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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 26, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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it shows,oureg. >> y go. you keep being you. bye. > we want a system where when people come in illegally, they have to gout. >> the president's hard line ou approach that strip people of due process rights like hearings before a judge has thousands of undocumented immigrants fight to reunite with separated loved ones. >> right now new world fes are raging in seven states including hard to reach blazes that are growing in northern california. >> caught on camera, a brazen midday carjacking by two would-be crimins, but one problem. they picked an off-duty chicago cop. >> for the first time ever, the fda approves a cannabis-based drug, this one to treat epilepsy. cod this open the floodgates to marijuana's medicinal benefits? >> the big winners and honorees
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of the nba 2018 season along with cringe worthy moments. "early today" starts right now.o gooding, i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm gigi stone woods. this morning we're getting our first look at non-government footage from a facility housing some migrant children separaard from theirts at the border. these are images from inside the cayuga center in as first seen on the rachel maddow show on msnbc. the footage was secretly recorded by a woman who worked at cayuga until she quit last night. the cayuga center is a day facility a at night the children go to foster homes to sleep. >> in one clip a girl is sngn for her mother and mpster. on themerloyee spoke condition of anonymity and said she's critical of the family eparations. sh also says she doesn't know which children were in fact separated from parents and which arrived adds unaccompanied minors. we are also learning about the conditions inside a tent cityho ing children in texas and just how grueling that process is for reunification. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez.
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>> reporter: a first look inside a tent city near el paso, texas along the u.s./mexico border housing hundreds of migrant children. journalists were given atour o cameras were allowed inside. the department of health and human services provided this video. shows children being examined at the on-site medical clinic and lined up in the cafeteria. the one running the tent city said the process is flawed and the separations harm the children. >> we are aggressively looking for parents. if they're having a hard time, we're going to find them. >> reporter: after president trump's executive order last week stopping family separation, but keeping his zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting undocumented immigrants, mig ant famili struggling to be reunited. >> the floor is now open. them spoke: five of out for the first time as they t applied for asylum witheir children. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: among them is edis.
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we'v been following her case since she told us she was separated from her son on his 6th birthday. what was thet? hardest p she said the hardest moment is when she told her son would be taken away and he cried. 2000 miles away in a rural poverty stricken village in honduras, her mother maria wants to know when she'll see her grandson again. they're traing children there as if they were little animals and they're human beings, she says. we were there as es was able to reach her mother by phone for the first time since being released from detention.ea [ ng foreign language ] >> reporter: her mother had good news. she spoke to her young grandson by phone. he's in a shelter in arizona. they can only hope a reunion is in the making. the children here in this tent city ages 13 to 17 all have limited time-out side in desert heat. but are brought inside once its reac8 degrees.
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the pentagon also now confirms that fort bliss and good fellow air force base willlso be used to house migrants in temporary shelters. phillip? >> gabe gutierrez. gabe, thank you. >> this morning president trump wakes upe in the white hous after spending the night firing up hisase in south carolina, campaigning for the state's governor ahead of today's primary. and using the occasion to bash democrats all the while ooubling downn his immigration rhetoric. >> democrats, they want open borders and they don't mind crime. think of it. the democrats want to protect illegals coming into this country, some of whom are not good. they want to protect illegals coming into the country much more so than they want to protect. y >> among the topics, the commander in chief brought up news repts on the first lady's health. lateight comics, his hair,
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north korea summit, and as democrats come under fire for urging the public to bring protests straight to administration's officials front doors. let's go to tracy polie potts. tracie, a lot going on this morning. >> reporter: gigi, let's start with people being held i detention. customs and border patrol will not be going after brought children into this country. they are pausing the because they ot are changing the policy, but essentially because there is a back up. they don't have enough people to handle it right now. the president has put a temporary fix in place onti sepa these adults from their children, but the white house says congress needs to come up with a permanent solution. >> the president through executive order has given a temporary sution to the problem, but it's not permanent and we need congress to step up. we need democrats t stop playing political games, do their jobs, work with this hepresident and let's fix problem at the border.
