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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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scarred after a man attacked a birthday party t. and the heat continues, as temperatures continue to climb for a weekend intense summer heat. >> "news 4 today" starts now.go > morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. we're going to be hotter today. >> it' storm team 4 weather alert. we're going to check in withja taylor for a look at the roads. first, sheena parveen ts here tell us about the heat wave we're getting through all week long. >the heat wave is going to last for the rest of the week. 90s today. 90s throu friday. make it umidity will feel even hotter. temperatures really heat up once the sun starts to warm us up. 78 degrees. a little hazyn suns here's the heat advisory.
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all of the orange counties from noon until 8:00 p.m., feeling like 105 de for some of you in the afternoon. if you have respiratory issues like asthma or the elderly, you want to avoid the heat. have the higher spfn. and stay hydrated. look at what is going to happent as we closer to lunchtime. here's the heat index, the li fee temperatures. by lunchtime do we feel temperares around 100 degrees. feeling hotter as we go through the afternoon. the fourth of july, if you're heading to the beach, tat's coming up. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. we'll start in arlington. southbound on colombia pike. a motorcycle accide happened near dinwiddie street.u
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south on the rock creek parkway. hearinof an accident potentially. a lot of equipment headed towards the scene. had late clearing activity along wisconsin near "m" and "p" street. there's activity between 5:00 p.m. and 3:00te this afoon. we'll see when they reopen wisconsin avenue. back to you. we got some breaking news out of arlington, as some residents had to wake up and get out of their apartment. fire officials say a car was on fire inside the apartment's garage. right now, investigators are working to figure out what kaulzed it. thankfully the fire was put out before itould cause any damage. this happened less than an hour ago on north lincoln street, right in the cherry dale area. we'll keep an eye on this as we it.rn more about
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aaron, back to you. >> thank you. 6:03. this is day four of our heat wave. today's temperatures could be wdangerous. re working with you for tips on how to be prepared and safe. justin finch live with us on the national mall, with the age group that's most vulnerable when we're talking about the dgerous weather. stin? >> reporter: hey, molette. watch out for your neighbors a children. we're seeing the exercisers up early, getting that workout. that's smart because we know it's going to get warmer today and quickly, as well. right now, the heat has been rising all morning. we've been feeling it out here. but we're keeping our eye out for the heatadvisory, due to come our way between noon and 8:00. that's when we're told the weather will feel hot. upwards of 100 degrees what you want to do, make sure
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you're staying cool and staying high draydrate hydrated, as well. we're keeping an eye on our elderly toy. >> during heat epidemics, when we see a lot of deaths,it's not in the young working population. it's in the older people who are sick. if you are living near a person who, has health issues, please check make sure they're okay. people that don't have air conditioning at home, needs to spend part of the day in the mall or the supermarket where it's cool. >> reporter:nd want to really drive home here that this kind of heat can really kill.e national weather service counts 107 heat-related deaths just last ar. that's above the ten-year average. we do have our nbc washington app a way to find some pools by
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ne it might be good to keep that around this week and next. >> all right, justin. check on the elderly today, a memorial service or one of the five "capital gazette" staffers. family and friends are gatherinm tober rob hiaason. thursday, there will be a memorial service foren winters. you can help the families victims and survivors, the parent company announced "the capital gazette" family fund. it will be for select universitn stud at college park. two of the victims graduated from there. this morning, it's not clear
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what caused a boato burst into flames on the potomac river o the maryland/virginia shoreline. with the help ofco loudon ty, crews put out the fire. but investigators tell us the they can pull r it to shore. emergency on the tarmac forced passengers reaga national to evacuate their airplane. video was shot by a "washington post" reporter, juowing people ing on the chute on the tarmac after reports of smoke in the cabin. the flight to houston had to be delayed as a result of this. the smoke in the cabin was p ted. and emergency personnel responded to the aircraft. all passengers and crew ouevacuated via slides wi incident and returned to the united gate. no word on what caused the smoke
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in theabin. now, to a developing story. uspect in a horrific stabbing spree in idaho is heading to court this nine people,luding six children were hurt saturday, when the suspect went on a rampage at a birthday party. police say he was stayien at the apar where the stabbings happened, he was asked to leave and apparently returned looking for revenge. that complex home to many refugees. >> we saw him saying bad words. >> and stabbing kids. >> the children range in age from 3 to 12. three adults were also hurt trying to stop the wetold many of the victims suffered life-threatening newmation this morning about a confrontation that ended with a lyft driver being stabbed. this hapned at good hope court. there was a fight between the driver and on of two sssengers.
