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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  October 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> it was meant to be a push. i'm so sorry. >> happy friday. >> his weekend is off to a great start. >> i'm awake now. >> i'm very sorry about that. >> we had him down here because we have the marine corps marathon. i've run two marathons. i was feeling good about that until chuck told me he's run -- >> 22. >> i've been at the marine corps marathon -- i won't be completing the whole distance. i'm at the start line and run the mile four and cheer people on and people get a picture. i can't do that and run the race. >> you're a veteran now. >> i think next year, i may try and finish the darn thing again. >> i know runners are particular about the weather when they run. how is it looking this weekend? >> super warm. >> last y
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degrees. we'll be almost that warm again this race day. very unusually mild again. unless you're running 26 miles. >> don't drop it in your hand or your co-worker. as chuck mentioned, we're inching closer to the start of the race. here's a look at the court. you need to plan ahead for the various traffic closures. of course, it's 26.2 miles and takes you through the heart of d.c. we'll be cheering the runners at mile 4. come and join us. the race attracts tens of thousands of runners each year. get to the starting line on time on sunday. news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss has
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>> this week on metro, what do you need to know. the they're going to open at 6:00 a.m., because the marine corps marathon organizers have plunked down $200,000 to open the system early. metro has been having that issue with staying open late or opening early. good to know that they'll be open at 6:00 a.m. the closest metro station to the start of the race is the pentagon station. keep in mind that that's going to be exit only until 8:30 in the morning. so if you're going there, you're going to exit out of pentagon. if you're going to the marine corps mayor ton 10k, the l'enfant station, those are the closest to the start line there. leave yourself plenty of extra time, get there when it opens at six. >> thank you, adam. >> news 4 is a proud sponsor of the
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more information about the race on the nbc washington app. i'm going to be out there actually tomorrow morning with my daughter running the kids run. on the app, you'll find the road closures to the security measures in place and help keep the runners and the spectators safe. search marathon. senate republicans are a step closer to overhauling the tax code. late last night they passed a $4 trillion plan. one republican voted against the proposal. >> the yeas are 51. the nays are 49. the concurrent res louis, as amended, is agreed to. >> the one republican was senator rand paul who joined all democrats to vote against it. this paves the way for republican toss pass their promised tax cut package. the budget plan now goes to the house, which is expected to pass
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turning to decision 2017 where it was a roaring welcome back to virginia for former president barack obama. >> president barack obama. mr. obama back on the campaign trail trying to rally support candidate for governor ralph northam during a speech. he never mentioned president trump by name. he did take on ed gillespie. >> what he really believes is if you steer enough voters, you might score enough votes to win an election. and that's what makes this kind of anything goes politics so damaging and corrosive to our democracy. >> at the end he locked arms with the commonwealth democratic ticket. they down played the significance of the former president's
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based it on kitchen table issues, not star power. the team that eliminated the nats from the playoffs has to watch the rest of it from home. >> the los angeles dodgers have won the pennant. >> just a week after taking the nats out, the chicago cubs lost to the los angeles dodgers. last night's game wasn't even close. 11-1. the dodgers delivering a grand slam. l.a. is going to the world series for the first time in nearly 30 years. 1988 to be specific. chuck, i don't think the cubs fans are feeling that bad. they're only a year removed from that incredible series win. >> i don't care about cubs fans, how about that. >> now that they've won, there's nothing special, right? >> once the red sox beat off the curse, 2007 or something like that. >> yeah. >> okay, got it. they went on to win a few more after that.
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>> our turn. >> it's me time. when is it our turn? >> great weather here. >> mother nature is really going to take care of your outdoor plans. this is the wedding season. high season for weddings. all the weddings going off without a hitch. i quiet and dry start. take a look at the temperatures through the season coming up. all eyes on the skies tonight. the celestial -- two places people love to shop. now they're teaming up. the partnership between
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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the dog is a world record holder. the st. bernard is the record for the longest tongue at more than 7 inches long. when he visited a school in south dakota, let's say some students were amazed, others a bit grossed out. before we -- the woman who adopted him teaches kids that being different is actually something to be celebrated. actually, very good message. before we start at the desk, i'm going to carefully remove my cup. i'm going to move it out of the way.
