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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 6, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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plus, fireworks frenzy. pranks, injuries and damag t followinghe fourth of july. the warnings as we head into the holiday weekend. >> and see you later! >> and just as fans were losing hope, a historic win for the nationals. what you missed if you went to bed while our home team was losing. >> it'oo4:30. a live outside on this friday morning. today we are finally getting a break from the heat wave we've beenweating through all week, but some rain could replace it. we'll deal with it, i guess. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i guess? what are you going to do about i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. melissa mollet will tell us how the roads are looking a bit, but first, we check in with sheena parveen and the storm team 4 forecast. it is friday. give us good news.
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>> i have good news for the weekend. you're really going to love this forecast. so, there's your friday good news. we're looking ahead to the weekved. today, we showers and storms in the forecast. you're going to need the umbrella, but this will provide us with some reeef. we will breaking out of the heat wave of the 90s, but we're watching showers and storms heading towards the area. we are dry now, though, so you don't have to worry about rain in the next few hours here. the first showersill begin north and west, closero about 7:00 a.m. 80 in quantity quo, 75le burg, 78 in dulles. another warm, humid start to the day. here's future weather. 7:00 a.m. now, we're looking at the area staying on the relatively dry side, just mostly cloudy skies. then there are showers and storms up by hagerstown, winchester, martinsburg seeinso of those approaching. closer to 10:30, closer to the early hours of lunchtime, that's when we should see more showers and storms moving in. so, rain f in theecast today, but wait until you see what it w es to your weekend forecast.
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we'll su that coming up. it is friday, though. we need to check on the roads with melissa. happy friday, melissa. >> happy friday. i'm looking forward to this weekend. sounds nice tside. inner looput o loop of the beltway, nice and green here this morning. earlier stuff is out of the way as we zoom in here to theic am legion bridge, you can see everything is rolling along nicely there as well. so, n big complaints at this point this morning. in maryland here right now, you sn on 95 from 32 down to the beltway, nice and fast. 70 miles per hour gong take you ten minutes. aaron? > all right, melissa, thank you. time is s limited. thate message authorities in thailand are issuing. they're working to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach fro a cave >> but bringing them to safety is proving to be a dangerous mission. a formera. navy s. who was part of the rescue team died from a lack of oxygen. the commander in charge of the operation says it was first believed that the kids could be kept alive inside the cave for a long time. but now he doesn't believe that
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anymore. the group has been trapped inside this flooded and dark cave for 13 days now. now to a carjacking caught on.c camera in southeast a woman ran in to pay for her gas. when she came back, her car was gone. takehe look atuspects who pull up in that red lexus. one guy gets out, hides behind the d hver's side of car, and in just a few seconds, he hops into her car, fires it up, and then pulls off from the gas station here. the hose is still inr, the ca as you can see, as he pulls off. this happened at a gas station right a 12thnd pennsylvania avenue southeast on july 4th. turns out, that car belongs to d.c. councilman phil gimendelsos friend. police are looking for the car and the suspect. we now have our first look at the aanused of a disturbing crime in northern is 19-year-old mohamed abdullahi. police say he murdered resham bajgain. the franklin far sonoco is
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where this happened, and it has reopened. the man justentenced for killing his pregnant fiancee apparently took his own life. officials say they found 35-year-old thierry cusu unresponsive in his cell at the montgomery county detention center wednesday night. they say he hanged himself and left a note. he stabbed a woman who was 16 weeksant inside her takoma park apartment in april of 2016. authorities say she was stabbed multiple times in the belly, neck, and chest. we want to show you an unbelievle picture of a jeep here, more evidence of the danger of fireworks. montgomery county fire rese says a group was playing with fireworks when a mortar detonated inside this jeep. it halls in poolesville on wednesday. fire officials say several people tried to put out the fire but co wdn't. no oneas hurt, though. > ill fireworks caused dozens of calls to d.c. police and firefighters this week. police tell us that there were several injuries from illegal
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fireworks. and just to give you an idea of how big the problem is, police say more than p45,000ces of illegal fireworks have been confiscated just in the city's sixth district. 4:35 is your time. other stories making headlines this morning. reaction continues to come in after embattled epa prministrator scott pruitt resigns. tt is currently facing more than a dozen ethics vestigations for nearly$4 million o worth controversial and extravagant spending. more on why he decided to step down in aive report coming up in about ten minutes. a virginia jury found a gymnastics coach guilty of aggravated sexual battery. brian dinh nguyen of sterling reportedly touched a girl inappropriately when there for a birthday party. lawyers say nguyen had a previousattery and assault conviction. his formal sentencing is set for september. we are learning more about the suspected gunman in thely de"capital gazette"
