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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 15, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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who -- i was standing with hawkeye a children are now u beingd as a deterrent against immigrots who are appealing us for asylum. >> human rights. >> a nation divided over how to handleon immigras congress gears up for key votes in a few days. >> a scathing report from the inspector general blasts former fbi chief james comey labeling him insubordinate over the handling of the clintl e-mai investigation. this morning new details. >> the new report on what doctors hute found a vitamin d in reducing your o riskf one of the most common formsf cancer. >> fly, eagles, fly. the unvething o philadelphia eagles super bowl rings. >> a wild and windy day at the w u.s. openh four golfers tied atop the leaderboard. "early today" starts right now.
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good friday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> andip i'm phiena. the backlash is growing against the trump administration's zero tolerance policy on immigration. particularly the separation of children from theirs. pare thousands march in rallies across the country in poe test of the policy. demonstrators calling the practice cruel and inhumane. some saying it's unamerican. and now the administration isus gettingh back from its own party. house speaker paul ryan telling reporter he's not comfortable with the separation of parents and oklaenator mark langford tweeting video of him telling sknsti constituent he'sg the white house to do everything to keep the families together. >> the white house is defending the policy. attorney general jeff sessions said it doesn't grant migrants from immunity quoting the bible as>>ustification. i would cite the apostle paul in his clear and wise command in
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rons 13 bey the laws of the government because god hash ordained government for his purposes. >> white housere press secry sarah sanders later doubled down sayingt's, quote, very biblical to enforce the law. also thursday the house gop's leader a draft of the immigration bill would stop the tion of families in exchange for billions of border security nds. speaker ryan says he hopes to bring it to a vote next week. >> now to the explosive inspector general report from the justice department, a 568-page scathing document uhat li washington with the d.o.j. faultling the fbi for its handling of the clinton e-mail investigation during the heat of the 2 t6 election, blastingn fbi director james comey for his, quote, insubordinate actigs and bring to light evidence that at least some fbi investigators did take politics into account during the lead up to election. giving the president more ammunition as he seeks to ydiscredit the v justice department tasked with investigating him for collusion.
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nbc's pete williams has more. >> reporter: the inspector general says james comey broke long-standing rules in handlcag the e-mail, but concluded that the fbi had no political motive to help or hurt hillary clinton or donald trump. as for comey's july 2016 statement, announcing no charges but severely criticizing clinton and her staff -- >> they were extremelys carel in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> reporter: the report says it wasxtraordinary and insubordinate for comey to do it without telling attorney general lorettach beforehand. the report found no good reason for why after more clinton e-mails were found on the laptop ofnthony weiner in late september 2016. it took the fbi a month to start examining them. there is no evidence the fbi was biased i its slowresponse, the report says, but it reveals that in august fbi lawyer lisa page texted about trump. he's not ever going to become t, presid right? right? and peter strzok, a senior agent on the investigati responded,
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no. no, he's not, we'll stop it. stok chose to put more priority at the time on investigating russia's election meddling. the report says, we did not have confidence that strzok's decision was free frombias. >> this is a really a black mark for the department of justice sd for the top lev of the fbi. not the 99% of the people who do a great job. >> reporter: the current fbi director acknowledges that mistakes were made. >> we're going t adhere to the appropriate disciplinary process and onc that process is complete, we won't hesitateldo people accountable for their actions. >> reporter: democrats praised the report. >> anyone who is hoping to use this report to underminehe mueller probe or prove t existence of a deep state conspiracy against president trump will be sorely dippointed. >> reporter: one of the reasons why the fbi may have been slow to act on the e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop, com told the inspector general he didn't know weiner was married
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huma abedin, clinton's closest aide. philip? >> peelt, thank you. overnight we g fresh reaction from the president's lawyer rudy giuliani who shows why the mueller probe should be shutdown as he callsor disciplinary action against the investigators who texted about stoing trum here's what giuliani had to say. >> i believe that rod rosenein and jefessions have a chance to redeem themselves and that chance comesom aboutrow. doesn't go beyond tomorrow. tomorrow mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate people like strzok. strzok should be in jail by the end of nextk. w >> now to president trump who has been hit with more legal trouble thisnvimeving his personal charity. the attorney general for new york state filed a ltsuit agaihe president and his three oldest children alleging the trump foundation engaged in, quote, a pattern of persi illegal conduct occurring over more than a decade. but this morning the presidentg
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is fir back, vowing never to settle in a suit brought forward by what he calls sleazy new ork democrats. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: in a blistering lawsuit, the new york attorney general says president trump an threof his adult children, ivanka, donald junior, and eric used h private foundation for personal and political gain for over a decade, calling the trump family actions, quote, extensive and unlawful, comparing the foundation to a checkbook for mr. trump. >> this is a straightforward case of violation of th laws governing charitable fouations and nonprofit corporations in new york. >> reporter: the suit says foundation donatns were used to boost the campaign. >> i'm not going to do the debate out of respector myself. >> reporter: citing an iowa fund-raiser that then candidahr trump t instead of attending a 2016 debate. $100,000 in grants from the event awarded to groups in the state just days before the iowa caucuses. the suit also alleges the
