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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 17, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and now at 4:00, much-needed rape coming down over parts of our region right now. going to show you some video of time lapse of what it looked about 30 the capitol minutes ago. it's a complete soaker out there. thanks for joining us. i'm put lawson mousse. >> and i'mr wenter reg sitting in for leon harris. a flood warning is in effect for parts of d.c. and northern virginia and storm team 4's amelia draper is joining us from the storm center. always comes at a bad time. >> we've had over two and a half inches of rainfall reported at the airport at reagan national so we've been dry for the lastr weeks around here, but this rain changes that. mainly now i parts of prince
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george's county. this severe thunderstorm is moving towards the east at about 30 miles an hour, so moving towards dunkirk at about 4:13 and owings at 4:20. if you're in prince george's county right now you are getting clobbered with lots of lightning and very heavy rainfall and you'll continue to see that for another 20 to 30 minutes, so much so that parts of prince george's county including clinton, maryland under a sere thunderstorm warning that will go for another 15 minutes until 4:15, a severe thunderstorm warning, and then we havefl a d warning for that two and a half inch rainfall amount for rts of the district. this includes nats park, parts of arlington, alexandria and parts of fairfax. this flood warning is going to be in effect until 6:3 tonight. we are hearing that the dugouts at nats park are flooded right now so me on that coming up a little bit later and how that will impact the all-star game. we also have a flash flood warning for parts of northern anne arundel county until 6:00 this evening.
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here's the big picture, ahat we're noticing right now along and east of ig95 is the weather-maker for tonight. behind this a few scattered showers and maybe a rumble of thunder and whatra'ming right now mainly in parts of southern maryland, especially charles u county to prince george's county is the big weather-maker that's bringing area.f rainfall to the windy and we need more of this but more on t weather coming up. >> download the nbc weather app and set weather as your home screen. e > now to a deaasdls mf a littl girl and wounded. 10-year-old mickia wilson gunned down in aya cou of an apartment complex near clay tearias. short a time ago ago police released video of the senseless shooting and we warn you the disturbin let's get the latest from pat collins who has been in the
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neighborhood all day. pat? >> rr: police just released crime camera video of a brazen soting on 53rd street northeast. it shows the ller's car pulling into a courtyard. the masked nggunman jumut and a barrage of gunfire that followed. it took the life of a 10-year-old girl. the victim, mickia wilson. she was a fifth grader at d.c. scholars charter schoo she had just turned 10 years old this. woman was here when it happened. ge asked not to be identified. >> the littll died in her doorway. mom not there. mom at work in her sister's arms and everything. it was justsad,ust sad. >> reporter: at the murder scene investigators went from place to place looking for girls and evidence recovering slugs and shell casings, looking forng
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anythihat might lead them to the killers. at the murder scene police of every rank working the neighborhood the ne chborhood. >>ards showed up on our street using illegal firearm to murder a young precious little girl. >> reporter: you'r going to find these guys? >> we're going tog do everyth in our power to find these guys. i'm heartbroken by the tragedy. >> reporter:our adults were shot andounded here. police say those victims are expected to survive. >> we want to show you the video of the gunmenth again. black infiniti four-door sedan pulls into the parking lot of the 350 block of third street northeast. four men jump out and they open
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fire. it's only 12 seconds from when ey start shooting to when they finish shooting. if you see this vehicle call police immediately and we're staying all over this story. count on news 4 for updates on air and in the nbc washington app. we have breaking news in the fallout from president trump's summit with moments ago he did something of a walk-back. >> and in a key sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should he been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or why it wouldn't be russia, so -- >> the president is referring to a moment yesterday when he was asked whom did he believe, vladimir putin or u.s. intelligence, agencid he appeared to pick putin. jennifer johnsons s this walk-back or damage control going to clear anythg up? >> reporter: that remains to be
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seep. the criticism keeps coming a the president tried to clarify what he ally known the say yesterday. facing negative headlines from eoast to coast president trump in damag control mode telling americans what he wouldn't tell russian president vladimir putin. i accept our intelligenc community's conclusion that russia'seding in the 2016 election took place.hi >> reporter: still saying there was no collusion the president said he misspoke yesterday when he h said saw no evidence or motivation for russian interference. >> i don't seeny why reason why it would be. the sentence should have been i don' see any reasonhy it wouldn't be russia. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides condemning the president's words in helsinki. >> in my min the weakest most pathetic display by a president that i've witnessed. >> it was stunning and
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>> reporter: president trump sided with putin over his own intelligenceho agencies all conclude that russia meddled in the 2016 elections. >> they did interfere, it's really clear. about that. >> reporter: lawmakers lacking an explanation and concerned how this will play out globally. >> if thedent was willing to dismiss american concerns in the public, what in theeck did he say in private? >> pre trump is harder to defend than he is to explain sometimes. >> reporter: but the president defending himself on twitterfa writing th news is going crazy. >> reporter: president trump also left open the possibility that other countries may have been involved in the election meddling. nnifer johnson. wendy, back to you. >> and social media experts say misinformation travels a lot faster than the truth so we've checked the facts and the president's summit remarks yesterday, and you can find it our nbc washington app.