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shooting. police in norfolk say suspect jarrod ramos sent a letter togi "the virnia pilot" this week. in 2012, ramos sued "the capitae e" and the reporter who now works at "the virginia pilot." the letter arrived today but police won't say wheth was addressed to somebody specifically. yesterday marked one week since the deadly shooting and newsrooms around the world observed a moment ofthilence for victims. a tuberculosis scare at johns hopkins hospital is over this morning. o buildings up in baltimore had to be evacuated yesterday when a frozen sample oftb was dropped and a small amount spilled out. no one was hurt and those buildings were able to reopen. 4:36 now. new this morning, a look at chris brown's mug shot after an arrest overnight. our affiliate in west palm beach, florida, tells us thesi er was taken into custody moments after his performance there. palm blsch county offic arrested him for an outstanding felony battery warrant from the tampa area. he was released after paying
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$2,000 bail. the virginia nativehas, of course, been in trouble before, most notably for domestic violence incident involving former girlfriend rihanna. just when we started thinking all hope was lost for the nats, they have their best game of the season. this was a game you'll be hearing about today. didn't look g wd if youched early on. the marlins were up 9-0 in the fourth, but they rallied. and by the sixth, they were only down three when trai turner nailed his first career grand slam t giving nats a 10-9 blead. turnught in two more runs later in the game. the nats break their five-game a losing streaknd win it, 14-12. >> incredible. d it is actually the biggest comeback ever in team history. looks like the players' only meeting that they had after wednesday's game m have helped turned things around. your time is 4:37. still ahead, is it about to get toughe to get into the national zoo? whyo to know before u plan your family's next trip.
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but first, fireworks frenzy. explosives set off inside a store. the
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let's go! it's fourth of july! [ bleep ] let's go! >> police in miami are trying to
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find the idiot, i mean, culprit, behind this story. they say a prankster filmed himself setting off fireworks inside a dollar tree store on july 4th. >>lo on, tel us how you really feel. >> he is not smart. the videohows the man wheking into t store, lighting the fireworks before he put it on the ground and tried to scoot out of the ooway. >> employees are watching a the store fills with smoke, and then that guy turns around, leaves. police say the man could face arson-related charges. sharpest tool in the shed. >> his mother's not proud. okay. we're done with that. all right, this morning, a homeowner in pennsylvania is repairing the home after an alleged drunk driver slammed into it on the fourth of july. ok at the security video here. >> ooh. >> oh, my goodness! >> wow. >> that car flies right into the side of this home inanchester township. police arrested and charged cameron smith with dui and other
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violations. incredibly, nobody was injured in this. ll, good friday morning. we're talking about some showers and thunderstorms headinghe towards area. otherwise, the weekend a really big relf from the heat and humidity. wait until you see this forecast wp we're breaking out of the heat wave. that's next. > and we'll take a look at the roads, see if we have any trouble spots hanging around. plus,ir a big bthday coming up for ben's cli bowl. the change that could be coming to u street just itime for its n
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rahe dem want open borders, which means lots of crime. we want tough, strong, powerful borders, and we wanim no and we're going to protect i.c.e. we protect [ chnd applause ] >> president trump out west lash rallying his base in montana. the president went after senator elizabeth warren,democrats, and the me too movement, but many are talking about what he did not mention. president trump didn't say anything about the resignation of his embattled epa administrator. ru>> scottt stepped down yesterday following months of news4's collone is following the very latest on capitol hill. chris, let's talk about the reasoning that pruitt gave for
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stepping dow >> reporter: yeah, good mornings he said unrelenting attacks, both on him and his family, that ultimately caused him to make this decision. in aeetter h wrote to president trump. no ourse, in that letter, mention of the 15, at least, eparate ethics investigations that pruitt is under in his tenure in office. he's been investigated for multiple things, includingot spending of money on the taxpayers' dime. there was that infamous secure phone booth he had installed into his office. he's been criticized for having 24/7 security, a sweetheart deal on an apartment here in washington so, while he cites unprecedented attacks against him, ultimately, it was these ethics issues that had dogged him for a l and threatened to drag into the midterm elections season that ultimately did him in.
