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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 2, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a knife-wielding man attacked a 3-year-old's brthday party. and the heat wave continues. no relief as temperatures continue to climb after an intense weekend of summer heat. >> news 4 today starts now. >> just start fanningyourself. prefan. get that sunk into your skin. >> good morning, everybody. temperatures al over thearea, in the 90s yesterday. and todayill likely be even hotter. >> that's why it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. sheena, good morning. >> good morning, guys. lookat the temperatures right now. it's 80 degrees in washington. with the humidity this morning, it feels warmer than you will feel that when you walk out this morning. 70 leesburg.
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quanti quantico 78degrees. these are all of the counties shaded in orange, it could b feeling like 105 degrees when you factor in the humidity. actual temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s. we have poor air quality today. if you're heading to the pool, a great place to be, have the spf on. it hill be in the shade. we will take a look at your foth of july forecast coming up. >> sheena, thank you. it's 4:01. it's day four of our heatwae. today's temperatures could be dangerous. people are taking advantage of thehance toet outside. crowds gathered at national harbor in maryland, to get outside. some were usi ice cream and playing in the beach area to beat the hea >> it's really hot, day and
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night. >> we normally have h weather. but this is hotter than it is in jamaica now. i think this is in the 90s. when i left home, it may have been in the 80s. >> t's go to jamaica. >> we are not alone inth dealin he heat. in chicago, testimonies soared over 90 degrees. many took a dip in the water to cool off. at st. louis, they sprayed people with a man-made waterfall. we are working on things to make you feel safe in this heat. you want to wear loose, light-colored clothing. some of us will chug some coffee all during the day. stay hydrateinby dri a lot of water. if youre outside, you need
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sunscreen with spf or higher. one of five of those killed in the shooting rampage at "the capitalgazette" is for rob hiaasen. there will be a memorial service ters.endi wi we hope to hear the dates for the other services soon. you can helhe families, vic testimotims and survivors o paper. a families fund is being created. the awardwill be for sele journalism students. it's 4:03 right now. police in new mexico are searching for a man they say broke into a news station. chris lawrence at the live desk with details on this.
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>> reporter: this happenenot once, but twice last night. look at this tweet from the reporter from the station saying everyone is safe. the unknown man went into the cbs affiliate and walked on to their set. the man was ecorted off of the property. then, he wentback. canine dogs went in. the station had to put up col bars during the broadcast. this was across the street fr the nbc station, who were told to shelter in place. all of this coming da after the horrific attack at "t capital gazette." it's still not clear what caused a boat to burst into flames. it was around 10:00 lt night
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at shelden. fire and ruescue rescued all three people on that boat. inve igators told us that t boat sank before they could pull it to shore. an emergency on the tarmac forced psengers to evacuate before takeoff. this video shows people on to the chute on the tarmac, after reports of smoke in the cabin. a flight to houston had to be d ay delayed. smoke in the cabin was reported and emergency personnel responded to the aircraft. all passengers and crew evacuated vialides withou incident and returned to the united gate. now, to a developing story, the suspect in a horrific heading to court this morning. nine people including six kids, were hurt when the suspect went po a rampage at a birthday party. ce say he was staying at thear
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ents where the stabbings happened with a woman. hes wked to leave and returned looking for reseng. the complex is home to many refugees. >> we heard him saying bad words and stabbing of kids. >> the kids w were hurt range in age from 3 to 12. some new information about confrontation that ended with a driver being stabbed. this happened at good hope court. there was a fight between the driver and one of two passengers. when the driver stopped, he stabbed himself with a heife. is expected to be okay. a man accused of making a bom threat near the white house is facing seral charges.
