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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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here comes lebron! >> breaking tonight at 11:00, lebron james taking his talents out west. the best basketball player
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signing with thea. lakers. nighttime temperatures feeling much more like daytime temperatures right now. is there any relief in sight? ande have n details tonight on a stabbing at a birthday party. >> it's an untenable, unconscionab unconscionable. >> co,ldren in boise, idahre now fighting for their lives. >> announcer: news4 begins witht a storm team4 r alert. >> hey, everybody. it's 11:00 tonight, and take a look at the temperatures outside. the feel-like temperatures, 80 degrees. it's going to get even hotter tomorrow. good evening, everybody, i'm erika gonzalez. the heat wave and the weather alert. hat's talk how warm it feels tonight and whats going to feel like tomorrow when we crank this up a notch. >> oh, my goodness. the high today wasn 93 degrees washington, d.c. a lot of areas reached that and
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it felt much hotter. you saw tonight a feel-like temperature of 89 degrees, and 's almost midnight. annapolis, 83 is the actual b temperatur the current feel-like in annapolis is 91 degrees. wow, so it's a wm night overall. as we head through the overnight hours, we are expecting tohiool somes done. more feel-like temperatures. gaithersburg, 79 degrees. in the urban areas, washington, 89 as expected, aroun degrees is that feel-like. tonight we're headed to the mi70s inside the beltway. outside the beltway, you guys may reach the upper 60s, low 70s. here's the deal. it's going to be humid tonight. also some patchy f possible with the high dew points, the light wind. mostly clear condition overnigh coming up, we're going to take a look at your july 4th ybforecas. you're headed to the beach this week. and i've got to help you prep for one of the hotst days of the week. we'll have the details in a moment. >> it' like we queued this up
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perfectly for the start of july. thank you. so the heat was brutal today. the humidity tonight not making the situation be>er. ut some families at national harbor found a little ice cream can be a distraction from the weather. rcy spencer is there with team coverage on this hot spell. hi, darcy. ru got some ice cream tonight, i see. orter: as you know, we get hot out here and we're covering the story as well. no ice cream for me. i did find onef these pop-ups. it's like the rainbow sherbet. i'm going t eat this after the live shot. we were here at national harbor all evening. i was surised so many people were here despite the heat. a gorgeous sunset at national harbor. thousands are here to enjoy the summer night despite the heat and humidity. some ate ice cream to try to cool off, but it was melting quickly. >> oh, my god, it's so hot. i'm coong right now.
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>> reporter: the capitol wheel is illuminated in red, white, and blue for the 4th. but this little beach area was idpular too, ks playing in the sand. lotsf familieshowed up for an outdoor movie and stuck around. >> it's scorching out here. it's really hot day and orght. >> repr: this family is visiting from california. even though it's hotter here, everyone had a good time watching the movie. >> my sier-in-law told u, so we brought all my grandkids and we came down. >> so everything was good? the kids weren't complaining or anything? >> oh, no. wonderful. >> reporter: earli in the heat of the day, people boarded, played volleyba, took a spin on the jet ski. back at the national harbor, these sisters didn'teem to tice the heat, spending time together, waiting for it to cool down. >> my asi, we're from jamaica, and we're kind of used to the heat. so i thought i would bring them to nationa a harbor for evening out. >> we normally have hot water, but this is actually hotters thn it in jamaica now.
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i think this is in the 90s. when i left home, it may have been in the 80s. >> reporter: how do you like that? hotter here thaac it was in jamaica. i just checked the nbc washington app. says it's 84 degrees here in oxon hill. it feels like 91 at 11:00 tonight. i asked those sisters fm jamaica, give us some tips. how can we beat the heat? they said make sure you drink the water. that's wha they told me. that's what i'm going to do. >> stay hydrated and enjoy the push pop. >> i'm doing that now. >> live at national harbor, darcy, thank you. as both darcy and somara, tomorrow's blistering hot temperatures ombined with the heat index is going to make it feel well above 100 degrees. that means you've got to be prepared. w remember tor light and loose clothing. most of us in the morning like to chug theff , right? try to avoid that if you can. try to stay away from the ffeine. instead, stay hydrated by
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drinking a lot of water. and if you are outside, wear spf countryscrecr sunn that is 30 or higher. reapply as much as possible. stay withg news4 for conti coverage on the heat advisorth and this w alert we are in. all right. we move to breaking news now unfolding on the potomac river. a 14 foot boat with several people on it burst into ueames. re boats from montgomery and loudoun counties rushing to the scene to help so let's show you where this is at. this is happening near selden island on the maryland-virginia shorelin the boat w fully engulfed and crews are still working to put out the flames rig now. all three occupants are safe, and they are accounted for. they were bro tht to be virginia side of the river. no word yet on what caused the fire. okay. so we sent you an alert when the news broke.
