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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 17, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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harper. he had heavy competition. heavy hitters were there tobat. defending champion, aaron judge, from the yankee did not come back. be a new would champion drocrowned for the hom run derby. did you see heas wearing the d.c. flag bandanna around his head. he hit 18 homers in his final round at-bat. you said it, he's the third player ever to win itn home turf. and he's going to play tonight. in his victory last night, only making things more exciting for the fans and the city. it served up a preview ofhat should be a great game tonight. >> we're keeping an eye on your commute and your forecast this morning.l get to melissa in a second. first, chuck and sheena are here with a look at our forecast.
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already off to a hot, steamy start, guys. >> already are. when we startik this, the storms will come with the heat. >> we're trying to get them in and out of here before the game starts. >> we are. >> the mt likely time for the rain today, is between 2:00 and 8:00. have your nbc washington app ready to go. if you're just gting up because you're visiting us in town, download our nbcon washinpp and you have a radar feature on there. you can track the showers as they move later on today. the temperatures are mid to upper 70s. right around 90 degrees. probably low 90s, east of i-95 because the storms will arrive late aon.
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the storms likely between 2:00 and 8:00. the game is tarted at8:00. hopefully, we get everything dried out in time for that. talking about the lower humidity in a few minutes. good morning. we are shut down. southbound 195. a report that a lane is opening momentarily. right now, everythg is stopped. you can see the southund delays, northboundslow, as well, here this morning. as we zoom in, i want to mention this for you. woodbridge, traffic from southbound 123, should be able to get on to 95 south after this crash. sounds like it involves a tractor h tractor-tr iler. chopper on the way there for us. inner loop and outer loop is looking good. and your travel times, i'll get into that, no major delays, with
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the exception of 95 north and south. it's 6:03. this morning, a community is angry after the murder of a 10-yeaeold girl. was the unintended target of a triple shooting last night in northeast finch is live at police headquarters with more on the search for suspects here. good morning. >> good morning. of course, it was a summer night last night. of course, people are out and children areg. play that's what police say that 10-year-old was doing not f from her home, when she was shot and later died. this g, police have surveillance images of a car and suspects that they want you to look here. this dark or black sedan pulls up to the courtyard in northeast last night. close to 8:00 p.m. then, four masked men, p chaps yo see, got out of the car and began to open fire in the direction o 15 to 20 people, including children.
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we now know a an wasshot. a woman was shot. and so was the10-year-old. all were taken to the hospital where she died a short time later. want to take you to the scene where police were there for hours, gathering evidence and speaking with witnesses. the assistant police thief tellin public at this point, enough is enough. >> my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. the oeople came in this community without regard to human life and opened anfire. we have to stand up as a community to say no more. >> reporter: police say this is an ongoinginvestigation. they're looking for tips at this hour, saying if you have anything you might know about, the men or the car, to give them a call. this is the 83rd homice this year. i'm justin finch, news 4.
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056: now. members of metro's largest union will meet with leadership. this meeting comes after union members voted to authorize a strike. the union has not list its demands. president trump is back at is white house after meeting with vladimir putin. he is facing backlash from both parties after the extraordinary summit. look at the front pages. this is "the new york post." perez gives big bearug to wicked vlad. and "the daily news", open treason. they say the president discredited the intelligence community and accepted putin's denial about interfering with the election. >> they said, they think it's russia.
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i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see why it would be. >> president trump avoided criticizing putin at the podium. democrats and republicans, some who supported president trump, were critical after that summit. >> his behavior is so inexplicable ando against the interest of the united states. >> putin only understands strength. i did not think this was a good moment for our country. >> republican senator john mccain not mincing words, either.ot erlling it, one of the most disgraceful pformances by an american president in memory. president trump defended himself on twitter saying, i have great confidence in my intelligence people. i recognize in order to build ag er future, we cannot exclusively focus on the past. we'll have more of the helsinki summit and on our website and on the washington app. big silicon valley name s
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testifying on capitol hill to see if companies are filtering content for political reasons. some membersavf congress criticized the companies for what they claim are remong content for politically motivated reasons. it is 6:07. continuing coverage of tonight's all-star game. eun is back for us at nationals park. d.c. is no stranger to the game. it's been a long time since we hosted the l-stars. >> it is. there's history cre year was 1937. lou gehrig, joe yn, bill dickey, joe dimaggio, lined up ashe all-stars. is shows the baseball legends at griffith stadium ready to play ball in the sweltering july heat. itas the first midsummer classic to swing into the na on's capital. the excitement was monumental. streets filled.
