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tv   Today  NBC  July 16, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking news. high-stakes summit. president trump and russian president vladimir putin meeting in helsinki right now. the two leaders defying m traditioeeting alone. the talks steeped in intrigue ainst a backdrop of new indictments over russian meddling in u.s. elections. the president tweeting ovee night oagain, calling the investigation into that meddling a riggedhuitch . we're bringing it all to you live from. hels plus, scare in the air. a commercial plane suddenly loses cabpressure, forcing the crew to make an emergency landing. dozens of passengers rushed to the hospital. this morning, why people onboard >>e flight are curious with the
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crew. hey haven't said anything. >> big deal. amazon rling out its annual prime day today. we'll tell you what to look for before you click. and french blessing. paris lit up in blue, right, and white as paris celebrates winning the world cup. today, monday, july 16th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a. >> thank you for joining us on this monday mornryg. a very busy news morning. willie is in for savannah. >> as we begin this morning, the historic highly anticipated face-to-face meeting between president trump and vladimir putin just now beginning in helsinki. >> coming togethe at the 19th
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centuryl president palace. >> also, a workingunch alongside some of their top aides. >> heading into the hawks, russian meddling in the 2016 election w on president trump's mind. overnight, he tweeted that it only became a big deal after he won and then president obama did nothing about it. we do have team coverage all moing long, starting with nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker in helsinki. good morning to you. >> hoda, good morning to you. the president is playing the expectations game as the historic day unfolds. the white house insisting there won't be any new major deal that comes out of the meeti rather a first step, perhaps, towards improved u.s./russian relations. one tweet, quote, our relationship withussia has never been worse thanks to many years of u.s. fooshness and
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stupidity and now the rigged witch hunt. the russian ministry of foreign affa retweeting that message saying we agree. thismorning, a history-making meeting is about to get under way in helsinki. the president setting the stage by having breakfast with finland's president. fine, thank just you. >> with protesters marching in the streets just moments afteri vlad putin's arrival, the political stakes couldn't be higher, after 12 russian intelligence officers were indicted friday on charges of hacking democraticarty organizations during the 2016 election. this part of the wider mueller thee into whether anyone i trump presidential campaign colluded with russia. president trump blaming formere ent obama for not doing enough to stop the meddling, tweeting overnight, he thought that crooked hillary was going to win the onelecti, and again slammed what he called the rigged witch hunt. in an interview with cbs news at his golf resort in scotland where he spent the weekend, t president was asked if he will
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press putin to extradite those russians. >> i might. i'll ask aboit. >> instead of delivering a stern message to pun, he tookim at democrats. >> we took much better defenses so they couldn't. i think the dnc should be ashamed for allowing themselves to be hacked. >>nd he tempered expectations. >> i go in with very low expectations. i think getting along with ssia is a goodthing, but it's possible we won't. >> what is on theenda? president trump says he'll discuss issues related to ukraine, the risis insyria, and the spread of nuclear weapons and on friday vowed to raise the issueti of el meddling. >> i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you'llan have gee, i did it, i did it. you got me there won't be a perry mason here, but you never know. t timing is adding to the diplomatic drama. president putin is coming off a
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public relations victory. esident trump feuded allies at nato over spending and called the eu a foe. >> you wouldn't think of the european union, but they're a foe. >> that prompting a sharp rebuke from the head of the european council who tweeted sunday, america t and eu are best friends. whoever says they'res foes spreading fake news. democrats demanded the president get tough with putin today. >> i really would feel much better if there were other americans in the room making sure that we p make thent that the first and top point of this agenda should be nourther russian interference in our elections. >> several democrats had called on the predent to cancel this meeting altogether in light of indictments.n but not only is he moving forward with it, he's also lding a joint press conference with putin later today. >> all right, kristen welkerk thu. >> we want to pause now and let our other stations join us for a special report
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this is an nbcs n special report. >> let's bring in lester holt, the anchor of nbc nightly news. he's been in helsinki for several days now. lester, good morning. >> willie and da, good morning. president trump and the russian president vladimir putin have thwed to hold their historic talks. ave arrived a short time ago at the presidential palace just a fewlocks from whe we are. there's the room, there's john olton, the national security advise we're waiting see the two presidents appear for the first time. they will hold a bilateral meeting. 90 minutes, just the two of them, and inkrperaters. speaking among themselves. it will later broaden out to bring other staff members in for a working lunch. this is a meeting that has been highly ticipated. in fact, the tone in some of the topics on the table may have been changing even as the president has been on the road.
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on his. european tr i'm joined ipour coverage by kristen welker, our nbc news white house correspondent. also ambassador michael mcfaul, who was a u.s. ambassador to russia for a couple years under the obama administration. good to have you both here. kristen, lete start with you. set the scene for what we know is about to take place. >> well, this is remarkable. president trump, president putin are going to be alone in a room fo 90 minutes, only interpreters. what are they going to talk about? ethe president said will raise the issue of election meddling. he has new energy and fuel if h wants to do that. of course, the 12 russians who were indicted on friday, russian intelligence officis, as a part of the broader mueller investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. but the president, lester, dismissing the probe yet again mois ing. let me read you his tweet. quote, our relationship with russia hasn never b worse thanks to many years of foolishness and stupidity and
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now the rigged witch hunt. again referring to it as a witch hunt. the foreign ministry retweeted it and said we agree. he tweeted president obama thought crooked going to win the election, so when he was informed about the russian meddling, he said it couldn't happen. wh won, it became a big deal. and the bottom line here, lester, these tweets were sent out in the hours before this critical meeting. it sets the tone. is he going to be tough with putin? those who want him to be may not feel that confidence. >> let me bring in ambassador mcfall. if the psident calls it a witch hunt, isn't it likely that putin says, yes, it's a witch hunt? >> of course. i have no idea why he decided to say that. i have no idea why he decided to blame thees united stor the worsening relationship. he didn't mention russia annexed crimea in 2014. annexation which we haven't had
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since world w iin europe. he didn't mention pun's intervention in syria in 2016. and most egreously, he didn't mention the russian violation of our sovergnty in 2016, underscored by the indictment on friday. instead, it's all obama's fault. blame america first. >> i want to bring in richard gel, whos in moscow, where they have been reacting to what is ha iening. ho the read you're getting in moscow, richard? >> people here areeeling very confident about this meeting. feeling very confident in general. we just saw president trump go through europe in which he criticized nato, went after nato allies, and now the meeting is beginning. >>e're seeing the t of them here. let's just listen for a bit and see if we --
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[ speaking foreign language ] t nslator: different international sites.
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of course, the fact has come to basically -- >> a really great world cup. onef the best ever, from what everybody tells me, one of the best ever. also for your team itself doing so well. i watched quite a bit, andten the ustates, we call it soccer. i watched quite a bit of it, and i wched the entire final, and semifinals. they were really spectacular games. itif was bealy done. congratulations on them.