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>> reporter: that's sarah huckabee sanders. the president'spokeswoman who was asked to leave a virginia restaurant that the president later tweetedas filthy. maxine waters, congresswoman from california,lso taking some heat for calling on people to protest trump supporters. we've ween ith white house advisor stephen mler, protest outside his home. this issue now turning personal in washington. >> it could get even more serious. tracie potts, thank>> you. murder investigation is currently underway at a southern california senior care home where a resident there opened fire, killing a veteran fire captain and injuring a second firefighter. they were responding to report sf an explosion. the departmentourning the loss of fire captain david rosa. a husband and father of two who ad worked for the department for 17 years. 12 year veteranerness toe torres who was also sho has been released from the hospital while the injured risk dent remains in critical but stable condition according to police. officials have arrested
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77-year-old building resident thomas kim on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and arson. they are now investigating if the explosion was used to lure the first r ponders to the scene in order to ambush them. >> the boy scout community is in mourning afterf its members was killed by a falling tree on campgrounds in georgia. officials say the 14-year-old scout was with a mate seeking shelter inside a tent. the tree toppl onto the tent strike being the scout causing blunt force trauma to his head. they from texask for a w long summer jamboree. authorities are investigating the incident. >> to would-be car teves end up in a broad daylight shoot out after thene owner t out to be a cop. they released this footage from april showing ted two aen walking up to a parked car and trying to get inside. the officer i seen then running out of the car and soon after firing at those suspects. police say he did identify himself as an officer before he
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started shooting. one suspect fired back at the officer and eventually both suspects took off running. police say no one wasnd hurt back up arrived soon after that shootout. authorities are still searching " r those suspects. >> "the tonight shmmy fallon is firing back at president trump's twitter attack over the weekend. take a look. >> as you may have heard last night, the president of the united states went after me on twitter. so, melania, if you're watching i don't think your anaibullying ca is working. i was going to tweet back immediately but i thought i have more important things to do. i thought, wait, doesn't he have more important things to go? he's the president. what are you doing? you're the president. you're tweeting at me. >> makes a goodpoint. helping jimmy fallon's ratings, though. on sunday president trump tweeted, be a man after his hr esdayling incident with then candidate trump. and rallying hours o, . trump continued on the
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offensive calling fallon a lost soul who should be thankful for the tremendous ratings for having him as a guest. >> that's like a rite of passage r late night host getting called out by the president these days. >> i do agree he should be maybn focusedomething more important. >> let's focus on the weather now. usll karins, good morning. >> fg on finding a nice shady spot or great irconditioniair conditioned movie theater. as we go through the west, w that's whare watching, the heat building then it will spread to the east. so today some of the hottest weather we found in areasla lik vegas and tucson, 95 in denver. 5 to 10 degrees above average. then it really spreads on wednesday. then by the endof the week i the weekend, it gets very hot in the 90s. erywhere, ohio valley in the east. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. so today we're going to be watching showers and thunderstorms. could even have some severe storms. have to watch them closely in areas of missouri. an isolatedordo or two t.
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could cause airport delays as far north asnd chicago afternoon storms in the southeast. we'll take a closer look at who is at risk for severe storms coming up. >> all right. talk to you in a bit, bill. things are starting top heat in russia for the battle for the gold trophy. host countryic kng things off with uruguay. russia had no answer for luis arez. what a goal there. they fell nil-3. both times still move on to the next round. next aet nail-biter ben portugal and iran. portugal's renaldo had a chance he ut his team up 2-nil but is denied during a p.k. iran ended up tying the game 1-all. luckily for portugal they move on. spain needed a solid match against morocco. spain ends up with a draw. love. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals
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utah. here arees some of the key r to watch out for. in new york voters could send michael grim backo congress. the former representative you may remember went to prison for several months for tax fraud. meanwhile, demrats in maryland could give bernie sanders a w by electing his chosen candidate ben as their nominee for the governorship. colorado has some competitive races on both the democratic ans republices of the governor's race there. and utah could give mitt romney the correspond nation he's been looking for. he's expted to cruise to a victory in the primary today. >> here's an interesting story.s president truming an unintended consequence from his trade wars. harley davidso announced it's moving jobs out of the u.s. to avoid spiralingosts after the european union retaliated for the president's tiffs on steel and aluminum. a spokesperson for house speaker paul ryan called it further proof of the harm from unilateral tariffs. adding that the best way to help americans i to open new markets and not raise barriers. nbc's tom costello hase.
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>> reporter: it's been a fixture eron ama's roads since 1903, but harley davidson said it will move a piece of its americana and ite jobs that come w it overseas. to avoid a retaliatory counter punch fm europe after the u.s. imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. >> harley davidson is an american icon and americans con t want an american that's built overseas. >> reporter: harley execs were welcomed to the white year as a symbol of american industry. the president urged them to add jobs. >> made in america. harley davidson, made in america. >> reporter: but earlier this year the company said it would move much of its plant operations to thailand. now harley says a 25% increase in european tariffs would add $2,200 to the cost of a motorcycle shipped to europe. its second biggest market. president trump tweeted, surprised that harleyn david of all companies would be the first to wav the white flag.
