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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 3, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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thousands gather to mourn the victims and learn the birthday girl has died. and heat and humidity over the whole region ahead of independence day celebrations. there could be some relief on the way. "news 4 today" starts now. >> the heat wave continues today, folks. it's 6:00 a.m. right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. the sun is shining on the roads this morning. and this is likely to be the most peaceful the rds will be all day. aaa expecting more than a million people to travel for the fourth ofuly holiday. and today will be the busiest day. >> melissa mollet is working for you to keep an eye on the ros. sheena parveen is keeping an alert day. because her alert d of the heat advisory. expected to feel 105 degrees this afternoon. we don'tave relief in the forecast until we get to friday's rainfall. that will start to cool things
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down for the weekend. 80-degree temperatures this weekend. until we get there, we'll be in the 90s. heat advisory for everybody. if you thought yesterday was too hot and humid, i think that was meliss mollet sneezing. bless you. >> sorry. >> i knew it. feeling like 105 as we gohi through afternoon. poor air quality. irybe it's quality that's making melissa sneeze. 82 in washington. since we're above 79, i don't think we dropped to 79degrees. this is the warmest low temperatureince 2002 in d.c. that's going down as a record. today's poolorecast will be hot, in the mid-90s. feeling like 5. make sure you have the spf on. if you're heading to the beach, coming up, let's head over to melissa. are you okay? >> good morning. i'm fine, now. having a little attack. i'm allergic to all ohe hot weather, i guess.
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metro blue line, delays to glenmont outside of dupont circle. i have to change that tohe red line. chopper 4 at new hampshire avenue, we had an earlier disabled vehicle. now, it is on the right side of the roadway. 50 here. bay bridge, no problems rig now. leave early if you can. and to manassas, sudly road after 66. you can get around it, there's a detour in place. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:02. if you plan to hit the you won't be alone.ll ns of people will head out of town for the fourth of jy. >> justin beltway with how traffic is looking so far. so far, so good, justin? >> reporter: yeah. so far, s good, erika. on this terrible tuesday, aaa says your travel times on freeways could doub. that includes the busy beltway
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here, so far, has been looking pretty good. aaa says this afternoon, perhaps, the early afternoon,yo will start to see a major uptick of cars on the roadst efore the evening commute, as workers choose to leave work early, to get a run on the roadways here. aaa saying that more than 1 million people from the d.c.o area, will be tra miles or more for the fourth of july. and before any long trip. if you're driving, you want to make sure your car is in shape, especially for this hot summer heat. >> when you're traveling, thera hotter temres do impact your car travel. make sure youene t your car in to be ready for that road trip. if you're stuck of that side the road, we'll be there to help you. >> with 47 million people set to travel across the country, more people might meet that number. if you're traveling, make sure your car is tuned up.
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you might want toleeave early or e later and beat the big rush, expected in a matter of hours. we're live in vienna. back into you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. 6:04 now. the only roads are not thing we have to deal with today. >> the heat wavecontinues. the air conditioners will be on full blast n the homes, the cars. shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen. >> something without caffeine and without alcohol. it has a lit e bit of sugar and salt. it's perfect. >> coming up in a few minutes, sheena pveen will tell us when we'll see a break in the temperatures and our next chance of rain. tomorrow, thounds will descend on the capital for fourth of july. but there's aor lot going on than just the fireworks. you need to be ready for road closures. roads will be closed before you wake up tomorrow morning.un
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the area arothe mall will be e's four major events. the nats are playing at 11:30. you want to know about that. thonbig parade on constituti avenue, starts at 11:45. gates open at 3:00 in the afternoon to get into the national s capitol.ncert at the and the national mall will be packed with people looking for a good st for the fireworks. >> as of right now, there's no credible threats to the washington, d.c. metropolitan area and no indication of attacks targeting our city. d.c. fire is emphasizing reworks safety. to search which fireworks are legal where you live, search fireworks law. hundreds of people gathered for the first memorial service in annapo as. >> service was held for rob
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hiaasen. people told stories about the father of three, a journalist who always made people laugh. his son, ben, read from his father's journal. >> i think about all my kids a lot, when i'm at work. i call home to make sure everyone is safe. sometimes awful things come to my mind and i get so scared. >> in response to questions on where to make donations in rob hiaasen's memory, the family has released a list. next week, memorial services will be held for another victim in the "gazette" shooting. john mcnamara worked as a sports reporter for two decades. the ceremony will be at theer unty of maryland college park chapel. the suspected "capital gazette" shooter sent amreatening letters on the day of the attack. we're learning more about them jarrod sent them to the law office of the paper's former attorney.
