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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and firt 4:00, d.c.'s baseball close-up. all-star activities in full swing all over the city asede get for the main event, the mid-summer classic tomorrow night but first w h have the run derby this evening and leon harris is in the southeast where there' plenty to do even if you don't have a ticket. leon. >> hey, there. >> hi there, ladies. yeah. there's a lot to do aroundhere, and almost everything here is free, so, folks, if you want to come down here to enjoy t festivities and just sort of take part in the vibe that's building down here, come on down. there's lots happening at play ballpark. we'll talk about that in a bit, but we're in our customary position over by the right fieln ance. behind me, there are people sitting down before the gates open. they don't even open until 4:30. gates are locked, and folks are alreadyining up toet inside. the big storyk inside the par will be the home run derby, anh 's what we've got as we head into it as our big headline.
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bryce harper is expected to be the star of the show tonight. he's the biggest name in the home run derby. he's going to try the event for the firstime because he' actually the only derby participant tonight who has done it before. finished second in 2003. seeded second, however, he's actuallyhe favorite and we'll see how he does tonight. max scrzer, just learned little while ago that he's been named the starter for the national league tonight. that's the third time around for him. he started as an all-star a. he started in an all-star game before and twice now for the nats as our ace here. now, another big story is the weher. here's hoping that max likes it hot, because it is hot out here today, but we're looking forward to tomorrow assewell, bec all eyes are on the rain and storms that are expected to aove into tha event. major league baseball is telling "the washington post" that they oge puttingher some kind of contingency plan that may call for either daying the start of the game until very
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late in the evening or maybe eventp ping until the following day. storm team 4 though will have an updated look at the forecast for tomorrow night, andge they are ing more and more positive that we will get that game in tomorr now, the other big story that we're looking at tonight as well is metro. the union sending metro a message by authorizing a strike, so now that's the question that's hovering over this whole event now istr whether ae happens, and if it does what impact is that going o to have all of the all-star activities? there's so many people that want to get down here, and metro is actually the best way to get down here because there's so many streets and parking restrictions in the area, sold that ce a very big story. we're watching that. more on that an all the other festivities going on up and down the street in just a bit. wendy and t, back to you. all of that going on at one time. >> mm-hmm. that's aan lot. , leon, we'll get back to you. the other major story of the day. both sides of the aisle are blasting the high-stakes summit
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between president trump and russn president vladimir putin. president trump casually denied any iolvement of putin's involvement in the 2016 election and key members of congress h using words s as disgraceful, shameful and missed opportunity to stand up to russia. c's jay gray reports from finland. >> reporter: president trump one-on-one with russian president vladimir puti for more than two hours. >> i think that' a good start, very, very good start for everybody. >> reporter: that start with only the leaders and their translatorsn the room lasting longer than expected before extending to include advisers during a working lunch. the two leaders saying they discussed a wide range of issues. >> the disagreements between our two countries are well known, and preside putin and i discussed them at length today. >> reporter: disagreements including russia cyber assault on the 2016 election. >> i have greatde cone in my intelligence people, but i will
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tell you that president putins extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> president trump refusing to blame russia for election >>interference. have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: politicians from both parties blasted the president's comments. republican jeff flake saying this is shameful while both leaders labltd summiteled the s mpccess and president t suggesting the two will meet again and often. >> continuing coverage over the next three hours and also lester holt is anchoring live from helsinki for "nbc nightly news. m jim handley with more breaking news. a russian national and prominent gun rights advocate has now been arrest and charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of the russian federation.
