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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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veteran with a new goal on the horizon. 00 >> "news 4 at starts now. ♪ >>reing news just coming into our newsroom in the past 20 minutes. >> after month of high-profile controversies, scott pruitt has resigned from his position leading the environmental protection agency. >>tet's get strai to scott mcfarlane at the live desk. what do we kno this afternoon? >> reporter: good afternoon, leon. the embattledepa head has resigned. the president tweeted i've accepted administrator scott pruitt resignation. within the agency scott has conan outstanding job and
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always be thankful. the senatey confirmed a wheeler will assume acting duties as director ofep i have no doubt that andy will continue on with our great and lasting epa agenda. we've made tremendous progress and the future of the epa is very right. ss for scott pruitt, he's dogged by a ser of ethical questions as director of the epa including using taxpayer money for first class airfare and for using his jo perhaps to get his wife a chick-fil-a franchise and a $50 a night condo on capitolill. scot pruitt out as administrator of epa. his deputy will take over downtown in d.c. at the live desk, i'm scott mcfarlane. >> thank you, otott. >> ther who confronted him with the baby in her arms will be happy to hear that. keep an eye o that story to let you know how that develops. meantime, our other big sry once again. it's the heat.
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we're on day seven of temps over 90 degrees and tonight we've got some rain being mixed in. >> we're in weather alert mode again over the nexthree hours of parts of our area probing foe so strong, even possibly severe storms. let's get right to amelia in the storm center. take it away. >> well, pat, here's the latest on storm tea 4 radar. you can very the d.c. metro area dry. thunderstorms back in the panhandle of west virginia. lightning and very heavy rainfall slowly movingth toward east over the next couple of hours. it's been hot. we've hadhumid, and sunshine here today. all factors that are going to help continue to keep theth derstorms together, producing some very heavy rainfall. here's the thing. ey are not moving all that fast, so the national weather service has issued a flash flooa h until midnight for the counties along the mason dixon line and back through the panhandle of west virginia. this includes frederick county for slow moving storms that could lead to flooding concerns. remember, you never want to drive through a flooded roadway.
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if you do, turn around. don't drown. notice we're tracking areas of rain ander thuorms along i-95 as and as we move towards i-959 we have thunderstorms north and west ofhi wton. big concerns heavy rain that can lead to flooding and gusty, damaging winds. more on storms tomorrow and finally when wee the heat and humidity break down in 15 minutes. >> all right. thanks, amelia. breaking news out of baltimore. two more buildings at johns hopks were evacuated a few hours ago over fears of tb exposure. >> officials say the possie lease happened during a transport of an internalridge tween two research cancer buildings. employees have been isolated for evacuation. >> some people were being sheltered in place. city officials are on the scene. weol keep you up date on that more breaking news. this will have you locking the doors and csing theindows when you pump your gas. >> take a look at this. you see a guy get out of that
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red lexus that's pulling up there at this gas station in southeast d.c. he sneaks into black mercedes-benz, turns the car on and drives off while the real driver is still pumping thean g. you see the pump fly right out of the car. it happened yesterday at a gas station on pennsylvania avenue, and news 4's mark just learned that the victim is the girlfriend of d.c. council chair billde msohn. we'll continue to work this sty and bring youupdates here throughout the evening on news 4. breaking news right a woman linked to a rash of check-cashing store robberies io gomery county just learned her fate, a judge throwing the book at her, and we're also learning she's also linked to a much more serious crime involving the violent ms-13 gang. our scott mcfarlane live at the eaking news desk. >> lots of twists and turns. the woman's name is joslin ramirez. montgomery county police say she served as a lookout for a group
