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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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on a partisolar street. or now the hope is the signs and extra enforcement do the trick. in alexandria, adam tuss, news 4. now at 6:00, celebrating independence day. sunny skies and hot parades. clouds and rain for the fireworks tonight? is it you or someone you know is taking metro to the national mall tonight, we'll tell you why y could run into some delays. id neweo of the children trapped in the cave in thailand. the clock is ticking on rescue efforts as they face complicationings. news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. s.> first to that breaking n a live picture of the statue of liberty right now. police are trying to reach a protester thereho climbed on to the pedestal of the statue during a protest of president trump's immigratiopolicy. she was part of a group called se and resist new york.
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>> the group organized a protest with banners today that read "abo rsh i.c.e."erring to the immigratio and customs enforcement agency. says this woman was part of the protest but tookio this a on her own. was not part of their plan. >> she seems to be moving away from police. we're going to keep monitoring this situaon and bring you updates throughout the hour. here at home and first at 6:00 tonight, two hours until the concert. a little more than three hours before the big fireworks show over on the national mall. good evening and happy 4th to you. >> a lot to cover this hour. before we get to parades and fireworks, letn check i with amelia draper and the storms to our west. amelia, how is the timing gng to work? >> well, it looks like where the storms are right now a the areas of rain will stay in these similar locations and fizzle out as we move towards that 9:00
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p.m.ta hour. a look. here is what i'm tracking right now on storm team 4 radar. if you've been watching over the last couple of hours, this has diminished. now we're justng about generally light to moderate rain and only two isolated thunderstorms out there right now. one just north of frederick city and one down here out around the lou ray area. also, a loan iressiveell in leaseberg. here is what you can expect, 89 degrees right now. areas of light rain, generally north and west of washington. most of us look to be dry at 9:00 p.m. all new models coming in indicating this activity is going to ctinue tofizzle. the clouds thankfully won't be low enough to impact the fireworks displays. feeling like 90 at fireworks time for most of us. i'm going to have much me on what you can expect tonight and tomorrow coming up in about 20 minutes. let's go live downtown to the excitemen building on this
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holiday. >> meagan fitzgeraldiv is for us on pennsylvania avenue. hi, meagan. >> reporter: hey, guys. you gothat right, a lot of excitement down here all throughout the day. of course, continuing into the evening when we've got the concert that is going to be takingff and t fireworks that are going to be going off. earlier today, thousands of peopleon packed citution avenue, which is just behind me here. i want to draw your attention, though, to the police car there. that was one of several barriers we've seen around the area here to try to protect those excited paradegos. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: if you want toee one of the best fourth of july parades in the country -- >> i just really like it.'m >>ust at a loss for words. >> reporr: you come here. >> it's really good. >> reporter: to the nation's capital to watch the entertainment that is hard to
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matc >> i thought it was pretty cool. we had a chance to come out and celebrate america's birthday. e i feel so emotional when i come here and seis. >> get your ice cold, ice cold, ice cold water. >> reporter: there is no doubt about it, you'll want some ice cold water to cool you down because the heat can be overwhelming. >> there is an american flag, ickie. >> reporter: but wasn't enough to stop kirby bowling from bringing his family down from laurel, maryland. >> my children know what i means to be in the military, and the honor that we give the american epflag. >> rorter: this day might mean a littleor more f people like bowling. he's a retired veteran who understands that freedom isn't free. there are military people in the middle so the uso -- >> reporter: today is more than just about barbecues and fireworks. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it's a day to be grateful -- >> american flags! >> reporter: -- for the liberty we enjoy. >> it warms my heart tonow that we have freedom.
