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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 6, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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first, sheena parveen is here to tell us about the cooldown. >> oh, s, but we need the rain in order for the cooldown to happen, so i think that you wily be v happy once we get to the weekend. this morning, though, we're very huwarm and d. you'll notice a lot of clouds out there, 80 degrees, but it feels like 85 because of the humidity that's still around. that's going to change this tekend, though. we are dry acros area. you start to notice those showers just in the top corner of y.r scre here they are, showers and storms to our west and northwest. these will start to move in as we go through the next couple of hours. you're mostly north and west of d.c. heur's a look at f weather. as we get closer to 8 thirl:30, still dry around the d.c.area, but fredericksburg, basically down 81, we'll start to see scattered showers and storms. they move through the rest of the area by lunchtime. i'llhow you the timing, when it will clear up, and what it will do to our weekend forecast. finally, the heat wave is ending. let's go to melissa mollet and find out what's going on the
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roads. >> good morning. westbound independence avenue at 17th street, water main break reported there. sounds like it's only affecting the westbound lanes and eastbound is open, has crews on the scene trying to get that out of the wa as we zoom out just a little bit, you can see inner loop and outer lp of th beltway rolling along nicely this morning. outbound 39 seeing a little bit of a slowdown there. not really sure what's going on because we don't h report of a problem. we'll look into that and let you know if anything develops there. delays on the red line. signal problem at dupont circle and the power issue at shady grove. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:01 now. time is limid. that the message from authorities in thailand working to rescue that soccer team from >> cave. bringing them to safety is proving to be quite a dangerous mission. a former thai navy s.e.a.l. who was part of the rescue team died from a lack of oxygen. the commander in charge of the peration says it was fir believed the kids could be kept alive inside the cave for a long time, but now he l noger believes that is the case and
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did not elaborate when asked why. theas group been trapped inside this dark, flooded cave for 13 days now. ovalso, continuingage this morning on embattled epa administrator scott pruitt,ho is now out. he resigned yesterday after months of public criticism and numerous ethics probes. in his resignation letter to the president, pruitt said "the unrelenting attacks on me ndrsonally, my family, are unprecedented, a have taken a sizable toll on all of us." pruitt faces more than a dozen ethics investigations for nearly $4 million in questionable spending. those investigations will the epa's deputy administrator and former coal lobbyist andrel wh will take over as acting administrator on monday. pruitt's resignation did not come up during president trump's mpaign-style rally in montana last night. he did, however, resume his attacks on massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. he mocked senator warren's heritage, calling her pocahontas, a name that many have called >> pocahontas. they always want me to apologize
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for saying it. and i hereby -- oh, no, i want to apologize. i'll use tonight. pocahontas, i apologize to you. i apologize. to you, i apologize. to the fake pocahontas i won't apologize. >> the president said he would give senator warren $1 million for charity if she can prove she's native american. a fourth man now claims congressman jim jordan knew about sexual abuse while he was a wrestling coach at ohio state university. jordan coached at ohio state during the time that the team doctor allegedlyolted students. yesterday, a former team member said jordan was part of several locker r conversations about the abuse. other athletes have accusedp th lawmaker of turning a blind eye to the allegations. jordan claims wasn't aware and would have, quote, doneme ing if he had known. president trump weighing in on the issue, telling reporters, i don't b them at all, and,
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quote, i believe jim jordan 100%. now to a carjacking caught on camera in southeast d.c. a woman rann to payor her gas, and when she went back, her car was gone. >> this is a crime that could happen to any one of us. news4's justin finch is live at that gas station on pennsylvania avenue with more on how this all happened. it's a good reminder and a warning for all of us, justin. >> reporter: erika, that's absolutely right. this is a crime that was pulled off in no time, the victim in this case doing whas many of have done, quickly paying for her gas inside with the intention of coming back to her car. well, in this t case,t woman found her car had been stolen in seconds, andt was all caught on surveillance video. check this out here. a red lex pullsp to her mercedes there at the exxon in the 1200 block ofyl pennia avenue here in southeast. a man hops out of the passenger's side of that lexus and creeps towards that ' merced driver's side door. he opens the door and then gets behind the wheel and quickly presses the start button and
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pull off. he now has the car, her purse and keys as well. you'll also see the gas hose still attached to the car, o. that red lexus swoop in rig behind, and both vehicles are gone. it turns out this victim is the girlfriend of d.c. council chairman phil mendelson, and a statement, he says that he is thankful for the many expressions ofer co it is clear that these thieves have done this before. i wie support the pol in any way in order to catch these perpetrators so that they cannot victimize anyone anse. weell you at this time, the car is still out there, those suspects too. police are offering a reward of up to $1,000 for tips that lead to an arrest or indictment in this case. us allin, a reminder for to lock our doors and take our keys with us when we leave our cars at theas station. live here in southeast, justin finch, news4. ck into thestudio. >> all right, justin. thank you. it's 6:06 just about now. we have new video coming into the newsroom outf canada.
