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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 15, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, go directly to jail. pua federal judge former trump campaign chairman paul manafort behind bars. will he flip while aiting trial? president's attorney today rudy giuliani floating the possibility of pardons. trump on the attack, the president fbomes out swinging on the i, mueller and michael hen and we go the fact check. and what did he mean with this comment about kim jong-un? >> he speaks and his people sit up at attention. i want my people to do the same. parking lot horror, a child shot dead and his mother and brother in critical condition and a surviving sibling tells police it was road rage, a suspect now in custody. a night of fun turns into a nightmare. >> the roller coaster
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completely broke off. we need an ambulance, please. >> panicked riders, ngscreaming on, haing for their lives. and a new food outbreak alert, people sickened in 31 states. what you need to know about the next fruit cup or bowl cereal. >> announcer: this is n brks krr"nbc night news" with lester holt. president trump labeling unfair, a judge's decision to revoke bail for former campaign chief paulna rt. manafort under indictment by robert mueller's team for alleged money laundering and othch ges was whisked from a courtroom to a jail cell after prosecutors charged him with evidence tampering. could this change his mind aboutra coopeting with the special counsel? our justice correspondent pete williams has details. >> reporter: paul manafort's arrival at federal court in washington was one of
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his last moments as a freeman after mueller's prosecutors charged him with trying to influence witnesses who might be called to testify about his lobbying for ukraine. in court, judge amy berman jackson said there was no way to prevent him from doing it again. this is not middle ol sche said, i can't take away his cell phone. federal marshalls took him into custody in the courtroom and just before leaving, he turned and waved to his wife kathleen. she left the courthouse without her husband of 40 years. the president said it rtas tough, didn't know manaas the head of the mob, very unfair. today he seemed to distance himself from the former camign chairman. >> paul manafort worked for me for ve short period of time. he worked for me forat 49 days or something? a very short period of time. >> reporter: in fact, manafort worked for the trump campaign 144 days. today's order means manafort will spend at least the next three
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months in jail waiting for trials in both washington and northern virginia on charges of illegal hiding income from the ukrainian loying. a former prosecutor says that could change cis mind about fightirges. >> going to jail causes defendants often to face the reality that they aren't jusg to beat this thing and get out of it easily. >> reporter: manafort's lawyer said ill appeal the judge's order but that's a long shot. >> the odds of an appeal working here and getting him out of ia jail before are very, very small and very, very small. it's highly unlikely. >> pete, what about the possility of a presidential pardon in this case? >> reporter: lester, the president certainly has the por to issue a pardon even before someone is convicted. he was asked about that today and he said he didn't want to talk about it but the president's lawyer rudy giuliani says when the russia investigation is over, quote, things might get cleaned up with some presidentiard s and a little while later giuliani said he doubted that would happen and if it
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did, it would be against advice of th president's inner circle, lester. >> pete williams, thank you. a short time before his former champagne chief was sent to jail, president trump made a surprise appearance in the white house north u laoading about the fbi, mueller and michael cohen in a morning show interview and 20-minute back and forth with reporters including krister kristeo kristewn kristen welker who has the fact check for us tonight. >> reporter: president trump unleashed and on the attack in a illing face-off with reporters, the president said that doj inspector general report would sharply criticize james comey th anfbi, lets him off the hook. >> there was no collusion. there was no obstructi obstruction. the i.g. report showed that. >> reporter: but that's misleading. the report was only about the fbi's handling of the clinton e-mail investigation, not the russia probe. still, the president slamming.g. reports finding that
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potics didn't play a role. >> it was a pretty good report and i say the i.g. blew it at the end with that statement. >> reporter: all of it as the president sharpens his att against special counsel robert mueller. last night, his attorney rudy giuliani investigation should be suspended. are you thinking of suspending mueller? >> i think that whole investigatn now -- look, the problem with the muelle investigation is everybody has massive co licts. >> reporter: the president changing his tune on fired national security advisor michael flynn. >> some people say he lied and some people say he didn't lie. i mean, really, it turned out maybe he didn't lie. >> reporter: that's a major shift. the president said he fired flynn for lying and flynn later pleaded guilty to to the fbi about his contacts with russian officials. the president pressed on his former person attorney michael cohen and reports cohen is considering cooperating with federal stigators. >> did you hear michael cohen might ip