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if you saw what happened -- >> i put the burn foam on. >> if you want to sue, they are firmly behind you. >> i got people at home on my side, too. >> chuck is a science geek. you're going to appreciate this next one. legos unveiling a new set to pay tribute to smart women. get ready to build the women of nasa. a few of them include sally ride, the first american woman in space in may jameson. the first african-american woman in space. you won't see nasa mathematician katherine, the genius featured in figures. it couldn't get approval from all the key people. i know a lot of people were interested. if it was going to be clear or not for tonight. >> good sky watching. >> it's going to be important. you may want to look up to see one
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tonight. >> both tonight and saturday night. >> tonight and saturday night. >> you can catch a glimpse of the orion meteor shower. you'll be able to see it streaking across the sky from anywhere on earth. the best times between -- >> midnight and dawn. >> saturday morning and again sunday morning. our skies are going to be quite clear, especially tonight into early tomorrow. relatively good tonight. a little better chance of seeing them saturday night into sunday. the shower is caused by us going throughout tail of hail he is comet. >> you can stay up later and see it. >> i get up at 3:30 in the morning. have a cup of coffee and go throughout pre race. >> the race starts at 8:00. >> there you go. as chuck said, it's looking pretty good for the
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that's right. there's a check of your high temperatures for your friday. low to mid-70s for today. warmer and warmer through the weekend. >> having a good rap. hamilton creator, lynn manuel
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heads up if you're headed to a high school football game between potomac and freedom high school today. there's going to be extra security. the game time moved up to 5:00. prince william county police say it's because of a threat against one of the coaches. they don't think it's credible. but not allowing backpacks, purses or bulky items inside. kids may use duct tape for crafts in class, but what one substitute teacher did with it would make any parent upset. here's what happened at this school in texas. a substitute teacher duct taped the mouths of nearly a dozen elementary school teachers. they were fifth graders. the teacher was immediately removed from the class and the kids sent to the nurses' office. >> they're all fine. but it could have been dangerous situation. that's the type of thing that could make a child sick, cause other problems. it was an hour -- it's not something we would tolerate. >> that
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school officials say they plan to cooperate with any investigation. what they haven't said is why the teacher would do it. in the middle of the devastating wildfires, a mailman is on a mission. he's still making his rounds surrounded by the cinders of a once vibrant neighborhood. gadi schwartz tracked him down to hear his story. >> in devastation so vast, the smallest things stand out. a toy car, a purple bandana. a mailbox still standing while everything else has burned. this desolate road of destruction is postman trevor smith's daily route. for eight years, he's picked up mail from a senior community called the orchard. today he picks up the melted mailboxes. >> it's scorched. first class. >> his white mail carrier out of place among the ruins. until you see some h
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standing and people like 97-year-old nora waiting for him. >> did you evacuate or did you stay? >> nora tells him she was by herself when the fire swept through. >> as he continues, the thought of her alone haunts him. >> she was left there alone. that's frightening. she couldn't escape. >> in this community, the mail is precious cargo. >> how is it going? >> social security checks, prescriptions, medications and messages from a generation that still hand writes notes. >> i took a letter from a woman and then she's like, wait, can i have that back? i need to write more. >> she wrote that she was okay but their house was gone. >> i don't know what to do with that information. communication is important, whether it's something you want to tell somebody or not. >> when the loss is overwhelming, his purpose is simple. deliver the mail. >> thank you. >> finish the route. >> gadi schwartz, nbc news, santa rosa, california. >> neighborhoods devastated there in
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now a big celebrity is praising d.c. chef jose andres. he hit a milestone erk severing a million meals after hurricane maria. praises coming in the form of a rap courtesy of lin-manuel miranda. >> you're in puerto rico and cooking food to eat because some of them have nothing. you're filling up the store. severing up a legacy. you're killing it. >> lin-manuel miranda has been a vocal supporter of the ongoing relief efforts in puerto rico and his message has been posted on chef andres' instagram page. chuck, it's nice. he didn't do it for this reason. but it's nice to see the chef getting a little bit of praise for his work. >> absolutely right. very important work there being done as well. other important work dominique, if you could put more of the
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>> >> he karnt lcan't let it go >> this too shall heal. don't you worry. >> i have a feeling your lawyer will be calling me about 8:00 a.m. today. >> he's already online. don't you worry. >> more weather. we've got great weather coming your way as you get ready to plan your weekend out. temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning. nowhere near as cold as we've been the last few mornings. there's a look at our sky watcher camera looking down over northwest washington early this morning. it's a quiet start to the day. skies are mostly clear and not going to have real weather worries today. 55 at national airport and really not that much colder in the suburbs. the last few days, even though national has been in the low 50s. plenty of 30s on the map. may be one or two 30s before the sun comes up in warrenton and virginia. 52 in winchester right now and 47 in gaithersburg. so your friday looks absolutely
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just after 7:20 this morning h about three hours from now. sunny and warm all afternoon long today. high temperatures 72 towards beverly beach and 75 in arlington. 76 in fredericksburg and stamford today. in the low 70s in the shenandoah valley. for tomorrow, another warm day. full sunshine. highs into the mid-70s. whatever you do this weekend, take a look at the fall foliage. really not much of a fall color show here in and around the city just yet. the incredibly warm and dry weather is really cooking the trees off. all the cherry trees are on the tidal basin, they've dropped their leaves. if you're traveling to the high spot, there's good color there. see any great pictures, send them to me. if you're making the drive up towards happy valley tomorrow, state college, michigan and penn state, 7:30 kickoff tomorrow. i'll tell you, for late october in the middle of