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homes and businesses emptied out. members of congress adjourned. more than 31,000 standing only fans packed into the stadium. >> it's in the heart of the city. it's surrounded by row houses and businesses. and people would sit on the rooftops over the outfield and watch the games free. it's a game that's in the heart of the cy. >> franklin d. roosevelt threw out the first pitch. fast-forward 81 years now. d.c. has hosted four all-star games. two at griffith stadium. two at rfk stadium. this year, they will step on to the home field as alstars. sean doolittle is injured. once an all-star, aln all-star. we've seen the security around here w becauwant to have a great time and be safe tonight.
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>> it's incredible outside of nats park. you need to be ready to go through the metal conntors. the bags have to be smaller than onan airplane carr bag. and there's a chance it could rain today. you can bring an umbrella but a small, collapsible umbrella. staying hydrated is very important. especially in this kind of weather. you can bring one unopened bottle of water. >> and there's beverages to purcse here. will be hot. you remember how cold we were day?pening >> yes. we were shivering. i will te the heat for that. we're excited about it. >> wan tell. what else do you have coming up? we're going to be talking to some people who were involved in
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the nats sponsorship and about youth programs that have been developed. and everything you need to know if you're going to head down here. thank you very also ahead this rning, a look back at the role baseball played in the civil rigs movement. sheena? well, good morng, aaron. we have another hot day. umid also in the forecast by 1:00 p.m., close to 90 degrees. sharp l shortly after, we have thunderstorms rolling through. we will break down the timing of the afternoon right?
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we turn back to our all-star game. there's few things that the
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country can unie behind l baseball. it's been around for decades. it's progressed in a lot of ways er the years. at the library of congress there's a video rate of artifacts from this era of the sport. the negro leagues were a professional level ofaseball played by black people from baseballs to uniforms to n notes. one from jackie robinson here. through collaboration through the years, they have expanded their collection. >> it's this mix of design and story we think ily helped create a nice collaborative spirit to the exhibition and the project. and i think that resonates with people, from the design, to the amazing artifacts that are on display. >> the library of congress also features female african-american players and replicas of the equipment usedears ago. let's go back out to eun an
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onals park. a lot of people hope to see history being made today. anxciting game any way you cut it, right? >> indeed, aaron. the field i ready. the fans are ready. we have more on what to expect today. i have a special guest, mastercard executive oice presiden marketing. mastercard has a 20-year relationship with baseball. >>ll us about your experience here. it's a really special all-star game. america's favimite pa what could be a better backdrop for this all-star me, than this terrific city. >> and bryce harper served up a beautiful preview. >> we couldn't have asked for a more priceless moment for the city and the. fans he that was terrific. >> what is mastercard bringing to d.c. that's different for this all-star tme? >> one o things we're doing, we extended hours. we t partnered with city and extended hours on the metro.
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we want people to enjoy the game. we don't want people to heave early. now, we have a safe and convenient way for them to take the train here. >> this is having metro open is important. tell us about the p you're behind and how you brought that to d.c. >> we are really focused oow we bring children and particularly girls, up to speed on tecology and get them excited about it in their early days. we partnered with the nationals youth academ and we had about 20 -- over 20 participate. and we taught them all about technology. and we gave them a bit of a surprise. max scherzer did a surprise and came a in excited all of the girls. you're going to see them on the field tonight, actually, escorting the all-stars out on the field. it's a reay priceless moment
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for the girls. it's special for usht to bro that to them. >> i love that you're getting baseball and s.t.e.m.nd baseball. two great things. cheryl guerin, thank youyfor joining us. so many things to look forward to, aaron. it will be a great game. i love that metro is going to stay en. >> it will be really important to get people back home. or want to turn to melissa the first 4 traffic alert. what's going on? >> a big problem in woodbridge. this is southbound 95, as you're approaching 123. a major delay. and here's why. it is a crash that right now,y you can oet by on the right side of the roadway. brad is up above this. show usn what's goingd what people are doing. >> right now, it's the exit ramp they're they're swinging that right lane
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over to get past this leanup. 's hard t see because it's underneath the overpass. there's a lot of debris and a lot of fluid. you see that person spreading out the absorbent. ey had a bobcat vehicle to sweep up a lot of the debris. expect the cleanu to last little while. i'm hearing seven miles of delays. the best alternate route to get past this incident is going too be 1, coming from lorton, huge delays headed down southbound 95. what else is going on? >> the beltway is lookinggo . no big complaints. your travel time, the problem is going to be quantico to the beltway. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. right now, we listen to mr. bel about tweather. >> thanks, melissa.
