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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and it is heading in the direction of nats park so maybe some showery activity down there and maybe a rble of thunder and anything that happens there is going to be over by 7:00 p.m., so home run derby tonight. the actual main event likely is not going to be b impact storms, but it is going to be impacted by heat and humidity and while we're down to 87 degrees, and this is just brief relief. we're going to see the heat and p.m.ity build back at 9:00 still around 87 degrees and by 11:00 p.m. and it's a warm and muggy 90 degrees. >> and our other bigto d.c. looking to hit a home run as it hosts the major league all-sta game. big game is the fun has already begun. fans taking in as much as they can and tonight baseball's hvy hitters will flex their muscles for a home run derby. >> all eyes will be on that
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event ande'll have coverage and leon harris with a look at todas big headlines. >> leon. >> hi there, guys. this is starting to really build up here. we're watching hundreds of people make their way t down street here. seeing a lot of people in on the line o the steps out here. entrance base line over here at the park. lots of things stilln going in the play ballpark which is free if you want to come out and hang out down her and you don't need a ticket to go in there and, of course, the party is going on er here at the salt line and they have been added for a few hours at this particular point andine're also wat the skies and we'll keep our ears tuned to what's happening t metro. a big issue with that and more coming up on that in a bit. back to you in the studio. >> leon, thank yo now to new details about a man murdered in his alexandria office. we're learning more about wha his suspected killer did as he
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tried to get away. our northern virginia bureau chief julie deary is live along king street in old tow with the latest on this. jules? >> reporter: multiplend blunt sharp force injuries, that's what the medical examiner's report said killed brad jackson but p won't say whether a knife or other weapon was used. folks here arexpressing their sorrow. they remember brad jackson as a man about town, someby who had a friendly greeting for the friendsnd now left with a big question what prompted this very violent attack that claimed his life? brad jackson known from one end of old town to the other, the 65-year-old used to work on the dandy, the excur boat on the waterfront before he took t b as marketing manager at window universe. he was found dead in that offic just befor friday. the accused killer was arrested out frontnd christianmyers,
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the victim's former roommate and good friend. >> i would jus like to know what would drive someone to do this. brad dn't have any enemies. he was a carefree loving person. that's it. >> reporter: the accused killer is a man from new jersey.s ar was towed away from behind the murder scene on friday. he's hired one of northern virginia's most high-profile defense attorneys to represent him. news 4 has learned new details about the violent incident. when the suspect fled from the building, he jumped int this silver mercedes. the shopper who owned it h just gotten out to pay for parking, her adult daughter still inside. he made his way into the driver's seat and this woman heard car owner's scream. >> we drn't h anything unusual until a woman started sleeking, and she was very upset. >> reporter: three men from norb shops came running and followed the trail oflood to the upstairs office where they made their terrible discove. brad jacksso y basod o w overturned. witnesses say the mercedes owner kept locking the car until
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police got there to arrest the man. >> think she probably did the right thing by creating attention, you know, drawing attention to your self. imean, she just be very brad. >> reporter: brad jackson's grieving friends left with the looming question. >> what caused the- this other individualo violently attack him and, you know, what the situation was. definitely still a mystery. >> now the other big question -- the other big q victim and the suspect know one another in the victim's friends think so but police are keeping that infor tion under wraps right now. that suspect is being held without bond. back to you now in the >> all right, julie carey, thank you. now to e story that has the whole world talking. president trump on his way back here toasngton after that whirlwind overseas trip that culminated with thi meeting with vladimir putin that's drawing heavy criticism even from members ois h own party tonight. speaking in helsinki, the
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tsesident praised putin and russia for hosting of the world cup. mr. trump also blasted the special counsel's investigation, and when asked about election meddling he said he saw no reason why russia h woulde interfered, and he relitigated his own victo over hillary clinton. >> i hold both countries responsible. i think that the united states has been foolish. i think we've all been foolish. the probe is ar disas for our country. >> could you name a single fact that would definitively prove the collusion. it's utter nonsense. >> i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that presint putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> putin also offered for russians to interrogate the dozen russian security officers
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charged lasteek in the mueller probe and allowed mueller's team to observe and not allowed to extradite him to the u.s. and still president trump called had a, quote, incredible offer. >> a number of lawmakers found the president's performance disgrailful and john mccain said e president questioned the free pass and paul ryan said russia is not our ally and went on to hold rush accounble. t reporter: outside of nat park