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most importany, we have a lot of good things to talk about. and things to talk about. we have discussions on everything from trade tomi tary to missiles to nuclear to chwea. l talk a little bit about china. a mutual friend, president xi. >> i think we have great opportunities together as two countries to frankly we have not been getting along very well for the last nber ofyears. i have been here not too wo years. but i think we will e up having an extraordinary relationship. i hope so. i have been saying and i'm sure u have heard over the years and as i campaigned that getting alongith russia is a good
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thing, not a bad thing. >> i really think the world wants to see us get along. we are the two great nuclear powers. we have 90% of the nuclear, and that's not a good thing. it'sad thing. and i think we hopefully can do something a ut that because it's not a positive force. it's a negative force. so we'll beha talking about among other things.
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>> and with that, the world awaits. i look forward to our personal discuson, which i think begins now, and then we're going to meet our whole team. you have quite a few representatives, and we all have a lot of questions, and hopefully we'll come up with answ great to be with you. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you, everybody.k thu very much. >> so the ceras wille
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ushered out or turned off, and the two will get downo the business of some of those topics the president brought up. trade and china, among other things. just a brief opening remarks there from t president. and as we said, they'll now go off to a 90-minute session. let me bring in ambassador mcfaul. the president talked about something we haven't spent a lot time on, but nuclear weapons. are there points of agreement? what would b the specific issues on the table? >> in 2010, our two countries signed the new start treaty %ducing by the nuclear weapons both can have. it expires in 2021. negotiations for what happens after that need to start now. i'm encouraged he put that issue on the list. i wlso struck by what was not on the list. syria was not on the list, n ukraine w on the list, and russian meddling, russian violation of our sovereignty in 2016 was alsoot on the list.
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>> and lester, there is some concern among some of the president's critics that he's going to offer concessions onme of those varpoints that ambassador mcfaul raises. will president trump scale back sanctions against russia? will heagree to remove some of those. those are things putin wants to ask for. you have both sides lowering expectations thathere's fought going to be some big deal coming out of the talks. >> there's much more to come. we will eventually see the two in a joint news conference, the fit time they will have taken questions together. we'll have coverage throughout the morning on nbc news. for now, that's an nbc news special report. i'm. lester holt in helsin good day. and we're back now on "today" wit more on president trump's historic summit with vladimir putin. >> we're joined b senior national security analyst juanz te. he served as the deputy national
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security adviser for the second bush pres three days after the russians were indicted forelection meddling. we watched a special report where president trump didn't bring that up. you would think that would be issue one in their meeting together where do y think it will fall if at all? >> it should fall at the top of e list. you have an indictment that gives the president ammunition to pve to president putin that there was meddling. his reaction has been prove it. well, now you have an indicent thatets into gross detail about how his intelligence services went about hacking the u.s. systems and affecting the election, at leastttempting to. i expect this to be top of the list. it should be. what you have is a hyperpersonalized diplomacy. you have diplomacy that startst he summit, doesn't end with the summit, and a president, as you saw, thed a kind of reset moment of his own. he's trying to reset relations. i think he was trying to be as diplomatic as possible, starting
7:18 am
with compliments on the world cup, but hopefully the mting in private gets a lot tougher and more seous. >> kristen welker mentioned the president tweing about united states foolishness and stupidity, calling the mueller investigation a rigged witch hunt. the russian foreign minister retweeting, we agree. >> this is predictable. what you can imagine president putin trying to do is divide him from u.s. poly and his own advisers. that is to say, put his arm aroundnt presirump and play to his instincts and tweets saying look, this investigation, we'r both being affected by it. they're trying to affect our relationship. this is witch hunt. n syria, let us help you get out. on crimea, you have admitted it. this is really russian territory. if that then changes the president's perceptions and policy, which is the most important thing here, then that i think that tweet is an indicator that the russians see an opening here to pla to the
7:19 am
president's instincts. >> all right, juan, you're going to stick wdh us an join us for more later. and live coverage all day long on nbcnd news the r now, a check of weather with al. good morning. >> good morning. got a lot of heat to talk about in the northeast today. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. factor in the heat index, it's going to be close to 0 degrees. take a look at what we've got in the pacific tempes over 100 in redding and medford, into the 90s and 80s in the pacific northwest. and it's going to stay hot today, down to t south where heat indexes through the plains over 100 degrees inichita falls, alexandria, tuscaloosa and little rock. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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temperatures out there right now in the upper0s. it is a warm morning already. temperates will be heade into the mid 90s today. it's going to be hot and humid, feeling close to about 101 out there today. keep the heat and humidity around tomorrow and then it finallywe drops on esday. now, we have isolated chance of storms out there today. better chance unfortunately come for tomorrow. pefully they'll all be out of here by the time the all-star game gets started. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. coming up, her suv plunged off a cliff and then her troubles really began. what the womanho survived a week-long ordeal before she was about that aying this morning.
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and a commercial pne makes an emergency landing after a pressure drop in the cabin. dozens of passengers hurt. we'll have the latest. >> but first, his is "today" on nbc. right? i do. it's a busy, busy place. whenever you're ready. it happens every time. i've got it. and every time, she wins. you always do this. no, no. i insist. it's on me. alright. but you have the bb&t app with zelle who are you texting? oh, uh no one. i really should go back.
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♪ this is a news 4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this monday, july 16th, 2018. good morning to you. >> in the news this morning, metro workers are moving closer to a strike. the majority of00 6, metro workers voting to authorize a strike. union leaders claimed their general manager is violating the union contct. the executive board will make the final decision. find out how this dispute affects you on ournb c washington app. >> for nearly 50years, the major league baseball all-star game is back in d.c. today is the homeun derby. tomorrow is the all-star game. the national league represented by bryce harper and max
7:27 am
scherzer. we'll be live at nats park tomorrow with all the action. now let'sck in with melissa and your first 4 traffic. how are the roain lo >> a couple issues, the loop near little river, crash near the lane. as you approac the howard lanh cra with directions. northbound 95 in virginia, a crash on the left side. anddelays, blue, orange, silver lines. >> thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast next.
7:28 am
those temperatures out there in the 60ss. and 70 78 degrees at reagan national airport. 're dry out there now, but we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms later on throughouthe afternoon and into the evening comme, but that threat should die off after about 8:30. better chances of showersnd
7:29 am
understorms through the day tomorrow. the main story today will be the huet and >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now, back to the "today"h show after thit break.
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back now. 7:30 on this monday morning, july 16th, 2018. the eyes wf theld on helsinki, finland, this morning as president trump a russian president vladimir putin meet face-tface. side studio 1a, willy is in for savannah. >> good to be with you. an extraory.nary day alread let's get to the top stories starting with those historic talks. >> high-stakes summit. all eyes on helsinki as the meeting between president trump and vladimir putin take center stage. as president trump comments about the european union sends shock waves across the globe. >> now, you wouldn't think of the european union, but they're a foe. >> returning home, the u.s. and north korea holding talks discussing the return of the remains of more than 5,000 u.s.
