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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  June 17, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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this is complete denuclearization. >> the worst fbi director in history by far. snoelts ♪ welcome to "sunday today" on june 17th. i am willie geist. happy father's day to all o you dads, especially to you, dad. we are waking up to an increasingly heated battle over ae fate of children separated from parents they attempt to enter the united states at the southern border. overnight, more detention tents were built to detain the growing number of children. jeff sessions quoting theible
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toay migrants entering illegally with children are not above the law. president trump claiming falsely separation are the rults of the democrats' law. sritics say the trump administration ieing inhumane. the latest from the border and chuck todd just ahead. breaking news this morning. gunfire erupts at a cultu l festival in trenton, new jersey. one person is dead, at least 20 others injured. we are live at th scene. later, a sunday sit down with daily show host trevor noah on his seemingly impossible road from apartheid, south africa to the big chair held by jon stewart. now l ce nightedy in the age of donald trump. >> i was in a state of outrage. i think at times people allow themselves to get outraged at everything donald trump does. at some point, i'm going toin accept cerdeas and norms of him as a president. doesn't mean they're normal but
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they're his. >> a sunday sit dow with trevor noah, and trip to puerto rico for a progress reportmoine hs after the storm. all of this later in the show. let's begin with growing outrage over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration as more families are attempting to enter the united states are separated overnight. we report fm the frontlines on the mexican border. >> reporter: mores detent tenl tents springing up overnight. e they'rected to march in protest of the zero tolerance immigration policy. the camp holding a fifth of the town's population. >> what's going t happen with them? no, that's not right. >> reporter: held behind fences where a toddler was o carried the property, and more seen playing soccer. a far cry from converted grounds
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in texas. clearly holding 2,000 minors separated from families. >> a brother and sister at these alfacilities are bas ripped apart, only boys allowed here. >> reporter: outside, outrage from neighbors.'t >> i decognize this as the america i grew up in. >> reporter: attorney jeff sessions responding with a passage. >> obey the laws of the government because god or tanld t -- ordained the government for his purposes. >> reporter: he spoke to a honduran woman separated from her 18-year-old son. >> i lost my son inside. >> reporter:he despite t aministration promise of zero tolerance, shend her daughter were processed and released in days. now she has thisarning for
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others. dh hasn't answered questions out her specificcase, but they're prosecuting 100% of cases where som is suspected entry into the >> as detainment of children at the border continues to put pressu on hisadministration, president trump will meet on isesday with house republicans toss two different immigration bills under consideration. for more, let's turn to chuck todd, nbc's political director and moderor of "meet the press." good to see you as always. happy father day t you. >> and to you. the president says i quote hate the children taken away. said i friday during a press gaggle. he said this is the democrats' law, they have the power to do it. it is neither a law or de zcrats, it is ao tolerance policy advocated for by john kelly publicly, announced by jeff sessions along
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the border. what is the president up to, can the white house continue to talk t of both sides of its mouth. >> steven miller quoted in the new york city, ctief dom adviser on immigration saying it is zero terance. if you institute that policy, which is what they want to wh, the intent is, then this is what it looks it is separating children from parents when they attempt to cross the border. treats all parents as criminals. if you're charged with a crime, your kids are separated from you. jeff sessions said it happeam to ican citizens. it will happen to asylum seekers. but the question is going to be -- the president is clearly trying to do this to seek leverage, claiming the democrats tried to get them to the table, i guess. but this is a dangerous place to be. morally it is making many people uncomfortable, many republicans particular uncomfortable. i think it is a political
