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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it hadosecause of theble contamination. the d.c. water authority issued the boil water alert after consulting with the federal government at the environmental protection agenc and that tookg eit hours. >> signs like these were commonplace all across the tis icket today as a boil water alert is impacting tens of rtousands of us. the problem s here at the breezy point street pumping station which handles about 60 million gallons ofater each day when a huge valve like this one was open by mistake. it resulted in some homes and businesses losing water completely. >> the problem was discovered about 8:30 last night.y it o took about one hour to fix and reore pressure. that was long enough to raise concer that caused the bacteria to grow inside the water pipes. it took another seven hours to notify the public that their
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drink water m not be safe and then another five hours to alert public that the boil water alert could last up to two days. c. emergency management's director say they alerted the publics as soon d.c. water se the e decision to im boil water alert. as soon as the boil water alert was issued, within minutes we issued the alert. >> as d.c.'s water manager was was pressed on why it took eight hours, he abruptly ended the press conference. >> it took us some time to take there and we took every precautionary measure that we could. i want to thank you guys very much for cing out today. >> now, d.c. water crews are going throughout that impact area to fire hydrants and homes and businesses to gather samples and hope to have the test results back in tomorrow morning. l wateruld lift the b advisory as early as tomorrow morning depending on the test results. crew was just here at the
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spray park pumping out the reservoir here so when that does open there won't be any issues with the water when theids me back to play. that's a very big issue. se kids are and t on vacation. they need to go somewhere and cool off. thanks, mark. >> now we know you havees qutions about weather and what is w safe andt's not. aimee cho continues our team coverage with a look at some health tips and joins us now live. hey, y. >> reporter: hey, leon and wendy. one of the many things to be careful about is washing your dishay. d.c. water you want to make sure your dishwasher gets up to at least 160 degrees. if it doesn't our don have a dishwasher and have to wash your dishes by hand that's okay, but d.c. water actually suggests putting bleach in th water to make sure your dishes get clean. one tee responsiblech bleach and once you're done washing your dishesou want to make shower that they get completely air dried before you use them. ass far other precautions you
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want to make sure you're boiling water before cooking, drinking, making ice and basically anything that involved consuming water as far as showering a bathing, should be okay using tap water as long a you'reure ou're not accidentally swallowing that water, as the d.c. department of health told us today you want to make sure you're looking f out your furry friends. >> for your bets you want to get nice and safe wat and for your pets' drinking water make sure they are getting that boiled water flow. >> still be okay using tap water for things like laundry and watering plantsndhese are things that don't involve use the water. >> tnks, aim. >> take a look at the dos and don'ts while the boil water visory is in effect, you can see if you're the paimed area, can you find all of that on our nbc washingtonl app. stahead, we're going to take a look at what this means for restaurants and other businesses
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as we head into the weekend. >> now a shocking se for shoppers today on busy king street in old town alexandria. a man was found dead inse a business. part of the road now closed as they look for clues. julie carey is on the scene. we understand the investigation started five hours ago. what h>>e you learned? eporter: they are still at it. in my 26 years in alexandria i cannot remember a death investigation like this one right along king street and shoppers, too, reacting to troubling site. the two-tone brick building, ndere's a restaurant on the first store office on the second floor. the man's body was found there by the building's landlord and police were called and rushed in to close the street to start the investigation. the victim was found on this second floor of thisn building a building called window univefrmts the shopper parked her car around 11:45 when she
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saw a man running out of the front door and into the neighboring business. a gentleman with a cel phone ran into the lighting shop, the lamp shot andt seemeds a bit frantic and i locked the car and left. >> reporter: it was an hour later when she returned to find her car surroundedri by c scene tape and learned there had been an apparent murder. police were tight lipid about the details. the building's landlord who runs the lamp lighter store next door saw someone trying to steal a package on the frontteps at the window universe buildingafnd r he went inside and made the discovery. >> someone tried to steal my package and they tried there and then something happened. ic>> reporter: pole focused not only on the second store office but also on the silvers merce parked out front it was taped shut and later towed away. oppers in the area on a busy
