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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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their water before cooking or even brushing their teeth over contamination.le >> d.c. water says 34,000 customers are impacted but remeer that the utility is counting an apartment building, a home, aau rant, a hotel, a hospital as single customer. this tells the story. anyone who falls in the blue highlighted area that stretches across the city from brookland to columbia heights andarts of georgetown is affected. we have a team of reporters lointo what went wrong, the criticism over the city's response and the potential pa on your health. let's start with news 4's mark segraves who tells us some splash parks and pools are closed down now because of this >> that's exactly right. normally this splash park wld be wet a filled with kid and out of anau abundance ofon they closed the reck parks and pools. they didn't want the kid to be drinking the water that might
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possibly be contaminated this. started last night with with a malfunctioning pump at a pumping station in northwest washington, but it took eight hours for d.c. water to alert ridents that their drinking water could be dangerous. >> signs like these were the nplace all across district today as a boil water alert is impacting tens of thousands o the problem started here at the bryant street pumping station which handles about 60 million gallons of water each d and when a huge valve like this one was opened by mistake. at caused a major loss of water pressure resulting in some homes and businesses losing water theem was discovered about 8:30 last night. it only took aut one hour to fix and restore pressure, but that was long enough to raise concerns that bacteria mayave started to grow inside the water pipes. itook another seven hours to notify the public that their drinking water might not be
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safe, and then another five hours t alert the public that the boil water alert could last up t two days. d.c. emergency management's director say theyleed the public as soon as d.krrngs water made the decision to impose the boil water a irt. so as so a the boil water alert was issued, within minutes we issued the alert. >> as d.c. water's general manager wad asked why it took hours for them to notify citizens, he abruptly ended the press conferen. >> we took every precaution we orcould. thanksoming out today. >> reporter: water tests being carried out to determine when the boil water order can be lifted. in the district, mark se aves, news 4. >> this water warning is impacting some of the city's most popular neighborhoods when it comes to brs andur rests. some businesses are giving
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people freeat bottled and others need to get their ice delivered from offsite, a they also can't sever coffee, tea, soda. >> bottled water for our customers, and we had to make sure we take other precautions in the kitchen and make sure everything is safe for our customers. >> it's all good. they are really nice and offered us complementary bottle ofwa r. >> grocery stores have been business as well. long lines of people stocking up on that boltled water. now to the potential health impact of all of this. a lot of you are wondering can i brush my tee or washy fruit and what about taking a shower? news 4's aimee cho continues our art of theith that story. >> how to make sure you stay safe. first, for any water you plan to drink, use for cooking or give to kids or petsan you to boil it for at least three minutes. don't rely on a pitch their has a filter. >> no need to avoid a drinking water because there's a boiling water advisory.
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>> the director of the d.c. department of health and if you drank the water before you knew about the water advisy no need to worry unnecessarily but if you feel sick see a delprocto o practice water safety, too. >> in general that would be young children under the age of 5, p who have chronic health conditions or a compromised immunesy em. >> reporter: d.c. water says washing your dishes should be dishwasher as the gets up to at least 160 degrees. also taking a shower with tap water is fine, but make sureto t accidentally swallow it, and finally for any concerned moms out there. okay. continue breast feeding, absolutely, no neeasd to disrup breastfeeding. >> and once you finished boiling your water, erd.c. w says you want to make sure you put it in a clean clothes container such as this one and putt in a cool environment such as your refrigerator to make sure noan bacteriaet inside.
