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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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you're going to feel that. you see all of the orange behind me. this is the heat advisory from noon to 8:00 p.m. today. all of the orange is feling like 105 spots in the afternoon. along withthe same weather pattern, we have poor air quality. if you have asthma, you don't want to be out for any period of time. 80 degrees in washington. 79 in annapolis. 79 in quantico. as we go through your monday, by lunchtime, we shoulde at 90, feeling like 100. and by the afternoon, 97, eling like 105. no rain relief in the forecast, unless you're farther and west, by winchester or hagerstown. coming up, wll talk abo your fourth of july forecast and how hot that will be, coming up. r>> let's go to jack taylor and the ds. >> good morning. we had a crew out on laurel, going tbound. the crew is also working on the eastbound side as youch appro
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route 32, block in the right ne. the work zones, if there were any, clear and should find everything open. leaving the district on the outbound 14th street bridge, just before you get to the george washington parkway, w have one broken down, involving the left lane. >> jack, thank yo it's 4:31. back to our team coverage on the heat wave that will get you sweating. it's already warming up outside. >> it'sonly going to get hotter as the sun comes up. you need to take precautions if you're hded out in the heat, especially for a lg period of time. health experts say be aware of your body and use common sense. >> take a break and get into the cool. cool down and keep yourself
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hydrated you're going to lose more fluid from sweating during ho periods of time. and it's easy to get behind on fluids. >> we're working with you on ways you can cool down.h you can find on our nbc washington app. now, brking news out of albuquerque, new mexico. police say they are searching for a man who broke intohe cbs station twice last night. you see a tweet from a reporter there,aying everyone is safe. an unknown man walked on to the news set. he was escorted off of the property and apparently returned. the station had up the color bars during their broadca while police search the station. is coming days after the adedeadty attack in marylan. vigils honoring the five people were held over the weekend. this is one at st. ann episcopal church in annapolis.
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a service will be heldig to for rob hiaasen. that will happen at the nature wenter at mills. since the shooting, the paper has receivedth d threats. the woman who was stalked by the suspected gunman, jarrod ramos, iill live fear. >> i still don't feel safe. i know he's in prison. i know he can't come to me today. i have been tormented and traumatized and terrorized for so long, it's changed the fiber of my being. >> ramos is behind bars, charged reque with five murders. you can hear more of that on "today."
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th suspect in a horrific stabbing spree in idaho is heading to court this morning. nine people,including six kids, were hurt saturday when the suspect went on a rampage at a birthday party.po ce say he was staying at the apartments where the stabbings happened with a woman. he was asked to leave and edpparently return looking for revenge. the complex is home to many refugees. a confrontation ended with a lyft driver being stabbed. this happen early saturday morning at an apartment complex at good hope court. there was fight between the driver and one of two passengers. when the suspect topped, he stabbed him in the head with a knife. scary moments on the tarmac as passengers were forced to evacuate. people jumped down the emergency chute.
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the plane t headedo houston was evuated after smoke in the cabin. no injuries reported. leave yourself extra time on the roads today. drivers getting out of town add congestion to our busy roads. aaa says the rush will begin around 11:30 this morning the it predicts drivers will be four-times -- drives will be longer than usual. the trip that usually takes 10 minutes will be 51 minutes. aaa says tomorrow between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. will be theost chaotic. 19% of our area will least 50 miles to celebrate independence day. the average gallon of regular gass co .. we are paying 10 cents less than on memorial day.e
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that's thole state of virginia. articul usually the prices are higer in the d.c. suburbs. wayne rooney iso set t be introduced today. he arrives at dallas from the english premier leag latelast week, to a very excited crowd. the all-time leading goal scorer is coming at a great time. the new d.c. united stadium opens one week from friday.ts our spo in d.c., it's on fire. >> a good time to be playing sports in d.c. 4:36. coming up, a new month and a new paycheck. why millions of marylanders are making more than this time last week. plus a boat blast in the bahamas. details about
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you're watching "news 4 ebday." >> somody get the boat. bring the boat. >> this morning, investigators are working to figure out what caused a boat to explode in the bahamas. his is a look at the footage from saturday. 12 people were on that boat when it exploded. ten of them were americans. one person was killed and nine others weinjured. officials have not released any of the mes. a church in fairfax county, targeted with messagesf hate. this is not the first time the church has been vandalized. >> members of the bethlehem lutheran church, after someone spray painted on the wall a visiting pastor wove the sermon into his
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yesterday, offering a message of healing. >> it's all about the power of healing. and the presence of the one who holds that power. i want to connect that with the present situation here. >> this is the seventh case ofn ism at that church in the last few months. the church shares space with a local vietnamese ngregation. they work with a synagogue on outreach and youth programs. good morning. we're talking about dangerous i he the forecast. if you're grilling, we're going to be staying dry. , as ng good for grilli well as tomorrow. by wednesday, we could have an isolated shower chance. coming up we'll talk about the fourth of july wednesday forecast for your iffireworks. you're headed to the beach, i'll show you that, too. an issue leading downtown. outbound on the 14th bridge.