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disaster in the making for them for republicans running in suburban districts. suburban mothers don't like this visual at all. >> you bring up the political aspect of it. both president obama and president this was too far. they said we're not going to do it. on the political element, you have the president meeting with decongressional l with two immigration bills. of senateo a couple democrats on the record on television that said we're not going to change policy without republicans helping us. they didn't see a way of that do you think legislatively this will be undone? >> not at all. i think there's going to be a lot of pressure. this president doesn't succumb o pressure, particularly on immigratio i think he thinks it is good for him, good for his base. i think theur pre will
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increase this week. congress, this is election year. you're not going to see major immigration legislation get through in or out. i think pressure getsamped up on the white house. >> let's talk about more domestic and to the russia investigation with robert mueller. the image of the campaign chairman being sent to jail as he awaits trial. what are the implications of this onue theller investigation and does this bring it closer to president trump, despite the fact that trump tried to distance himself from paul manafort. >> look, i mean you spend father's day in jail as paul manafort is doing this morning. you spend a month in jail. does that change your mind aboun cooperwith the feds or not? you can't help but wonder if that's one strategy here. everybody else around paul manafort is now cooperating, rick gates in particular the latest one being there and a few others connected to him. he has been the lone holdout. this witness tampering
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allegation is enough to revoke bail, and now he is in jail. that appears to be the strategy. we know why the president wants to separate himself from manafort, there are too many alleged crimes against manafort that he canuck out of. the president knows that. he would prefer distance, saying he wasn' that muchart of the campaign rather than trying to protect manafort and pardon him, things like that. >> how busy was this week, theh summit w north korea, five days ago. seems like five months ago with all that happened since then. >> as your producer said to me, if we have igtime, we be able to get to that. >> here's the answer. we don't have time, chuck. >> that's the president. >> thanks very much, chuck. happy father's dayou to look more much more on "meet the press" when chuck i joined by kellyanne conway, that will be interesting, and congressman adam schiff and mark sanford, the republican that lost his primary partly for not being loyal enough to president trump. let's turn to breaking news.
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gunfire erupting at a cultural event this morning in trenton, new jersey. one person isdead, several others. injur randy jill enhall from our philadelphia station is live at thecene. randy, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good mor willie. this was supposed to be a celebration of the arts in the city of trenton. art all night, a festival with paintings and music that goes into the ely morning hours. police say there were hundreds of people gathered here at this warehouse, mercer county prosecutors say about 2:45 this morning two men armed with guns walked into the festival, began to open fire. witnesses tell us they heard an argument, some fighting in moments before the shooting. what you're seeing is video shots by one of the witnesses. chaotic scene as hundreds fled the scene. prosecutors say in total 16 people were shot, one includes 3 -year-old boy in critical condition.
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authorities say they're investigating this as a officer involved shooting because one person who is dead according to police they believe is one of the ashooters, 33-year-old man. authorities say a second suspect is in custody. but the arts community in trenton dealingith a big tragedy, trying to pick up the nueces inside as the investigation con behind me. at least 16 shot, some critical. police are investigating a it an officer involved shooting as well. live in trenton, back to you. >> terrifying scene. thanks so much. 20 firefighters were injured after battling a f alarm fire on staten island overnight. hundreds o firefighters, emts, paramedics were called in to fight the blaze which tore through several structures. four firefighters are in serious condition, the rest of the injuries are ivilians were injured. no word yet on what caused that fial. the found of u.s. open golf tournament is under way this morning at the absolutely
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brutal course on new york's long island. on saturday, legendary phil rtckelson missed a putt. as it s to roll down the hill, he did what we mere lfing morta would do. chased after it. hit it back to the hole whi moving. he was assessed a twotroke penalty, had a bogey ten on the hole. some say he shoul have been disqualified for that move. worl number one, dust in johnson, tied for the lead at three over par with three other players. jay-z and beyonce dropped a surprise album during the on the run tour in london. beyonce shared a sneak peek of a vide filmed at the louvre museum in paris. the nine track album,le t everything is love, addresses everything from storms of their marriage to jay-z o lashing at the grammys, turning down an offer to perform at the sup bowl.