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he threatened to hurt someone. secret service says he claimed toave an explosive device in his backpack. we have an update to a story that is raising new security questions for president trump. comedian john melendez said attorney michael avenatti will represent him. that's the same attorney that represents stormy daniels. this meeting comes after melendez called force once, pretending to be boe men this is when the president tipped his hand for a supreme court nominee. > we have some great choices and it will be done over 12 to 14 days. >> the service is likely going to look into how the comedian
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eached the president and if he poses a threat. mexico just picked its next president. millions voted in yesterday largest elections, the ever held in the country. mexico's relationship with the united states was a key issue this race, especially when it come to legislation. the presidentla tweeted st night, congratulating the new mexican leader. he willa power december 1st. you may have to spend moree moon the fourth of july staples, like catketchup r your hot dog. the tariffs hit u.s. consumer goods and other kraft/heinz products that facefs tar other products face 25% tariffs. now, to an update on an
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81-year-old georgetown university graduate. carlos manuel cera died over the weekend. his father lost his job. d cerapped out of georgetown, just four credith h of his degrees. in may, his familyim presented h with his diploma in houston. he diedy. peacefully saturda >> i remember when we ran this story. he was so happy. he was so ppy to get that degree and finish what hest ted. we have an emotional reunion to show you between a mother and daughter separated at the u.s. border. the 12-year-old and r mother crossed the arizona border in may to seek asylum from guatemala. they are now together.
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the family plans to live in los angeles and go through the asylum process. the u.s. govement is working to reunite 1,500 children separated under the zero tolerance policy. if you saw this prison break in a movie, you would roll your eyes. but a french criminal has pull this off. now, he's the center of a national manhunt. and you mayeahave rd. lebron is taking his talents to the west oast. another free agency late last night is gaving him a surprise teammate? good morning. it's war outside. it's also pretty humid. look what is going to happen, not even as we get to lunchtime. temperatures will be climbing, near 90. ou can bet you will be feeling over 100 degrees for some ofyou
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. it's 4:14. this morning, a powerful wildfire in northernrn cali has spread to 22,000 acres. you can see it in the yolo county area outside of sacramento. started saturday afternoon. strong winds, high temperatures and low humidi allowed that fire to spread quickly. so far, no one has been hurt. rescue crews are racing the clak clock in a desperate search to find a soccer team and coaches in thailand. the boys have en missing for over a week, apparently stuck after parts of the cavee flo the wait is over. king james is heading west. last night, it was announced that lebron i james leaving
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cleveland. this time, joining the l.a. lakers. he signed a four-year, $153 aaron.n deal, the reaction was fast on social media, with manyri celes in l.a. welcoming james to the team. the cavs owner thanked james for all of his years with the team. so far, no jersey inla cleve. cleveland has to be excited cause he did give his all for those years. >> he did. > a new team means new teammates. emember this from the 2014 playoffs, lance stephenson. his deal was announced after lebron'sin they'll be f nair all rich. >> right. they'll be just fine. 4:now. when students return to j.e.b. high school in the fall, theyl
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wiotice a change. it is officially justice high school. la year, the fairfax county school boarded v to change the name of the school, once named f confederate general. when it comes to theca s, you cannot have too many celebrations. the washington capitals brought the stanley cup to the canadian embassy. about 1,500 gests enjoyed a cookout, some music and snapped pictures wulth the beauti trophy. a rare piece of pop culture on the auction block. how much would you pay for marty mcfly's sneakers? >> th shoe is in bad shape. the heel is starting to crumble. final price, nearly $1,000. >> it is marty mcpcbride's shoe.
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>> what are you going to do with that shoe? >> keep it in a box. >> it will crumble if you touch it. >> don't wear it. and don't have it in this humidity. that's it. >> i can't imagine walking around in close-t id shoe this heat. >> welcome to my world. and socks up to my ks es. >> todaye day. the flip-flops, you need spf even the top of your feet. they will get burned. it will be a very hot day. perfe to cool off in a pool. we have a heat advisory for everybody. it will f like 105 degrees today. weave poor a quality along with this weather pattern. if you have asthma or respiratory issues, or even for the elder will er wilerlderly.
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no rain relief in the forecast today. any showers will be toour west today. if you're along 81, you could see isolated thunderstorms. it's a warm and humid start to the morning. 79 in annapolis. 72n frederick. 70 in leesburg. off to our north and west, we s cou a couple of storms flaring up. the rest of the area stays dry and sunny. tomorrow, still looks like ast dry day. the computer models trying to pick up on isolated showers. by wednesday, the fourth of july, we have an isolated storm chance. by the evening hours, once the fireworks start, any of that that would be around is clearing. here's your fireworks forecast, by 5:00 p.m.n the city, a low isolated chance. even at the beach, if you are
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going to be at the beach over the next few days, upper 80s today, and wednesday is looking really good, too, for the fourth of july. i'm going to move that flag to wednesday, by the way. throughout the week, that's our next chance for rain. let's check in with jock taylor and seeat going on on the roads. >> we're a nice qiet day so far. we are off to a decent start, as you take the ride throu the area. there was a work zone on 32, that is up west in laurel. the right lanes are blocked there. right before we went on the air, the hov lanes on 395 have been closed. they a now ope traffic is very light on your way up to the 14th street bridge. a dog in a firehouse, not unique, unless you'reking about this cute pooch in northerwevirginia.
