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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 3, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzales. first, the heat wave we're ena he myle of with s parveen. >> in the middle of the heat wave with more heat today because we have a heat at viseadvisory, like yesterday. would have isolated pop-up storms. fe feeling like 105 with poorir quality. take a look right now. 82 in washington. feels like 89 degrees. if you walk outside and you say, oh, my gosh, this is uncomfortable, that'secause it feels close to 90 right now. it's 4:30 in the. morni if we don't get above 79 degrees in washington, ts is the lowestemratures since 2003 if you're heading to the pool, you need the 3spf or higher.
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plenty of sunshine. we'll look at your fourth of july fireworks forecast and your beach forecast coming up. let'so over to melissa and see what's going on on the roads. >> 329 southbound, blocked by er frksburg. route 1, at southpoint parkway. thats 95 southbound and southbound looking okay. so is 66. arlington had a problem. washington boulevard at 110. heading out this morning, good idea. you want t tovel before 10:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. >> look at the pictures at the bridge. right now, 4:31, following breaking news in d.c. a car slammed through a brick wall at a 7-eleven. the driver suffered some serious
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injuries. this happened in the 900 block of northeast. that's right at the maryland/d.c. line. today is so ba terrible tuesday has arrived for forty of july travel. pretty calm along the chesapeake bay bridge. >> you want to hit the road sooner ratherhanlater. the worst time will be about 1:00 in the afteoon. gridlock will be at its worse between 95 and 270 north. millions plan to hit the roads, even though gas is the most expensive we've seen. >> people want to take their vacations. they want to get out of town. ey want to enjoy the weather follow first 4 traffic on
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twitter for the latest on crashes and delays. several roads are closed becae of the holiday. we highlighted what's going to be closed on this map. we have the nats game going on, a huge parade along constueution av and the fireworks show. those aren't the full list of activities. go to our app and search fourth of july. the mayor of annapolis says he's disappointed at his failure to honor the victims killed last week. hundredsottered for victims. a celebration was had for rob
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hiaasen. and now,w we k that jarrod ramos sent the letter to the law offices. he targete the judge who threw out the defamation suit again "the capital gazette." a family is mourning the loss of a man who killed his own daughter. when he failed to return t child, they called police. they found the pair dead in gill le gilbert run pa. it is 4:35. here's a look at the top stories we're following for you. a maryland man is in prison for beating his wife and unborn chd. she was five months pregnant at the time of that attack.
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trecutors say he murdered them because he didn'ant to be a father. hundreds come together to mourn the loss of a little girl. the 3-year-old was celebrating when police say timmy kinner attacked. he was staying with someb y at the complex and was asked to leave the day beforeck the atta harvey weinstein faces additionalex crime charges. a jury washington. he has denied theccusations of nonconsensual sex. happening now, a race against time inthailand. >> rescuers are freeing the players and coach from a cave. >> let's get you to the latest video we're seeing in thailand. there's the boys.
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they've been trapped for tenda in a flooded cave. to put this rescue into perspecti perspective, it's huge. it stretches six miles under a mountain. you're looking at liv pictures upstairs. they have two options for a potentiaue re number one, getting the boys to dive their way out. that's the fastest method to extract them. organi arguably, the most dangerous. another option, create another entrance to the cave. that means carving out a shaft large enough for the boys to fit through andhas not only corply kacorp complicated but could takeim a long another monsoon is on the way and could raise the water levels more. thank you, aaron.
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chris, thank you. the nathan's hot talk eating contest may betae for the fourth of july. but another composition is happening here in washington, d.c. 14 concession taunts from all around the country, eat as many burgers as you can in justen minutes. this sexual video fr this i video from last year event. the winner is returning to defend her title.e ad 28 burgers. >> oh, my word. the winner takes home cash and bragging rights. people that come out to watch today at noon will be treated to free burgers. i don't kn b if it'st before or after. i don't know if you'd have an appetite after watching that later. >> it's .4: coming up, another reason to grab two cups of coffee.