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chris lawrence at the live desk. chris, what is this about? >> aaron, three hiker have a story to tell and video to prove it. yesterday they came face-to-face with a grizzly bear in canada. take a look. >> stay there, bear. don't follow. don't come towards us. >> keep looking at -- >> wow. >> i don't want to use the spray. >> they were walking a popular hiking trail in alberta when this happened. eventually, the bear turns around and makes a loop aroun the hikers. and wildlife experts say this was a good example of how to handle an encounter with a grizzly. they were pretty calm, allin th considered. i don't think i could be. and they stayed together as a group. but they had the bear spray ready, just inca . we checked with the national parks service for tips on what bear. if you see a some of it's interesting, like move sideways, which the bear doesn't see as a threat, and if you see a brown or grizzly bear, play dead, but don't that with a black bear. for that, you need to either escape or fight back. buthe tip that really got our
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newsroom talking isdentify yourself. apparently, bear experts say c talkinmly lets the bear know you're human and notl another ani it sees as prey. what do you guys think? that.m not testing any of >> i don't know if words are going to be coming out of my mouth if i see a bear. i mean -- >> well, they might help, though, ika, if you just keep saying, "eat aaron," mm, "eat aaron." eat aaron. >> chris is goi to tell me that's better than the number four that you're going to be picking up at mcdonald's later today. thanks, chris. >> thank you, chris. all right, the federalnt governs scrambling to reunite families separated under president trump's zero tolerance immigration policy. the health and human services department says it willeet a deadline to get children under thege of 5 back to their parents by tuesday. the agency is adding more than w 200orkers to speed up the process and they're using dna tests to identify children, but that part of the story has some advocates worried.
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>> we're concerned that this information could be used to potentially track these families and these children for the rest of their lives. >> previously, dhhs s that it had about 2,000 separated children in custody. like yesterday we learned that number is just under 3,000. those, about 100 are under the age of 5. it is not clear how manyun ns have happened already. a female ganget member the maximum sentence in montgomery county, 95 years in pris h. >> durin hearing yesterday, the judge called the defendant a scary human being. jossel ramirez is linked to a string of armed robberies in maryland. police say she also confessed to helping set up gang-related murders in her home country of el salvador,nd she was working on plans for another killing to improve her status with ms-13. >> she wanted to get a promotion. and so, that third plot was under way, suppedly. >> ramirez had no prior criminal
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record. state sentencing guidelines called for a sentence of 9 to 95 years. when handing down the maximum sentence, the judge described nr as someone whods to be in jail so she doesn't hurt anyone else. the man accused of that deadly carack in charlottesville last summer has pleaded not guilty to hate crimes charges. james fields jr. is accused of running down people protesting against the white nationalist rally. one woman was killed and dozens injured. in addition to state criminal charges, fields now faces 30 federal charges. fields will go on trial in november on the state charges. some new details this morning about a wan whocaled the base of the statue of liberty in protests on the fourth of july. she's crediting a former first lady as being her inspiration for that climb. theresa okoumou pleaded not guilty in court yesterday in new york city to misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct. she says she was protestin separation of migrant families at the border.
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the statue was shut down forur as police tried to get her down. she says former first lady michelle obama inspired her actions. >> michelle obama, our beloved first lady that i care so much about, said whe they golow, we go high. and i went as high as i could. >> uokou is out on bail. the virginia restaurant that asked sarah huckabee sanders to leave is back open. the restaurant opened at 5:00 yesterday and was already fully booked for the evening. a small group of protesters also gathered outside. you'll remember a couple of weeks ago, pressecretary sarah sanders was asked to leavest th rant in lexington, virginia. well, the restaurant had to close for several days after receiving backlash from trump administration supporters.rl gton county police are rolling out a new tool to help enjoying a e while night out on the town. >> it's going to be pretty hard to miss, too. when is the last time that you saw a pink police car?
