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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  July 1, 2018 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this first day july. i'm willie geist. debate rages on this beweekend as the streets we filled with tens of thousands of americans demonstrating across the country protesting the zero tolerance policy andof separati hildren along the border.
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some democrats are calling for the i'm graimmigration and cust enforcement agency to be abolished and the president hopes they keep right on saying that. we'll get to chuck tod in a moment and dyn is tracking this holiday heat wave, today expected to be the worst ovf thm all. later, as we come up on the foth of july barbecues, a sunday sit down with the king of the grill, bobby flay, how a high schoout drop built an empire on food a k how hew from a young age what he wanted to be. true or false, you asked when you were 8 or 9 years old for an sy bake oven. >> i did. >> you got it? >> i got it. my fatherbos like how a baseball mitt? i said i'll take that, to and harry smith later in the show. let'segin with those nationwide protests over the on going separation of children om their families along the
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border. nbc steve patterson has the latest from los angeles, site of one of the biggest rallie steve, good morning. >> willie, good morning to you. the movement drew c massiveds across the country demanding for the reunification of the families and the president' immigration policy through peaceful but loud protesting. cries for justice echoing off city streets across the countryy satu at least 100,000 marched in more than 700 planned protests, all unified under the same banner, families belong together. from new york where crowds marched across the bridge to texas along the southern border. >> i'm worried about the world that my kids are growing >> reporter: the movement calls for the trump administration to swiftly reunitehe roughly 2,000 migrant children celebratcelebrataccepseparated from their families.
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this week a judge ordered to have the separated children back within 30 da customs officials say about 500 have been reunited. >> don't give up! [ cheers ] >> reporter: at a few of the biggest rallies, stars came out. ♪ some day, some day >> reporter: in d.c. we spoke to lynn manuel miranda. >> everyone with a shred of compassion thinks what if that was my children or me separated from my parents. >> reporter: on stage alisha keys eaed. >> we're going to be in these streets until the children are are you connected with their parents. >> reporter: do you think those children will be reunited with their parents in a timely manner? >> absolutely not. i have no trust. >> reporter: on a day dedicated to the rights of children, the biggest moment may have came from one of the smallest voices.
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>> this is evil. it needs to stop. >> reporter: many will find 12-year-old leah'sge mes hard to forget. >> it makes me sad to know children can't be withheir parents. i don't understand why they are being so mean to us children. don't they know how much we love our families? don't they have a family, too? >> reporter: again, customs officials aren't saying what the plan is for reuniting the roughly 2,000 children still separated, but the activists and organizers of yesterday'snt moveay they want to use this momentum to keep people engaged enough to make a difference at the ballot box. willie? >> steve patterson getting us started in l.a. this morning. steve, thanks very much. while those protests were taking place, president trump was on twitter slamming democrats and callin them weak on immigration. nbc's white house correspondent kedonnell is traveling with the president near his new jersey estate and golfclub, kelly, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, willie. president trump delivered a strong defense of the immigration and customs fo ement agency known at i.c.e. and called the agents so brave at a time democrats and voher, some of were calling for those unit to be apologize accomplished or overhauled, that was a theme at saturday's immigration rallies but the president used twier to commend the i.c.e. agents calling them brave and lashed out at democrats saying not only did they want to get rid of ice but could nexto after police although there is no foundation for that argument. the president connued this message in an interview on fox business to air this morning. >> you get rid of i.c.e., you're going to have a country you're going to be afraid to walk out s of your i love that issue if they are actually going to do that. >> reporter: and president trump also tweeted contradictory messages on the politics of all of this. he saidt his own role in