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maria batinov was arrested yesterday in the district. the fbi says the 29-year-old american university graduate developed relationships wh u.s. lawmakers and a gun rights organization t establish a back channel for the russian government. now, this comes just days after the justice department indicted hose 12 russian intelligenc officers for allegedly interfering in our 2016 election. pat, back to you. >> thanks, jim. even if you don't ride metro, this has the potential to throw a wrench into your plans. a metro workers strike is looming. news 4's darcy spencer is live at metro e center solain to us where both sides stand right now. >> reporter: well, pat, as you may know, yesterday the unies reting bus and train operators voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike. what we're waiting for right nof is the union leadership to make a decision and whetherng ty
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are go tell their workers to start walking the picket line. i want to show you some video starting fromay yeste this shows all the people who showed up to vote. we're told that members of 689 voted 94% in favor of walking f the job. now, this is about wages, work hours, scheduling and a number of other issues. the union says metro, the gm, is ndt respecting workers or the union agreement metro put out a statement for the first time today on this issue saying the gm is trying to increase revenue and reduce costing the system. they say he's trying to protect worker jobs and their pensions. now we did speak to the mayor muirual bowser tod i who madet clear that a strike vote would be ille now the last strike was way back in 1978, so it' been a very long time since something like this has happened. now, metro also says that ere's continuous dialogue between metro and the union.
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they are trying to find common ground. if you want to read that entiren statement,ou go to my twitter feed @darcyspencer. >> all right, darcy. we'll continue following this story. thank you. police in montgomery county need your help locating two young brothers from sver spring. detectives say 9-year-old chris wilson seen here on the left ann 14-year-old rd wilson jr. were last seen sunday afternoon at montgomery valley. the brothers are known to go to goshen plaza. oldest plazaas last seen wearing a red shirt with a picture of marilyn monroe on it. anyone with information should call the number on your screen. let's get back to the mi summer classic now. leon harris is anchoring our coverage fro outside nat park. he's at the salt line. how is it going? >> reporter: hot. >> ye i. >> reporte a word. both in terms of the excheement and weather. boy, we'll talk about that in just a bi. we've been watching the steady
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streams of fans coming. j nicoleobs is a couple blocks north and across the street from the play ball exhibition area, a lot of been watching fans making their way both from the metro station and out of the park. let's go to her w and seet she's seeing upwhere. hos it looking out there? >> reporter: it's hot, like you said, leon, but think about this. imagine how a stadium completely erupts with fan excitement when someone hits a home run. it goes crazy, a that's what tonight is all about, watching their favorites. these fans are here to watch their favorite knock it out of the park. when it comes to baseball in america,there's no holding back and bringing the all-star game to d.c. is like a sports fan's dream. >> i'm excited to see some home runs and hopefully they will just put on show which is what it's all about. >> reporter: just hours before the home run derby, some litrue ns working their way up to
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home run status. thebc 4 team getting in on the fun, too. it's batter up and over the mound for mallorycknight, a softball catcher who loves the game. >> and the hom r derby bryce haer, i'm a nats fan so all-axar game m and bryce. >> reporter: and from denver 10-year-old ryan strauss is a kid of few words. >> t biggest kid baseball fan. >> reporter: it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with his little brother conor. >> bryce harp sneer eitheray ey are here to have fun and have an interesting way of showing it. >> very excited. >> reporter: like show me how excited you >> like a ton. >> reporter: so he really was excited. i couldn't bring much more body language out of him, but trust me, he was exced. you can see fans are making their way to the stadium. fire tcks are in place, and they just lowered the american
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flag for the home run derby that starts at00, so just a little under an hour. i'm nicolee jacobs lght outside of nats stadium. news 4. >> check out the media frenzy here for all-star week. i'm sherree burruss. coming up why bryce harper is keeping his promise taking part derby. home run >> it's amazon prime day now underway. >> consumer reporter sanan h with the biggest steals and deals of the day and dancing front and center. the video ofe micobama having her best leif
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we are live outside of nats park for the anticipation and buildup of the home run derby tonight and all-starrr game to night. if you want to come down, gates won't open until 4:30 or so. if you're coming down here tonight or tomorrow make a plan because transportation in and around this areo is going very, very difficult if not impossible in so many different ways. not going to be easy for you. now, we wanto show you a look at the road closures and restrictions being planned around tats park. al yellow you see is restricted parking. red means the road is closed.
