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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 6, 2018 11:00am-11:53am EDT

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there's a public he hing monday p decide on the issue. women in this country making a choice in record numbers. we'll tell you why americans are having fewer babies. time is limited for crewsin workg to rescue boys from a cave in thailand. bringing them to safety is dangerous. one diver has already died flam of ox
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awe tomor thai navy seal has died while working to free the boys who have been trapped for two weeks in the cave. >> rescue teams working to pump out more water as they brace for rain this weekend. >> reporter: it's now a potential death trap. these images filmed just hours before a diver died show the challenges they and the 12 boys face. fast flowing water, narrow passages. many completely submerged. local dive was delivering oxygen tanks but he didn't have enough of his own and collapsed on his way out. like most of these men he was
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experienced. as he died, what about these boys. the youngest just 11. none of them can swim. getting diving lessons now for a six hourrek through a death trap. two has birthdays bhis week there's no celebrations here. officials say there's now a new threat to them. from the very people trying to save them. there are now so many divers in the caves that oxygen levels inb thes cave are falling. so as three mile lon oxygen line is being rushed in along with power and phone cables. we can't wait for perfect conditions pm time is running out. it's hard to imagine a weekend -- weakened 11-year-old wading through this for six hours. doctors are still monitoring
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them. they should get a boost today when they're able to talk to and maybe even see their parents ne through telepnd fiberoptic cables. for the parents, too, this i an agonizing wait. the dangers to their childre owing every day. a brewi trade war with china heating up again today. tariffs took effect overnight. it's the latestal eion in the ongoing battle between the u.s. and our biggest trade the white house is imposing an di altiad on on more than 800 chinese goods. so far finished goods like smart phones are not included. the u.s economy created more jobs than expected last month. the unemployment rate sti
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cked up to 4%. president trump is looking to bill an opening in his cabinet after embattled epa administrator scott pruitt resigned. he's facing more than a dozen ethics investigations. >> reporter: scott pruitt is out. under fire for nths, pruitt resigned thursday amid a dozen separate ethics investigations. president trump continued to offer praise writing scott has done an outstanding job. >> i was one of a barrage in this coffin that's scott pruitt really built himself. >> reporter: he had been a hero among conservatives for rolling back open environmental protections.
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>> there were some cracks beginning because they saw a bigger picture in this which could not betolerated. >> reporter: with pruitt out, president trump turns his focus to the supreme court. >> as you know there's now a vacancy on the sreme court. if you turn in monday at 9:00, i think you'll be extremely happy. >> reporter: nbc news has learned the president has nar w narrowed his list tohree finalists. scottrt pruitt is the f original member of president trump's cabinet to leave the erministration. andrew whe takes over as ting ep administtor. mike ppeo is in north korea. you're looking at the first images from pyongyang. the high profile trip is meant to fill in the blanks.
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there's still questions on the denuclearization agreement signed. the two met last month i singapore. u.s. intelligence officialsli e the north may not intend to give up its nuclear program and may be trying to trick the united states. maryland voting officials plan to wo through the weekend counting provisional ballots. the ballots could decide the outcome of primary races that's been too close to call. one of those is the race for montgomery cnty executives. right now david blare and mark elridge are tied. a computer issue left 80 people improper registered. the "capital gazette" suspect sent a letter. reporter ramos sued in 2012 works forhat paper. yesterday marked one week since
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the deadly news rooms around the world observed a moment of silence. >> we'll join other news rms honor the victims. newg,his morn the associated press is reporting that anne frank's family tried to seek refuge i the united states and kcuba. anne's father tried twice to collect the papers to com the united states and later tried to get visas to cuba. ene frank family into agong exactly 76 years today. it seems having kids isn't a top priority for americans
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anymore. people say time and money are stopping them from having kids. about a third of people polled say they were rel to give up their leisure time or freedom and a similar amount fell ty couldnfford child care costs. some questions who were already parents say they had fewer wanted. than they this is the second straight year the fertity rateeached a second low. are you looking for summer adventure adventure? we'll show you how to get closer to nature after the break. it's a pleasure doing business with you. >> another super hero sequel is out today. we know if "ant man" is bug worthy.