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republicans trying to fix the border problems and family legislation,through he claimed that he had not tried to encourage them to vote for it in a tweet on saturday but only days before whenepublicans were searching for enough votes to pass something. the president did indd tell them to pass some kind of fix. one of a flip-flop and the most important and dominating issues of the week. willie? >> flip-flop three days apart, as well kelly. thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc'sic pol director and moderator of me the press." let's talk about the protests in the streets across the country, more than0 of them. issue number one we should talk about is what is happening the 20,000 children who still don't know where their parents are. you heard president trump say he likes the issue of abolishin i.c.e. and this immigration, despite the protests in the
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street and the heat he's getting from it, this is something he likes as a divisive issue. is he right it's a winning one fore republicans in fall? >> it has been a winning one for them. you know, if anything, i'm always a little bit cautious, trying noto have the been there done that disease. for president trump you have to understand his personal experience and he views everything through the prism how it impactedhim. immigration is why he's president and how he got -- you me, having that rhetoric sort of fear mongering on the immigration issue. the fear of illegal immigrants playing tha up has been very successful politics for him. i understand why he sees it that way. the question is, you know, that's what it seems like it's battle of the most extreme ways to talk about the issue, apologize accomplishih abol ice, does that allow them to turn it into a criminal justice issue or ththlack of
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em for separating kids, is that the topic of immigration? right now have almost both parties trying to wrestle the narrative away from the other when it t comesthe immigration and migration rhetoric. >> chuck, there are demockets this w talking on and off the record saying let's focus on the separation of families and we start talking about aboli abolishing ice, that plays into his hand t. let me move to the supreme court vacancy. justice kennedy says he's retiring and president trump says a week from tomorrow, july 9th is when he'll announce his choice for that seat. rich mcconnell is gtting t done for the fall for the vote. is there anything standing in his way? >> notreally. the only thing that would stand in his way is if there is someing about a potential nominee who have been extraordinar vetted like most of the president's picks not of the judi bary, that's notn the case with his judiciary picks because he's not vetting them. they have been prevetted by ts
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conservative legal group called the federal society. i doubtbe there wil anything we -- some personal issue from the past that will hurt any nominee. but look, i think it is exposed the double whammy of this with thony kennedy with the democrats and what happened in new york city. it really exposed to m a weakness in the entire leadership of the democratic party. they don't know what to do and how to fighttrump, pure and simple and don't seem to know what their rank and files. wa there is a huge gulf between the washingtonrs leap and rank and file. we saw it with joe crowley's loss and how everyti democ senator has a different idea how to handle the supreme court issue. >> chuck, before i let y go, i want to play sound from the house judiciary committee are deputy attorney general rod rosenstein appeared.
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>> did you threaten to subpoena the records? >> who are we supposed to believe? >> thank you for making it clear -- >> the department of justice. >> i'm telling the truth and i'h under >> those are republicans accusing trump's choice to be deputy attorney general and trump's fbi director christopher wray of with holding information in an investigation. what is the sound and furry in that roombout? >> it's called the smell of fear. i mean, look, remember rhen houseublican allies of the president are trying to do. they are knit picking at the process of the investigation because theacts share them. i took one big thing away from that. and rosenstein is standing tough. remember this willie, rod rosenstein knows what mueller has alady. >> ah. >> he is the one person that knows what mueller has already. he shows supreme confidence in every decision he's made, that should scare the president. >> and he stood his ground in
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that hearing. chuck todad, we look forward to "meet the press" thismorning. he is with lindsey graham and maria cantwell. the other big story is the dangerous heat wave affecting 110 million of you across 21 states. today going to be the hottest 117 million people are at risk already as we go through the day so let's take a look at what our heat index will feel. when you factor in the humidity onop of th already warm temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, it will feel like it's about 100 to 105 degrees, because as your body sweats it doesn't cool down as eiciently