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friday startled by a street closure and news of apparent murderer. >> never witnessed anything like this before being down here. usually pretty quiet. may have a domestic or parking wars or kind of thing, but never anything like that. >> the university came here after the incident andll nor in the daytime hours the only person in that office is the company's marketing manager but we don't yet know any details about the suspect or the victim. police don't confirm whether a cspect is intody and tell us, quote, everyone is accounted for and say there is no threa to the public. back to you in the studio, leon. >> thank you, julie. >> we have new information out of atlanta where a general manager of a d.c. restaurant was shot and critically wounded last weekend. a 17ear-old is now charged in thatttk. detectives in atlanta say christian broder was shot on
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wednesday at a wedding outside of a reception. he's the manager of millie's restaurant and atlanta police are still looking for person who was driving the stolen car. the nman was riding in. and chopper 4 is just rlling up o some breaking news in montgomery county you see right here. these are live pictures. two people are injured in this crash onkemptown road in damascus. two people involved and one slamming into a poem and both victims have been taken to the 'rhospital. wee still gathering details. we'll update you once w learn a little bit more about this. >> scott macfarlane at the live desk and more breakin news. top justice officials revealed a blockbustet indictm today. 12 military officers charged withiltrating the democratic national committee computer tsystem in an eff to interfere with the elections and also accused of releasing stolen
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e-mails online and doing so just months before the election. the latest people to be charged were charged by special counsel mueller. the indictment returned by a grand jury in d.c. federal court said russians conduct a, quote, large scale cyber operation to interfere with the 2016 presidential race. themericans were accused in indictments and that was part of a statement released by the white house staye u.s. attorney general deputy rod rosenstein oversees the mueller probe and briefed the president about this early this week and said the crime was an attack on free and fair es are ex. >> it's important for us to avoid thinking politically as republican or democrat and instead to think patriotically as americans. >> the indictment as the russians looked for weakness in the i.em sy they didn't specify which states but this has been a serious concern for state votingnd election agencies nationwide that iccludes locally.
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maryland state ols say they were not breached in this case but do ackwledge they are now investigating the russian investors connection t aendor that operates the maryland state board of elendions. wendy leon, back to you. >> scott mac flank, thank you, scott. overseas mavislouds flooding the streets of central london to protest president trump's visit. more than 100,000 joined them as they headed to trafalgar square. president trump stayed largely away from london but this morning he appeared to be in damage control mode after an interview with "the sun" newspaper and in that sit-dow mr. trump seemed to be criticizing the prime minister theresa may and her handling of brexit saying that he gave her advice that shed. igno >> i think she found it may be too brutal because i couee that, but i don't know if you remember what i said, but i did
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give her a certain amount of -- i gave her suggestion, not advice. >> after that news conference th president and prime minister traveled to windsor castle where they had tea with the queen and checked out the troops. the president will snt the weekend at his resort in scotland. some of the highs and lows from mr.trump's first critics to our country's closest ally. >> nbc's nillly is joining us live from london. bill, let's start with the protests across i know they were expecting large crowds. were they expecting tm to be this large. >> yeah, good evening, wendy. yes, by and large they were. we knew that tens of thousands of people would come out. there will be no official people given by the police, but i think the organizers say it was more th 100,000, and they certainly clogged central london and the
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area around trafalgar square. it was in fact the biggest protest against the visit of not just any amerin president but any president in the uk and thae includes protest against soviet leaders in the 1970 s against chinese leaders. donald trump is by and large the least popular american president in the 20th or 21st century here, and he threw a political grenade here before to the talks with theresa may even began day, because as you say there was an interview published overnight in "the sun" newspaper, britain's mt red newspaper in which he heavily criticized theresa may as prime minister, czed her negotiations to get britain out and saidropean union she had ignored his advice and even suggested an alternative prime minister, a minister who has just walked away from