7:31 am
service members still missing from the korean war. >> dramatic rescue a chopper pilot pulled off a deathng defyi maneuver, landing near the summit of oregon's mt. hood and rescuing a injured climber. >> on the prowl. the ottoman zoo in new orleans back open after a jaguar escaped and killeeveral other animals in the park. zoo officials investigating how it happened. >> the safety of our guests and staff and our animals is our number one priority. >> and bearing down. harrowing moments caught onca ra as a brave woman successfully shouts down a bear atteting to enter her lake tahoe home. today, monday, july 16th 2018. >> never a great day when you're negotiating with a bear on your back porch. >> a lot braver than i would have been >> now to a remarkable story of survival. after a woman lost control of her car, carning off aliff on the california coast, and that was just the beginning of
7:32 am
her ordeal. miguel almaguer has the details for us. good morning. >> hey, .gu good morning. 23-year-old angela hernandez was driving to visit hery famhen she accidentally swerved off the road and drove off a cliff onto the beach below. incredibly, she survived that terrifying 20-story plunge, but it's how she stayed alive for a whole week that's truly amazing. this morning, her family says it's a miracle angela hernandez is alive. >> we jus got word that my sister was found. >> the 23-year-old rescued friday fro the bottom of this steep cliff in big sur, california, where she for an entire week after her white jeep accidentally careened off thee and plunged 200 feet onto the rocky beach below. hernandez describing her ordeal on facebook overgght. alith these pictures from before the accident saying i was stilln my car, and i could feel water rising over my kneese
7:33 am
every b in my body hurt. i was able to break out of my car and jump into the ocean. i swam to theshore. >> i heard a faint cry for help. and we both turne and saw angela standing in the rocks. >> a report of a vehicle injury ccident for a vehicle off a cliff. >> law enforcement says hernandez had been driving from her home in portland, oregon, down the coast to see her family in southern california. on the way, she texted with them from this grocery store parking lot. then, angela simply nished. the last sighting of her jeep, this still photo from a gas station security camera near bis sur. told us that she was along hiway 1. she s a anmal cross in front of her. she naturally swerved to the right. there was nohoulder, so the vehicle went down a cliff. >> amazingly, hernandez survived the impact of the 20-story drop and was able to crawl to safety. but the next week, she lived in a shmat camp she set up near
7:34 am
the beach. surviving using her smarts, posting, i would walk up and down the beach in search or anot human being. i would climb on rocks to avoid the sharp sand, walk along the shore to avoid the hot rocks. i found a high spot i was able to climb. >> she actually found a hoseeh from theicle and used that as a saw to drink water from a natural spring nearby. >> then, a ch and chad moore were hiking in the area when they heard angela's cries for help and found her, bruised with an injured shoulder, but coherent. >> she could talk, listen, respond, walk. >> she said that she woke u that morning and knew it was going to be a good day. i think i started crying. >> rescue teams had to hoist angela up the cff with ropes. they alifted hero the hospital. battered and bruised, hernandez enduring multipleie inj which included a brain hemorrhage, fractured ribs, aed colla
7:35 am
lung, broken collar bone, and ruptured blood vessels in her hands. >> day seven. you guys all helped us through the whole thing, and angela would not be okay. i'm so happy. i'm so happy. >> on social media, angela's family says she's healing bter than expected. they call her a warrior for surviving this ordeal. and they set up a gofundme page to help pay exr her medical n expenses. an incredible story. >> we're just sitting here with our mouths wide open. ia look at that car. a 20-story fall and she survived to begin with, and then to survive for another week. >> another major story this morning. vestigators looking for clues into wha caused a terrifying incident onboard a nite in europe over the weekend. passengers suffering severena ea, some even bleeding from theirars as the pilot had to descend fast and make an emergency landing.
7:36 am
tom costello covers aviation for us. >> ryan air says this was a sudden and unexpected depressurization inside the plane. its for the pilots to declare a mid-air emergency. if a plane loses cabin pressure at cruising altitude, passengers can quickly lose consciousness. nearly three dozen passengers were taken to area hospitals. terror at 37,000 feet. just two hours into flight, a rush of cold air screaming alarms, andalling oxygen masks. with passengers describing sudden nausea, headaches, and bleeding from the ears, nose, and mouth. > the plane just starts plummeting. we start going into a full plummet and everybody can feel it. like, babies were screaming. and then it started blaring, emergency descent. >> roxanne and sarah were onboard ryan air flight 7312 from dublin toa. croa
7:37 am
the plane was in trouble. >> i just kept thinking of, you know, myamily andy boyfriend and what they would think. and how they would feel. and soon i'm not going to exist on this worltanymore. >> ahat altitude, passengers not wearing oxygen masks can lose consciousness within seconds. the pilots had to get down fast, dropping 26,0 feet in just seven minutes. >> falling for seven minutes straight, literally falling. they haven't said anything and i'm going to die and i don't know why. an>> you count on everybody having properly put their oxygen mask on so you want toe very sure, very careful to get the airplane down as fast as you can. >> once safely on the ground, 33 of the 189 passengers were taken to area hospitals. others stuck overnighthe in airport, complained of little food or information and just a few cots to sleep on. ryan air apologized, blaming the incident on in flight depressurization and admitti to a shortage of available
7:38 am
accommodation. the passengers booked on another flight the next morning. dden depressurization on a commercial plane is very ally in a 737. because this plane made an emergency landing i germany, german investigators will now be in charge of determining exactly what the cause was. back to you. >> wow, tom, can't imagine how terrifying that was. >> al is back with a look at the weather. >> a lot going on.g a ld front pushing in through the great lakes going to start generating showers and thunderstorms throun the afterntoday, also into tomorrow, the system will bring storms from new york to louisia before it's all over. probably some airport delays t tomorrow i northeast, and you can see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches locally in the northeast. as we make our way down to the gulf, heavier, especially to the east of atlanta. in the southwest, weo continue see the monsoon season bringing all those slow drencmsng st
7:39 am
a heavy rain threat in the mountains of colorado into eastern own arizona. here's what's houpening in neck of the woods. >> good morning. 78 degrees and pretty muggy tside right now. we have sunny skies right now, a afternn mix of sun a clouds. if you're about to walk outside, 69 degrees, 72 in clinton. 78 in annapolis. humidity will stay with us all day long. it's going to feel close to 100 degrees this afternoon. we could see a couple isolated thunderstorms. tomorrow, showers and storms in the afternoon, clearing inhe evening. low humidity for the rest of the we. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, mr. roker. >> up ahead, a lot more, including the start of amazon prime day. what's the real deal on the deals? we'll takeou inside the command center to find out. also ahead this morning, the woman tt the center of soalled plane bae romance connection. remember that one? she's opening up about the dark side of internet fame. plus, the adorable first
7:40 am
official photos from the christening of prince louis. >> up next a white cvs manager under fire for calling police on a black customer or the use of a coupon. the apology and the investigation right after this. and let's make it work. they hold strong with a peel, stick, and press. and with that college life begins. i said, college life begins. oh dear, let's take that down damage free. stretch release and look no marks no mess, much more you. command. do. no harm. crisp leaves of lettuce. freshly made dressing. clean food that looks this good. delivered to your desk. now delivering to home or office. panera. food as it should be. panera.