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it just -- it's very meaningful to us to be able to freed and have f of speech.te >> rep i preach so muappreciate much her emotion. listen, the party is just getting started app a little less than two hours away from the concert that is going to kick off at the capitol. shortly after that, we're all going to b watching in awe as they shoot off those fireworks. back to you guys. >> you're in a great location for the evening ahead. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. the heat and humidity are not keeping people away from the the national mal so far. crowds getting ready to enjoyto the capifourth cop sirte. we'll check in with darcy spencer inside therea as crowds continue to build lat this hour. if you plan to take the metro or metro bus to your
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fireworks destination, the transit agency tonight is blaming delays on a crdinated action by uniontr workers. me says bus and train opt urposely reporting late to work today. metro's had to do its best shifts and keep everything moving. because it's a holiday, metro ip ating closer to a saturday schedule anyway. we haven't seen a huge impact on rail service, but some metro bus lines are dealing with delays tonight. the unionays it's fed up with mistreatment of itsbe m and disrespect and asking for bargaining on good faith. the trains are running until 11:30 and they're going to start tooramp up for rush hour schedule. hopefully that will get everyone downtown in timerkor the fire shows. doreen, back to you. >> thank you. ndryland congressman steny hoyer is sg this independence in the hospital. news 4 has confirmed hoyer is being tated at george washington university hospital. being treated for. pneumon
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he was admitted yesterday. expected to make a full recovery, according to his spokeswoman. second only to nancy pelosi in the house democtic leadership. e is 79 years old and serve maryland's fifth congressional district since 1981. in just a mter of moments, the annapolis independence day parade begins. the city is trying to use the holl hallow day to begin ha healing its wounds. in 4's chris gordon is annapolis tonight. he'll join us live from the parade route at 6:30. > there is a hate crime investigation underway tonight in laurel. poce say they started getting complaints two weeks ago about these anti-semitic flyers turning up in neighborhoods. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins spokeo e resident who calls the flier vile. >> there were, like, all these
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anti-semitic, one thing after another. >> reporter:till shocked by its words, donald showed me the anti-semitic flier he fou outside his rural home. >> it talks about how you shouldn't be associated with them within 200 yards. it goes on and on. >> reporter: he and his wife were among the my laurel residents who got the offensive flier an confused by its jumbled declarations of hate. >> to act as the commander in chief of the united stes of america. really? >> when you start reading it, vile andrd and it's it's hateful, but it's also stupid. >> on july 2nd, we started getting calls around 8:00 a.m. for anti-semitic materials found, residents reporting them found in their yards and things. >> reporter: they say they'rest inating the distribution of the flyers as a hate crime. >> this is not representative of laurel and we'rer we're definition investigating this to get to the bottom of it and figure outt happened. >> i was a religion teach and
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taught hebrewip scrres for 40 years. it really upset me. >> reporter: donald is hoping theis is t last time he finds something like this on his doorstep. >> are people permitted to do ? is it legal to do it? if it's not legal, somebody shld be brought to justice. >> reporter: laurel police are still looking for whoever is ingponsible for distrib these flyers. we don't want to show you this close-up because it is offensive. they're asking anyone with information about these flyers toth giv a call, especial if you think you know who may have been passing these out. in laurel, i'm tracee wilkins, ws 4. right now, the annual white house holiday cookout and picnic underway for military families. president trump and the first lady areosting the independence day celebration on the south lawn. there is a ot offood, music and when it gets later, the guests will have a spectacular view of the fireworks on the mall. now to the crisis at our border.
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tonight, we simply do not know how many migrant children remain separated from their families. as of monday, the department health and human services is no longer providing specific oformation on the number separated children in custody. the most recent number we have is from june 26th when federal officials said 2,047we children in custody and separated from their parents. week, asame day last judge ordered the government to reunify the famies. we do not know how many families have reunited since then. this as nbc news has learned a new government dective gives parents a choice, leave the country with your children or wiout them. jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: as thousands of immigrants are sworn in as american citizens this july 4th >> in your united states, we never have to look too far to see how immigrants are coributing to the vibrancy and foundational success of our
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great nar:on. >> reporbc news has learned the trump administration is now giving migrant parengs, after b separated from their chdren, this form wit two options.ou leave the cry with your kids or leave without them. even those seekinglu a already over 2,000 children have been separated from their parents under the gezero tolera. poli this woman from el salvador hasn't seen h boys in two months. >> i'm very scared. >> reporter: lawmakers concerned with how long it's taking to reunite these families. >> we need to quit playing games. these are human lives we're dealing with and the world is watching us. >> r mounting for solutions, the r:puteepic wanhi pislereure se leader admits there are no easy an bers. >> we'n wrestling with immigration problems for quite awhile. it seems not to make any difference who is in the majority. >> reporter: americans are weighing in on the immigration crisis. in a new quinnipiac sity poll, 58% said they disapprove of president trump's handling of immigration, 39% approve.