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theresa may's government so this was, well, an extraordinary interview. it was the equivalent of walking into a dinner bat you'vn invited to and kicking over the table and insulting the host, and then it equally extraordinary at that news h conference showered praise on theresa may and suggested this a trade deal betweenai br and the u.s. was very likely and said c i don'te how you conduct brexit as long as there's a trade deal at the end of it so a really dizzying 2 urs for those people in britain who are indeed watching and eating with donald trump. the meeting this morning overran and kept the queen waiting for n minutes. he'll be heading to helsinki for the important summit withti vladimir but this has been a really contentious tour
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of europe so far. back to you guys. a lot going on there. >> oh, my goodness. >> thank you soch >> nobodies owes bill neely. thank you. >> come here for complete coverage for the president's overseas trip now. lester holt will be anchoring the "nightly news" at 7:00 tonight right after the news at 6:00. ahead, an update to a news 4 consumer investigation. we told but guardrails that some say make crashes more dangerous, not less dangerous. one state that's taking action after r report. >> a prince george's county school board meeting ended with the sheriff's office getting involved. >> and low humidity levels can't last forever around he in mid-july. take a look. this is sunday. it's feeling close to or around 0 degrees, and we'll see the heat index increase as wey ead into mond tuesday.
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that's right. it's all about baseball here this weekend in theic dis folks from all over t country are coming here. >> the all-star game is tuesday and fanfest is underway at the
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convention center. >> hey, meagan. >> hey, guys, you got that right. look, people have been coming here all throughout th. this play has opinion rock since 9:00 a.m. and people will be coming until 8:00 when it clooes. take a l over here and take a look overer he. people are in line for t tting cages. if you swing around over re, i'll try my luck. all right. this is fielding. i'm going throw t this all-star right here and he'll try make it in that hole. that's all right. this isra theice round, but as you can see there's so much to do out here. >> f the first time in nearly 50 years the mllltar weekend is back in d.c. and fanfest is in full swing. >> this is the opportunity for the community to get their l-star experience.
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not everyone do get to the all-star game. >> the convention center offers it to keep enterined and everything from games and pitching practice. he can even try to outrun pros. >> i think i did amazing. >> never been to aeb bl hall of fame incooperstown. >> and, of course, the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in baseball. >> iot to meet a hall of famer earlier and got his signature on a baseball. >> and ife you up to it, there's even batting cage action. first you have to make sure you get the right bat. >> i would take stab at it. >> needless to stay, i will leave this to the pros. >> like this little guy, he's 1 years old and totally showed me up. >> dad is pretty stoked about
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it. >> hit the ball. that was fun. i'm having a blast. this is awesome. >> because after all that's what fanfest and mlb all-star weekend is all about. >> fun to share some of those wi my son. >> nice. >> okay. >> you see i'm out here trying to redeemrc my seaone more. >> here we go, whatee you to know is tickets are, there we t.. >> all ri >> there you go. >> i'm back, guys, i'm back. >> $30 if you are a kid and $35 if you're an adult and come on down here. we're having a lot of fun, and i'm sure the kids will show me up once more. >> do your victory lap now and get out ofounds now. >> and leave with your dignity. >> exactly, that's right, that's t'ght. >> thas it. >> that's it. >> and we have a major development in a news consumer investigation. maryland transportation officials say they are going to remove hundred of couldn't version guardrails from the
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roads. we've been telling you for months about the concerns that surround the guardrail end piece. it's kno as the xlite. several lawsuits say it's defective. it has pierced vic killed drivers and their passengers. the maryland state highway administration says it will immediately begin reoperation ose xlites and there's about 1,000 of them on the road to be replaced. it's part of an effort to remove guardrails that do not mee new crash standards. the maker of thexliteoes suggest its guardrail is safe. roming up at 6:00, hearthe mother of a maryland marine after crashing into one of the guardrails. we'll have her reaction to wday's news. re working for you with an alert about a traffic nightmare this weekend, we expect, endiot says expect delays on connecticut avenue. ey are going to pave the
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bridge over route 125 and as many a w three lanesl be closed down at a time there. the closureseg bin tonight at 9:00. >> ahead at 530, the local issue that brought actress and activist jane fonda to the wilson building in the district this afternoon. and this week's harris' hero who put a tribute togetr forhe>
