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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it'snow the caveat is tha not official until the official announcement is made from president trump, and we're still about three hours away now from that big announcement, but already we've seen members in both partiesy making it v clear how they intend to respond no matter who he chooses. this is the short list, four conservative appeals court judges set to be in the running to fill s an opent on the supreme court. president trump set to announce hisick onprimetime television framing the choice as the most important decision a u.s. president can make. >> it's going to have aasting impact on our juris prudence and on ourry and, therefore, you want to tryou tont c avoid surprises. >> reporter: reportedly leadi the pack, judges brett kavanaugh of d.c. and thomas hardiman of philadelphia according to an nbc source who says all four appeals court judgesn re still ie running and long before the reveal the responses already etched in stone. trump's list includes the best of the best.
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>> reporter: this conservative tv ad already hittings airwa with more ready to roll minutes after the announcement, and a group of democratic senators, led by elizabeth warren, planning a supreme court rally tonight to protest the nominee. it's all setting the stage for a contentious confirmati process in the senate. majority leader mitch mcconnell urng president trump t pick the judge with the easiest road to confirmation. >> anyone, you can't gowrong. >> reporter: tonight the announcement for a person who will shape the court for decades to me. this is president trump's seconc supreme courice since taking office two weeks ago. democrats are -- republicansre standing firm saying that there will be a confirmation vote this
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fall. justice correspondent pete williams will be part of lester holt's team and pete will be joining u n in thet half hour with new information about this seare. >> now to ace of a killer revealed after more than two decades. dna samples and technology helped create these compositech se of a man wanted for rape and murder. the crimes date back to the 1990s. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is outside a metro station connected to the string of violence. meagan? >> reporter: yh, doreen. police say in all three of these cases these women would get off at the metro station at the twinbrook station and walk home and the suspect would followe them bef he would attack. >> we had a total of three cases, one ranges, an attempted rapend then ultimately rape and murder of another female. >> reporter: all of these cases have been linked to this man, to the last is a madna-created
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of what investigators believe he looked like back in the '80. to the right is what they think heooks like now. >> we alw ss we had the child as big as her. >> reporter: one victim was this woman who neighbors say was a talented researcher hand musician. she was walking home from the metro one nightn october of 1914 and before she could make it inside her home. >> i remember coming home thatn eveninghere were cop cars. >> reporter: police say this suspecterttacked h at her doorstep before she was raped and killed. her body was found in backyard days later. >> but i always wondered if the murder is still out there. >> reporter: two weeks before the woman's p deathice say the suspect tried to rape a woman who was walking home on twinbrook parkway. she fought him off, and he ran away leaving this y flashlight behind. >> there was no dna recovered
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from the second scene because the victim able to resist assault. >> reporter: but dna was recovere from the fir crime scene back in 1989 when police say the suspect raped another woman in rockville. it's been a long wait for the victims and their families and police are hoping that this new image will h them crack these cases. >> i prayed that justice will be done. she was such a wonderful human being. >> reporter: now police dpecribe the s as a white male. they say he would be in his 40s or 50s. at the time of the murder and rapes he was about0 pounds, 6 feet tall. they are asking anyone with asformation about this ce to contact them right away. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you, meagan. a tribute forne of the victims in the recent "capital gazette" shooting rampage. friends and famil will be remembering sports reporter john mcnamara tomorrow at the university of marylandhere he
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graduated and went on to cover the terps. mcnamara grew up innd bethesda he was 56 years old, one of five employees shot and killed at the apnapolis new on june 28th. it's been three weeks since someone shot a 17-year-old boy at close range and tn stole his designer belt. this evening police areoping new images will help find the person who pulled the trigger. news 4 spoke with the teenager's father and reports now from police headquarters.>> pat? eporter: he was 17 years old when he was murdered, murdered and playground and shot killed and then after that robbed by that gunman. this happened about three weeks
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ago at a park, at a playground in bladensburg. this is a picture of the victim taken minutes before the murder. police say this youngan was shot and killed for this silver watch and that gucci belt. >> i would never want this to happen to anyone else. that's why we have to get this individual off the street. a life isay more important than a belt and a watch. >> reporter: the victim, brian avalrado who was just 17 years old. it happened three weeks ago at this blound playground in blade. today his dad made a plea for
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help. >> i want justice for my son and all myy fam wants justice. >> reporter: you want justice for your son? >> for my son. i need help for finding the guy, you know. >> reporter: witnesses say the killer was wearing bright blue air jordan shoes like these. at the murder scene a memorial for brian. his dad sayse'll never forget his son and how much he meant to him. >> i miss my son. he will stay in my heart for the rest of my life. >> reporter: there's a $25,000 reward posted in this case. doreen, ack to you. >> pat collins reporting. thank you, pat. now to video you'll only see on news 4. check it out. a black bear staring right into the lens of the camera on chopper 4. dogs chad it up into a tree behind a home on kentland drive in woodbridge.