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once the drivertopped, the ec sustabbed him in the knife. both passengers jumped out of the car and ran. the victim took himself to td e hospital going to be okay. a man accused of making a bomb threat near the white house facing several charges d.c. police arrested the man. he threatened to hurt someone. secret service says he claimed to have an explosive device in his backpack. nothing was found. the wte house was not impacted. we have an emotional reunion thto show you between a mo and a daughter separated at the border.ed the pair crossnto arizona in may to seek asylum from guatemala. they are now together. the family plans to live in los angeles and go through the asylum process. the u.s. government is working to reunite 1,500 children separated under the zero tolerance policy. we have an update to a story
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that's raising new security questions to president trump. comedian john melendez said attorney michael avenatti will represent him. anat's the same attorney that represents stormyls. this meeting comes after melendez called trump on air pr force onceending to be bob menendez. here's a short bit of the call when e president tipped his hand on the supreme court nominee. >> we have some great choices d it will be done over 12 to 14 days. >> the white house w't confirm that call happened. but the secret service is likely going to look into how the comedian reached the presidt and if he poses a threat. mexico just picked its next president. millions voted in yesterday's historic elections, the largest ever held in the country.
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mexico's relationship with the united states was a key issue ic this especially when it coes to immigration. the president tweeted last night, congratulating the new mexican leader. o will take power december 1st. you may have tend more money on the fourth of july staples, like ketchup for your hot dog. canada is hitting back, imposing tariffs from the trump administration, with its own tariffs. they went into effect yesterday. the tariffs hit u.s. consumer goods and other kraft/heinz products that face tariffs. other products face 25% tariffs. now, to an updatn 81-year-old georgetown university graduate. just weeks after receiving his degree, carlos manuel cera died over the weekend. his father was a high-ranking
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cuban diplomat who lost his job following the revolution. cera dropped out of georgetown, just four credits high of his degrees. in may, his family presented him with his diploma in houston. his daughter tells us her father died peacefully on saturday, surrounded by family. wi would hope the diplomaas nearby. w >>at a special memory for them. 6:11 is our time right now. if you saw this kind of prison ak in a movie, you would probably just roll your eyes. but a french criminal s paul pulled off this escape before. now, he's the center of a national manhunt. and you may have heard lebron is taking his talents to the west coast next season. and another free agency move late lastro night, giving la surprise teammate. good morning. we have a lot of heat in the forecast todaea a er alert for dangerous heat. the humidity will make it feel
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like 105 degrees for some of you. it's not going to stop today. it's not going to stop today. we hore 90s the rest theof
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we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed networkt on our and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. you're watching "news 4 today." it's 6:15. back. and t wildfire in northern california has spread to 22,000 acres. you can see it in the yolo county area outside of sacramento. this started saturday afternoon. stesong winds, high temperat and low humidity allowed that fire to spread quickly. it's not clear how much is contained but so fane has been rescus are racing the clock in a desperate search to find 12 missing boys and a soccer coach in a cave in thailand. teams practiced transporting patients from the cave once they're found.
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the boys have been stuck over a week. international rescue crews are helping time with the search, in uding a navy s.e.a.l. dive team. right now, there is a manhunt for ana notorious crimi in >> is shows his escape by helicopter. authorities say they found that helicopter and the getaway car. >> this is not the first time he's escape a fivego, he used dynamite to blast his way out of a different prison. he was a published author, inspired by movies like "scar face." how much uld you pay for tommy -- i knew i would do that.