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purple means it's restricted even to foot traffic. now, of course,etro takes you right to center field gate and trains will be running an extra hour, all the way until 12:30 ti 11:30 andf the derby goes on longer than th, don't worry, the trains will keep running until 30 minute after the events. remember to have your smart trip card loaded and ready to go. all of that is the case if metro does not go on strike. if that happens, you definitely will have to come up with a pla" "b which might involve uber or lyft. they have a designated drop-off zone on k street between south capital and third streethr whic is and a half, four blocks north of stadium here. you can't come directly here to the stadium or get picked up here in uber or lyft so keep an eye onhi the nbc wton app. we'll let you know how all of that will be affected and n whether metro does go on strike. wendy and pat, back to you. >> what a mess that would be. thanks, leon. >> thank u. amazon prime day is here. the retail giant is promising
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some deep discounts on more than a million items. corumer repor susan hogan is also working for you to make sure your money is wellpe. hi, susan. >> hey there, wendy. deal of all to get you the website has to work, but amazon's website crashed as soon as prime day began this afternoon. there are report that some customers are getting error messages clicking on some of the urnks. we, of , put a call into the company and are waiting for their response. if you're looking for a deal, we've got some of the best ones for you to look. big you're going to see discounts on all of the azon-branded i'd else like the kindle, echo speakers and the fire stick. you'll find amazon offering a big discot on it music unlimited. that's competing directly with streaming services like spotify and apple music. we're working with you with four ways to seen even more on prime day so you'll want to download the amazon app to receive an additional $5 off on selecd als, get a free echo dot with ach pure of select echo dot
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bundles and spend $10 at whole food and receive a $10 credi that can be used on prime day, and then this is a big one. enter for the chance to win $50,000 in cash by simply asking ur alexa device one of ten diffucent phrases as alexa, what's the news? in order to get tse deals on prime day you have to be a member. no purchase is necessary. you can simplsign up for a ee 30-day trial. just remember to stop it after 30 days. pat, back to you. >> susan, for any is the cancelled? let's go back out now to doug kammerer who is there to talk about whether there's rain in and whether the game might be delayed or postponed tomorrow. >> there' rain in the forecast for this afternoon, and we actually could use a little bit. haven't seen much in the way of rain at all. much o you looki up and are
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seeing thunderstorm activity going on to the west of i-95. leon, we're talking about how hot and humid it's been the last couple of hours. >> it's been a littl bit breezy though. >> yes. >> that's helped out a little bit and cloud cover that's in has given us a break from time to time. >> that cloud cover with a storm. both leon and have got our towels on. >> got our towels. >> learned frequents appearance, we've got to get it going on. >> let's show you what's happening out there radar-wise. that cloud we're looking at that's a orm, that storm right now in fairfax county. take a look at the storms making their way north and east. especially around the prince william c,nty ar around manassas and in and air fairfax and burke, over towards clifton. this storm between fair fox and wo woodbridge and try to move into the district over our head here oover the next hou so. this is one where we might have to seek shelter here because this line is coming through. you notice the line around bethesda, around the western portion of eleay here towards the american legion
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bridge and tyson's corner right into fairfax. this is something we'll be watching. nothing severe at t moment but the one around manassas is a strong storm. the other big factor i the heat. temperature of 95 degrees. hit 97 last hour. degrees at 7:00. it will be very hot and very humid. if we have a shower that may bring that 7:00 temperature down a little bit but wouldn't be p surprised to k down during the storm and right back up through the evening tugh. extremel muggy conditions. take a look at the heat index. 95 is the cuent temperature. the heat index is 103 right now in d., but notice manassas at 74. why? that's where the rain is helping to cool things out just a little bit. again, i do think the temperatures a the heat indll o right back up, amelia, once it moves through. we'll toss it back inside to amelia because this is something we've been watching. the all-star g ne haser been cancelled due to rain. tracking a chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. however, right now we think they
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will get it in. >> absolutely. i think all of the activity tomorrow i goingo be before the all-star game. take a look. here's your forecast. a high tomorrow of 90 degrees. it's muggy so it's feeling like temperatures are in the upper 90s with rain and thundndstorms ar from mainly noon until 7:00 or 8:00 with some heavye rain possitomorrow, very much like what we're seeing right now for those of you inma ssas. future weather 7:00 a. we're all dry. cloudiness out the a. evund lunchtime, still looking at dry conditions so can you head to thool or run an errand on your lunch break. once you get past lunchtime, 1:00, 2:00 p.m. we start t seat thunderstorms fire and notice that on future weather. that's the potenti for some very heavy rain and some can be slow moving. isolated issues out there around 4:00 p.m. just starting our newscastnd we're tracking thunderstorms with you with lots of light anything and he haveai eul. by 5:00 p.m. they are along and east of i-95. 7:, this when an actual cold front is moving through the