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it will be a golden glow at nats ballpark this morning. the atmosphere is supercharged with humidity this morning. you can tell the thickness of the atmosphere there through the mera lens. very hazy and sticky outside here on a tuesday morning. and it has been bone-dry around here. so far, the driest beginning to the month of july w-record. thther records going back to 1870. the old record holder, 1900. 118 years ago. so far, we haven't had 0.01 at national airport. there were scattered thunderstorms. they all missed the airport. today, another round of thunderstorms. current temperatures in the steamy 70s. there's the weather front that will bring an 80% chance for rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. already some early morning thunderstorms in the central parts of west virginia. that's all part of the weather
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front that's coming through here. let me show you our high-resolution model. this es, hour-by-hour, into the day. there's the first cluster of showers. fading out as it approaches the metro area. here's 2:00 in the afternoon, storms from hagerstown, to leesburg, to warnton. the time for storms will be between 2:00 and 5:00 this ternoon. aftethat, we should dry things out. the game starts at 8:00. most of these will dry out. a delay before the game gets gog. can't rul out another chance for a shower during the game. i think they're going to be able ba play . a steamy 92 today. lower hidity returns for wednesday, thursday and friday. >> chuck, thank you very much. coming up, giving back and honoring those who gave their lives. your time, 6:21. for years it was your dream house.
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you'rching "news 4 today." >> i tried to tapp to him. he s at me. i don't know what his deal is. >> can you imagine being stuck behind thi this takes it to a whole other level. a florida sheriff's deputy had some fun when the tortould not give him the right of way. he claims he was going one mile
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an hour. he followed the tortoise for 20 minutes before it turned off into the woods. >> he did speed up. a group of volteers with green thumbs trying to give back to our national heroes the best way they know how. the landscape professionals helping out at arlington cemetery. doing whatever was needed there, from taken ce of irrigation systems to keeping the grass healthy and building where they need to. many took on the opportunity to pass on the message of service to the next generation. >> it makes you feel good. makes you feel like one country is going in the right direction. >> this is the 22nd year the association has sent voluntes to arlington. >> wonderful. we're live here in nats park working for you. we'll tell you everything you
6:25 am
need to know for tonight's midsummer classic, includi the traffic and security. more guests coming out here just ahead.
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gooinmorning. ust a few hours, d.c. will host its first all-star game in decades. it has been 49 years, aaron, since thest last al game here at d.c. we're live at nats park to get you prepared. whether you're going tonight or avoiding the traffic, we'rerk g for you out here this morning. this is a great chance for the nationals and fans to show off d.ll, this rk, our hometown, how much the ballpark and the team has traformed the city and this neighborhood. all of the business development. there's so much to brag about. now, there more. that's thanks to our new home run der champion, bryce harper. we're going to show you his win aerow and why everybody is talking about his dad. we're going to check in wita melind traffic. >> take a look at this.
6:29 am
the big mess here. southbound. chopper 4 is over the program. it's95 south near 123. right now, you can only stay to the right to bget past this. northbound, we're seeing delays. the best thing you c do rig now is think about taking route 1. we have that right lane open, southbound. it's very slow. traffic from southbound 123, is able toet on 95 south. inner loop and out of loop ore the beltway, no major delays here. no more big issues here, we'll keep an eye o it and be back in a few. good morning, melissa. it is warm andumid out there. i'm sure this is expected to be another scorcher o an afternoon like yesterday. it won't be hot and humid but we ve some thunderstorms. that will break up the heat later today. 70 deges in washington. quanti quantico, 77. 70 degrees inees berg.
6:30 am
you will notice more clouds around. temperatures in the 80s, closer to 9:00 a.m., closer to low 80s. no rain this morning or by lunchtime. but the storms are t just off our west. for the all-star game tonight, a lot of people are wondering, will the storms last? a lot of the storms should be out by 8:00 p.m. mo can't rule out a stray shower. will be through this afternoon. and it's looking good as we go through better w tomorrow, and chuck is back with that in a bit. > 6:30 our time right now. here's a look at the stories we're following this morning. take a good look at these pictures. d.c. police is searclang for thatck car in connection of the murder of a 10-year-old. four people shot at people. wilsonkilled and twore adults
6:31 am
shot, as well. the fbi has arrested a grad student here. investigators say she was working to influence conservative politicians and the nra on russia's behalf. she is charged the as an unregistered agent for r sia and will remain in custody until tomorrow. all this as president trump faces criticism for his summit with vladimir putin in finland. we'll have more on that at 6:45. at least 22 people are hurt after thisav explosion on a tour boat in hawaii. a basketball-sized lava bomb pierced the roof of that boat on monday experts say this was the result of the eruptn of kilauea volcano that started back in may. today, members of metro's largest union will meet with metro officials. this c after union members voted to authorize a strike.