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features a shoutout from daughter blue ivy. dylan is here with a cofck he weather. how about if you shut down the louvre for your video. how is it looking out there. >> it is hot at the u.s. open. ngetting hotter t it was yesterday. look at our highs yesterday. we topped out5t in kansas city. 96 in st. louis. 89 in chicago. felt warmer when you factor in the humidity. 85 in new york. temperatures will be going upy. to heat advisories and warnings. minneapolis, chicago, st. louis unde heatarnings with heat index values above 100 degrees. today's highsell intohe 90s, 97 in st. louis, cleveland, 94. new york city 90. and then excessive heat continues as you go into monday with aas like chicago getting 15 to 20 degrees above average. 92 in new york monday. then we cool off for the middle
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of the week, into the 80s. that's the weather across the country. window. out your a warm one out there already. temperatures in the low to mid t.70s at this po if you're headed to the pool, good idea to do that. that heat index by the time we head to 2:00, nearing 100 degrees. we get sunshine out there. maybe an isolated passing shower or popup thunderstorm. temperatures on the way to the mid 90s today. that heat index is around 100 degrees. n eye to the sky. only 20% chance to see a storm where you are by this afternoon. that's your latest focast. >> thank you very much. straight ahead, highs and lows of the week, including the boy and the bear, jumping together into viral stardom. on this father's day, supers cr dad thatame to the rescue when his little ballerina got a case of stage fright. ter, federal response is slow, inadequate, deadly. ading back to puerto rico to
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check in on an island ofns citi pleading for help nine months after the hurricane. did the federal government fail puerto rico?re >> tre some things i am very satisfied with from the federal government and some things that i am very dissatisfied and even appalled. >> a cing up on "sunday today." >> as we head to break, o photo of the week. duchess of exsu meghan markle, sharing a laugh with queen elizabeth at one f her first royal events this week. pad with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet?
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dylan and i dylan and i are ready to whip through the highs and lows. >> i am ready. >> youave been preparing for days. the first high, a pair of animals that became internet sensations. first, the daring raccoon that captured the country's heartin scthe side of a building in saint paul, minnesota like in a dramatic scene from "mission impossible."
8:19 am
a woman noticed it and called maintenance. the efforts to coax it down pushed him to climb. the nation hung on every moment of that jouheey up ubs buding. it had a live stream from a local ttation. overhe course of a long day, it stopped on windowsills to rest and take in the views. llhe event made it to the roof where he was safely trapped, fed a niceeal and released back into the wild. and it had company. online animataom from the jumping bear at the nashville five-year-old was jumping up and down to get the bear's attention. i wod say it works. he swims over to the glass, mirrors that jumping, up and down. his dad recorded it, said iten went on minutes. you get the sense they could
8:20 am
have tadone that all day. who got tir first? >> little boys get tired, in my experience. first low to a man among boys, ore man boy among boys. meet 6'102-year-old canadian basketball player. 12 years old. sadly for, them so are kids playing him. the video took off on the internet. ring over opponents. rd to know how you would defend that. any advice on that? three two guys at him? >> i was always the srt one on the team. basketball didn't pan out well for me. i have no advice. the next high to an amazing display of sportsmanship and friendship. thers a big high school basketball game in st. paul, minnesota.
8:21 am
the pitcher trying to g them in the state championship game. here's the last out. gets the job done striking him out. cane's team rushes to celebrate with him. the pitcher pushes past him to get to the hitter heut struck to give him a hug. turns out they have been good buddies since childhood. his first instinct was not to celebrate but tgo and console his friends. afte the game, jack said 20 years from now when i look back on that game, i won't remember the score, i'll remember what ty did for how great. >> unbelievable. true friendship. final lowo the unfair advantage held by an nfl kicker in a friendly game of kick ball. he is kicker for the carolina panthers, takes a pitch from his wife, launches a bomb over the nce into the woods as hisan noyed family watchesle hely. seems like he has done this
8:22 am
before. dad breaks into a slow obnoxioun homerurot as his children begin the desperate search for the ball. touch them all. you can't do the thing you kick it over the trees, and launches it. >> wonder he buys a new ball or -- >> go get it, kids. a bonus high to a dadsa tha d the day when his ballerina had a meltdown on stage. she joins her pals for a lovely recital. qu decides she doesn't want to be there. the teacher tries to get her to keep dancing as she breaks screams of terror. dad to the rescue from back stage with a baby in his right arm to join therm perce. he holds hands with his daughter, does a few spins and twirls, much to her delight and cheers of the audience.
8:23 am
way to go, dad. >> i got stageright when i had a recital like that, my dad never showed up. > coming up next, sunday sit down with daily show host trevor noah as a mixed race child in apartheid, south africa, his existence was a crime. now he is near the top of the come a world. >> the baby boom that means there's a big celebration at one fire house in oklahoma. coming right back. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us.