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50% believe the president's motive is a sincere interest in controlling our borders. jennifer johnson, nbnews. we have a lot more still to come tonight on news 4 a 6:00, including a murder mystery at ie local convene store. a husband and father killed earlier this morning. customers coming by to pay their respects today. vid culver with the latest on the investigation. andracing against the clo the rains in thailand. the urgency tonight in the effort to rescue that group ofu soccer players. still watching this situation at the statue of liberty tonight. the protester on the statue doing her best to aolice. amelia? > and, jim, i'm tracking thunderstorms and rain north and west of town, including this thunderstorm around ballenger in fre. ricreek. i'll have the latest on who could be dealing with rain for fireworks tonight coming uin my updp at
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back to those live pictures from the statue of liberty. a woman at an immigrati protest earlier today climbed up the base of the statue and nows sh hiding under lady liberty's foot as police try to reach het. we'll you know if they are able to get her down. this is an immigration policy protest. a now look at some of the
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parades and community events ing on today for the fourth of july. the parade in fairfax started at 10:00 a.m. it was full of music, first responders, even the washington capitals' mascot slap shot. th events continu all the way until the firewor the tonight at 9:30 in fairfax. watch for detours along old lehigh way. >> lots of burgers, dogs and ice cream at the 60th annual independence day parade in bethesda. live music and a bounce house. lots of other activities for the ki. the parad itself was led by grand marshall alan goodwin who just retired as the principal of walt whitman high school. >> do all your eating after the bounce house. >> please. >> if your still trying to decide where to go to enjoy the fireworks. go to our nbc washington app you'll fin information about more than a dozen fireworks shows around on reg tonight. open the app and search "fireworks finder."
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last week, the news from thailand was so bexciting, now anxiety is beginning to overtake a wave of relief there. two days after a soccer team and their coach were found alive inside a flooded cave, the need to get them out is getting more and more urgent. >> so much time has passed. this rescue effort is complicated and far fm over. nbc's janis mackey frayer has ourory. >> reporter: it's a race against the clock for rescuers with this new urgency, the threat of monsoon rains expected to hit here by the end of the week. it would mean water levels t inside cave would rise dangerously high and perhaps even fully flood it. it's forcing officials here to at least conside an evacuation attempt. it could happen in the next 24 to 48 hours. the boys don't even know how to swim, let alone have the diving skills that are needed to navigate over three miles of
6:18 pm
murky water. >> nobody would teach -- try to t them comfortable with the mask, comfortable with breathing, completelyre dif. create an environment where they can safely get away. that'sfeasible. >> reporter: they're looking at other options like trying to find a different entry to the cave system. pumps are also rning 24/7 to get the floodwater out of the cave system. we're hearing the strength of the current has been somewhat reduced, but one of the diving experts said there just might not be enough time because once the rain comes it will erase all the process they've made. meanwhile, medics arense the cave with the boys caring for them. the boys seemed to be in good spirits. there was video of themthoday. were sending messages to their families who are waiting out here along witverybody else hoping to see those boys come out soon. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, thailand. such a difficult and tricky