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of armed robbers at this check cashing store like this one in wheaton. t past hour, we learned the judge gave her the maximumce sent 95 years in prison. that judge says he'll reconsider the sentence though in five years. meanwhile, prosecutors today reased videof her police interrogation. they say that out of the blue ramirez conelssed tong set up two gang-related murders in el salvador. investigators sayare now looking into that. news 4's darcy spencer in the courtroom in rockville. she will heive updates one that sentencing hearing ends this afternoon. at the live desk, scott mcfarlane. once again, back to you. >> thanks, scott. new at 4:00. look at ting our first the man accused of murdering a gas station clerk. police say moebd abdul ahai
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killed reshamga b news 4's david culver broke the story since it broke. david is live outside of the gas station. tell us about the new details in this case, david. >> reporter: pat, if you look behind me you can first see that it's almost business a usual. you have customers going up to the pumps and going through the service center and even into the convenience store where that alleged murder happestd day, but all of this happening as one man is now facing some very serious charges. we can show you the image of the suspect in this case. the 19-year-old is currently in fairfax county detention center. he is charged with second-degree murder, and we've just learned that hisrt next c date will be next month. the victim in this casem res bajgan, 45 years old. this is a guy whose life story has really reached the hearts of a lot of folks in this community, strange even know him. he was working early wednesday morning when police say abelahji
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attacked him and attacked bajgan and left him lifelesse ins that convenience store. police were able to catch up with the suspect short time later and took him into custody. it took two officers to finally get him under control as the man arrested. evenore people, strangers walking up here to leave notes. there's a growing memberia. you read some of the notes and it's folks who didn't knowan ba personally but felt compelled to be out here, and there'sot af people, many of you who are contributing to an onliner. fund-rai this is less than 24 hours that this fund-raiser came into fruition, and it hasaid nearly $30,000. more than 500 peoplent buting, leon. a lot of generosity and a lot of folks feeling they want to do something to help. >> yeah,iously that community really touched by this. david culver reporting live. thank you, david. right now i
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charlottesville, the man accused in a deadly car attack is being arraigned on 30 new hate crime charges. fields isus a of killing his car through a crowd in charlottesville. fields is alsoacing a murder charge in state court. today anne arundel county workers joined many others to stop for a moment and pay honor to the five employees killedt the "capital gazette." >> the moment of silence at 2:33 p.m. marked the exact moment last week a gunman attacked the annapolis newsroom. bureau chief trace we wilkins on the seen. no doubt a very moving day for them. >> reporter: a moment of silence in newsrooms across the country et 2:33, including our own. people who w paying honor to the five who were killed in this building behind me but for the people of who live here in annapolis in anne arundel
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county, that moment of silence was about finding healing. you can see e in thes and you could hear in their words afterwards just how important it was for them to be together, folks who knew the people who were killed inside of this building. we spoke with one of thoseer work and also the county executive here at anne arundel county. >> without freedom of the press, we're nothing as people. i'm a county employee, and this could have easil been us. these were my friends,ur colleagues. >> i think it's important for us to remember as a group, as a ccounty. >> omunity has been in shock for the last week. it's still soard to process this act of pure evil that happened here in our otherwise loving and close-knit community.
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>> reporter: both memorials outside of 888 bestgate where this shooting happened continues f grow, and there will be memorial services the five folks killed inside of this building in coming days, but today it was about finding peace and silence. reporting live in anne arundel county, i'm tracee wilkins. back to all of you in the studio. >> thanks, tracee. illegal fireworks led to the calls to police last night. police also say innocent bystanders were also hurt by celebratory gunfire. news 4's mark segraveoins us where police shut down one of the displays. >> reporter: here on 13th stree for year, one man, one neighbor who lives ithat house withhe bunting over his shoulder has been putting on an illegal display that has drawn hundreds and hdreds of spectators.