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if it were very dry outside. so the humidity is what makes feel so stifling. tomoow more of the same, it will feel like 107 your heat index in washington, d.c. as we go through next week, temperatures will be staying in the 90s through at least thursday possibly into friday with your heat index close to 100. willie? >> you can feel it, thank you very much. ulwe'll get the forecast in a minute. other news this morning, protest in portlan turned violent on saturday when two opposing groups fought in the streets. members of the right wingra patriot pr and left wing groups clashed during the so-called freedom rally. several were injured including a police officer. police didreak up the brawl and revoke the permit for the home sending everyon a vacation in the bahamas turned deadly after a tour boat exploded. on one wwould woman was .kill
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no word on what caused the explosion. two stars, messy and ron at ronaldore out of the cup. france with the help of this goal bounced them o of the tournament 4-3. then uruguayke r out renaldo and hisortuguese side 2-1 but a nice sportsmanship as renaldo helped an injuredlayer offhe field to the cheers of the
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well, that frontal system will eventually make it to our area and washout. but it will be a touch cooler on tuesday and wednesday, we're talking mid to upper 90s. heat advisory i goeso effect at noon and continues until 8:00 p.m. and it's going to feel like 105y 78 alrere in d.c., we'll top out at 97ga degrees with dangerous heat feeling more like 105. forecast. >> thank you very much. straight ahead, the hig andows of the week including a young baseball fan's dream come true. playing catch from the stands with your big league hero. ca> and the criminal couple in a
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convenience store ed by a fall from the ceiling made theit famouss week. and the voyage to seaith the gro chipping away at a environmental crisis by fishing trash from the ocean t by ton. >> are you surprised to see a tire downhere? >> i didn't expect to see that but i'm not rprised. you'll find a lot of strange things down here. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today" and as we head to break, the photo of the week, the end of an era for a childhood favorite. jeffrey the giraffe with his suitcase packed leaving toys r us for the last time. all of th company's stores in the united states closed for some cash back cards send you on a journey to get to your bonus cash back. first they make you sign up for bonus cash back and it's only on a few categories. and when those categories change, you gotta sign up again. when does it end?! with the capital one quicksilver® card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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dylan and i ready to whip through the highs and lows. >> can't wait. >> the biggest step kickcepticat planethe world cup. here is the deal, mexico lost to sweden so the team's only hope of advan cng in the world is for south korea to upset might did germany.we ll, the south koreans pulled a miracle and beat the germans 2-0 to show gritude, mexican fans marched with o bottlesf tequila and partied with south koa diplomats that came outside doing shots and hoisting them on their shoulders.
8:19 am
[ cheers ] >> look at that, bringing the world together with tequila. mexico plays brazil tomorrow in the knockout round. speaking of brazil, check out how one fan experienc his team's match. the man isnd carlos he's deaf and blind but watch his friends help him take on the game through sign language and a model soccer field to feel how the ball is in the actual game.d isn't that inle? he can't see and hear but knows what is happening in the game thanks to hiss. frie >> and can get just as excited as everyone else. >> and a bigame to get excited about. the first low to a pair of idiots that locke place in the surveillance video hall of fame. let's pick uphection inside a convenience store in edmonton, canada where a guy tried to use a stolen credit card to buy can of soda so the store's owner called the cops. when the officer arrives, the
8:20 am
two crimina rush and tackle him before the owner steps in to help. the man runs to the back room of the store to find an escape. he returns to the store where he again resists arrests and wrestles with the officer. while thiss going on, the other genius tries to make her escape out the back and this is where it gets fun, friends. in full view of surveillance cameras, s climbs up a shelving unit and get up into the ceiling through a tile. let's cut back inside the store now and see how her escape plan is going, ready? three, two, one, falls through ceiling. backup officers arrive and the two are arrested. no significant injuries but the perps were charged with using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest, assaulting afi police r and many other things and all that for a simple can of soda.