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>> chris, while we have you, we've beenki t about the president's short list for supreme court nominees, btting shorte the day it seems. who are front-runners? >> reporter: the president said on his flight to montana yesterday that he had it down to three or four. it seems like t ough our reporting that it's down to three -- amy tony barrett, raymo raymo raymond k raymond ledge and brett kavanau kavanaugh. all threeppeals courts federal judges. the president sayse'll make his decision by sunday, announce it monday night at 9:00. >> all right, nbc's chris pollone on capitol hill for us. thank you. 4:47 now, and the brewing trade war with chinati is h up again today. tariffs on hundreds of chinese products took effect overnight. this is the latest escalationn the ongoing battle between the u.s. and some of our biggest trade partners. the white housesmposing an additional 25% tariff on more than 800 chinese goods from farm
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machinery to medical devices, from cars to aircraft parts. so far, finished goods like n smartphones a included. china fired back, imposing retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods. here at the live desk, we've got some new information that'sg already mak headlines around the world. the "associated press" has reported that anne frank's family tried to seek refuge in the u.s. and cuba during war ii. you remember, frank is the jewish diarist w died in the holocaust. the "ap" says documents reflect anne's father, otto, twice tried to get papers to come to the u.s. and later to cuba. otto frank wrote in the lette that he had filed an application in rotterdam at the u.s. consulate and also mentioned that all the papers were destroyed by a german bombardment. anne frank's family went into hiding from the nazis at amsterdam exactly 76 years ago today. >> my goodness. chris lawrence, thank you.
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maryland votg officials plan to work through the weekend counting provisional ballots. those ballots could decidhe outcome of some primary races that have been too close to call. one of those races is the race forom montgery county executive. right now, marc elrich and david blair basically tied. the provisional ballots are playing a big role because a computer issue at the maryland motor vehinle atration left 80,000 people improperly registered. a part of the popular u street corridor in the d.c. area could soon be known by a differentname. d.c. council will consider emergency legislation to rename the 12 hundr00 block of u stree ben's chili bowl wa t the goal i get it renamed for the 60th anniversary that's coming up next month. you mi ben chili's bowl unveiled a new mural featuring news4's formerc jim vance. coming up, megan v. grath will have details on howou can help council members decide on the name change. the days of strolling into the national zo without a lot of
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security around you could be ending. hsonian institution has a proposal to the national planning commiion calling for serious security increases. it includes more perimeter fencingnd reducing the 13 pedestrian entrances to just three security checkpoints. the proposal will be reviewed next week. looks like we won't be seeing a new panda cub any tim soon at the national zoo. >> what? >> no. th giant panda, mei xiang, will not give birth this year. scientists at the zoo say she experienced a pseudopregnancy over the pt few months, so they expect her to return to her normal routine in just a couple of eeks. panda house is now open again. a warning this morning about those pesky mosquitos. >> maryland has more than usual. apparently mosquitos have multiplied up to three times more than their normal numbers for early summer. the influx comes after rent flooding in places like frederick and anne arundel and howard tico. crews are spraying pesticide
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from trucks and from the air. no mosquito-borne diseases have been reported so far t in maryland, but it's early. mosquito season runs through october. >>they love me. mosquitos love me! it is so disgusting. i wast the park the other day. i got about six mosquito bites in a minute because i stoed walking. >> but you keep going. >> i'm telling you. i know, i had to keep going. >> stay out of the park, sheen gentlem a. >> i have dogs. i have to walk them. >> it has to be something in our aublood. >> b my blood's sweet. i did look it up. >> definitely in your blood. >> duh! give me a second he, all right? >> i've seen other things like, i don't know, your skin or the perfume you're wearing o if you'resweating. >> yes. i've heard about the perfume. i believe the blood path, gh. but i will say, a lot of standing water, you have a lot a mosquitos. ays hope the cold winters just kill them all. i really do. the only thing i would not miss is the mosquitos. well, today, though, hopefully you don't encounter any mosquitos. we have showers in the forecast so expect more standing water.
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hopefully, you get rid of that if it's on yourproperty. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for today, mostly around lunchtime and through the early afternoon. we're breaking out of the heat wave, though. row of seven days in a 90s. today we're not going to be in the 90s. the rain is going to keep us in the 80s,he and over the weekend, the cooler air finally moves in. we have a big area of high pressure in canada. that's goi to drop d for saturday and sunday and bring us cooler temperatures. here's a look at satellite and radar. we are dry this morning. however, we have some showers and storms north and west, and these are heading in direction. we'll be watching these through the next few hours as they get closer. mostly after about 7:00 a.m. we'll see those approach. it's 81 in washington. most of the area about the upper 70s and ver hum this morning. future weather. by 7:30 showing some showers and storms north andst, maybe hagerstown, over towards areas like martinsburg, down to front roya then by 10 first, a lot of these showers move from west to east across the are lunchtime into the early afternoon, and the timing of this is really sped up. these could be clearing out in
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ti for the evening rush, and then expect a dry friday night. temperatures today only in the akd-80s. so we're bg out of the heat wave. look what it does to the weekend, though. sunny skies, low humidity. that's going to feel nice. look at saturday, 83 degrees. tynday 85. and that low humi going to make it feel not really like summer anymore, until next week when it allba comes . we have another stretch of 90s in the forecast, so enjoy the ekend ather. let's check in with melissa mollet, see what's happeningn th roads. >> good morning. accokeek indian highway, we have left lane getting by with paving in each direction. this is a long-term project. rest of prince george's county looks good. inner and outer loops of the be beltway, no problems. 86 and 95 just fine here. 95, we do have a little bit of a slowdown here both northbod and southbound near quantico this morning. and frederick, headed down 270, lear all the and way to the spur. aaron? >> meliss thank you.