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doreen, we'll send it back into you. >> aimee cho, thank you. our coverage continues online. before you go to dinner or hd out t bar, we have an interactive map that lets yousome in on specific ighborhoods and streets to see exactly which areas are impacted. now to that bombshell in the russia investigation from special counsel robert mueller, a d.c. grand jury indicts 12 russian spies in connection with that 2016 hack of the democratic targets. this new case dra the most direct connection yet to it the kremlin, and it comes just days before president trump's summit with vladimir putin. here's blayne alexande to tell us what happens next. blayne? >> reporter: wendy, that's exactly why the timing of this is getting so much attention and really raing so many questions now. of course, today's indictment lays out an elaborate scheme that was pulled off by a group of russian officials so t now big question, what exactly will
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president trump say when he's face to face with russia's leader? today, deputy attorney general rob rosenstein announcing indictment of 12ussian intelligence officers accused of attacking the democratic nationalommittee and hillary clinton's campaign, a bold attempt to sway t6 2 presidential race. >> 11 of the defendants are chard with conspiring to hacking computers, stealing document and releasing those documents with the intent to inrfere in the election. >> reporter: while rosenstein says there's no allegation this affected the election result, these indictments are the mos direct accusation yet that the russian government was behind a comple hacking scheme that began months before election day. >> it's important for us to avoid thinking politically asre blicans or democrats and instead to think patriotically as americans. >> reporter: rosenstein told the president about the indictments earlier this week. today president trump saying this about the in istigation. ould call it the witch-hunt.
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i would call it the rigged witch-hunt. >> the timing notable. president trump is set to meet with ssia's vladimir putin monday. today's indictment pushing the issue of electionor meddling urgently to the forefront. >> i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you'll have any gee, did i, it i did it, you got me. there won't a perry mason here, i don't think, but you'll never know what happens. i'll absolutely firmly ask the euestion. >> reporter: som democrats are already call on the president to cancel the meeting. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. preside trump and first lady melania trump met queen elizabeth for the first time heiled. the president and monarch performed a short inspection of the front rank of theoyal guard before going inside windsor castle for tea. th entire visit lasted just about an hour. there were about 100 protesters holding up signs outside the castle gates. theleresident to his golf course property in scotland after the visit. he did not spenduch time in
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london where protesters reveled inor the onity to -- in the opportunity to fly that trump baby balloon tt we've heard so much about. thousands of people filled the streets to denounce our president. many the final slap in the face came when he gave an interview to a british tabloid and trashed british prime minister theresa may and praised her political rival. lester holt will be reporting from london tonight for the "nbc nightly news" right after "news 4 at 6:00." nd arrest justws announced in alexandria's first homicide of the year and the victim found in an unusual place, a second story building on king street in. oldto bureau chief julie carey joins us now to tell us how it went down. >> reporter: a -year-old man under arrest around charged with murder. police are not identifying yet because they don't exactly know what his relationshipth was wit victim, and they are still notifying next of kin.
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that two-to brick building back there is where it happens an i just spoke to one. victims who found the's vict body, the building's landlord. he says the suspect was still on scene whenolice arrived and he was out front in a mercedes sedan that parked in front of the business that. landlord says when he and other shopkeepers went upstairs to see what had happened they found the office all torn up. w he says covered with blood. shoppers stopping cold along king street with the rare site of crime scene tape startled to learn that a man had been killed. >> i thoht it was a wreck or something. an area of heavy traffic that's a wreck. you wouldn't think homicide and very surprising. >> the victim was found dead on this second floor of a building in a business called window thpper had just parked her suniverse. car around 11:45 when she saw a man running out of the front door and into the neighboringne bu. >> a gentleman with a cell phone