6:17 am
how much would you pay for marty mcfly's sneakers? one of the iconico "back the future" shoes sold on ebay last night. >> that shoe is in bad shape. the heel is starting to crumble. that didn't stop the bidders from going high. final price, nearly $100,000. it's in portland, oregon. whoever bought it, they have to go get it. it's in such bad shape. is it worth it? >> probably not. >> so, if you plan to do some grilling for the fourth of julyt it might cyou a little less this year. the wait is over in l.a. that's where kin james is going.
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last night, it was a ounced that lebron james is leaving cleveland again, folks. it's happening. this time, he's going to the l.a. lakers, afteng signhe four-year, $153 million deal, the reaction was fast on social media, with many celebs welcoming welcome ing lebron james. and no ersey burning in cleveland so far. they're handling it well.> new team, of course, means new teammates for lebron. remember this from the 2014 playoffs, lance stephenson. his deal was announcer ngbron's. it will be interes to see their dynamic. i'll take 4.4 million. just $4 million. i'll take $1 million.
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i'm just trying to -- >> whatever you can bring in. sheena, everybody is focused on what you have to say this morning. it's o press ingppressive, disgs >> for a lot of people, dangerous. my parents are up tre in age, finally turned the a.c. on over the weekend. >> they don't like a.c. >> you have to like it now. we have an air quality alert along with the he today. your parents, especially, molte, shouldn't be hanging out outside te ay. stay in r conditioning. if you're going to be okay, have the spf or higher. everybody on the map, feeling like 105 this asfternoon.
6:20 am
best chance of showers is to our west. temperatures when you wake up and walk outside, youll notice warm and humid. leesburg is a little more comfortable at 68 degree 92 by lunchtime. feeling 100 noon. 97, feeling lke 10 we have the weather alert, dangerous heat today. if you're at the beach, today will be the hottest day of the week. 89. sunny and spf 30, all week. we go into wednesday and looking good forhe fireworks. we have a an isolated shower. we are looking nice and dry for the firework festivities. long weekend at the beach,
6:21 am
that's the next rain chance. our next showers approach on friday. looking like it can linger into saturday. we will update the timing on that. look at the 90s. we're in aat wave and going to stay in it as we go through the rest of the week. a oser look at the fourth of july weather coming up. let's check the roads with jack taylor on this monday. t> good morning. the b weah had activity. it was on both shoulders. but debris was in the exit ramp. on the rock creek parkway, near "p" street, we may have had a dligs. one direction at a time. southbound on colombia pike, there's been a crash. chopper 4 is o flyingver the beltway. thengtraffic is movwell between maryland and virginia. back to you. >> thank you so much, jack.
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you're watching "news 4 today." 6:24 right now. it's probably not surprising to hear a dog ist living a firehouse in fairfax county. but the dog is not a dalmatian ruriding along in fireks to danger. he is a different kind of dog.
6:25 am
easy to see wally loves making people feel good. he lives dog's life. fetches a ball. answers commands. this 2-year-old goldendoodle has a special job, certified canine e erapy. he is believed to e first therapy dog that lives full-time at a firehouse. he has a personalized crate in h family room. r. this is my spot, the foam roller on the fl now, wally is an addition. >> reporter: wally comforts paul stella. >> i like it. i'm a dog person. i enjoy it to get outside. destress for a minute, take him on a walk. >> reporter: it's been nearly a year and wally is all settled around the firehouse. when engine 32 jumps in gear
6:26 am
and into action, wally waits for ofhis family to return, tor therapy when needed. >> somemes it's easier to be with the dog than other people, if you don't want to talk. you can hang out with wally. >> we hang out together. we're a pretty close station t begin with. >> wally has been so successful at that firehouse, they are tt considering ing more dogs in firehouses of fairfax county. talking abt the extreme heat. dangerous heat. look at these temperares soaring into the 90s. close to lunchtime and through the afternoon. the humidity will make a huge difference. we'll look at how hot it will feel inaf thrnoon hours. and mrabreaking her silence the woman who says she was staby the alleged "capital
6:27 am
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"news 4 today" starts now. >> a live look outside at 6:30, at this weather alert morning. dangerously high temperatures that will be rising as y get your day started. >> that tells it all. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molettegreen. our crews are spread out out k "the capital gazette" ahooting a new thought over the weeken >> jack taylor is in for melissa, looking at the road. let's begin withsheena. >> the live picture that sums it up. hot, hazy and hu we have a weather alert out. all of the counties shaded inge orere under that heat
6:31 am
humidity ecause the will make it feel like 105. this is dangerous heat. this is another reason why it looks hazy out there. you have respiratory issues like asthma. it's near 80 degrees in quantico, and annapolis most of the suburbs are coming in at the low 70s. look at our future feels like humidity e with the when we go into the lunchtime hour. around 100eg es. and some areas feeling around 105. look at wet you can e as we head into your fourth of july, the fireworks forecast anh beach forecast, if you're headed in that direction. let's get to jack taylor ank a lt the roads. >> it is a shot one. we found thehe crash on beltway. everything is on the right shoulder. but you're going to find debris on that exitramp.