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for hoursns an inte standoff between the bear and rince william county police and then the bear made a run for it. news camera's is rolling as the br scaled the fence and ran into police have already tranquilized the bear and found s it ahort ways away. darcy spencer has reaction from neighbors who saw all of this unfolding and she has that part of the story coming up in half an hour. secretary oe mike pompeo made a surprise stop in afghanistan, and people are till talking about his hoy-stakes talks in north korea over the weekend. pompeo's mission, toail down e details that were left out of that singapore summit. he said the talks were productive nd in goodfaith, a far cry from north korea's statement after he left calling the talks regrettable and saying that the u.s. demands were gangster-like. >> if those requests were gangster-like, they are -- the world is a there was a unanimous decision at the u.n. security council about what needs to be achieved.
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>> just one os the wat north korea tried to make pompeo uncomfortable. kim jong-un snubbed him. the north also kept pompeo in the dark about his schedule and his accommodations, all o this according to a bloomberg report. when it comes to fixing our roads, the motto is very muo pain no gain. there's been a lot of pain along beach drive as crews have been rehabbing the end tire stretch. tonight some mixed news to share. a new stretchs about t open a few hours from now, but after that another stretch will c for more repairs. our transportation reporter adam tuss has the details. >> reporter: certainly a bit of goodews bad news with this latest development with beach drive. in just two hours theseoad closed signs go away, and this section opens up and a little farther up the road towards maryland another section closes down. smoothedut and ready to go. progress for the commute. yet another stion ofhis
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massive beach drive rehab in the books and commutersouldn't be happier to get rid of that old pavement. >> oh, i mean, just the whole thing was potholes everywhere. >> reporter: kristen not drives around this stretch, but she also rides her bike. did you know they were going to open this section tonight? i>> did not. >> reporter: so we're breaking some news to you. >> okay great, sup exciting. >> reporter: next stretch that will open is one and a half miles long from blagden avenue up to joyce road northwest, and th also means starting tomorrow this section shuts down from joyce road tthe maryland line. jonathan schaffer with the national parks service. >> it's hard to predict exactly what the traffic impact is going to be from there, but drivers should anticipate following the sign detour. >> reporter: beach drive has gone through an extensive renovation in ritent yearsh a lot of improvements, not just for cars. there are better trails and even better pedestrian access to the national zoo, and there are more bumps to be ironed out, the
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entire project to beinished by fall of next year and for many it's a sign that the ride is getting better. >> i'm really happy results. >> along beach drive, adam tuss, news 4. >> wamo, there's . crews are starting to bring in materials to rehab the aimingal memo bridge. drivers and pedestrians will also notice scaffolding going around the bridge with construction expected to start in the fall. can't wait for in a. >> never ends, right? >> well still ahead, the frantic race to rescue four boys and their socce coach still trapped in a flooded cave in kay land as we learn with the children's pull to safety already. >> love and lio. what happe people who believe they have been duped into marriage by foreigners who are looking for legal status this in this first, here's doug. >> temperatures today in the upper 80s. 88 degrees with low humidity okay. tomorrow we're back into the 90s. the humidityme starts to back in. i'm tracking a tropil system
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i'm tracking a tropil system just off the still nervous about finding a new apartment?