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nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. we're back gang's all here with in depth today. it's an instant that's really exploding on social media. >> a white manager of a cvs drugstore in chicago recorded calling police on a black customer over what appeared to be a minor dispute. morgan is here with details. >> we have seen instances like this popping up all over. this time, it was aha coupon
7:45 am
caused the ordeal. we caught up with the woman involved who c the entiret inst on her cell phone. it started out the way so man viral videos have. >> she's wearing a green -- tell them i'll be there when they arrive. >> s customer camilla hudson said a simple disagreement over a coupon quickly escalated into a racially charged incident. >>an african-amer >> black, i'm not african-american. i'm black. black isn't a bad word. >> the cvs manager visibly shaking, calls 911. >> thank you. >> hudson recorded just a hertion of her exchange while shopping at chicago drugstore. it's not clear what happened before the cameratarted rolling. >> he says that he's a manager at the store and he's because there's a customer harassing him, and harassing the other manager. and that'shen i mad sure my phone was taping. >> hudson said she was just trying to use a coupon she
7:46 am
received after she purchased a defective product. the clerk told her it was fraudulent and refused to accept it. >> i don't take issue. not thenw, not with him not accepting the coupon. it's how he didn't accept theon co >> cvs issued a statement saying in part, we sincerely apologize to ms. hudson for her experience. cvs pharmacy does note toler any practices that discriminate agains any customer. >>. > mattsson, who was a state delegate for donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign is running for a chicago city council seat. he has since csed his faceb account, and nbc was unab reach him for comment. other videos of soy-called white privilege haveeen popping up all over social from a woman now known as rbecue becky, who called 911 about men barbecuing in a local park. to another woman dubbed permit
7:47 am
tty, who called police on a young girl sellingtl b water. for hudson, it all comes down to a matter of respect. >> there's nothing i said or did that would explain why he was interacting with me and treating me in the manner that he s. >> all right, so cvs also said in a statement sent to nbc news that the employees involved in removed ident has been from the store pending the outcome of this internal investigation. >> unfortunately, the latest in a long list of these kinds of incidents we're seeing for the going on forever, but seeing them on camera now. >> just ahead, how much sharing sharing?uch the new plane bae backlash as the woman in the center of the internet p nomenon weighs in. first, these messages. the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop.t buthanks to our forester,
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7:52 am
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7:56 is your time on this monday, july 1 h,2018. good morning to you. right now, we want to check in on melissa mollet and your first traffic. how is it going? >> good morning. a brokeneh downle on the left side of the roadway, so we're seeing a little slowdown. rest of the beltway looks okay now.t up top here, outer loop as you're approaching georgia is a little slow. in centreville, westbound 66, crash with two left lanes getting by there. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break now. sno
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. 80 degrees right now in washington. 75, dulles. a warm, humid start of the day. y the afternoon, 95 with the humidity feeling close to 100 with a couple isolated afternoon storms. tomorrow, a higher storm chance in the afternoon. looks likt should clear out for the evening, then humidity drops wednesday through friday, d so far, we're watching the end of your week for showers. >> thank you. another local news update for you in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
and welcome to "today" on this busy mondayll morning. in for savannah today. >> on a very busy monday morning. our top story, the world's two most powerful men meeting in helsinki, finland. >> president tru sitting down this morning for one-on-one talked with vladimir putin. the atmosphere filled with tension over russia's meddling in other countries including the united states. nbc white house cor kristen welker joins us from helsinki. good morning. >> hoda, willie, good morning to both of yo just moments ago, president trump and president putin made remarks kicking off the high-stakes meeting. both saying they're lookingar fo to the discussion ahead. president ump has vowed to raise the issue of election meddling, but on twitter this morning, again called the whole thing a rged witch hunt.
8:01 am
a tweet the russian foreign ministry retweeted saying, we agree. mois rning, history is under way i helsinki. president trump and russian president vladimir pun shaking hands just moments ago as theyb rk on their first official face-to-facemeeting, both speaking out. >> i really think the world nts to see uset along. we are the two great nuclear powers. >> the president even praising putinor hosting the world cup. >> and the united states, we call it soccer. and ite watched q a bit of it. it's beautifully done. >> the political stakes couldn't be higher. after 12 russian ielligence officers were indicted friday on charges of hacking democratic party organizations during the 2016 election. this part of the wider mueller probe into whether anyone in the trump presidential campaign colluded with russia. in aninterview with cbs news at his golf resort in scotland, the president was asked if he will press puto extradite those russians. >> well, i might.
8:02 am
i ha't thought about it, but i'll ask about it. >> instead of iuing a stern message, he took aim at democrats. >> we took much better defenses so they couldn't. the dnc should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked. >> the president tempered expectations for today's big one-on-one. go in with very low expectations. i think that getting along with russia i good thing. but it's possible we won't. >> so what is onhe agenda? president trump says he will discuss issues related toin uk the crisis in syria, and the spread of nuclear weapons. and on friday, vowed to raise the issue of election meddling. >> i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you'll have any gee, i did it, i did it, you got me. there won't be a perry mason here, don't think. you never know what happens. >> the timing is adding t the diplomatic drama. president trump spent the past week feuding with allies at nato over spending and stunned pa
8:03 am
ners by calling the eu a foe. >> you wouldn't think o-european unio but they're a foe. >> some democrats had called on president trump to cancel the eting due to the 12 russians who were indicted on friday, but far from canceling it, the president is moving forward with the whole thing, including a joint press conference with putin later today. hoda. sinki, ten welker in h thanks. >> chicago police have released body cam video of a police involved shooting that sparked violent protests over the in the video, you see officers approaching 37-yafr-old man ter they suspected he was you can s augustus has a holsterred gun and appears to waist for his waist multiple times before he is shot and killed. police released the video to quell a second night of saturday night, protesters rocked chicago's south side. fourolice officers were injured and at least four demonstrators arrested as well. the officer involve in the shooting has been placed on administrative duty during the investigation. in one of his final interviews before his suicide
8:04 am
last month, celebrity chef anthony bourdain unleashed angry bitter attacks on harvey weinstein and bill and hillary clinton. bourdain told a magazine he innted to see weinstein, quote, beaten to death rison but said the disgraced producer would probably have a stroke and die alone in his bathtub. bourdain had bgn datin accuser asia argento. he called bill clinton's treatment of women disgusting and said both clintons worked to destroy his accusers. and he said he would be willing to compromise his principles for someone who is competent. >> you know what i need after that? a morning boost. >> three brothers and a heart surprise. the middle brother, andrew, the one in the white shirt, answers the door andides behind it. he's planning to jump out and surprise his little other. what he doesn't know is their eldest brother has just come home from military service to surprise him. check it out.