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investigators say he made it look like an official court document. he targets the judge who flew out his defation lawsuit against "the capital gazette." s, welcome, mr. moylan, to your unexpected legacy. you should have died. friends forever, jared w. ramos. this morning, d.c. police have released surveillance video. sothat video shows two perof interest in the death of jonathan grady last week. that video shows two men running across pennsylvania avenue southeast,e une 28th. thcamera picks up one of the men holding something that looks like a kfe. there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. a ryland man will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering his fiancee and unborn child. prosecutors say he killed them because he didn't want to be a father. charging documents reveal
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he stabbed his fiancee inside their apartment o years ago. ice that to convince p there was an intruder but montgomery county police realized something didn't add up based on the evidence. >> there was a blood trail in the crime scene that showed, she toruggled from the bathroo the bedroom to the living room, trying to make her escape. >> prosecutors say tars murder isof a troubling trend, pregnant women dying at the hands of their partners. if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship. you n search the app to lear more to protect yourself and your loved ones. we have an update to this horrible crime in boise, idaho. a 3-year-old girl who wa stabbed at her own birthday party. it happened at an apartme complex where there's manyfu
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gees that live there, a man attacked the kids with a knife.r one of thevors described the terrifying rampage. >> he went to her and made her fall on the ground. then, en he stabbed her lots of times. >> police say the suspect, timmy kinner, had been asked to leave that complex on friday. he faces first-degree murder charges. crews are trying to safely rescue the youth soccer people that's been stuck in a partially flooded cave in thaila >> last night, the 12 boys and their coach were found alive, nine days after l.ey disappeared into the cave. thai navy s.e.a.showed this video from the group inside the cave. g even though tup is found, they're not out of danger just yet.
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they say rescuing the group right nomeans guiding the teenagers who are weak and hungry through two miles of dark passageways under water. right now, monument avenue in richmond is lined with statues of confederate veterans. but a majority of richmond residents want to change that. -long according to a ye study. some of the changes include, adding a monument to the eng aved and totally removin the statue of jefferson davis. the finding impossible actions will be presented to the public later th summer. technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy.a spected fairfax county drug dealer learned that when he exaccidentallyd an officer by mistake.
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it said hmu, hit me up. they greeted the man with a search warrant. they discovered a mound of marijuana, weapons and wash. he is charged with possession with intent to distribute. a man thought he was helpinf plan a fourth uly terror attack. now, he is sitting in jail. how the fbi tracked him down. the president has put his name on buildings and golf courses all over the world. now, it looks like drug dealers are trying to cash in on the brand recognition. more on that straight ahead. good tuesday morning. if you're heang to the beach on thisueerribleay traffic-wise, you'll be happy when you get there. we have more rain relief before the weekend. i'll show you that and your forecast cominup. i want you to bring the kids to the newseum. we're at the 1968 exhibit, ich haswh
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6:15. we're working for you with staycati ideas all summer long. un you're looking for a cool place to have some with your kids, we have you cover. >> we're going to head to the newseum, where parents can take advantage of an awesome deal. molette green is there. >> reporter: it's a kids-free summer here. i'm happy to be here, getting a sneak peek at this 1968 exhibit. it's really good. it bringsse them clo and personal to what happened back th. and it shows them the parallels of what's going on today. sonia is with t newseum. this is really good for kids. you give kids' learning activities here. >> half of our visitors are
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kds. let thes run around and learn when they're here. this isin not a b quiet museum. e want kids to talk to their parents and grandparents who come with them and experience the news as it happened, this first draft of history. >> i love that. and it's free for the kids. >> free for the kids, all summer long. >> reporter: i love this staycation option. and these young people arein rested in the images on this wall right here. great visuals for the young people. when we come back later on, we're going to run down four things to know in thenewseum for your kids. that's what's coming up later on, o news 4 today. >> a great way to see how we've chronicled history. molette, thanks. 6:17 now. and a p terrot targeting fourth of july celebrations in cleveland, ohio, has been stopped.