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a local website reported on this, fire officials and police read about it, they got together and they shut it down. long after the fireworks on the national mall fireworks displayt lise went off until the early morning hours, illegal displays set off by residents across the city. this display on 13th streetrt noest drew the attention of fire investigators and police who shut it down, threatening to arrest the man who organizes this display each year, but police say celebratory gunfire was also a problem last tnight. >> t would be an 11-year-old that was shot. he was not the intended target. we believe that someone was discharging a firearm and that she was stck. >> reporter: now that 11-year-old andll the people who were injured last night are not facing life-threatening injuries, but the fire chief told me that several people had burns to the face, burns to
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their eyes and one person had burns to their forehead. here is who we found. one of the problems is they shoot this item which shoots 300 missiles but there wer two misfires that didn't ignite and go off and that's just one o theays that people can be seriously hurt, not to mention some of these burning embers afterg on people's roofs the fireworks. that's the very latest here in northwest. mark segraves, news 4. >> when you consider how hot and dry it's been lately, that's why it could have been morero dong e. >> that's why they say don't use them. >> thanks, mark. no easy options now to get the 12 boys and their soccer coach out of that flooded cave in thailgd. comup, the race against time in what was once referred impossibleion there there be a new panda cub at the national zoo? what we've just leaed about efforts to get mei jong pregnant
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again. >> right now it's feeling close to 100 degrees and i'm tracking the potential for severe thunderstorms. right now they are back in west virginia and far western maryland. i'll be timing them out, plus mo storerm
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the hea wave has been here for an entire week and tonighta d storms are in the mix. flooding is possible north and west of the district. amelia draper is back in freeman with how long the rain is g lng
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t. that's the cloud cover and what it looks like out there right now. wel tell you how to plan for the weekend and evening. >> we'll continue to work the te-breaking news comin from the white house this evening. >> epa administrator scott pruitt i out the president tweeting a short time ago that the scandal-plagued chief submitted his resignation today. publichas faced mounting outcries over multiple ethic scandals. we're gathering new information right now. we'll have breaking reaction from capitol hill coming up shortly. now let's get toha race against time underway in thailand where rescuers are s trying tve 12 boys and their soccer coach and have such a small window to get them out before it starts to rain. they have manag to pump out millions of gallons of water from the flooded underground cave. nbc is in thailand with newan >>o bring them all t outo safety. illions of gallons of rainwater are being pumped out of thatomplex every day, and the governor, the commander of
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this operation, says the waters are now receding fast. he says three chambers next to the boys' cave are now comptely dry, and he's asked the drivers and a doctor whether a % guarantee of safety and a 10% risk is a risk worth taking? the rescuers are clearly tempted now to attempt a fast rescue, and the reason for that is that there is a weather window. we've had three days here of little or no rain. monsoon rains are forecast for the weekend. those rains run the risk of flooding the whole cave complex windowain, so there is a in which the boys could be rescued, but the problem is many of the are ver weak, and there is a question of which ones you take out first. they will not all be taken out together. so the options are still being discussed here. the boys half a mile below me
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here trying to be brave,o desperate get out. bill neely, nbc news, thailand. >> closer to home here in our area, relief is on the way. amelia draper here to tell us when we'll get a break from all this,heat. >> yeut we need to get through some storms first. >> some storms tonight. some storms tomorrow and then relief tomorrow night. i think by this time tomorrow night we'll be tracking the rest of the rain out of maryland.or lookingrd to saturday night. we have about 24 more hours though of the heatumity and some scattered storms outthere, and that's going to be your fit weather headline for tonight. i'm tracking a line of thunderstorms. doesn't lo all that impressive right now. here's the thing. it's moving into hot and humid air. we've had the sun out and all those kind ofo help fuel thunderstorms, so they are at least going to stay together. they wl be moving through the area until about 9:00, 10:00 tonight. the best chance foreve weather is until about 7:00, 8:00 p.m. north and west of washington.
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re rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast tomorrow mainly during the midday and afternoon hour g but it's notng to be a total washout, so don't think you're dealing with a rainy friday. i think the morning and evening commutes for most of us are going to be completely dry. if you do have work tootrrow, just a perfect work day and looking at saturday and sundaya lutely gorgeous and make plans outdoors and i said this earlier in our weather meeting. think of storm team 4 and humidity and the latest linef thunderstorms. in far western maryland, you can see the bright colors onadar. that indicates very heavy rainfall and some lightning in the thunderstorms and it's crazy and as they ctinue to move to the east they will continue to get fueled by the heat and humiditymong other factors. here's the latest timing based on their movement right now at about 25 miles per hour. moving into winchester around 5:15, hagerstown around 5:45, frederick at about 6:35 a leesburg right around 6:40.
