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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you do have time. >> you're doing halftime of the super bowl. >> justin timberlake is doing halftime of the super bowl. >> a decade after the so-called wardrobe malfunction. he address thad right away and said there is going to be no wardrobe malfunction, believe you me. >> unless it's deliberate. >> ironically he can be back there performing at halftime the patriots win with tom brady as quarterback and now 15 years later ee owe tom brady may be back in the super bowl as the quarterback again. >> isn't that crazy, right? >> 2002 the last time he performed at the super bowl. talking about justin timberlake. >> i can't believe it's been that long. he's so entertaining and talented. >> big fan. i think he's one. best. >> look at this picture behind us. they said the washington
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monument is supposed to be there-ish. >> technical term that aaron likes to use. >> it's foggy, is my point. >> the clouds are much lower. now you can barely see the base of the capitol dome. that's what the live picture shows. >> earlier when it was behind you guys, the top half was not visible because of the fog. here is the fog this morning. we have areas of dense fog. not everybody is seeing the dense fog. some spots are seeing visibility about a half file. left is some location. keep your distance. we have a big change in our weather pattern coming. we have clouds rolling and through the afternoon, we have clouds -- in washington, the visibility dropped. we've been watching. one-mile visibility. in gaithersburg. fredericksburg under a mile visibility. temperatures in the upper 50s. low 60
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as we go through the afternoon, clouds will be around. temperatures still above normal. about the mid-70s. rain moves in late tonight. we'll show you the timing. a close look in a bit. let's check your monday commute with the fog. hey, jack. >> good morning, sheena. may have an accident on 270 southbound before 109. i'm hoping it off on the shoulder. a little delay building. as you were talking about with the foggy conditions. could be a tough ride. low beams only. outer looch tp of the beltway. arkansas avenue remains blocked in northwest between decatur street and iowa. investigation ongoing. arkansas avenue remains blocked through the morning rush hour. aaron, eun, back to you. >> it's 6:02. a local school is on alert after an online threat. >> that will mean extra police outside of eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. adam tuss is
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what the school's principal is telling parents and students. should they be concerned, adam? >> reporter: absolutely, eun. we should say that there was no specific threat against eleanor roosevelt high school. there was an online social talk going back and forth warning students not to come to school today. >> for that reason, extra police officers will be out here at the school today. we haven't seen the presence. but as the morning goes on, more and more kids will come to the school. of course, in this age of social media, seech o much is out ther. they're working to identify the people who made the threat. take a look at what the principal sent out to parents. the post-it self-was not specific to eleanor roosevelt high school. law enforcement officials are working to identify the person or persons responsible. as a precaution, there will be an additional -- again, guys,
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make sure everything is running smoothly here. again, the principal of the school is saying no specific threat against roosevelt high. back to you. >> good differentiation to make. adam tuss live in greenbelt. thank you. now to a developing story out of alexandria. police are searching for a gunman at a parkment three people were shot at all veterans park on north picket street. two died and the other person is recovering right now from serious injuries. police believe this is an isolated incident and they say there is no threat to the public. we're working to get more information on the victims. >> we know the names of two men hit and killed on their bicycles in dewey beach. delaware. delaware state police say james walton and richard chittick from d.c. were killed saturday when a driver slammed into them. the driver had a medical condition and blacked out. that is when he veered across coastal highway. that's route 1. and hit the
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stopped at star board bar and restaurant. neighbors of the victims are stunned. >> i mean, i just -- i can't fathom it. that they're gone. i just can't believe it. >> the driver who hit them also took out a utility pole and then crashed into a parked car. at last check, the driver is in serious condition. right now, take a look at your screen. d.c. police need your help to find this critically missing girl. she's 15 years old. she was last seen on saturday along u street in the area of lincoln theater. call police if you have seen her or know where she might be. sad news as we head into tonight's monday night football game. redskins quarterback kirk cousins posted this photo and a message on instagram last night. his grandmother jean passed away suddenly. she left a spiritual heritage for her family. cousins' team is set t