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oday -- we should be doing this show outdoors. >> yeah. >> today is the day we should be doing it outdoors. >> the last of the really pleasant evenings. >> yel. >> doug wccepted you outside when it's nasty out there. not on a day like this. >> i'm not commenting because dog son vacation so he's not even here to dend himself. >> i'm allowed to comment because he hose not here. >> our news ptners at telemundo are all outside doing their newscast. >> smart. good for them. >> they had the right idea. the humidity levels tomorrow still not haul that bad. another nice day but hot though. highs in the low 90s so if you' outside in the shine tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours you're definitely ticing the heat, and as wendy was saying it's tomorrow evening and then on int sunday when we start so see the humidity levels
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creep back up. maybe an isolated storm or thundershower out there but most of us wil have a completely dry weekend. there are some storm chances in the forecast on monday and especial tuesday, but don't think that this is a rain you can count on. it's not a widespread soaking rain. more of the summertime rain where we see bubble up showers and thunderstorms that are hit or miss in nature. 88 degrees. by 7:00 p.m. we're in the mid-80s. it's warmnd dry outhere tonight, and we keep the nice clear skies around. 78 degrees by 11:00 p.m. amend we're waking up tomorrow temperatures in the 60s in the suburbs, and around 70 here in shington. a high tomorrow of 92 with plenty of snipe. again, the humidity during the day not all.hat b as we move into sunday though, a high temperature of 94. feels more like 98 degrees. on mondaore like 100 degrees outside during the afternoon and evening hours and on tuesday, well, we start to keep towards
5:26 pm
yat advis criteria with a temperature of 94, feeling more like 103s, degr so the heed and humidity moving back in. a little bit on sund, but especially on monday and tuesday. monday there's a 30% chance f some afternoon showers and thunderstorms, especially north and west of washington. a 50% chance for showers and thundersrms on tuesday later in the day and area wide as a cold front moves through the area. some of the storms could have rainfall. i'll keep an eye on how this will affecte the h run derby and all-star game on tuesday. really nice weather returns on wedaesday and thu wendy and leon, with high tempe utures in thepper 80s and low humidity levels once again. >> sounds good. thanks, amelia. coming upext at 5:30, another check on our top story. theoil advisory in effect for some d.c. water customers. how that's impacting water parks, grocery stores and more. and with the all-star
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fanfest underway there's a warning from police about scalpers and ticket scammers this weekend. >> and the ceo of build aware is apologizing for the botched promotion. why they why they i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and or a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up
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back it our top story now, the rush to make sure the water is safe for a huge portion of the district of columbia.
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>> yeah, this is impacting families and all sorts o businesses across area. chris gordon will have that piece of the story coming up for us here in a moment. >> first, let's check in with erika gonzalez at the live desk with a look at how much late they are could be going on. >> this is aroblem that both started and ended last night, a valve in a pumping station loosened lowering water pressure, but within 66 minutes the pressure had been restored. sounds pretty quick, but concern is that that could have been enough time for bacteria to form so for now tens of thousands are being told to boil water and originally that included 34,000 d.c. water customers, but taking no consideration a business counts as one tcustomer,e that into consideration. use iled or bottled water for things like cooking and brushing your teeth and your pets as
5:31 pm
well. d.c. water is hoping they can get ao good after testing by morning. wendy and leon. >> thanks, erika. >> what if you're going out for din they are evening? what do you need to know? >> our team coverage continues with chris gordon who is live ia at amsa m with a closer look at impact on businesses. >> chris. >> leon and wendy, it's friday night and that means date night, and d.c. restaurants are making it very difficult adjustment tryingo accommodate customers, and at the sameime abide by the water alert. water, water everywhere but n a tap of tap water to drink and during the d.c. water alert there's no soda, coffee or tea. if you can find any ice it's ered from was del outside the district. >> i think it's all good, you know, they are really nice and they offered us complimentary
5:32 pm
bottles of water so wre still enjoying our time. >> have to boy some bottled water for our customers and had to make sure we take on the kitchen and for our customers. >> at the aterdam andfalafel shop. >> the costco in d.c. it seems bottled water is on everybody' shopping list and apparently is the only item on this customers' lt. >> definitely going through waters. >> you can't get a drink of water and kids likerinking, you know, water and by not having access to waterere it's kind of difficult. >> which helps.