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re going to tell you how he
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you're watching news 4 today. >> so, if you plan to do some grilling for thefourth of july, it might cost you a little less this year. e american farm bureau says the costf a summer cookout will average $6 per that's about 1% less than last year. items on the menu includes hot dogs, cheeseburgers and potato salad. >> i like chicken wings on the grill. >> and some corn. some corn on there. >> can you actually cook? >> i have been known to put some
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meat on the grill. i'm not saying it's necessarily edible when it's done. but i participate. >> you know how to eat the food, though. i know. it's probably not surprising to hear a dog is livin at a in fairfax >> but that is not a dalmatian riding the tcks to danger. this is a different kind of fire house dog andow he is helping some of f the braveirst responders there. >>es wally l making people feel good. he lives a dog's fe. fetches a ball. answers commands. this 2-year-old goldendoodlehas a special job, certified canine therapy. he is believed to be the first therapy dog that lives full-time at firehouse. he has a personalized crate i
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the family room. >> now,now, wally is an additio. >> reporter: wally comforts paul stella. >> i like it. i'm a dog person. i enjoy it to get outside. destress for aminute, take him on a walk. >> reporr: it's been nearly a year and wally is all around the firehouse. when engine 32 jumps into gear and into action, wally waits for his family to return, to offer therapy when needed. >> sometimes 's easier to be people, dog than other if you don't want to dog. you can hang out with wally. >> we hang out together. we're a pretty close station to begin with. >> wally is incredible. he's brought whole station together. but he is a certified therapy dog, donated by the caring angels therapy dogs. this is part of a pilot program.
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>> what a greatidea. >> they want to spread it tth firehouses. >> there's so much trauma the firefighters see. it's nice to have that in-house. our time, 4:25 this morning. hitting the road with your pets? tips for including the em four-legged mbers of your family. today is going to be a hot day. one of the hottest. 80 degrees already in washington. we're not going to be much cooler than this. plus, breaking her silence. the woman who she was stalked by the alleged "capital gazette" gunman, sharg her in
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right now on news 4 today, ine heat wave continues. temperatures go back up as you wake up this morning.i t's a weather alert day. we'll fill you in on the forecast. and n threats for a newspaper already in mourning. the messages h ofte against "the capital gazette." and for the first time, we're hearing from the woman who was stalked by the suspect.
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and new video of an explosion in paradise. a boat rippeda aprt by flames i he bahamas. what we're learning about the americans onboard. and more success ahead for d.c. sports teams. d.c. united lands a deal with a soccer star. we'll tell you all about him before his official welcome to washington. >> news 4 today starts now. >> first, as we approach0, 4: a live look outside, on another hot, muggy morning. it's day four of the heat wave. if you have the a.c. cranked up inse, you're going feel this as soon as you step outside. good morning, everybody.a jackor is joining us, too, watching the roads in first 4 traffic. >> we want to get back to the forecast with sheena parveen. >> it's warm and humid outside.
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you're going to feel that. you see all of the orange behind me. this is the heat advisory from noon to 8:00 p.m. today. all of the orange is feling like 105 spots in the afternoon. along withthe same weather pattern, we have poor air quality. if you have asthma, you don't want to be out for any period of time. 80 degrees in washington. 79 in annapolis. 79 in quantico. as we go through your monday, by lunchtime, we shoulde at 90, feeling like 100. and by the afternoon, 97, eling like 105. no rain relief in the forecast, unless you're farther and west, by winchester or hagerstown. coming up, wll talk abo your fourth of july forecast and how hot that will be, coming up. r>> let's go to jack taylor and the ds. >> good morning. we had a crew out on laurel, going tbound. the crew is also working


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