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e 2004 bmw at that, sedan combines the logos of the arlington county police department and the coride-share any lyft. it's going to be parked in busy nightlife areas to remind anybody who's b drinking that they should not get behind the wheel. >> there a so many options. the message is simple -- choose a sober ride whether that be a taxi, ride-sharing, public transportation, dr a designated er. >> the vehicle is a partnership between the washington regional alcohol progr and t arlington county police department. last year, arlington officers made 435 dui arrests. during that same time period, the sober ride program says it provided more than 70,000 free rides home from nightlife areas. 6:11 right now. the summer travel season is in full swing, and airports are packed. >> if you'relanning on booking a ticket sometime soon, we've got some ways that can help you save money. coming up, we're going to show you how. plus, up in smoke. a closer look at the incredible irdeo of a mexican fireworks
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factory catching sheena? good friday morning. we're watching showers and storms approaching part of the ea. frostberg already seeing some of that. what it's going to make is make the weekend much more comfortable. i'll show you the forecast and the timing of the rain, coming up. take a look at what's going on. building a gnt bird's nest. and oh, yeah, we've got a camp song going onre right oh, but this is not just for campers. how everybody can really take advantage of this sanctuary right in the middle of the big city. much more coming upext on much more coming upext on "n new
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a mother's instinct t protect her children kicked in big time. this happened wednesday night in dallas.
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police say she was inside a gas station when she saw a guy climb into her car with her two children sll inside, and he took off. that's when she jumped into the passenger's seat, pulled a gun out of the glove compartment and shot the guy in the head. the vehle crashed into aight pole. the suspect is expected to be okay. the mother and her children were not hurt. this was the scene in mexico, where 19 people are dead and dozens moveed inj after two explosions ripped through fireworks shops. it happened yesterd in a town just north of mexico city. the victims include bystanders and fir responders who rushed to that scene. many of the town's residents making a livingacy manring fireworks. similar incidents have happened there before.>> buying a plane ticket during the summer can get pretty expensive, especially if you're trg with a family. >> we're working for you with some tips this morning to try to save you some money. first, clear your browser history before and after you're looking for a flight. it is totally legal for airlines to search yr browser history
6:17 am
and change prices depending on how often you're lookingor that flight. once you've found a good deal, make sure you know what you're getting. many airlines offer now these hosic economy tickets, but they don't include a lot with it. >> cheaper alternative for travelers w are looking for an affordable experience. best thing you can do is pack light and maybe expect to sit next to the baroom. >> you can also get a good deal if you are willing to travel outside of thest bus travel times. so, for example, you leave on a tuesday instead of a monday. we are working for you this morning with anoer summer staycation idea. how does a walk in the woods und? >> thismorning, our molette green is at the wooden sanctuary in chevy chase, checking out ways that you and your family can take in the great outdoors. hi, molette. >> hey, guys. lo at the giant bird's nest these campers have been working on this we're on this 40-acre property of just spectacular beauty here
6:18 am
at the audubon naturalist society, and executive director lisander joins me this morning to talk about why this is such a t great thing for campers and for the regular public, right? >> that's absolutely right. our wooden nature sanctuary is open 365 days a year, and we want everyone to get outside in nature this summer, young and old. we have an online guide with 11 activities that will help parents get their kids outside and into nature. we hope all kids go to summer camp so they can build nests and dig in the dirt and be outside. >> this is a great little staycation idea. i mean, we're right in chevy chase. >> yes. >> but i feel like i'm milesway. >> i like to say, it's always cooler here because the treesre provide shade. there are wonderful things to look at. we have forests and meadows. we have birds and insects, and it is so muchfun. >> reporter: oh, yeah, you hifinitely do have insects. i've felt them morning. >> and they love you because you're sweet.