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i'll continue to track this line around the evening hours so you can keep it right here. on my facebook and twitter pages as well i'll provide updates as to the latest timing of the thunderstorms. main heavy rains and gusty winds. low threat of hail and i'm notn tracking tornadoes. currently i'm feeling like the temperatures are in the 90s and triple digits. 100 in manassas and 97 in washington with a thermometer reading0 degrees. we'll have scattered thunderstorms around until 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. otherwise mostly cloudy. 11:00 p.m. and most of us are dry and it's feeling about 58 degrees outside. one last trip outdoors. you're noticing the here's tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. it's a cloudy and dry start..m 10:00 we'll start to see some areas of rainfall mainly north and westa ofngton and as we head into the afternoon house, you can see morecaered showers and thunderstorms and hit-and-miss activity out there. there's 4:00 when we're tracking thunderstorms as well. at 5:00 6:00 p.m. we're mainly dry and here's the four-day
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forecast. lo80s, breezy and beautiful on on rday and really nice sunday. monday a high temperature of 88. low humidity. more on thete day forecast coming up at 4:45, pat and leon. >> nice for a change. >> firefighters in montgomeryun coty getting creative and trying to a rescue puppy that eell down a storm drain. a firpo departmentkesperson tweeting out the video. the lit we guy noorse for the wear and loving the attention. the 9 week-old pubby fell down that narrow drain. firstesponders using a slim jim to snag the dog and safely pull it out. it's now happily back home with its owner. >> oh. >> and we won't b hearing the pitter patter of puny panda paws soon at the national zoo. the giant panda will not produce cub this year. folks say she experienced aan pseudo pre over the past
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few months and they now expect her to rese her normal behavior and the panda house is once again open and you can return all the gifts you found at baby panda gap. >> produced a lot of >> seven so far. >> she's got more time. we brought you this bre news yesterday. >> new details are emerging about the woman who climbed the staterou've libty on july 4th live on the air here. that's coming up next. plus -- ♪ >> he's a local iraq war vet turned opera star chasing his turned opera star chasing his dream of becoming an
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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. the fourth of july protester who scaled the statue of liberty today got her day in cou. theresa okoumou was charged with disorderlyonduct and how she made theove and how police got her down. >> the woman said she was protesng the separatiof immigrant children who crossed illegall/mexico border and unlike other protesters she
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decided to scale lady liberty and caused quite a spectacle engaging police in a two and a half hour game ofnd cat mouse on one of the country's most well known statues. policealled her insubordinate and refusing to come down until, quote, all the children were released. mauthorities eventuallyoved in capturing the woman under lady liberty's right foot. >> at first she wasn't friendly with us. we took our time to basically get a dialogu with her and get at rapport with her so she would trust us >> reporter: it was the culmination of an afternoon of protests at the statue of libertyn one of th most popular days to visit, certainly one that any tourist will not soon >> that's for sure. a rhode island artist is channeling her sadness over the situation with migrant families. frances hart is creating a mural of faceless and nameless children. the artist say theural grows
4:27 pm
out of her own feelings as the mother of two children. >> i cried for days because i imagined myself, thatmi it was and what it would feel like for my babies to be taken from me and i realized it was a horrible reality for thousands of mothers and fathers and children. >> the woman is posting her progress on instaam and is hoping to donate her work to a museum or other organization when she's done. >> we are in weather alert mode over the next two and a half hours here. >> storm team 4 traing day seven of a heat wave, plus potentially dangerous storms in somearts of our area. amelia is back next with that, plus the weeke forecast you've been waiting for. >> plus, breaking news. scottruitt is out at the epa. we're tracking reaction to his resignation, and we'll be le
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we're in weather alert mode right now on day 7 of this heat wave. >> and it's bringing in new concerns to the region tonight, flooding for some parts. amelia is in the storm w ♪ wit we need to know for tonight. amelia? >> well, for tonight g if yous can hope over to max 2 we'll be tracking a line of thunderstorms that's moving thrgh the area. you can see this line here. still back in far western