6:32 am
that meanshe union's executive board can call for a strike at any time.ay d.c.'s says a strike would be illegal. >> i expect that the union and the general manager will have discussi discussions. a work stoppage of that kind would viote the law. >> the union has not released a list of demand want to send things out to nats park. the all-star game about 14 hours away, now. eun, you're out there ready to fill us all in, right? >> yes, arnl. remember the last time we were on the balark field? it was freezing cold. it was for the home opener. i put on my winter parka. >> i wasn't here. but i'll take your word for it. >> it's a beautiful day for the midsummer classic. b our ownce harper took the title of the home run derby.
6:33 am
he's only the third t playe win on his home field. here, take a look at one of the amazin e runsly in the competition. >> on a dime. a few good swings. he just hit seven home runs in a minute. justi >> you heard that. 7 home runs in 60seconds. that's incredible. he took the title in last night's home runy. derb this is his second appearance and the first win in the competition. and just aite taste for tonight's all-star game park.ning tonight at nats harper said it meant a lotn to he derby at his home park. >> this wasn'e only for or my family, everybody like that. this is for the cook, wd the guy thks the front. that's hais father right
6:34 am
there, ron harper. he was a pitcher. he was there for the home runs that bryce harper hit. can you tell he's an athlete this moment set social media on fire. many people comment ing on how many hammer curls that bryce harper's dad does. >> so much fun. >> i love wching that over and over. >> we have to get down to business, though. for people trying to get here, it's no joke. >> we were talking aninut it leading up to this big day. get off at the navy yard/ballpark station. th trains will be running an extra hour. and all of the nations are exit only. drivers are t willibrave the traffic. everything in yellow is going to be really tough for you. we have a list of all of the
6:35 am
lots in our all-star event. it will be hard to get down here. but so worth it, once you get inside. >> you remember how cold it was. we had hand warmers were the home opener. i believe you were on some island resort and 80-degree weather, amidst all of the cold here in d.c. >> that sounds like aaron. >> now, it's coming back to me. >> i plead the fifth. >> all right. >>e'll see you again in a little bit. much. you very >> thanks. >>6:35, our time> w
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have the boards all ready for the all-tstar gametonight. in a few hours, this place will be packed with fans ahead of t all-star game. eun yang, one of the biggest
6:39 am
fans of baseball here in d.c. she is on the field for us. >> i think the excitement is so very cool. having the home run derby innd d.c. a tonight, the all-st game at nats park. what a teaser that was for fans to have bryce harper win. see theiring here t favorite players, really put d.c. in the pspotlight. joining us is chris park, the head of rketing. welcome to washington. >> thanks. >> this must be cool to be in the tion's capit to celebrate baseball in this way. >> we've bn amazed by the erall support we've gotten from across the community. 100,000 people going tofanfest. and you mentioned, what a night it was here last night. >> it puts the c ay as sports town in the spotlight and everything the nats have done to transform this neighborhood. >> it's o onef the great porspo
6:40 am
citying in the country. how much great support there is andas enthu for kids and llmilies here for sport and also for base it's a great time to be here. >> the youth development program is great here. and tell us about the pregame ceremony. it will be a poignant moment. i think we'll have medal of honor recipients on the field. it will be a tribute to their sacrifia hat it means for the country overall. it will be a great moment of togetherness a w a great to kick off the main event here tonight. >> we have a huge military community here in washington, d.c. that w l bewonderful. chris park with mlb. appreciate it. that's them latest f nats park. we'll have much more on what's to come next. all right, eun. thank you. 6:41 about now on this tuesday morning. >> rightnow, first 4 traffic
6:41 am
alert. we're talking about virginia. 95 southbound, near 123, a seven-mile backup because of ae crash this morning. we'll give you the full be how to get around this, coming up. chuck? > if you're headed to nats ballpark for the all-star game, likely ms are most before 8:00. could see lingering rain chances as we get closer in the game. the good news of the
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bold meets sweet with dunkin's new brown sugar cold brew. sweetly balanced with brown sugar.