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lebron james, best basketball pler in theworld, says he is signing with the l.a. lakers. george wallace jns us a the live desk with the story that has taken over social media tonight. george, what do you say? >> it's official. the biggest domino to fall and it didn't take long. freegency begant 12:01 a.m. this morning, and after a meeting with magic johnson, lebron james is joining the showtime lakers. lebron heads to los angeles on a four-year, $154 million deal. now a laker, james wil look to lead them to their 17th nba title. he leaves the cavaliers after a second stint inhe cleveland wre in his four seasons, he did leat themo their first ever nba championship. at 33, lebron does not look to be slowing down either. he was the nba sring king last season. coming up later in sports, why lebron's move is a historic one. erika? >> lots more to talk about. george, thank you. meanwhe, switching gears, iossengers who slid down an
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airplane's evacu chute at reagan national airport today are back in houston tonightr af one wild travel day. we can show you this video that was shot by a "washington post" reporter. it shows people jumping onto the chute on the tarmac after reports of smoke in the cabin. the flight to houston had to be an airport spokesperson said in part, quote, smoke in the cabin wasrt re, and airports authority emergency personnel responded to the all passengers and crew evacuated via sli incident and returned to the united gate, end quote. no word ont caused the smoke in the cabin in the first place. a lyft driver just doing his job ended up stabbed in the head by a passenger in d.c. the driver was dropping off two people in southeast early yesterday morning on good hope court. some sort of fight started. one of the two passengers starting stabbing the myft drivtiple times. the driver somehow managed to
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drive himself to the hospital, and he is expected to be okay. his attacker and passenger, well, they are still on the loose tonight.wi hing gears now, in a small town in idaho, a little girl's birthday party becomes a crime scene. a man going on a violentta , stabbing young children and their families. si kids are i the hospital with what are being called life-alterin injuries. as nbc's steve tterson explains, the attack was so terrible, it had the police chief in tears. >> advise medics there's been child victims. >> reporter: it's being called e most violent attack in boise's history. nine people wounded in a mass fabbing. at leastr with life-threatening injuries. six of the victims, young children, were targeted and attacked while attending a 3-year-old girl's birthday party. the faces of the children in the hospital beds will be something that i'll carry with me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: saturdanight, police responded to an urgent
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call. a man stabbing peopl at this apartment complex, which houses resettled refugees from iraq, syria, and ethiopia. it happenedight in front of 12-year-old isram. >> we saw him saying bad words. >> stabbing. >> stabbing kids. 3 reporter: the suspect, alley timmy kinner, was captured close to the scene. investigators recovered a large knifeby. police say kinner is from los angeles with an extensive violent criminal record. he's not a refugee, but had been the ng with a woman at complex until he was asked to leave friday night. police say kinner came back saturday to take vengeance. a community today devastated. this man shared this photo of hi young cousin. >> she cannot breathe. >> when itol is children, it's something that gets to each of us. it tears your heart apart. >> reporter: in a quiet place that was supposed to be a safe haven for those fleeing
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violomce, thenity now unsettled. steve patterson, nbc news. >> president trump says he expects a vicious but quick fight when he announces is pick for the next supreme court justice. mr. trump says that he'll reveal his choiceth july 9. that will be less than two weeks since the surprise resignation of justice anthony kennedy. a crucial swing vote on the high court. hoever gets on the bench i expected to shape the course of american life for a generation. now lawmakers on both sides a a sounding trm the president may want a justice who will overturn roe v. wade. i emphasized that i wanted a nominee who would respect precedent, a fundamental tenet of our judicial system. >> all we're saying is you t should lethe people h se a in this critical position. >> democrats would like toth dey vote until after the midterm elections, pointing to how republicans refused to hol a
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vote on president obama's pick before the 2016 election. lit repubcans now say they will not wait. new tonight at 11:00, violent clashes in port oregon. we're going to show you what had ople so fired up. and we're learning more tonight about the tragic tour boat explosion near the bahamas that killed an american woman. a hot day here on the links wrapped up with a hot performance. francioolinari sinking the competition. tiger woods plays in his tournament this weekenik what he about his game and the atmosphere. plus, was this the last time we see tournament here? what the host needs for it to return. all that and more coming u onp♪