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financial field. >> the redskins face off against the eagles. it's a big game. here's sports anchor carol maloney >> good morning. the redskins play on monday night football. if you're familiar with the redskins' record on this national stage, you are probably guessing right. this is a fake smile. monday night's have not been too good for the burgundy and gold and their fans. they have not won on this national stage since 2014. kirk cousins is 0-5. and facing the division rivals tonight, the eagles. they're at 5-1, the best record in the league right now. cousins hoping to avenge a loss and keeping them in the hunt for a division title. huge game. >> i'm sure a win on the road against the eagles would get our fans really excited and people would be on the height of the roller c
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we try to stay tsteady. >> here's a reason for a real smile. 'skins have won the past two trips to the city of brotherly love. should be fun tonight. coverage from philly starting on news 4 at 4:00. it's now official if you haven't heard already. justin timberlake will be the halftime show performer at super bowl lii. and he turned to an old friend to break the news. excuse me sir. do you have the tame? >> i have going to ask you if you have the time. >> i do have the time. >> you do halftime. >> i do halftime. >> you do halftime. >> you do halftime. >> daye halftime. >> you're doing halftime show at the super bowl? >> you're doing halftime! >> everyone jumping up and down. >> fallon is more excited than he is. >> i was going to say. justin timberlake can do that eyebrow raise. >> see. i can't
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>> you can do the whole thing. >> this is going to be timberlake's first time performing since 2002. >> we all remember that. remember the big wardrobe malfunction. we learned that term with justin timberlake and janet jackson performing. justin told mike tirico that won't happen again. >> at any point did they ask, hey, last time there was a wardrobe thing, and as long as that doesn't happen again. >> yeah, that won't happen this time. there was a little bit of that. but yeah, i think -- yeah, no, mike, that's not going to happen. >> super bowl lii set for february 4th of next year. >> i hope he plays all his old songs too. justified. >> he hasn't done an album in three, four years. >> he's a constant performer. a professional. you know he's going to put on a great show. >> he does. i'm just saying.
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expectations. >> i do. i have some expectations. >> nbc4, proud to be your super bowl station next year. we'll all be watching to see how it turns out. searching for a serial killer vanishing without a trace. the surveillance picture that could help solve a murder mystery. i'm chris lawrence in prince george's county with the kids at -- >> accokeek academy. >> we're going to show you how to make a. >> dinosaur. >> to a -- >> hash tag. >> next on news 4. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. had fogginess p early this morning. we'll be getting significant amounts of rain tonight. that's excellent news. then cooler, much more october, november-ish like weather coming our way the
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor,
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p on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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clouds have moved in and some fog formed during the overnight hours. last night into the early parts of your monday morning. visibility down under a mile, including national airport, half mile visibility there. leave a little extra time and extra following distance driving into work. it's mild, in the upper 50s to near 60 now. afternoon highs, no trouble getting back up into the low and mid-70s. increasing rain chance. now let's go to jack taylor. chuck, we have delays out of frederick on 270 going southbound. there have been activity reported near 109. thankfully, that didn't -- nothing came of it. at least at this point, all the travel lanes are open. we have an early delay. outer loop at the beltway, tr
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arkansas avenue remains blocked downtown between decatur street and iowa avenue with the overnight accident investigation. back to you. jack, thank you. president trump says ella lou the release of thousands of government documents related to president trump john f. kennedy's assassination. the national archives has until thursday to disclose the remaining files. this follows a congressional mandate from 1992 that requires all assassination documents to be released within 25 years. at an event in michigan congressman joseph kennedy, the grand nephew of president kennedy responded to questions about president trump's move. >> these are dock um that is have been kept behind closed doors for a long time. i absolutely bend towards disclosure of documents. that being said, it would have been nice if there were some communication between the administration and