6:32 am
not a giantlowdown yet. on the rock creek parkway, it was a crash, a head-on collision. about ten or 15 minutes. down the pike, oneane is getting by here around the crash. also, 110 northbound.e we hav accident activity. take it easy. aaron and molette, back. to y breaking news out of new mexico, where police are a searching f man who broke into a tv station.en chris la at the live desk. >> not once but twice last night. lo this tweet. it's from a reporter saying everyone is safe. police say they are searching for a man who broke into the cbs station twice last night. you see a tweet from a reporter there, saying everyone is safe. say an unknown man walke on to the news set. he was escorted off of the property and apparently returned. the station had to put up the color bars during their
6:33 am
the nbc affiliate across the way was told to shelter inplace. >> chris, thank you. 6:33, now. today, the first of the fve victims in "the capital gazette" shooting will be laid to rest. the newspaper is dealing with new threats of violence at the same time. >> the woman who says the suspected gunman stalked her breaks er silence in a exclusive interview. >> you can see how the memorial hasrown overhe last couple days. people leaving flowers and messages of support. "the capital" newspaper continues toap grle with their loss, they are also dealing with death thats.
6:34 am
that's according to an editorial in sunday's paper. since thursday, the paper has received threats and e-mails, celebrating the shooting.di therial goes on to say, we won't forget being called an enemy of the people. the shooter is in jail, charged wheree funts of first-degree murder. she is still living in fear, asked that her identity be protected. >> i still don'tfeeel i know he's in prison. i know he can't come get me today. but i have been tormented and traumatized and terrized for so long, it has changed the fiber of my being. >> you can hear more from the interview later on "today."
6:35 am
the life of one of the veeck timtim victims is being celebrated today. a private memorial service isen hag later on at owens mills. >> thank you. [ chanting ] new video from atlanta, where anti-i.c.e. protests duringed silent. officer office officers went into a tent city. several protesters started fighting the officers. one woman wasrr ted. this follows the immigration policies over the weekend. we'll talk about how the president is defending i.c.e. in about ten>> minutes. minimum wage workers in maryland will be taking home a bigger paycheck.
6:36 am
$10.10 is in effect.>> the travel rush on the roots is going to gety re about 11:00 this morning. a ten-minute trip could be 51 minutes tomorrow between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., that is expected to beos chaotic for most roads. today, the media and fans got to meet the newest member of d.c. united. wayne rooney is expected to be introduced today. he arrives english premier league late last week, to a very excited crowd. the all-time leading goal scorer is coming at great time. >> the new d.c. united stadium opens one week from friday. welcome. welcome. 6:36 is your time. a sports story trending today isn't here in d.c. lebron is joining the lakers. what to know about his giant
6:37 am
deal and the other star that will be joining him in california. >> are you hitting the for years it was your dream house. now it's your home. ♪ it's where your family feels ready to take on anything. jump in with confidence with the suntrust smartguide mortgage application. visit or speak to the suntrust team to help buy or remodel your home. suntrust confidence starts here.