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president spent $10,000 on a portrait of himself that hung in one of his golf clubs. the trump foundation called the suit politics at its veryd wors resident trump lashed out on twitter saying he won't settle this case, blaming it all on the sleazy new york democrats, note ing it all stard under disgraced former new york attney general eric schneiderman who resigned amid allegation of abuse which he denies. press secretary sarah sanders pushing back. >> the foundation raised $18 million whileiliving $19on to charity while virtually having zero expenses. >> a charitable organization that gives away more money than n takes can still violate the law if it's not run properly. for example, if its members use it as a personal piggy bank. >> reporter: the lawsuit isse ing $2.8 million from the trump foundation, calling for it to be dissolved which the president hasowed to do. and the lawsuit is seeking a temporary ban on and his three adult children
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from operating any nonprofit in new york. frances. >> all right, kristen,welk thank you. >> members of congress put aside their partisan differences for the 57th annual congressional baseball game for charity at nationals park. but the game took on new meaning this year after a shooting at a team practice that nearly killed house republican whip steve scalise. he had to be helped to the base. the croy cheered as t tossed out the first ceremonial pitch. scalise sti a walks with limp but that didn't hold him back. he fielded thatl ground b and he threw out rep pete aguilar of califoia. his teammates there immediately swarming him. the louisiana republican later joked on twitter that he still got i. buthe end the democrats crushed the republicans 21-5. en an eme rescue at a board walk amusement park in daytona, florida,s firefight and emergency workers rescued ten riders from a roller coaster
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that derailed mid ride. two people at the front of the ride fell about 30 feet ground and two others were left dangling. rescuers used fire truck ladders to save the victims and get riders from theiddle and last cars to safety. in all six riders werete transp to a hospital with >>oming off their historic cinjuries. super bowl win, the philadelphia eagles received their super bowl rings. you can see there that is some serious bling. the ahampionship rings made of pure 10 karat white gold adorned with 219 diamonds and they're dressed up in 17 rare green sapphires. in designing the ring eagles owner wanted to make sure every story line from the season was represented. on the outer band the eagles fight song fly eagles fly and n engraved on e outside. inside is a dog. they pay tribute to the philly special. a trip play that led to a nick foles touchdown catch in the super bowl. he said he wanted to embrace the playersoncept of something big and blingy also being
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demonstrative. >> connor mcgregor appeared in court following a brawl. he was outside of the barclay center in brooklyn. multiple fighters were thhurt. court appearance lasted two minutes giving them more timeo work out a plea deal. the next scheduled court date has been set for july 26th. >> all right. let's bring in n meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> good morning. let's talk about this heat that's coming and building in areas like chicago and st. louis. heat advisory ofoiess, chicago under heat watch. in chicago lks like saturday to monday is the time frame. we're already in the midst of it and there is like st. louis. e growing heat is thestory. it's been with us through may and june, the southwest and texas now it is exmpnding. s heat index 99, kansas city up around 100. by the time we get to satury there is 96 for heat in indianapolis, and by fathows day, watchhe heat really expands to the east. d.c., nashville includk . that's a l the big weather story of the day.
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now here's a closer look at your day ahead. well, the red showing up on the map and spreading, areasth south carolina today getting into the 90s and well into the 90s all the which as far north as minneapolis. denver at 95. c not exactl but a little less humid. we'll get to everyone else as father's dayorecast coming up. >> looking forward to it. thank you, bill. some golf greatsuffered a reality check during the first round of the u.s. open. making his first appearance since 2015, tiger woods hit a triple bogey on the par 4, first hole set himhe way behind pack. he finished at 8 over par. oubles only continued with phil mickelson making par at the last hole. he finished at 77. still dustin johnson was able to sink this amang shot out of the buncher on the par 4 8th hole. he and rssel henley lead in the second round later today. >> wha doctors found reducing your risk to one of the most
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we have got an f alert anyone flying this morning on psa airlines. thousands of passengers in th charlotte, narolina have been impacted as their flights were canceled. american airlinera which os psa blamed a technical issue for the travelisruption of about 275 routes in and out of the east coast thursday evening. 120 of those were in charlotte. and another alert for you this . morn the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention has linked kellogg's honey smacks searereal to more than 73 illnesses in 31 states caused by a strain of salmonella. kellogg announced a voluntary call after they wer contacted by the cdc and fda. but the bacteria has not been found in any of their other products. >> leading the news, new research onre cancerntion, in a groundbreaking study, the american cancer society found a single solution to fight one of the deadliest forms of canr and hashe toe tension to help
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people live longer and healthier lives. acearding to the resh, vitamin d may play a protective role in the bloodstream to colorectal isk of cancer. this could revolutionize the way we treat this killer disease. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren with more. >> reporter: vitamin d may be important for more than your bones. in one of the largest studies of its kind, t american cancer society and more tha 20 other medical organizations found having higheritamin d levels than are currently recommended reduce the risk of colorectaler cay 22%. while having lower levels of vitamin d increased risk by more than 30%. >> the evidence is certainly building that this may be another risk factor for colorectal cancer. >> reporter: increasing vitamin d won't erase other ris factors like obesity or family history, but researchers agree it is enoughvidence to reexamine current vitamin d recommendations. >> this study is not saying that everybody should run out and get
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screened for vitamin d. the levels we found that were associated with the lowest risk are achievable without high-dose supplements. >> reporter: vitamin d is found in foods like fatty fish and those that areortified like cereals and milk. your body produces it during suu ex. researchers recommend 600 international units palominoer . that's found in a serving of salmon or a glass of milk. a new path to prevention for one the of the deadliest cance. kristen dahlgren nbc news new york. >> still ahead teens and sex. this weekend a movie based on a real-life group of friends will give you a whole new appreciation for bromance. you're watching "early today." w? simparica is what kills tick and fleas, like us. kills? kills! studies show at the end of the month, it kills more ticks in less time than frontline plus and nexgard. guess we should mosey on. see ya never, roxy!