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ran i o the lightingshop, the icmp shop and seemed a little bit fra and locked the car and left. it was an hour later when she returned to find her car surrounded byrime scene tape and learned there had been an apparent murder. policeight-lipped about the investigation, but owner of the restaurant on the first floor of the building where the body was discovered k part of the story. he says the building's landlord who run the lamp lighter store next door saw someone trying to steal a package on the front steps of the window universe billing and after he confronted the person he went inside and might the frighteng discovery. >> somebody tried to steal my package and then like the landlord went inre and then something happened. >> reporter: they focused on the second story office and silver mercedes parked out front. it was taped shot and later towed away. now i spoke to an employee of window university and he says during the day normally anybo
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inside that office is the marketing manager and we again don't yet know if tt is the victim in this case. police still notifying next of kin. back to you now in the studio. >> jul carey reporting from alexandria. thank you, julie. a major development and a news 4 consumer money and maryland transportation officials say now they will remove hundreds of controversial guardrails fromr roads. we've been telling you about months for the concerns surrounding the guardrail end piece known as the xlite. several c lawsuitlaim it's defective and in some crashes it has pierced vehicles the maryland highway administration says it will immediately begin replacing xlites installed already. about ahousand of them on the road. remos guardrails that do not meet new crash test standards which just went into effect this month. the mother of aafter crashing i
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earlier this year welcomed this news. >> my son didn't die in vain. they didn't die in vain and something positiv came out of it, and -- and we're going to save lives. >> the state was unable to determine whether the guardrail failed in her son's crash. the maker ofxlite insists its guardrail is safe. >> up next, kidnapped, tortured by a man she met online. >> there i was my hands bound above my head screaming, begging, pleading. >> tonight she's telling the i-team how she got free and how she's fighting to protect others from childredators. plus a look into what's behind today's russian indictment and how it could affect president trump's summit withputin. > and it's been half a century
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since there was an all-star game in the area. how fans are getting head up. >> humidity will be on the increase. coming up, i'll let you know how
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so much it a talk about thir ay. putin poker.l
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speciacounsel robertd ahead of the upcoming summit and athe nato summit, unprecedented attacks on our closest ally and the manley city of the president's tea with the queen overshadowed by the presence of thousands of protesters. chuck todd is nbc's new political director and also the moderator of "meet the press." let start with the putin summit and the -- and the interesting timing of these indictments in the russianvestigation. a lot of pressure, a lot of questions. le want to think that the president should cancel the summit. >> i just got finished with an interview with -- talked to both former cia director and attorney general coleman and asked them about the timing of this, obviously not a coincidence. both of them believe this is the justice department basically saying, wanting to make sur that this is in the public record, put more pressure on putin andur make that the
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president has the evidence he needs to confront putin if heto chooseo so, but history -- the history, it's interest, you know, when edward snowden got offered asylum in russia after the dustup of allhe stolen material, intelligence material, withinays president obama cancelled a planned summit with putin as sort of aetaliation for that decision to provide sylum for that, so there' precedent to basically using a summit as a way to palize, you know, pulling, but, remember, president trump wanted the summit. asn't putin asking, this is trump's sdg. people wanted to send his national security ade.ser over th the president wants to do this, but i think this puts enormous pressure on him. politilly the safer thing to do would be to cancel the summit, to show plic outrage and to sort of push back on the suspicion that p someple have that somehow he's in cahoots. if you want to push back on that suspion, best thing to do, cancel the summit. >> but he's not doing the