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we're just feeli first park openain as the bryce harper is the star of the show tonight. he's the biggest name in the home run derby and will try to win this event for the first time. max scherzer wasust named as the all-star starter for the national league, third time he's een named starter for the all-star game and second time in a row as the nats ace. second story is the weather. hotter out here and cooler now has the cloudsave moved in. all eyes are on rain and storms moving in tomorrow. storm team will have an updated forecast tomorrow night wming up, and the other big storyre watching is metro. the union sending metro a message by authorizing a strike, and the big question is will the orrike happen at the worst possible time the city, and what impact could that have on all-star festivities. we've got more on that coming up as well. metro definitely up and running for the moment because we're watching fans offload and heading down here and walking past nicole jacobs up here from
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m street and first across the street from play ballpark and she's been talking to the fans. hey, any vol. >> hey there, leon. the wind is picking up here as ll. we'retarting to see a few raindrops but i can tell you one of the most exciting things today despite the weather has been seeing baseball fans come to dc and really enjoy this experience, but i've got to say it lookedike the hometown favorites are in the majority. >> bryce harper. >> reporter: there's no questioning who the hometown favorite is. >> in the home run derby bryce inrper. >> reporter: but m the trip from houston to d.c. was as no brain fwr brainer. >> go houston. we're going to go back to back. >> goty man alex bregman in the home run derby. >> from the d.c. area and be totally outnd when it comes to the team across his chest. >> i always wear my red sox jersey, patriots jersey, any
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nd of boston sports. >> reporter: antonio did sometimes get dissed. nonetheless, this all-star orperience is every baseball fan you can imagine. o >> just come philly next year. >> reporter: from corn hole to buying newsoear, there's thing for everyone, even young fans taking a bet on how many home runs they will see at derby. >> 130 maybe. >> like 200. >> reporter: but what this means for d.c. is t real standout, no matter the team, no matter the city. everyone converging here for a baseball experiee like no other. >> good for the city and the people and the sports fans of d.c. to keep all this hype going. >> and play ball! >> reporter: here comes the rain, guys. the rain is come,ut the fans are still heading into the park. i can tell y things are getting started right now. 5:00, and based on the name we hear the most today, it looks like bryce harper is the fan favorite. leon, back to you.
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>> nicole, that's absolutely no doubt. bryce harper is the name on everyone's lips. everyone wants to see him do well tonight, but our sherree burruss sat down with him andut foundthere's friendly rivalry involved in his performance tonight. that's coming up in just ait jim, back to you in the studio. >> looking forward to that and what is that, a golf-sized umbrella, leo doesn't need it. >> all right. >> doug knows something we don't. coming up, mgm opened its doors less than two years ago now, the casino already talking about expanding. ahead at 5:00, the plaind the nearly $50on mil in upgrades. >> i'm darcy spencer at metro center. there is a strike looming involving metro bus and train operators. ming up, i'll tell you how your commutend the all-star game could be impacted. bout fiver for minutes and tracking a little bit in the way of rain right now. rain continues to make its way down here. it's fairly light. i've got the umbrella.
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most people walking around without them. this rain shouldn't last allg. that l we'll take a much closer look at the radar to let you know wha this rain means for the home run derby. for us it's about to get heavier as
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dozens of affordable housing coming to the district. mayor muriel bowser breaking groundn abrams hall today
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which is going to bring 80 affordable apartments to the area. the new complex built in a structure that served barracks housing for soldiers with long-term medical issues ande medical c needs. who could still live on their ren for the most part? the apartmentsart of the major development of the park at walter reed little phased in overhe next 1 to 15 years. we don't have to tell you that living in the dmv is expensive if you make minimum wage. it can be very tough to make ends meet. the living wage is tmot of money you need to earn to pay your bills. a group of alexandria residents and officials have a new plan to encourage employers to pay workers more. the living wageti ccation highlights businesses who pay a living wage in the hopes of encouraging other companies to follow their lead. >> it's the pressure b good example f.people see a decal in the window or the logo on a
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website, that looks good for potential employees who might be interested, so it can raise the quality and level of your employment, and it also is good customer service. businesses must apply if they meet the quell faycations and they can display the logo. theogo willlso advertise for businesses that qualify.el >> we're keerg up, folks, for a great couple of days ofba ba around here with the all-star game back in washington for the first time in decades, and we'll have a few hometown guys competing today and tomorrow. leon head back out to harris out near the ballpark. with more on that as you await the drops, you've g some shelter there. >> reporter: yish. tuff moved in here quickly, though doug saw it coming about an hour or so ago. we're in good shape.