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yeah... but popping these things really helps me...relax. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i'll check 'em out. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. for the first time since their long ordeal began more than two weeks arago, ther more soccer players safely outside than inside that cave in thailand. eight boys have been rescued as of today. four boys and their coach sti remain inside. nbc's bill neely is there with the falush to get everyone out safely.
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>> anoer successful day here. four more children freed after a long journey through complex. they have been taken to the hospital hand a b nowng looked after by medical staff. the four boys who w e free yesterday have already been asking doctors for their favorite food. that's been refused because ndically they are not up to that right and they are very sopeful of getting the final five, four boy and the assistantoach out tomorrow. >> the rescue today took les time than yesterday. tomorrow it may take longer. divers are also tired because the same 18 divers at it for the last two days will go in once again tomorrow. one diver we spoke to said the major problems, tiredness and complacency after yesterday's success and perhapsoday they just need to be careful that they are not complacent torrow
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because complacency can kill divers. it can also kill weakened boys. bill neely, nbc news, northern thailand. and a look at how the dangerous rescue is playing out. the boys and h diverse to go through swirling water andngave to c to a tethered rope. despite the fact that the boys are weak and have never dived before they will remainab rema calm. more details about the death of a british woman killed by the sameoison that almost killed a former russian spy and his daughter back in march. british citizen dawn sturridgis died over theeekend afterhe and her boyfriend were sickened after being exposed to a soviet-era nerve agent. british investigators now believe that sturgis must have handled a container that held that poison. they are now retracing her steps, an h in washington a spokesperson for the national
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secuty council wrote this recent incident istill under investigation but says the u.s. continues to agree with the uk that russia is responsible for reat attack back in march. dent trump is set to be in the uk on friday, and the meeting is coming at an especially difficult time for british prime minister theresa may. buyers johnson ander two o cabinet ministers quit today in apening crisis over britain's plan to least european union. soccer fans have a reason te celebroday because their beloved d.c. united team officially h a n home tonight called audi field. it's in an area calleuzrd point in southwest d.c. mark segraves got a behind-the-scenes tour. >> no matter the sport every major league stadium has sky suites but here at audi field those sky sweets are on the field and they open up to this communal patio. no other stadium in the country
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will get fans as close to the action as you get right here for d.c.nited games. one of the traditions from rfk that will make its way here to audi field is that of the raccoon. for years raccoons have been spotte in and aroundhe stadium and even in the locker room. it led to some fan heckling, but d.c. united has embraced the raccoon and here you'll see raccoon gray is the color of all the metal strtures that hold up the stadium. this is the visiting team's locker room here. you can tell it's niceacnd spious, but the home team much nicer. in fact,e they will h wooden lockers. we take you in there, but they are still putting on the finishing touches. things will be going on down re until:00 so still time to come on down andeet players and get a sneak peek at t eld. the first game is saturday at 8:00 and there are still a few tickets left. there's even a concert before the game and then these nets will be in place forhe first goal as d.c. united's new home.
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fromud field. mark segraves, news 4. >> if you're going to any of the games and weat to more about audi field an where to guideead to our app for on everything that you need to know. still ahead in sports what, united's players including thes netar wayne rooney was saying about their new home. >> where do we find that paint colorcoon gray? that's what i want to know. up next, foreigners hoping for a fast track to u. citizenship, but now had a move se possibly c a legal loophole and protect people who fall victim to the li. >> i thought raccoon pz were striped. grande news from starbucks. what the coffee chain is purging, and how it limb pact you when it comes to your favorite drinks. and heat and humidity are returning tomorrow. doug is back to tell us how hot and sticky it's going toet and g
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after some spectacatar r this weekend. >> we felt like we were up in canada like we just >> yes. . >> it was beautiful. >> we went to san diego. >> yes. or something. >> anywhere but here. >> it felt like. nice today.tty >> yeah, i mean, even waking up this morning stepping outside it
