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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 6, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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eun yang. maybe this is your work weekend or maybe you're relaxing for the long weekend. >> the heat wave may be ending in a couple hours, but there might be rain on the radar. melissa mollet has your commute, but first, sheena parveen is here to talk about the forecast. hey, sheena. >> hey, guys! we had seven days in a row of 90s. we hit the low 90s yesterday, but today thet h wave will be coming to an end. we don't have any rain locally right now. we hadov some showernight, but if we take a wide view out, look at the showers and thunderstorms off to our west and northwest, some of these will try to swing through as we go past about 7:00 to 8:00 this morning, andhe then through afternoon scattered showers and storms in the forecast with a coldront that will actually be cooling us down this weekend, so relief from the heat isinally here. it's 81, though, this morning and still very warm and humid as e.u walk outs 82 in annapolis, 80 degrees quantico s all the usuts over the past several days that had been in the 80s this hour still in the 80s. suburbs about the mid-70s. y here's wha can expect as
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you wake up and walk outside. 7:00 a.m., showers north west of d.c. i think most of us will be dry. 9:00 a.m., cnce of a shower and temperatures in the 80s, but a better chance of thunderstorms ter into the day. i'll show you that in your weekend forecast coming let's head oveelissa mollet, see what's happening on the roads. good morning. >> good morning, sheena. right now the beltway is nice and clear. no road work, no problems. everything looking good inner and outer loop. alexandria southbound 395 after seminary road, a workre zone the with just the left lane getting by at this point this morning. and looking at 270 from0 down to the spur, you're on time here,oing about 66 miles per hour, going to take you 27 minutes. aaron? >> a right, melissa, thank you. it's 4:01 now. time is limited. that's the message from authorities in thailand working to rescue that soccer team from a cave. >> bringing them to safety is proving to be a reay dangero mission. a former thai navy s.e.a.l. who was part of the rescue team died from a lack of oxygen. the commander in charge of the
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operation says that it was first slieved the kid could be kept alive inside the cave for a lont time, now he no longer believes that is the case and did not elaborate when asked why. the group has been trapped inside this flooded and dark cave for 13 days now. embattled epa administrator scott pruitt is out. he resigned yesterday after months of public criticism and numerous ethics probes. in his resignation letter, he said "the unrelenting attacks on me rsonally, my family, are unprecedented and he taken a sizable toll on all of us." pruitt faces more than a dozen nearl investigations for $4 million in questionable spending. those investigations will continue. the tyepa's de director, a former coal lobbyist, andrew wheeler, will take over as acting administrator on monday. pruitt's resignation did come up during president trump's campaign-style rally in montana last night. he did, r howeveume his attacks on massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. he mocked senator warren's
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heritage, calling her pocahon s pocahontas, a nickname that many have called racist. >> pocahontas. they always want me to apologize for saying it, a i hereby -- oh, no, i want to apologize. i'll use tonight. pocahontas, i apologize to you. i apologize. to you, apologize. to the fake pocahontas, i won't apologize. >> the president said he would give senator warn $1 million for charity if she can prove she's native american. a fourth man now claims congressman jim jordan knew about sexualle abuse w he was a wrestling coach at ohio state un cersity. jordched at ohio state during the time that a team doctor allegedly molested students. yesterday, a former team member said jordan was part of several locker conversations about the abuse. other athletes have accused the gop lawmaker of turning a blind eye to the allegations. jordan claims he wasn't aware h and woue "done something,"
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if he had known. suesident trump weighing in on the he told reporters, "i don't believe them at all, and i believe jordan 100%." 4:04 and happening now, police searching for the thieves who stole a woman's car as she was pumping gasn july 4th. take a look here. the woman went inside the gas statio to pay. that red luxurious pulled up to the station on pennsylvaniaas avenue sout you saw the man get out of the car and hide behind her driver's side door. after a few minutes, he climbs inside the woman's car and takes off. the gas hose was still inside the tank here. weh spoke wit one neighbor who said she is not surprised this happened. >> i don't get that usually at this station. >> why? >> because usually i know what in the en here, living area and across the street. i've seen it happen before. thehe stolen car belongs to girlfriend of d.c. council chairman phil mendelson. in a statndent, son said in part he's thankful for the community's concern and will support the police to catch the perpetrators. ute are working to find what caused a five-car crash in