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>> oh, yeah. >> reporter: we've been talking up unt now about guys participating in the home run derby, focusing on bryce harper being the biggest namehere. e nats are also going to be in the all-star game along with them, here who is representing this team this time around this year. two o themhe biggest stars and hottest names in the game. of course, we all know bryce v harpered in by the fans inrting at his usual pos right field. this his sixth all-star appearance and could be his last onen aats uniform. he's a free agent after the end of this season, and he's not yet participated in the home run derby since 2013 and waiting for it to come here to d.c.,kno you he wants to put on a big show tonight for the fans with him, whethery in this c or any other one going forward, but e'll keep our fingers crossed on that. the other big star, nats ace max scherzer would be will be starting the game for the national t league, the thie he's started an all-star game. that's an honor usually reserved for the best in the game and max
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hehas been that for last four years. he's been an all-star everyng year since being a national and an all-star many of you may not be familiar withle you really follow the team sean doolittle. he's the nats ace clor. ame to d.c. last july in a trade, so this is actually hn second sea with the nats, but it turns out he's actually not a stranger to the area. doolittle pitched for the university o virginia, the wahoos and will suit up tonight an tomorrow but is not expected to play because he's nursing a toe injury and theats expect him to come back to their team which is most important to him and to the nats for sure. one thing someone asked me whenu we came t here. will doug be yting? anime we go outdoors you know doug has to find some foodw some some way and lo and behold he's batting a 000. >> didn't know you were coming to me that quick. we've got some good stuff. >> gave you plenty of time.
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>> love i down here. i'm with paul holder, one of the owners here. you guys have gone jut nott for this but every event down here in d.c. had d.c.te u and everything going on the last few days and tonit is the home run derby and tomorrow the classic. >> we've been looking at this date for two years. before we openede this w knew it was an important date not just for us or the city. we're out here representing d.c. with the half smoke and our new england cuisi with the crazy lobster tail. a little rain coming through here right now. >> justle a li >> told that we're working ton. >> don't worry. >> but wre ready for everyone to come on down here, right by the first base gates, hav lobster tail, a beer and wait for the lines to subside and walk on in. >> come on in, leon. you know. you've not been able to eat the -- >> e ry time you dothis, you do it with something i'm deathly allergic to. half smokes, not on that list.
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>> you gott i this time. >> look, guys. just that quick. we're good now. just that quick. i'll be right back. i'll be right back.oi we're to toss it back into you guys. i've got some weather coming up in a few minutes. we'll talk about where the storms are and right now though we've got some work to do. >> you get to eat. just want to make sure. >> the storm didn't take long. there's a good chance for dou to take little weather break and food break. always noise that he's well fed. >> doug never stops eating, and it's constant. >> that's true. >> i know you. >> enjoy. bon >> been there and seen it. the. >> yeah. >> we have a company under investigation for targeting elderly homeowners i an alleged pre-cutting scheme. developments in the undercover investigation from consumer reporter susan hogan. >> and widespread storms in the forecast. doug isack with look as he
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finishes chewing and digesting the impact on tomorrow's all-star game as well,
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all right. the rain came and the rain went as far as the game is concerned, but n necessarily for the neighborhood. it's industrial moving through. how is it looking?