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the video behind mehows how massive flames engulfed a small tour boat in the bahamas this weekend. one american onboard died. some were flown to a florida hospital. we have more of the dramatic aftermath and reaction of a man who witnessed everything. >> reporter: panic in the waters of the bahamas saturday morning as stunned onlookers witneed a fiery explosion on a nearby boat. >> just terrible. people were. screaming >> reporter: chrisn vacation, shot this video. >> i hea this little noise, and then flames coming up and the boat exploded right in front of us. >> reporter: onboard, a dozen op pe, ten of them american. royal bahamian police say at let one of th a woman, was
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killed. nine others injured. their names have not been released. several were taken to aospital in nassau while the u.s. coast guard flew four others back to the tampa aa for treatment. as the fire raged, others on nearby boats feared there eruld be anothxplosion. chris says fellower passengs on his boat did what they could to with no he injured medical facilities nearby nor any first aid kit onboard. >> itas a nightmare yesterday. >> reporter: bahamian police say the cause of the explosion remains under investigation. maya rodriguez, nbc >>news. new at 11:00, chaos this weekend on the streets of portland, oregon. protests quickly turning into a full-fledged riot. people lit firecrackers and smoke bom in the crowd,
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patriot prayer. a right-wing organization fought with a left wing organization. this is new video released tonight. patriot prayer organizing what they called a freedom rally. police fired paint balls filled with pepper spray t disperse the crowd. we understand four people went to the hospital. a i church fairfax county targeted with messages of hate. this isn't the first time the church has been vandalized. it has been seven times over the past couplef months. members of the bethlehem lutheran church back in their pews for servis today. this after somebody/ed seat cushions and spray painted squa swastikas all around that church. today a visiting pastor wovehe incidents into his sermon, offering a message of healing. >> it' all about the power of healing and the presence of the one who hds that power.
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so i want to tryo connect tha with the present situation here. >> the church also shares spath a local vietnam yehega congon and they work with a nearby synagogue on outreach and youth programs. >> minimum wage workers in maryland will be taking home a bigger paycheck. m theimum wage goes up to $10.10 starting today. some lawmakers have pushed for an even bigger increase, but at legislation stalled this year. other areas in our region and many g a pay hike new laws are going into effect today. for more information, openur nbc washington app. we turn now back to theat r. we are in weather alert mode. we're talking dangerous heat days.he next couple of if you've got to be out there for those that are woroung ide, light, loose-fit clothing, plenty of water. >> keep a water bottle by your bedside tonight. you want to stay this heat is dangerous heat.
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so much so, the national weather service is issuing an heat advisory tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow will be worse than today.le s go ahead and freshen up on heat safety tips. recognize the symptom of heat exhaustion with those around you or even yourself.ou remember, you experience fainting if you're feeling dizzy. excessive sweating. if you're n sweating, that's a major problem too. nausea, vomiting, rapid, wea pulse, muscle cramps. these are all things that you can't just let slip. they are signs of heat exhaustion, and you don't want a heatstroke either. these are the types of things we have to think about when we have a heat advisory in effect. here's a look at the current temperature. that should not be a sun even though i could be with temperatures like 82 degrees right now tonight. as we're planning out your morning, it'srow going to be a very warm start. similar to today. so think of today with like someone just turning the thermomerer two, four degrees up higher. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the upper 70s. very muggy.
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watch for some patchy fog early in the morning just at daup a as we move nupinto the afternoo dangerous heat around lunch time. head index values starting around 100 at lunchtime could easily hit 104, 105 plus in some areas. now, the rain chancetays wes of i-81 tomorrow, so that's something to note as well. we're going to be dry h in much of the d.c. metro area and kurrounding areas. let's take a l at our future feels-like temperatures. i'm running through here. you k dw what? n't have the pauser on this one. well, here's the deal. tomorrow it is going to feel like 106, 107. somereas, in fact, i think leesburg will be feeling thet hottor your monday. we're talking maybe 107, 108, il areae leesburg. tomorrow by tuesday afternoon into tuesday night, you can still see pretty hot here. so this heat is following us all the way into thend of the week. here's a look at the heat advisory it's the as today.