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politically safe thing. >> no, that's right. >> and hs been antagonistic about this investigation and he wants to go meet with him so can ask putin about this. >> the most amazing thing about the indictments this morning y,that robosenstein pointed out, by the i briefed the president earlier this week. >> before he left town. >> so the president had this information when he was asked multiple times during the week bolt nato and the uk trip about putin and he referred to it as a witch-hunt and hoax. this is -- 12 russian intelligence officers werect in today for essentially evading the american democracy. the first reaction w yould think would be outrage. hard stop, period. it is sort of one of those things that the initial white hoe statement was noting what wasn't said in the indictment. y with here what is nob the campaign. >> no americans. >> and you're sitting there going shouldn't the first reaction officially be this is outrageous that -- that a oreign -- that
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nationals interfered in our democracy. that should be the first hard st , let the campaign put out the spin about the campaign. >> well, the word outrageous has been attached to our president a lot this week as he was on nato, people are calling wrecking ball tour and the comments he made about theresa may, and so, you know, what if it was that strategy about and what is he leaving -- what kind of debris field is h leaving as he moves on to scotland? >> look, i think the biggest debacle is what happened in the uk with the president essentially doing this interview and knives theresa may -- i think the most logical idea here is that he just -- he thought him sa no trade deal would be enough to sort of push her out, that there would be a vote of no confidence and he would get an ally in bores johnson as prime ministee i think found out literally nernight, oh, no, no, no, while theresa may may not be
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that popular in her governmen e noboe wants to be in charge of brexit right now. it is the duty that nobody wants. >> right. >> and i think suddenly the reason he had to make nice today wasn't for diplomatic reasons. he may have unintentionally strengthened her hand polically by pubically chastising her and looking like he pulled the rug out and somehow declaring boris johnson his preferred prime minister. the worst thing that could have happen bores johnson. you saw the protests in london today. >> 100,000. >> no american president has gotten crowds like that. >> does he actually care about the relationship? >> i think he's looking for allies. i think he cares, but i do tatnk e sees this as transactional. he thinks that -- by t way, look, european politics is going through the same thing thatic am politics is, there's a migration and immigration in culture, the code word of, you lly changing ultu
6:21 pm
is leading to like-mind politicians getting elected in austria and like-mined politicians in italy and hungary and maybe he thought he could get like-minded politician in the i think what he's looking for is re western leaders that actually share his transaxa world view, more bilateral most of these current european leaders, the multi-lateral and the belieors in n and the believers in sort of democratic and americanp leaders in the world. e> it's a nato meeting like n other. >> yes. >> he made nato interesting again. >> yeah. >> i mean, you know, i was really excited the other day and got to spe all the time in nato and talking to former national security adviser stevea ey, had a whole half hour on nato. >> wow. "meet the press" sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. thankyou, chuck. and we have growing
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excitement ahead because the alstar game next week here in the district and plenty to do, even if you don't have a ticket to the game. take the kids down to the all-star fanfest and that's going on at the cvention center and meagan fitzgerald is in the batting cage, pitching, batting and fielding. >> let's watch. >> it's been nearly half a century since the mlb all-star game in d.c. andck it's >> just wanted to bring her out to fanfest. of games. l >> and fanfest is serving up orme fun before the big event. >> this is the onity for the community to get their all-star experience, and not everyone can get to the all-star game or home runrb de >> the convention center offers enough to keep everyone busy and entertained. everything from games and pitching practice, can you try to outrun the pros. th i think i did amazing. never been t baseball hall of fame of cooperstown, no problem. there's aeuini m here, too.
6:23 pm
>> there you go. >> and, of course,rt the opity to meet some of the biggest names in baseball. >> i got to h meetl of famer earlier and got his signature on a baseball. >> and if you're up to it, there's even some batting cage action, too. >> all right. first you've got to make sure you've got the right bat. this one looks pretty. >> so i figured i would take a stop at it. >> needless to sayisi'll leave o the pros. like this little g he's three years old and totally showed me up. >> are you going to be the next bryce harper? >> yeah. >> and dad's pretty stoked about it. >> he hit a ball. that was fun. i'm having a sast. this i awesome. >> because after all that's what fanfest and mlb all-star weekend is all about. >> it's a good memory and fun to share some of those with my son.