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you have onelocking the left lane. district authorities are headed to the scene. are you hitting the road fon a family vaca you don't have to leave your pet behind. >> simple tips to traiyour dog fn or
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> 15 before the hour. new video this rning from portland, oregon, where riots broke out during dualing protests. police were having to bring out stun grenades. four people were arrested there. hundreds of thousands took to the stres across the country to protest president trump's immigration policies. >> activists are calling for families separatednder the president's zero tolerance policy to be renited. a judge ordered the government to hand the children back with their parents in 30 days. customs officials say that'spp ed for about 5,000
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children. but few details have been released about how the remaininb 1,500 wi reunited. >> i back here washington, president trump is narrowing downpo his list ontial supreme court nominees. >> this comes as democrats call for confirmation hearings to be put on hold after the midterm eleheions. chris,will the president announce his pick? >> reporter: that pick will come a week from next monday, july 9th. he will spend the week working on his decision, going over that list of candidates that he enter deuce e introduced before he pick neil gorsuch. he's considering a couple of women for theti po. at this point, it's a guess who that might be. senate democrats are ratcheting up the rhet ic,trying to do whatever they can to block this pick. they spent the weekend on the
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sunday talk shows, warning the american public that any pick that the president makes will likely tryto overturn legalized abortion in this country. other things like environmental protecti protections. even if the mandate of aaffordable ca that covers pre-existing conditions. they only have 49 votes in the senate. they will need one or two, depen'ing on john mcc health, if they have a hope of blocking the president's the advisers said there's no litmus test on abortion for a pick. but the president wants somebody that is fair and open-minded. many of the people who are vetted on his list are known to be or have spoken out about the ruling of row v. wade in the past. it will be interesting to see what that pick is.
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senate democrats willneed a little help to block the president. >> chris, thank you. it 4:48 now. minimum wage workers in maryland will be taking home a bigger wiycheck. it go up to $10.10 an hour. someus lawmakersed for an even bigger increase. that legislation slled this year. many new laws are in effect. for informati, you c open the nbc washington app. newideo o a -- a pretty incredible rescue. this is coming from taiwan. a little boy, a 4-year-old b got his head stuck on the balcony in the metal park of t be balcony. he was hanging there for a half
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hour. they had to drill a hole to repel down and get him out. 's okay. he had some bruises. you have to imagine that everyone who watched that happen has to be relieved he's okay. >> your heart just stops >>watching that. i know. >> what are they doing in asia. this is the second kid with a head in the railing likea you can't let them wander out on to the balny, especially at 4 years old. i have a 4-year-old. >> iow watch your kid, chris. >> kids aren't all that smart. i got a 4-year-old. >> he'll get there, chris. give him a chance. 4:49 now. a lot of you -- >> kids are just not that smart. i got a 4-year-old. we're going to run thr and over. >> a lot of you are hitting the road this week for the fourth of
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july. >> pefully you're taking your smart family dog with you. there's some things you need to do to conser reporter susan hogan has thestory. >> reporter: 1-year-old mabel and her family are preparing for a six-hour road trip to vermont. >> we started to do small trips around town. >> reporter: they're working with a trainer holly santana, toet road-ready. >> you should have consistency. you want the same food and the same schedule. if they eat at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., keep it that. >> keep a towel or bed from home. and takeea b every three hours. make shour your dog's collar has an i.d. with your contact info. and don't forget about safety. >> pets can act as projectiles if they're notse cured. >> we conducted crash tests on