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situation there. >> absolutely. >> it is anxious watching the coverage of that. so a lot of peoe are nervous about whether there is going to be a thunderstorm or rain on their f jrth ofy fireworks display tonight. >> we're not going to be tracking any thunderstorms, i think, at 9:00 p.m. i think i'm going to be tracking a little bit of rain out there, the keyword being a little. so still some showers out there north and west ofliown. s until out there, in fact. frederick county, starting to sneak into parts of loudoun county, back through frederick county in virginia, down in shen doe county. this radar is on aho tw time lapse. look at all that lightning. then is just drops out. we're talking about showers, light to moderate showers and moderate rain here aund winchester and south of i-81 with the yellow coloring there. just one thunderstorm south of frederick city nowds downow
6:20 pm
the ballenger creek area, moving towards leesburg. i think some of us mainly north and westf town will see showers. future weather in one moment. i want to let you know i'm still tracking some flood warnings out there. is for frederick county in west virginia down through shenandoah county, hampshire county in west virginia. brought a lot of rain to those locations. here in the metro area, we've stayed completely dry. it's just extremely sultry outside. 7:00 p.m., huge weather. it kps some rain along and west of i-81, back towstds the winc area. maybe a lone shower in parts of frederick county. as we move towards 9:00 p.m., ksen the firewre getting underway. in washington, completely dry, just some clouds to contend with. back to the west, we are seeing me rain out there. in loudoun county, back through
6:21 pm
parts of clark and frederick counties as well. a little isolated showers out there for fireworks, but most of us, especially in montgomery, fairfax, brings george's counties, down through southern maryland, you should be fine. temperatures areng to feel like 90 degrees for most of us at 9:00 p.m. right now, still feeling like temperaturesre in the 90s with the heat index of 96. isolated rain chance ore there for rks. otherwise, temperatures falling into the mid-80s by about 9:00 mostly cloudy skies. it's just humid. humid again tomorrow with ptly sunny skies. a high temperature of 91 degrees. more scattered late day showers and thunderstorms. by friday, we're tracking widespread rain a thunderstorms, mainly during the midday and afternoon hours. that set u up for beautiful weather saturday and sunday. low humidity, plenty ofan sunshe hows in the low to mid-80s,
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doreen and jim? thank you, amelia. next at 6:00, one of the best sites on america's birthday. we'll take you to a swearing in ceremony at mt. vern. customers tell he was was the friend faced behin the counter.
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we're still followin nthat breakis from new york right now. live pictures from above. a woman who participated in an migration protest at the statue of liberty today being uncooperative as rescuers try to eet her down from the base of that sta there. fr sister station wnbc reporting shee climbed up there, no help from ladders or anything else. now they' havin a heck of a time trying g toet her down. we'll keep you posted with live updates as we get new pictures. this fourth of july will be especially memorial for 101 people who became american citizens today at george washington'sstate at mount
6:26 pm
vernon. they originally hail from 50 different countries but they came together today to swear allegiance to this one. the new citizens renounced all ties to foreign states and promised to defend the constitution and the laws of the united states against all f enemieeign and domestic. it's been a fourth of july tradition for more than five decades. infact, the palisades parade down mcarthur boulevard is one of the oldest in our region. >> today's did not disappoint. mark segraves joins us now. iheroduces us to two generations of parade goers who both enjoyed today's orparade. >> rr: for the past 52 years, thear palisadade has marched pass this corner on mcarthurroulevard. he last 52 years, neighbors tung and old have come here to watch. case of these two budding entrepreneurs, to make a little money.