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>> this morning, we are learning how the fbi nabbed this suspect. the tip led agents to dimitrs pitts. two weeks ago, he started to meetith who he thought was an al qaeda operative.ll it was actuaan fbi agent working undercover he used his cell phone to photograph places for an attack. he told agents, quote, what would hit them in their core, have a bomb to blow up the p fourth of juade. >> he discussed giving remote control cars packed with explosives and shrapnel to the children of our uniform military members.ha >> he never d explosives and said he didn't want to be the one to carry out the attack. agents arrested him suay on federal terror charges.n unusual drug bust in indiana. officers seized a stash of pills that look like president trump. these orange pills are ecstasy.
6:18 am
on the front, the president's face. on the back, the words, great again. similar pills turned up in europe. this has come up at drug busts across indiana. we turn to the weather this morning. a lot of people are trying to get a handle on how they can function with this crazy heat we've been dealing with. >> can we function, aaron? >> i didn't leave mhouse. i went home and sit in the air conditioning. i have no reason to go anhere. >> i have to go out because i have dogs. it's hot. >> let hthem run around in the house. >> i went under a umbrella with a nice, cold beer. >> you can take two jugs of water to one beer and maybe you're fine. as i thought she going to say two jugs of beer. >> aaron i going to sit in the a.c. today. we know what erika is going to do.
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y. temperatures as we go through the start of your tuesday are already very warm. we havey of sunshine out there. 82 in washington. we've been feeling warmer all morning. with the humidity it will feel around 105 this afternoon. poor air quality withhis again. same weather pattern, very that's go make it not healthy for people with asthma or respiratory issues. we're nice and dry locally. we're goingo stay sunny as we go through the day. it's 75 in clinton. i 72 manassas. 75 in quantico. it's very muggy. 81 in annapolis. we go through your tuesday, by lunchtime, 92. feelin near 100 degrees. you need spf if you're going to be out today. by the afternoon, feeling like 105.
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tomorrow, national independence day parade. if you're heading out to that, drescool. by 2:00 p.m., mostly-sunny skies and humid. fo fireworks and the city, we're looking at clear conditions. it will be dr sunse at 8:37. really nice at the beaches, too. if you're heading to t beaches, friday and saturday, especially, those are the days with rain, especially later in the day. if you're there for the end of the week and it looks good, with sunshine and dry conditions. 90s for the rest of the week. the main relief arrives, mainly friday. that knocks the temperatures into the 80s for your saturday and sunday. let's check in with melissa and see what is going on with the commute. >> delays to glmont on the red line. chopper 4 taking a look. eastbound and westbound spans bothe moving n and smoothly.
6:21 am
it's open. you want to leave early or late if you are headed out of town today. arlington, southbound g.w. parkway. a crash in the left lane. manassas, after 66, all lan blocked. travel times are looking good on 270 and the beltway her this morning. 66 inbound, 99 northbound in virginia. no big worries yet. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car, especiay if you'r headed out of town. if you plan to fire up the holiday, there's more to worry about than just the flames.
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you're watching "news today." >> welcome back. 6:24. many of us will be cooking outside to celebrate the fourth of july. >> before you heat up the grill, molette green has tips to keep you safe.or >> rr: fourth of july means it's time to take grilling to the next level. when you get away u from thesual burgers and dogs. the risk of food may increase.'s wegman executive chef, adam marshal, says the most important thing t keep in mind, a clean cooking space. >> wash your surface area.ou have utensils wat s washed and cleaned. >> reporter: when it comes to grilling chicken, thermometer placement is key. >> inserting it into the thickest part is the important piece. >> reporter: if you're preparing
6:25 am
for a large barbecue, he recommds getting premarinaded meats. >> it makes cleanup simple. and you're not dealing with a lot of cross-contamination factors. >> reporter: always keep a spray bottle on-hand in case of grill flare-ups. and brush your grill down if you're using different kinds ofs me to prevent cross-contamination. >> i would do your vegn options on one side and your poultry and beef on the other side. b >> reporte the most important thing, have fun and don't be afraid to try something new. keeping food safety in mind, we have four easy recipes to spice up your piic table. >> if you're making grilled chicken, chef marshall recommended a dish minaded in peruvian chilies and ginger. >> and think abosh portobello oms. they're a good substitute for burgers. >> mbe seafood makes you nervous.