5:33 pm
>> we're back live covering the water problem in at amsa morgan. we're also leading up to the major league baseball all-star game. rents are trying to follow water restrictions and keep customers happy. live in m alexgan and now back to you. >> thanks, chris. an up date to some breaking news that you first saw last night at 1:00, four men were hurt and during a fight after a soccer match in montgomer county. one person alleged used a pvc pipe from a portable soccer goal to hit another man. detectives are talking to people for both teams and no one was seriously hurt. >> excitement builds around the all-star game activity, come into the tow working into you, a warning about buyingke t
5:34 pm
because it's so easy to be scammed online ifouuy fake tickets. police advise you to only buy verified tickets online from sites litm ticter. use a credit card to buy tickets online so you can dispute the tickets if you need to and if an online several needs to do an exchange, do it at one of the d.c. police exchange sites to be safe. >> meanwhile, play ballpark offially opened for all-star weekend in the southwest. it's an outdoor space for kids and families. with interactive baseball and softball activities. this year the added activities for adults as well and od friday anaturday night go out there and have a great time. it's located at the yards and the cap river front. it's all free and open to the public "today" through tuesday. >> if you prefer the soccer pitch to a baseball diamond this would be a great weekend for you. tomorrow night d.c. united plays its first game at audi field. news 4 toured that new home in
5:35 pm
southwest. it'ser in fortt mcnair and toured it earlier this wee audi field is a flashy and fresh update from rfk. d.c. united kicks off the second half of the season tomorrow r. against vancou >> and all the reviews of this park really top shelf. >> yeah. looks good. >> mark segraves, looks reall cool well, it was a fiery board of education meeting in prince heorge's county, and fireworks happened in public and behind the scenes. >> after the meeting two school board members had a serious disagreement. one of them claiming to be assaulted by the other. bureau chiefs tracee wilk reports the courts and sheriff's department are now involved. >> reporter: this prince george's county deputy isrying to serve the chair of the board of education after last night' board meeting. >> have a debate in public session. >> will you stop and let us have
5:36 pm
the discussion. >> reporter: the brd voted in favor oan $800,000 compensation package for formerl member maxw and later the board's chair stepped down. >> you're not done? >> no, i'm not. >> i refer to him as a weak negotiator. i also mentioned that he's a former brother-in-law of the county executive and that set him off a little bit as well. >> these and other comments resulted in an altercation between burrows and the chair afr the meeting. burrows says eubanks assaulted him. >> he chaed at me and pushed me against the book case back there, and with his hand in my face threatening he wase going o ble up. i'll blank you up. thankfully three schoo system police officers were there and pulled him off of me. >> they s they had more of a heated argument than an assault and eubanks said he's not coming for the advice ofowouncil.
5:37 pm
ssing charges. >> i'm filing a peace order and filing assault charges. >> prince george's countyri eubanks o serve but the board of education is closed and they were not able to do it here. tracee wilkins, news 4. >> still to come tonight, metro is cracking down onsickouts and on late nslls. our traportation reporter adam tuss takes a look at this ongoing fight and the impact it's having on riders. >> and a young man using pennies to pay tribute to heroes. he and his mom tell me why he's so passionate about america in this week harris' heroes. >> and even though we've had low humidity levels it's important to remember it's extremely hot and even deadly iide of a car. today's temperature insid car would be 133 degrees aerftt.