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maryland, the panesndle of virginia with heavy rain. this is moving 25 miles per hour so i'v outlined thetorm chances for tonight. based on where you are you have a better chance that this line moves through your area before fizzling out. a very high chanc along i-81 through winchester. en areas like frederick, leesburg, warrenton will s like see scattered thunderstorms tonight, a chance there at about 6 a%, but once we get into the district, the storm threat toetty low at 20% to 30%. the chance fors really north and west of washington where we are eseeg a flash flood line for counties along thema n-dixon line and future weather at 5:00 p.m. where we're seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms mainl west of washington. pat? >> thanks, hey melia. back now to that news just as we came on the air. scott pruitt, the of the environmental protection agency is out. president trump was headed for a
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rally in montana when he announced onwitter that pruitt has resigned. jennifer johnson is the breaking details. jennifer, what do we know? >> that's right, pat. esident trump is on his way to montana on a plane, but he did tweete that did accept the resignation of epa chief scott pruitt about half an hour ago. just yesterday pruitt and president trump were together at the white house for july 4th,s butou know, scott pruitt has been marred by many, many controversies. he had -- he is facing more than a dozen ethics investigations, everything fro getting a sweet deal on his condominium here in washingtc. to travel expenses to security expenses and even spending a lot of money on fancy pens so scott pruitt, as you said, is out as epa pat?f. >> we know congress wants to conduct an inveotigation of pruitt so what happens now with him wand that? >> well, as i said, scott pruitt s facing over a dozen ethics
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investigations. those investigations will continue. now, he's also -- aside from all the scandals, heee also has trump's point man for rolling back a number of environmentalg tions put forth by the obama administration, including boosting the continued burning of fossil fuels which is blamed on climate change, so he' been under fire by environmentalists, by some lobbyists. it's been a very scandal-plagued tenure, pat? >> it certainly has been. jennifer, thank you. >> thanks. right now maryland election officials are busy counting provisional ballots from last month's primary election. those ballots will decide the outcome of several races that have bee too close to call until now including the county executive race in montgomery county where mark elrich and david blair are basically tied. more than 80,000oters were forced to file provisional ballots after a motor vehicle administration computer problem. the board of elections says that some races may not be certified until july 16th.
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warning for drivers after a woman pumping gas becomes the victim of a carjacking. >> that's really crazy video. jim handly is here with that and what's coming up at 5:00 >> reporter: that video may have you looking over your shoulder the next time you pump gas. comingtop at 5:00 ght, what we're learning this evening about the victim in this case and what police say you can do to keep yourself fromin becoma victim. plus, nbc 4 respond to a woman who says she bought baby wipes online for 20 bucks but then was charged more than $400 for them to be shipped. our susan hogan working to help get that money back and what y need to know so that you don't end up in a similar kind of situation. all about helping you tonight right here at 5:00. got a busy thursday coming up. back to you guys. >> that's infuriating. >> pretty unbeliev,le. >> than jim. we'll see you in just a bit here. >> when you hear the term modern art you don't necessarily think
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high tech, right? that'sxactly what they are doing at this museum. >> the smisonian launched a digit-at-art guide called hirshorn eye. can you scan any piece of art and a video will explain the piece. right now the museum is the only one offering this service but ing that will change. >> that's what we hope because it's so simple and easy for everyone to use. we think a lot of museums might be interested in just exploring and takinthis journey with using seein w how can transform the museum experience for the 21st century. >> the eye is not an app, it's a website. android use nee google chrome installed. if you have an iphone you have to use safari. so far more than 20 artists havv recordeo to make their art come alive. i think that' a real fantastic idea. nl >> that's the way i can see using a cell phree. >> tou go. >> looking at the screen while you're actually in front of some
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art. >> yeah. >> okay. that's cool. >> the restaurant industry is in the midst of a boom, but that growth is not a p of romantic date nights but it's fueled by delivery. next, how it's changing how restaurants do business. stay with us as we track storms for some part of the region for the evening commute. storm team 4 in
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call it food at your fingertips. >> yeah. more and more people are trading dining out for dining in, and they are notngust looki for takeout pizza anymor they are looking for fine dining. restaurant deliveries are expected to surge nearly 80% in e next five years and restaurant owners are taking notice. many of them are creating larger kitchens and still are called virtual restaurant. people order by using many different delivery apps that are out there,nd youet the food brought directly toour door. restaurant owners say it's n just an option anymore.