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details on the study that confirms that fireworks can help you live longer. wire
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> fireworks are often the star of many fourth of july ns celebratio. now, there's a new trend that's exploding, though. some are calling them digital fireworks. it's hundreds of drones moving in a 3d display. >> intel, the company that powers many of the big drone light shows is rehearsing for -- the armsre already -- >> i want to walk off this set right now.ta di >> explain it to me, right? why can't simple thingsust be kept simple? so, the plan is apparently for them to fly over the travis air
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force base. take a liste >> something that's green. wean reuse the drones from the olympics, from the fountains of bellagio for fourthy of j shows. >> this way alleviates, wildfire risk and pollution. >> let's get rid of the flags, too, for the fourth of july. >>sheena, help. is that anoxymoran, digital fireworks. if you head to the beach, the traffic will be bad. but the temperatures will be a bett the beach. we have a heat advisory for the area. i'll show you how hot it will feel again, coming up. as plus, a legend h landed. a
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it is 4:45 now. esday, wake up on this the heat wave continues, folks. it will feel like 's 105 degrees outside. >> oh. >> and for that reason, a heat advisory will be in effect this afternoon. >> sheena parveen is going to
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join us to break it all down in a few minutes. we're following breaking news out of colorado. the gso-called sprire is causing more evacuations. this started near a week agot. neargarland. and it has destroyed more than 100 homes isalready. s an area south of california springs, not too far from the great sand dunes, a popular tourist attraction hthere. one m been arrested in connection with starting this re. colorado, the entire state is in hot, dry, windy weather. sheena parveen says this agha see some rain in the coming days. it's not going to be nearly enough to slow down uge fire. aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. 4:46. we turn to new details about this boat explosion. it killed an american woman vacationing in the bahamas. she was on vacation with her
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husband. exploded on saturday. when it family members said the couple loved to travel. and stephanie schafer, a recent college graduate, also on that boat. the belly dancer had both legs amputated akn the . her uncle says she doesn't know that yet. >> that's an awful story. >> terrible, wow. want to switch gears. presidenovtrump isg quickly to fill the supreme court vacancy from justice kennedy's retirement. >> the president interviewed four people this week. chris, what's the president saying about the possible nominees? >> not much, aaron. he's being coy about the whole process. it reminds you of "the apprentice." he has met withheour of people he is considering for the supreme court nomination. ther will be two to three more meetings coming up this week before he makes his announcement
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on monday. yesterday, the president said the people he talk to are outstanding people. ey're incredible people. through nbc news' reporting heo went someone who went to a top law school. we also know that as democrats plan to make row versus wade and the jurists opinions about that, right now, the white house doesn't say much of whaes the ast thinks of roe versus way. he hoping toppnt two or three justices to the court that would overturn ro but in the white house briefing, sarah huckabee sanders declined to say what the president's personal feeling on roe is right now. >> chris, thank you. the lacfor county
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executive is ant bout to get mo involved. nancy taurine will be campaigning this year. a finalal of provisional ballots and vote totals are expected by this friday. we have a teacher caught on camera striking one of her fourth grade students. the i-team recently revealed surveillance video from last okok october. it shows her hitting the child. in addition to her prohibition, she must get court permission before working with children shr had a license to
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teach, even though she was working at that school. 000 d.c. teachers are unlicensed. some d.c. kids will be worried about their next meal. that's where the summer meals program comes in. it serves hundreds of meals throughout the day each day. we met three dedicatedorkers in northeast. they don't mind working during the summer. they're making sure d.c. kids get alwellced meals and that's the most important thing. more important than a vacation.n >> they've betting great stuff. everything we make is from scratch. std we're the >> it feels great. a lot of the kids are unfortunate and they go home with nothing to eat. >> any kid in d.c. is welcome to receive a meal. we a posted list of all of the sites. semech d.c. s. this heat we've been talking
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about isn't just dangerous for peop, but forpets, as well. this yorkie, named jack, from a hot car. officers tracked the car down, jack got some water and reunited it with his owner. never leave a pet aunatended ina car. >> we siay it all the time. >> you can't do it. for a car to get towed. >> and nody realizes it, how long? >> even the pavement right now can be hot to the touch. >> the asphalt, you might get them running. >> how hot is it going to be today? >> did youer like yey, aaron? >> no.