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area and any showers with it just west of washington and then they fizzle out. we're starting the all-star game and with perfect we have low humidity, clearing skies and temperatures not as stifling as they are right now. humid with thunderstorms from noon to 8:00 and beautifulwe esday, thursday and friday and more stormsn potentially sunday. we'll have more from the game come up at6:00. >> thanks, namelia. just a former first lady, she's a full-fledged member ofbe nce's bey hive. next scott evans from "access" shows us more of this video thas seems thow former first lady michelle obama living it up in the front row. >> hand local drivers are getting aggressive. the crackdown on maryland's -- one of maryland's
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>> former first lady michelle obama is definitely living it up since loafing the white house. >> over the weekend this video surfaced. first lady rocking it out to beyonce and jay-z in france, and, of course, no surprise. she's right there on the front
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row. >> yeah. >> she's a big fan. here to talk about her appearance at that concert scott evans from "access." scott, she seemed to be having a really good time. >> listen, it is hard to not have a really good time at a beyonce and jay-z concert. >> that's true. >> they are epic, but theto paris over the weekend became pretty legendry. you think about it. the day after bastille day. france just won the wupld they showed the winning moment right before their concert stard. what -- h could you possibly top it, right? well, former first lady mnhelle obama the front rowci danng it up with beyonce's mother miss tona knowles. we've got to break down this video, i see my aunty in both of them. they got the momesance m and the little knee bop and the snap and when the smokes sta going and miss tina is like, she's fanning the smoke. i'm gonna sit down. is beyonce on the stage in no, i' gonna sit down.
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it's hilarious but michelle n i li me. i'm here. 's awesome. think about it. could you ever think that you would'r -- y that close to the stage. jay-z is on it. are you sitting down or standing up and doing your? mam >> you're on your feet. >> had a little bit of both depending on what kind s ofes i have on, you know. i'm just being honest. >> just being avreal. >> i to work up and down, a little bit up and ait little down. >> take a break. give people a chance behind me to see. >> it's a long concert. you've got plenty of time. >> the mom dance. >> now they are calling it that. >> the m-. >> you two will be just be fine doing the mom-bop. but might want to jazz it up with a. should >> scott evans, looks like you've got the moves. >> thank you, dear. >> we got it, we got if. >> going to take it back now to leon who is on the move in the
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heat. intually you're stathere baking, but it's going to be a hot night anyway. >> and help's got a towel. >> reporter: here at the park they like it when it's hot the ball flies out quicker and farther. that could be good news for the, guut one guy in particular looking to have a big night, f all the biggest night the heavy hitters inside
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(sound of footsteps) ound of car door opening (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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welcoment back. uing to keep a close eye on storm team 4 radar with heavy rainfall in parts of montgomery, fair faction and prince william county. moving into bethesda right now, the district right after 50 p.m. that's good news because that means it will be out of here for the home run derby. moving towards waldorf around 6:20 and buoy at 6:40 and annapolis just before 8:00 p.m. the other story is the heat. home run derby getting underway and feeling like 15 degrees out there. pat? >> thanks, amelia. and now at:3 we're just a few hours away from the home run derby down at nats park. >> and one of the big stars of that event will be the nationals own bryce harpereto get out to the ballpark and leon
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with more on the big show. leon?ah >> reporter: path, bryce harper is no doubt the biggest star performing tonight, and his performance tonight is anticipated so much not just by the fans but by himself as well. he's notte partici in the eome run derby since 2013. controversy when did that time aron. now the question is why did he decide to do it now? our sherree burruss went to go find out. the brightest ineb bl here in d.c. for all-star week. tomorrow is the all-star game and tonight the home run derby and brycearper has been telling national fans if he gets selected, he'll participated. fans, finally the wait is over. >> being able to do it in d.c., you , being able to do it in ndont of the fans, you know, have some fun and enjoy that, and doing it in new york w a lot of fun as well, but, you know, different forma and fferent area and looking forward to, you no, to tonight.