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>> that was fast. >>ah it is fast. it came through and lasted maybe ten minutes. had a brief downpour. that was it. most of it fairly light. good news down at the salt line. yore waiting to comn down here. they are down here. thumbs up now that the rain is over. okayd. paul was happy about the rain getting out of here, too, because obviously they have a great setup down here at t saltline right outside of nats park and, of course, for the home rune derby cone want to see any rainfall and do want to see warmre tempera warm, humid conditions will help the ball go a lot farther so that's good news.or tonig we want to see the home run balls go on as far as they bryce harper. come on, got you, baby. let's show you what's happening right here at the stadium. we notice there they are with the "x." t they are n the north and east of us and you'll see where some of the heavier rain is. you're seeing some of the hinvy ra with thunderstorm activity and especially towards montgomery county and now really into howard county right around
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laurel where all three countie and prince george's and howard and montgery meethere we're seeing the heavy rain. the rest of the area now is stting to die off just little bit so that's some good news. number.ees the current we will go back up. we will go back up after we see some sunshine here in the next 45 minutes. temperatures will shoot rht back up. let's get aik feels93 at 7:00 and 87 by 9:00. that's the way it will feel. to a ve, very warm and muggy night. speaking of the heat index. let's speak of the numbers right now h where wee seen the rain. we have seen the heat indices come down. 86 in d.c. and 1100 and 98 in leesburg. still a very hotidnd h day. ties for the warmest day we've seen so far this year. so far, amelia, i think we hit the 97 degrees. actually thanking, you know, my lucky stars we had the showers come through. it feels a whole lot better out here right now. a little bit morerr on to's
5:25 pm
weather and let's go inside to amelia. >> more srms out there tomorrow and even more widespread than we saw this afternoon. the time line between noon and 7:00. 7:00 a.m we'rery and humid and already at 78 degrees. 9 degrees bylunchtime and storms at that point starting to fire in west virginia and movg through t area from west to east. largely during the afternoon hours. 00 p.m. a temperature of 86 and tracking scattered thunderstorms. by 7:00 p.m. the storms are east of 95. we're starting to see the sunshine retn and 83 degrees. now, unlike today when the sunshine returns tomorrow, we'll seat humidity levels d comen so tomorrow evening it's not going to be as sticky and mug tside once the storms come to an end. future weather quickly showing you how we're a still dryund noon, but once we head towards 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., we start to see the thunderstorms move into frederick, loudoun andauquier county but 3:00 or 4:00 p.m., moving through. d.c. metro, montgomery, prince george's, irfax, prince william, the district, arlington
5:26 pm
and alexandria. a broken lin with very heavy rain that we'll be watching for the potential of some isolated ooding tomorrow afterno and evening. 5:00 p.m. we're largely dry and maybe a lingering shower around at 7:00, but most of this is mpletely over by 7:00 p.m., and then we seat skies clearing as the all-star game gets under way. other he's the four-day forecast. high temperature on wednesday of 88 degreesnd lower humidity out there, and plenty of sunshine on thursday. a temperature of 87. as we look to friday, temperatur will be warming into the upper 830, low humidity and then looking at the weekend saturdht now is looking like the better of the two weekend days because we do hee the cha for some our erstorms out there on sunday, and i don't know if you heard the dinging, but i believe we've had a severe thunderstorm warning issued. if i hado gue it would be for parts of howard county. much more on that coming up in a lile bit, wendy and jim. >> thank you, amelia. >> you clicked on a linkex pecting to find the discoun
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and deals, but you got a picture of a dog and an error message instead? >> really annoying especially if you're a cat person. just ahead, an update on the ssues afftingamazon's prime day. the number one text generator in prince george's county is about to give aittle reoney. i'm m
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a look at the radar right now at 5:30. these are stormsre that sweeping through parts of the dmv. storm team 4 tracaing this fully ahead of tonight's home run derby. amelia and doug are backith an updated forecast in just a few minutes. commuters and basall fans ike are holding their breath because they are waiting for metro's next move. ovee thend metro's largest union voted to strike. >> news 4's darcy spencer explains what is being done right now to keep those workers on the job. >> metro is running as normalda to and buses and trains are moving thousands of riders. how long will it last? we're waiting to see what theio representing bus and train operators will do next. local 689 work verse voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. >> that's craze, because that's how i usually to that or do the slug line which is better, way better. i rely on metro a lot.