6:19 am
that's why. >> reporter: i love it. and the young people and older people learn all about nature, and that's what it's all about, getting in touch. >> absolutely. and it's good for your health. it helps you relax, it helps destress to get out into nature. so, for everyonemmhis , we hope you'll spend time in nature. it will make them feel be eer. >> that'ctly what aaron and erika need. they need to get out here. okay, there's a camp song that we could just break into, if we could, but when we come back, we're going to tell you four ways to enjoy nature in this splendidplace, coming up later in the hour of "news4 today." so stay with us. >> i love how she just threw us under the bus when she knows she has been swattg flies and mosquitos all morning long. you can't stand the outdoors. >>mo tte, thank you. all right, we turn now to our weather. if you do like the great outdoors, if you can hang with the mquitos and the bugs -- >> oh, gosh, you need the bug spray. >> you'll >> the other day i had a couple different types of bug spray on
6:20 am
me because the first one wasn't working and it still wn't working. there's something wrong. >> it's you, not the bug spray. >> i'm too sweet. >> can't turn that down. >> mosquitos are the only thing that i really would not miss, you know, it got eliminated. but i'm still trying to find out what its purpose is. i'm sure i'll find out. somebody wil e-mail me about that. showers and thunderstorms today in the forecast, so have the . umbrel we're finally breaking out of the heat wave. yesterday made day number seven a row with temperatures in the 90s. tch nicer this weekend, though. wait until you s forecast for your saturday and sunday. we do have some showers north and west of thearea. showers and thunderstorms approaching, mostly approachi 81 here first. so, by about 8:00 a.m., most of the area's still going to be osy. they'rey hagerstown down to le ray, but near frostberg currently. the cold front is coming a ttle earlier now. 80 in washington, 79 quantico, 73 in frederick, warm and humid oue. th here's 8:30 this morning on
6:21 am
future weather. we're still fairly dry the d.c. metro area, but there you see north and west, scattered showers and thunderstorms. by luntime those movehrough the d.c. metro area, clearing out through the afternoon. so, the timingai of the has sped up quite a bit. then we're going to be dry for night.iday if you have grilling in the plans today, by 2:00 p.m., maybe some showers and storms heill, butll be on their way out, clearing through the rest of the afternoon and for tonight, and we're finallyaking out of the heat wave. oour gardening forecast for this weekend brought you by merrifield.tu morning tempes in the 60s. fantastic weather. the tip of the day, inspect your garden fns s of insect damage and disease damage, and take that to your local garden. center if you're heading to the beach urday andend, s sunday look dry and cooler after today's rain, but enjoy the weekend because look at next week. the 90s come back again for several days. let's check the roads right now with melissa mollet. good morning. >> taking a look at the roads
6:22 am
right now, chopper 4 over the beltway at new hampshire avenue. you can see inner loop and outer loop, everything is flowing along nicely. niceol lighte at 6:20 on a friday morning. in the district we head westbound, independence avenue before the memorial bridge with the right lane blocked by police activity. that's now cleared out of the pway. inner l and outer loop of the beltway, no major problems there. this outboundtu ion, 395 approaching duke. we called police. they sayhere is nothing happening there. so, perhaps just a little glitch on the map. delays on the red line, signal problem at dupont circle and a power issue at shady grove this morng. and as y look at travel times, 270's rolling along. so is the top of the beltway. 665 inbound, northbound, virginia, quantico to the beltway going to take you 17 minutes. member to listen to wtop 102.5 fm when you hop in your car today. aaron? >> hamelissa, you. 6:22 now. coming up, breakfast, it's the most important meal of they nd many of us have it on the go. >> but eating breakfast that way cane often mean grab the
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and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 so getor credit towards with aother samsung tech. welcome back at 6:25. no time for breakfast at home and planning to onab something he go this morning? >> consumer reports sampled 48 breakfasfe items from c shops and fast-food restaurants looking for healthier at the same time tasty options. news4's susan hogan has somp of their topicks. >> reporter: consider the offerings that stood out on the menu as better choices, including sandwiches, oatmeals and smoothies.
6:26 am
>> flavorful. >> reporter: and they analyzed the nutritional information. >> we, it can be tough to find breakfast items with lows amou of calories, fat, sugars and sodium. >> reporter: quick breakfast sandwiches can stay on the nutrition spectrum. starbucks chicken and bacon biscuit has or 1,000 milligrams of sodium. a better choice would be panera bread's avocado, egg white and spinach on a souted grain bagel splashed with nearly half the sodium. more aha mores now have oatmeal as an option. these whole grains can b a great source of antioxidants and dietary fiber, but watch out for those added sugars. the best ones are unsweetened with toppings like fresh fruit, nuts and raisins. consumer reports says if you a have to grab go, there are good choices available, and you can upgrade almost anything you pick. >> you can ask fr honey sugar on the side. you can make a better bread choice by choosg whole grain over say a croissant. and an egg sandwich can be perfectly tasty without the bacon or ham. >> reporter: susan hogan, news4.
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it's in the air! and see you later! >> it is no6:27 and still ahead, aistoric win for the nats. the game that' giving fans new hope after weeks of trouble. and it's never too early to about ben's chili bowl. coming up, how the district wants to honor the iconic eatery ahead of a major anniversary. and good morning. this morning we're watching some showers and storm approaching part of the area. s.ese will be moving in over the next several ho coming up, we'll show you the timing and what it will mean for our weekend focast, straight ead. and new this morning, chris brown ar. why the singer was arrested at his own concert. does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we let calls from any ofour devices
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it is 6:30 right now. a live look outside on this friday morning. today we finally will be getting a break from the heat wave we've been sweating through all week long. it could be replaced with some rain, though. >> that's a preicture out there. >> it is. you're welcome. >> thanks, aaron! >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist.