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62 at kickoff. that is mild indeed. sheena and i will plan out your sunday forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you, chuck. with the leaves changing, the holiday shopping season around the corner, two big names are working as one. how walmart and lord & taylor are joining forces. what it means to crossing things off your list. we check in with aaron and eun. what it makes to make nfl players to stand for the national anthem. the new push president trump put out and update on the survivor of
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october is national -- burger king wanted to do an experiment month. they recorded customers reaction to a bul
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more complaints from customers. here's a look at the bully or the burger. >> one whopper junior meal. >> the results are a bit concerning. 95% of customers said something about the bully burgers. only 12% of people actually stood up to the actual -- >> retailers are joining forces in unexpected ways to capture your dollars as in low price giant walmart teaming up with -- it's a new kind of shopping experience. >> america's biggest retailer on the cusp of making a deal with america's oldest. all in an effort to
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walmart is in talks with lord and taylor to sell the products online. according to the "wall street journal." walmart's goal, start an online mall bringing in established brands to attract new shoppers to compete with amazon. >> are we entering a situation where the consumer is going to be better off or worse off? >> i think the consumer benefits here. more choices, more options, more pricing transparency. >> shoppers are divided. >> i've been shopping online more than i used to. >> i want to be able to see it for myself and know what it is. >> walmart has been on a tear acquiring new brands from to others. amazon is beefing up, too. now accepting returns at koelz stores while it sells kenmore appliances from sears and nike products directly on their site. this comes as 25% of traditional malls are expected to close by 2022. this year, more than 5,000 stores have shut
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>> right now, retailers need to evolve. consumers' behavior, their attitudes towards shopping and the technology they bring into the store has changed fundamentally. how their expectation is of the retail experience. >> in the retail hunger games, brand united. bag your business. joe ling kent, nbc news, new york. >> sometimes you're stronger together. it is now 4:26. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. now on "news4 today," a petition from the president. a latest step to pressure the nfl to force players to stand for the national anthem. >> on your mark, get set, it is almost go time for the marine corps marathon. what you need to know even if you aren't planning on attending. and the ball game is over. and the los angeles dodgers have won the pennant. >> for the first
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years, the dodgers are headed to the world series. the nats fans know what that means. the cubs are out. no repeat for the cubs who waited 108 years for the championship last year. >> at least they got it. >> the dodgers waited 30 years too. >> i really don't care what happens to them. >> exactly. point well-taken. >> i wanted to give a shout out. last night on behalf of our late co-worker, mr. jim vance. i've been luck toy win this. >> is that a lock -- >> wendy won it a few years ago and jim won it last year. it was nice of them to let me pick it up on his behalf. thank you very much for that honor. jim was a friend and ally for the lgbt community. >> nice of you to pick it up. wendy and vance. >> five years in
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right? >> i was the runner-up. >> you know what you get for second place? >> nothing. >> nothing. >> if you're not first, you're last. >> you sound like me. >> pretty much. >> kidding. kids, that's not true. i don't want kids to think that at that. >> competing is what's important in life. >> how you play the game. a for effort. >> everyone that ever didn't win. >> we can just keep going about that. >> i know, right? >> 40s and 50s to start out on your friday morning. this is going to be a nice morning. a light jacket this morning and jeans as well. boy, more short sleeves and sunglasses weather. the daily grade today. a-plus weather again on a friday. high today up near 75 degrees. make your plans, get outside and enjoy. a man who i know will sneak out of work the instant he can, jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> hmm, there's that chance. th w
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if you're out in bowie on 197 northbound toward route 150, unfortunately, a late night crash. the left lane getting by. but you cannot access 197 from 50 east. beltway, work zone, outer loop, old georgetown road, they're in the clearing process. it's also their friday. they're going to try to get out of here as quickly as possible. s roosevelt bridge, 66 west on the bridge itself, there's a work zone blocking the left lane. back to you. all right, jack. thank you. 4:29 now. another heads up for drivers. in a couple of hours, traffic could be even more of a mess in the district. especially if you're commuting between d.c. and virginia. you can see that highlighted route on your screen. that is 17th street northwest between constitution and independence avenues. that section of road will be closed starting at 6:00 this morning through 4:00 this afternoon. now, the national park service says it is
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system near constitution and 17th. we are getting closer to the 42nd marine corps marathon on sunday. >> that's right. this video behind us shows you how many runners are going to race on that big sunday. it's a huge event. more than 30,000 runners competed last year. now, this is a look at the course. it's 26.2 miles and takes the runners through the heart of d.c. it's a beautiful route apparently. news 4 will be cheering on the runners at mile 4. >> we'll be all over the place. look for me on sunday morning. >> what? >> not running the marathon. let's not confuse people. i'll be working sunday morning. if you turn on the tv, you'll see me. whether you plan to run or watch it, like me. make sure you get there on time. transportation reporter adam tuss working for you with metro's plan for marathon sunday. >> reporter: yeah. the big race this weekend on metro. what do you need to know about taking met


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