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our family. >> the white house left open the possibility that mr.igmp still stop the release of some of the documents. british airways is apologize to go passengers on a flight from vancouver to hon. done for bed bucks. a passenger on the flight overnight, it was an overnight flight, saw bedbugs and reported to a flight attendant. the flight was full and no one could be relocated. after the nine-hour flight, they had red eyes and multiple bites. they were upgraded to business class for the return flight. >> makes me want to take a shower. >> that's not enough usually with bedbugs. >> you have nowhere to g you sit there and you're stuck. >> gets into your clothes and your stuff. >> you have to boil everything when you get home. news for your health this morning. tis the season for cold and flus. >> the germs that cause them, they're everywhere, especially in health care facilities. how do you keep your kid
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healthy? >> the american academy of pediatrics wants you to be extra careful in the doctor's office waiting rooms. they say the rooms don't always have the same cleanliness requirements as hospitals and can be a petri dish. make sure your child is up to date with vaccines. for more recommendations go to the nbc washington app. i always tell my kids not to touch anything. seriously, you don't know who has been there last, especially in a doctor's office. >> probably doesn't work. news 4, we're working to get you ready for halloween. hence the music. >> it's coming up. chris lawrence is at gene's costumes in kensington, maryland. >> there he is. >> i'm so glad you're getting into the halloween spirit. >> hey, look, guys i'm robin hood. i'm really at home at a halloween party or sketchy club in the 1970s. here's a tip for you. you may want to
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a costume from a place like gene's. you'll get more bang for your buck. >> absolutely. we take pride in making sure everything is authentic. down to the bow and arrows that we have here. >> look at this. this is definitely not a plastic kids toy. no matter what your budget is this halloween, you definitely don't have to spend a ton of money. we wept out to prince george's county to prove it. >> all right. let's get started. >> we're turning accokeek academy into costume central. >> can i have the glue stick, please. >> doing all right over there? >> she's going from 7th grade to 70. >> this is going to be the hair for the grandmother. it's going to be really cute. >> with pom pom that cost 99 cents. >> i am hot gluing them to this great cap that i have. >> want to do yellow. >> xavier is making a dinosaur out of 50 cent felt
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them into triangles and glue it along the sides of the hoodie. >> aiyana, a human hash tag. >> once you get the concept of cutting the hard board, it's easy. >> wonder woman to batman, all the characters from star wars, you can spend 80, 90, a hundred bucks. >> butterfly, bluebird, black cat. this year alone, families will spend more than $3 billion on costumes. >> these kids show us how to do it on cheap. >> only spending like 5 to $10 depends how much you guy. >> you can have a costume in seconds. well, okay, not quite this fast. but you get the picture. it doesn't take long. >> probably about five to ten minutes. maybe 15. >> look what they used. a hoodie, cardboard, skullcap and scissors. >> most people have the tier at r
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>> did the hash tag. >> see what you got, grandma. >> enough to impress without breaking the bank. >> those kids had amazing imaginations. the one thing elizabeth bell, the point she made was, you're teaching kids a great lesson as well. instead of spending money, they're using kids around their home. supplementing a little bit here and there. they're teaching them about budgeting. here's just fine. halloween costumes. down the road, those are lessons they can apply to life when things get more serious. you consider making your kos tup at home. those are great ideas to get you started. >> that's pretty sneaky. a life lesson in there. getting dressed up. >> got to hide them, aaron. hide the life lessons, man. >> you make a great robin. prince of thieves. there you go. >> thank you, chris. love the great ideas. hats off to all the crafty kids and
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>> is it green tights. >> some kind much tights. >> there were tights involved. >> oh, boy. >> fun halloween costumes. >> it should be cool on halloween. >> it looks like the weather is trending that way. the warm weather we've seen recently, it looks like it's going to move over to cooler air if you're doing anything this weekend or next week. obviously for halloween everything looks to be cooler. but this morning, it's a little bit milder. we have areas of fog out there. higher impact for you. the bus stop, comfortable. recess cloudy. also mild. exercise clouds will be around. dry until late tonight. here's a look at the visibility. the fog is in the district. we have been getting lower and lower about every 30 minutes or so. now at a half mile visibility. if you're driving around the beltway, be careful.