8:05 am
>> where's andrew? oh, my gosh. this hug, by the way, goes on forever. tears of jo s you can how much those guys missed each other. how whu you think you're being the surpriser and you're the >> with that bank shot they played, that was incredible. >>hanks for theboost. >> coming up, amazon prime day getting under way. what you nee to kno to take full advantage of the deals. >> plus, serena williams showing the heart of a champion after coming up just short at wimbledon. >> for all the moms out there, i was playing for you today, and e >> she did. her empowering message and what her family is now doing to help other new parents, all after these messages. ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪
8:06 am
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it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... that...was...magic. willingham tucks it in and puts the championship to bed. sweet dreams, nighty night. as long as soccer players celebrate with a slide, you ngn count on geico folks money. fifteen minutes coulrcsave you fifteen ent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the... and welcome back. amazon prime dayre is the retail giant promising deep discounts on more than 1 million ems. >> here's the question. are you really getting the best deals? joking lent is here to break it down. >> that's the big question. amazon is aai it launching a slew of discounts this afternoon for what it calls prime day,hich critics say is just a made-up holiday to
8:10 am
generate $3.4 billion i sales during a pretty slow time for retail. so the real question here for shoppers is, are these deals really that good? and how is amazon changin the way other major retailers are doling out their deals? >> this morning, it's liken christma july, as retailers are pulling out all the stops to compete with azon prime day. ebay is hawking deals up to 60% off electronics. kmart taking th60% off c and shoes, and target offering 30% off home brands. and the deep discounts come as amazon's domnnlts continues to threaten the competition. its overall sales are expected to skyrocket 30% this year done. >> the bestls are going to be on all of the amazon branded products. amazon's kindle, the echo speake the firestick. >> and now music too. the retail giant turning up the leat on streaming services like spotify and a music, by offering a big discount on
8:11 am
amazon music unlimited. this year, you'll also see reduced prices at the grocery store. for the first time, shoppers will get 10% off on hundreds of items at whofoods, which amazon bought last year. >> this is like our super bowl. >> neal lindsey is the executive in charge of prime and marketing. he took us inside the command center where they're analyzing every step of prime day, h includingow items will be shipped and what you'll see on social media. >> we train all year for things like this. >> prime dayas created back in 2015 as a way to mark amazon's 20th anniversary, but now some question its legitimacy. while it does drum up sales during a traditionally slow month for retail, many question whether it's more about marketing than money. >> we work hard on prime day to make sure it's the best deal we can get our customers. >> but amazos says t deal benefits brand large and small. >> 50%y is sold small and medium enterprises. that's a big deal.
8:12 am
for for once, the amazon effect isn't all bad news for competitors. other major retailers saw sales jump 35% on prime day last yeart so here's w you need to know. not every discount is a great deal. is morning on amazon prime. shopping experts say it's probably best to hold off on the black friday deals for, say, major appliances, tvs, beay oducts, and most clothing. and of course, if you want to get those deals, you have to pay up to be the amazon prime subscriber and that comes with the hefty $120 annual fee. >> yeah. >> but you get the music too when you do that. >> you do. >> there's a lot. >> amazon addicts around the table. f all right. and by the way, a round-up of the best prime day deals, check out shaesh shop. >> let's head over to carson in the orange room. >> since becoming a new mom herself, tennis star williams has become a champion for working moms everywhere. in the moment after her loss at
8:13 am
he had bledon finals, something to share with them. >> good morning to you, carson. everybody is buzzing about this. this was serena's frth tournament since giving birth to her daughter and overcoming the life threatening complications that followed. after her loss, she had this es inkrmingge for all moms. she said i was playing out there for you. >> a true champion in the face of defeat. >> i was really haisy to get thar. >> 23-time gra slam champion serena williams is winning praise for an emotional message st moments after her loss in the wimbledon final to angelique kerber. >> to all the moms out there, i was playing for you today. and i tried.he >> emotion not only on center court but in the stands. famous fans including anna wintour and tiger woods there to cheer her on. meghan markle, william's good friend, tearing up next to kate middleton in the royal box.
8:14 am
>> so much to look forward to i'm literally just getting started. >> tv producer shonda rhimes tweeting epic day with incredible grace, serena williams showed us what a legene is m of. other celebrities on social also owing their support. tyra ban eeting, to all new mommies, serena williams, you won. her husband opening up about his fearing for her life after the birth of their daughter, saying days after our baby girl was born, i kissed my wife good-bye before surgery and neither of us knew whether she was coming back. she suffered complications from herency c-section. we just wanted her to survive. ten months later, she's in the wimbledon final. serena williams will be holding a troph again soon. she's got the greatest one waiting at home for her. y>> it was journey, and as hard as it was, i wouldn't want to change my journey. >> williams' husband also fighting for paid maternal and
8:15 am
paternity leave in a new op-ed writing for the early months of my daughter's life, i knew i needed to be present with my mily. a privilege that unfortunately many parents in this country are not afforded. williams has been honest about her struggles wh being a working mom. a challenge she's taking on with her family beside her every match.every step, every >> i had such a long struggle to come back, and it was really difficult. and honestly, i feel like if can do it, they can do it. >> williams will get another shot at winning her 24th grand slam title in just a few weeks at the u.s. open in new york. carson, people are just so proud of her. that's honestl is talking about today. >> absolutely. inspiration for the working mom but reallynspiration for all of us. thanks. get back safe. >> now, guys, onhe men's side right here, this is a great one. we have djokovic,eho took h his fourth wimbledon trophy, and perhaps no oneor was excited
8:16 am
wan his 3-year-old son. fans lovedatching the little guy there cheering for dad during the trophy presention. heasn't able to watch the actual match. there's a long-standing match saying children under 5 can't be brought to the main court, but the that real was sort of overlook in the post match celebration. he said his son is his biggest motivation and his best practice partner. they were seen hitting the ball around. >> wow. >> he's already a champion right there. anyway, some good foot, and odjokovic and his wife also hae adorable 10-month-old daughter. she'll be joining the cheering squad and she's probably ranked in the world. fwl how about popstart? >> a lot to get to. beale start with the royals. the duke and duchess of cambrie enjoyed sunday afternoon at wimbledon after kate middleton spent time with
8:17 am
meghan markle, but it was another royal sighting that had everybodytalking. we're seeing the official pictures from princ louis' christening, marking the first time that william, kate, and their three children had been seen together as a family of five. big brother prince george and princeal charlotte looking very happy. the royal family treating us to another adable moment this earning with a smiling prince louis. family shots there. up next, we have more exciting baby news. kate upton and justin verlander e expecting their first child together. the supermodel announcing the news on saturday in an instagram post using the #pregnantinpoimy. her husband of eight months, justin verlander, sharing a very sweet message for the mom-to-be saying i'm soroud our little one is going to be raised in this world by a woman like you. i love you so much. nice note. congrats to them. and ruth bader ginsburg, we have aook at theupcoming film
8:18 am
about the justice. >> you think you can change the country? you should look to her generation. they're taking to the streets. protests are important. changing the culture means nothing if the law doesn't change. >> what did you say your name was? >> ruth bader ginsburg. >> the woman does not appear even once in t u.s. constitution. >> nor does the word freedom. your honor. >> huge cast. star-studded, army hammer, justin theroux, cathy bateso name a few.bu gi's biopic is called on the basis of sex. it follows t lawyer's fight to overturn discrimination. >> great domentary, too. you have a click for us? >> nba superstar steph curry swapped sports over the weekend, aying in a fun celebrity golf tournament with his fatherll they're known for making bets on cours this year, dell bet he would finish within 20 points of stef.
