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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 24, 2017 4:30am-4:59am EST

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shell out b manage your expectations. this is a biggie. i know -- you are the first shopper in line. chances are you're not going to get every bargain you hope for during the day. live at tysons corner center. >> we have all of the store hours, most of the malls in our area are open right now. but some of the smaller stores within the mall are not. so you want to check that out before you head out as well, you guys. listen, don't be tardy for the party like adam said. get out here early. the bargains are huge. l.l. bean -- no it was express. everything is 50% off until 10:00 this morning. that's huge. back to you guys. you got to get there early for the really, really good deals, right? >> at least no one is fighting
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nonow. >> we'll check back in with you. we are working for you. make sure you shop safely this holiday season. the stores and parking lots can get crazy. here are a few tips from aaa. try not to shop alone. always a good idea to have someone looking out for you or someone to vent about all the insanity. >> a lot of folks are bringing the kids. you know you got to keep an extra eye on them. children can easily get separated from the group in those really crowded stores. keep your cards and cash out of sight. along those lines, put whatever you buy in the trunk. >> if you're shopping online, stick to retailers you know. be aware of those deals that really sound too good to be true. when it comes to holiday shopping, we've got you covered. head to the nbc washington app for tips and tricks. you can use these tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck this
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prince george's county le. two separate cars hit a man who was in the road in adelphi. he died at mess rot road and new hampshire avenue. the first driver stayed on the scene but the second one drove away. they think that driver may not have realized they hit someone. we're still waiting to learn the names of three missing u.s. sailors. yesterday the u.s. knave i have called off the search for them after their plane crashed. eight sailors were rescued and they're in good condition. they were headed to the "uss ronald reagan." they're investigates what caused the plane to crash. d.c. fire and ems working to repair a significant water main break in northwest d.c. at least two homes between 9th and t streets are flooded. d.c. fire made it to the scene last
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but they're requesting more help from d.c. water. we're going to get you those details as soon as we get them. the time right now, 4:32. tomorrow, prepare for slowdowns on the red line through december 10th. no trains between -- for one week yerngsd december 2nd through the 3rd. the closure extends to glenn mont. metro has to fix a part of rails where trains switch tracks. any time a metro train breaks down, it means you get delayed. some of the problems have to do with the brand new 7,000 series railcars. wtop reports that those cars are falling short of contract requirements because of a series of system failures. metro has been meeting with kawasaki. the company that built the cars. it's also having problems getting the parts it feeds for the cars. redskins fans have a lot to be thankful for this morning after last night's win over
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it was also the first time the team had a chance to host thanksgiving. a thanksgiving game at home. cousins in trouble. on the run. throws. caught. touchdown jamison crowder. >> we head out to carol malone in the sidelines last night. the win might not have been pretty but it did feel good for the team and the fans, of course. >> reporter: little -- a lot of guys ou and little rest. the redskins get a win they needed desperately. hosting the giants on thanksgiving day. final minutes of the quarter. kirk cousins finds josh doctson. what a throw. better catch. 14 yards and a 17-10 lead. the seven points would be enough. game stealing interception by kendall
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the flight marshalls downed the giants. they win 20-10. a victory that tastes as good as it feels. >> obviously having a win on thanksgiving. all these guys in this locker room, coaches, trainers sacrificed this day to be here. you know, any time you can walk away with a win like this and on thanksgiving, man, at home, it's a big deal. with the turkey leg. >> quite a feast. but still, they're hungry. the cowboys are up next. thursday night football next week on nbc. from fedex field, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> oh, my goodness. carol said it. the redskins on the road taking on dallas. >> dallas. >> i hate this. >> them boys. thursday. the game will air at 8:25 here on nbc4. another big game week. we'll see how they do. time right now, 4:35. let's get another cheskt weather and traffic. >> another look at the roads wtop's jack taylor in
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do a little shopping. >> if you're one of the brave ones that's going to do black friday shopping this morning, bundle up. it's cold outside. most areas right now in the 20s. i would say the puffy coats, the scarves, the gloves and a hat as well. look at these numbers. gaithersburg at 24 degrees. lorton, 26. clinton 27 degrees. winchester, front royal, temperature there 27. manassas is down to 23. frederick is 27 in the district. we don't have much of a breeze out there. as we go through morning, plenty of sunshine. we'll try to warm the temperatures up. by 4:00 p.m., 53 and sunny. later on tonight, we get chilly again. we'll look at the travel weather coming up, but let's check roads for the black friday shoppers. good morning, jack. >> nk you for kee t
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the work was suspended at least through today. good shape so far. if you're making a trip in montgomery county, 270 clarksburg, maybe the mall in wake forest, montgomery, you should find nothing why your way. use precaution if you're trying to head to a sale or pe tensionally headed home from a sale. adam, molette back to you. i i'm kristin wright. a d.c. firefighter who almost lost his life is thankful to be alive and thankful to be with his family. he spent the last few dollars he had to help someone else. to say it came back him is an injure statement. how one act of kindness paid off for a homeless man. if you're not getting a tree today, why you may want to
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welcome back. now to a heartwarming story for the holidays. it all began with an empty tank of gas. it ended with a life changing amount of money. >> johnny bobbitt jr. came to kate mcclure's rescue when she ran out of gas on a philadelphia highway last month. he's homeless. he spent his last $20 to fill her tank. in return for his selfless act, kate started a go fu