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it's 4:54 right now. when it comes to fast food, what's your favorite?o according new survey, chick-fil-a wins in customer satisfaction. >> oh, hands down. >> the st-food jointreclaimed its title as the top-rated fast-food restaurant for the third saight year. panera bread came in as a close second, followed by bway. mcdonald's came in last place for the third straight year. fastood customers say the speed of checkout or delivery improved most this year. >>eren't we just talking about that yesterday? >> yeah. every day i feel like we're talking about fast food. >> chick-fil-a. >> i could do any of those right now. all right, call it food at your fingertips. >> more peopl t arerading dining out for, dining in and they're not just looking for takeout pizza anymore. they are looking for fine dining. restaurant delivery is expected to surge near 80% in the next five years, and restaurant ners are taking notice. many are creating larger kitchens and so-called virtual restaurants. people order via many delivery apps and get it brought strait toheir door. restaurant owners say it's not
4:55 am
just an option anymore. s and delivery not so much icing on the cake as it's becoming for some a necessity, to serve more than the 45 seats we have. >> so, that is because especially in big cities with rising minimum wages, restaurants need all the business they can get to turn a profit. rece,ly in d. voters passed a measure to gradually raise the minimum wage for tipped workers. we've got an update f you this morning to an odd sort of, like, blind dau could say, at 30,000 feet. >> we told you about this story yesterday. a man and a woman met after she -- >> switched seats. >> -- switched seats with somebody on a plane. the couple behind them noticed that they had hit it off. they documented what they thought may be a new love connection -- >> they just look like trouble. they look like trouble. >> so, we've heard from the mystery man himself. you seereim >> ewen holden is a former pro soccer player turned model.
4:56 am
hello, ewen. while the woman didn't want to go public, ewen saysheir story may not be over. >> she's a very, very,lo very ly girl, very attractive, beautiful, and has a lot to say, you know, for herself and very intelligent. >> right? everybody's going, hey, ewen. so, we know the woman's name is helen. ae and ewen apparently plan to meet upin soon. >> that's one of my favorite names. >> ewen? >> helen. >> oh. >> helen! you know? it's just one of those names you can yell ou this story has been liked on twitter nearly 900,000 times. i've always enjoyed that name. it's always been fun for me. it i 4:56 now. still ahead on "news4 today," embattled congressman jim jordan's problems get worse. a foureg man a jordan knew about abuse while coaching wrestlers at ohio state. how the congressman isngow respondi. plus, getting ready for the day usually means breakfast, but if you're thinking about grabbing something on the go,
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we've got a consumer reports story you have got to see before you eat. "news4 today" continues after this.
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just about 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'mn erika gonzalez for eun yang. friday morning coming is welcome relief for many of you who h fod d to get back to the workweek during the -- it's a wednesday fourt of july? 's a little tricky, right? >> even better news today, the
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heat wave may be ending in a matter of hours. rain may be moving in, too. we'll check in on you with melissa mollet in a mont, but fir sheena parveen and the weather. >> a lot of people are excitede to the heat wave ending. it's been seven days in a row of temperatures in the 90s, but we are lso trackinthunderstorms. so, that's something we're watching this morning. that will be moving in after about 7:0a.m., but certainly not for everybody at that time. the heat wave will be coming to an endse bec of the rain and because of the rain we actually have a lot of relief heading way for this weekend. lowermidity will be w this weekend, so it will feel much more comfortable. this morning, still very warm and it's 81 degrees, but the humidity's still making it feel five degrees warmer. feels like 86. locally we're dry, but there you see showers and storms off to our west, heading in this direction. we're not here yet across the area. most of us will be staying dry through about 7:00 a.m. here's 8:30. there you see it north awest, they start to move in. coming up, i'll show you the timing for the rest of todnd


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