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when is the last time youm saw a pink police car. yt combines the logo of the arlington countolice department and the ride share company lyft. it will be parked tond anybody who has been drinking should not get behind the wheel. >> so many options. the message is simple. choose a sober ride. ether that be a taxi, ride sharing, public transportation or a designated driver. >> the vehicle is a partnership betwee the washington regional alcohol program and the
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arlington county police department. last year arlington officers made 430 dui arrests. the sober ride programays it provided more than 70,000 free rides from night life areas. we are working another summer staycation idea. how does a walk in the woods sound? >> she's checking out a fewyoays family can enjoy nature. >> reporter: we're lking at the corn snake here. then we have the toouis. we're standing in theiddle of a giant birds nest that these young campers worked on really hard this morning. you did a great job, right?
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we're so garateful to spot this as a onstayca idea. you just love this place. tell us why. >> it's not like the people drive them out and they don't want them here. all the animals are safe. >> i love that. p there'sent guides to help people learn how to fall in love with nature. come on and check itout. we're going to leave you with the camp so. let's do it. ♪ >> you canearn that andheck
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out the trails. you can check it out for ee. back to you. 81 degrees outside right now. we're going to get some storms. >> some showers. maybe a few embedded storms. it'sg a price worth payr cooler air. let's look at current temp hatures. reald to believe the difference between yesterday morning and now. the current tperature is 81. yesterday we were around the same temp but the feel like was this the mid-90s. we are going to start to see things really cooling down. also really thankful for that wi out 1 of northwest miles an hour. that's really helping in our favor. you can see where the rain is alling without turning on the radar. look at these numbers.
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the lighter greens telling us light showers are falling outside right now. it started to move inlytill faest of 95 picking up a few showers down in part o central prince george county. that will continue to move, cross intohe district. once it's gone, we'll start to dry things out. o noy dry them out but clear them out. by this evening we're looking at a beautiful sunset. tomorrow morning nothing but sun. it will be a grea sad in stotur store. i want to let you know how warm we'll be today. low to mid-80s. really depending on how much suo we get the back end of today's rain. some evening clearing taking place. you have any dinner plans, they are just fine. your weekend forecast, we have numbers in the low 80 plenty of sunshine on saturday and sunday. the most noticeable difference
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will bedi that of the hu. as we head into the weekend, we're dropping down into the low 80s. the norm for this time of year is around 88 degrees.ju a bit shy of that. we'll hit that on monday. notice how dry we are through the top and middle of next week. >> thank you. a new recall involved this morning involvie ining takata a bags. chris brown walks off stage afteris concert i florida and immediately arrested. th charges the sinege
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a look at chris brown's latest mugshot after his arrest overnight. he was taken into custody moments after his performance. he was f arreste an outstanding felony battery warrant. he was leased after paying bail. the virginia native has been in trouble before. most notably f a domestic violence incident involving his former girlfriend, rinna.
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takata air bags have the ntial to explod it can be found on certain models of t 2003ough 2008 mazda 6. the 2006 to 2007 mazda speed 6. the 2004 multipurpose vehicles nationwide. for the last few yearsbo 50 million air bags have been recalled in the united states with 22 deaths and more than 180 inries linked to that defect. let's switch gears now. it cost her more than $400 to ship a $25 box of baby wipes. >> i would lose mind if i got aill like that. consumer reporter is working with you what's behind this excess iive shipping fee.
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>> reporter: baby sofia has everything she needs. anursery, cool toys and now most expensive box of baby wipes on the planet. >> eyou was like no way. >> no way she would agree to pay $452 shipping charge for a $24 box of baby wipes. >> the most frustrating was just dealing with .amazon >> reporter: she didn't notice the shippi ping charges until lr that day. she contacted amazon and the an seller tol the order. >> we were sitting there for two, three, four, five days and we had to call amazon three to four s.ti it was really frustrated because every time we called amazonf to kind follow up on what the totus was, my husband h tell the amazon customer service
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rep the story over and over and overagain. reporter: the third party seller eco trade inks didn't come until the day after the orderaslaced. by then. >> the seller sai i processed your order and we can't cancel it anymore. >> reporter: when the baby wipes showed up, the label showed they were sent ups ground from arkansas. ups says the shipping cost should have been less than 25 bucks. wiped out and frustrated, these new parents called nbc 4 responds. >> i was like, i'm definitely going to do something aut it. i had seen you guys before. i said i'm going to give them a call. let's see if theyean help m out. >> reporter: we contacted amazon, sent them the documents provided to us. shortly after amazon said it investigated the case, responded the customer and the seller. they cannot set excess ifr order
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or shipping costs. we did notice this on their website. the only shippinvailable now is free. >> when ever you change the shipping option, double check the options. movie crews in the district will shut down roads in starting today. eight streets and alleys will be closed starting at 6:30 tonight. the street will be open at 5:00 a.m. monday. we share this information on our twitter pagt if you wan to take a closer look.