5:31 pm
that wouldn't be good. >> the union's executive board thed vote any time to wal picket line. >> i believe the workers they know what they derve, and if they feel they are not being treated as much -- as good as they should be treated, teyn ave every right to go on strike. >> reporter: if the union imrikes, that could ct the all-star game at national park tuesday. tens of thousands are expected to ride metro to the game. deat inc this disabled veteran who uses the metro bus. you tught about that. you're in town for the all-star game. >> well, i'm concerned basically they -- they need to have a backup plan. >> reporter: but it appears there isn't one. of theans is the cha metro board. he says if there's a strike it would shut down transportation in the region. he's hopeful that won't happen. >> so we're all unnoticed that something could happen, and if it does w h don'te a plan now, but we'll have to come up with one. >> reporter: some riders they would support a strike and others would not. they just want to know if it's going to happen so they did make
5:32 pm
plans to find another way to work. >> rig now there no indication that a strike would happen tomorrow, but we are staying on top of t story, and we'll let riders know if their commute could be impacted. at metro center, darcy news 4 , >> big changes planned for mgm national harbor. a $48 million expansion is now r in the. it includes a larger poker room and an offngrack bet lounge. more slot machines, a newar and fast casual dining. what does that mean? and it allrings 250 brand-new jobs. bruns george county bureau chief tracee wilkins has the first look. >> i like the expansion and i'm looking forward to playing and t nothing a game. >> reporter: if you like poker, you'll love what mgm national harbor has done. >> what we've done is added an additional seven poker tables to the second floor. currently we have 46. >> i like this >> reporter: the new 38,000 square foot sce is on the
5:33 pm
second floor above the current casino that costs $48 million to create and in order to operate itmgm has hired some 250 new they say most of them are from prince george's county. >> 46 poker tables, a cage and then a snack bar and a bar. thatecequires thatse we're open 24/7. >> there are also 262 additional slot machines in the new space. mgm is winning theaming revenue raised and with next pangs it's just a few games away from i largest competitor. >> based upon the demand of o customers we knew we could grow that and knew we wanted to deliver a better experience for our customers. >>y especiaf customers wanted to increase the amount of revenue coming for schools. protesters around maryland pushed the issue to a statewide revenue for november. >> my daughter is 5 years old an hopefully the impact mgm will make in the community will
5:34 pm
be able to contribute to the school system to impact my a daughter well. > reporter: for all of you poker players used to the area being on the main floormot's d to the new space which means more space in the casino now for slots and also additional table games that. translates into more tax money for prince george's county and the state of maryland. at national harbor, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. just a few hours away from the home run derby at nats park. local fans are ready for bryce harper in action this evening. leon harris is at the park with more on that and theai that's come and gone and how is it looking now. people -- must be getting crowded down there by now. the crowd has actually made its way inside, so we don't see nearly as many people outside right now, and the rain hasle actuallyed up, so if they are inside they are in their seats and not hiding out underneath the porticos.
5:35 pm
let'sope it stays that way. bryce harper, everyone expects this to be therycearper show. earlier we said he'll be playing right field tomorrow night. turn out he'll in center field for tomorrow night, and that's going to be center stage for him and for all the fans of his who are going to be here to watch him knock these balz out of the park. heroes one thing that fascinans you w you learn about the players it's what motivates him. metimes they just wanto put on a great show for their hometown fans and other times tere's certainngs like friendly rivalries like the one between bryce harper a the m he's going to stay in the first round tonight. >> reporter: hit it over the wall or does it matter? that's the mindset for tonight's home rerby. the nationals bryce harper is looking to wow the hometown fans andia facing a fam foe in the first round. >> freddie freeman is next to me, so i lookal forward tong to him a little bit. he's one of my favorite guys in the league so i looking forward to that. >> we've been texting a little bit last week, and he said we
5:36 pm
kewanted a l next to each and he's the one who made that happen. >> i'm going to beat him. >> is he around here? >> i've been trash talking him already today. i'll have fans on my side, i know it. i'll have the whole sta gum. no, it'ng to be a blast going against him, competing ainst him pretty much our whole career. it's going tbe fun. we've built a little friendship but hopefully i come out on to >> i'm excited being able to run out to the outfield and see those w support me every day day in and dayveut. they des to have an all-star game. >> bryce's dad will be pitching ht him again ton just like he did the last time bryce unrticipated in the home derby and when he was a kid from. nationals park, sbur eds, neher, news 4 sports. >> all t w folksring red don't care about him or freeman. they are looking forward tong seim knock some dingers out of the park tonight. >> thanks, leon. big night on the way.