6:24 pm
>> i'm out here redeeming myself in front of these kids. tickets for adults. >> oh, man. not redeeming myself. tickets f adults are $35 and tickets for kids $30 and get here at 9:00 a.m. and sy all the way up until 8:00 except for tuesday when they closed at 7:00. that one. to get >> meanwhile, we're not recruiting meagan. >> all right, all right. >> i think that was a home run. >> drop the bat, drop the bat and do the victory la >> i know, right. >> quit while you're ahead. >> goodstuff, thanky, meagan. local ers flare at a school board meeting. up next the allegations of assault behind closed door. >> and metro is d crackinn after hundreds of bus driveng are showi up late for work. new threats from the trait encyns a
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welcome back. our official hoy temperature today 89 degrees of the right now we're down to 86, and by e'7:00 p.m. be around 86, 85 degrees. bottom line. a dryifying out there and clear skies in place and low humidity
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levels. that's going to help us cool off nicely. by 11:00 p.m. we'll be around 78 degrees and tomorrow morning if you're in the suburbs you start off the day in the 60s aar nd 70 here in washington. a high tomorrow around 92 so pretty much a carbon copy of today with low humidity and plenty of sunshine out there. as we looko sunday though, it does start to feel a little bit humid, so we start to deal with the heat index. this is a temperature on sunday. a high of 94, but it's feeling more like 98. when you factor in the mugginess, the 5 degrees on monday and starts toeel like 100 with the humidity levels and tuesday, well, we're close to heat advisory criteria. 94 for a high on tuesday but feeling more like 103, so we are tracking some hot and humid conditio, but the goo news that's all erased by wednesday. and i'm going to have more on your ten-day forecast right around 6:50. here's the four-day forecast. as the heatnd humidity builds so do our shower and thunderstorm chances. matee an iso shower out
6:29 pm
there on thursday afternoon especially north and west of washgton but most of us completely dry this weekend. on monday a chance for some showers and thunderstor later the day and mainly north and west, and we see about a 50% chance on tuesday. wendy and doreen >> thank you, amelia. >> don't drink the water or use it to cook. s boil water advisory still in effect for ten of thousands of people in d c. >> anding up, we'll tell you who is impacted and how long it's going to last. >> plus, a young whean shares story of survival with our news 4 i-team years after she was kidnapped by a predator. >> it's haunting to say the least. >> now she's dedicating her life to protect others from the nigh
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i'm erikaonzalez at the live desk with the boil water alert for tens of thousandss ache district. it's impacting people who live right here in the city. it all started about 8:30 last night when a vve got opened in the bryant street pumping station, and that caused water presre to dro it took just over an hour for that problem to be fixed, but there is concern now that it was enough time for bacteria to form inside the pipes. d.c. water didn't send out a alert to customers until 4:30 this morning. five hours after they said it coul take up to two days to
6:33 pm
resolve. this includes palisades, parts of georgetown and glover park and o theest side and adams morgan, columbiaeights where there's a lot of high rise buildings and all the way to wood bridge a brookland. we'll keep you posted on air and online. doreen and wendy. >> erika,yo thank the news 1 i-team introduced us to a new tool to stop child predators. it's one of about two dozen police canines world wide that can sniff out hidden electronic devices. things like hd drives a laptops and memory cards all used to store thesel ille images. tonight you'll hear from a is sovor about why i important to find those images and to track down these predators. scott mac flair and the i-team continue their report with alysha's story. ♪ >> reporter: what happened 16
6:34 pm
cars agonged the course of al cha'sliff. on new year's day 2002an a m she thought was a boy she h met online kidnapped her, taking her from her home near pittsburgh to a house in herndon where he held and tortured her for days. she was 13 years old. >> there i was, my hands bound above myead screaming, begging, eading, bruised, crying. >> reporter: her predator shared the images of her sexual abuse online for the world to see. >> it's haunting to say the least. >> one othe furs of those recognized t picture from missing poster and called >> i don't have another word for it other than a miracle. >> reporter: alisha's story shocked the nation. one of the first local cases to show h quick technology can spread child sex images across the globe.ha images might never be fully iased to this day. >> can't be pulled back.