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thest big new super hero mooe is small. "ant man" and the wasp is in theater. what kind of rating would you give it? >> happy friday. there's probably other people likeou that hear that title and say whats that. i was pleantly surprised. i thought this one was a ton of fun. the insect idea allows a lot of side shifting gng on during the fight sequences. they will be in a restaurant tchen and shrink down and run along the blade of a knife or enlarge a salt shaker. there's aun lot of little moments. it bught us back from the 2015
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original houseman. th time he's under house arrest. he has to find creative ways ouu of h to fight the villain. we get michael douglas as the father. to me the guy that steals the show is michael pena. he is hilarious. flash back sequence that's hilarious. can't recommend it enough. >> in haven't s michael douglas in a while so i think i would go to see him in it. camelot haseen extended at thakespeare theater. tell me about .
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>> yes. it's the last weekend you can check it t. would recommend getting over there. it's based on the 1960 broadway musical. it was the beginning of the kennedy administration and they loved it so much. they listenedo the album every night. nd of coopted that for their administration. the camelot in the white house. we caught up wit the cast for a bit of a round table. they said keep an eye on the costum costumes. the colors and evolve symbolically. a lot of symbolic stuff going on here. go check it out. >> thetemptations. make the greatest r and b group with their signature dance moves and harmony. we can get a feel for it all at the kennedy center, right?
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>> yes. the last surviving member was actually at the fourth of july concert. now if you still didn't get enough there you can see the musical based on the group there. the songs are so great. i think it's worth checking out. we caught up with actor jerem wrrks pope. >> we are having a great time out there. >> i think we got to end it witt a bf it. >> let's do this. sglnl how you like those dance moves for a friday? we'll all be dancing in the seats if youou check i
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>> you're brave man. i love you for doing that thank you, sir. storm team 4 is tracking rain. there neighborhoods that a getting wet and how long the rain will last. see you later. >> nats fans are hoping team cai keep t up after a miserable losing streak. more on the historic pe
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losing streak with 14-12 win. that's the biggest ever comeback in team history. looks like the players only meeting after wednesday game may have helped. we are looking good after 7:oo. that's the news. that's when we'll probably see the worst of it pass through and get some clearing. here's a few things you need know. we are trackin showers. there could be one twor two embedded thunderstorms in this. the heat wave is coming to an end beforet next have starts. we have some relief on the way this weekend. it comes in form ofuch lower humidity. for now we're tracking the showers. l here a ak at the radar where we are seeing the more light to moderate rain falling
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this line of showers not holding together very well. light showers, sprinkles falling through parts of washington, d.c. and into montgery county. thisin will co to move crossing 95. more rain is headed your way. as we head through the coming w hours thal definitely subsides and start to dry things out. the rains having an impact on the temperatures. kind of capping us. right now we're at 81 in the district. you can see whe a lot of that more moderate to light rain is falling. we're down to the 70s. as we head through the afternoon we're going to pubump things up. 5:ee, you can most of the rain out of here. it's not until 6:00, 7:00 as we lose the clouds. you should be dry and seeing some sunshine bremothrough ow morning spectacular. maybe go out for a morning walk.
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today's high, 86 degrees. rain arnnd storm chances. the best time to go to the beach will be saturday and sunday. today just a little on the damp side. plenty of sunshine on the other side of this friy. the heat does return. back in the 90s next week. a local fm is taking farm to table cooking to the next level. >> afterrehe we're sampling some of food being offered at a special dinner
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this next spot taking it to a whole new level. you can indulge in a dirty dinner. it's a uniquearm to table dinner under the stars. let me tell you i ie done and it's pretty cool thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> most of these ingredients come from your >> that's correct.