6:31 am
>> aye-yi-yi.ny how ours has it been now? good morning, everybody. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun , yaho's coming back very soon. melissa mollet's going to tell us how the roads i are l just a moment, but first, we want to check in with sheena parveen and that storm team 4 forecast that aaron had nothing to do i mean, it is friday. >> the weekend's almost here.ha anyway, w showers in the forecast for today. we're finally going to break out of the heat wave with the rain. we're not going to make it into the 90s. sterday we did, so that was seven days in a row. the radar's dry locally, but we don't have to look t far upo our north and west to already see approaching showers and storms. so, the timing of this rain has sped up a little bit. it's all coming in with a cold front that will really give us relief for the weekend. me showers and storms around frostberg, all heading towardsh rstown, 81. so, if we break down the timing, it's moving around 25iles an hour. it will be near hagerstown by about 8:00, winchester 8:22, frederick closer to about 9:00 this morning. then the rest of the area will see a lotf these showers move
6:32 am
through closer to lunchtime. we'll look at the weekend forecast coming up. let's check in with melissa, see what the roads are lking like. good morning. >> good morning. brand-new problem in spring. this is southbound new hampshire avenue, ramp to the outer loop. utu can see this video spun on the right side, and that's part of the problem there. so now everyby's going to have to try to stay left to get past that here this morning. camp springs, inner loop between allentncn road and bra avenue, a crash reported there. you can see some of those delays as we zoom in this morning. heading back out here to 66 and 95, no problems there right now, so thaghis good thr virginia. delays on the red line, signal problem at dupont circle and power issue at shady grove. aaron? >> all right, melissa, thank you. we're just seeing a tweet from elon musk. he just tweeted out, the folks.x he's apparently planning to send o thailand tomorrow to try to help rescue those 12 boys and soccer coach from a cave. >> bringing them to safety is proving to be a dangerous
6:33 am
mission. a former navy s.e.a.l. who was part of the rescu team died from a lack of oxygen. the commander in chargenf the oper says it was first believed that the kids could be kept alive inside that cave for a long time, but now he doesn't lieve that anymor the group has been trapped inside that dark, flooded cave for 13 days now. and more tragedy in thailand. >> the death toll has risen after a boat caring tourists overturned in thailand. chris lawrence is at the live deskmoith . >> we've been update daing the y and 17 tourists have been confirmed dead. the horrible accident happened yesterday off the coast of uket, a popular resort island. right now, thailand's navy has diversn the water searching for dozens of missing people. 93 tourists were aboard whe storm whipped up high waves and capsized the diving boat. at least ten of the victims were chinese tourists. the only bit of good news, the seas have started to calm down since then, which allows t search teams more access to the area. aaron.
6:34 am
>> chris, thank you. it is6:34. we have a first look at a man accused of a disturbing crime crime. police say abdullahi was trying to rob a gas statio heecently came here from nepal and was working two jobs to support resham bajgain's family. an online fund-raiser for the family has raised about $30,000 and the gas station has reoped r business. new this morning, a latest look at chris brown's mug shot afr an arrest overnight. our west palm beach, florida, affiliate tells us thewa singer taken into custody moments after his performance there. palm beach county officials arrested him for an outanding battery warrant. he was released after paying a $2,000 bail and has alrea posted on instagram promoting his show in tampa tonight. it is 6:35 now and here's a
6:35 am
look at your top stories. the man sentenced for killing his pregnantiancee apparently took his own life. thierry nkuso was found unresponsive in his cell at the montgomery county detention centerne way night. bail officials say he hanged himself and left several handwritten notes. nkuso was accused of stabbing maria mbunga back in 2017 and wase sentenced to l in prison earlier this week. a virginia jury found a gymnastics coach guilty of aggravated sexual battery. brian dinh nguyen reportedly touched a girl inappropriately seas december during a birthday party. authorities say nguye previous assault and battery conviction. sentencing is set for september. right now, marc elrich and david blair are still locked in a neck-and-neck race to become montgomery county's next executive. maryland voting officials plan to work through the weekend counting provisional ballots to