5:37 pm
once called aoad not taken and now a maryland toll road has ao different m. tonight at 5:00, how it's become a victim of its own success. we're live outside in nats park and a beautiful night now after what was 77 with a heat index of 103. just an hour ago we had the nice shower come on through and helped to coo a things down bit. we do expect numbers to go back up though. we'll talk abouthe radar. you'll notice where the thndundersto trms are tth at no. strongest of which are now moving up towards anneruel and howard county towards the baltimore area and a few showers ft around the d.c. metro area and the a (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪
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(sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) of you with that amazon primeun ac if you can actually log into your account, a bit of a problem today. amazon's annuath by sales event began at 3:00. it runs for 36 hours. some users can't access that website, however. amazon says it's workingn it. prime day deals are only available to members of amazon's prime subscription service and some items will be on sale for the full 36 hour. lightning deals are pop-up sales that are -- that come and go on rotating products.s mnd dads, it will be here before you know it. back to school, montgomery county held their annual supply
5:41 pm
montgomeryday at illage middle school and news 4's aimee cho met some kids who are already excited to head back to class. >> tons and tons of crayons. reporter: for anyone w thinks back-to-school shopping is a bummer. >> i need everyone working. >> i like this one. >> reporter: that's because they never met burrita. >> school is the best to me, and i always love it. >> reporter: this studios 7-year-old getting ready to take on the second grade. >> do you think you can ollow the recipe. >> reporter: with a little help from montgomery annual's school supply drive. >> it feels great toet spiro agnew school supplies. the big pencils i like and my mom doesn't have to waste all money. >> reporter: here none of the moms andsads do. >> ihat going to help you. >> reporter: they make sure any kid who needs supplies them for free. >> it's just satisfying to see other people like >> reporter: and part of this project is about saving the environment. a lot of supplies were donatedb kids after last school year.
5:42 pm
it's a wonderful opportunity for our studentso helping other students. it's very important to see and it feels good to know that what you're doing makes a difference foothers. are you finding a lot o things? fantastic. >> yay! >> reporter: and for some the new school year can't come fast enough. >> excited to have newd teacher new friends. it's goingo be amazing, like a dream. >> reporter: in montgomery village. >> thank you guys so very much. >> isn't this so cool. >> reporter: aimee ch >> that child needs her own show. >> yes, she does. >> aim right. >> the final resting place for many of our nation's veterans. today arlington natio gl cemetery iting spruced up and how the landsvipers are ging back to those who served. >> plus, an alleged tree-cutting homeowners.s elderly ow susan hogan joins us next with a new development in this unsumer investigation. le first told about itast
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
mowing, trimming and o honoring nation's hero. it renewal day at arlington national cemetery. every year landscape professionals from across the country volunteer for a day of service. they mow and patch the lawn and shore up histori trees and landscape the grounds. this is the 22nd year for renewal and remembrance day. >> a news 4 consumer investigation that we first reported on last fall. let's get to susan hogan on a tree cuttingarted scheme. >> a man turned himself into fairfax county pice and the other alleged leader of the tree
5:46 pm
cutting scheme wasue in court. >> this is one of the things that we have followed for mons and nths, and fairfax county police, they actually, havn eld unit that they follow and they really track these kinds of stories, and --y and t real he said with us that they had been working with us time andim again with this and really hoping that because of our -- our stories that we were getting the wd out to lot of people, and this is exactly how this whole story developed. take a look. >> police tell us the owner of savannah's tree and yard expert michael jackson, turned himself in last week. now, jackson and john walker both face misdemeanor andar fely chges including taking money under false pretenses. this is related to a case against savannah tree and yard experts we told you about in aytober. you m remember rose mikus who say walker randomly showed up at
5:47 pm
herome and offered to take down deadndrees a rose claims walker used scare tactics to try to get her to pay an additional $14,000 to fix a roof. news 4 later ralmedr did not have a roofer's license and rose said her roof never had any damage in the first place. news 4 went undercover to track down wal and jackson. when we jconfrontedackson he said he never heard of walker and had never met rose mikus, and he also told us he was a licensed contractor. however, we've learned that's not the case. >> jackson was released on bail. walker is being held without bond. both men are scheduled to appear together i court next month for a preliminary hearing. we'll be there. you can iatch ourestigation on the nbc washington app. just search savannah's tree. back to you. >> all right, susan. thanks souch. time to head back down to southeast d.c. leon harris is down by nats park