6:27 pm
and while the two agree they were selling the best lemonade at the de, they were divided on what to do with the money they make today. >> come get your lemogede. so we ca money for charity, everybody. >> buy a toy. >> reporter: the corner where the t s up their lemonade home stand is home to a neighborhood restauran years ago when jeff mayorman was a young boy, it was neighborhood gas station. >> i used to come here for the fourth of july parades for years. when i grew up around this area. >> reporter: as a way to honor the history of the corner, he brought his 1940 gramaphone and cranked it up to play some music of yesteryear. in past years, hundreds lined the parade route to watch. as for our lemonade salesmen, i had aittle trouble getting my
6:28 pm
microphone back from him, makinh me thi future lies somewhere other than sales. >> goodbye, everybody. hope the news was good. >> enjoyine the lemonad along the 52nd annual palisades parade, mark segraves, news 4. >> you have to be careful who you hand the microphone to. next at 6:30. a community rallies around the families of the victims of the "capital gazette" shooting. we'll be going live as journalists and staffers march their independence day parade. most ofs should be okay for the fireworkstonight, but
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on storm team 4 radar, tracking areas of rain and one ane thunderstorm moving into leesburgund 7:00 p.m. coming up, the latest on fireworks tonight, plus when we fil and start t feel the humidity kind of move out of the area. that's going to be in a few days. again, i'm keeping a close eye on this thunderstorm moving towards woodburn around 7:00 p.m. and ashburn aroun 7:30. i'll have an update in about 15 minutes. >> all right. amelia, thank you. bands are marchg through annapolis right now, marking our nation's independence. >> but the celebration is mixed
6:32 pm
with sadness this year. the city is still reeling from th loss of five members of the capital gazettena staff. lis is trying to use this holiday to start healing its wounds. >> chris gordon is long wstt et in annapolis to explain how the parade honors victims of the shooting. chris? >>. >> reporter: well, doreen and ar jim, the pade is about to begin. as you can see behind , people are lining the parade group. there are locals and vitors andamilies and lots of children. this independence day, people are celebrating the sacrifice of our founding fathers. dnd remembering the sacrifice of those kil in the mass shootings that happened here just last week.h >> suc a tragedy. it's hard to celebrate sometimes. >> reporter: kar began her independence day by bringing balloons to the morial for the ve people killed in the shootings at the "capital gazette" last thursday. she's watering the flowers,
6:33 pm
which are already wilting, and knows she's not alone thinking of the victims this independence day. >> for me, it makes it sadder, but the community comesogether d everyone will celebrate and honor the victimsulnd hop their families. >> reporter: this cple from philadelphia has been coming to annapofor the last ten summers. >> my thought coming down here this particular weekend brings sadness to my heart to people had to give their lives doing their job every day. >> we knew weo were going come here and say our prayers and pay our respect to these people. yeah. it's not - it's a very sad visit this time. >> reporter: downtown annapolis is dked out for the fourth of july with american flags and navy flags flying. the shooting's changed the course of history for maryland's capital. visitors like these two bro their family from frederick to spend independence day here. >> it's always great to be here
6:34 pm
with the history here. even in light of tragedy, we need to really celebrate what this country's all about. >> those first amendment rightl are extremportant. the first bill of rights, yeah, the freedom of the press, absolutely. >> reporter: thisndependence day is different in annapolis. differentecause people who dedicated their lives to covering the news of this community were suddenly and violently taken from it.'s thhe latest live in annapolis. doreen and jim, back to you. >> thank you, chris. >> thank you, chris. final arrangements are now set for two more "capital zette" staffers, gerald fischman was the editorial page editor. he had worked at the capital for yearshan 25 grave side serves will be held sunday afternoon at 1:00 at judean memorial garden. on sunday, rebecca smith's
6:35 pm
family will hold two visitations. a memorial service will be at 7:00 sunday night. smith joined the "capital gazette" as a sales assistant back in novemb. an update now from that breaking news in new york. police just got their hands on a protester who had climbed the statue of liberty after anmi ation protest. this has been going on for the better partno of two hour the woman was moving away and even appeared to be tauntingce of at one point. the group she was protesting with this afternoon says this was notart of their plan, that she acted on her own. for more on this story tonight on news 411:00 and we'll bring you any updates we get at 6ag0. n, that woman on the statue is in custody. tonight, as many of us are celebrating independence day with our families. one family ise trying to c with the devastating loss -- he came to this country less than a year ago. he wanted a better life for his wife and his dauter.