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was still on the cool side. >> yes. needed the jacket going on the morning run, maybe a sweatshirt and a lot of peoples pulling thiut from the closet that they haven't needed anymore and that's the month of julyt that won't l very long and have the heat coming back in and even today. saw a high temperature of 88 degrees and now 86. winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. bringing milder air and not a lot of humthity. the s wind, help to bring that up, too. temperature-wise, 88 martinsburg and 86 hagerstown and huntingtown 85 and no problems as far as rai is concerned. we really do need to see the rain. we've been quite dry h the past couple of weeks. no rain right now. storm team 4 radar. what i am watching, however, nothing around our aa, but just down to the south and southeast here. if you've got some friends that maybe go down toward the cape or you're thinking about going to cape hatteras or the outer bank. there's a tropical storm chris which is right nowor just off here. these expected to become a hurricane by 11:00 to the. it's expected to become a
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hurricane fairly quickly tonight and make its way up to the north. winds right now at miles per hour. hurricanes at 74 so we're very close to the hurricane status. moving stationary so it's stationary now. pressure at 996 millbars, not coming down or strengthening all that fast, but take a look at t's going. not going to have a direct impact on us and sits around here tomorro and moves a little bit north and east and then by wednesday 85-mile-per-hour hurricane. that's a pretty good category 1 hurricane just off the coast. really well off the coast of ocean cit and iill be close enough that if you have friends down there, going to the beaches tomorrow andynto thursnd friday and even saturday and sunday you will see an increased risk for rip currents here so that's something to think aboutt rsday and friday it starts to book it up to the north and east and we'll continue to move on out. moving through the next couple of days, temperature-wise, getting back into the 80s. 14 onhursday and wednesday and friday not bad and right back into the 90s for the weeknd. we'll tbout that at 6:45.
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tomorrow it's a hot one, but it's everybody's favorite time of year. it's backyard weather, everybody. that's right. we'll live in somebody's backyard tomorrow right here on nbc 4, so tune in if you want me to come to your backyard. go to you've got the time. >> can you come tord my back and water it. >> whatever you need. >> all right. welcome back from vacation, too, doug. still bahead, decision. a closer look at the final four contenders for the supreme court just a few hours before the president makes his pick for the high court in primetime. >> it can happen to anybody. it's not justld the white guy or whatever that's, you know, wanting the mail order ide. >> duped by lot. the i-team introducedou to people who says it was happening, and now the scheme to get citizenship has cght the ataute
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) taking a look now at some of our top the "new york times" is reporting that president trump has made his pick to replace me retiring supourt justice anthony kennedy. no word yet on who i is. you can watch the announcement live tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. new technology and dna helped create this composite sketch and montgomery county police believe this man is sponsible for a stringf rapes and one murder in
6:29 pm
rockville. the cases are moreneeha t how the person may have aged in that time. eight boys are now safely above ground. rescued from that cave in thailand and recovering in the five more members of the soccer team remain trapped though. dive teams hope tohe bring four boys and their coach out of the cave on tuesday. american citizens who thoughtehey wn love told the news 4 i-team they were duped by forrers wanting a fast track to citizenship, and now it's caught thettention of the white house. >> weirst shared some of these stories earlier this year. investigative reporter jody fleisher is here with how they hope t close had legal loophole that some say encouragesarage fraud. jodie. >> reporter: they hope the prident's tough stance o immigration means they will get some action on this. protect as designed to women from domestic violence, but it can also stop immigrants who claim to beictims from being investigated for marriage
6:30 pm