8:21 am
let's mo. this this in slow remember the scene in "breakfast club" very similar. >> does make you thirsty. >> she does popk b up. >> did you say i guess if you're thirsty? >> it's all for a can of soda. >> so you're on the side of those two. bold. bold dylan dreyer. the next high to a game of summer catch with your big league hero. -year-old new york yankee fan made the trip with his dad to watch the yankees play the phillies. sitting in the seats wearing his judge jersey, he caught the eye of the right fielder in between s judge turned and through a ball to james so james thugh threw it back and again, back and forth and just like that james was having a catch in the middle of a major league baseball game with his favorite player. >> i didn't realize until the day after like how amazing it was. >> the yankees broadcast team waswahing, even noted james' talent saying quote i love this
8:22 am
kid's arm. maybe a young prospect in the yankee's organization. >> did you happen tootice his dad's shirt? >> no. >> brian has that shirt and it's from "the sand lot". >> really? >> the hot dogs and -- >> i was more focused one one o greatest players in baseball playing catch with a10-year-old shirt. >> it was ridiculous so, i notic noticed. the feeling mom and dad had watching their fnfured as their three adorable red-headed triplet girls worked together on a daring crib break. it wasre cap on the baby monitor. on the right side of the screen, kaley starts the party by throwing her leg over the side of the crib as h two sisters watch on the left there and then celebrate her dash to freedom.
8:23 am
they say great, now come get us. kaley, the ringleader inspires emily and ady to climb out of their cribs and now we got a party. dad can be heard on the tape as hegatches say quote we are in big, big trouble. mom compared the effort to the escape from alcatraz, i mean, can't you see they are >> oh, yes, they are in trouble. >> coming up next, a sunday sitdown and a home cooked meal with chef bobby flay, talking about his rise from teenaged busboyol to househd name. how he really feels about being called a celebrity chef. and harry's tribute to a crucial but fading local institution, the local newspaper, and you can head over to facebook with a facebook live chat with bill and me in the next few minutes. .
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good morning, it's 8:26 on this sunday, july 1. here is a look at the stories we're following for you. this morning the red cross is noin t to help 15 people
8:27 am
find a place to stay. overnight flames their house on lawrence street in southweston washingt no one was hurt > starting today, minimum wage workers in d.c. will now earn more. the minimum wage goes up from $12.50 to $13.25 and tipped workers will make $3.89 per hour, at a 56-convenientlent in.
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it is a hot one out there and it is going to get even hotter. lauren, tl us how this day is going to pan out. >> it's even hotter han it was yesterday, and tomorrow even today.than it was we have a heat advisory, it begins at noon and goentil 8:00 p.m. it's going to feel like 105 today. 97 is your air temperature today, but a weather alert because of th dangerous heat. might be a good time to go to the pool throughout the afternoon. feeling around 100 degrees. if you're glling outtonight, maybe even watching some fireworks, at 6:00 p.m., it's feeling like 100 degrees out there. so todor and tw weather alert days, tuesday and
8:30 am
wednesday looking good with temperatures in the to mid 90s. we're dry i onependence and the next chance of rain friday night. >> more news and weather coming up at 9:00. now we go back to the today show. you frustrate me so much, because the food that you ge with the presentations that you give us, they don't match up. the blindfold, it was like a hostage scene. >> that was obviously a misstep. >> you lose your authority almost immediately. >> that is chef f bobbyy on his food network show "food network ."st flay has been a star on the cooking network, almost since it's inception nearly 25 years ago. the phrase celebrity chef is -- flay was fascinated by food,
8:31 am
making his mother's grocery list and experimenting with different flavors. today we oversees a culinary empire. e come up on the fourth of july holiday, the man called the king of the grill invited us to his home for a steak, pizza and some wine. and his favorite cat nacho made us feel rightt home for our sitdown. >> how is it going? >> good to you. >> we have your favorite wine. >> thissouse i known as rose country day camp. >> is that true. >> so you've comeo the right teace. >> repor bobby flay has cooked his way through kitchens across america. but the 53-year-old does some of his best work in the kitchen at home. >> i get asked all the time like what do i do to relax? the answer is that iasically do the same thing that i do for aivg, which is cook. it's just at a different pace,