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we need to change people's perceptions about superheroes. this is our best play. >> your weekend plans include hitting the movies you're in for good stuff. after nearly 14 years, the incredibles are finally back. disney and pixar's incredibles 2 is set to break records. expected to beat out finding dory as the highest earning animated film. the sequel is expected to take in $130 million domestically. >> super fly about a drug dealer in atlanta is expected to bring in 10 million. >> tag about a group of friends who continues their childhood game well into adulthood is on
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track to earn $15 million domestically during its opening weekend. >> how is this for a headline? fewer teens are having sex and doing drugs, but more are depressed. that's one of the lates stori right now on centers around a new surveyf teen behavior from the cdc. according to the annual study fewer high school students are having sex than ever before and are less likely to abuse drugs. on the flipside bullying is common and a third of students report persistt feelings of sadness and hopelessness. according to experts, both growing lackand a of connectedness in american society may be playing a role. >> a l of fomo with these kids when it comes to instagram feeds and snapchat and seeing what everybody else is doing. social media supposed to bring us together. >> yeah, it can certainly divide. one young baseball fan got the experience of a lifetime. take a look here. >> it is a high fly a ball that one's out of here! >> that's 7-year-old alex
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estrada swinging forhe fences battling cancer. he got this antasy homerun. as he ran the bes look at those guys. the white sox, cleveland indians plays. they lined the bases. look at those cameras, too. it's part of the team's annual community outreach campaign for charity. >> what an amazing experience for him. >> good for him. >> don't go anywhere. our fathers day forecast is next. it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection. so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents
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welcome back. let's get to that weekend forecast on fathers day. for tod it's a hot friday from texas all the way to minnesota. arizona and new mexico look cooler where those clouds from what was hurricane bud. by the time weet into the forecast heading into friday and saturday, we watch the warm air expanding throu the ohio valley. thunderstorms are also possible in the southeast, y kind r typical variety stuff. for that therz day, a little heave rain possible in houston area. we have a chance to be washed out. lookingor better new orleans, very warm conditions are going to continue right around 95 near gardener, kansas. and wisconsin could even hit 97 degrees. it's also pretty nice in the mid-atlantic states. lot of good beach weather there. >> y h, that's what we like hear, bill. it.been waiting for thank you. still a battle between the lawyers at the center of the stormy daniels case involving president trump. and kamille and bill cause by. neutrogena® ultra sheer.
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>> good morning. it's about 4:00 a.m. i'm aaron >> i'm eun yang. we made it through the workweek, and we're following several stories this morning. we do want to get you ready for
4:00 am
your weekend. >>kelissa has an early loo at the roads. first, though, chuck and sheena are tracking hot weather for the weekend. good morning, guys. >> good morning. it is a building eat wave coming next week. rfu have to get outside and enjoy this won air mass. >> yes, today and tomorrow really nice, but then by sundayh 's day, that's going to be the first day of a heat wave in the making. yeah, we have some hot temperatures in the forecast this morning. 72 drees in washington. a lot of areas cooler than yesterday. we're in the 60s. 61, gaithersburg. qauntico at big area of high pressure over ohio. what this is going to do for our weather over theext several days and into early next week is keep us nice and toy. y is looking fantastic. if you have the pool in your plans, you want spf 30 or higher. we'll have plenty of sunshine through the day. temperatures by lunchtime, 08. by 2:00 p.m., 82. it 5:00 p.m. lower humidity today. going to feel comfortable like yesterday.


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