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from noon until 8:00 p.m., again, in effect tomorrow, and that's because of the heat index values of 100 to 105 degrees. so let's go ahead and change gears just a bit. i know we've got a holiday week ahead of us. some of us mayot be in town experiencing this brutal heat but rather be on the coastline. here's a look a your beach forecast all the way through thursday. low to mid-80s. very comfortable a far as temperatures go at the beach. but it will be very muggy. firework on the fourth of july looking good. that rain chance looking smaller and smaller the closer we get to wednesday, so that's good news for us. temperatures will be in the low 90s on wednesday, improving a t. storm team4 ten-day outlook. again, weather alert tomorrow. it's goi to be hotter than it was today. we'll start our downward crawl as we hit tuesday but still in the0s all the way until friday. and then erika, you see beyond next weekend we're goingack into the 90s. it's summer, baby. >> right oncue. ank you, ma'am. this extreme heat is making everything too hot to handle. that includes bridges like this
11:22 pm
one in chicago. take a look. refighters had to cool off the michigan avenue bridge yesterday. the moveable bridge is made of steel that raises to let boats pass through. well, in extreme heat, steel expands, so that makes this bridge inoperable. crews spr ted water ontohe bridge so that it could cool down and they could get it working once again. bcan youieve that? incredible. all right. still ahead, let's go back to this breaking news. lebron james' latest move, taking over the sports worl why his team with thee purpl and why his team with thee purpl and
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thanks for the ride-along, captain!i' never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you oeemed a lot chattiern tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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you ok back there, buddy? >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> george wallace joining us with more o the lebron move. do you like the move? do you not like the move? >> i'm okay with the move. he's out of the eastern conference. every wizards fan should lmoe this. >> he's not here anymore. >> that's right. if you're a wizards fan,ou ould love this move. the decision part three. where will lebro james end up
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next? he chose not to opt into his dealt with the cavs meaning 12:01 this morning he was an unrestricted free agent. there wereepts of the sixers, but we know lebron landed in l.a. las night. that's where he met with magic johnson, and the rest is history. showtime looks to be returning to los angeles. lebron james heads to the lakers for a four-year, $154 million deal. james says good-bye to cleveland for the secondd tim in his career. now heading to hollywood. lebron will try and take his place among the laker greats. w that james is a laker, sixop of the t eight scorers in nba history will have played for ths la that's not too bad, right? > up in philly, a hot one.s nation finishing their series against the phillies. pick it up top five. nats up 1-0. eton takes this ball to right. that bri both runs in easily. ao- twn single for eton, and
11:27 pm
the nationals out to a 3-0 lead. bottom of the frame, gonzalez in some trouble. herrera slices this p oneast first into right field. the game-tying run comes into scores. we get free baseball. bottom of the 13th, andrew knapp at the plate. he's done with this game. launches this one to right. phillies win it 4-3 in 13 innings. > orioles wrapping up their series at home against the angels. bottom four, downn, a ru man on, manny machado lifts this ball to left over the wall. that's gone. two-run shot. 21st homer of the season for machado. the orioles take a 2-1 le later in the inning, mark trumbo getting in on the action. helends this b opposite field to right. one of two home runs on the day for trumbo. orioles smacked four homers and
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beat the angels 8-2. let's hit the links. final round of thck qui loans national at tpc potomac. all eyes on tiger woods and he delivered on 8. tiger with the long birdie putt here. it's got the line, but does it have enough? it does. tiger finishes at 11 under. got to get the fist pump. tied for fourth place. today belonged torancesco molinari. on 10, the italian with the long try for eagle, and this ball goes right into the cup. how about that? molinari wins theuicken loans national at 21 under par. first italian to win a pga tour event since 1947. congratulations to him. that's not bad, right? not bad at all. all right, george, thank you, sir.
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a few of us can we say we
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posed for pictures with the stanley cup trophy while enjoying a hamburgertoday. the washington capitals brought the stanleyup to the canyian embass this afternoon. it was all part of canada day. 1,500 guests enjoyed food and music. some even puckered up for a kiss for the trophy.t. all ri very nice. that about does it for us. thank you so very much for u joinin tonight. "sports final" is coming up next. lots to talk about. we'll see you tomorrow. 4we start at0 a.m. 4we start at0 a.m. good night, everybody. here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and... they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? [mrs. jennings] oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have, like, a hundred devices online at once.
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♪ good evening, everyone. i'm george wallace, and you picked a good might night to ha with. we begin "sports final" with breakire news. nba agency began at 12:01 a.m. this morning and all anyone nted to know is where will lebron james play next season? will he stayn eveland? will he head to l.a.? how about philly? d.c.? the domino finally happens a couple hou ago. he's heading west to join the showtime lakers to the tune of a four-year deal worth $154 million. it didn't take long for lebron to make his zingdecision. aking his talents to l


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