4:40 pm
>> delivery is not so much icing on the cake as it's becoming for some concepts, especially one like coso it becomes a necessity to serve more than the 45 seats we have. >> i big cities with rising makes, restaurants need all the business theyan get to tur a profit. >> and it's so convenient for the customers. netflix is testing some new features that could eventually lead to higherubscription prices here in the u.s. a new plan is calledra u it would allow you to stream 4k andhd video on four devices at the same time. netflix say ultra would cost about 16.99 which is 3 bucks more than the current premium plan. righow they are testing the new plan in europe, and it's not clear if and when it will be coming here to the u.s. >> speaking of enflicks, fans of the hit show "house of cards," are you in for a nail-biting new
4:41 pm
season with new president claire underwood in charge. >> happy independence day to me. >> producers released this teaser yesterday. actress robin wright takes over the lead character role in the final season ofs political drama. the future was in doubt after actor kcein s was fired last fall over allegations of sexual misconduct. the sixth season of "house of cards" comes outar later this >> up next, we've got something really special for you. >> that's right, a singing soldier. ♪ not just any kind of singing, just this local iraq war veteran turned opera performer. all right. take a look right now. current temperatures 90 but it feels like 97. coming up,a we'll tak look at the humidity and how it's going down over the weekend and your weekend plan r.
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okay. let's get you caught up if you're just joining us with four things to know starting with the signation of epa administrator scott pruitt. about an hour ago president trump tweeted that he accepted the embattled chief's resignatacn. pruitt has multiple ethics scandals. the epa's nber t andrew wheeler will now assume the role of acting administrator as of monday. ws 4's i-team has new information on the investigations that pruitt is facing land have that come up at the top of ther for you right here. police are looking for two guys from it this bran d.c. carjacking. they drove up and as you can see in the red lexus, one gs out of it and sneaks into the black mercedes there and takes off while the driver was still pumpin gas this. happened yesterday at an exxon on pennsylvania avenue in southeast. turns out the drive of the mercedes was council chairman bill mendelssohn's girlfriend. more ahead at 5:00 as well. a tuberculosis scare at john hopkins hospital complex.
4:46 pm
baltimore health officials are at the scene and the possiblele e happened during transport across an internal bridge across two cancer research buildings. both buildings have been evacuated and both employees have been isolated for evaluation. s here fireworks displ in the district led to dozens of calls for first responders last night. in addition to fires, we're told several people got injured by unauthored displays. police tell us that celebratory gunfire also led to numbe of injuries. pat? >> the singing soldi. that'shat many are calling a local iraq w veteran turned opera performer. jesus rnandez loved listening to opera when he was young and is now chasing his dream becoming an s internationalr. news 4's aimee cho caught up with the alexandria native today. ♪ >> reporter: with a voice like this, it's hard to believe jesus hernandez ever doubted he had
4:47 pm
what it took, but here's ago before he ever set foot on a stage this singer was a soldi in iraq. ♪ never taken a lesson in his life simply listening to opera growing up. >> i just had t ear for it, and i just wanted to recreate sounds that they were making. >> while in iraq hernandez would perform for soldiers and one day met the opera star placido domingo who saw a star in the making and pai for lessons ♪ >> reporter: fast forward to today hernandez now pursuing music full-time. he'll soon head to europe t audition at the world's best opera houses. >> if you're going to audition or perform you're always nervous and always have the little butterfly in your s bmach at the same time it's excitement. ♪ >> reporter: and though the singingtoldier has l his days on the battlefield behind
4:48 pm
him, he'll always carry the lessons he'll learn. >> it'f onee most gratifying experiences i've ever athad in my life, to know did something that is bigger than me. >> reporter: in bethesda, aimee cho, ns 4. >> how about that. that is awesome. >> he's fanstic, isn't he? >> pretty dag gone good. >> and having placido domingo as your benefacr. >> if h says you've got it, you've got it. and this young man has got it, well. this world war 2 veteran's baseball pitch v wirl. this is frank anderson, you see that pitch there, he's104 years old. he tossed out the ceremonial red pitch at the memphis birds game yesterday. he can stillng bri the heat. he. >> he's still got it.