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prince george's county thate let person dead. this happened late yesterday afternoon on northbound 95 near the in the laurel area. several others are hurt and one person is facing a life-threatening injury. illegal fireworks kept d.c. police and firefighters busy over the past few days just last night, police shut down a fireworks display outside a home on 13th street inia columb heights. officers threatened to arrest the man wiz organed it. people who live neay were upset and said that police should let residents set off the fireworks. fire officials, though, say the rules are in place to keep people safe. more than 45,000 pieces of illega fireworks were confiscated in the sixth district alone. tense moments at johns hopkins hospital in baimore. two buildings had to be evacuated after it was feared m that employe have been exposed to tuberculosis. this morning, the all clear has been in a statement, hopkins says the employees who were in that area yesterday were isolated and
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evaluated. theyelo not bve anybody else was exposed. now to some breaking news. the search for survivors after a boat carrying chinese tourists overturned in thailand. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> it happens off the coast of phuket, a popular resort island and now they say at least ten tourists are confirmed dead. in this vid you can see some of them wrapped in blankets. are right now in the water searching for dozens of missing people. a storm whipped up high waves, capsizing the boat with 93 tourists on board. authorities say the people who died were all from china. the only bit ofd news, seas have started to calm down since shen, which allows the search teams more acc to that area. >> all right, chris, thank you. it h been o week since the deadly shooting inside the "capital gazette"ewsroom in annapolis. in another act of healing, news rooms aund the world, including our own, observed a moment of silence yesterday. >> join other newsrooms nowaor
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oment of remembrance to honor the victims. >> that moment cam a 2:33 yesterday. that's the time we first reports of an active shooter at the newspaper. jared cushman, roobt hiaasen, john mcnamara, wendi winters and rebecca smith were killed. e'll tell you about new developments in the investigation coming up. meanwhile, a female gang member gets 95 years in prison in montgomerycounty. >> during the hearing yesterday, the judge called the defendant a scary human bein josselin ramirez is linked to a ng of armed robberies in maryland. police say she also confessed to helping set up edgang-rel murders in her home country of el salvador, and she was working on plans for another killing to improve her status with ms-13. >> she wanted to get apr otion. and so, that third plot was underway, supposedly.
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>> ramirez had no prior criminal record. state sentencing guidelines called for a sentence of 9 to 95 year when handing down that maximum sentence, the judge described her as someone who needs to be in jail so she doesn't hurt anyone else. the man accused of that deadly car attack iar lottesville last summer has pleaded not guilty to hate crimes arges. james fields jr. is accused of running down people who were protesting against the white nationalist rally. one woman was killed and dozens were injured.dd inion to state criminal charges, fields faces 30 federal charges fields goes on trial in november on the state charges. the federal government is scrambling to reunite families separated under president trump's zero tolerance immigration policy. h thelth and human services department says it will meet a deadline to get children under the age of 5 years old back to their parents by tuesday. the agency is addinore than 200 workers to try to speed up the process and usingadn testing to identifychildren. that has some advocates worried.
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>> we're concerned that this information could be used to potentially tra these families and these children for the rest of their lives. >>ly previo hhs said that it had about 2,000 separated children in custody yesterday. we learned that number is just under of those, about 100 are under the age of 5. it is not clear how many reunions have happened already. 4:09 now. new details this morning about the woman who scaled the base of the statue of liberty in protest on july 4th. she is krecrediting a former fi the inspiration behind the crime. theresa okoumou pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct. she says she was protesting the separatis of migrant famil at the u.s./mexico border. liberty island was shut down for hours as police triedt to r down. okoumou says former first lady michelle obama inspired her. >> michelle obama.
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our beloved first lady that i care so much about, said when they go low, wegho and i went as high as i could. >> okoumou is out on bail>> now the virginia restaurant that askeds sarah huckabee sand leave is back open. that restaurant opened at 5:00 yesterday and was already ful booked for the evening. a small group of protesters also gathered outside. if you'll remember, a couple of weeksre ago, p secretary sarah sanders was asked to leave the restaurant in lexington, ia virgin, and the restaurant acosed f severalays after, receivingash from trump administration supporters. well arlington county police are rolling out a new tool to help you stay safe while enjoying a o night outthe town. >> it's going to be pretty hard to miss, too. when's the last time you saw a police car that lked like this? this 2004 bmw sedan combines the logos of the police department and the ride share company lyft.