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fredericksburg, less than a -- temperatures are milder. upper 50s to around 60 degrees. there's the rain for us. that will be here late tonight. locally, clouds ahead of it. walking the dogs or you need one to walk and adopt, this is ace. available at the humane rescue alliance. lunchtime, cloudy. 72 degrees. bit afternoon, 77. a mild day. future weather, clouds move in. mainly dry until late tonight. a lot of the models moving the rain through early. we could see rain around for the morning commute and improvements in the afternoon tomorrow. thursday, chilly. 59 for a high. closer look at the extended forecast coming up. let's check the roads on this foggy monday morning. good morning, jack. good morning, sheena. frederick on 270 southbound. got report of a broken down tractor-trailer. i think i heard it was moved to e
6:22 am
95 virginia northbound in stafford. that broken down truck broken down in the middle of the roadway. delay trying to ride north toward a kwie a. arkansas avenue closed in northwest between decatur and iowa. the motorcycle crash, the ongoing investigation, arkansas avenue closed through the entire morning rush hour. back to you. jack, thank you. the last hurrah at rfk. the end of an era and what's next for d.c. united. celebrating a legend. the party you may have missed and the stars who came out to celebrate one of d.c.'s finest. one of the stars of this is us will be on ellen today. you can catch justin
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the search for a killer intensifies after three people were found dead in less than two weeks in a tampa, florida, neighborhood. they held a vigil in march. they're concerned about their safety, too. police believe the same person is responsible for all three murders in the seminole heights area. the victims didn't know each other but authorities are linking the murders because of their similarities. we've seen a flurry of sexual harassment or sexual assault allegations against men in hollywood the last few weeks. it's led to the hash tag me too.
6:26 am
female senators. here's what senator elizabeth warren said happened when she was a law professor and was asked to come to a colleague's office. >> he slammed the door and lunged for me. it was like a bad cartoon. he's chasing me around the desk trying to get his hands on me. i kept saying you don't want to do this. i have little children at home. please don't do this. >> meet the press asked every female member of the senate if they would share stories they may have of sexual harassment or senators. they spoke about their experiences. a deadly shooting near a public park. we're following the stories. new reaction from neighbors startled by gunfire. >> reporter: college students waking up in the middle of the night to find a strange man peering through their windows or standing in their aptment. morear o
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your time is 6:30. take a live look outside right now. you may be asking yourself, what the heck happened to the capitol? >> there it is. look at it closely. that's the capitol. >> little bit. cloaked in fog this morning. >> this is what you're going to contend with this morning. we're going to get you ready. >> absolutely. that's our job. that's what we're here for. >> good morning everyone. thanks for joining us this morning. >> i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. first with weather and traffic. >> we begin with meteorologist chuck bell who is outside on the weather deck keeping an eye on a storm moving our way. >> we know we need the rain, chuck. >> haven't had a big amount of rain in three weeks. certainly going to aci
6:31 am
it. however, there is fogginess to deal with. has lowered visibility just about everywhere. still areas with thick fog. dulles airport down to .1 of a mile visibility down at dulles. .5 at dulles. and same in prince george's county. a mile and humid and foggy start to the work and school week. rain likely to move in during the evening and overnight hours. maybe some places as much as an inch of rain. cooler weather will start to move back into the picture. right now, it's mild outside. upper 50s to 60. just enough sunshine to get it into the mid-70s before this evening. the high-heeled drag race coming up. right now, it's time to hear from jack taylor at wtop. >> hey, chuck. 270 southbound near shady grove road. authorities were headed to the scene. that going on, on 270 this morning. ob
6:32 am
down before 630 in stafford, we have reports of a broken down tractor-trailer in the middle of the roadway. that could cause havoc. be aware. arkansas avenue remains closed in northwest between decatur street and iowa avenue. an overnight crash that involved a motorcycle motorcycle. investigation is ongoing. authorities on scene. will probably be closed through the morning rush hour. back to you. all right, jack. thank you. it is a string of disturbing incidents targeting women near the university of maryland's college park campus. police are trying to figure out who is behind them and if they're related. >> aimee cho is live on knox road where the latest incident happened over the weekend. aimee tell us more. eun and aaron, it is beyond terrifying and it just keeps happening over and over. a student tells police she woke up around 3:00 in the morning to find a strange man standing in her room. that man ran away without hurting her thankfully. but still very concerning to say the least.