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>> reporte do you feel extra pressure in. >> for a home r derby and all-star game there's no pressure. you go out there and have fun. so many great baseball players in this league and so many great players that are here, you know, in d.c. and i think as a fan and as a play you look at it and just want to enjoy that with them and really enjoyg that time, you know, with my mom and d and in-laws and my wife as well and just taking that all in. >> harper will be taking on atlanta braves fir baseman freddie freeman in the first round of the home run derby. thr lockers are next to each other and already talking a little o smack. mo that coming up. from nationals park, sherree burruss, ns 4 sports. >> very interesting for bryce to talk about havingun because he hasn't fun through the first aving a the season tough time at the plate. this could be something he needs to get himself on track for the second half of th season. the gates are just getting open and the festivities inside the park kick off at 8:00 and much
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more coverage here and on the nbc washington app. pat and wendy, back to you. >> sounds like a lot of fun. > now to a tal of two summits, whether it was a success may depend on how yew russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. the expectations were set fairly low, butn ameri citizens who hoped to hear the president confront vladimir putin came awayisappointedoday. blayne alexander is on capitol hill now with reaction. >> reporter: we're hearing criticism flying from all different angles, words like shameful, not a good moment, and those are words coming from fellow republicans. here in washington all eyes are on the helsinki summit, specifically what president d trump said on't say to vladimir putin about russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> president trump had three opportunities to speak to this and ryrefused e single time to criticize putin. >> reporter: not only refusing to call vladimir putin but refusing to acknowledge russia
4:33 pm
even interfered. >> i beat hillary clinton easily. >> reporter: and declining to say whether he believed u.s. intelligence for a strong denial fromputin. >> i have confidence in both parties. >> he could have pushed backnd agreed with his own intelligence team. he had the opportunity to do it, and he decided not to. >> reporter: on capitol hill criticism crossing pty lines. republican senator john mccain calling it one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory. from trump ally lindsey graham, a missed opportunity. democrat chris murphy calling the entire trip one giant middle finger from president trump to his own country. >>re thedent is doing grave harm to the standing of these united states. >> reporter: a summit now more noteworthy for what was left unsaid than what was done. >> you heard washington reaction. so what exactly does russia think of today's summit?