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fl >> i did nothing wrong. this stuff would have come out a long time ago. >> reporter: it comes days after the president struck a deal with north korea to denuclearize. day reporter pressed him on why he's praising a brutal dictator. ea> i don't want to see a nuweapon destroy you and your family. >> reporter: and the president raising eyebrows with this comment. >> he's the head of a country, he's a rong head, don't let anyone think anything different. he speaks and his people sit up in attention. i want my people to do the same. >> repter: when challenged, mr. trump tried to laugh it off. >> i'm kidding. you don't understand sa asm. >> reporter: president weighing in on the immigration crisis enguing his administration with thousands of children separated from their parents at the border. >> no, i hate it. re i hate the chi being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. >> reporter: but nothing in the law requires the administration to separate children from their bue is no law
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that says families have to be celebrated. >> the democrats gave us the laws. now i nt the laws to be beautiful, humane but strong. >> reporter: now while the president is blaming democrats for the border crisis, it's republicans who control both chambers of congress, lester? >> kristen, for a president that holds reporters in such low regard, he seems to be spending a lot of time in front of the cameras. how did nd up where you are on the north lawn? >> repor this is wild. this is not an area the president spends any time whatsoever so to see him walk up the driveway behind me was remarkable and we were just inches away from him during the entire back and fth. e president did have a clear strategy, he wanted to control the narrative on a day of mixed headlines but lester, it was unprecedented. >> well, we certainly all appreciate the access. thank you athe white house. under the trump administration, zero tolerance policy kristen mentioned, 2,000 immigrant children have been separated from their parents in the last six weeks. these children are being locked away facilities that are
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hidden in plain sight near the border. we got the first look inside one of th centers in texas last night and tonight gadi schwartz takes us to san diego where kids are living in limbo. ep >>ter: hiding in plain detention centers le this one by the mexico border finally coming to public light. we came om inside and one of the first things the kids are told when brought here for processing, this is not a detention center but this is where they live behind this fence locked ay in the middle of this residential neighborho here in san diego with neighbors around here having no idea what was going on in this facility. look inside one of the facilities in san diego where 63 immigrant minors are being held. if a family has boys and girls as children, the siblings are separated. the girls live in a , different facili the boys live here and they only get to see
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each other about once a week. outrage is being builtt abildren being ripped from their families while crossing into the u.s. the department of homela security released stunning numbers todayin s 1,995 children have been separated from tir rents in the last six weeks in part of a zero tolance policy. >> the department of justice will not stand by while laws are being nullified and undermined. y >> reporter: frs facilities like these have housed minors that crossed the themselves but now we're getting word that 1600 onal beds will be brought in across the country for kids separated from their families. this week the medical association weighing in saying the move is inhuman and it risks scarring children for the rest of their lives. children who live with uncertainty of what's happened to the rest of their family with no solid answers on b when they wi freed. and there are two major questions that are being asked over and over again. where are all of the
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young girls that are being housed ithis type of situation? where are all the toddlers? we're told there are two other at least in this area, in san diego the are two other smaller facilities where immigrant females are being housed and as for the toddlers, we understand the bulk of them are being housed in a facily in arizona. we have requests in to see both of those types of facilities firsthand, as well. >> gadschwartz, thank you. to the horrific scene in a parking lot near denver. a child shot dead and mother and brother in a critical condition and another sibling unharmed. authorities say it was road rage. it unfolded late yesterday as that mother was taking he kids to the dentist and a man followed her to the parking lot, parked behind her and opened fire. our national correspondent miguel almaguer is in westminster, colorado. >> shots fired at a dentist office. he >> reporter: victims were shot in thhis parking lot. megan er three children, vaughn, cooper and asa followed here after a case of road rage.ur
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t documents say the suspect gunned down bigga and opened fire on her children. >> they doave four victims so far. >> reporter: police say after walking away, the suspect returned shooting one of her children again. the third child ran to safety. the 13-yr-old pronounced dead. riis brother and mother in ctical condition. ni >> a lot of officers last night were just shaking t their heads, could believe something like this happened. >> reporter: investigators say a haitness was also shot. >> htwo wounds, one to the arm, one to the chest. >> reporter: investigators say 23-year-old jeremy webster faces multiple charges including murder. court documents say webster admitted to the shooting, parking his car here behind the victim. witnesses heard a barrage of gunfire and cries for help. >> pow, pow, pow. like somebody was taking their time aiming at whatever they were shooting at.