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hi, good morning, everyone.6 this sunday, june 17th. i'm angie goff. here's a look at your top stories. this collision sent people to the hospital in montgory county. fire officials say fou vehicles involvedcc in an aident
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derwood.ry road in seven people ended up in the hospital. d.c. voters decide how tip workers will be paid. minimum wage f tip workers in d.c. is $3.33. initiative 77 would raise it to $5 by the year 2020, and $15 by 2025. votersake a choice tuesday. a check on your father's dst forecahen we return. stay with us.
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the washington post. hot, hot, hot. lauryn ricketts standing by with the even messing with our tones here. >> it is a little bit don't know what to do. temperatures are in the 70s at this point. it will be a warm afternoon. already a warm morning out there. tee time, temperatures around 80 grees at 9:00. continue to take it to the mid 90s today. if you want to head on the course, earlier than later.l it we close to 100 degrees by this afternoon. temperatures in the mid 90s. but the heat index, the middle rt of the afternoon, upwards of 100 degrees. only going to get worse as we head into monday and tuesday. isolated chance of a shower or storm. otherwise, better chances tuesday and wednesday. hot and humid monday and
8:30 am
tuesday. rain chances wednesday and thursday next week. 0 thanks, lauryn. more news at 9m. we're going to admit that we wee all have to admit we ar g. said the man couldn't do it, said his temper would blow up the summit. he turned the nuclear summit into a huge win f himself. swallow our pride, give it up foa leadermarter than we thought, kim jong-un, everyone, give it up for kim jong-un. >> that's trevoroah hosting "the daily show" as he has for almost thr years. jon stewart announced he would give up that chair after 16 years, there was hot speculation who might take over. almost none of it included the name trevor noah. when he was introduced as the next host, many americans rushed eo google to find out who he was. thhey found the story of a
8:31 am
popular south african comedian, born and raised under apartheid, using comedy to rise from unimaginable circumstances t the height of his business. breaking through in a crowded late nig field. trevor invited us to the studio in new york last week for a sunday s down. ♪ >> welcome to "the daily show." >> four nights a week, trevo noah's job is to make the news funn >> slave or immigrants? >> damn, no. >> i'm sorry. i am a human i'm sorry. >> trump might have a secret kid? oh snap. presidents like storms havete ries. right now this is category five. >> three years aft succeeding, the 34-year-old south african found his vce in the age of trump. >> i broke up with you first, would an unhealthyresident be
8:32 am
able to do this. >> flooding the news with wit and charm before the audience goes to bed. >> the day starts with watching the news before you get in, trying t figure out what you're dell fg into, rudy guiliani and his comments about stormyr daniels malcolm jenkins and the philadelphia eagles. these are ideas we are trying to put together while thinking about making the entertaining show. if its not funny, entertaining, i don't think i doing my job. >> covering a famously s unpredictable presidentt easy. these days, jokes are written at a tweet's notice, moments before tapes in front of a live audience. >> i think donald trump is teaching us the buddhist philosophy of not being attached to anything. why attach to a story or an idea or anything that you plan. just live in the moment and appreciate what's happening to you. >> every late night sho one way or another is engaging donald
8:33 am
ump. how do you set yourself apart in that landscape where everyone is talking about the same gu >> i think the daily show thing is how we process that inefrmation. ie to exist in a state of outrage. you know, i think at times people allow themselves to get outraged at everything donald utump does, at some point i'm just going to accept certain ideas and norms of him as a president. doesn't mean they're normal but theye his. finding a space to try and dilute a little outre we may feel experiencing the same things. >> how do youvo preaching to the choir. you know you have the audience here watching you, waiting to hear what you say, by and large share your world view. >> funny you say preaching to the choir. i think of it like any church uld. they're trying to get additional people to come in. i don't believe that we live in a binary world, people agree and
8:34 am
don't agree. people in the middle are like i don't know, telou me what y think. then they're like you're funny. i'll stick aroun for another episode. >> his styar isdly different than that of other comedians, some that have come under fire in recent weeks. rose anne bar compared valerie jarrett to anpril. and former daily show correspondent samantha bee used an explicit word to refer to the president's daughter, ivanka tru trump. you think about a line things that are okay and not to say? >> all the time. comedy is context. thout context, comedy has no foot hold. we can't work on being as precise as possible and with the message and what we're trying to say. i don't want to offend anybody if i am not trying to offend >> yr something like the hybody. term used about ivanka trump, what do you say?