4:34 pm
today that country's foreign minister called the talks fabulous and better than super. patn the. >> blayne alexander, thanks, blayne. right now hundreds of landscape professionals from across the country are volunteering their time and their talent for a dayf service at arlington national cemetery. we're going to introduce you to some of the people who are helping honor the nation's veterans and
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we have some breaking news right now. good news for you. thoy two little missing in montgomery county have been found unharmed and they are fine. we told you about 9-year-old chris wilson and 14-year-old reginald wilson earliern this newscast. police say the pair were found today walking down the street i gaithersburg. they are both fine. that'sood news. > well, now that tap water is safe to drink again in d.c., water officials say they are reviewing ways t better warn customers about water problems in the future. theoil waterdvisory wased
4:38 pm
lift yesterday. a malfunction at a pumping station led to the advisory being issued onrn friday ing, but it took hours for d.c. water to notify the public. >> we were able to take care of the malfunctionhat occurred. we're investigating that, and that has been taken care of now, and so we're at a point now where we can be very happy that everyone's drinking water is safe. >> d.c. waterays they plan to host a roundtable discussion on how to better notify customers in the future. wa far though officials say they are not are of anyone becoming sick because w of theer. good news for the economy today. u.s. sales increased half a percent in june despite the highest prices and modest wage gains. june's report follows a big gain in may. the numbers suggest americans are confidence about the economic outlook. retail sales rose more than 6.5% from a year earlier, the fastest annual pace in five years. who doesn't like baby
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pictures. the british royal family released these official photo, of bring louis taken after his christening including the tended family along with the grandparents, of course, and brings harry andn meg markle. the christening took place one week ago today. the photos werehe taken at royal london residence, the clarence house. well, we'll tim you about a crackdown on dangerous driving on one of maryland toll roads. >> police say one group of s in particular are the worst offenders, and they have plans in place to stop them. >> and we are live down her on the salt line right outside nats park wh fans lin up to get into the park tonight for the home run derby tonight. but we're tracking some dark clouds and thunderstorm activity right now. take a look at storm team 4 radar showing those storms and mair way to the d.c. area.
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>> reporter: here at nats park we're waiting for the xwats to open for the home run derby. fans are alreaining up. i misspoke. the gates don't open at they open at 5:00. meanngme, how about four t to know this evening about the all-star game in d.c. first, this is goi to be the fifth time that it's been played other in washington. only chicago andew york have hosted it more often. may be surprised toha learn and that's impressive because d.c. didn't have a baseballeam for years so this is the first time it's been held here in 49 years. get this. in the entire history of the major league baseball all-star game, all 88 games, the series is td. wins for the american league hand 43 wins for the nationalnd
4:44 pm
league two ties between the two leagues, so the night or actually tomorrow night could be for the ultimate bragging right for at least another year. >> yes. >> they will take it. >> all rig ly. >> thankn. >> the icc took a while to catch on around here hand now that more motorists are using itore are seizing on it and not just in king abo folks speedin vehicles a look at who they will target. >> the ntinterc countor or icc, 45 miles ofut connector increasingly this stretch is getting known for something less desirable. known for speeding a aggressive driving on the icc. >> want to let people know that the icc that we're aware and listening to the concerns. >> reporter: policup are steppig heir efforts to clamp down on dangerous driving on the route. they sayor mclists aren't the biggest defenders, and those
4:45 pm
who do say it s a threa to safety on the icc and mbta police say they won't beth chasg but will be going after them. >> it forces us to use different types of strategies that we're looking to employ and not all that i'm going to put out today for public knowledge and it forces us a little creative and how we do that follow-up. >> crashes are actuall down about 20% over the last year and that's a trend that they plan to continue. >> a big attraction in prince george's county will get even bigger. a $46 mlion expansion unveil at mgm national harbor. this will happenrs two y after the casino opened. this expansion included a new second floor poker run and hundreds of aitional slot machines and a ne tariflook at
4:46 pm
demand. >> leon is taking a look at the forecast. seeing the dark clouds behind u and look at the radar. what arehaou seeing? >> stuff is blowing in here right now. the breeze feels really nice. the temperature was 97 with a hint dec heat index of 107. that's dropped significantly. literally have storms all the way around us right now. that storm right now just out at the airport. that oneight there around the falls chuh area about eight miles away from bus, that's rain that's inbound and up and across behind the camera looking at storms around the bethesda area. all kind o moving this way, and as you just came on, i was texting amelia draper. one thing that we get here. called the d.c. spl. thes things come through and they kind ofent right around. that's what this stuff is looking and therm strongest s is bethesda and north and south. >> that wouldn't be bad.