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>> an absolute mess out there on the beltway for much of the afternoon after a dump truck overturned on the inner loop in prince george's county. cars had to be deverged while crews worked to clean up the report. the driver of the truck was trapd and had to be rescued. he was taken to the hospital but it's not clear how serious injuries are. the road haseereopened for the afternoon commute. a trady has turnednto a bond between high school students between two schools a thousand miles apart. stun at great mills high school and st. mary's county are planning a trip to marjory stoneman douglas next march. a 16-year-old was killed in great mills and a gunman lef 17 dead at marjory stoneman douglas. a rights senior at great mills habeen planning this trip and raising money. can you find her gofundme page on the nbc washington app and search high school bond.
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and the first daughter pays a visit to a school in prount toe talk about sciencend technology. >> what some of the students say surprised them about ivanka trump.
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>> right now our stormeam 4 radar continuing to track very
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heavy thunderstorm and lightning. in prince it mainly george's county moving in towards anne arendell counts and continuing across the bay on to the eastern shore. right now we still have a severe thunderstorm washing in effect for parts of prince george's county. that's going to expair in a minute, but what really looking at right now and what i'm seeing as one of the mostse ous impacts from today's rainfall and thunderstorms moving through is th flooding that this thunderstorm produced in parts of the district, including down at nats park where we're hearing the dugouts are completely flooded there. parts of arlington andnd alexandria down to fairfax under a flood warning through 6:30. the gw parkway, i've re-tweeted a photograph. highlyre on twitter i recommend going there and checking out incredible and seng the floodin there. hearing that fire and rescue going down there and a few cars stranded in water. here you see the severe thunderstorm warning about to expire for prince gencge's countyding clinton, maryland. again though, as that storm is
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traveling off towards the east it's no longer looking as severe but still producingots of heavy rainfall. we also have some flood warnings up around norern anne arundel county and parts of baltimore. these will be in effect through the 6:00 hour.'s hehe bigger picture, guys. this is the main event right now. yll of this rain and thunderstorm activ that's pretty much along and east of i-95. this pushing off to the east moving off the area and good news now. good ns because we g the rain that we needed today and behind this main area of rain just meager showers and thunderstorms moving through. nothing more severe and more hit-and-miss activity after thie read rain pushes out of the area, and we're looking to be mainly dry by 7:00, 8:00 p.m. but the rain that moved through earlier produced over two and a half inches of rnfall in the beltway. reporteds of rain was up around reagan national and around marshall over 3 o inches rain. dealing with serious flooding in spots this afternoon from the
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heavy rainfall. if you know somebody coming home from work today make sure to check in with them and take a look at traffic and can get home safely. still a chance f a scattered shower or two and a rumble of thunder a 7:00 p.m. and at 8:00, 9:00 p.m., temperatures in the 70s and lower humidity moves in and i think the all-star game will be just fine, but right n we're really tracking flooding issues and even power outages across the-ar from today's thunderstorms, but, again, your weather headlines. we'll be dry by 8:00 p.m. and nice weather by wednesday and friday. i'm seeing the chance for some rain out there on sunday, especialut tomorrow is all sunshine and a high temperature of 88 degre and low humidity and a really nice summer day. thursday another repeat performance and temperatures in the mid to uppernd 80s sunny skies and mostly sunny on friday and then you see the chance for a thunderstorm stunned through
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next wednesday witpe ttures remaining in the 80s as humidities return. >> there it .is >> center field and bryce harper has thrown his bat in th air and won! >> what an opening act. nats slugger bryce harper winning the home run derby last night hitting nine home runs in less than ae in front of a raucous home crowd. >> now o to tonight ahe main event. the 2018 all-star game. >> though it doesn't look like baseball weather right now and a serious storm moving over the ballpark. as ameliaaid it might clear up by gametime. the tarp is on the field. water flooding the dugouts though. the camera is down at the ballpark but we can't tak to him live because of all of the lightning so stick around. we'll uatchp with him as all of this bad weatherasses. >> if you walked by the dupont circle fountain yesterday maybe you noticed it was little red. >> today we learned why the national park seice said
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someone add dye to the water but it was weak and it mostly ts filteredf out. still the park services decided to drain the water and refill it today. stl don't know who did this bad dye job. >> the countdown is, and we're now less than a year from the museum of natural history reopening its pular tr-rex exhibit and been closed since 2014 and will be back next june. earlier today we got a sneak peek inside. folks said they discovered new information about how the t-rex used to stand, and they wanted to pose the skeleton to reflect that. so we posted a gallery of the bones in the nbc washington a. you can check that out and just search t-rex. >> this one can't chase after you like the ones in "jurassic park." >>t's a good thing. >> coming up, a model brings her baby to the office. >> why this swimsuit model calls her a modern mom and why she's
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shocked at all of the headlines after this video. >> and a brush fire creates a ra phenomenon. amelia draper is going to
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here's the latest on storm team 4 rar. i'm tracking very heavy rainfall and thunderstorms along and east of 95ea with theest activity now in parts of anne eastern prince jornt's and stant mary's county movingt east miles per hour. no longer producing winds strong enough to be a severe thunderstorm, but we are seeing very, very heavy rainfall that's seading to some flooding concerns acr the area. in fact, the airport, reagan national, reporting over two and a half inches of rainfall which has prompted a flood warning for parts of the district. arlington, alexandria and fairfax. that's going to be in effect until 6:30 thisng eve remember, you never want to drive through a flooded roadway. ing of tha take a look. this is the photograph i was talking about shared to me on twitter. this is the g.w. parkway right by the airport, shared to me by davidarl. you can see the flooded road there. cars stranded in the water there. other cars seemingly had to pull off into the grassy areas to avoid high water.