6:26 am
but our experts suggested skewered shrimp. >> if you want a burger, youan spice that up with bacon and cheese inside the patty. >> all of those recipes can be found in the nbc washington app. just search barbecue recipes. we have talked food all morning long. now, i have to eat some plain hard-boiled eggs. >> our cafeteria has anything you want. today, we're calling it terrible tuesday commute i guess o cause the roads are going be packed. as you're commuting, look at the weather. the weather will befo cooperati you. you want that a.c. on big-time. a heat advisory for the area. i'll show you how hot it will be and the important fourthcaf july fo coming up. you seevi tributes gils to "the capital gazette" victims. there's one public way they will not be honored. we're tracking breaking news. news. new video from an
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(birds chirping, a running brook,) news. new video from an ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors just what's anrefreshingly real.. "news 4 today" starts now. >> right now, 6:30, we're starting ts tuesday like we've started so many days lately,
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well into the 80s. it feels awful outside. and in true d.c. weather fashion, it's going to feel even hotter than the number you see all day long. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning, anyway, right? >> i know. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mrika gonzalez. we're working for you on team lverage. chrirence is at the live desk with new details about an incredle rescue attempt overseas. >> we have team coverage and fourth 4 traffic. we begin with the heat wave we're riding ou eena parveen is here with what to expect today. >> good morning. still in the heat wave. temperatures are warm and humid this morning. we're not going to get cooler than this. we have hit a record for the warmest low temperares since 2002 on this day. this will lead you to hmagine ho the afternoon will be. many suburbs are in the mid to low-70s right now. feeling warm we're the humidity. a heat advisory frooon to
6:31 am
8:00 p.m. today will be a lot like yesterday. feeling like 105 this afternoon. poor air quality. after this morning, we're going to soar to 90 degrees. feelingtime, it will be like 100 degreeth even hotter afternoon. but a lot of people are wondering if your fourth of july is going to stay dry. i' have that forecast for you. if you're heading to the beach, rain in the forecast, straight ahead.k let's lt how the roads are looking. >> looking at the bay bridge, looking beautiful. thank you chopper 4 for this shot here. looks pretty now. not going to be p tty lateron. you want to travel before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. it will be busy and mixed in with the getaway day travelers, it will be the regular evening/afternoon commute. arlington southbound, g.w. parkway, a crash in the left lane. nassas after 66, shut down
6:32 am
because of a water main break. you can see you're looki good, inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. no other big problems on the roads. on the rails, red line delays to glenmont, signal problem outsi of dupont circle. terrible tuesday has arrived for fourth of july travel. take a look. things look nice on the chesapeake bay bridge. it wilfe look difrent in a few hours. >> if you're going out of town, go out sooner than later. tthe worst time cross the bay bridge is at 1:00 p.m. gridlock will be at i worse on i-95 south or the beltway. 5:00 p.m. will be the heaviest time for traffic. llions will hit the roads, even though the gas prices are as high a we've seen in four years. >> people want to take vacations. they want to get out of town. they want to enjoy the weather with family and friends. they're going to travel dspite
6:33 am