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it is 6:40. a live look outside on the roads ere. it may be more congeste than your average summer monday. millions areitting theoad for the fourth of july. >> many of you are bringing the dogs with you. susan hogan has tips before you hit the road. >> report and her family are preparing for a six-hour road trip to vermont. >> we started to do small trips around town. >> reporter: they're rking with a trainer, holly santana, to get road-ready. en>> you should have consi. you want the same food and the same schedule.
6:41 am
if they eat at 6:00 a.m. and 00 p.m., keep it that. >> keep a towel or bed from home. and take breaks every three hours. make sure your dog's collar has an i.d. with your contact info. and don't forget about safety. >> pets can act as projectiles if they're not secured. >> we coucted crash tests on dummy dogs. they found the most secure restraints, the sleepy pod carrier. the sleepy pod crate. and the click-it harness. >> family trips to vermont are important to us. i want to make sure everyone in the car is safe. >> susan hogan, news 4. another reminder, don't forget your pet'sio vaccin
6:42 am
records. you may need them if your dog gets sick. sheena? >> good monday morning. we know this time of year is toe hot to leaving the dogs in the ca we're hazy and hot and humid. nearly 80 degrees in washington. a weather alert day because of
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
it is 6:45 now, july brings the hewet. know that. a live look outside this morning where it may look pretty but it certainly will not feel like that. our team coverage of the soaring temperatures continues. >> we're working for you on tips how to stay safe and coolth in s swelter. justin finch joins us from the national mall with some good advice. >> i'm not sure if you've been outside yet, i will tell you it is warm, a touch humid, as well.
6:46 am
we're watchin out for a heat advisory that is said to go into effect at today and carry on until 8:00 p.m. we're talking temperatures of over 100 degrees. we have tips for you. make sure you're wearing and reapplying your sunscreen. talking out 30spf-plus. eyou want to tak breaks if your outside for long murdperio. every 45 minutes is what docts are adviser. stay hydrated. low sugar but avoid the alcohol and the caffeine. you wnt to ma sure that you're also avoiding the hot and heavy meals. your goal isst to as cool as possible. stay inside by the a.c.
6:47 am
check on older family and friends and children and this hot weather can be hard on their systems. >> moving side-to-side helps you to stay cooler, huh? >> i think it does. catch the breeze that way. >> smart man. >> i loveit. sheena will be back and tell us how hot it will feel today. >> and our next chances of rain. to hundreds of thousands took to the streets across the country over the weekend, protesting president trump's immigration policy. >> but the president is firing back. nbc national correspondent, wter alexander at the white house this mornith more. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'll leave the dancing to justin thismorning. the department of homeland security responding to the rotests, saying they thank them for expressing interest. this is seen to overhaul or
6:48 am
abolish what's called . xrchc.e calling his eighaides soav today, the president will be with the prime minister of the netherlands. overnight, he said congratulations to the new mexican president. the president tweeted, i have much looking forward to be working with him. have then latest w we see you this morning on "today." >> peter alexander at e white house. we'll see you, thanks. now.6:48 our time right we have an update to a story that's raising new security questions for president trump. comedian john melendez said attorney michael avenatti will represent him. that's the same attorney that represents stormy daniels.
6:49 am
this meeting comes after melendez called trump on air force once, menendez. to be bob this is when the president tipped his hand for a supreme court nominee. >ewe have some great cho and it will be done over 12 to 14 days. >> the white house won't confirm that the call actually happened. but the secret service is looking into how the comedian apparently reached the president and whether he posed a threat. now, to ain devel story. the suspect in a horrific stabbing spree in idaho, headed to court this morning. the stabbing spree in idaho is heading to court this morning. nine people, including six kids, were hurt saturday when the suspect went on a rampage at a birthday party.