6:33 am
this is in the 4600 block of knox road. an area with a lot of students and greek housing. we have seen surveillance cameras in the area. it's not clear if they captured what happened that night. this is a few blocks away from where three other break-ins happened. three different women reported seeing a strange man peering through their window or standing in their room in the middle of the night. one of the cases the man groped one of the women as she slept. still don't know if the cases are related. trying to figure out if it's the same person. they have set up patrols in the area. some told us they're concerned, others not so much. >> i still feel safe in the area. we walk around here all the time. it's definitely a good area. it's a lot of college kichltds you kind of expect to see that. >> reporter: all of those cases involved unlocked doors or windows. so obviously a very important reminder that you need to lock
6:34 am
>> definitely good advice, especially now, aimee. thank you. it's 6:34. here a look at the other top stories. we start with a triple shooting in alexandria. police are searching for the shooter who killed two people and left one in serious condition. that shooting happened at all veterans park. this is a community park where people jog and bike. police say this was an isolated shooting. and that there is no threat to the public. expect more police presence at a school in prince george's county after someone posted a threat online. the principal at eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbe greenbelt. he wants to be cautious. tonight is a huge game for the redskins. on road in philadelphia tonight to take on a division rival. the eagles. this is for monday night football. huge game. a win would really bring excitement for the fabs and the team. that's for sure. firefighters say smoking appears to be the cause o
6:35 am
northeast washington. that started inside a bedroom in a first floor apartment saturday night on 8th street. investigators say it appears the apartment did not have working smoke detectors. if you need one, call 311 and d.c. firefighters will install one for you. it was a bittersweet night for d.c. united and the fans of the team who packed into rfk stadium. the soccer team played its last home game at the stadium last night. look at the crowds there. d.c. united was unable to get a win and not for the first time rfk is without a professional sports team. this is the first time since 1961. it is a loss but they're looking toward the future when d.c. united moves into the new home near nats park. you've seen the construction. it's moving along. >> pretty quickly. it's going to be beautiful. you can see nats park across the street from where the soccer stadium will be. >> there are
6:36 am
the -- >> that would be nice for a lot of folks. d.c.'s donnie simpson was celebrated last night at the warner theater. ♪ >> hundreds came out to celebrate the icon, donnie simpson for his 40 years of broadcasting. he got his start in sell television on news 4. i grew up watching him on b.e.t. >> he has had an illustrious career. congratulations. 6:36 right now. he's sporting a big beard and a smile. david letterman's late night tribute and why he might make the nation's capitol his home. marathoners
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i wouldn't mind seeing him running for the office of presidency. someone's got to. >> would you endorse? >> that would be fine with me. >> what do you say? >> i am in. i'm in. you can't tell if he's joking or not. >> is he serious or not? >> we'll have a full red carpet recap. the show airs on pbs next month. well, good monday morning. one thing we're watching closely are the roads because
6:41 am
fog. very dense at dulles. manassas, fredericksburg, even in the district. all about a half mile or less. also, you might not know this, it's deer mating season. more are out than usual. it will be harder to see. that's going to be with us this morning. jack? the exit ramp, eastbound dulles connector road. that's closed right now. had an early morning crash. authorities on scene. down to 66 headed towards rosalyn. be aware. to the dulles tolled toll road. the access is blocked. jack, thank you. if your commute is really, really bad on 66, the change we've been telling you about is about to kick into full gear. >> reporter: stepped up security at a local school after a series of online threats. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you what students were
6:42 am
the pr hin one by one, the donuts came. the pr hin they brought their fiercest party game. but under the moon they met their doom far too soon. get your spooky donuts or ten munchkins for $1.99 at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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tragedy at the beach. a d.c. couple killed on vacation. the reason the driver simply ran them over. >> i just can't believe it. this is the people's marathon. >> working for you from start to finish. now we know the reason for the delayed start at the marine corps marathon and how o
6:45 am
win. >> 66 switch. things are about to change dramatically from the gainesville area all the way to the d.c. line. it is 6:45 now. an online threat put a local school on alert this morning. >> students and parents can expect to see extra police outside of eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. news 4's adam tuss is live with a look at what the school's principal is telling parents and students. pretty concerning, adam. >> reporter: absolutely, eun. school starts in about two hours and students and parents are getting dropped off by the school bus, can expect stepped up police presence. all of this coming after a social media post warning kids not to come to school here today. listen, there was not a specific threat against this school. but the social media posts were references students not come to go school today.