ga prices. >> justin finch will have an update of travel condifrom the beltway. we're following two breaking news stories. a car slamming through a bricka wall aeleven. firefighters say they rescued one person from this car. but the victim is suffering injuries. this happened around 11:00 last night, on eastern avenue, on the maryland/d.c. line. also in that area, d.c. police were investigating a quadruple shooting. the scene was in the 1700 block of benning road. there's a mcdonald's. al four men were conscio breathing. no word on their current conditions. a family i mourning the loss of a 3-year-old girl,
6:34 am
killed by her father. investigators say he killed the little girl before taking his own life. happeniight now, there's an urgent race against time and mother nature inthailand. >> 12 boys and soccer coach are trapped in a cave there. >> let's get you to the latest video we're seeing in thailand. there's the ys. they've been trapped for ten days in a flooded cave. they are disoriented. ow long e no idea they've been trapped down there. it's been ten days. imagine what their parents are feeling. another monsoon is on the way. that could raise the water levels of the cave even more. right now, rescuers are weighing the safest way to get them out. the boys are a half-mile down and may have to be fitted with oxygen tanks and learn to dive through the water to get out of that cave. that's harder than it sounds. it's a string of narrow passageways. even the thai navy s.e.a.l.s had
6:35 am
a hard te maneuvering in that ci cave. they are trying to hook up a phone line so they can t talk the parents. >> that's incryoible. than it's 6:35. here's a look at our top stories. annapolis mayor gavin buckley says he's disappointed that president trump won't lower american flags for "the capital gazette" shootin victims. coming up, we'll have more on the huge turnout for the first memorid for one of the victims. and the suspected gunman's alleged threats the same day of the attack. the race for montgomery county executive is about to get more interesting. "t bethesda beat" announced that nancy floorene will enter the ce. two candidates are separated by fewer than 500 votes.
6:36 am
the final vote totals are exidcted by fr. and an internationoccer superstar now calls d.c. home. yesterday, d.c.te u welcomed wayne rooney to the team. he played f everdon last year but is best known for his years at manchester united. he agreed to 2 a 1/2-year contract worth roughly $13 million. a food fight heating up here. forgetdohe hot gs. today's tradition is about burgers. you won't believe the record one woman has set. staycations prove you don't need to leave town to have a good time. molette green is working for y this morning. hi, molette. hi.eporter: we're at the newseum, checking
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today." >> the fourth of july means more than just cookouts and fireworks. it means it's time for the nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. the contestants will have their weigh-in later at coney island in new york. if the men and women qualify f the contest, they will be scarfing down a lot of hot dogs tomorrow. here in d.c., the independence burger competition. >> 14 contestants are coming frome round the country to tak part in this challenge, to eat b manygers as you can in ten minutes. this is video of last year's event, the nytail and the pink hair, molly schuller is returnin to defend the title she had won three times. she had 28 burgers in 2016. >> the winner takes over 1$,500 in cash. >> she did a wing eating n.
6:41 am
competit she was able to scarf down 500-something wings. >> that's crazy. >> i know. she's a beast. this heat wave we've been talking about, isn't just dangerous for people but for pets, as well. d.c. police rescued a yorkie named jackrom a hot car yesterday. teficers tracked the car down, jack got some waand reunited it with his owner. d.c. police tweeting a reminder to never leave your pet unattended in these dangerously hot temperatures in the car. >> it's way too hot. we have dangerous heat in the forecast today. if you're grilling, the weather will be good forit if you're manning the grill, it will be hot. it will feel like 105 with the humidity. temperatures in the mid-90s. we'll talk about the fourth of july forecast and the chance for rain relief coming up.