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5:40 pm
all ri now, welcome to my favorite part of the week. we're always touched by the lengths that parents will go ti for t children, and recently a mom wreath into us about her son who deserved to be one of harris' here owens,s. his name is conor ickes, 16 years old and born in russia and already knows the freedom that we enjoy here came at a great price so conor came up with an
5:41 pm
idea to v showerans just how grateful he is by placing pennies on their tombstones. conor's pennyro pject is this week's harris' hero. >> a penny doesn't seem like much, but when i comes to a service member who has died in war, that one penny means someone remembers your sacrifice. >> the pennies mean you're like showing your respect for who passed. >> reporter: i had a chance to meet c tor at world war ii memorial on the national mall. there he told me howp he came with the penny project idea. help was just 14 years old and took a trip to antietam national cemetery with his mom. >> and i noticed there were like cones on the headstones from the deceased and there's like pennies on some and nickels on one, dimes on others. t reporter: seeingse coins and knowing people who serve in the military made this had a
5:42 pm
perm mission for nor. >> my cousin, he serves in them litary, and i have a really good friend of ours that is in the ar t. >> reportet first year conor and his family and friends forected 5,000 pennies, one each person buried at the historic cemetery. >> a lot of people forget who helped our country an gave us this freedom and i don't think anybody should be forgotten. >> reporter: this year with the help of th community conor was ble to collect the 5,000 pennies plus $1,000 to donate to the national park service. >> whether that's a officer -- >> reporter: conor's mom says her son has always gone out their way to tell a service member thank, like the time she gave him money to go buy a soda. >> i think it's s klieves in, and i think he's very thankful aws what it means to be an american. >> reporter: conor was born in ssia anddopted when he was 2 years old and brought here. >> the day we met when i adopted him, you know, he came right to me. we just -- there was just an
5:43 pm
immediate bond, andan -- god, there's nothing i love more in this world thany.hat >> i know i'm russian and i feel like i'm 100% americave because been here so long and i just get like used to ud to it. >> let me tell you something. for the record, he is 100% american. that -- that is the 100% american store to. every single one of us is here from some place else. >> nice. >> and the beauty of this is thatof this is p that america is an idea. >> sure, of course. >> an idea, and no matter where you come from you can learn something from that 16 yearly. saying thank you can be as simple as just donating a simple penny. conor is already collecting t pennies for n year's donation so if you want to contribute and help out check out the nbc washington app. we've got a link to the penny project facebook page.
5:44 pm
such harris' hero. a sweet boy with a big heart. i just love that. good for h.him. >> yea >> meanwhile, next on news 4, specially trained police dog on the trail. the i-team explains how officers are using dogs like this to sniff out child pornogrhy and ap
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this is customizable streaming tv for your family... whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs.
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live tv and the late shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place -- even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. introducing new ckages with customizable streaming tv options. enjoy more choice and faster speeds-- giving you the ultimate value. click, call or visit a store today. maas >> bomb sniffing and drug sniffing dogs but what porn-sniffing canines. child porn cases exploding around the country including here in the d.c. area. the news 4 i-team shows us tonight local police are now considering this new and unexpected crime fighting tool. millions of images, thousands of victims. pictures are being distributed again and again a again.