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campaign and donations started rolling in. >> $769? >> holy [ bleep ]. >> that is awesome. >> a lot people out there, man, trying to help. >> a lot. yeah. >> in less than two weeks, adam, strangers donated more than $275,000 to this go fund me page. >> amazing. her original goal was $10,000. she has far surpassed that. >> what you give comes back to you. absolutely. 20 years after the mega movie titanic hits theaters, remember that one? >> i do. >> firsthand account that inspired the film will soon be for sale. precious manuscripts from a survivor of the sinking ship are being auctioned off in paris next month. it includes a handwritten account, her experiences on the shipre
4:42 am for the 20th. friday plans, if they include putting up outdoor decorations, you should be okay. cold but okay. >> you reminded me. a lot of people going to look for a christmas tree. that's a tradition day after thanksgiving too. if you're doing that, going to be chilly this morning. in the district 33 degrees. many suburbs are in the 20s. so bundle up no matter what you're doing this morning. especially for the shoppers. we'll take a look at the afternoon forecast and the travel weather coming up. >> thank you, sheena. a lot of will do online shopping today and monday. we want
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33 degrees. elsewhere, looking at the mid to upper 20s. make sure you bundle up no matter what you're doing. there is a chance of a forecast. i'll show you which day we can see that straight ahead. >> sheena, thank you very much. at 4:45. a firefighter being taken to the hospital with minor injuries and one other person is critically hurt after a fine. the flames broke out on the 6800 block of wilburn avenue just after 3:00 this morning. prince george's county fire crews say the flames are now out at the home. you can see them working there. dozens of firefighters responded to put out the fire. thanksgiving almost didn't happen for one local firefighter. >> months into his job, d.c. firefighter dane smothers was critically injured. he is
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here. his family s t for. >> firefighters put everything on the line to protect and serve. at this row home fire in august on capitol hill, a rookie d.c. firefighter almost gave his life. and so this thanksgiving, d.j. smothers jr. is what it means to be thankful. >> when something like this happens, you definitely look at things differently. just seeing things through for life. >> because he could have died because he was getting a hose. a fire truck hit him. >> i woke up this morning, i got to see my family again. >> thankful to see another thanksgiving. this year at his uncle's. he's also a firefighter. they took this picture together hours before dj was hurt. dj's father says this family has rallied. >> we had
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eyes, somebody was going to be there. >> the best thanksgiving. >> grateful. i'm completely grateful. he's here today. >> dj's most thankful for being alive. >> being thankful is not enough. >> he says the permanent scars are nothing. he's in physical therapy working hard to get back to fighting fires. >> thankful for the chance to keep living his dream. am in upper marlboro, kristin wright, news 4. good story there. we want to get back to the breaking news out of seat pl pleasa pleasant. >> two people hurt. news 4's justin finch just made it to the scene. justin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're looking at a pretty damaged home behind us. take a look. this two-story house on the 6800 block of wilburn. each
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still smokingstill spread across the scene. ioe that 35 prince george's firefighters can did respond to the scene here in seat pleasant. what we know at this time, one person in that home who was critically injured. a firefighter is now being taken to the hospital and treated for burns at this time. as you can see, there are potential hotspots still inside of this home, still being tended to. i can tell you, hoses on the ground are still very much out. firefighters still circulated around this home making sure this fire is completely put out and it's safe for neighbors in the area. we'll be -- at this time we have two injuries, one firefighter suffering burns and one civilian. one person in that home who did suffer some critical wounds. we're live in seat pleasant, i'm justin finch for news 4.
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of that. knights are champions this morning. take a look. >> they beat hd woodson warriors. 21-14 in the annual turkey bowl game. woodson was the four-time defending champion. ballou started strong. scoring touchdowns on the first two possessions. for the knights' first-year coach, it was a huge win >> talk about playing for our community. we need this championship. >> we played a good team. i mean, they're four-time champions. you know, i mean, tough game. it was down to the last play. >> so the woodson warriors were down 17 players for the annual game. they were suspended because of a fight during the semifinal game against eastern high school earlier this month. eastern players also suspended will serve the one-game pume
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season. >> got it. i year. the national christmas tree association, that actually exists, won't be as many available. the shortage is partly because of the recession a few years ago. fewer people bought trees and less were planted. now, there aren't as man toy go around. papa noelle, they're struggling to i am property trees for the holiday season. >> tree farmers in the northwest went out of business during the recession. >> now we're seeing the repercussions of trees not going into the ground. >> now, wholesale prices of trees have gone up 50%. >> what? >> 50% due to the lack of trees. >> you're going to be buying a tree. you're going to chop it down. >> first of all, if my wife is
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what we're hd me a saw and i have to chop down. >> snap a picture and do it with a plaid shirt on. >> the brawn i guy. >> now you want me to take pictures too? >> i'm excited. >> i think you should post on social media how excited you are and what you're looking forward to most. >> the shortage of christmas trees. maybe people get a fake tree this year. >> i do fake. >> we do a lot of plastic trees. they're beautiful. >> a lot people do real trees down there. up here, it's better i think to have a real tree. they smell nice. if you go to the christmas tree places, you can get the scraps a lot of the times for free. but the scraps are free and you put some of them in a vase and you're decorated. >> wonderful time of year.
