he had no one to protect him. >> reporter: he got 40 years, the maximum sentence for child abuse resulting in death. police say he beat his newborn son to stop him from crying. beat him so much that he died. then antoine and the baby's mother placed the baby in the back of the hearst car the father drove. the baby remained there at least a day before the couple buried his body behind parkdale high school in riverdale. the court said petty's mind was clouded by a long-time mental illness. >> i feel like it was race. it would have been in the news that he had mental illness. >> if antoine petty had mental illness, it was incumbent on his family to have intervened and get help former president him, and if not for him, what about the children, what about the one he murdered brutally and left in an open grave. >> reporter: his wife pled guilty to manslaughter charges. she wil
6:32 pm
december. in riverdale, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> mental illness can be a tough subject to talk about. changing minds is an nbc 4 special project and is committed to providing education, information and hope for people dealing with those challenges. open our nbc washington app and search changing minds if you'd like to learn more. >> a look at other top stories tonight, detectives still don't know why a gunman killed three people at a counter top company yesterday. one of the victims is from our area. he lived in arlington, but drove more than 70 miles each way every day to work in edgewood, maryland. the suspected shooter is being held on more than $2 million bail. >> we learned that two people killed in this car crash in potomac last night were a man and a woman. the mother of two young children, relatives say kathleen french and kent brooks were running from a karaoke night and were almost home when their car hit a tree along democracy boulevard. >> former prede
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first time tonight since leaving office. he's stumping for democratic virginia good to ubernatorial ce ralph northam in richmond. voters will choose between him and republican ed gillespie in 19 days. >> one month after hurricane maria blasted the island of puerto rico, the struggle for essential services continues. they rely on fema and other act sizz for food and water. that was president trump at the white house today. reporters asked the president to rate his government's response to the crisis. >> i give ourselves a 10. did the united states, did our government when we came in, did we do a great job, military, first responders, fema, did we do a great job? >> you responded immediately. >> the president has sent conflicting signals about his plans for puerto rico's long-term recovery. today he pledged his
6:34 pm
contrast to what we saw in puerto rico weeks ago and reports coming out of the island today. 80% of the power across the island is out a month after the hurricane hit. 30% are still without water. schools still closed. traffic lights still not working even in the city of san juan. and there is still damage and debris all over that hasn't been cleared away and cleaned up yet. and two weeks ago we covered the arrival of the navy ship usns comfort. ready to handle anything from heart surgery to labor and delivery. so far the comfort has only treated a handful of patients in puerto rico and it seems impossible to get an explanation for why that's happening. >> the power and the water numbers not much as changed since you were down there. >> no, doesn't seem like it. >> well, we've got a consumer warning tonight. hurricanes and recent storms have produced an unprecedented number of flooded vehicles. >> and there is a good chance some of those cars could end up
6:35 pm
consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you and has what we need to know. >> well, the good news is there is a pretty good system out there to track these flooded vehicles as long as the car owner had comprehensive insurance which covers flood damage and there are a lot of them. just take a look at this. this is one location in houston where the flooded vehicles are being processed. the vin numbers will get entered into the national insurance crime data insurance base. owners of more flooded vehicles didn't have comprehensive insurance and those cars aren't going to be part of the database which means some unscrupulous buyers can clean them up, take them to another state, get a clean title and sell it. so, here's what you need to know to spot a flooded car. you want to check the vehicle for any signs of water damage, of course, so you're going to remove the spare tire, you're going to look for rust on screws or any other metallic items. and we have a lot more information for you to spot flooded vehicles. you just want
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washington app and search flooded car. back to you. >> susan hogan, thank you. their job is to serve and protect, but the i-team finds many police departments are stretched thin. why some fear it is putting officers and the public's safety at risk. >> plus the changes that take effect tonight, making it tougher to find parking at some of the most popular and busiest parts of our city. >> temperatures today quite nice. 71 d.c., 77 in front royal. that warmer air sliding to the east again tomorrow and into your weekend. i'll talk about that, plus ham: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it.