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>> okay. it will be like yesterday. on't goside again. just peek through the blinds today. you know, if you're hitting the pool or heading to the beach, lucky now. that will be a great place to cool off. aaron asked how hot it will feel this afternoon. it will feel like 105 degrees. no relief from the 90s until we get some rain on friday. thursday for ce some showers but friday will be the bigger rainfall. heat advisory, again. we have poor air qualityagain. the same weather patterns in place. we look at satellite radar. this looks like it did yesterday morning. clouds to our west, dry conditions here. as you are hitting the road with theusy commute today. you'll see sun glare and tempatures heating up quickly. a dry commute for you.
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82 in washington. i in dulles. 79 in quantico b feels warmer. >> if you're going to do w drilling, il be a hot day. temperatures in the mid-90s, feeling like 105. the national independence day parade, tomorrow is looking good. 88 degrees by 2:00 p.m., tempatures will b around 90, but staying dry. and the fireworks look good, too. in the city, in your neighborhood, or at the beach, it looks nice and cry. thursday, a better chance for rain, lingering into saturday. and 80s across the weekend. let's head toelissa watching the commute. >> good morning. 50 at the bay idge. a l of people will be headed eastbound today. you want to leave before 10:00
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a.m. or after 010 a.m. the worst time to travel, 10:00 to 10:00 today. in a loop and out of the loop on the lty. you can see, nothing there is in your same son if you're headed outbound on 66 this morning. take a look here. no worries. the first thing a lot of eeople do when they wake up is down a cup of co there may be evidence that that coffee may bst you living a longer life. half a million coffee drinkers had a t slower death thse who didn't drink coffee. >> experts say loading it with fat and calories probably isn't the way to go. now, talking aut extra
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calories, red velvet, birthday cake, chocolate, vanilla. you'ver area you prefer, heard of georgeown cupcake. bakery that made cupcakes cool has expanded to six stores. in ten years, they have hold more tha 50 million cupcakes. you canck c out interview with them in our nbc washington app. an international superstar is calling d.c. home. th rolled out the red carpet, with wayne rooney in the team. he leftanchester and says that
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his is the perfect season for him. >> i think it's the right time i needed. i think it's theim right to come here. hopefully we'll beore successful. >> rooney agreed to a contractr roughly $13 million. it's one of the best independence celebrations in the country. that means plenty of people driving through the city. the changes ahead of worm's celebration. and searchers in thailand got the miracle they were hoping for. it could be months before they get the boys out of the cave safely. we'll have the latest on the rescue efforts on "news today."
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you could see two-times to three-times asarany con the road today. you're waking up toex what is cted to be the busiest travel day of the fourth of jy holiday. and after a knife a attack a child's birthday party, the birthday girl has died. heat across the region ahead of .celebratio but there could be relief this weekend on the way. >> "news today" starts now. >> until then, the heat wave continues, my friends. thanks for joining us.
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i'm aarongi hrest. >> i'm erika gonzalez. this is the calm before the storm coming this afternoon. aaa was expecting a million people to travel for the fourth of july holiday. today will be t busiest day. >> melissa mollet is checking e roads. but we start with sheena. >> it's warm to start this morning. ifat dangerous heat is on the move. ou're traveling, we're nice and dry. the not-so-good news, it will be extremely hot agai 105 degrees this afternoon. heat advisory for everybody. this is the se thing wehowed you yesterday. today will be a carbon copy of yesterday.


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