8:35 am
>> she said she was trying to reclaim a word for women. i understand that logic. i didn't understand peopre trying toe equivalence between two worlds. i think a white woman calling a white woman aord is not the same as white person comparing a black perso to an april. we have to acknowledge t power dynamic and history of the relationship between groups of people plays into that. >> part of noah's appeal is that he approaches america politics an outsider. ething he hass s been his entire life. born in south africa to a black mother, white father during th segregationist apartheid rule, noah technically was born a crime, which also is the title of his best selling memoir. >> my father's name couldn't be on my birth certificate, then the gig would be up. i couldn't live with my mom legally because according to laws of the country, my race wasn't onehat matched hers. >> his devoted mother had big
8:36 am
plans forer young son. >> i would be lying if i didn't credit everything i am today to mymother. she said yes, i am being oppressed, but while i wait for that oppression to end, while i am fighting against it, i'll find ways to improve myself beyond the scope of what i have been told i can or cannot do. my mother forced me to see worlds that she neveray knew i have access to. she drove me to m areas,e me look at rich people's houses, you cannot dream or aspire something if you don't know it exists. >> when did you feel like you began to thrive, inspired to dok comedy, people laugh? >> i always made people laugh. knew how to make bullies laugh, really important. i reali that bullies have a single track mind. if you make them t of something other than beating you up, they can't multi task. >> what's the move, they come up with closed fist? >>ld they we like i'm going
8:37 am
to punch you in the face. i was like thank god, someone will fix this face of mine. >> disarm them. >> the momentso a p has to think. like go away. >> that sense of humor carried noahnt stand-up comedy where in his 20s he became one of soh africa's leading comedians and eventually took his act to the united states. >> mr. trevor noa f than joining us. >> in 2014, noah landed one of the most coveted gigs in comedy as correspondent for the daily show with jon stewart. the following year after three daily show appearances, noah was tapped to host the program when stewart ended his run. the decision was a shock to ah himself.ding to no >> i was like what? it makes no sense. >> what did jon say during the handoff?
8:38 am
>> he said i see in you what i saw in myself when i started the show. and he said most importantly you mn't try and be and i was like okay, i guess that's good enough. >> i lovhat you said on the first show. >> i'm not going to lie. growing up inus the streets of south africa, i never dreamed i would one day have two things really. asindoor toilet and a job host of "the daily show." >> did you ever get the toilet? >> i got that. t two flushing toilets. don't mean to ag. i have two. >> you made it. officially made it. >> big shot with two toilets. that airs weeknights at 11:00, 10:00 central. his book is available as audio book, read by the author. and is being made into a movie playing trev-- including about
8:39 am
mother. check out web extras at to hear that unedited conversation, check out sundayd si podcast on apple podcast or wherever you get them. a lot of good stuff there. next week, a sunday sit down with country superstar blake shelton on h rise from ada, oklahoma, to the top of his business. how "the voice" changed his wife and dig in with his relationship with gwen stefani. next week on "sunday today." dylan is back with another check of the weather.e' >> see rain down south going through this week. need to focus o houston. there's a chance it could rain all week. tropical downpours are a possibility. start the week wit rain. continuing through the middle of the week, more rain.wi spread storms through the ohio river valley, through the
8:40 am
plains. we finish with moreain across texas, why flooding could b a possibility, more storms in the midwest. at's the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. it is a warm day out there urready. temper in the low to mid 70s. if you're headed out to maybe play golf with dad, temperatures ere going to be in the 90s by the time head into the afternoon. mid 90s for daytime highs.s humidity building now. clouds are decreasing. it will be a sticky, hot afternoon. i would go earlier than later. 95 degrees is the daytime high. heat index around 100 drees. that's your latest. forecast >> thank you very much. see you in a >>minute. next on "sunday today," we're headed to puerto rico, nine months after hurricane maria crippled the island to push for answers why fellowze ci are suffering without
8:41 am
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this this week marks nine months since hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico wit winds of 155 miles per hour. he island of more than million united states citizens was left without power, clean water and basicervices. the response from the federal government was and remains inadequate. power is finally back on most of the island, but t grid won't stand up to another storm as we enter a new hurricane meanwhile, the death toll recently was revised up by thousands and hundreds of schools are set t close there.