5:48 pm
and getting ready for tonight's home run derby and the big all-star game tomorrow. leon? >> i'll tell you. it's so much fun down here. i wish you guys could come down here and join us. it's been anol ae blast. it's been had a long time since this city has experiencedn l-star game and an even longer time since the very first game was played here. eun yang takes us back to when fdr was president and the games were actually played in griffith field. >> pitches and c. the year was 1937. lou gehrig, joe cronin, bill dickie, joe dimaggio lined up among the all stars this. black-and-white photo at the library of congress shows baseball legends at griffith stadium ready to play ball in the sweltering july heat. >> here's the next aitch. he slaly ball weigh out
5:49 pm
into right center field. >> the first mid-summer classic to swing into the nation's capital. >> the excitement was monufintal. streeted and homes and businesses emptied and members of congress adjourned. more than 321,000 standing only fans packed into griffith stadium. >> right in the heart of the city. surrounded by row houses andne bues. people would sit on the roof fps over the outfields and watch the gamese, you know, but it's a game that's definitely in the heart of the city. >> president franklin. roosevelt threw out the first patch and the game finished as an american league victory 8-3. fast forwa 81 years. howard university hospital is decorated in theha history once stood in its place. griffith stadius home plate duck dust and sweat right here from 1957 to 1965. d.c. hosted four mid-summer
5:50 pm
classic, two at griffith stadium and two at rfk and this year max scherzer and sean doolittle and bryce harper will step on their home field at nats park. eun yang, news 4. >> talk about monumental events and moments. we heard about one that happened inon today. it could be a building block for people playing on fields like griffith field for yea t game. bryce harper was there to personally dedicate bryce harper field and what we understand, bryce from wha we've been told and understand, he's financed it out of his whole pocket and paid for a field out in prince geor's county as well so bryce harper showing you howegacies are being built and will have payoffs for years t i comen this area and across the country. somebody who knows well about it
5:51 pm
is this guy who t played ball himself in herndon. >> i didn't know he was doing that. that's fantaic. i've got to see what part of herpdon that is. >> you've got to sp up a finance your own field. >> i did. it's about this big and anybody can get in any time yan w i want to show the better part -- you come to nats park for a nationals game. you justo want t see nationals jerseys. ght want to see other jerseys. here it's different. we've g nats fans and yankees fans and dodgers fans here. we've got orioles fans. i mean, a little bit of everything, and that's exactly what you want to see for an all-star game and for all-star weekend. i mean, really just a great night tonight and really the weather could not be better now. it's extremely hot little bit earlier, but a lot better right now. let take a look. the guys said are we good with the weather, doug, absolutely, let's take a look at the radar and show you what's happening right now. thin rain still c noh down in places and d.c. with some heaviestround and the
5:52 pm
up towards baltimore. a severe thunderstorm for northern anne arundel county. you can see that lighting up and another coming into spotsylavnia county. that's aevere thunderstorm warning as well. a couple of storms and for the most part things are gettingut of our area. take a look at the closest storm. the severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 does including parts of baltimore county. current temperature is only 84. 75 in manassas, but 88 in leesburg so we do expect temperatures to come back up. rok at areas where we haven't seenn. huntingtown at 84 and right now wee at 84 degrees. we expect the temperatures to go back up over the next hour. 87 degrees at 9:00 and 84 at 11:00. it will be warm and muggy outside and those showers and ou storms came t at an absolutely perfect time for us now because it's so much mor comfortable. amelia, we're talking about this
5:53 pm