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and tree, grab a twig and an ornament. >> low maintenance. we like that. here is your weather outlook planner for today. if you are doing the early morning shopping, dress warm. we have temperatures in the 20s through the area right now. if you're commuting, the roads are nice and dry. that is great news. air travel if you're traveling back home today, good weather. if you know anyone traveling back here, good weather locally and through much of northeast right now. if you're exercising off of what you ate yesterday, it's chilly this morning. temperature in the district 33 degrees. dulles at 26. leesburg at 28. gaithersburg at 24. clinton 27 degrees. manassas 23. lorton at 26. each app app lis -- exercising, by kl this morning, sunny, 36 degrees. by lunchtime, 48 degrees and sunny. >>
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afternoon. make live look at the northeast. all looking good. your travel on the road for both today and tomorrow looking quiet. black friday, today. 35 degrees by 7:00 a.m. sun highs -- we could have a chance for a shower in the afternoon hours tomorrow. not a big deal. most of your saturday stays dry. it could be milder too. temperatures in the upper 50s. if you're doing your shopping tomorrow as well, it will be milder than today. >> looking good at reagan, dulles and bwi. even tomorrow with the milder temperatures and the chance for a small afternoon shower. here's what i'm talking about when i say the chance of a small shower. future weather showing us staying dry today. that shows us light rain approaching the area, moves through quickly and out of here by sunday. your sunday will be nice and dry. here's the forecast over the next ten days. sunny, we'll be cooler. 50 for
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for monday, we start i again. we have a couple days near 60 degrees. that would be tuesday, wednesday and thursday. then we see the rain coming back the end of the week. closer look at your black friday weather coming up. >> let's check the roads with jack taylor. hey, jack. >> sheena, thanks. good morning. we're very quiet, basically incident-free. park police get busier. the baltimore washington parkway, checking for a broken down vehicle. down near 198. same situation southbound on the george washington parkway. near cia. moving south of the beltway. before you get to 123, may have a broken down vehicle in the road. do be careful. otherwise, if you're headed out early, nothing in your way. if you're trying to get out and hit one of the good sales. thank you very much. turns out the malls and department stores aren't the only places are all the steals and deals on black friday. you may want to start your
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>> it's the getosng to and from more hectic. what
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welcome back. pushing through the crowds doesn't seem fun on this black friday, might want to think about some deals that will help you get away with the madnes
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a lot of people. >> correspondent jo ling kent tells us how to snag great travel deals. >> the sky's the limit for black friday deals. beyond deep discounts in stores or online, this year, airlines and hotels are offering huge sales on flights and vacations when you buy on black friday and cyber monday. live from the u.s. to europe, including london. amsterdam on w.o.w. airlines for $99 each way. round trip purchase required. $137 round trip. united offering flights from new york to ft. lauderdale. travel experts recommend being flexible with your dates and do more than just check airline websites. also use the hopper app. airline watchdog and google play. certainly among millennials, we see
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of travel, a lot of experience something with me together as gifting. >> for those who want a gift under the tree, capitalizing on the new iphone. walmart is offering a $300 store card with the purchase of an iphone 8, 8 plus or 10. target giving out $250 gift cards with the purchase of an iphone 8 or 8 plus. major retailers slashing prices and holiday season on a high note. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. at 5:00 on this black friday, several crews are on the scene of a three-alarm fire in annapolis. information still coming into the newsroom. we do know that it broke out around 1:00 this morning. still no word on any injuries or how it started. keep an eye on the nbc washington app. good morning to you. hope you're up early with us on this friday morning. this black friday as
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>> i'm molette green along with sheena parveen. talking about the weather and how you feel after all those carbs. you may have to work out a little bit. just running somewhere. >> sweet karate moves that adam showed. >> that's what you do on the -- the whole show we'll be doing this. >> what's the weather going to be like today? >> i want to see the -- >> i have a forecast for your tree topping. you want to do that? we'll get a picture of adam tuss, photoshop it into a christmas tree background and -- >> i get enough of this at home. >> will you be sweating towards the end. we'll see. temperature right now, if you are walking out the door, maybe to go black friday shopping in the district, clear skies, 34 degrees. as we look at the suburbs, your temperatures right now in the 20s. if you're not in the s


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