5:47 pm
>> child sex images are often hidden in plain sight on devices that look like everyday objects from legos and necklaceso key fo bas and credit cards. >> people hide them in their atcs and hide them in crawl spaces. >> so hard to find, but now there's a new overs on the trail. >> meet harley, not your typical canine. >> better than were. >> because this lab has a nose for electronics. >>ba we're py doing two to throw searches a week. >> what is she searching for, all the devices leave behind a chemical scent, cels, pho thumb drives, sd cards, we can't detectt but harley and other dogs worldwide can. >> the thing is y had to come here to manhattan to come here to new york's fbi field office and the i-team review found sorts will be e in demand in our area because there's beenon etial
5:48 pm
increase of child porn cases in our area. >> the opportunity that o t need bows a child and to produce images of that abuse is very, very short. >> steve leads the u.s. justicea ment's child exploitation section that says technology has made it easier for predators to strike. >> every person wal around 24 hours a day with a high definition photograp device. >> and store those images so they can be shared >> we don't know how many children are still out there. >> the national center for missing and exploited children says so far 14,000 victims have be responded nationwide. >> 10.2 million reports of child exploration through our cyber tip lines. >> in onier. >> pushing t police department come up with new solutions like harley. >> just one of those cards, one of those drives you hid could have tens of thousands of images. >> the news 4 i-team to the to see her in action after herne pa hid various items around
5:49 pm
a large open option. >> we may not fin it and you missed it. dog has a very keen sense of smell. >> harley finds sd cards under a chair and in a deskno ander attached to a phone outlet and after each successful find she gets a treat. they can associate the food with the owner. >> she knows that i want her to find what's hidden. that's where she continues to amaze me. eo>> inside a v car. in this filing cabinet a hneden cell pho >> she will go where i ask her to go because she knows won't ad her in harm's way. e>> a canine lik harley who helped crack the case of ex-subway spokesman jared fogel. it takes months to train but it's invaluable >> expect t get much available
5:50 pm
and here in the d.c. area maryland a state police and fairfax county police are considering getting one of these special canines. >> within a year everyone will have these assets. >> one of the people working hard to give people a chance to find child predators is a girl in fairfax county. her story and the one thi she says needs to be done to better today on children "news 4 at 6:00." i-team.acfarlane, news 4 >> just remark. a just remarkable. well, the ceo of build-a-bear is apologizirn for g away so many kids and parents who showed up for the pay your age promoving. social media exploded withtic tours of disappointed kids who didn't get their bears, and we saw some of them here at national harbor.ll the ceo sharon price john said on the "today" show this morning the stores were fully
5:51 pm
stocked and staffed for big crowds, but they had no ideas that it going to be that big. >> if i could do it over though, if there was a way to exten the day to just maket sure t we service everyone. i'm a mom of three. i know thahe most disappointing moment is when a kid is super exced and something doesn't happen.ic partularly i know people traveled very far to t dohis and disapinkven more we're very sorry abo that. >> build-a-bear is offering $15 vouchers for people who left stores empty handed and they are good through the end of august. >> they were giving ay $75 bears for $1, $2. how did they not know? >>ctress jane fonda has been here in the district for the past couple of days, and today she ted to bring attention to what's become a pretty contentious issue in our city,m miwage. fonda joined with the supporters tiativevoter-approved i 7p which would increase the minimum wage for tipped workers over the next several weeks.
5:52 pm
earlier this week the d.c. council introduced legislation to kill that measure. when fonda heardbout that, she decided to come here and speak up. >> this one fair wage doesn hurt the restaurant industry or the workers or their tip. on theontrary. what it does it cuts sexual abuse in half and allows women amend other restaurant workers to be left vulnerableo the customers badha bevior. >> many restaurant workers oppose this initiative arguing that it could lead to higher prices and lower phipps and, er thefore, less take home money for them. it is friday night. let's get a look at our forecast for the weend. amelia, how are we going doing? it's going to be hot and uawful t>> we'll start to notic humidity on sunday. washington coming in at 88 degrees. everything else across the area for the most part in the mid-80s outside of the beltway. i think tha rockville
5:53 pm