6:50 am
othe search is for the person who stabbed a lyft driver several times. this happened early saturday morning at an apartment complex at good hope court. tere was a fight between the driver and one passengers. when the suspect stopped, he stabbed him in the head with a knife. both passengers jumped out of the car and ran off. the victim is expected to be okay. now, new video of a rescue n in soutaiwan. a little boy, a 4-year-old boy got his head stuck on the balcony in the metal park of the balcony. he was hanging there for a half hour. they had to drill to repel down and get him out. he's okay. he d some bruises. more shocking video this morning. we've learned that an american woman has died after a boat exploded in a fun time on the
6:51 am
water. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the explosion. they say 12 people were on the boat, 10 of them americans. three of themericans have been upgraded from critical to stable condition. their names are not ble on the potomac river when a boat goes um on flames. people were on that boat when it caught fire around 10:00 last nigh. all this happened on selden island. crews put out the fire. the nvestigators tell us, boat c sank before thld pull it to store. ur we want to thank you attention to the forecast. sheena parveen is here. it's a weather alert day. >> that's because you have dangerous temperatures in the
6:52 am
forecast. the humidity will make it feel5 like this afternoon. stay hydrated and stay in the shade. you ask, stay in the a.c.ea the wave will be continuing, today, the heat advisories, from noon until 8:00 em. don'tect the rain release today. we will be dry an sunny. many of our suburbs are in about the low 70s. a little more relief out in the suburbs.wa either everyone will warm up. here's your lunchtime. by 4:00 p.m., 97 degrees. dangerous heat feeling 105. still hot, still in the 90s and looking sunday. really nice weather. the hottest day will be today. tomorrow, 83.
6:53 am
wednesday, mostly sunny isolated area will stay dry. your foreca you're around the d.c. metro area or everyone, should be dry. it is looking nice. if you're going to be at the beach, we go into thex wenext w. we look like we should be dry saturday into sunday. look at this stretch of 90s. through friday, over the weekends, we're back in the 80s. 14 l let's go to jack taylor and see what's going on on the roads. >> there's been some cones out, getting debris o of the roadway. everything is out of the roadway. free parkway at "p" street. we'rene in aay pattern.
6:54 am
colombia pike has shuto between south dinwiddie and greenbrier streets. on the rls this morning, we have issues on the orange, blue and silver line. we have a signal problem outside of the davious armory. >> we got word from the fbi who arrested a man who was planning a terr attack on if fourth of july. he was planning to stage an attack on july 4th. the fgi will hol a press conference. we expect to get a press conference from the naonal park service to talk about security in our area, as it relates to the fourth. >> thank you. 6:54 right now.
6:55 am
the universal circus is in town. we featured their special show on news 4 today. >> last night's show benefited the kids lives matter campaign. the proceeds go to help children in a nonprofit. i had an opportunity to be guest ring master. >> did you ride an elephant? >> noel fants allowed. you know that.ny >> swinging from the ceiling? >> you should stick to family. her dghter performed baton twirling there's my family. they will beou performing thr july 22nd.'s it happening. king james moving west apparently.
6:56 am
the owner of the cleveland calves thanked james for all of his years with the team. a new team, of course, means new teammates for lebron. remember ts from the 2014 playoffs, lance stephenson. his deal was announced after lebron's. stephenson will make just over $4 million a year. >> and he gets to play with lebron. >> today, the newest member of d.c. united will be officially welcomed to washington. he will be introduced during a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon. >> police are searching for a man who oke into the cbs station. the cbs station did not go into its :00 and 10:00 newscast.
6:57 am
this morning, a memorial service for one of the victims skilled in the shooting rampa rampages. coming up, an exclusive interview of a woman who says th suspected gunman stalked her. a heat a risery starts at noon and runs until 8:00 p.m. you can download our app for the latest weather updates. >> thanks for joining us. >> yes. "today" show is coming up next. >> we'll be back in 25 mites with your weather and local news. >> great it a eat mond, gr
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good morning. holiday hea wave. nearly 60 million americans under warnings and advisories d ahf july 4th. temperatures soaring into the triple digits. some reaching record highs. w how longl it last? dylan has our forecast. unthinkable crime. >> pure evil in my mind. >> what we're learning about the suspect who went on a stabbing spree at a child's birthday party. we have the details. >> speaking out, the woman stalked by the annapolis gunman emotional in an exclusive interview. >> i would be afraid that he


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