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grning to you. i'm eun yang, live from nats park on a beautiful day. we're gearing up for ther midsumclassic. coming here in a few minutes, we'll look at a young bryce harper, maybe a little foreshadowing here and y what need to know before the game. back to the studio, aaron. >> thank you, ma'am. 6:24 right now. right now, we're tracking in several devel stories, including this traffic alert. this is i-95 south in
6:45 am
woodbridge. some majoris backups in aerea. we'll have your team coverage d will check in with brad in chopper 4 for us this moing. a 10-year-old girl is dead following a shooting near a slayground. her family planning her funeral and the community is saying the violence needs to stop. justin finch with more on the search for suspects here. justen? >> just an awful story. and the hope is the new surveillance images will help police track down the four men wanted for the shooting and bring justice for the family. look at the images here w. close to 8:00 p.m. this car pulled up and four masked men
6:46 am
got out of the car and began opening fire in the direction of 15 or 20 people. a playground is nearby. a man and woman was hit and was the 10-year-old. she did die at the hospital. driving home the importance of getting the guns off of d.c.nd streetshe impacts of gun violence. >> when people can't come out on a summer night, without the fear of being attacked and killed, what ow, you have to ask the city is coming to. >> and police do not believe she was the intended target of that shooting. just kind of caught in the cross fire there. police are looking forth tips i case. they are looking into two men who were found to have been shot, trying to see if they're connected to the llooting, as we'll bring you more as we get it. we're live outside of police headquarters.
6:47 am
back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> hey, hey, ho, ho. >> protesters welcomed president trump back to the white house last night. ma of them unhappy about h comments during a joint news conference with russian president vladimir putin. they are not alone in that. peter alexander has more on the backlash from the summit.>> t has been fierce and it has been bipartisan. the president returning to the white house, hailing his summit in helsinki with vladimir putin as a success. bu today, he is facing serious criticism for plablaming his ow justice department and the fbi for the mueller investigation, only hours earlier, he trashed as a disaster for our country and blamed it for ruining relations withrussia. vladimir putin appeared on fox news after the summit, repeating his denials about interference
6:48 am
in the election. we heard president trump putting putin's argument over his own intellesence agen and many lawmakers, including republicans, are warning that the president's comments will embolden putin to interferen again future elections. more reporting from behind the scenes within the white house. what they sayhe had been plan and how the president caught an auyoble. back to >> peter alexander at the white house. we'll see you on the "today" show in a few minutes. anks. 6:48. we want to head back out to the ballpark. eun is on the field for the emmer classic h in d.c. how is it going, eun? >> it's going great. a beautiful d for baseball. a lot of excitement ahead of tonight's game. that because last night, this place was rockin' for the home run derby. winner, or ve own bryce harp harper. he is on social media, tweets.
6:49 am
it turns out, this was not his first derby win. this is a picture from 2004. bryce harper's dad had to remind him he we a h run hitting contest in coopers town called the king of swat. and the internet never fails to provide. 11-year-old brcoe harper. ho is that? that's pretty special.or and special coming up before the all-staregame. i'm h with the chief revenue themarketing officer f washington nats. great to see you. >> good morning. thwe've done this a lot. but this is the first time for the all-star game. >> it's so b funny thatce forgot. he was asked if he had won a home run derby before. and his dad has to remind him. >> at 11 years old.
6:50 am
it's the momentum for all of the excitement for today. tell us what plans need to know. >> come down eay. gates open at 4:30. take the day off. come down to the river front. the development is unbelievable. tons ofra rests. go by yard's park. beautiful boardwalk. grt day toe at the park. >> isn't that one of the whole points of having this year in washingtonind.c.? we're he spotlight. not just the nats, but d.c., to show all of the fans who are celebrating this game. >> what a great love this city has for baseball. it wasn't that many years ago, people said, would baseball work here if it came back. and the city has answered that this week. >> what are you looking forward to today? i don't know how to top last night. that was so exciting. i'm sll abuzz. to see max go out there as the representing the national league, representing our hometown and the families that we see in the stands and
6:51 am
the community we build every game, it's so exciting. baball is magical sport. i think last night represented that. >> and the nats have done a lot for youth programs, too. >> we havou the baseball academy. most of our initiatives are focused on youth. and we recognize over 75% of our fans come to the game with another member of theiryofamily. see last night, bryce's dad throwing the pitches to him, it's reflective of what sexual in the stands. fathers and sons and fathers and daughters. and just that love of family that comes to the ballpark. >>hat's why it's america's favorite pastime, the midsummer classic. so awesome to beer in d.c. valluerienk valerie, tou for joining us. >> one more day. >> we'll send it back to you. >> thanks. we'll se of minutes.n a couple ♪ just sneak peek for you
6:52 am
there. d.c.'s own dance group, jam project, competing on tonight's episode of "world of dance," hoping to amaze the judges with their tap skills. the qualifier rounds looking to make it to the next round. and good news for 'sleesburg lucas. he has advand to the next und. the 14-year-old and all of the other acts are competing f a $1 million prize. "world of dance" airs tuesday nights at 10:00 here on nbc melissa is here with the traffic alert. >> big problem for a lot of folks headed southbound on 95 in virginia. chopper 4 over this problem. you have to stay right to get past this crash. this is near 123. take a lookt the delays. a seven-mile backup on 95. t'rthbound delays on 95, as well. go up to brad in the choppe best alternate is? >> route 1, melissa.