8:19 am
steph had to sink it from the fairway in order to win the bet. he almost did it. ball bounces right near the le. time to pay up. steph took a running start. plunged into the cold water of lake tahoe. but he didn't stop there. the younger curry took thingstho next level by climbing to the top of a boat and, yeah, let's do it n. we're already wet. he jumped in. steph tied for 11th place at that tournament, by the way. >> all right, carson, thanks. >> mr. roke o a checkf the weather. >> let's see what we've got for you, take a look around the country as we go to satellite radar, looking at strong storms in the southeast. monsoonal moisture in the southwest. there's a cold front going to brinr in stron storms later today, but in the meantime, yith from the great lakes all the way the northeast. 90s throughout the southern half of the country. 100s as you get out into the southwest and into southern california. more heat in the pacific northwest. the flood threat continues through the southwest, storms
8:20 am
firing up through the gulf coast and into the southeast. airport delays likely. more showers and thunderstorms for the upperes mi that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the awoods. eady a warm day out there right now. 80 degrees at reagan nional rport. you can see we're the warm spot and headed to warmer temperatures today. mid 90s. goin t to feel closer 100 degrees. isolated chance of showers andr thunrms this afternoon. still the heat and humidity around, but then it equalizes as we get into wednesday with humidity finally falling tuesday night into wednesday. if you're headed to the home run dey tonight, shorts type of weather. chance of a smau thunderstorm early. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much.e' th faumout over the socalled plane bae saga. >> bloggers use social media to covertly document what happened to be two strangers hitting it off on a flight. tens of thousands of people watched it online, so that's led to a heated debate about internet privacy.
8:21 am
guess who's back. morgan radford. >>ate've alled this unfold. following it on twitter, and that unidentified woman who's the subject of all this ntun interest describes herself in a statement as a professional woman who did not ask for and does not seek attention. and she says what happened to her is a digital age cautionary tale. it was like a virtualoap opera playing out in real time. two young attractive strangers meet on a plane and appear to hit it off. tens of thousands watch the story unfold on social media. fascinated. few more caught up than rosy blair and houston. they were looking over the couple shoulder, reporting and commenting on their every move. this is where theirel ws started touching. >> but what seemed to many like the start of a romantic fairy tale has now turned into a cautionary tale about internet privacy. the y woman known online as pretty plane girl who became the
8:22 am
subject of the vir internet phenomenon, says she never wanted any of the attention. in a statement through her lawyer, she wrote, in part, strangers publicly discussed my privife based on patently false information. i have been docked, shamed, insulted, and harassed. voyeurs have come looking online and in the real world. she deactivated all of herci media accounts. the backlash againstlair and hardaway has been harsh and became so loud on sociamedia theydeleted their original posts. she apologized, writing,n pa the last thing i want to do is remove agency and aonomy from another woman. i wish i could comum kate thel shame i f in doing this, but i feel at this point my feelings are irre this may be coming too little too late. >> a very, very lovely girl. m >> thee half of the couple on the plane said he found the experience humbling, a message of happiness and hope. >> when i found out, i had a e.
8:23 am
chuc >> now, he has a more serious message. >> i hope thathisstory, if nothing else, can shine light on the topic of privacy, and apefully this can creat platform for positive talks and ultimately a step in the right direction. experts say when it comes to posting vid yeof other people online, you probably should think twice. >> if you think it could potentially be creepy, if you don't know the people you're discussing, if it's not a moment that you're a part of, maybe just don't twe it. content is not always worth it. >> in his video statement, holden says he and the unnamed womanave been in constant communication, describing her as incredibly supportive throughous ntire ordeal. >> we thought it was a sweet story, but you get the aftermath. >> funny, but in real time, i had that exact thought. do these people know they're being filmed, are they okay with this? utand it turned they didn't. >> morgan, thank you. >> now to a new movie that has
8:24 am
people talking, mamma mia,ere we go again. guess where kathie lee and sheinelle jones ar they're in london. you didn't lose it. we're all together. hey, girl. >> hey, hoda. how are you, honey? >> good, are you? how is london? >> there we go. >> beautiful. breeze has finally come up, gratefully. can't calling this -- i hear you, but i'm calling this a work cas this isn't lost on me, the beautiful city, at its core, we're talkingbout the return of mamma mia, which gives people jo we have people from all around the world, london, north carolina, oregon. not a bad day. >> and shu nell has been eating her way across london. i have never seen anything like it. >> the food is so fresh. we talked about this, you can drink wine and don't feel it. >> is that what's been happening? >> just att .
8:25 am
no, i'm totally kidding. >> funny. >> who are you guys talking to? >> we have cher. we talked to all of the stars from the show, andy garcia. >> christine barans. pierce brosnan, who i ran into at lunch, get out of >> coming up, you'll hear from all of the stars, and again, our du, which i think paeb a tony in our future. >>ehat would for broadway. >> same difference. >> i do not smell a emmy. >> we'll see you in a little bit. >> okay. >> that's going to be a fun show, just based on that update. >> also ahead, rise and dine. we're revealing consumer reports' list of the healthiest and tastiest fast food breakfast options after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26 on this monday, july 16th. let's get a look at the roads with melissa. >> taking a look at the beltway right now. inner loop and outer loop are okay, b inner loop after 95 going all the way up to 66, real slowdowns there. a couple earlier accidents are the reason for that. in sterling, southbound 28, at old ox road, a crash on the ight side this morning, and delays both ways, blue, orange, silver line. signal problem at the smithsonian. >> we'll get a check ostyour forecahen we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
it's a warm one out there. d.c. already coming in at 80 degrees. taking the temperatures to the mid 90s today. a few showers and thunderstorms any time after about 2:00 to 8:30 tonight. but we'll have a better chance of showers and thunderstorms through the day tomorrow. about a 60% chance.
8:29 am
actually, by tomorrow afternoon, and then humidity dropped by >> all right, thank you. you can get the latest news and weather in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
it is 8:30 on a mondayrn moing. a muggy morning. looks like a scorcher here i manhattan today, maybe where you live, hoda. >> you know, keep seeing virginia tech signs and get nostalgic. i see you over there. coming up, we're going to talk about the best fas food breakfast options according to consumer res.