tomorrow, too. it's going to be another hot and humid day. we have another chance for some showers and storms tomorrow that ikuld affect the all-star game, but just tailed we think they will be a little bit early on the afternoon. >> absolutely. the thunderstorms thate're tracking tomorrow will be more widespread so i know a lotuf p in frederick and loudoun counties stay completely dry. an 80% chance areawide that you're picking up some rain which is great news because we've been so dry arounde here sihe beginning of july. take a look. here's the planner for tomorrow the all-star 5:00 p.m. is when we're tracking storms moving through the area and starting t to pushough d.c. and then continue off towards the east. 85 degrees at that point. by 8:00 p.m. lower humidity, so it's going to be muggy out thert tonior the home run derby. not the case for the all-star game, and by 11:00 p.m. everything is wrappin it's really nice and mainly clear skies and a temperature 78.nd so tonight those humidity levels in the oppressive range, the one go t thing abouts is you can kind of find the silver lining
5:54 pm
is that they baseball does farther when we have extremely muggy conditions outsidd so kf nice that we have the home run derby here in the district tonight. more comfortable air than tomorrow night. still pretty oppressive out there during the day with the humidity and by tomorrow nig we're somewhere in between comfortable and just a little bit humid, and then no humidity in the forecast wednesday, thursday and friday, but quickly to give you an idea on timing, it's really between about 2:00 and 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. where we see some heavy rain moving through the area tomorrow. that could lead to some isolated flooding concerns. storm team 4 ten-dayas for upper 80s wednesday, thursday and friday with plenty of sunshine and lowy humido some really nice summer days. prettyy also looking nice. a mix of clouds and sun. highs in the mid-80s and on sundayhere is a chance for some thuerstorms. we
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
still seeing a steady stream of fans heading into the area for the home run derby tonight and starting to see more and more american league shirts coming up here. we'll keep an eye o that and our sherree burruss has been inside the stadium getting reaction and insight of the players. maybe you heard of one of them, bryce harper. we'll be going to sherree live at 6:00 in two minutes. the ic took a while to catch on, but now that more geople are using it, more people are speed on it. and it's not just all the drivers. news 4's derrick ward explains
5:58 pm
who poem wnl be targeting i a new crackdown. >> reporter: aggressive driving. most of us investigation appearance it had on area roadways. >> i do find people want to cut you off all the time. >> i stay on the right line and leave a big distance between people. >> reporter: and it's opinion an issuef late on the inter county connector. >> they come past me flying all the time, yes. >> if you find yourself following too closely or make unsafe lanehanges on the inner county connector ask yours. is that car next to me a police car or what about the run in my rear view mirror?s not alw as obvious as this. >> unconventional police vehicles. you will be seeing vehicles that are not your regular type looking police vehicles that we will be using. >> reporter: maryland transportation authority police say they will be cracking down on the growing problem of aggressive driving on the icc. complaints have been up, especially regarding motorcycles, and theyon't chase them, but they will track them down. >> forces us to use types of strategies that we're looking to employ.
5:59 pm
stand and put'll out for public knowledge and forces us to be a little creative and how we do the folloo-up. >> the news is that crashes are actually down 20% over this time lastear and the surge in complaints tellss hem that thi is something that they want to get out ahead of. in laur, derrick ward, news 4. >> tonight at 6:00, a stunning admission from president trump during that high-stakes summit with russia. an >> it was a c campaign. i beat hillary clinton easily. the there was no collusion. we ran a brilliant campaign and that's why i'm president. >> and now the criticism is cross party lines. just two hours away from the bombs being lnched from home plate inside nats park. the home run derby gets underway at 8:00. live team coverage at 8:00ight here on news wi4. >> g threats of a metro strike. see what it could mean for your commute ausand of fans descent on d.c. for this week's all-star event.
6:00 pm
>> first toth our w. take a look at the radar as we track a severe thunderstorm warning for some of us. >> will the weather affect tonight's all-star activities? let's check i with amelia in the storm center. >> maybe a few sprinkles in nats park and by the time home run derby is getting underway at 8:00 p.m. i'm not worried about rain. right now i'm tracking two severe thunderstorm warnings. the first one is down around spotsylavnia and orange county. this is going to go until 6:15.o alreadyh this storm showing signs of weakening, and then we have another pretty impressive thunderstorm up in parts of northern anne arundel county heading tow baltimore. that is a severe thunderstorm warning that's also in effect unti 6:15. currently we're at 84 degrees. i think we'll see our temperature jump up here within the hr as we see the sunshine come out and the storms moving away from the district. so it's t goingbe hot tonight. 9 degrees at 7:00 p.m.


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