4:47 pm
>> great for the evening for the events tonight. >> and even for tomorrow. >> they willomeg on through here. and tracking thetorms as she moved on right now and we think the home run derby will be fine. 95 degrees right now. cooler around b here 5, 6:00 tonight and back by 95, 96 degrees. dropped down to 90 now at theh airport what cooler air and making a way for the storm and the numbe will be coming on down. how about the radar pictures and let's show you the radar r now. storm team 4 radar tracking the storms and the strongest of which stilln our southern zones. we're talking about areas like down around culpeer and in towards manassas and the prince william and fairfaxouy loon. let's zoom on into that one and they are kinnd of forming dissipating and you see more storms forming in other locations and bethesda back towards coolsville and
4:48 pm
gaithersburg and t watching storm coming through fairfax and kind of dissipating in our area. seat one aroun bethesda brings a very heavy rain and also around the potomac area and rockville and in a around the d.c. metro area right n and amelia, we're tracking this now because you and i weret j texting us. you're coming back on. seeing the line move towards d.c. and the kind of split right around us. we still think we'll get; but it may not be too strong. >> i have to agree.he i'm watching lightning with the storms moving towards you guys and out towards fairfax and a lot of lightning is dropping out and that's one huge indicator we loo to as storms are strengthening or weakening when we see storms fall out. it changes direction and was heading due east and direction towards the northeast and around 10 miles pd hour. ban the latest if all else remains equal, if this is munfolding minute byute, we'll keep you up to date here on news andacebook and
4:49 pm
twitter as well. around 5:30 washington, around 5:40 and clinton, maryland, around 6:40. bottom line. scattered storms and thunderstorms. we're largely dry and more storms torrow and a better chance that all of us wdel see much-nrain. and we couldvy see h rainfall that could lead to isolated flooding. the timing for storms tomorrow is until noon to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. in southern maryland. any storms are out of the district. a look. here's a look at the forecast. heading down there and the gates are opening. a chance for storms at that point. arature around 85, but if you hold off even until about 6:00 p.m. i really think you should start to be okay.
4:50 pm
m.8:00 noticing that humidity drop and 81 degrees as the game is getting under way and actually a really nice summer night. 78 degrees and lower humidity and mainly clear skies out there. so here is yourea storm 4 four-day forecast. isolated storms tonight and then an 80% chance that you're dealing with thunderstorms tomorrow night and not a great pool day. it's still humid and less humid on wednesday with plenty of sunshine andhursday and friday you're looking really nice as long. temperatures in the 880s and normal for this time of the year. first half of the weekend looking good on saturday with a look of 88 degrees and there is a chance for scattered showers and thundershowers and othwise th humidity is back with a temperature of 87. pat. >> a littl bit of relief there. thanks, amelia. >> if you are trying to save some money but you still want to enjoy the all-star excitement, look no further thany the p ballpark. major league baseball has set this up fe. it's interactive and outdoors
4:51 pm
and right across from nat park.a it's ba's initiative to try to get youngsters more interested in the game and more excited about it. play ballpark is open today until 7:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. unt 7:00 p.m. again, that's right across from napark. all-star week has brought a lot of action to nats park and baball legends and celebrities competed in a softball game last night. news 4 was there as oscar-wing actor jamie foxx and d.c. native raleigh practiced their swings along with jennie finch. >> this baltimore bakery had a rat that was caught crawling all over the food last wednesday. this is buttercup bakery in lexi someone saw the rat roaming over the cookie stand and pulledth o e cell phone to catch it in the act and you s t pictures. >> the bakery shut down
4:52 pm
temporarily so that it could clean up and inspect the area and bake more cookies the general manager says a worker may have left door open, d when he triedo catch the rat it was too late. >> so the rat had good time in there. >> a good time to start a diet en you think i need a cookie, maybe not. maybe can i give up sugar now. >> hundreds of people across tha country arlington national cemetery today for a lovely ent. >> they are landscaping professionals, many veterans. what they are doing is their part to clean up the cemeterou we'll tell about the day of service. also, the program is helping business boost salaries so those who make minimum wage inur o