6:35 pm
there's nothing they can do to stop it. >> reporter: but police are tryingo stop this because of a soaring number of local cases. using public records requests the newsm 4 i-t obtained case law from the justice department and showed a fast number of cases in d.c., virginia and maryland, and rising pressure on thorities to do something to stop the crime. >> we received over 1.2 million tips through our tip lane. >> reporter: in one year. a database has been built of images of 14,000 suspected victims to help police. >> one-third of the total cases you've ever come across were in the last year. >> in the last year. >> reporter: new law requires social media atworks and internet providers notify the center of a user posts or shares a suspicious image of a child. alisha has now dedicated her life to brushing for stricter state laws to boost funding for
6:36 pm
local police to help them hire officer or combat child predators. maryland passed a law in 2008 and nine other states have done so since. >> 11 states isn't enough. it truly isn't, so workingn getting itassed everywhere. >> reporter: she's also advocating for the training and deployment of more police s, cani specially trained to sniff out and find electronic hidden devices from suspected predators. >> when you gothe house and they take all these things, people hide sd cards in places in the ceiling and places that you could possibly never fin it. >> reporter: only about two dozen are currently working worldwide. isha says police need more money for as many new tools as possible to track these cases knowing the images from predators can be shared haunting the survivors even aft they grow up. what's it like having that wore? think thatrifying to your image can be shared over and overvend again.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: pay publisha's kidnapper scott tyree was sentenced to about 19 years in prison. we checked with the u.s. bureau of prisons and he's scheduled to be released from the federal prison in north carolina this april. wendy and doreen will keep us tracked in that case. >> i'm shocked byinhe rmation that a third of all the cases have come in the last i remember cg the creation of that. >> sure. >> it was in the mid-80s. >> been around for decade and one-third of all cases in the past year, there's a reason for that. there are better federal laws requiring more reporting to the center and also everybody has a high definition cameran their pockets. it makes it easier for predators to do their business. >> i can't believe this guy is about to be let out, her attacker. >> not a life sentence. he'll be out in about eight, months. >> all right. >> thank you, scott. >> thanks, scott. our i-team spent time with one of those electronic sniffing dogs named harley. it's prettymang how she operates.
6:38 pm
you can see it all by going to our nbc wasngton app. and still ahead, signs of hope for a father who was shot at a wedding place zero in on the manle they say p the trigger. and we've been warning you about this poisonous plant. no we're seeing its harmful effects. us about theualks t close encounter that landed him in the hospital. >>s temperatun the mid to upper 80s and a bit breezy on sunday. back here at home we're tracking an increase in heat and humidity as well along with some thunderstorms chances. i'll have the latest in my full forecast.
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police in atlanta say they have arrested a man accused of shooting a d.c. restaurant manager or the past weekend. police believe jaden myrick robbed and shot christian broder waitingd his wife were for an uber after a wedding. the broder is the manager o
6:41 pm
millie's restaurant in d.c. broder remains in critical condition but his familyays he opened his eyes today. police are still looking person who drove the getaway car. >> we've been warning you about theno poi hogweed plant in our area and we're seeing its harmful effects firsthange a tee from northern virginia is in the hospital with serious third-degree burns from that plant. 17-year-old alex childress was working as a landscaper in spotsylavnia and thought he was cutting down another bush. wasn't until he got home and h showered unt realized something was wrong. his mother took one look and noticed serious burns. andelt like i had a sunburn got in the shower and my face started peeling and mom came home and thought it was a sunburn and show said i third-degree burns on my face and arms. >> he's worried he'll miss college m orientation nextth but may be able to postpone the
6:42 pm
f art oe school year by a semester if it doesn't affect his scholarship. >> a popular breakfast cereal is making people sick. the centers for disease contr andrevention is telling people not to eat honey smackea c from kellogg's. that warning comes after 100 people in 33 states got salmonella. last month the company recalled more than a million cases of the cereal but fda reports that some boxes are still out there on store shelves. >> some splash parks and pools are now csedecause of that boil water order in d.c. coming up next, a closer look at impact it's having on restaurants, bars and other businesses. and the return of the heat and humidity. amelia is tracking the temper
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6:44 pm
6:45 pm
and we're back with a warning that we've about bringing you all afternoon. that boil water advisory is in ffect for thousands in the district. this map showing the affected zone in blue. it stretches across part o northwest and northeast. when it comes to the dos and don'ts officials say you should be usingoiled or bottles water for drinking, brushing your re teeth,ring or cooking food. making ice, preparingaby formula. the same goes for the water you give t your pats. it is still safeut to shower you should avoid swallowing that water and it's fridayevight and though you don't live in one of the affected neighborhoods you might be coming into one of the neighborhoods for a drink or to have dinner. and news 4's g chrisdon shows us how they are dealing with this water warning. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, wendy.