6:42 am
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wake up on this tuesday morning. the heat wave continues, folks. it will feel like105 degrees outside. for that reason, the heat advisory will be in effect this afternoon. sheena will have the full forest for us in a moment. >> we have team coverage tracking the roads. a live look at chopper 4 at the bay bridge this morning. it is not only goi to be crowded getting across the eastern shore, but all of our roads. as drivers merge with our regular congeed d.c. commute. >> melissa mollet will show us traffic and justin finch will tell us about the worst times to hit the road. the search continues for t next supreme court justice. president trump tweeted, i interviewed four very impressive people yesterday. on monday, i will be announcing my decision for justice of the united states supreme court. >> peter alexander is following the process from the white house for us this morning. good morning. >> reporte good morning to you. president trump zeroing in on
6:46 am
that supreme court pick. he is delivering this reality tv style tease aboutis short list, without revealing any names. the president, as you note just tweeting he met with these candidates on monday. those interviews, lasting about 45 minutes. all four of them, according to "the washington post," said to be appeals court osjudges. are the names we'll focus on. the president saying he will have two or three more interviews this week. before his announcement on moeaay, when we'll it officially, he's dominated the debate, this topicf the future of roe v. wade, the landmark abortion rights decision. two moderate republicans saying they would oppose anyone who would overturn roe. have the latest on that. and hear how top democrat chuck schumer is trying toight back, trying to rally public opposition. that's on "tod." back to you. >> we'll see you then, peter
6:47 am
alexander at the white house for us this morning. peter, thanks. chris l lawrence wie news here. president trump tweeting about that announcement on monday. now, we get more insight into what people say. this came minutes after the latest nbc news and survey monkey poll was released. it came after justice anthony ken kennedy's tirement announcement on wednesday. when they think that the u.s. senate should vote toonrm or reject president trump's nominee, overwhelmingly they say before the november election. almost 2- and that same margin, when they were asked whether that next justice should vote to uphold roe v. wade. about the same amount of people say yes, they wouike to see it upheld. just a caveat here, they did a slightly more democrats and republicans, slightly more women an men.
6:48 am
but again, gives you some jsight into how people are thinking, as we't days away, now, from hearing who the president is going to nominate. erika, aaron,>ack to you. 6:40 right now. an outpouringf support since the shooting of "the capital gazette" in annapolis. hundreds showed up to celebrate the life of rob hiaasen. amily and friends gathered in owensville,maryland. the father of three, a dedicated journalist who made people laugh. his son, ben, read fro father's journal. >> i think about my kids a lot, when i'm at work. i called home to make sure everyone is safe. sometimes awful things come to my mind and i get so scared. >> in response to where to make donations, the family released a list. it includes the aclu, the chesapeake bay foundation and planned parentod.
6:49 am
we're learning the suspected gunman sent threatening letters the same day of the attack. amodjaenos re t srspathpe investigators say he made it look like an officiao t document. inside, ramos t targe judge who threw out his defamation suit against ga"the capital tte." welcome to your unexpected legacy. h you shoule died. he signed it, quote, friends, forever. several roads will be closed because of major events t happening on fourth of july. anywhere around the mall will be restricted. you can lk forward to the nats game, the huge parade, and of course the fireworks show. those aren't the only festities happening in our area. you can find a list of everything going on on the nbc washington app.
6:50 am
search fourth of july. back t our team coverage on this terrible traffic tuesday for the fourth of july etravel. a look at the beltway for you, looks normal for this tim of t morning in that area. >> if you're going to head out of town, hit the road sooner rather than later. justin finch is le near the beltway with conditions out there. hi, justin. >> reporter: hey. we got bugs everywhere out here, erika. it's been rough. if you're among the millions of americans traveling forur the of july, i can tell you, the roads will be rough, beginning this afternoon, with aaa forecast, terrible tuesday. the beltway -- >> i think we may have lost stin's micthere. >> -- for the holidays. d.c. metro -- i back up great. in the d.c. metro area, expecting a millionr more people to be hitting the roads,
6:51 am
guys, and planesll as if you're going to be traveling today, by car, some spots to ok out for here. u.s. 50 west, about 1:15 this afternoon could be rough. same for i-95 south about 4:00 p.m. the beltway between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. 270 north about 5:00 p.m. if you're goi to drive this independence holiday, you can expect a lot of company. >> the majority of people traveling for the holiday will be traveling by car. 40 million people will be getting in their car and heading to their destination. areeporter: the bugs crashing my shot. the best advice is to leave early or late to avo traffic crush. back into you in the studio. >> justin finch, live for us along the beltway. thank you. we're going to check in with melissa, first, sheena parveen with the weather. >> were talkingbout dangerous heat across the