4:49 pm
that's great. >> the speaking o heat, cooled off a little bit more. how much? >> tomorrow temperatures in th mid-880s but it will feel like 90s. improvement. w >> better that we have. >> and saturday how about low 880s. >> we'll take it. low 80s,ee , no humidity out there. it's going to be gorgeous. another muggy evening. right now i'm tracking some isolated thunderstorms in die area, and a more substantial line of thunderstorms back t that's moving into our area. one of the isolated showers right now around barnesville, getting in on a little bit of the action, another one north in frederick county starting to zzle out up around thelk sville area. here's that substantial line i'm talking about, and you can see it here. doesn't look all that impressive, but once it gets past the mountains we have a lot of heat and humidity to work with, to keep this line going especially for areas north and west i posted more about that on my facebook and twitter pages. i want toive youn update on the time. moving towards the east at 20 to
4:50 pm
25 miles per hour, so if all else remains equal, it' towards winchester at about 5:30, toward bluemont and then towards woodville about 7:20. humid out there feeling more like 100 degrees. we need this humidity to go away. this is day seven of our heat wave tomorrow so break it down. when do we start to feel a little more comfortable? >> it's on the way, eaa. folks at home, listen up. tomorrow is our transition day, so we are going to be seeing the humidity drop, but until then we e dealing with this line of storms. we switch over to max 2 right now. i want to ahead and show the humidity level. right now it's better in the shade. io talked amelia earlier. in the shade, maybe you can bear and gri f it, the most part pretty oppressive. heat index in the 90s and spots like esburg around 103 degrees. tomorrow, that's what we'll start to see some lel of improvement. mug toe start. very annoying and difficult to
4:51 pm
deal, butng impro with time and by your weekend, oh, this is going tacbe a spear weekend, especially on the heels of this heat wave. liwe'll be f very comfortable. sunny but cooler. your weekend outlovk all. maybe you didn't get a chance to see the fireworks. not to worry, a cool and clear nightdan both sat night and sunday and making for great conditions for fireworks. grilling is going to be perct. not a storm to worry about. as far as the pool goes, i preferhe heat, you know, but if you don't mind temperatures in the low 80s, sunday will be bert. it will be a tad bit warmer. later on y i'll haver guarded forecast. stick around for that and amelia, back to you. >> tomorrow, one last day of thd muggy ions, but our heat wave is over. esday was the last day hitting 90 deg or higher or at least a few days will take that, right? here's the weekend forecast, low 80s on saturday and a bit of a breeze on saturday. perfect weather for golfing or taking the bike out on saturday.