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get ready for this. a big parking change is coming to a busy part of the city and it starts tonight. the d.c. department of transportation is roping off spaces on connecticut avenue from rhode island to dupont circle. the goal to make room for car services like uber and lyft, the clur
6:39 pm
10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. thursday through saturday for at least the next year. >> fewer officers on the streets, it's impacting police departments all over the country and here in our area. as scott macfarlane and the news 4 i-team found out, that has some agencies taking action to protect police and the public. >> reporter: federal, state and local police in our area are all suffering this problem. the news 4 i-team checked with more than a dozen local police agencies to find out how many sworn officers they have right now. and found that nearly each case it was below the authorized level, the number of police communities thought they needed and the number of police for whom they had actually budgeted. police union officials tell us this is a problem. it's leading to more one-man patrols. it's delaying response time and putting some of the officers themselves at risk if they're attacked on the job. internal police memos we obtained showed the problem ranges from charles county through d.c. and even raised questions about u.s. park police
6:40 pm
which protect american landmarks and lead presidential motorcades. >> we're looking for people and people cost money. you have to recruit them, you have to train them, you have to outfit them and you have to put them on the street. these things all take money and money we don't have. >> reporter: several police departments said this doesn't have an impact on public safety, but there are others who do, who say this impacts response time of officers and stretches the current force thin. tonight on news 4 as part of our fully team investigation, why police departments in our area are struggling to recruit. what they're doing to solve this problem, and the new training they're giving officers to better protect themselves if on duty alone. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> up next, the amazon bidding war, the top cities fighting around the company's second headquarters. >> and the pentialot i
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now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. crème interior. he was so nice! open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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today is deadline day for cities to submit their bids to become home to amazon's second headquarters and there's a lot at stake. amazon's h q2, as they call it, will bring 50,000 jobs that pay an average of more than $100,000 a year. and if that's not enough, $5 billion on infrastructure investment into that community. one major financial research firm has been crunching the numbers and thinks it will come down to one of these cities, austin, atlanta, philadelphia, rochester, or pittsburgh. but across dfrm.c., maryland an virginia, they're crossing their numbers, too. >> we are pitching four proposal sites. montgomery county is pitching rockville,
6:44 pm
college park, greenbelt and new carrollton. just a tropical system potomac there is a push to set up dulles, richmond is in the running, too. tom sherwood takes us inside one of the d.c. sites and tells us any local pick would be a big win for our entire region. >> reporter: trendy food trucks, big business in northeast, big scale jobs and retail housing market that makes up noma, the north of massachusetts avenue development district. >> the people that come here, highly educated, more than 50% have advanced degrees, more than 90% have undergraduate degrees. >> reporter: mona is one of four d.c. neighborhoods promoting itself for the headquarters and its 50,000 employees. those already working here would welcome amazon's high energy arrival. ashley brown takes the train for an hour from woodbridge, virginia to work here. >> you have access to the metro, ce
6:45 pm
i walk from my building here to union station. so, you know, it's very versatile. >> reporter: amazon wants to be near metro rail, metro's well known budget and repair problems could be a draw back, but local leaders like doug duncan who runs the regional leadership washington program says amazon would force the region to act. >> if amazon says they're coming here, metro is going to be solved very, very quickly. it will, it will bring the regional leaders together in a way they never have been before. >> reporter: native new yorker natasha boyd moved here two years ago for a life change. >> a true new yorker but i'm making it here in d.c. >> reporter: what do you think about amazon maybe coming here? >> oh, my goodness, i'm so excited about that, so excited about it. >> reporter: washington business journal editor doug freeling says it will be a boost anywhere in the region. it is growing but not as dynamicallily as before. >> a win like amazon would be
6:46 pm