6:46 pm
d.c. restaurants are facing a difficult challenge adapting to the new water restrictions of the one restaurant here told me they just brought in 1,000 pounds of ice fro bethesda. it is friday night, date night and people are dining out. it will be a little different tonight. may i offer you a fine bottle oa r. they are resupplying bottled water here at the diner in at amsa morga the sign says due to the d.c. water advisory we're take every prection to protect ourselves and our cusmers and will be servingoted water and delivered ice. we apologize for the inconvenience. will not be serving coffee, soda or tea. >> we came to have lunch an they gave us bottled water and that was different. >> reporter: d.c. closed public pools and spray parks le this one here at kennedy reck center. these kids with a center city charter school summer program are disappointed. >> we com here every friday. it's fun fridays for us, and so
6:47 pm
the kids love to be able t just enjoy themselves because it's hot, and -- and we weren't able to do tt today because the boiling water situation so our kid were really upset. we still got them to come to the park and still be outside and enjoy the wedding. >> at costco customers are stocking up on bottled water and they say there's a line war r inside the store. >> the lines are getting long and the people are buying, you know. really want gallons but i had to buy single bottles, you eow, becahe supply is running out quick. >> and you're here to buy bottledwater? >> i going to buy bottled water and some alcohol, yes. i'm being hont. >> it's good to see he kept his sense of humor. we're back liveat i amsa morgan, and, of course, thousands and thousands of baseball fans are converging on the capital for the-s ar baseball game and d.c. restaurants want to give them a
6:48 pm
terrific diningnc exper despite the waterdoestrictions. en, back for you. >> all right. let's hope it's over soon. chris gordon, thank you. >> a fiery board of education meeting in princgeorge's county last night. the fireworks happened in public and behind the scenes. after the meeting two school board members had a serious disagreement and one is claiming he was assaulted by the other as bureau chief tracee wilkins reports. now the sheriff's department is getting involved. >> reporter: this princ george's county is out to serve the chair of the board of education because of allegedly what happened after las night's board meeting. >> we have to come in. >>cegardless in pub session. >> reporter: there were fireworks after the board voted in favor o a nearly $800,000 compensation package for former school ceo kev maxwell. board members david murphy and edward burrows voted against the package and called for the board's chair eubanks to accept down. >> i referred to him as a weak netiator, and i also mentionled he's the former
6:49 pm
broerm of the county executive. >> reporter: these and other commen resulted in an altercation between burrows and the chair after theeeting. burrows says eubanks assaulted him. >> charged at me and pushed men ag the book case back there with his hand in my face and threatened he'll blank me up. i'll blank you up. thankfullym three sys police officers were there and pulled him off of me. >> reporter: some said they saw more of a heated argument than an assault. eubanks is not commenting per the advice of counsel. burrows is now seeking justice. >> i decided to press charge second-degree assault charges and also file a peace order. >> reporter: prince george'sf' county sher depthsy served here to try to serve eubanks b the board o education is closed today so they were not able to do it here. in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> metro says hundreds of bus operators purposefully showed up for work today stranded tens of
6:50 pm
thousands of riders. they are in the middle of contentious con.act talks metro says this was all a protest and the gm talked about suspensions or even possibly firing employees who repeatedly show up lateor work, but the unio says if the gm suspends anyone for showing up late, all 9,000 employees they represent will take a three-day suspension, essentially a strike. it's worth noting that none ofin this is comg at a good time because of major league baseball's all-star events unfolding in the city as we speak. >> mm-hmm. >> a lot of people are eited about the all-star events or oncerned about the weather, amelia. >> and i really don't think they need to be concerned, especially for the he run derby on new england. tuesday for the big all-star game i'm more concerned and more so for our t crew dore setting up and has to be there all evening long. on tuesday that game could see a delay and i think they will be able to get it in ultimately no roblem. if they can't, tkeup day is
6:51 pm