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>> reporter: tonight, a shocking and tragic case of road rage leaving a young family gunned down. miguel almaguer, nbc news, westminster, colorado. another terrible burst of violence today. police ias say a pair of deputies were shot, one of them killed in a courthouse when an inmate apparently grabbed one of the deputy's guns and started shooting. nbc's ron mott has late details. ra >> reporter: outside this kansas city kansas courthouse, two deputies shot and one killed after an inmateg becorted to a hearing opened fire. >> when they pulled into the parking lot and ready to transport these inmates, they were overcome. it is very possible that with their own firearm they were both shot. >> reporr: police confirmed one of the slain officers as 35-year-old patrick roar who spent seven years with the sheriff's department. the other deputy that died, a female officer was critically
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wounded. the unidentifi suspect also was shot during the deadly confrontation. police say most detainees getting transported are handcuffed and shackled, though did not indicate whether this suspect was restrained. witnesses describe a frantic chaotic scene. >> there is somebody screaming at us telling us to get back in the courtroom. i went through a panic because i thought somebody -- there was a sniper. >> reporter: another community reaching out to one another over law enforcement fallen. ron mott, nbc news. you pay and how it will be impacted by new tariffs announced by the trump administration on $50 billion worth of chinese exports by august. inhina wasting no time retali it's an escalating trade war that involves some of americs closest allies. nbc's tom costello has the story. >> reporter: at the oldest medal pin n anufacturer america, the 40 employees find n manufacturer in america, the 40 employees find ennu cturer in america, the 40 employees find themselves caught up
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in international trade war fever. raw steel prices have suddenly jumped 25% threating profits and jobs. >> this is hitting our wallet, which is hard. it's creating uncertaintwith our business, which doesn't feel good. t >> reporter:ay, the trade war talk escalated. the white house announcing tariffs on 1100 chinese products including auto mobiles and more. not cluded, tvs and cell phones popular with american consumers. >> because we have to. we've been treated very unfairly. >> reporter: the chinese foreign nd ministry res china does not want to fight a trade war but late today announced tariffs on u.s. automobiles, oil, farm and seafood exports. >> the threat is that we get a full-blown trade war and consumers lose with few beneficiaries. >> reporter: that led to a volatile session on wall street amid mixed reaction with business leaders and lawmakers from both ie pa is this all gainsmenship to force china to negotiate and could cost american
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atobs and affect intenal relations. tom costello, nbc tiews, washington. sll ahead here tonight, roller coaster nightmare. riders plunge 30 feet to the ground when it suddenly details. the troubling details about the ride's safety record coming up. also, not one but two salmonella outbreaks. the warning you need to watch out for. why we've ben doing this...forever. my dad has roots in the mountains of northern mexico. home to the strongest runners in the universe. my dad's ancestors were african bantu. i bet they told the most amazing stories. with twice the detail of other tests... ...ancestrydna can show dad where he's from- and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $69. give it to dad for father's day. with the right steps, hasn't left my side. it's only $69. 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor
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we're back with the horrifying moments on a roller coaster in florida. the ride detailing and sending riders plunging 30 feet to the ground. when so many are heading to amusement parks, it raistr bling questions. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on the warning signs that may have been missed.ep >>ter: just hours before it went