8:31 am
they're healthy, tasty, and easy. we'll let you know what made the list. fwl plus, as we mentioned, "mamma mia, here we go again." just ahead, sheinelle's conversation with the stars including cher. >> wow. >> we had fun with our crowd earlier, challenging them to show us their best dance moves. you want to see it? here we go. ♪ having the time of your life ♪ see those girls watch that scene the dancing queen ♪ a >> right. you all deserve something special for showing us your moves. our sister company fandango is sending you all home with a free movi rental from fandango now. and you all get tickets to see
8:32 am
"mam "mamma mia." >> that is awesome. >> you win it. >> al, it's muggy, in think is understatement. >> a double feature, muggy and clammy. let's see what we have for you. look at the week ahea monsoonal moisture in the southwest. severe storms in the rockies. plentyndf sunshine up down the west coast. scattered storms in the eastern third of thecountry. on wednesday, a little less humid in the northeast. the great lakes, triple digits through texas. local downpours in the southeast, and more heat out. we toward the end of the week, sunshine in the northeast, record highs continue as you make your way into texas. plenty of sunshine along the west coast. temperatures a little more that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. 80 degrees right now in washington. lm winds, but it is humid out there. as we go through the afternoon, it's going to feellose to 0 degrees. temperatures mostly in about the mid 70s right noda for we'll be around 90
8:33 am
degrees by lunch time. mix of sun and clouds thi ternoon. high of 95. isolated thunderstorm is possible. not for everybody, though, and then we go into tomorrow, mostly cloudy, afternoon scattered thunderstorms. they loo to leave in the evening, and wednesday through friday, lower humidity and we've watching sunday. av we h a huge crowd, so we want to make sure everybody gets on today. don't forget, oh, look at that. confetti. it's a party. make sure if you're going out the door, you can take us with you. check us out on channel 108. hoda. >> thank you, al roker. before you grab and g and get breakfast from your favorite fast food restaurant, we want you to listen up. the fol at consumer reports magazine rated morning meals for you to find the healthiest and tastiest options. elliot wiler is
8:34 am digital editor. good morning. what did you do. did you go to all the place and test them? >> we went to a lot of the places. and nutritionists looked at the items. they had to store at least a very good. there are a lot of items you want to avoid, but we found healthy items because a lot of people eat breakfast on the go. a third o americans eat breakfast at fast food restaurants. >> what's our firstem what's up first? >> we're going to help our customers. this is starbucks, right? >> as muc meat on biscuit, chickt, sausage, bacon, and my friend carson is paying. really lly, you don't want this item. >> what's that one? >> this has more tha 1,000 milligrams of sodium in it. which is a lot for one day. also, the biscuit is kind of dense. it's going to add calories there, but i have hea options for you from starbucks here. >> let's see. >> this is the oatmeal,knd thf oatmeal a lot like salad where it starts out ally
8:35 am
healthy. just don't ruin it by putting too much sweet stuff on top. this has nice berries, pumpkin seeds, ts, niceoption. the protein box is a nigh option. it has more fat than you might think, about 19 grams -- 24 grams actually, but a lot is unsaturated fat from the peanut. butt a nice option. >> would you eat that? >> i actually would eat that. i like oatmeal. >> carson,ou're up. >> take the tray. >> i didn't pay. so he's got . >> good morning. i would like two eggs. with sausage. melted cheddar on an asiago roll. that's what i dreamt about. y you know what want. >> how is that? >> beautiful. >> 660 calories. >> i don't care. >> it's going to have -- you have to care. 80% of your daily saturated fat. >> 80%. your whole day is gone. >>ca on. >> look at this. >> i'm still going to give you a bagel. this is two options on a skinny wheat bagel. one is wit egg whites. one is with two eggs.
8:36 am
if you want real eggs with meat, seven grams more fat for a total of 17. not a bad option. >> you would eat that, wouldn't you? >> no, i would eat this. but for the sakef the show, i will. thank you very much. >> who's up next? >> me. >> oh, kevin came. what would you like? >> i would really like a spinach and artichoke souffle. >> sounds healthy, too. we hav that foryou. look at that. it looks small. but loaded with fat. so you're going wo want toch that. it looks healthy, kind of sounds healthy with the vegetablesut itas fat and cream. not the healthiest option. but panera v bread hasy healthy options. in fact, this is our top rated sandwich for taste and nutrition. i have tried it. a sprouted grain bagen, egg white, spinach, bagel, and avocado. this is our top scoring one.
8:37 am
this is oatmeal again. >> that's the top rated. >> mthong. roker. >> i just get a verage. >> y only get the beverage? >> smoothie banana berry sthin. nds great? >> no, it doesn't. >> well, i'm glad you said that. take a guess at how many grams of shusher. >> oh, gosh. about >>100. 106. >> really? >> 106. some is natural but some is added. they put raspberry sherbert which is not reallyss ney. but hold on. even at jamba juice, we have healthy options for you. these look pretty good, roish? >> that looks better. >> a greek yogurt with fresh fruit and energy bowl. this is a spinach egg white wrap that also looks good. >> you can get good options. >> you just have t look around. thanks again. those were all good. for more on the healthy grabgr d breakfast apgzs check out toda scom/food. >>inelle stits down with the star studded cast of mamma mia
8:38 am
here we go again.t, firs this is "today" on nbc.
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the original cast of mamma mia is back on the big screen for the film's highly anticipated sequel. >> the stars returning aewng with faces, including a woman who goes by just one name and really neey o one name, cher. sheinelle sat down with the legend and two of her co-stars. good morning again. >> good morning again. cher has plenty to say from her secret to aging gracefully to her unique connection to abba. the sequel sure to have moviegoers dancing in the aisle. ♪ you are the dancing queen >> audiences prepare to have the time of your life. the star-studded original cast of mamma mia returning to the bi screen in an all new movie musical. the highly anticipated sequel, a
8:41 am
reunion ten years inhe making, had new but very familiar faces invited to the >> l get the party started. >> in mamma mia here we gohe again, bringing her oscar-winning actor talents to her role as ruby, the estranged grandmother of amandari seed's character, sophie. >> i've strived to commit to being a grandmother. >> wheou they told about this project, was it an immediate yes? >> the head of universa who is my dear friend, who used to be myed agent, cae and said you're doing mamma mia 2 and >> can you give us a secret how you're doing this? timeless, year after year, month after month. give us a goldenugget of wisdom. >> i don't drink, i don't smoke, i don't do drugs. i never ve. i work out. i'm pretty good with my diet except i like chocolate. and i think als i have always kept working. >> cher, whose career spans more
8:42 am
than five decades, also lending her signature voice to the role alongside mamma mia newcomer andy garcia as fernand owo. ♪ >> what was it like when you u were singing together? >> i was hoping to act. i never imagined we would be doing a duet together. >> amanda, how did it feel getting the gang back together again and adding all thesextra rock stars? >> i didn't know we were missing andy garcia and cher until they showed up and i i was like, we have been missing them for ten years. >> theak sequeles place at thef intersectionast and present, using ashbacks to reveal more about meryl streep's character donna. and just like the first film, this one's also based on the songs of abba, a group cher has athnique connection >> did you ever interact with
8:43 am
them or cross paths? >> i was in one of their videoser. >> really? >> yes. >> what? >> and i didn't remember. and then they showed it to me. and i said, damn, i was. >> what do you hope fans get out of the latest musical?t >> i w them to feel more emotional and feel more empowered and to remind them tp getnd dance. >> if you're up here, reach down and pull someone up. >> i always think entertainment theld bring people for times that you're doing it, make them forget their problems. make them forget everything except being immersed in these people having a joyful time. >> mamma mia hits theaters this friday. i have toell yo normally sometimes when you do interviews, you can tell the actors come in, talk to you, get up and go, but these actors and actresses are genuinely happy to do this project. let's face it, andy garcia,
8:44 am
cher, meryl streep, an all-star cast, and they're happy to do >> it. love it that sonny and cher were in the abba video. >> i have to brush up on myma a mia. >> there will be more with sheinelle and those guys in our fourth hour. mamma mia here we go again from our parent company universa theaters, hits theaters this friday. >> just ahead, daniel silva on his extraordinarily timely new thriller. >> but ofirst, this is "today" nbc. is "today" on h nbc. " on nbc. a i'all business, but i have... big drea... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file?