fraud. since our original story we've heard from more tozn two american spouses who say it happened to them, too. >> it's more than upsetting. it's -- it's the hardest thing i've been through. >> reporter: if you had asked kyle haney about marriage fraud three years ago, wouldn't have been able to tell you a thing, but now -- >> it can happen to anybody. it's not just the old white guy or whatever, you know, that's wanting the mail order bride. >> reporter: his love story started on a mission trip with a friend he met atn church texas. the friend was living with his family for a while and was actually from india and when she met his sister tabitha she knew everything about him. >> six l monthser they were getting married and had a baby and then goter green card and within two months she left.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: kyle said he was confused at first until he saw the petition for divorce alleging kyle was arate a angry and struggling with sexual attraction to men and that she felt unsafe. >> she claimed he was using her immigrant status to intimidate her. >> reporter: kyle's sister jade and his parents started researching those kinds of claims and began to worry their whole family had been duped. >> we started noticing a correlation between the lies at she was telling and everything that needed to be proved to file vawa. >> reporter: vawa is the violence against women act and allows women abused who petition for legal status themselves ccutting their u.s.izen spouse out of the process. the thinking sim grants might be less likely to call police on an abusive spouse if they later had to rely on that spous for immigration status. >> they are now using vawa as a means whi which to escape the two-year requirement to remain in a marital relationship. >> reporter: john sampson said
6:32 pm
h suspected misuse of vawa regularly durin decades as an ice agent and felt powerless to stop it and r nows a consulting firm and has heard erom roughly 1,500 americans who believe they marriage fraud victims. >> i love you, want to be with you, thank you for the green ird, bye, i'm gone. >> reporter: 85,00igrant spouses have self-petitioned using vawa in the last decade, more than 67% of those already approved. sampson says investigators are told to treat the american as a prohibited source of information and to protect the immigrant's safety and investigators can't even tell the amecan that t spouse filed a vawa claim. >> this is happening every day of the week in cities and towns across this country. fraud rter: and he say in one-on-one cases is almost never pursued. >> who is there to protect the u.s. citizens who have been duped. >> nobody. that's the problem. >> reporter: this high ranking officer said that happened wit
6:33 pm
this russian bride. is. >> when did you realize something was oup? week late sneer he compared notes with her ex-boyfriend and said s told the each of them the same abuse claim about the other. >> to me this is worse than f ing left at the altar. >> reporter: onee places we tried to find her earlier this year we met this man. >> s's not home right now. >> reporter: he told the i-team he hand his wife often let russian women stay with hem while buiing their lives in the u.s., including natalia. >> have you ever seen signs of abuse where she was legitimately abused? >> no,o, it's all bs, it's all bs and i was close to the scene. >> reporter: and he said the ability tomisuse vawa is no secret in the close-knit immigrant community. >> all the russian women know this particular rule and get an edge. >> i am 100% sure that it was a fraud from the begiteing. >> rep kyle's wife tabitha did not return our call for comment. his parents reporteder to u.s.
6:34 pm
citizenship and immigration services des the divorce decree sting she would pursue the ten years of support american citizens agree to when bringing in a foreign spouse if kyle d file any marriage fraud claims against her. >> three binders full of evidence that we've put together, and -- and nhing has been done. >> reporter: but now they have their best hope yet with aall from the white house and a meeting with policy staffers. the haneys teamed up with families from around the country and an advocate who has been trying to amend vawa for years. >> i d feel good about how it went. >> the group thinks if ever a time to t addresss it's with the current administration. >> they did not promise anything, but what they did was asked really smart questions. >> the violence against women act is up for reauthorization for congress thisnkyear. >> i that there is a need to protect women, of course, but my real hope is that it wouldn't be fast track to citizenship and it wouldn't be like waving a wandhenever you claim abuse. >> reporter: kyle and dozens of other americans who contacted
6:35 pm
the-team told us because of the confidential nature of the violence against women act they can't be sure their immigrant spouse claimed abuse. likewise if you or cis investigators aren't allowed to talk to the american about the alged abuse their marriage fraud allegations also fall on deaf ears. jodie fleisher, news 4 i-team. >> to watch the original report on these allegations of marriage fraud visit our nbc washington app and click on investigations. monster energy is a popular brand of energy drinks with the letter "m" as its logo, and i has filed complaints over the years against other businesses that try to use an "m" for their logos well. one of those businesses is here in bristol,irginia. mularkey distilleries says even though its logo is an "m" it believes that theirs looks nothing like theeonster "m." co-owner of mularkey says fighting the complaint has cost
6:36 pm