6:36 pm
he worked two jobs, including the overnight shiftt a gas station, and that's where a man walked in and kled him last night. news 4's david culver has his story. >> reporter: he was that friendly face behind the counter. 40-year-old immigrant moved here from nepal with his daughter last september,eunited with his daughter in the u.s. working two jobs to provide tham american d last night he clocked in for an overnight shift at thi franklin farm sunoco. tonight, it is wrapped in crime scene tape. >> sometimes, you know, i swing to get gas late night or a soda. everybody who works there is so nicend so kind. >> reporter: alyssa smith heinging flowers when learned someone murdered him. >> i just want to say to the family, i'm thinkingndf you my heart goes out to you and to the workers. y i don't know h go back to work after something like that. >> reporter: around 1:15 in the
6:37 pm
mornin police got reports of a robbery, get a suspect descriptionnd arrive on scene within minutes. they spot the suspect. >> i willell you, he did resist and two officers were able to eventually take him into custody. >> reporter: they eventually discovered the man lying lifeless inside the sunoco. a source says he was badly beaten. spent much of the holiday working the scene collecting evidence. before the alleged murder, they believe the suspect confronted membs in the shopping center asking to use a cell phone. tonight they wantm to hear f other witnesses. it could help explain what attack.d this later today, members of his community released to me a gofundme they put together. they're hoping to raise money for his wife and 5-year-old daughter. you can find more information on that by searching in the nbc washgton app, "gas station murder." reporting in virginia, i'm david culver, news 4.
6:38 pm
when we come back, less than an houre and a half until th concert starts on our national mall. we'll go live to darcy spenc comingk up on the crowds up at 6:45. we hear about neighbors fighting for speed bumps slowing down traffic through their neighbors. up next, a couplofe
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
there is no question speed bumps slow down traffic, but ey can also be annoying. now people in one fairfax county neighborhood are trying to have their speed bps taken out. il news 4's julie carey reports, that's a steep hto climb. >> reporter: speeds, bump depending on your perspective, teyou either love them or them. here on frei road back in 2015, residents who wanted to traffic on this wide, straight stretch of asphalt won a vote
6:41 pm
for put them in. this t resident sayy've helped. >> people used to fly down this road. a lot of kids live around here. i'm sure they're annoying with our car, but safety first, right? >> reporter: todd usher and gary scott voted against the bumps and humps. score restores old cars. he doesn't care drive >> taking an old car over a a ed bump or any car ove speed bump is not good for the car, number one. >> then there is the cost. >> seems like a m waste ofey to me. we have a street fallirt apa and they were worried about speed bumps. >> reporter: those opposed say a better way to slow down traffic be to put in a four-way stop where this is currently a two-way stop. both men complain theti peed bump folks were left out of the process until the very end, but now they see a chance for a t do-ove roads around them getting repaved. >> now that they're repaving th' street, t going to have to take them out. it's a perfect opportunity to
6:42 pm
not spend the money to put them back in agai g >> reporteting rid of speed butchemps, that's a proce, too. forming him he needs to get signatures from 50 of the 219 homes mos impacted by july 31st. >> they put a pretty short deadline on it. much shoreder thter than what tr task force had to g through. they will revisit it. >> reporter: the signatures, they don't guarantee a change m just that itht be considered. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news 4. and right now, you're looking at storm team 4 radar where i'm tracking very light showers. slowly sinking towards the south, only about 10 to 15 miles per hour and they're fizzling out. what i've done is time out potential impact times. i think oncehey come to the top of the beltway they'll completely fizzle out. only a 20% chance of rain at the fireworks tonight overhe
6:43 pm
national mall. here is a timeline for you and i'm going to have more coming up in a little bit. leesburg, 6:45, germantown, 8:15, montgomeryville, 8:24, tingersburg, 8:27 and rockville, right around 9:00. rockville, right around 9:00. thats jus it here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and... they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? [mrs. jennings] oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have, like, a hundred devices online at once.