8:43 am
nbc's gabe gutierrez has been reporting from puerto rico since befo the storm hit and he returns there for our sunday spotlight. >> most students that live here come walking. >> reporter: for this 12 ear-old, it hit home. >> seeing people i leave like childhood. ece of >> reporter: now her school is among one the government wants to cl be. >> it wi hard. i loved going to this school. >> reporter: in a crowded courthouse, the battle for puerto ric is futures under way. eachers, parents, students are fighting to keep schools open. the island government wants to close 283 of them, afterof year devastating economic crisis, and plummeting i enrollmen the aftermath of hurricane maria. they say more tha 95% of the grid is online, several mountain
8:44 am
communities cplain that number is inflated and electricity is intermittent m >> nineonths after maria, much of d theris cleaned up, power back to most of the island, but there's a fierce debate over the true toll of the storm. it is overflowing with unclaimed dies, dozens kept in reflij rated containers. has month, theystimated 4600 may have died in the aftermath, dramatically higher than theve ment's official count of 64. under pressure, puerto rico's health department released updated figures, showing 1200 more dths in september and october than during the same period last year. d >> howyou explain that discrepancy? >> saying the numbers would be mu higher. cdc eason is we followed a protocol got us to 64. we realized that protocol was got very , that's when we decid to look for an
8:45 am
alternative. >> reporter: that alternative is a study by georg washington university, commissioned in february and initially expected to be finished by may. it is already june. what's taking so long? >> it is a lot of papers, it is getting all of that data together and even today it has been quite a challenge. >> your critics said there was a cover up. was there a cover up? >> of course t. this is the most devastating event in history. if thee thousands of deaths in our nrative was that this was devastation, why wouldn't we come out and say it? >> reporter: back in october, he met with president trump at the white house. the two have not spoken in person since then. stille refuses to criticize the president directly. >> did the federal government fail puerto rico? >> there are some things i am ve satisfied with the federal government and some things that i am very dissatisfied and en appalled. >> were you appalled by fema's
8:46 am
response? i was appalled by core of engineers response. disappointed with the rbureaucracy. orter: the army corp of engineers and fema said it had unprecedented logistical challenges >> did the federal government fail puerto rico? >> yes. >> the mayor has been an outspoken critic of the trump administration response. >> you wake up every day, there's sething about seeing people, why dohe children of puerto rico have to endure this. reporter: there's one less heartbreak she has to endure. the ey're going to leave school open. >> reporter: a judge ruled her school should stay open for nowe >> w are hoping it stays like that for years and years to come. >> reporter: this summer, thousands of other studentsr lie he are waiting to see the fate of their classrooms, how the
8:47 am
island will fair as another hurricane season begins. for "sunday today," gabe rto rico., p >> gabe, thank you very much. incidentally, i have been raveling to puerto rico for 25 years. i got married there. it is a very special place and our fellow citizens still need our help. coming up next on this thatr's day, seven babies became viral stars when they were born into the same fire house in the space of a year. >> i think i kept getting phone calls from my husband at the station, going guess who else is pregnant. guess who else is pregnant. >> later, a life well lived. the houston offic that rescued people after learning he had incurable cancer. one dark chocolate rises above the rest lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers pure, rich, darkly intense... made like no other crafted elegantly thin to reveal complex layers of flavor
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it'll be a busy father's day it will be a busy father's day in oklahoma where af group dads celebrate with babies that became viral stars longeyefore could walk. nbc's kevines t has the sunday closer. >> reporter: a baby boom is burning out of control. theen of glen pool fire house all becoming dads one right
8:51 am
other.he first came jovi, followed by cohen, then sailor, bode, henley, kadenand gracie. >> i think i kept getting phone calls fromy husband at the station going guess who else is pregnant, hey, guess who else is pregnant. >> seven babies in fifteen months, born to fire house families. >> how did it happen at the same time? >> i think everybody knows how it happened. >> seizing an opportunity to celebrate acuddle, the moms decided to photograph the small pride in their hero dads' arms. >> why do you think america has taken t this story? >> good-looking men with babies. >> reporte strength, vulnerability, and love, going two photos. with >> people think of firefighters, they think of the tough, rugged