6:46 am
let's look at what the principal was telling parents in an e-mail, a letter that went out. it says the post was not specific to eleanor roosevelt high school. law enforcement officials are working to identify the person or persons responsible and as a precaution there will be an additional police presence at the school monday, october 23rd. pretty quiet here right now, as we mentioned a couple hours until school starts. we haven't really seen many police personnel coming through here just yet. we're going to keep an eye on it this morning. be aware as you come here this morning. as you drop off kids, you might see the presence. no specific threat against the high school itself. >> adam tuss in greenbelt. now to a developing story out of alexandria. police are searching for a gunman after a triple shooting. >> angie goff has the latest on this. >> we have video that unfolded in a popular place where people jog an walk their dogs in alexandria. take a
6:47 am
scene. after three people were shot around 8:30. people tell us that two people died and one person seriously hurt. we were told that this was an isolated incident and people living in the area. we have no reason to be worried about a threat. despite that, neighbors are still concerned. >> i have a friend here, we were talking and he runs on this trail every day. right now he's scared because he might not wan to run again. >> stay with news 4 as we learn more about the search for a gunman and learn more about the victim. now, back to you. thank you, angie. we have an update to a story that made national headlines. according to the "washington post," maryland prosecutors dropped child pornography charges against p a man who no longer faces any charges after a girl said that she was raped at rockville high school by sanchez millian and another 17-year-old boy. defense attorneys claim the
6:48 am
was consensual. police released the names of two men hit and killed on their bikes in dewey beach, delaware. police say that james walton and richard chittick from d.c. were killed on saturday when a driver slammed into them. police say the driver had some sort of a medical condition and blacked out. that's when he veered across coastal highway and hit the pair that were stopped at star board bar and restaurant. neighbors of the victims are stunned. >> i just -- i can't fathom it. that they're gone. i just can't believe it. >> now, the driver who hit them also took out a utility pole and crashed into a parked car. at last check the driver was in serious condition. things are about to change dramatically from the gainesville area to the d.c. line. according to wtop, virginia just received federally approved l
6:49 am
that money will be used to construct new toll lanes on 66. construction could start this year. nbc4 all set up at mile 4 at the marine corps marathon. we wanted to cheer on runners yesterday morning. we thanked all of you who stopped by. we took a lot of pictures showing some of our folks and the runners too. you can check out the photo gallery in the nbc washington app. search marathon. we learned that the start of the marathon was delayed so police could investigate a suspicious package. authorities say nothing was found and the race continued. one of the big highlights of the race includes the story of freddieville santos who finished first among the hand cyclist and beat a record from 2014 by completing the race in a little over an hour. >> i made a commitment not to give up.
6:50 am
everybody here is a winner. whether you come first or last you're a winner. you're pushing yourself. that's how i look at it. this was the fourth time he's competed in this race. the third time he's won the event. >> congratulations to all those amazing runners. we want to give you another look at the winners in the men's and women's division. 2:25:14. that's 26.2 miles people. >> he surged at the end to win that. the last -- i think it was in the last two or three miles. >> sarah bishop of fairfax won 2:45:07. she only decided nine days beforehand to even do this. she's an elite athlete. >> came in fourth place last year. >> works full-time, has four kids, twins, doing it all. >> doing anothar
6:51 am
week she told me. >> i have to get off my butt. >> 6:51 our time right now. let's go to jack taylor at wtop. see how the commute is looking. >> that's why i bought a truck. i don't have any idea about running. ramp to go eastbound on 267 to dulles connector road. the crash temporarily blocks the ramp. takes you on to 66 as well. be aware. arkansas avenue does remain closed. unfortunately, we had an overnight crash involving a motorcyclist. arkansas avenue blocked from decatur street and iowa avenue. you're going to find stafford, 95 northbound before 630. wtop traffic, there's a stopped tractor-trailer. unfortunately, it's in the roadway. a lot of caution riding through that area. fog has been an issue. chuck bell, when will this burn off. >> we should get a little sunshine, jack. not for the best k next couple of hours. sun not up until 7:20 this morning. itil
6:52 am