6:53 am
will be both directions. starting to see some volume now. but the crews on the south ound si 95, did a great job of clearing out these two lanes here. i'm going to recommend hopping on route 1. seeing mor delays northbound and southbound. >> thank you, brad. let's look at what else is ppening here. if you end up in direction, southbound, 95, near 123, you can take 123 south to get dow to 95. the crash is little north of that. you can get on to 195 south. inner loop and outer loop looking normal this travel time 66 looks okay. a little slow. fairfax county parkway. quantico to the beltway, 30 miles per hour, as well. and in maryland right now, 270 looks great. top of the pltway, 19 mil hour on the outer loop between
6:54 am
895 and 270. you know it's warm and humid outside. but we're noteeing storms yet. that's good. the storms will be here this afternoon, though. now, the all-star game starts at 8:00. mainly dry. can't rule out one or two stragglers behind the main area of thunderstorms. less humid going through tomorrow. nice sunrise. it is 78 degrees in washington. it feels like 80. we're going to keep warming up from here. o low uburbs in the mid 70s. we're nice and dry, though. as we zoom out, you see the thunderstorms off to our west. these are associated with a cold front that's going to move on later today, bringing the storms and setting us up for a niceay tomorrow. the kids are heading toummer camp, 9:00 a.m., muggy. 11:00 a.m., 88 degrees will bem mostly cloudy, still
6:55 am
fairly dry. 3:00 p.m., the kids want to get inside. we have thunderstorms through by then. here's future weather. by 12:30, we could see stray showers. most of the area, mostly cloudy 3:30, thunderstorms along 95, across the i beltway d.c. and by 8:00 p.m.,e uld be mainly dry. the model is picking up on a couple stray showers. and mostly dry as w gohrough the rest of the evening. for the all-star game tonight, the forecas keeps us with the afternoon storms. after we go past 8:00 p.m., we are looking dry overnight. sunny, temperatures i the 80s. low humidity into the weekend. we're watching for more rain, especily by sunday. >> thank you. it is 6:55 right now. here are four things to know is morning. d.c. police are searching for this black car in connection of the murder of 10-year-old makai ya wilson.
6:56 am
she was the victim of a shooting last >>night. members of metro's largest union will meet with officials today. this comes after unionemrs voted to authorize a strike. that's means the executive board can call for one anytime. the union has a list of demands. >> our week continues with a very big night for bryceha rper. he became the third player to win the home run derby on his home and it all comes down to this. the midsummer classic o d.c. fans are urged to take metro down there. in you're headed down there, don't try to park. chopper 4 looking at southbound 95 near 123. two right lanes open. a seven-mile backup. route 1 is a good choice.
6:57 am
you can access 5. it is a. me take route 1 instead. that's the news for today. >> i jumped the gun there. >> exactly. hot and steamy. >> whatever. >> i had time to roll ten days but i was cut off at the pass. >> that's the news today. thanks for wakinghp w us. >> the "today" show is comg up next. the all-star game is tonight. celebrating the nats and this city of baseball. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
7:00 am
overnight, back home and backlash. not tough enough with vladimir putin over russia's meddling in th.s. elections. >> preside putin, he just said it's not ssia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> the president openly questioning his own intelligence agencies, and in an interview overnight saying he's taking putin at his word. >> he said there's noonclusion whatsoever. i guess he said as strongly as you can say it. >> so where do things go from here? we are live at the white house. search for a serial


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