economy. we really need that diversification, of course that would bring in -- bring back those millennials who have started to leave. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> time to give a big shout out to doreen tonight. she gave an amazing speech last night when she was honored for pioneering news 4's changing minds campaign. the nonprofit every mind organization recognized doreen for her passion, commitment and dedication to lowering the stigma around mental health issues. leon and i were pleased to be at the celebration at the hyatt in downtown bethesda last night. he was a fantastic emcee. changing minds has been going on strong since 2014 here at nbc 4. we invite you to check out the mental health resources we've compiled. you can find them on our nbc washington app with the search term "changing minds." well done, doreen. well deserved. >> thanks. that organization, every mind, is one of the best resources our community has i
6:47 pm
helping people with mental health issues. so, doug, the noah weather folks are already talking about winter. >> they put out their winter forecast today. >> on a beautiful day. >> look at that. >> gorgeous. >> absolutely amazing. if you want it to be cold, if you want it to be warm, they say it's going to be just about right. that's actually what noaa is saying. first off i want to show you what they're looking at. here's their winter outlook. what this tells you is probability of it being warmer or cooler than average. parts of the northwest cooler than average, parts of the southeast, including mid atlantic area, 33% chance it will be warmer than average here. i do expect that to be the case here around our area for this winter just like it was last winter. february last year, incredibly warm, one of the warm est febz of all time. will that happen again? we're still crunching those numbers. what about snow fall, what about rainfall, what about precipitation? this is where it gets interesting.
6:48 pm
much dryer towards florida. look at us here. equal chances of wetter or dryer. what does that mean? about average here. yeah, about average. last year we got about 3 inches. now, my winter forecast comes out in about three weeks and i'm going to take a better look at our area to show you what i think is going to happen this winter, winter forecast has been doing pretty well the last couple years. hopefully we get this one right, too. out there now temperature wise 69 degrees with clear skies. 66 by 7:00, dropping to 59 by 11:00. not dropping nearly as fast tonight as it has the last couple nights. by this time the last few nights we've been in the.50. right know we're close to 70. rockville 67 degrees, reston belvoir 66 degrees. a nice night. no rain to talk about. we're going to stay on the dry side. bus stop tomorrow once again a great day. whether you're riding your bike or taking the kids, walking to the bus stop, walking to school, perfect weather. 50 degrees, little chilly. this is in the beltway. 63 degrees at recess, 74 by the time you're picking up t k
6:49 pm
thinking about taking off a little early tomorrow to get your friday started on a good note. looking at a perfect daily for your friday. high temperature tomorrow 75 degrees. 76 on saturday. 77 on sunday. and again we've been talking about the marine corps marathon. a great day for the marathon. and this is interesting, chuck bell made this graphic. doreen, you'll appreciate this. you're a runner. three-hour finishers at 11:00 a.m. it starts around 8:00. temperature around 70 degrees. 5 hour finishers 70 degrees. six hour finishers 75 degrees. chuck did not go to 7 and 8 hour finishers. >> that doesn't apply to any of us. >> he did not go that far out. you can see it is going to be a great day out there for the marine corps marathon. if you've been preparing for that good luck to you this weekend. we're going to be out there mile marker 4. right, jim handly? >> that's right. >> that's where we'll be. 74 on your tuesday. 66 on wednesday, much cooler weather the middle of next week. once again a storm to watch on tuesday into wednesday. we'll talk much more a
6:50 pm
>> all right. sounds good. thank you, doug. nbc 4 is proud to celebrate a local radio icon, donny simpson marking 40 years of broadcasting in d.c. to mark that milestone we're giving away free tickets to a star studded celebration in his honor. it's this sunday night at 6:00 at the warner theater. just head to the nbc washington facebook page and tell us why you love the donny simpson show for your chance to win. >> coming up in sports, the redskins getting some big names back in practice while they prepare for their toughest test yet. carol is heading your way. >> first here is lester holt with a look at what is on nbc nightly news. >> tonight we'll hear from the white house chief of staff kelly. his emotional defense the president as he opens up being a gold star parent himself. the extraordinary campus lockdown over one man and one speech and a report from i
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> redskins back at practice, getting set for philly. >> we're talking about practice. you know what we're talking about? monday night football. >> joy -- >> not joy for redskins lately. redskins/eagles part 2, skins getting back to practice getting ready for monday night. a rematch versus their nfc east rivals. this game will go a long way in deciding who is the division champ at season's end. no pressure.
