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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 17, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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his historic meeting with vladimir putin. and he's facing widespread backlash with both parties. the president has ddiscredi u.s. intelligence reports and accepted denial that he did not
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meddle in the 2016 election. >> i a don't see reason why it would be. >> president trumpvoided criticizing putin at the podium. some will say he treated putin as an ally. some were critical of president trump were outspoken after the >> so inpublexplicable. >> putin did not understand strength. i didn'think this was a good peopr moment fununtry. >> and john mccain calling it one of the most disgracefu performances by a president in ouror hi four minutes after the hour. and the day has arrived. it's time to play ball, in thed mer classic.
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players across the mlb arehe . the action started with last night's home run derby. a familiar face hit it out of the park there. take a look. there it is. he has thrown his bat in the air and has won. >> bryce harper has won the title of the home run derby. he faced off against seven players. this was his first win here. he lost in 2013 at citi field in new york. security at neats park will be . tight toni be ready to go through metal detecthes. leaveiant purses and bags at home, first. bags have to be smaller than an airplane carry-on. if you take an umbrella, only
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collap ble umbrellas will be allowed at the park. and fans can take one unopened wat water bottle inside. >> here's what'shaed so far tout the classic. 11% of players were latino. in 2017,os lat made up 29% of the entire league. back then, you could get a lower-level ticket for 12 bucks. if you adjust for inflation, that would be $82 today. attendance for the sport has doubled, as well. 28,000 fans on average attend a typical majorgue game. it's america's game. >> all this time, right? >>t. ri >> this won't be the first time the all-star game has been played iar the d.c. . the first time was in 1937. >> it was the event to have a ticket to. we look back at today's history in the district.
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>> bats, balls,ch p and catchers. the year was 1937. u gehrig, joe cronyn, bill dickey, joe dimaggio, lined up as the aho-stars. this the baseball legends at griffith stadium ready to playhe ball inlt sweering july heat. it was t first midsummer classic to swing intohe nation's capital. >> washington is mad -- >> the excitemt was monumental. streets filled. members of congress adjourned. more than 31,000 standing only fans packed into griffith stadium. >> it's in the heart of the city. it's surrounded by row houses and businesses. and people would sit on the rooftops. it's a game that's in the heart of the city.
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>> franklin d. roosevelt threwo t the first pitch. the gamehe fin as an american league victory, 1fast-forward years. howard university hospital is decorated in the history that stood in its place. hosted four midsummer classics. two at griffith stadium, two at rfk stadium. this year, the nationals own bryce harper, max shand will st on to their field as all-stars. >> we're goingo to to nats park with a preview of the big game and interviews with people who have put it together. >> and the presidents, right? we haveew details, right? >> eight minutes after the hour now.
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details about the local board oc ion member, who says another member assaulted him. prince george's county member edward boroughs appeared alone. he wants the chair to stay away from him. he assaulted f h him aft called for the chair to step wn. he negotiated the $800,000 severance package for kevin maxwell. if you try a to takeantage of one of the amazon prime day deals yesterday and yocouldn't, were not alone. >> that's right. the retail giant was so busy, the web site crashed. this was blowing up in my feed. they saw apology puppies. puppies of every kind. they couldn't check out. amazon is working to resolve the issue. you have time to place the orders. the sales run through tonight. a lot of people crediting the puppies for sav lg them a of
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money because of the impulse buy. they finally gave up. every minute that went by, that's millions of dollars. 4:10, no new details on the rescue that captured the the boys rescued from the cavei hailand have made a video for their in a video, from their hospital bed, the boys thanked everyone who saved them. people around the world, including the u.s., worked to get the boys and tutir coach alive. they were in that cave for nearly two weeks. coming up, your first loosi at a new place -- a new thing they're offering at mgm. and twowords. we haven't heard this for a long time. lava bomb, all caught on camera. we're going to explain.
