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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 13, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> you played baseball were little. we're looking at what's going on. whatxp can wet out of today, chuck? >> i think you're going to like the friday. sunshine is going to be a big part of the fecast today and tomorrow. the humidity levels are kind of in check, eecially according to d.c. summer standards. 73 ins. annapo away from the city and the water, temperatures are noticeably cooler. comfortable. mid-60s for most of fairfax. prince georges county waking up to 65 degrees. this bubble-high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry for today and as it gets ready to go offshore, the humidity pump will be turned back on in a big way. enjoy today and l morrow. it w seasonably warm,
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right on average. the average high temperature, lt degr 89 degrees. e sunup at 5:54. topdown weather for people with co ertibles. >>stbound, at bladenburg road. allsh lanes down. the traffic is pushed off. you can get around it. out to the beltway. the beltway looks okay. three areas of roadwork. but big impact. route 1, nearorton road, blocking one right lane. new developments this morning on a water outage in the district. the water is on customers and it
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said it fixed the problem at the pumping station on unit street. >> there was a problem at tti pumping s and it left residents with little to no wa the ceo of the schools has many across the county angry. decision was finalized at a school board meeting last night. the heated debate may have led to a fight between two members. the board agreed to end kevin maxwell's deal. so opposehe deal and asked for the board chair to step wn. kevin boroughs said that eubanks grabbed him by the throat and reatened to beat him up. they have not heard back from eubanks on thencident. but here's what he said about the package. >> i don't like wasting dollars to our ld have gone school system. >> we haven't been able to talk to eubanks about theincident.
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maxwell hadee thr years left on his contract but there were questions about his leadership during his time at the e.o. the school district was investigatiin stigated for widespread grade aranging. the has appointed monica golson as acting chief officer. we will continue to follow this story for you. >> sounds like there's a lot more to it. now, to a developing story in silver spring. four people were stabbed after a soccer game. look at the view from chopper 4. ambulances rhing the victims away from the scene. the happened near hillandale park. victimsold none of were hurt. the mistrust p betweenice
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and community is not getting better. this video shows a stop and frisk incident of several black men on june 25th. police say they a recovered beebe gun from one of the men. last night, the community members met to talk about the incident and other yaus uses o force. residents said scenes like this happen all the time in ward seven and eight. >> this is not uncommon east of the river. this is systemic practices, behavior among mpd. >> the police chief was not at that meting. in a meetingh wit the d.c. council he dended the officers was said police need to be aware of avoid tg tension with public. president trump is kicking up day three in europe. thismorning, he will have talks with theresa may before having tea with heres m queen
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elizabeth. this is president trump's first visit to europe since taking office. the prime minister rolled out the red carpet for the president and first l last night, hosting dinner. the protesters had a different welcome for the president. [ chanting ] >> demonstrators gathered outside of the este where president trump is staying. and tens of thousands are expected to march in london,y where t will fly a giant balloon showing a baby donald trump in a diaper. back here in washington, a wild hearing on capitol hill, as republicans grilled an fbi agent who sent tt messages critical of president trump. lawmakers yelled at each other as peter strzok testified before the house judiciary committee and oversight committee. he oversaw the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and was
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dismissedn the early stages of the russian probefter the texts that were shared with lisa page. republicans say theexts show bias within robert mueller's investigation. strzok denies the allegations. >> not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took. >> page will testify in a closed-door hearing on the hill later today. paul manafort is now being held in the alexandria detention center. he was transported there yesterday against his wishes from the northern regional. ja manafort's bond was revoked after he was found associated with witness tampering. in his mug shot, we can see he is wearing an inmate uniform. clothes ateet northern neck.
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>> it's jarring to see him in his prison garb. charges against stormy daniels have been dropped. w daniels arrested at an ohio strip club wednesday night. she was arrested for letting a customer touch her, which is forbidden by state law. she was paid off to keep quiet about an alleged affair over a decade ago. president trump has denied the allegations. new details this morning in one of the most tragicng mis child cases in our area over the last four years. she was 8 years old when she disappeared from the d.c. general homeless shelter. d.c. police have released a n image of what she would look like a the age of 12.