8:32 am
for sure, i'm not fighting against a clock or a ticket that comes into my kitchen. >> reporter: atse his hou in the hamptonsn new york's long island, bobby runs the grill, naturally, but there is tne thin guests have to bring themselves. >> i don't do dessert, because i' good at it. if people say can i bring something, i actually say, yeah yo can, you can actually bring a bottle of wine or you can bring a dessert. because the bottom line is, eghn thou people are watching their weight and their bathing suits, they still want dessert. >> reporter: when flay isn't cooking at home, he's at gotto,y the nk city restaurant where you can still find him in the kitchen four nights a week, making food with theame passion he had as a grade school
8:33 am
chi child. true or false, you asked whe you were or 9 years old for the easy bake >> yes. >> did you get it? >> my father's like how about a baseball mitt. he said i'll take that too. >> reporter: flay grew inspiration from early pioneers of made for tv cooking, like the galloping gourmet and julia child. he was less inspired, though, by school. flay dropped out of the 10th worried his son's future, flay's father helped him to get a job as a busboy at the famed new york theater restaurant joe allen. >> frankly i waskit w there for the money, i was working there to stay out of troublend find something that i wanted to do. it took me about six months and i woke up o day, looked at the ceiling, laying in bed saying to myself, i really want to go to
8:34 am
work today. >> reporter: as flay moved fromn the kitchen, joe allen saw his talent and paid for tuition at french culinary institute. after graduation, bobby worked in m so of the otcity'sst restaurants where he cultivated his now signature style. you have to describe the bobby flay style of cooking. >> you will not leave my house or my restaurant saying i just ate a bland meal, no matter what. >> reporter: at just that years old flay opened his own new yort restaura mesa grill debuted in 1991 to critical acclaim and made its young chef a star of the culinary world. around the same time, a first of its kind television network, devoted entirely t lly to cooki getting off the ground. >> when food network camend arou i had no confidence in it. i was like, this is going to be
8:35 am
over in a ecweek. >> reporter: still flay saw an opportunity and appeared guest on "talking food" a late night hosted byh. robin le >> i wanted to meet the family in minneapolis who was coming tk new yo for the holiday weekend. maybe if they were watching they would say, let's go to bobby flay's restaurant, that's all. isn't that something you had to learn too, but everyone knew you were ood atfood, but now you have to be good on tv. i >>as at television, because i would look down and i had non tion to the viewer. obviously as time goes on, you get comfortable in of the camera and basically forgetting 's there. i want to be good at what i do, so i think that when i lose that, is going to time to hang it up. because at that point, it will prove to me thate don't c as much. >> reporter: executives at the food network likedhat they saw in those early appearances and
8:36 am
in 199e they g him his own show "grillin' and chillin'". >> don't go anywhere, you're watching "grillin' and chillin'." 14 cookbooks, a cookware lde star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> the term celebrity chef. how do you feel about that term? >> i don'te it. >> you don't? >> no. >> y? >> for a long time, i would get upset when people would say, he's not a chef, he's ate vision chef. somehow it diminishes your skill, pple feel when they get the moniker of celebrity they forget how they got there which is cooking. if somebodyskhould me, i would say stay grounded in what goyou here, stay grounded in what you love more than anything else, cooking. this season's finalist.
8:37 am
>> reporter: thes days a judge and mentor on the mpetition program, "food network star." flay's using h name to help young chefs follow in his footsteps. >> you got t prove that you can be a tv personality too? >> you have to have that spark, what is it that'ske going to people say, i want to watch there guy make roasted potatoepr a lot of bu >> that's genius. when you look out over the horizon, bobby, is it more food? is there something difficult you want to kn? >> honestly, i don't know. i'm at an interesting place in my life. i'm going to look for the next part, and when it hits me, i'll know it. >> wowthat's really good.