southerly breeze and the adding of some of the couple of degrees in temperature to burn off the fog layer early this morning. temperature wise, anything but cold out there. 61 degrees at national airport. even the outer suburbs are well up into the 50s. visibility now under a mile here across most of the dmv. arlington county, montgomery, fairfax, prince william county, all visibilities under a mile. it is mild outside this morning. if you plan out the rest of your day, enough sunshine to get into the 70s this morning. there's the rain to the west and south. that should be arriving most likely time for rain will be from sundown tonight through sunrise tomorrow. here it is on future weather. there's that band of possibly moderate coming through 10:00 and midnight tonight. keep that in mind. my favorite race coming tomorrow on 7th street. high-heeled drag race at 9:00 tomorrow. should be dry. good running weather for all the ladies in their high heels. sh,
6:53 am
you're heading out there. we'll be keeping our eye on that for sure. temperaturewise, though. not as cool out like chuck mentioned this morning. this afternoon will be above normal again. take a look at the temperature trend. we will be trending down. normal high 66. tomorrow around 72. then we quickly drop into the 60s. chilly with highs in the upper 50s. now if we look ahead to your weekend, it will be cooler. saturday looks good and dry. 67 for a high. next rain chance sunday. if you're making your weekend plans with highs in the low 630s. if you're looking ahead to halloween. here's a look at future air masses. we go into the weekend and into next week, october 31st. it will be feeling like halloween. we do expect to be on the cool side. let's look at the ten-day chuck. >> mild today with showers moving into the evening hours. most of the rain should be out of here by relatively early w. leaving us
6:54 am
thursday's highs in the mid to upper 50s. dry weather most of the week. another chance for raindrops comes in on sunday. >> chuck, thank you. 6:54 right now. >> driving across the district by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. the news 4 i-team found the customers aren't using more water. >> joedie fleischer has more on the government project you're likely paying for too. the big question, is it fair? >> how closely do you look at your monthly water bill? you might not have noticed this one little line with a really big charge. churches around our area couldn't help but notice when their bills jumped drastically by hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month. going up and up over the last few years. now it's hit a crisis level. they called the news 4 i-team. >> it's dire. we're looking at our budget for 2018 and we can't balance it. >> the iacc is
6:55 am
underground tunnels to help keep sewage and storm water from overflowing into rivers. it's a problem the district has to fix but the faith community wonders why it has to pay so much. >> you have to remember, we cannot charge -- we cannot go up on our rates to allow people to come into the church. >> we took their concerns to the man in charge at d.c. water. >> we look at every option. there aren't that many, unfortunately. someone has to pay the bills. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, see the impact churches say this will have on all of us. we're working for you to see how d.c. water decides how much to charge each property and why that amount will continue to grow. jodie fleischer. here are four things to know before you head out the door. start with a triple shooting in alexandria. police are searching for the shooter who killed two people and left one person seriously injured. this happened at 8:30 last night at all veterans park.
6:56 am
police say. there will be extra police presence after an online threat. the school in greenbelt was not specifically targeted. police are trying to find out who spread and unspecified threat on social media. >> the washington redskins will be playing in primetime tonight. the redskins taking on philadelphia. the redskins are the underdog and hope to prove everyone wrong. follow carol maloney on twitter. for the first time since 2002, justin timberlake will perform at the super bowl halftime show. the last time was when -- excited to see him. temperaturewise this afternoon, 77. still above normal. still pretty mild. more clouds around, though. remember, we have a lot of fog this morning. be careful. rain moves in overnight. the early part of the commute tomorrow. could move out quickly. high tomorrow, 72. then we get
6:57 am
that is jacket weather headed our way. so far the weekend looking cool. your halloween looks dry and cool as well. thanks, sheena. that is the brad cost this morning. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes. hope to see you then. enjoy your day. make it a great monday everybody. vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. hunt for a serial killer? a florida community on-edge. three murders in the same neighborhood in ten days. the race to find this person of interest, captured on surveillance video near one of the scenes. speaking out. ght years after after desserting his post in afghanistan a sentencing hearing for disgraced former sergeant bowe bergdahl goes on today. taking on his critics. >> people are to the point of saying, yeah, just shoot him. people to chanf+e their mind. >> will he spend the rest of his life behind bars? j deadly mistake. congress demanding answers on the attack in niger th


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