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it will be parked in the busy nightlife areas to remind anybody who's been drinking that they should not get behinhe wheel. >> so many options. the message is simple -- choose sober ride, whether that be a taxi, ride-shang, public transportation, or a designated driver. >> the vehicle is in partnership between the washington regional alcohol and the arlington county police department. last year arlington officers made 435 dui arrests during that same time period. the sober rides program s it provided more than70,000 free rides home from nightlife areas. summer travel season is in full swing, and airports are packed. >> that's right, and if you are planning on booking a ticket soon, there are se ways that you can save some money. coming up, we're going to show you how. plus, up in smoke. incredibleok at the video of a mexican fireworks factory catching fire. sheena? well, this morning we're still warm and humid, but look at this.
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we have thunderstorn the way. so have the umbrella with you today. we're also talking about finally breaking out of the heat wave. i'll show you h
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a mother's instincts to protect her children kicks in. this happened wed night in dallas. police say a woman was inside a gas station when a man climbed into her car with her two ildren inside and tried to take off. that's when they say she jumpe back in the passenger's seat, pulled a gun from the glovend compartmenthot the guy in the head. he then crashed into a light pole. he is expected to be okay and is facing charges. the mother and her children were not hurt. this is the scene in mexico, where 19 peoplere dead and dozens more injured after two explosions ripped through fireworks neops. this hap yesterday in a town just north of mexico city. the victims include bystanderspo
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and first rers who rushed to the scene. many of the town's residents making a living b manufacturing fireworks. similar incidents have happened there before. new details this morning about thatew nerve agent poisoning the victims there in england. >> one of those victims was seen in security video just hours before being hospitalized. don sturgis visited a store in the small town of aimsbury where she lives. that's her in the hat and sundress at the counter. police say she and charlie rowley were poisoned with a nerve ent. it's the same poison that nearly killed a former russian spy and hisaughter back in march. the incidents happened less than ten miles apart. british police confirmed sturgis hder rowley w exposed to the toxin bydling a contaminated item. they aren't saying what that is or where they found it. the couple remains in critical condition. p> this will be flying over parliament durinsident trump's visit to britain next week. protesters were given approval to fly this blimp depicting the
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president as a giant orange baby. t ndon authorities sayll fly for two hours on july 13th. 4:17 right now. buying a plane ticket during the summer can be pretty expensive, especially if you're traveling with a family. >> but we are working for you to try to save youmoney. here's at,ew tips. firs clear your browser history before and after a lookg fo flight. it is totally legal for airlines to search your browse history and change prices depending on how often yoo for that flight! once you've found a good deal, make sure you know what you're getting. many airlines offer cheaper or less expensive basic economy tickets, but hds , they don't include a whole lot. or for alternative for travelers who are looking f an affordable experience, best thing you can do is pack light and mayxt expect to sit ne to the bathroom. >> oh, joy. you can also get a good deal if willing to travel outside of business travel times. so, for example, if you leave on a tuesday instead of a monday, that kind of thing. well, the heat we've had
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eris week has made exercising outside das, but researchers at the university of pittsburgh say it is possible to do it safely. first, knowhen to exercise. try scheduling your workout for early morning or evening when the sun is not as intense. avoid wearing darklothes and layer on plenty of if you feel nauseous or faint, stop exercising, get inside right away, and of course, you need to stay hydrated. >> you just avoialall of that gether and don't do it at all, right? >> you know, if you have the ability to exercise inside, why not do that? >> true. >> or take a break. >> i will admit, though, yesterday i did go a run. i knew it was hot. i knew it. and i said, but i need to go for a run ttside. i've g go. i didn't want to go on the treadmill in the gym, and it was pretty bad. >> how did you feel? >> it was pretty bad. >> i mean, it really does limit your breathin you don't feel like you're run as fast. not. course no. >> you don't feel like you can run as far. >> no. and i was just maneuvering around to stay in the shad
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and once the sun came up, i would start running again to stay in the shade. i probably looked a little nuts. >> running in circles, f zigzaggi no reason. she's delirious! >> hiding from the sunlight. what's wrong withe if you can exercise inside, always a better option on a hot day, but good news today. w noll still be warm and humid as we start your friday off, but we are going to be breaking out of the heawave. we had a couple showers and storms overnight. those h we're looking dry, but the rain later today will be cooling us down for the weekend, so that is fantastic news. to our north and west, watching this cluster of showers and storms. that will be swinging through as we gohe into morning for part of the area, not everybody, but then through the afternoon we still expect some showers and front.with a cold it's 81 degrees and humid in washington. 82 in annapolis, 80 in quantico. all the typical places where we .ave been in the 80s the past several mornin elsewhere, mid-to-upper 70s. byre's what future weather is showing. bout 7:00 to 8:00, showers and storms north and west of d.