6:36 am
break the tie. provisional ballots are playing a big role because a computer issue at the motor vehicle administration left 80,000 people improperly registered. beloved d.c. restaurant ben's chili bowl wants to celebrate their upcoming anniversary in a big way. >> news4's megan mcgraths live on u street with details on a potential name change for the street there near ben's. megan? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. well, it's a landmark. asben's chili bowl h been here on u street since 1958, but the address may soon be changing from u streeto n's chili bowl way. the d.c. counc is considering an emergency resolution that woul change the namf the block in front of the restaurant to ben's chili bowl way. so, we're talking about the th etch from 12th to 1 streets. now, ben's chili bowl stayed open and survived the 1968 riots and haseen aathering place for so many people for decades. our own recently departed jim he vance is on mural on the side of the building. so, a real landmark her in the
6:37 am
d.c. area. the restaurant is celebrating its 60th anniversary in august. the emergency designation to this resolion is designed to speed things along so that they can change the street name and all theigns in time for that 60th celebration. back to you guys. >> megan, thank you. your tim is 6:37. all summer long, we are bringing you ideas for staycations. molette green is working for you in chevy chase. >> reporter: that's right. we're getting one with nature here. we've got boris,ma , and liam here just found this slug. four ways to enjoy this four ways to enjoy this sanctuary, rig i here cnhe
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it's fourth ofbl july! [ p ] let's go! >> it's your favorite story of th tday. >> yeahis is not a smart man. police in miami arerying to find him, though. they say a prankster filmed
6:41 am
himself setting off firewor on de a dollar tree store july 4th. the video shows the guy walk orto the store there and just light firks right in the flr. >> why does stuff always happen like this in florida? i feel like this is where we get strange video from. >> strange things happen. employees watch as the store fills with smoke. police say that suspect couldfa arson-related charges. all right, moving on. here's more evidence of the real danger of fireworks. montgomeryes county firee says a group was playing with fires work when a mortar detonated inside the jeep here in poolesville wednesday. the good news is that nobody hurt, but please, folks, if you've got these with you, make sure you're doing it in a legal and safe place. well, good friday morning! we're watching showers and area, approaching the even one tiny shower right around d.c.developing. we'll talk about the timing of it as we go through the rest of the day and relief from the heat and humidity this weekend. that's all coming up.
6:42 am
plus,s multiple probl on the beltway this morning. a couple in maryland, one in virginia. details straight ahead. >> and take a look. it was a quick crime caught on surveillance camera. two guys pull off from a gas station wh a mercedes-benz. i'm justin finch. hear more about how theyffull thiss well as why a d.c. council person is weighing in on this crime.e we'll have morng up on co
6:43 am
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the democrats want open borders, which means lotsf crime. we want tough, strong, powerful borders, and n we want crime, and we're going to protect i.c.e. wect pro i.c.e. >> president trump out west lash rallying his base in montana. the president went after senator elizabeth warren, democrats and the me too movement, but many are talking about what he did notmention. 6:45 right now. the president didn't say anything about the resignation of his embattleepa administrator. >> scott pruitt stepping down yesterday, fthlowing m of criticism. nbc's peter alexander has more on the fallout fromen the
6:46 am
press golf club in bedminster, new jersey. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, aaron and erika, good morning to you. the president notably silent last night about scott pruitt e after it beclear that the epa administrator simply couldn't salnd the polit heat, the climate there becoming too tough for him, under siege from at least 15 separate ethics inquiries, many of them focused on his lapsesme of judg, many critics said, specifically as it related to his excessive eending, including mor than $3.5 mlion on 24/7 security, a $43,000 sound-proof phone booth in his office. among others, the president last night saking to reporters on board air force one, saying that pruitt chose to resign, that he came to him a couple days ago, concerned he had become a distraction. pruitt waste celeb among conservatives, hailed as a hero, effectively, for rolling back obama-era environmentalre gulations. he's been heavily criticized by enentalists.