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police say the january titor ki his wife and thense himlf and the little girl was never. found demonty don is accused of raping a woman last hol deallow. but his mother and aunt say she was raised c in therch and there's no way he could have gonehat he charged with. dodd said the sex was con essential you' consensu consensual. his trial is set for november. ri> you should not be wng that in the united states of america. are you a citizen? >> yes, i am. can you please get away from me. >> a man harassing a woman for wearing puerto rico short wiirtl make his first appearance today. he is charged for a hate crime in cook county, illinois. in the video, he is heard a park g the woman at and questioning her citizenshi
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the woman repeatedly asked a nearby police officer for help. thefficer never came to the woman's aid. he has also resigned fromis job. >> and puerto rico is part of the united states. >> all america citizens. a new book may have led the government to take another look at the 1955 murder of emmett till. till was just 14 when he was killed, his body mutilated. he was accused of whistlingd at grabbing a white woman. on his death bbed, the woman admitted she lied abo his advances. >> it seems to bpossible that in investigating my research materials, they connected somehow with other things the fbi might know. that's just speculation on my part. >> the fbi and the justice
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department contacted the author after the book came out. the government has not said what the information is. doctors said they are fairly optimistic about the recovery o the boys rescued from a cave in thailand. part of the healing is shiftinl to their menhealth. ptsd is a condition that can fter an onths or years event. we're hearing from one of the divers that found the boys insi that cave after a lot of people assumed the worst. >> we're very pleased. we're relieved they were alive. at that point, we realized the enormity of the situation. that's why it took a while to get them all out. film producers already in thailand with plans to develop a movie about the 18-day cave
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saga. tell me you didn't see that coming. >> right. >> my gosh. as soon as you s a happy ending somebody is writing that script already. you can beat the heat from the largest baseball themein pa he world. >> the big event is causing some traffic closures. l. stree northwest from 7th to 9th streets are closed. you need to avoid that are until wednesday. and here's the closures over near nationals park. a lot of straightshe in southeast area. your best bet is to avoid driving through the area untdn esday. take metro. look for all street closures in the nbc washingtonapp. take a look at this. the cast of "the sand lot" helped kick off an adirection. the play ball pupark is open ate
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xwrar yard. here a map of where you can find it. 's at the intersection of 1st and m. >> that w a cute movie. i forgot about that. coming up, how you will be able to testourself for the house.hout leaving your plus, a new study sheds some light on whetherecent measures havelo helpew down america's opioid crisis. a look at that report when we come back. good morning, everybody. d happy friday. we made it through another week. and if you're planningn getting the car washed today, mo problem. nothing but sunshine for your friday. we'l
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you're watching "news 4 da " >> welcome back. it's 4:16. ther os good newsn the country's opioid. epidem prescription abuses are falling. the number of prescriptns has fallen about 30% since 2018. and for the first time in eight years, there was a small drop in diagnosis of disorders. opioid abuse continues to hurt fndreds of thousandseople all over the country. as you're waking up this morning, toure's a warning need to hear before you have breakfast. the cdc wants you to stay away from a popular cereal. there's honey smacks that could be contaminated with lmonella. kellogg's recalled t product last month.