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, most of the area dry, but some of this could be swinging through close to lunchtime. and then as weo into the early afternoon, i still expect some thunderstorms, but we clear out and dry out for your friday night. so, if you are exercising this morning it looks good by 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, not so much, but by 5:00 p.m., we're drying out. if you're at the beaches this weekend, today we'll havend showerstorms later in the afternoon. then for tomorrow, low humidity, sunny skies, and sunday looking just fantastic. or if you're staying inland in yourkneighborhood, l at these temperatures. finally breaking out of the heat wave. 83 saturday. you will notice the low humidity sunday, looking just fantastic. but next week, lk atthat. we have another stretch of 90s in the forecast, so don't get used to the weather this weekend. let's check the roads now and your finallyriday with melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning. had this problem hanging around southboundter quantico with the right lane getting by the work zone. you can see just a little bit of a delay there. that's cleared out of the way so th delay should be gone i the
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next couple minutes as well. 66 in and out of town looking good this morning. taking a look right now at the beltway, no major problems inner loop or outer loop. as you fly in here on66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway going 67iles per hour, ing to take you eight minutes. same situation if you're headed out of town tre on 66 here this morning. and taking a look through prince george's county, n major issues. aaron? >> all right, melissa, thank you. coming up, breakfast. 's the most important meal of the day, and many of us have it on the go. >> but eating breakfast that way can often mean we gb the unhealthier choice. we are working f you, breaking down the most nu tr
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now there's a new way you can experience prince william county's history. the county has n a web application showcasing the historical markers throughout the county. it's a virtual tour guide featuring maps and pictures. >> a lot of our historic parks are actively interpreted, so it's not oing to cover everything that an interpreter would cover, or it's not the storical brochure for that particular park, but it does give you an idea of theves that occurred. >> for a link to the historical information, search marker in the nbc washington app. no time for breakfastt home and planning to grab something on the go this morning? >> "consumer reports" sampled 48 breakfast items from six coffee shops and fast-food restaurants, looking for healthier and at the same time, tasty options. news4's susan hogan has some of their top picks. >> reporter: consider offerings that stood out on the menu as
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better choices, including sandwiches, oatmeals and smoothies. flavorful. >> and they analyzed the nutritional information. >> well, it can be tough to find breakfast items with lower calories, fat, sugar and sodium. >> reporter: quick breakfast sandwiches can stay on the spectrum. starbucks chicken sandwich and bacon biscuit has over 1,000 milligms of sodium. a better sandwich choice would be panera bread's avocado, white and spinach on a sprouted grain baghe spl with nearly half the sodium. more and more chains now have oatmeal as an option. these whole grains can be aea source of antioxidants and dietary fib added sugars.ut for the best ones are unsweetened with toppings like fresh fruit, pots and raisins. "consumer res" says if you have to grab and go, there are good choices available, and you can upgrade almost anything pick. >> you can ask for honey or sugar on the side. you can make a betterread choice by choosing whole grain over a croissant, and an egg
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sandwich can be perfectly tasty wiout the bacon or ham. >> reporter: susan hogan, news4. >> did she say tasty witho bacon? [ laughter ] let's not run that sound bite agn. from breakfasto a smoke, it's never too early to talk about ben'shi bowl. coming up, how the district wants to honor the eatery ahead of a major anniversary. >> i tonk aaron's going get bacon for breakfast just to do it now at this point. as you wake up and walk outside, another warm, humid start, but notice these temperatures not eally climbing too much by lunchtime. we are finally breaking out of the heat wave today, but that does come withho somewers and storms. i'll show you the timing f that for yoday, coming up. and new this morning, c iis brow custody. why the singer was arrested at his own concert.
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right now on "news4 today," a cars stolen in l than ten seconds. the surveillance video that shows just howld fast you cou become a victim while pumping gas. and a sad, new development from the rescue attempt the whole world is watching. the death investigation as a soccer team remains stuck deep inside a cave.
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plus, fireworks frenzy. pranks, injuries and damag t followinghe fourth of july. the warnings as we head into the holiday weekend. >> and see you later! >> and just as fans were losing hope, a historic win for the nationals. what you missed if you went to bed while our home team was losing. >> it'oo4:30. a live outside on this friday morning. today we are finally getting a break from the heat wave we've beenweating through all week, but some rain could replace it. we'll deal with it, i guess. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i guess? what are you going to do about i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. melissa mollet will tell us how the roads are looking a bit, but first, we check in with sheena parveen and the storm team 4 forecast. it is friday. u


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