temperature sensor is a little bit off. tomorr a great day to get out in your garden with temperatures to start off around 70 if you're going to get out there in the know that it's going to be hot around 92 degrees. 7:00 a.m. on sunday. it's mig and 73 means it won't be that bad, but by sunday ulafternoon i can't out an isolated shower or thunderstorm. otherwise it's humid on sunday. that 94 feels more like 98 to 9r s. i would say saturday is the better day to get out in the garden or cut the lawn. the experts at the garden center tell us when you're watering shrubs an trees and probably had to do so pause we've been so dry the past two week soak the root area and consider using ae soaker h to give plants a good drink. humidity levels tomorrow. i'm still calling it comfortable for mid-july. sunday we're in betwe comfortable and mig, and monda the humidity levels continue to rise getting near the oppressive area. monday and tuesday it's more like 100 degrees out there,
5:54 pm
so if you're leaded t down nats park monday or tuesday keep that in mind. even as the events get under way at about 8:00 p.m. hot and muggy down there. i think the home run derby on monday is going to be just fin o bu tuesday keeping a very close eye on the all-star game andaybe a delay with that game. otherwise temperatures there in the mid-90 as we take a look at your storm team 4 ten-day forecast. take a look. the chance for showers on monday during the afternoon and evening hours is really north and west of washington. that's where the best chance is at ast, and then at about 30%. on tuesday the chance is really areawide with a cold front and at about 50% we really do need the rain so hopefully that materializes on tuesday. wednesday and thursday lower humidity, and pretty comfortable. temperatures in the upper 1 as, womeny and leon. >> thanks, amelia. >> hundred of metro bus and train operators are showing up for work on purpose a next ouran trortation reporter adam tuss tells us about the growing
5:55 pm
feed between the general manager and the rank andfile. >> a young woman shares her story with the survival of the news 4 i-team years after she was kidnapped by a predator. how she's dedicing her lifeat t a.k.a. hump y. because getting past me used to take hard work. sweat. sacrifice. but lately, it's all about fun and gameshu and gs from strangers...
5:56 pm
oh, and did i mention a ridiculous selection of beers? what happened to laundry night? wednesday! i love you wednesday! -i do. you don't. -i do. you don't. -i do. you don't. -i do. you don't.
5:57 pm
metro says up dread of bus operators intentionally showed up late for work yesterday stranding tens of thousands of
5:58 pm
riders. metro and its largest union currently now in th middle of contentious contract talks. metro says all ofhis was just a protest, but both sides are digging in. transportaon reporter adam tuss talked with the head of metro's largest uon and she had some sharp words for her boss. >> any smiles like he's doing us a favor, he sends out lettershi call us co-worke that's bull [ bleep ]. that's exacts. what it that's bull [ bleep ]. he's a bully, he's a bully. they do not want to workith someone who they consider a tyrant. he is. he's a tyrant. >> jackie jeter, head of amalgamated transit union local 69 which represents close to 0 9,00ront line metro workers. metro gm talked about suspensions or possibly firing metro employees who repeatedlyp showte for work. he says they cannot take actions like that. >> individual work actions are not acceptable.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: n union says if the gm suspends anyone all of the 9,000 employees they three-day will take a suspension and in essence a strike. >> one for all and all for t'on >> i actually against the law for metro's largest union to strike but the smaller action like showing up late are putting riders like joe hunter in the middle. he says his bus didn't show up wasterday. >> i thought it s a traffic >> it's also worth notice that none of this is coming at a good ntme with major league baseball all-star e taking place. >> as of today, no reported delays and no reported issues with train and bus operators showing up onown and, again, this is an ugly dispute right now and could carry on. back to you. >> don't drink the wer. that's the warning tonight for tens of thousands of us who live and work in d.c. or have children at summer camps day cares. people are being told to a bndo
6:00 pm
their water before cooking or even brushing their teeth over contamination.le >> d.c. water says 34,000 customers are impacted but remeer that the utility is counting an apartment building, a home, aau rant, a hotel, a hospital as single customer. this tells the story. anyone who falls in the blue highlighted area that stretches across the city from brookland to columbia heights andarts of georgetown is affected. we have a team of reporters lointo what went wrong, the criticism over the city's response and the potential pa on your health. let's start with news 4's mark segraves who tells us some splash parks and pools are closed down now because of this >> that's exactly right. normally this splash park wld be wet a filled with kid and out of anau abundance ofon they closed the reck parks and


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