a small fortune in legal fees and feels like a big corporation sun fairly p on a family-owned business. >> i think tha what monster is doing is if not illegamo certainly l, and i think someone for the small guy needs to step up and tell them to stop, and for betr or worse i'm that guy right now. >> news 4 has trade for weeks to reach monster energy for comment. so far we've not heard back. there will soon be something missing om your starbucks order. the coffee giant announcing today they are getting rid ofti pl straws by the year 2020. the lid on your starb will eventually look like this. the change is the a of the rtfo -- is part of an efo be more environmentally friend. customers in seattle and vancouver will be the first to see it. the to purge plastic, part of a growing trend. minutes ago we learned mgm resorts will only give customers
6:37 pm
straws if they ask for them. mcdonald's restaurants in the uk use different biodegradablest ws. cities like miami beach and ft. miers in florida do not allow h gels toe out straws saying they end up in the ocean. >> dramatic video as flames engulf a row house in d.c. one thing is credited with saving lives. >> plus a scare in a virginia uighborhood once a black bear is spottedin a tree. see what it took to get him down and what happens now that he's been caught, but first here's doug. >> a warm o. but n really. didn't have a lot of heat and humidity. hit 88, around average this time of year. go above average tomorrow. go above average tomorrow. go back to
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♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪as long as the suns up... ♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪and every moment, ♪you gotta make it last. all the thrills of summer. one amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. visit both parks for only $30 per day. only chopper 4 was up over a scare in a virginiato neighborhd y. >> for hours this black bear had
6:40 pm
police locked in a staoff. ws 4 cameras were rolling when the bear made his escape. >>appened behi homes on kentland drive in woodbridge. news 4's darcy spencer has reacti now from neighbors. >> reporter: news 4 was there as the bear quickly climbed down the tree and too off across yards, across the street towards princeilliam parkway. people here in the neighrhood re panicking. eventually he was c authorities watched him for hours planning their strategy to get him down. he was eventuall shot with a tranquilizer gun. he still hun out in the tree as authorities coaxed him down and suddenly he made his romove. >> theh of all the construction around here is causing the animals to have nowhere to go nd what they ar doing is coming out of their home and to our home. >> reporter: neighbors say some tgs chased bear into the tree behind the yards on kentland drive in woodbrid and police set up a perimeter and many had their guns drawn just
6:41 pm
in case they had a chance to move just before they had ach ce to tranquilize him and he's never seen a bear heren 35 years. >> my waive came to the basement door and said there's a placement outside sing bring your cats in because there's a bear in the tree and i looked at her and i sd what's i a tree and i said a bear, and i said a b-e-a-r and she saidia. >> there's been other bear sightings i northern virginia recently. now that it's happened other in this neighd they are concerned it could happen again and while this has a good ending, they want to make sure they are not doing anything to tract unwanted wildlife to their own backdoor. >> somebody was saying maybe a dog barks you're going to think there's a bear. >> and t i feed birds and a few wild cats and i don't know about feeding them anymore. an police tell me the bear basically out of steam and passed out because of that tranquilizer. they were able grab him up and they plan to release him
6:42 pm
back to the wild. in woodbridge, darcy spencer, news 4. >> the bear didn't knowhat hit him. >> especially when chopper 4 was erhead. what, me? i'm the fuss? >> all right. he's going to be oway. to d.c. and a scary morning for three children who lived in this row house. look at the f racing up the walls and up into the attic. this happened off 11th street northwest and columbia heights. the flames here so intense it started a fire at a home across the alley. twoeople live there, but the good news is that everyone is okay thanks toki w smoke alarms in both of those homes. but eight people are homeless and have to find a new place to live. there's still no word on what started this fire. >>eare you for some more heat and humidity? >> no. >> douges come on, you tough. you live in washington. doug is back to tell us when it moves in and just how long this time it's going to hang out. >> the president realing his pick for the supreme court in
6:43 pm
ilimetime tonight. nbc's peteams joins us as we zero in on the potential ndont-runner a
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
we've got some new details on a wrong-way crash on i-66. we've learned a 28-year-old map om springfield was driving the wrong way in d.c. yesterday morning. hegnored theecret service officer's commands to pull over when he encountered the and with enthe wrong way on 66. agents say he hit a car head-on near exit 73. the person in that car is a federal employee who was on w their to work. ndunty police also helped begin this investigationhey say the victim should recover, and
6:46 pm