8:52 am
heroes. i think it is neat that people are getting to see the softer side. >> they are big soft sometimes care of things, get home to great babies and great family we have together is awesome. >> any one of us would do anything for each other and for their families, we are very tight knit. >> one of the pitfalls being around a fire house with kids, what happens if a call comes in. do i have to baby-sit? i will, because this is gracie. she'sheewest addition. but i don't do diapers. >> reporter: because this is a working fire house, family time is often impacted. but they do get together a often as possible, lending a helping hand. whic includes offering emotional support before, during and after all seven pregnancies. >> i'll drop my girls at her house if i need to run errands,
8:53 am
and she go do the same. >> is there any possibility you could open a daycare center here as well? >> no. no. i think we're good there. >> reporter: a seven alarm father's day special from a family of friends that keeps on growing. for "sunday today," kevin tibbles, glenpool, oklahoma. >> kevin, thank you very much. happy father's d to the guys at the glenpool fire department. this week, we highlight another life well lived and keep itn the family of first responders. last august, hurricane harvey sent flood waters through the streets of uston, submerging the fourth largest city. also sent the police and firefighters rushing in to save among them, officer norberto ramone. they moved someeo 1500e out of flood waters.
8:54 am
officer mon did it suffering from stage four colon cancer he was told wiky incurable. with that diagnosis, he was assigned to desk duty while he sought. treatme when the storms came through, he reported to the nearest police station, lake patrol. officer mon spent three days making boat rescues with that unit, mostly elderly citizens and children. on friday, the 25 yea veteran died of his cancer. the houston police chief said this weekend officer ramon was born to help people. the department will strive tois ofnor legacy. senior policcer ramon, hero of hurricane harvey died in san antonio. just 56 years old. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being.
8:55 am
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christmas eve, my dad had no healthcare. he walked into an emergency room clenching his chest, and they sent him home. he died alone on a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your life is just a paycheck to an insurance company. it's time to end the american nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm roger manno. i'm running for congress to expand medicare to every american. i approve this message.
8:58 am
hits the road for a campaign style rally in duluth, minnesota. the president says the purpose of the visit is to boost republican candidates to the state surrounded big a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, you can expect him to turn quickly to his achievements. on friday, the highly anticipated "jurassic world fallen kingdom." hits the theaters. >> i still havem. gold bl >> it's father's day. >> yeah, i heard. >> there's no equivalento mother's day flowers that you got me so happy father's day. >> what is that? >> it's a brand-new pair of socks. >> designer ankleso s. you knew just what i
8:59 am
just about 9:00 sunday morning. here is what we are following. seven people had to be rushed to the hospital after a late night head-on crash in montgomery county. protests spread throughout theountry as the trump administrationttontinues spg up families as they arrive at the border. d.c. voters getting ready to choose between saving some cash goingut oriving a big raise to thousands of workers. first, welcome in this sunday morning. fath.'s d happy father's day to all of the dads there. thank you for being with us. i am adam tuss. >> i am angie goff. same goes to you. much.nk you very >> you have plans for a barbeque. >> going to have brisket. yeah. >> and wed deserve g weather,
9:00 am
but looks like along with sunshine we're going to get humidity, lauryn. >> abelutely. umidity is starting to build. i stepped outside a secondo. the dewpoint is the measure of moisture in the air to match up with the humidity we are feeling out there, you feel it once you step outside. you feel that humidity and the uiheating. that's how it will be through the remainder of the morning. by this afternoon, the heat index, feel like factor will be in the triple digits. we could have an isolated shower as well. theing at a few moving into shenandoah valley. this is a system moving out of west virginia, been there all morning. a lot of moisture is south of the appalachian mountains. that temperatu is going up with the last update. 9:00. temperature just came in. 9:00, already 79 degrees. we're headed into t 90s today. mid 90s. church services, go ahead and get thaair spray out. it is muggy out there. it will beou


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