6:47 am
he will be replaced by his deputy, a former coal lobbyist. aaron and erika, back to you. sen you coming up o "today." >> thank you, peter. president trump's short list for the next u.s. supreme court justice is getting even shorter. nbc news repor the president has narrowed his choices down to three nalists, appeals court judge brett kavanaugh, amy coney barretted and raymond ket. president trump will announce his nominee monday night. new this morning, the "associated press" iorting that anne frank's family tried to seek refuge in the u.s. and ba during world war ii. frank is the famous jewish diarist who died in the holocaust. the "ap" sayshat documen indicate that anne's father, otto, tried twice to collect papers to come to the united states and later tried to g visas to cuba. the fra family went into hiding from the nazis in
6:48 am
amsterdam exactly 76 years ago today. 6:48 right now. "the capital gazette" shooting suspect sent a letter to a rginia newspaper. police say "the virginia pilot" received a letter from a pa reporter who works for that paper now. yesterday marked one week since the ddly ooting. they marked a moment of silence to mark the first time shots were fired. this morning d.c. police are searching for thieves who stole a woman's car as she was pumping gath on july 4. >> from the video, it looks like they were waiting to strike. news had 4's justin finch live at that gas station on pennstlvania avenue in south with more on what happened. justin? >> reporter: hey ther aaron, erika, everyone out there. imreminder to keep your eyes open the next you're at the gas station, because as you're about to see, in almost no time, this woman had her car stolen here in a matter of seconds in broad daylight on the morning of the fourth of july. now, take aook here again. this all caught on surveillance
6:49 am
camera here, a red lexus pulls up alongside that dark mercedes. a man jumps out from that lexus passenger's side. he then looks in that mercedes, opens the and then jumps behind the wheel himself. and in no time, he hits the start button and floors that gas. he rolls off with the victim's keys, her car, herpurse, and even the gas still attached to the back of the car. that red lexus just follows right behind as well, and sadly for many in the area, they say this crime is just not a shock. >> horrible, but they've had a lot of issues with this gas station. and i don't know what's being done to address it. pfdon't know if charles allen's been h or not, but it's a horrible thing for anybody to have to go through. >> reporter: and at this hour, d.c. pice still looking for tips in this case as well as the thieves as well as the car as well. they're offering a reward up tor
6:50 am
$1,000nformation leading to an arrest or indictment. as for that victim, itut turn that she is the girlfriend of d.c. council chairman phil mendelso he's asking for help for the tolice as well as expressing concern about w happened here. we're live here in southeast, justin finch, news4. >> justin, thank you. it's 6:50 now. and just when we started a thinki hope may have been lost for the nats, they have their best game of the season. this was ae game you'll talking about today. it didn't look good if you watched early on. theer marlins w up 9-0 in the fourth, but the nats rallied. and by the sixth, they were only down three when trai turner career grandrst slam to give the nats a 10-9 lead. turner brought in two more runs later in the game. the nat broke their five-game losing streak with a 14-12 win. >> that's the biggest ever comeback in team history.e looks l that players-only meeting may have had some sort of iact on this game last night. all6:right, almost , time to check on the forecast with sheena parveen. >> well, good morning, guys. is friday and we're finally
6:51 am
seeing a break from the heat wave. we've had seven days of temperatures in the 90s. all those days in a row, but this morning we're going to see that break. temperatures are in the 80s for some of you, b we're also watching some showers and thunderstorms approaching the area. this is north and wes mainly, but as this continues moving to the east andsoutheast, hagerstown should see it by 8:00, winchester by 8:35, frederick close to 9:00 this morning, and this is going to the rest of the area closer to lunchtime. we'll zoom in now closer to d.c. this as rightund mcclain, also near 66 near tysons corner falls church. we have a couple spotty showers that have very quickly developed, and that could be the case before the main area of rain by noon. 79 degrees in quantico, 75 frederick, 81 in annapolis. as we go closer to 9:00 a.m., some showers north and west of d.c. mainly, across 81 especially, and thenet closer to lunchtime. now we see scattered showers and storms across the entire area. th timing of this is a little
6:52 am
bit faster now. so by the afternoon, we should be clearing out. if you're walng the dog today, this is moxie available forop on. you can head to their website. by lunchtime, probably not a good time to walk the dog, but by the afternoon, it will be dry mid-80s.he clear the shelters is coming up saturday, august 18th. download the nbc washington app for details on that. if you're heading to the pool tomorrow, look at this forecast. we'll be in the low 80s, sunny, low humidity. saturday sunny, low humidity. nice relief for the weekend. joy it, because the 90s and humidity return next week. good morning, melissa. good morning, sheena. taking a look at the roads right now. chopper 4 over southbound new hampshire avenue, ramp to the outer loop. a bit of a delay as you're headed onto the ramp and a tiny slowdown top of the beltway at the outer loop. h we de that vehicle kind of spun around. that may have actually just gotten out of the w here in the past couple minutes. i'm not seeing it any longer, so that would be really good if that's what's happening. camp springs, inner loop, a