they are now planning to charge the suspect witely hit-and-run and felony illusion. m leon harris. wendy and doreen, back to you. >> leon, thank you. the clock isicking and a little more than two hours to go before we find out president trump's next nominee for supreme court. >> these are the final four contenders. the first two thomas hardiman and brett kavanaugh. they are rumored tonight top picks. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us know. i know we're reading tea leaves and how do they look. >> reporter: let me break a little new. i think we can leave amyoney barrett off the list now because she's been spotted at home tonight in indiana, and we've also heard from other sources here in washington that she is not the ochoice, that leaves the three others, the two ks, cavanaugh and kethledge and thomas hardiman who was the choice and finalist las year, the also-ran, if you will, when the presidenthose neal
6:47 pm
gorsuch, so there are just so many factors that go into the president's decision. the senate has its own hopes for the people he'll nominate because they want an easy confirmation, but there are other factors intangibles. the presidenteems to like ivy league degrees. brett kavanaugh has that. he's the oneisn the that went to yale and yale law but what other factors areto importt he president in the meetings he has with them. we just don't know how that al adup, though we'll know shortly. >> has a lot of people lobbying right up until the last moment. >> we also know that democrats do not like t -- how this process is going down. they would like to waitte until the mid-term election. >> right. >> just like the republicans did. w>> right. t are the chances of that happening? >> i would say zero. >> i think, you kw, there's been -- there are factions that line up against each of these nominees amongst contives but whoever the presidenthooses
6:48 pm
they will coalesce and the democrats will resist it and have the votes unless a number of republicans defect. >> and is it possible to make this happen before the term in octobe you know, the average length of time is about 66 days from the time of nomination until confirmation, so in theory, yes, but they will have to get it done during the time thas congress normally out of town. there will have to be the courtesy calls and confirmation hearings, but the senate leadership has already said that the congress is going to bein wo a lot more in the summer months than it normally would.en thee will be in session for a good deal of august and september, too, so the first monday inoctober, october 1st is by statute the fsust day of theme court's new term and the republicans are optimistic they can have the nominee confirmed by then. >> 9:00 tonight. >> you bet. >> we'll find out. >> thank you, beat. >> and beat has more reporting ahea on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt right after news 4
6:49 pm
at 6:00 and they will both be back at0 9 tonight for special coverage of the supreme court announcement. we hope you can staynd tuned watch along with it. >> let's take a look at our forecast. this was an easy landing today coming off of that beautiful weekend. >> and when is it going to get backnto washington weather? >> the heat comes back tomorrow. ut's going to come back immediately when alk about the middle of june or july. temperatures in the upper 80s. i love showing great shows. how about picture perfect shots and here's one towards national harbor. how nice does that look. bright blue skiesnd not a cloud across the area. you see the capital wheel andil woodrown bridge and temperatures today in the upper 80s. 86 degrees in potomac. expect that temperature to remain by 7:00 over the next 1/5, to 2mi a very nice evening for sure.
6:50 pm
85 in gaithersburg and 86 reston and 86 in manassas an 86 in camp springs. on the mild side for sure. not too hot and not too humid and eating dinner outside no problem the. not talking any rain chances. we tealle actually need to see some raiha not seen rain for about the last three weeks or so and no rain at all so far at the airport and so far in the month of july so it's been very warm and very dry, and it looks like it's going to continue to say that way. the planner for tomorrow looking like this. 70 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning. a nice start, really nice start. 85 degrees by noon and b 92 3:00, but not too human. humidity a big factor l gt week is nng to be a factor during the day tomorrow. going for a high of 94. by 7:00 back down around plenty of tomorrow. sunshine all across the area and we're watching this systemyo he. can kind of see what's happening. see this area of clouds moving down to the south. that actually the front, right there. so these two systems, one is an
6:51 pm
upper level low and doesn't mean ything and this one is a tropical low hand that's -- that's tropical storm chris that could become a hurricane over the next six to 12 hours and expected to become a hurricane and move along that front well over portions well off to the east aou producing rip current threats and that's something we're tracking you. high temperatures today. 88 degrees in d.c. and look at all the 80o s backe west. a pair of 91s chick and indianapolis and those 90s will be making their way back to our area and really over the next ten days s we'll about 90 more often than not. 94 is where i'm going. thursday and friday we're going temp0atures in the uppers and back to the 90s and even the mid-990s by monday and a tuesda. lo tuesday. a high of 97 and that heat index well over 100 degrees with a chance for storms. chance for storms. it's hot.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