11:39 am
we have tomatotomatoes, cucumbe. >> we're just dicing them up. what i did was to -- the ones i'm going to puree i'm going to be part of the soup so c it have some consistency. >> we're really glad you came out. it was a fun night we had last saturday even though it was a warm temperature. the farm i not that far way. it's down river road. you see our buses headed out with campers inthem. we're a non-profit, mission driven camp.we
11:40 am
run environmental programs for schools. even though most are coming out to build their confince and self-este self-esteem, they co parents and adults that can enjoy an evening on farm. it's a different kind o program. >> have music. it's a different program. staff that work with their kids during the day or at night for some of the overnighs that ts t have. it'sque way for the adults to come out and a have delicious meal prepared by burt and his team. >> it's an all hands on deck type situation. you can whip this for me for a second. this is very similar to something you guys would serve. >> we were going to have tha
11:41 am
fourth of july. ty there are three every summer. >> we have three d dinners and we a deadly dinner in october. >> canou dish this out. we do want to taste it. tell me about the deadl dinner. >> if you've been out to thete ha forest, you will have experienced our farm at night. we create a dinner that ties in to the behind the scenes hikeo r trail. once the sun goes down after you had the meal, you hop on the trail but experience also the hu haunted forest it's a fun way to combine the delicious food from burt and owlebrati celebrating han. >> we'll put something on the
11:42 am
nbc app. one in july and one at tehe end of august. >> you're putting the sorbet on top and we he this beautiful bread. i'm going to taste. you ready? >> this looks delicious. >> unbelievable. i feel super healthy. >> you do? >> i do. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you for having us. >> i'm coming over. up next, de circumstancohe a oure
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we all want to li ave and wk in a clean city. part of it starts with pet owners. >> a new program in d.c. called pride is picking up. it's designed to encourage pet owners to pick up after their pets. it's an initiative between the both of you. thanks for being here. we'll talk about the program just a second. we have to talk about this cutie pie. who this? >> this is nugget. nugget is looking for a he's 14 years old.
11:46 am
>> wow. >> yes. ready to find his new home. he got surrendered because his hemily couldn't take him when he move. really sweet. >> very sweet. hopefully we can find him a home. let's talk about pride is picking up. what is this program and why wads it created? >> the mayor wants to make sure that nrs are picking up the litter but also the pet waste in their neighborhood. we want to miake sure that our neighbors are clean and healthy. humane rescue alliance has been a great partner in a lot of the way we talk town animals in the district. we have been working together for the last several mths to develop this idea of we're going to creativic pride. you can really be part of being ae hero in d.c. if youelping to pick up the pop behiop behin pet. >> i'm going to say in case anyone isn't sure, we're talki about number two or any of not
11:47 am
your business. what are some of the cause -- i don't think there's a pro but what are the bad thingsot picking up your petwaste? >> don't want it on your shoe. and getting into your home or cat you don't w running into the water and pets might eat it or drink it. >> it's just neighborly thing to do. it's the right thing to do. disease is a problem. also i just think it's one of the things wre you want to ke sure that the dogs in your neighborhood aren't exposed like that. it does promote disease. >> let's clear up a myth too. somefe people think it'sili fertiliz fertilizer. what about that? >> it is not. it doesn't work like that. >> why not? > dog competition osition is ne same as other animals. people think it will just
11:48 am
dissipate. it takes forever. it's not a good tng. pick it up. >> some of the ways to pick it up? i have two dogs and i'm constantly pickingup. >> poop bags. we have some poop bags coming. >> part of the program is installing dispensers. they will have renders on them to make sure you are showing your d.c. pride and picking up. >> you literally have no excuse. i believe it's karma. you will step in it and track it inside. that's a mess in between the bes. thank yoh so much for being here. >> thank you. >> good informatio a hopefully y home pick up your dogs waste. clear the shelters is coming up saturday, august 18th. you can o find more on our app.
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talk to us about t weather. >> okay. here is a look at your forecast. temperatures will be in the mid-80s. maybe if we get some of the that sun breaking through thisen g. rain and storms that we're tracking, primarily rain, will be moving through by the evening. just wait for this on the back end we've got some awesome weather. take look at thiset up for your weekend. highs on saturday in the low 80s. sunday mid-80s. lower humidity with plenty of sunshine or the weekend. the sunshine follows us into the top of next week. the temperature g start to back up. it's july afterall. our norm 88. next week we'll be entering another heat wave. i that's for news 4 midday. we're back on the air first at 4:00 this afternoon. s >> you can get news and weather updates with the nbc washington app. have a great day and a g carencer is smart. it pushes us.
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. ♪ we are live, ifive, four, three, o, one. how great is this? [ laughter ] >> how great is this? >> oh my god. >> thinsise right now. we are dino crazy. the first day of summer, we are outside celebrating, our f riend the raptor is here. nina parker. are you guys huge "jurassic
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world" fans? >> yeah. >> i amm surprisinglynd i didn't think i like


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