8:38 am
thank you, >> you're welcome any time, just bring some wine. nk a big tou to bobby for opening his home to us, that steak, was outrageously good. food network star as onhe food network, and you can visit his restaurant gotto right here in new york. to hear his reaction to anthony bourdaine's death, go to our website. and next week, a sunday si own and some time on the range, with 24-year-old golf phenom jordan spieth as he prepares to defend his title at the british open. we talk about his winning the masters and being a global star at , how he's trying to keep his life as normal as he can and his thoughts on the future of
8:39 am
tiger woods. next week, jordan spieth on tiger woods. at is going to hot week, all week along, especially across the eastern 2/3 of the country, we're looking at record heat possible as we go into monday, scattered storms in the ohio and the tenneee river valleys. temperatures in the mid 90s, feeling close to 100. the heat will start to build out west. by the time we get to friday, it could be 99 degrees in looens angeles and then showers will help cool things out in the southeast. >> out ourwindow, it ishazy, we have got sunny skies right now, but we have also got temperatures already in the upper 70s at this point. heat advisory beginsaf this rnoon at noon. continues until 8:00 p.m. this afternoon, it could be hotter than it was yesterday, up to 105. that is why we have a weather
8:40 am
alert, because it's going to feel like 105. annapolis at 81, out and about,a be sure hydrate today and find some shade. i'm talki about shade. >> the way the butter melted on top, it becomes a brown caramel and you pour it over. fishing for trash, the monumental t the world's oceans. i'm in the kitchen. i need to shave my a1c. to stay in control. i need an insulintthat fits. ♪ tresi® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don' use tresiba® to treatabe, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin ps. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar.
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because of my insightful shout-out? that was an insightful shout-out! it was, wasn't it? but we did it because it feels right. where are you? [whisper] i'm everywhere! ♪ when you take your garbage cans out to the curb, it's probably the last tim you think about your trash. ome of it goes into landfills, some isrecycled and a lot of it ends up in the ocean. so1.4 billion pounds of it a ar in fact, and good deal of it is plastic, just floating in the sea. nbc's kerry sanders heads out on the water with a group that's taking on the monumental task of cleaning up the ocean of our
8:44 am
trash. >> reporter: just miles frtr president p's mar a lag go, a picture postcard, but it's what lies before, in the waters here, what is both heashocking heart breaking. two millennial's have turned problem solving upside down. first the problem. >> it's hard when you can't see it to a lot of people out of sight is o ofmind. >> reporter: our nation's oceans are teeming with plastics. each year some 17 billion pounds make it into our oceans. >> isl that a c phone? >> a lot of people throw their plastic trash out and it winds up in the ocean. >> reporter: adam and alex's mission seem impossible, ridding bage and of g
8:45 am
anything else that just does not belong. are you surpr sed to a tire down here? >> i can't expect to see that, but i'm not surprised. you'll find a lot of strange things down here. >> reporter: this nastiness first struck tse guys on a surfing vacation in bali. >> we saw a beach full of plastic, the first thing i did, i said hey, dude, how come no one's cleaning up this plastic. he said, oh, we , it's just the afternoon. >> rather than starting a charity, begging for money, siey started a ss. they would pay people and sponsor volunteer groups to pick up as much plastic as possible. >> what if we can create a demandorcean plastic? >> that's when the light bulb went off? >> we thought we have to test
8:46 am
it. >> but how can two college -- for the last 18 months, they have been selling bracelets made from recycled materials. >> it's funded by this? >> 100%. >> and it costs how much? >> $20er bracelet. >> so far 1 million bracelets sold, yes, that's$1.4 million. >> who's intimidating the oil industry right now, green peace or tesla? >> the private sector is where action happens a at's why we're here. >> reporter: for every $20, they promise to extract 20 pounds of trash. salvaging 800 pounds from our world's oceans so far. >> bud light, straws are terrible. >> ropes, straws, plastic water bottles. now porter: a problem, and from two 20-somethings, a
8:47 am solution. is it offensive to call you guys garbage men? >> absolutely not. i'm the happiest garbage man there is. >> for "today,"anerryders off the coast of florida. >> nice job, there, fellas, kerry thank you very much. harry smith reflects on the deadly attack at the "capital gazette." and later, a life well lived. the teacher who identified a cmmon learning disability in children andnged millions of lives as she found a way through it. him off thinking you've doe everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly.
8:48 am
be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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the country was horri fi the country was horrified yet again this week, by the senseless shooting of five americans. this tim it was thetaff helping to put out the paper at the "capital gazette" i annapolis, maryland. that are gerald scan, rob hiaasen, and remembbecca smith.