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sheena? we have thunderstorms in the forecast. the kids are heading to summer camp. looks fine by noon today. we have showers and storms moving through. it will be pretty steamy out there. chuck has
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♪ going back to our coverage of today's all-star game at 4:14. baseball h been america's stime for decades. and during the years of segregation, black players played in the negro leagues. you can see pictures, shoes, uniforms and a handwritten note fromackie robinson. >> it's this mix of design, and story telling.nk we t it really helped create a nice collaborative spirit to
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the exhibition and the project. and i think thatat res with people, from the design, to the amazing artifacts that are on display. >> the library of congress also features female african-american players. heand the coverage of all-star game will kick off and tte green will take us through the big game andse that put it together. it's 4:15. and video shows a brush fire how the wind shifted over the river. some brave souls can be seen watching the scary scene unfold. >> whoa.nd >>ome terrifying video showing the moment a lava plosion blasted on to a tour boat in hawaii. 22eople were injured on monday. you're looking at images of
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another boat, captured as a basketball-siz lava bomb pierced the roof of a boat. it stems fro ongoing eruptions from kilauea. this morning, we have changes to mgm national harbor. we're lookingt the casino $40 million expansion. they have created a poker room and have added an off-track betting lounge. this means jobs for residents. mgm hired 250 people,ost from the county. talk about the catch of a lifetime, a group o fishermen reeled in a 14-ft hammerhead shark. and they have the pictures to prove it. the fishermen caught this shark near corpus christi on sunday. but the hammer head died as they tried to put it back in the water. is sparked controversy. huge.s
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the fishermen insisted they tried to save the shark. they called in experts to help. a littleollow-up on this story. they ended up -- they said they donated 400 pounds of the shark meat to homeless shelters. i suppose that's rekept tdempt. >> that's a beautiful creature. >> were they fishing from the beach? that's a really close shark to throw a line out and pull it in. >> i'm scaredf jellyfish. weather-wise, we have all-star game coming up today. >> i a lot of people are excited about that. do they have t to bring ponchos? >> unfortunately, they may. we have a high chance for rain today. not a guarantee, but a surefire likelihood. 80% is our rain chance. there's our camera looking at
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the nats' ballpark. it's a steamy 79 degrees in washington. but the feels-like factor is above . 73 in montgomerycounty. 76 in prince george's county. a steamy start this morning. there's the weatherront that will spark off showers later today. and behind it, we get a couple of days without the sfling humidity here. late tonight, into thursday and friday, reall nice weather coming our way. this first little cluster of showers near charleston, west virginia, is the leading edge of what will become ourng increa chances for rain today. a dry start this morning. as early as between noon and 2:00, showers are likely to get goingalong the shenandoah valley. and the most likely time for that, through the i-95 corridor, between 3:0000 and p.m. once you get past 7:00 or later,
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the rain chances dry up. the game starts at 8:00. probably will have some rain to deal with before 8:00. but once you get past 8:00, i think things will dry outuite a bit. we go back down to a 0% chance for rain tomorrow. your pool day today? not the best to be out at the pool. it will be a hot one. around 92. and the rain chance stands at 80%. temperatures and humidityforop the next couple of days. wednesday, thursday, friday, highs in the upper s. overnight lows, mostly in the 60s, thursday and friday morning. could have a few 50s in the shenandoah valleys. that will feel nice. sheena will have the full forecast the next half hour. it's time to go to traffic and melissa. >> looking at virginia on 95. dumfries after triangle had the
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work zone. getting by little delay that should be clearing out soon. 66 at frfax county parkway. into town, out of town, no problems. overall, the beltway ia little se voo deceiving. we have three different work zones. nothing is being impactful. here's one work zone. outer loom, after georgia. two left les are getting by, and two at silver spring. two left lanes are getting by there. to prince george's county, you see everything looking good, into town and out of town. coming up, giving back and honoring those who gave their lives. stay with us. cancer is smart.
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you're watching "news 6 toda today. >> i tried to talk to him. he snapped at me. i don't know what his deal >> we've all been stuck in traffic. this might take it to anotherle l. a florida sheriff's deputy h some fun when the tortoise would not give him the right of way. he claims he was going one mile an hour. he followed the tortoise for 20 minutes before it turned off into the woods. 20 minutes? a little free time on his handsw off-duty. >> he was saving the turtle. >> stopping traffic behind him so nobodld -- yeah. >> going slow wins the race. there you go. all right. many of you will head to the beach this summer. >> that's right. it turns out that life by thewa
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r makes us a little happier. people that live by the coast, have p bettersical and mental health. scientists say watching and listening to the ocean changes th mind's frequency. it can put a meditative state of nd. you know that saying that there's a cure for everything is salt water. right? >>yeah. >> maybe it's true. a gup of volunteers with green thumbs are giving back to our nation's flen the pebest way they know how. >> the landscape professionals helping out at arlington cemetery. doing whatever was needed there, from taken care of irrigation systems to keeping the grass healthy and building where they need to. many took on the opportunity to ma pass on the message of service to the next generation. >> it makes you feel good.
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makesee you flike one country is going in the right direction. it's 4:25. and it's bryce harper mania this morning. shining own star brightly at the home run derby. what he has to say after a big win. still ahead. plus -- ♪ more hometown heroes on the national stage. we're goingo take a look at the local group that's trying to tap their way, step-by-step, to 25ccess. it's it will be another humid day out there. not as hot as yesterday. by lunchlunchtime, we will be i 80s. we have thugerstorms mov in, and that's why we're not as hot. we'll look at the timing of it and what you can expect as we gi to afternoon. coming up next. and killed by a cookie. oneoo bite a teen's life. the important reminder one of herrsamily mem has for anyone with food allergies.
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gdeveloping now, a child killed, shot while playing on her street. what we know about the gunman lthat took thattle girl's life. >> i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. >> plus, he praised putin and t slammed election investigation. how president trump is back pedaling this morning after a day of backlash. and rain is on they. storm team 4, tracking some showers, what they could mean for your tuesday and tonight's all-star game. >> "news 4 today" starts now. >> there it is. center field. and bryce harper has thrown his bat in the air. >> right now at 4:30, a big win for washington, hours before we host tonight's all-star game. our own bryce harper, crowned the home run derby championn his home field at nationals
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park. you see it right there. social media buzzing about harper this morning. we'll show you his incredible run. y everyone is talking about his dad. that comes up in aew minutes. good morning, everyone. i'm aaronlc ist. >> i'm angie goff. eun is going d to the ballpark to bring us live team coverage. e continue working for you on this tuesday. melissa has the morning's commute. >> to the forecasthuck and sheena are here. it's hot out there and it will be anto interesting day. >> yes. very, very sticky outside this morning. i'm not reay a fan of nearly >> degrees at 4:30 in the morning. t can feel nice in the afternoon. but in the morning, it will be a hot day whentats out at 80 degrees. if we didn't have the storms bcoming, we would back in the 90s like yesterday. and we'll be around 90 this afternoon. and this will come with afternoon . closely, we're watching the timing for the all-star g


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