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well, the national mall and capitol right now are packed with tens o thousands for tonight's big celebration. >> all the street closures are in effect now. security is tighting up before tonight'soncert and fireworks. >> let's go live to news 4 darcy spencer to see how the crowds are shaping up. darcy? >> reporter:,jim, you kn the
6:46 pm
big story today has been the heat. a lot ell you it feels better now than it did just a few hours ago when we first got here. theres a bit of a breeze, also, it's clouded up a little so we don't have that direct sunlight. let me show you where we are rightnow, we're right near the washington monument. you can see this is just a small part of the crowds that have made their way through one of they secureckpoints. you can see people walking, trying to find the spot they're going to stake tout to seehe reworks tonight. also people have their blankets and their chairs, they staked out their spots hours in advance. let me show you some video we shot a little a whi. we met up with a group of friends from montgomery county. they're here sever hours in advance. they took the metro. making sure they were able to get here and get a good spot in the shadehander a tree. t was very smart thinking of them. parkso talked to the u.s. police chief a short time. he said some people may be delaying coming down here because of the heat, but h says
6:47 pm
make sure you don't wait too long to come down. >> everybody wants to stay at home until 8:00, 8:30 to get down here. comeea down y. >> it's been pretty nice. it was a little hotter earlier. it'soind of hard walk from the metro to here. now the sun is behind the trees hiand ever, so we're just hanging out. >> the breeze makes the day more bearable. so, elike, bring s sunscreen, some water and you should be okay for the rest of the day, yeah. >> reporter: some good advice from people who are already here. we spoke to d.c. fire and avscue. they ge us a few numbers here. they have 17 ems responses here just within the confined area within the cheepoint. 55 peoave been treated in medical tents. three people have been transported.f we don't knowhese are specific numbers dealing with the heat, but chances are there were some heat-related illnesses so very important to plan ahead and be prepared. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. farcy, thank you. hey, adult beverages are
6:48 pm
part of your plans for tonight, remember that sober ride is an option for yhor ride. from 7:00 until 4:00 a.m. you can get the first $15 off a ride using lyft. just download the lyft app and enter the promo code "fourthofjulyd.c.." no spaces. first $15 freen wou join lyft. amelia is back with more details on who is going to get wet when tonight. >> justatching this line of showers slowly sinking south, closer and closer to d.c. however, a lot of computer models are saying it's really going to fizzle as it continues get closer to the district. what we're up against right now, morendtable air also daylight. the sunset at about 8:30. as the sun goes r down,n will have more difficulty kind of holding together and a better chance it does fizzle out. are we talking about storms for fireworks tonight? no, no thunderstorms out there. a secd weather question.
6:49 pm
scattered showers? yes, unfortunately, there be some scattered showers out there. where, though, where these scattered showers me? mainly north andest of the district. maybe a sprinkle at the national mall, but ultimately it should be okay down there. everyone is dealing with the heat and humidity for the fireworks here is this line i'm talking about, moving from d northn to the south. as it does so, we're seeing the lightning drop out. no more red here. that means the intensity of rain is diminishing as well. light to moderate rai out there right now. in parts of frederick county and i-81, the lou ray area and areas just to the north. i've drawn the line here on the radar. i r think if your north of this line, you want to anticipate some light rain soug of this line. again, central and northern montgomery county, loudounen
6:50 pm
county, fafax, prince william and -- mainly before firework sme. so here the latest timing. i did this just before i came on here. leesburg, light rain around 7:15. f same thing damascus. germantown at about 7:35. montgomery village, 7:45. gaithersburg, 7:50. after that, wre going to really start to see this line break up and hopefully completely fizzle out. current heat index right now still in the 90s. feeling about 94 degrees in washington. for tomorrow, 80 degrees to start off your day at 7:00.m. lunchtime, close to 100 with the thermometer reading 88. scattered showers tomorrow ternoon with the high temperature around 90 degrees. as we look to friday, of rain and thunderstorms at time. rain could move in as early as
6:51 pm