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off the rails, state inspectors gave it the all clear after ng it down last month. a fun night at daytona beach's boardwalk turned into a nightmare. >> i heard metal grinding and boom like something -- i thought it as a car accident. >> reporter: panicked screams. two riders falling out, another desperately clinging to the ride. >> there's a couple people on the ground and the girl is hanging right now. she can't breathe and we can't get her out. >> reporter: the cause of the accident is still unclear but authorits say it was a 34-foot drop. firefighters raced to the scene. nine people rushed to the hospital. >> it looked like it just fli upside down like it was part of the ride. >> reporter: the owners of the ride known as the nd aster could not be reached for comment but had a history of maintenance problems te according to s records including excessive corrosion and damaged cars. in 2017 alone the roller coaster had two stop orders and inspectors shut it down again last month but reopened it hours before this accident. >> two cars from the roller coaster fell off. there is people on the
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coaster. >> reporter: tonight the question hanging we in the balancere warning signs ignored. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, florida. get ready to crank up the a.c., scorching temperatures on the way for much of the country and two big names joining forces, what oprah is cooking up with apple. every hand, well, you gotta make... a better dog! that's what oscar mayer does every... single... day. our dogs are totally free from artificial preservatives, any added nitrates or nitrites, and we waved bye-bye to by-products. and we're taking those better dogs to the ends of the earth... the top of the world... and everywhere in between. why? so you can get back to eating them, scratch that, back to loving them. oscar mayer. for the love of hot dogs. (car horn)
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it's not even officially summer yet but as we he to the weekend, things are about to heat up. 80s and 90s from north to south,rond 93 austin and 97 in chicago. on saturday and sunday, seems like only yesterday we were complaining that it was too cold out. keep the water hanth weekend. a food safety warning tonight, two salmonella outbreaks across the country. oggs is recalling honey smacks after the cereal was linked to outbreak that sickened people in 31 states. if you have a box bestedy may00
7:23 pm and in 23 states, don' eat precut melon, watermelon, cantaloupe and honey due. another outbreak that sickenedople. opera is teaming up with apple's streaming service which the company hopes will comte with netflix and amazon. oprah will continuto run own, the cable network she founded. when we come back here tonight, some very special father's day meages from kids about why they love dear old dad. bl
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finally tonight, it's the day dads wa for all year. father's day is this
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sunday, the day to celebrate the men in usur lives that mean so much to we ask kids, what do you love so much about your dad and your grand dad, too. ♪ >> i love my dad d ecause he's smart, funny nd. >> he's always there for me. he just loves to be around me and i love to be around him. >> e makes the best pancakes ever. >> he loves me as much as i love him. >> when he comes, the fun starts to happen. >> he's really funny and he always tells me at these jokes rack me up. >> he teaches me things that i never knew before. ♪ >> i like to garden with my dad. >> my favote thing to do with my dad is watch movies. >> my favorite thing
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to do with my dad is play lacrosse. >> we cook brownies d cookies. >> we do science experiments. >> i like to watch golf with my grandfather. >> we goiding horses. >> nice one that spends time with you. >> they care about you. and they always love you. >> tries to make sure you're always happy. >> they know how to bring you up when you're down. >> he shows you different kind of good things. >> a good grandpa is de caring and conte like a good dad. >> the young man and littlest holt that for me making a dad being so awesome. thank you for spending part of your evening with us. that is "nightly news" for this friday night. i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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lights, camera "access." >>old words from a big star's mouth. did she say i'm sngk of b humble humble? >> we are help agouper hero have a day of fun for himself.
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