4:53 pm
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outside the right field entrance here at nats park and
4:56 pm
looking for the gates to open.go our eyes. watching the hundreds of people first their way down street to come in during this gate and also watching them to see them open the gates at 5:00 as planned and we'll also be keeping our eye on the weather because all of a sudden it's a faisor. doug hasye on that and we might be seeing a d.c. split with a stormhat's headed our way. a look at that and everything happening inside the stadiums continue our coverage in just 2:00. >> thanks, leon. >> they are giving back in the how.way that we know national association of landscape professionals is helping out at arlington national cemetery, and the service project hits pretty close to home for any volunteers. nbc's nicky carvajal has the story from washington. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery, a place ofe. remembra hallowed ground that serves as comfort for those whoavlost. >> arlington national cemetery is beautiful. we're here to participate and do what we can to make it look
4:57 pm
better. >> reporter: for the past 22 years landscapena profess have been making an annual pilgrimage to volunteer their expertise at arlington. they are taking care of irrigation systems and keeping the grass healthy and building where they need for dozens of workers, it's just one day in a lifetime of service. there will no doubt be a moment at some point in time wherellt really hit me. >> rogerpe feld eight years in the navy and is here to honor alamate lost in 9/11. he wants him to know he's not forgotten. >> he was in one of the planes ent into the pentagon, a that will be hard, but, hey, we live on, and that's -- they are part of this story. >> reporter: there are about 400 volunteers on the ground from velington today from all the country and some of them are using it as an opportunity to earn about sacrifice and what that means. >> did i remember my time in the military.
4:58 pm
>> there landscapers passing on to the next generation. >> okay. we'lln push d the dirt like that. >>lyes. >> exact. >> honoring the sacrifices of the past but also looking to the future. >> seeing all the kids out there today, it makes you feel good and like the country is going in the rig>> direction. eporter: a day of service for those who serve to give back to those who gave everything. nicky carvajal, nbc news, arlington, virginia. >> now at 00, batter up. the. >> the festivities in full swing as they get red for the major league baseball all-star game. we have team coverage tonight from the home run derby. >> metro's biggest union votes to avert a workers strike. >> betting on the future. the$5 nearly million plan to expan the casino at the mgm national harbor.
4:59 pm
>> we're going to start the laid we all of these storms blaring up and sweeping into the district. oh, boy, are they kicking up and they wilct have a big im on the all-star festivities this evening but most assuredly the ride home so let's head to amelia draper. she's in the storm center with the word. >> right now i'm tracking thunderstorms pretty muc in the d.c. metro area. not a lot of activity in prince george's activity and overall movement with the thunderstorms now with the northeast and they are moving slowly at 10 miles per hour. can you see them impacting at the top of the beltway moving in the fairfax along 66 and heading to montgomery county. heavy rain down around poolsville and betheaa a and spur and continuing on towards savage, maryland. what i'm lookingt ver closely is nats park, and ilmarked that here with an "x"n storm team 4 radar. no lightly thankfully in this, and this is onlil two away
5:00 pm
and it is heading in the direction of nats park so maybe some showery activity down there and maybe a rble of thunder and anything that happens there is going to be over by 7:00 p.m., so home run derby tonight. the actual main event likely is not going to be b impact storms, but it is going to be impacted by heat and humidity and while we're down to 87 degrees, and this is just brief relief. we're going to see the heat and p.m.ity build back at 9:00 still around 87 degrees and by 11:00 p.m. and it's a warm and muggy 90 degrees. >> and our other bigto d.c. looking to hit a home run as it hosts the major league all-sta game. big game is the fun has already begun. fans taking in as much as they can and tonight baseball's hvy hitters will flex their muscles for a home run de


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