6:53 am
crash reported there. as we zoom in just a little sb, aond crash, forestville, inner loop ramp tort, crash re there as well. delays on the red line, signal problem at dupont circle, and a power issuet shady grove here this morning. and taking a look now at your traveltimes, 270 southbound looks good. top of the beltway a little slow loop.270 on the outer in virginia, nice and green, 66. 95, no issues remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. aaron? >> t nk you,melissa. 6:53 right now. earlington county policre rolling out a new tool to he p you stay sen you enjoy a night out on the town. >> the 2004 bmw sedan combines the o logosf the arlington county police department and the ride-share company lyft. it's going to ben parked busy nightlife areas to emind anybody who's been drinking that they should not get behind the wheel on their way home. we are working for you this morning with another summer so, how about the idea of sp iding some time out the woods? >> this morning, news4's molette
6:54 am
green is live at the wood and sanctuary in chevy chase, checking out ways yourca family enjoy nature. hey, molette. guys!y, one, two, three, >> reporter: hey, guys! look, we're standing inside this giant bird's nest that the kids and throughout the hour we're getting one with nature, all that is here. we've got boris. out.k him and we've got macy! look at that. all that you can see and do here. there's so much on this 40-acre property here at theub a naturalist society. so much to see and do. lisa alexander, the executive director, can attest, right? yes, absolutely! the summer campers can tell you, there is so much to learn here. u can come to our shop and check out a backpack. you can get a trail map at a& you can look at our flowers, our trees, smell delicious leaves birds. see beautiful >> perfect. >> it's great for everybody to come outside. and if you don't come out here, come out in your own
6:55 am
neighborhood. we've got a parent guide. >> reporter: i love the parent guide, yes. >> gives you suggestions for r kids into nature. >> reporter: the whole idea is to fall in love with nature. and four things to do here to enjoy summer, a quick l tle getawastaycation. let's talk about it. you're going to take a walk in the wooded area wghn it rains, >> yes, we are!e' >> reporter: going to catch insects! >> yeah! >> reporter: and take a shape and color hike, too. that's what you're going to do. >> whoo-hoo! >> reporter: and use all of your senses. you can really pay attention to that, right? especially the common sense. w oh, are ending with a camp song. u don't have to do a lot to enjoy. come out and check it out. it's areat little place to chase.ight here in chevy that is the latest live. back in to you. >> notice she asked that young stand waythe snake t over there away from her. yeah. thank you, molette. ust about 6:56, and here are four things to know. a brewing trade waru. between t
6:56 am
and china is heating up again. the u.s. imposed new tariffs on mo than 800 chinese goods overnight from farm machinery to medical devices andcars. china fired back with tariffs of its own. spacex's elon musk is sending engineers to thailand tomorrow, thies as authori in thailand say that tim r tocue those 12 boys and their soccer coach from a cave is very limited. a former navy s.e.a.l. who was part of the rescue team died from a lack of oxygen. nbc's billil neelyhave much more ahead on "today." d.c. police searching for the thieves who stole a wan's car after she pumped gas on july 4th. this happened at a station on pennsylvania avenue southeast. the thieves pulled up, hopped out of one car and then drove off in hers. the stolen car belongs to the girlfriend of d.ouncil chairman phil mendelson. embattled epa administrator scott pruitt is out. pruitt resigning yesterday amid more than a dozen ethics investigations. more on that fallout and who is replacing him, coming up on "today." and we're watching the radar
6:57 am
on this friday. some showers and storms approaching north and west, and most of that will be moving through around lunchtime today. then look at the weekend. w're finally doneh the heat wave, for now, but the weekend weather will be low humidity, mid-80 sunny. but the 90s return next week. >> that weekend looks amazing. southbound new hampshire avenue, ramp to the outer loop, that problem is gone. inner loop in camp springs lltweentown and branch avenue, crash reported there. everything is nice and light. i think evybody's away. >> thanks for helping out this week. >> absolutely! >> eun is back on monday. >> welcome back, eun. come back, eun. >> thank you for joining us for "news4 today." "today" show is next. >> we'll be back in 20 minutes with your weather, traffic and local news. >> make it a great friday, everybody!
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning, breaking t, overnigh a rescue diver dies trying tote deliver oxygen to t soccer team in thailand raising new questionsbout how they'll get the boys out. this morning we'll talk to one of the american volunteers about the dangerous operation. mocking me-too. the president sounds off during a late night rally. >> we haveo do it gently, because when the me-too generation -- taking senator warren to task over her native american aims but not mentioning scott pruitt as he announced his resignation amidst a spending scandal. live with the latest. on edge,he


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