4:52 pm
even sunday as well. make sure you have the sunscreen. here's t ten-da forecast. 88 and low humidity on monday and humidity starts to build back in tuesday into wednesday with temperatures in the l 90s, and then we're hot again next thursday with a high of 94, but why even think about that when we have a few beautiful days coming up saturday and sunday, guys. >> thanks, amelia. >> up next, bri are searching for answers on how two people were poisoned with th same military-grader in of agent used to attack a former russian spy and his daughte in the same area four months ago. >> then at 5:00, first game the rains and now come the mosquitos. the warning aut those pesky ankle biters posing a serious public health threat this summer. >> plus, $400 to ship a box of baby wipes? news 4's h susanan investigates what's behind investigates what's behind aexceive shipping feesssnd
4:53 pm
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the same agent used to
4:56 pm
poison a former military spy and his daughter have psoned two more british citizens. >> eporter: two british citizens both in their 40sk became s on saturday in the town of amesbury about seven to eight miles from the city cter of salisbury where the previous dent happened. >> foaming at t mouth and sweating and making weird noises. >> reporter: both now are in critical condion. on tuesd preliminary results came back showing that they had been exposed t a nerve agent. >> it is unbelievable that we are here today to talk about another novichok nerve agent incident >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out the whys and hows of this. there's not a sense that these two were targeted. they have no known connections with this russian former spy and
4:57 pm
his daughter. there's no sense of why they would be it's looking more like an accidental poisoning. they may have come across a trace of the poison left behind frac the a in march. investigators have now roped off five new sites, sites that hadn't been investigated in the previous incident. they are checking those andtr ng to pinpoint the source of the novichok. kell ll kelly cob nbc news, salisbury. right now at5:00, a storm team weather alert as i track some slow-moving storms. i' i let you know they impact your neighborhood and finally the end to this heat and humidity. >> covert t carjackers, video from had a local gas station that will have you paying closer attention to your surroundings. > boom and bust. anillegal fireworks raid in the district. and marking a moment.
4:58 pm
>> our community has been in shock for the last week. it's still so hard to process. >> the tribute to five people gunned down in a newsroom exactly one week ago today. and good evening. we are also following some breaking news tonight. embattled epa chief scott pruitt resigning today after months of ethics controversies. we'll have much more on that in just a bit. >> but first tonight, storm team 4 in wther alertode tracking our seventh straight day of heat and what would be some slow moving and severe storms in the area. >> amelia draper, we are done with it. >> thankfully we are actuaity done it. today is our last 90-degree dayr to is in the 90s. tomorrow i'm tracking thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar. seeing the thunderstorm developing right around urbana in the next 10 to 15 minutes. thunderstorms inarts of frederick and montgomery county, but the bigger picture is this
4:59 pm
line ofrain. it is showing signs of fizzling but once it makes it past the blue ridge we hav lot of heat and humidity to work with to help intensify these thunderstorms that are moving at abou 25iles per hour off to the eat. so they are not moving all of that fast and they do have som heavy rain within them especially as you head farther to the north, up around the mason dixon line so because of the potential for some flooding tonight, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for counties along the mason dixonine and back through the panhandle of west virginia, and, again, this is for slow moving storms and, remember, you never want to drive through a flooded roadway. as you head further east, washington and southern maryland, you have the lowest chances for some storms tonight. much more on tonight and tomorrow, jim, come uin 15 minutes. >> thank you. now to that breaking news in the trump administration. sct pruitts out as the chief of the epa. >> pruitt has beenlagued by scandals throughout his tenure, and today the president said he accepted his resignation.
5:00 pm
let's get right tocott flack main with details. >> reporter: despite more than a dozen probes ando inquiries i possible ethics violations, president trump has consistently praised scott pruitt for his role within the epa, citing pruitt's role in dismantling government regulations. this evening the news 4 i-team has confirmed the inspector general of the a will continue investigating mr. prewitt's travel and use of taxpayer resources despite his resignation. pruitt's low-cost capitol hill rental apartment from a fossil ouel lobbyist and he reportedly asked an aide line up a job for his wife. critics also point to excessive spending on travel and on security and more recently a report that pruitt lobbied for president trump to fire attorney general jeff sessions and to install him. andrew wheeler, the epa's deputy chief, will become acting administrator monday, the president says. a federal watchdog group says wheeler who served as recently as last year as a lobbyist for
5:01 pm
the coal inst


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