wednesday, so if you're heading there, start checking your calendar and clearing iff. currently our temperatures are in the mid-80s for the most part. degrees in washington, and we aart out tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. really noise low humidity and ultimately tomorrow carbon copy of today. by lunchtime around noon at 87 degrees. tomorrow the perfect pool days and 92 as a high hitting it at 3:00, 4:00 p.m. and it's hot and not all had a humid.ry more of a heat out there once again tomorrow. 7:00 p.m. still hot a 87 degrees but as the sun goes down. sunset at 83 it's really nice. if you're heading to aud field for the big grand opening and the big game tomorrow, the weather is looking really nice overall. tomorrow the humidity levels in the comfortable range andn sunday they are somewhere in between comfortable and muggy and on monday, well, we're starting to approach the oppressive humidity levels. one of the ds on monday where it feels about 100 degrees
6:52 pm
outside. the latest on the mlb all-star game. humid at the ballpark. remember that 95 if you'rere getting t earlier an feeling more like 100, an even as the game wears on, you'r going to notice the mugginess and the heat. about a 30% chance for thunderstorm, but a 60% chance sdr thunderstorms on t and 94 degrees. that's why i think we could see a delaye at the g but this front is going to be moving through so we'll be dealing with rain for 30 minutes to maybe had a litt bit longer and then we would return to dry conditions. s looking least how i right now. wednesday low humidity. 89 for a high and a really nice day overall and thursday also looking nice with a high temperature of 89
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
it was a long day's at wimbledon. >> you put the time change,bo
6:56 pm
worry this and they got it. in the first gentleman's sefinal was long. how long you ask? >> how long, dave? >> glad you asked. as long as the waiting in line for a build-a-bear promhaion. >> oh, still hurts. >> as long as its participants are tall. the battleetween two tennis skyscraper john isner and 6'6" kevin anderson lasted six hours and 36minute. the longest center court match in history. neither have won a grand slam title. almost five hours. isner and, you knowh , i'm going to set down and take a breather and anderson, why are we still playing? ch player with 24 won. back and forth i goes, and isner is going to hit it out, and anderso with that. anderson with the probable point. double match point and isner's second return isoo wide.
6:57 pm
kevin anderson advances do the wome final in his career, six hours and 39 minute, second longest in grand history. >> wimbledon is almost over so i have to use up phrases i heard in england, an embarrassment of riches. it is around here. we're just a little over 24 hour away from th opening of audi field. du d.c. united's quest a it's ready just in time. way back in 2004 they started to make i push for their own stadium and they reached and the field is ready and stands soon to besilled and featu wayne rooney. might say soccer supporters have been hanging o for so long and bring on 8:00 tomorrow against vancouver and the game. >> everyone isbo asking the ribbon cutting and ground breaking and doesn't do it. i want to ben the stadium and want to hear the fans and feel
6:58 pm
that energy and that's what we've all beenor waiting for a long time. it's going to be a special ,ght. you know it's a fine bance -- of the celebration of it all but also understanding that we'vgot to get some points. >> nationals takingurirst of over the mets 5-4. rendon went deep not once but twe and max scherzer gave up three runsin and the fal start before the all-star break and the bryce harper game-winning me run and manager davy martinez topest can ignite the all-star outfielder heading no the break. >> turns tngs around and left on left. he crushed that ball. so hopefully that's going to go the next few days against the all-st happens after that. >> 5 1/2 out of first place.
6:59 pm
>> gearing up for the home n contest. >> we'll get gig. "nightly news" is next in 60 conds fromse
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight, major new charges mueller investigation. a dozen russian agents charged with hacking the democrats duri the 2016 election. the indictments coming s before president trump meets privately with vladimir putin. and a bombshell from mueller, the same day then can trump said this. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> that same day, russian hackers launed their first attacks on the servers housing hillary clinton's personal e-mails. l?as russia listening after also tonight, pomp and protest as eeresident trump meets the and does damage control with the prime minister going so far to call his own interview fake news.


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