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i fought hard for thend ultimately they will not pay tariffs selling into the e.u. and the wall street slide, harley stock lost 6%. of course it's noty just har affected by the tariffs and counter tariffs. cheese tothing from nails to cranberries, to of all things movie theater seats. at first class seating in michigan, chuck reid fears wgher steel pricesl force his prices higher, costing him valuable customers. what he' reluctant to move manufacturing overseas. >> the ouice, whene selling to a theater, is paramount and if we don't keep that cost down, they will look forti alternave resources. >> reporter: back iharley's home state of wisconsin, governor scott walker urged all sides to pull back. >> let's get rid of all the tariffs out there. >> reporter: as a threatened trade war threatens classicic am jobs. tom costello, nbc news, frederick, >> when we come back, the incredible lone survivor of a plane crash managing to escape while the wreckage is on fire.
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> if the rest of the world had a little about the of your humilitynd grace we would be in a better position. >> remember he used the word humility with respect to me. that's t nicest compliment i've been given in a long time. >> very unuual. on't hear that every day. president trump with the king of jordan in the oval office exchanging niceties after his
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majesty was welcomed at the white house. the administration said the two discussed terror, iran, the crisis in syria, and the mid east pea process. >> definition of a humble brag right there. police say a small plane crhed in a neighborhood in detroit sunday night. could have turned even more tragic if not for some samaritans that were in the right place at the right time. nbc's ann thompson has the incredible story. >> reporter: when you look at the intensity of the fire, it's amazing that anyone was able to do this. 17-year-old payton bows rolls out of the burningag wre and incredibly walks away. the lone survivor of the ingle engine plane crash on detroit's east side sunday night. >> thesilot stuck in the plane. the plane is on fire. >> reporte police credit courageous good samaritans who reportedly used a baseball bat andn axe to try and free the injured. cordell owens said he was one of them. >> they keptaying there's smoke. i couldn't leave that guy to burn up.
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got outter: payton bose but his father craig at the controls and stepmother julie died in the crash. a they werell on their way from texas to a family event. investigators on the scene say the pilot reported landing gear trouble and a few emergency to the detroit city airpo tower. >> detroit tower offered to fly st the tower. the pilot req to circle the troubleshoot. >> reporter: the ses ma clipp two trees and a power line leading to this calamity and a remarkable escape. ann thompson, nbc news. when we return, a major medical first of its kind. m aijuana plant based drug wins fda approval. we ave the exciting details next up. arthritis was intense. i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us which is kinda, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse. joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop further damage enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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for dry, itchy rough skin. for immediate relief and 48-hour moisture. now try eucerin advanced cleanser in the shower. check it out. the nba awards were dished out last night. james harden won his first mvp award after leading the houston rockets to win a franchise record of 65 games.oc duane casey wocinco of the yea -- won coach of the year. he has since been fired. 76ers ben simmons rookie of the year. king james taking home tua wards. check out this hilarious moment. >> mr. bill russell, thank you. [ applause ] >> he just couldn't hold back. nba legend bill rsell giving his friend the finger. he tweeted, sorry, everyone.
3:54 am
whenever i see clarharles it's e oustinct. whene that old, you can do whatever you want. >> bill russell has carte blanche in the nba. thumb the finger to the >> charles bar dli deserves it. >> it was the 10th annivsary of the espn's body magazine. does not disappoint.e showcases s the fit est bodies in sports. a stunning collection of images. thepe firsty gay couple you saw there featured. it's not to be published until friday. the gallery was made publ a. lookthe images from olymp skater adam rippon. say kwan barclay to brianna stewart. the magazine i something to see. always popular when it comes out. makes you feel -- >> going toave a lot of buyers on that one. >> do a few more sit ups in my life every time i see it. we have the top stories coming up next. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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>> if only i had thought to wear my little blue dress. ouide on a quiet tuesday morning, high pressure over new york and new england has kept the rainshowers at bay down across parts of southwestern virginia. they bothering us.o be maybe a few sprinkles assist far north as about charlottesville. th's about it. we'll be dry to get the day started. wee dry for the remainder of the day as well. anyite rain chance down south of charlotte, so if you are traveling that direction, you may have to run into arp or dwo, but as i promised yesterday, there would be somebody below 60 this morning. gaithersburg, maryland, 59 degrees in the late parts of june. a rare treat. 83 for a high temperature this afternoon. talk more about the return of those rain chances coming up in a few.


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