6:54 pm
usually telling you who is injured, but today it's look who's back. number 2 on his uniform, number 1 in your hearts. dee angelo hall, first practice since september, he tore his acl. 24 josh norman. he took part in some practice. don't know what this mean for monday night. no injury, no practice. that corner back had a sprained mcl. he had some individual drills, too, as well. and coach calls him a fast healer. we will see for monday what's ahead for the team. here's sheree burruss. >> reporter: redskins team facing the same opponent as week one, except this monday night match up featuring ail more fine tuned redskins squad. >> there's more continuity on defense. offensively i think we're playing better as a group. i think just altogether offense defense special teams, we're getting to where we want to be. we're not there yet, but we're a lot further along now than we were week one. >> we're able to see our mistakes, able to corct
6:55 pm
it's a loss or win. and not repeat the same mistakes. >> we're more familiar with each other, more comfortable playing with each other. we know each other. out on the field, we know what each person is, what we're capable of. >> the redskins are looking to a convenie avenge their first loss despite banged up players. >> even though i'm not 100%, i'm going to keep working hard every day. >> we all know that philly is at the top right now. probably at the top in this league. so, we know it's going to be a test and, you know, for us they're in our division so every game is critical from this point on. >> the burg andy and gold looking to make up ground in their division and get the first win against philly on a monday night since september 2007. from redskins park, sheree burruss, news 4 sports. >> thank you. curt cousins getting back today, huge test for him on monday.
6:56 pm
monday night football 0-5. he's not thinking about that. big w, game against the 49ers, more special for the qb because -- >> ooh! >> the knew est member, cooper, he gave the game ball to him. a memory that will stick with cousins for a while. >> we had a lot of fun in the players parking lot, i was able to hold him and take in the moment. and when we had that rushing touchdown at the end of the game, i kept the bail and i put that in his nursery. we got that there. my wife now wants it to get painted up to say cooper's game ball. so, i told my wife that i would like to play long enough to where he can come to a game and remember it. and have that memory. so, hopefully i can play long enough to where he can see me play and remember it. >> if that happens, he won't be able to hold him like that with the football. >> it's so cute, it's adorable. >> hopefully he can tell him a story about winning at the link this weekend. now to the wizards and a story of
6:57 pm
season. guys, you heard me last night talking after the win. >> can't wait to see what this is about. >> wall might never actually explain what wolf season means. man, is it fun. the wizards still smiling about their season opener. the energy at capital one arena was flowing thanks to the wall show. of course, did not do this alone. everyone contributed. but wall was a player possessed, especially when the game was on the line. afterward, i asked him about his desire and his dunks and he didn't hesitate to remind me it's his year. >> this is wolf season. that's my -- wolf season. i put a lot of hard work and dedication into this summer and being able to work. without my teammates, making shots, i wouldn't be the player i am. >> can you expand on wolf season for people who don't know? >> just keep watching. [ laughter ] >> got our attention. >> now we're going to keep watching. they're making
6:58 pm
they're hosting detroit tonight. >> they're going to start howling at the moon. >> it's going to be an all year alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, emotional defense. white house chief of staff john kelly holding back tears speaking about the death of his son. and pushing back on criticism of president trump's condolence call to the widow of a fallen u.s. soldier. >> plus, inside the ambush. new details about what happened when u.s. forces came under attack in niger. >> bush's warning, a rebuke of the current president without from the last republican president without mentioning his name. >> campus state of emergency. protests and a massive brigade in the streets as police try to prevent another charlottesville. >> inside nuclear armed north korea, our team is there amid rare access and threats of war. >> teaming up, big brands joining forces looking to lure you in for the holidays. >> the story behind these powerful images of the pos


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