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8:46 am
a new russia, a new cold war, a new counterspy. no, not the backdrop to the president's meeting inhelsinki, but the challenges faced by a fictional spy master in a new thriller from best-selling here. daniel silva, called "the
8:47 am
>> i cannot give over your ming, always with these books but especially right now. >> very kind of the president andladimir putin to schedule their summit on my publication date. ihank them for at. >> i suspect you have something to do with these meetings around the time of your book releases. >> you have studied this stuff so much, what are your improtections about theti m today between the two presidents? >> the other woman deals with a pl the russian intelligence service to w penetratetern intelligence, to undo the nato alliance, t ruin the special relationship between the united states and great britain. and it actually sort ofame true this week with the president's very controversial trip to europe and to just didn't turn out the way i thought it would. >> do you sit down and write to the news you have a great sense of global politics and what's happening in the worl is that how you begin writing these books? >> not to the news but my series is set within sort of today is
8:48 am
roughly contemporary but a parallel universe sort of one istep removed how i like to think of it. and i wanted to write about what's o going today with sort of the new cold war, what's going on between thest united es and russia. without really writing about it. i didov theist trick. rite abouta story to today without actually taking it head on. >> thi is your 18th novel with gabriel, 21st overall, but with gabriel. let's set the scene with where he is right now? >> in this novel, he's waiting for a russian defector to come into his arms. he's in vienna. i chose vienna's real cold war setting. that defection goe terribly wrong. he undertakes a search to find out where the leak occurred. and it leads him to the conclusion that there is a russian involved at the very
8:49 am
pinnacle of person intelligence. he undertakes a search for that actuallyd it leads him backward into the path, straight to the doorstep of mr.kimfelt. a legendary double aget and spy whked for russian intelligence from 1933 until his death in 1988. >> you weave that sory in t perhaps the m notorious double agent of all time, working for both the soviet union and in the uk. how did you weave a real-life storys into t fictional one? >> with the novelist trick of a taki little tiny thread, a little window of opportunity. and spinning from there. for , i have always been fascinated by the fact that kimfelt spent the final seven years of his life in the west, working as a journalist in the middle east. somethin i d. >> right. >> and in his ownbi auraphy, he literally devoted five lines to that period of his life. la there's a big seven-year
8:50 am
block to with, and that's where i sort of open the fick tikzal door, walk through it, and wrote a sort of speculative fiction about what happened in that time and what he did terwards in order to help his masters at the kgb plant a mole insidern intelligence. >> you have to be a really keen eyed reader or have a tip from the author to know the authord has pla himself in the book. in a starbucks in washington, d.c. this is the fst time you have done that. >> i set a portion of the climax, set in washington. a portion of s it is -- it has a very cold war feel to the novel, but w it a modern touch that a very important meeting takes place in a srbucks in georgetown. i gave myself a little e hitchcockian rn the book. i was trying to write, actually, at the time this was happening in the novel. and they interrupted me a lit bit. >> did you make yourself very looks?e with movie star >> i did not. i describe myself as sort of a
8:51 am
grouchy middle ad man. >> none of that is true. >> a work of fiction. >> a work of ction. daniel, always great to see you. the book is "the other woman." you can out more about it at >> i we're backn a moment. this is "today" on nbc. n a mome. this is "today" on nbc. " onbc.
8:52 am
♪ " onbc.
8:53 am
♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪ we're back. that time of day we love when you do the birthdays. >> love doing this. let's celebrate nice folks with help from our friends add smucker's. first up, a happy 100th birthday to ms. carmen rich. an avid painter from wisconsin. she says the secret to longevity, drinking in old ssion every now and then. yes, carmen. >> walter oex celebrating
8:54 am
105 years. he enjoys keeping up to date on the news and listens to audio bos. happy 100th birthday to laurel ward. a world traveler, owned a beauty salon and wonmanyawards for her beauty creations. pearl is a bus grandmother from louisiana. served as an educator for over 50 years. clarence wilk is from st. louis, mo. this life-long baker celebrating 100 years. he's baked and decorated birthday aakes for of his grandkids. and let's say hello to tilly smith of harbor springs, michigan. turning 100. a painter as well. also worked as an art teacher for more than 30 years. there you have our birthdays. awesome. got a big fourth hour coming up. kathie lee and sheinelle are overseas in london, doing a preview of the mom mamma mia here we go again movie. >> another reason for breakfast. >> i don't even know what that
8:55 am
means, but it doesn't sound good. they're having fun over there. meantime, megyn kly "today" is up next. dylan is on the job with a professional bridesmaid for hire. we'll l dylan explain that. first, your local news and weather. weather.
8:56 am
this is a news 4 today news break. >> 8:56 is you time on this monday, july 16th, 2018. good morning to u. right w, we want to get a check on the roads with melissa how is it going? >> good morning. on alexandria southbound 395, seminary crash on the left side. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking okay. just some slowdowns in the typical spots, and memorial bridge after lincoln circle,ep
8:57 am
firetment activity blocking the right side. >> thank you. 'll take a wickreak and check the forecast next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good monday morning. temperatures warming heinto 80s. washington, 81. frederick, it's going to be humid today. w temperaturl be in the mid 90s, feeling close to 100 degrees. we could have a coue isolated afternoon storms. tomorrow, our storm chance will be higher i the afternoon a then clearing out for the evening. wednesday through friday, lower humidity intod. the week we're watching rain for the second half. at thank you. get thet news and weather any time at nbc washington app. have a great day.
9:00 am
i megyn kelly, a big weekend for sports fans out there with world cup wimbledon finals taking place this weekend. what a show it was. here to discuss all of that with headlines making the rounds today please welcome nbc correspondent stephanie gosk and from "today" show family jenna bush hager and dylandryer. good morning to you all. i love our cast. >> resident sports anchor. >> all women talking about sports. >> so i did watch a little bit of the world cup, i watched a little of the finals. i lov


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