8:51 am
>> reporter: every time our phone pings with the words active shooter, we feel a pit in our stomachs. where this time , we wonder? as common as these events have become, it's impossible not to be shen. schools, churches, ball fields. >> some were shot to death. reporter: when we learned the latest target was a small town paper inannapolis, maryland, it was a bit of a small reminder, that noce in america is truly safe. no place. for those who live in s towns or grew up in one, we know the local paper is the glue that holds ustogether. the tie that binds, stories from the school board c andy council, news of a small business opening on main street. the paper welcomes the new preacher at church and mourns the passing of an old neighbor. engagements, weddings, the o bi
8:52 am
gamen friday night. it's all there. school lunch menus, and the police blog. while it may seem innocuous to you, it may be important to someone in town. people who work in small tow papers are akin to public service. no one gets rich. bu i the works rewarding. it's a calling more than a job. local papers often fulfill that most important journalistic axiom, to comfort the afflicted and afflict the e.comforta wounds of mass shootings are always painful. this one on friday at the gazette, however, hit particularly close to home. it shook journalists everywhere, including the gazette's own crime reporter, tquote,here is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get set
8:53 am
whilyou're under your desk and you hear someone reload. the gazette managed to publish a paper on friday, tam of those who were killed. butho beneath t names, a declaration that the paper would return on saturday. >> harry, thank you very much. this week, whehighlight anlife well lived. dyslexia is a condition that affects people around the world. until the 1950res, childn who struggled to re,rite and spell often were dismissed as poor students, they were left behind academically with obvious long-term consequences. king, a british born teacher working in washington, d.c., changed that shrception. saw those students as highly and uniquely intelligent, but
8:54 am
facing an undiagnosed learning disability that can be treated and overcome. king recognized that overcoming this condition early was -- in g 1955, k started a camp in pennsylvania for dyslexic children that still exists today at a different site. he wrote 15 books, she helped prison inmates with learning disabilities and in 2016, received a lifetime achievement award from the national teachers hall of fame. king taught until she was 85 years old and her programs continue to be applied around the world. diana king, a legendary teacher who changed the perception of dyslexia and the les of people living with it, died at her home in lakeville,on cicut, she was 90 years old. somewhere els.
8:55 am
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you finished preparing overhim for, in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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and we close and we cnise this m with a look at what's next this week, wednesday, the fourth of july, when we americans celebrate the declaration of independence created in the united states and boldly ation from it's sep the british empire. we're celebrating across the country as we always do with be and fireworks, just as the founding fathers would want it. it's the world's oldest tennis tournament, defending champion roger federer is the favorite on the men's challenge. and serena williams is on the urt for the first time since giving birth to her daughter. we'll see you right back
8:59 am
here next week on sunday today. this sunday moing, memorials will be held for shooting victims at the "capital gazette." and an overnight house fire in the district forces more than a dozen people out of their homes, now they're looking for somewhere else to stay. and the swelt iing heat continuing into the holiday week. we are weather alert around here. what you can expect as this heat wave hits ha. we welcome you in on this first of julygo 2018. morning to you, i'm david culver, in for adam todd. >> an we are warm, it is hot
9:00 am
already. >> i thought it was because you didn't let them turn the ac up. >> they' trying to freeze me out of here. yesterday's high temperature, it's going to get more intense today. >> already, storm team meteorologist angie is in for today. >> it's little sticky in here. >> when angie is here, it's 2 degrees in here, i'm walking in with a shawl, even though it's 99 degrees outside. but we're probably going to be begging for that air conditioner later on this afternoon. a severe weather alert because it is a hot one out today. if you thought yesterday was hot, today is going to be a few degrees warmer, in fact national weather service went ahead and issuedt advisory that begins at noon and goes until 8:00 p.m. but it's going to be closer to 0 105 as we go through the afternoon. again,itis going to be a lot warmer out there today,


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