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fortunately, no one has died from contracting salmonella. it's t a questiot a lot of us ask when we're feeling under the weather,t is i the cold or a flu? the federal government is investing $20 million to make an at-home flu test. thosehat think they have the flu can send the information through an app and get an answer. the goal is to keep contagious ople at home, rather than make them travel to the doctor's office and spread the virus. >> the waiting rooms are notorious. >>i petr shdi. hbo's "game of thrones" conquers with a whopping 22 nominations for the emmys. others that lead in categories, are "the handmaid's trail" and
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nbc shows "this is us" and "saturday night live." this is the first time netflix topped hbo in total you can watch the awards inig september here on nbc 4. ry cool. just a quick note, sandra oh becomes the first asian woman in a lead. >> 2018. e> that is surprising. >> she should heen nominated for christina yang. >> i'm terri at the trivia games. that show was a smash. >> for years. >> deid you get a haircut? >> i did. i got all them cut. >> i'm digging the blue blazer
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and ceck shirt. >>asual friday and looking sharp. >> itt was tha or my floor print dress. i had to match one of >> next friday, chuck. >> that will help ratings. >> skies are clear and it's a pleasant start to the day. there's no no weather worries of y kind today or tomorrow. no weather concerns over most of eke d. sunday afternoon, there's a slight chance for a passing onower. most of us need to worry about that. right now, how about tt? 59 degrees in winchester, virginia. 63 in frederick, reryland. 70 d in fredericksburg. the extra lg run or a bike ride this morning, temperatures in the 60s or ts after sun comes up. it will be 80 degrees by 10:00 in themorning. this area of high pressure promises us a nice stretch of about the next 24 to 28 hours.mi
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low ity today. dew points have been pushed into the 50s. that's all ground clutter by the way. any chances for rn hold off until sunday afternoon. here's future weather through your friday. highs today, one or two spots touch 90 today. here's the five-day forecast for the weekend. i'll give you the beach weather in a bit. 92 tomorrow, really hot for sunday and monday. a lot of humidity aroo d. that leadsincreasing rain monday afternoon and tuesday. let's go over tois m in the blue blazer or the floral print? >> i had to go with the floral ouint. what can do? northeast avenue bradensburg road. traffic is being dirted. youan get around it. just a little slow as you
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proach it. northwest l street between 7th and 9th, that'sor blocked the all-star game fanfest. southbound 3rd street at 2nd street. and southbound 295, single lane crash.g by a otherwise, looking okay. on the main routes into town and out of town. it is summertime. and air conditioners across our region are humming tono it can drive up quite a bill. how to beat the heat without breaking
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today." parents warn their teenagers not to text or use their cell phones while driving. a new study shows that many adults are guilty of doing the same thing. children's hospital conducted an online surface. and half of the parents admitted to use the cl phones with their kids in the backseat. setting a bad example. one-third said they read text messages or use social media accounts while driving. if you'reou checking yr instagram while driving, tha can't be good. >> they're watching neus. warning about e e-cigarettes. e-cigs could be damaging your health. the cigarettes damage blood vessels in the heart, as the next time you have someone at your home, you might want to ask them to take their shoes off.
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a researcherrom the university of houston tested his students' shoes and found ant signifi number were walking around with the bacteria on their shoes. it does not harm a healthy person. but with people with weak immune systems, can be ill or even die if exposed to thi back area. doctors suggest cleaning your shoes when around a sick person. when it hits the 90s, a lot of us keep the air conditioning running nonstop. >> we're working with you on tips how to beat the heat. cnet recommends the nest thermostat. learns your routines andhe adjusts tn you're home. you can adjustt from your phone so when you're on hevacation, you can reduce costs. it costs $169. >> another way to save money and co dn your house, without
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using your hvac system, is with smart shade. >> when the shades are connected to a smart thermostat, they can be closed during thepaottest of the day. many of the smart devices can be linked to voice assistants such as alexa to work together in a routine. it is 4:26. still ahead, black friday or a summer frip to the ttrip to the? a sale backfes at build-a-bear. and that has the store saying i'm sorry. plus, thent poisonous p we warned you about here. now, it has sent local teen to the hospital. his story, next at 4:30. and a good friday morning, d ever think about going to the beach this weekend, i took this picture. every time i look at it, a distant ship floats on the t horizon, namet tune. i will give you the answer on the other side o thef
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news 4 today starts now. >> today is the 13th. we're just hours away from the weekend. 's going to be a beautiful day once the sun comes up. i like friday the 13th. 13 is my lucky number. good morning, everyone. my birthday falls on the 13th. >> any more information you want to give us? >> i love the summer. and i'm a beach person over the mountains. >> nights at home with a glass of wine. anks for wakin up early with us this morning. melissa is keeping an eye on the roads. we have to get to chuck and the verecast. >> ween listening to pink floyd "comfortably numb" aro.d he that was the answer to the trivia question. gra
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great-looking friday morning. 60 in charlestown, west rg ia. columbia, maryland 14 hours of sunshine coming your way on a friday. equally nice day coming up for tomorrow. by sunday, talking about humidity and a f little chance late-day showers. more coming up in a few minutes. for now, let's go over to melissa. she's not comforablynumb, are you? >> if i was quick, i could come back with something. outbound new york isavenue. as cleared out of the way. police activity near the gas st ion. megan mcgrath was on the scene but we cleared everything. in the southwest southbound 3rd street, we had all photographtr. thatch


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