i had life-tatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital,
6:54 pm
my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. the george washington univeristy hospital z2vpbz z16fz y2vpby y16fy
6:55 pm
how exciting that we saw the stadium today. >> this is cool. >> yeah. it's going to be a busy weekend and i know it's only mon looking ahead there's excitement already starting today. d.c. united has its newest star, and today the team's new stadium officially osned. 18 mon after breaking ground audi field is up and running. wayne rooney was on hand for the big day. rooney's debut will be united's first game at that new stadium this coming saturday. mayor muriel bowser doing the honors of officially cutting the ribbon this afternoon. this new state of the art field seats 20,000 and is a big pt what have helped bring rooney to d.c. >> when i spoke to him about coming here t play, i could -- i could tell the excitement which we had at the stadium and the training grounds which willy be here nextr so it really ig made a b part of wanting to come here too win, t help this team go forward, to win titles,
6:56 pm
and it's nye job to try to do that and hopefully in the next fewears we can climb up the table and create some history in this wonderful stadium. >> and part of the excitement, the nationals have three players named to this year's all-star game and pushing for frth. fans have until wednesday to try to vote in trai turner and maxe scherz and bryce harper and sean doottle they arexcited for the mid-summer classic at their home ballpark, and it's not just about the game. >> as a fan ofaseball, you know, with our fans as well, i think, you know, d.c. is a great town to have it in, fans coming teams fans of oth should be super excited to really enjoy this next woke and take advantage of everythtg, not j the baseball game, but, you know, d.c. as a whole. >> every teamep issented in this game and every player is here, so the entire game is represented as well as possible. >> what more do yo want as baseball fan? d.c.'s got great baseball fans and this will be theest eve
6:57 pm
they can come and see the talent, the best of the best compete on a baseball field. >> i'm looking forward to home run derby, aren't you? head to our nbc washington app for a guide. serena williams, roger federer and rafael nadal all shined on center court at wimbledon. a treat for fans to see that much talent but the matches were lopsided. serena taking on rodina who upset another american madison keyes in the last rou and no upset today. she lobs it up and just too easy for serena. no chance. williams wins the first set 6-2 and match point in the second set. serena onhe brink of 13th wimbledon quarterfinal appearance and serena wins in straight sets. the seven-time wimbledon champe is on to th quarts. men's side, defending wimbledon
6:58 pm
champion roger federer all business looking to advance to the quarterfinals facing francis adrianne m uarino. we picp the action in the first set. watch this forehand shot by ntderer. talk about pg the corners. federer up 2-0. match point, manarino not even a chance to retur this ace. federer wins straight sets heading to his record 16th straight wimbledon quarterfinal. second-seeded rafal nadal cruising into the corners taking on yury vaseley. third set, nadal in the far court, nice back and forth and nadal sends this one to the corner. absolutely no chance there. nadal certainly in control. then rafa with a match point. veseley onve the ser way out and rafa nadal mes on in straight sets, his first wimbledon quarterfinal sce 2011, and also american john isner also advancingn the quarterfinals.
6:59 pm
>> great. >> a lot of good action. >> yeah, it is. happy for serena. thank you, sherree. >>ies that it for us for now. ightly news" s ightly news" s ta here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have tons of devices online at once. interested, talk later. bye boys! don't even think about going online. woah... i can't work like this. the 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at once.
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so get fios internet, tv & phone with a 2-year agreement and get a free samsung chromebook 3. tonight, the ue miracle resc from the cave, four more boys making it out alive. we go inside the dangerous mission, how the divers are getting the boys all the way to the surface and now the race to save the final four and their breaking news on president trp's pick for the supreme court as we await the prime time ould be the most sweeping change to the court in 50 years. >> caught on camera, a police officer pulling a gun on children. a community outraged. police investigating. new trouble from the tropics, a big st m brewing off the carolina coast bringing danger at the beac and is it the last straw for starbucks? major change coming to your cup of coffee


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