6:52 am
weather. everybody is under it fromtioon un 8:00 p.m. 105 this afternoon. same weather pattern as y. yester we have poor air quality. hoursnt to avoid several outside today. either way, if you have to be outside, stay hydrated. make sure you have sp nicend dry across the area. good for the commute weather-wise. aselissa tells you, it will be a busy day. 82 in washington, this is the warmest weave seen since 2002. rest of the area looking at lows or morning temperatures in the mi to low 70s. your pool forecast, great place to be. plenty of sun. temperatures mid-90s. feeling like 105. that'sangerous heat. you have to stay hydrated today. if you're heading to the beach, crazy traffic. when you get there, i think you'll enjoy it. it will be worth the drive. 84 tomorrow. 84 on thursday,ith a slight chance for showers around. morrow for the national independence parade, if you're heading there on constitution avenue, it will be a hot one, 90
6:53 am
degrees by 2:00 p.m. and the fireworks forecast looks good. nice and dry at the city or at the beach. if you're heading to the beach, you're going to be there all weekend long. that's going to be a big chance ofn into saturday. inland, as well. the chance of rain better on friday. let's look at what's gn ng to happene roads. good morning. >> chopper 4 over the bay bridge right now, looking at either span. no major problems. we want you to travel beforeaf 10:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. let's loo at another camera for you this morning. this one in manassas. northbound sudley road, after 66. they w patching the road. this should be reopening, we understand, from the he scene there, in the next couple of minutes. arlington, a crash in the left
6:54 am
lane. as we zoom out, wook pretty good. not going to look like this later on today. that's for sure. as folks head out of town. ontr red line, the signal problem outside of dupont circle. anr travel times in maryland, wouldn't it be nice. 270 lking good. northbound will be slow around 5:00 p.m. top of the beltway, a little slow. pretty typical. listen to wtop when you hop in your car. thanks, melissa. no doubt about it, it is hot outside. ifou are lookingor a cool place to have fun with yourds ki we've got you covered. the newseum has a deal you can't beat. >> that's where we find molette green this morning. tell us abt it. >> good morning, guys. inside the wsm, they have a huge exhibit dedicated to therl
6:55 am
wall right here. we have dancers frodathe limitlesing warriors. >> outside of berlin. u get the freedom of expression. this is the western side, t free side, full of colorful art. free expression. you go around the ercorn, it's blan concrete. that's the communist side getting kids to understand the colds war is ancient history for them. >> reporter: there's lots to see. to bring your kids, we have the interactive newsroom. the first dog, the president's dog. we gots studend civil rights movement. and the breaking news exhibit from 1776. a lot to see over the summer for these you w people whot to come out and have a staycation option here.
6:56 am
>> then, there's thing here for the cults that happen later on in the evening. that's the latest. back to you guys. >> thank you, molette. 6:56 right now. there'four things to know. there's an urgent race against time. 12 boys and their soccer coach has been found in acave. they've been trapped for ten days. time is critical. more rain could be oy. the you can look for the latest ahead on the "today" show. american flags s will not lowersed to honor those killed in annapolis, maryland.e white hofici white house officials have not commented. a driver is recovering anter they drove a brick wall at a 7-eleven. this happened in the 900 block northeast. you can look for updates in the nbc washington app.
6:57 am
if you are planning to hit the road, you're not alone. aaa calls this terrible tuesday. it predicts 47illion people will travel 50 miles or more for the july 4th holiday. the worst time to travel, about 3:00 in the afternoon, when rush hour hits. >> looking at the bay bridge, no problem on the eastbound span. the westbound span. isn't that nice? it will be yucky later today. >> that bridge scares me on the side. >> a little creepy. >> hot ghtoday, thou, guys. >> thanks, sheena. >> thank you for joining us for news 4 toda news 4 toda thy.e it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season'
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good morning. it's a miracle. against all odds, 12 members of a boys' socce team and their coach found alive after 10 days missin in a flooded underground cave. but now the hardest part, getting them out in a delicate hightakes rescue that could take weeks or en. months we're there live. hot holiday. that blistering heat entering day five ahead of july 4th and now spreading across more parts of the country. when will it break. we're tracking the heat wave. under fire. an w americanan being condemned after photos sfaced of her with a rare black giraffe she killed in south africa reigniting a fierc


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