the midday hours on friday. not a great outdoor day. th is all with a cold front. small chance for severe weather on friday. r garden ing like y variety thunderstorms moving through with a cold front. look at what that does for saturday and sunday. it is spectacular saturday and sunday. breezy on saturday. low humidity both day plenty of sunshine. highs in the low to mid-80s. next week, we're not even going to talk about next week. tonight, though,ercattered sh for fireworks, guys. >> we're focussing on thatee improvednd forecast. >> coming up, a july 4th tradition unlike any other sees legend continu his asceen
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6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> well, they lost again. we started this thing sayingbo on's the best, so that's some comfort. >> doesn't mean you have to givr them all games. >> things not that good right now, folks. that's for sure. fourth of the july in the
6:55 pm
nation's capitalhi makes you of a couple of things, one of hem, of course, america's past time that's usually a good thing. as of late, there isn't much excitement around tha park. the nationals are in the midst of their sorstetch of baseball since 2009. that is cause for concern and also triggeredea a meeting after today's game. >> not much better than early baseball on the fourth of july. maybe a win would be nice. that's struggling to do that. struggle again today second inning, gives up a single to rafael devers. something not right, though, with the nationals' pitch, as the training staff comes out. leaves the game with -- the mri cameack clean. the wild pitch in the seventh. that brings in the second rf the game. martinez, not too happy. bottom ninth. two on, two out, but pops it up.
6:56 pm
catchers makes the play. 3-0, the final. over to wimbledon. big day on cene court. federer with match point ends it with the forehand. federer at one point won 3 straight points on his serve.he win in straight sets. serena williams' comeback tour continues. rolling. winning in straight sets, 6-4, 6-1. also todayarine wozniacki upset by 35th ranked katarina kna n -- >> the real fun can begin for the summer. s we track the stanley cup thre yesterday in annapolis. this weekend going to moubs with ov i can yougine how much fun that is going to be? today right here in our own backyard. the stanley cup making a special trip today thanks to caps star
6:57 pm
john carlson. the defenseman bringing the iconic trophy to children's national this morning. kids and families able to take photos with carlson and the cup. every play and staff member gets their own day with the hockey hardware. carlson wanted to make sure h gave back during his time with the trophy. >> i think it's, you know, something that we've been a poft or awhile. it's great to see the kids' faces. any time you can brighten them up, you know, those are pretty special moments that i know i get a lot from.e so it's n to enjoy it with them. we can do to give back, we try to do. >> in bethesda this afternoon, carlson once again giving bk. fans buying tickets to help raise money to defeat dipg, which is a form of childhood brain cancer. carlson bringing his son luka to take part in the festivities. the capital's defenseman stopping by a firehouse this
6:58 pm
morning as well as a neighborhood parade. look who was there at tpa de. >> oh, yeah. >> our very own doreen and her family taking a photo with her favorite capital john carlson and the stanley cup. that was fun, wasn't it? >> very fun. i had to elbow my husband and daughter out of the way so i could stand next to the cup and johncarlson. >> you've been stalking him for years, but not stanley. >> very coo move on his part to bring it to the neighborhood picny.. >> absolut and the moment we've been waiting a year for, folks, annual nathan's famous hotdog eating contest. joey chestnut further commenting his place along all-time greats, a record 74 hotdogs in ten minutes. he devoured -- he did get his protein. 814 grams of protein.
6:59 pm
>> he's going tole be all sw up tomorrow morning. goodness gracious. s justves it in. >> lost my
7:00 pm
tonight, july fourth security breach at the statue of liberty. the shocking sight. a protester scaling up the side, refusing to leave, in a standoff with police. tourists evacuated from one of the most iconic u.s. landmarks on america's birthday. fo scorching urth.ra ng infernos exploding in size. dangerous holiday heat for 100 million americans. we're tracking it all. new images from inside the cave where a boys' soccer team is trapped. how rescuers are training them for a dangerous journey to freedom. president trump narrows his supreme court candidates. who are the seven on his short list? fertility clinic outrage. couples devastated after embryos were destroyed by accident. >> it's very hurtful and it's


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