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dummy dogs. the most restrictive restraints, the sleepy pod crate. and the click-it harness. >> family trips to vermont are important to us. i want to makeure everyone in the car is safe. >> susan hogan, news one more important thing to remembe vaccination records. these can be useful to carry with your dog d if your gets sick. >> also, dog-friendly hotels have been known to ask for them, as well. >> and taking a kennel with you is good, too. >> you do this a lot. >> you have to have a crate with you.>> turning to the heat. we're not the only ones dealing withhe heat wave. in chicago, firefighters had to soak e michigan avenue bridge
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yesterday. >> that movable bridge is made e of . in extreme, heat the steel expands and makes it inoperable. crews sprayed it down to open it up again. a lot of heat across the country. all the way back to chicago. much of the country has a heat advisory out. and you felt the heat yesterday, i'm sure. >> i don'go outside. >> my kids went to the pool. i stayed inside the air-conditioned building. >> i would suggest a pool or stay inside in the a.c. e heat index will be around 105. >> i don't open the blinds. >> you peek through, right? today, it's going to be warm and humid, as you walk outside. you can feel the t heat by afternoon. it will heat up to the 90s. a feeling like i105, you're
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heading to the pool, you want the 3spf or higher. stay in the shade. if you're planning onci exing outside, this afternoon, it will be too hot. if you're goingto the beach, sunny and hot at the beach today. the entire area, all of the orange shadedcounties, that's the heat advisories from noon to 8:00 p.m. da don't have any rain relief in the forecast showers will stay to our west. if you're winchester hagerstown, you have a better chance of isolated storm. it's 80 degrees for washington. 72, leesburg, frederick. and if you ar heing to the pool or you will be inside, peeking through the blinds, loking other the pool, it mr. be a good one. a good visility to see who is down there. 95, by:00 p.m. by 5:00 p.m., plenty of sun. here's future weather.
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could see a stray shower north and west. tomorrow seems ke a mostly dry day, even thoughte the com model is going with an isolated ower. if you're in the city for the ireworks, isolated chance clearing by firework time at the bheeceach, it's looking . temperatures in the 90s. as we go through the re of this week, a long stretch of 90s. the next rain chance is friday and saturday. let's check with jack taylor and see what's going on on the roads. >> good morning we'll start in the district, going outbound on the 14th bridge. one had been broken down on the left side. hopefully that can be taken care of quickly. you'll find downtown and northwest 13 streets closed. between gallitin.
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before you get to the parkway, they should be clearing the lane yready. back . it was his friend on day two. there we go. puttger woods with a great at the quicken loans national in bethesda he finished the tournament at 11 under. a it t an italian francesco molinari wot. this was woods' second-best finish on the pga to this season. good for him. the universal circus is in town. we featured their special show on news 4 today. >> last night's show benefited the kids lives matter campaign. the proceeds go to help children
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in a nonprofit. i had an opportunitygu to bst ring master. and irene johnson's daughter a chance to shine on the stage during the preshow. the universe soul circus. a lot of fub for aod cause. there's my hubby and kids. they're still sleeping, though. police say a lyft driver decided to stab the driver -- a lyft rider decided to stab the driver. as peop hit the water, firefighters had to peveral from the potomac after something wt terribly wrong on a boat. more of that in our 5:00 hour.
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the first of five people gunned down at "the capital gazette" will be laid to rest today. and the parent company plans a tribute to the victims. a knife-wielding man attacked a 3-year-old's birthday party. and the heat wave conties. no relief as temperatures continue to climb after an intense weekend of summer heat. >> "news 4 today" starts now.
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>> just about 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm molette green. the temperatures today will >> that's why it's a storm team 4 weather alert day here. we're going to look at your comm but first, sheena has more on the weather alert.le >> the weather today because of the heat advisory and the dangerous heat, with the t humidit you can feel when you walk outside. we're talking about temperatures feeling like105 this afternoon. we have a heat advisory from nonuntno noon until 8:00 p.m. all of the counties shaded in orange with this heat advisory. if you have respiratory issues, you want to avoid long hours outside today 75 in washington. 72 in


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