4:23 pm
we are hearing that high water rescues are going on in that location so you wt to avoid the g.w. parkway or if you know somebody that takes pthat,ase let them know. more weather coming up in a little bit, but for now, pat, over to you. >> thanks, you a mea. tal about the ultimate lti-tasker, a model is gaining wide praise forhe walking t runway and bastfeeding her baby at the same time. wow. that is multitasking. it tops the tuesday trend and joining us now is mick jagger from 102.3. let's start right there. clearly this is a mother who has a baby and understands that the baby is not goi to wait for a fashion show. >> exactly. >> her name is mara martin and is a model for "sports illustrated" open casting call, one of 16 nalists, and when she walked down that runway i think all moms were like, yes, baby is not going to wait. a lot of p sple onial media were just praising heck and i think that's awesome, yes.
4:24 pm
e baby is hungry, okay. no need for an audience, it's okay. >> time to eat, period. >> it was so normal, so shout-out to her daughter. >> let's take a step back in time now. i remember blockbuster, but hi no idea there were still blockbuster stores out there. >> you know, because you have all these different streaming services and everything and there were three left. two in alaska which just closed on sunday and now we have only one blockbuster left in bend,or, and when i say it's to the tee of the whole old experience. still have cbmputers and floppy discs and they say it's so funny to explain to 19-year-olds who work there what is.oppy disc i would think i would be like oh, my gosh, you don't know, but, yeah,ay they they don't plan on closing any time soon so touris go there and take pictures. i think it's great. >> friday night hangout. >> exactly. standing in life.
4:25 pm
>> pick your movie out. >> yes, indeed. >> what are you going to playt on now? that's another story. >> finally we call this the first summer blockbuster. we r aember "jaws" and it's making a comeback. >> "jaws" is the making a. comeba they will show a screening of "jaws" at 8:30 on saturday on the big screen at wolf trap and then on the lawn, and the best part about it the national symphony orchestra is going to perform the score. can you hear that live. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> that will be great and there will be a lot of pre-performance activities there. you can wear a shark fin hat on the give aye wark and they also have a shark bone exhibit f sm thethsonian there, so a lot of fun. "jaws" was a greatt movie t scared the mess out of me until i got older and i was le okay. >> and realized it's just a movie. >> okay. >> going to be quite an event. >> thanks, vic.
4:26 pm
>> no problem. >> and listen to vic every morning onagic 102.3 and see ndr every tuesday right here at 4:25. >> that was steven spielberg's first blockbuster. >> oh, yeah. >> the first daughter visits students in prince george's county, and the students were surprised to hear her thoughts on science and >> seems like everybody is ditching straws these days and "fst on 4:00" tomorrow morning susan hogan reveals a big company that's about to go straw-free and we'll tell you how it limb pact your vacation.
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storm team 4 t iscking extremely heavy rain out there right now. we have team coverage beginning now at 4:30 with amelia in the storm center. amelia? >> pat, the heaviest rainfall right now in southern maryland and parts of calvert county down through st. mary's county and a little bit of anne arundel unty. this is crossing over the bay heading towards the eastern store. no severe thundm warnings that i'm tracking, but we continue to track this flood warning for parts of the district, arlington, alexandria andaiax. that's going to be in effect until 6:30 tonight. we continue to get pictures coming in terrible flooding across the area. i posted them on my twitter and
4:30 pm
facebook pages, including inf parts alexandria, parts of the g.w. parkway which we're being tol n by ours partners at wtop if you can stay off the g.w. parkwayou want to do that. take a look. thers a picture that i'm referencing of the g.w. parkway. take a close look at your tv. folks had to drive into the grass to avoid the rising waters. picked up an hour's time and when you get that amount of rain in that short period of timesh you'll get f flooding concerns, and that's what happened. he here's wider picture. the heaviest rain is moving out. a fewore scattered thundershowers and thunderstorms moving through. it's 75 n degrees right. parts of the district drying out. there is still a chance for a shower until about 7:00 p.m. tonight. otherwise the temperature around 79 degrees. we're dry by:00 with a temperature of 77, and by 9:00 p.m. lower humidity levels move
4:31 pm
into the area with a temperature at that point 76. we're hearing of a lot of power outages across the area, a lot of lights that a out and, of course, a lot of flooding on area roads and down at nats park as well. doug was down there actuallyen he heavy rain moved n.doug, what's the latest down there right n at nats park? >> reporter: yeah, amelia, taking a look at the rain and dealing with light rain right now. you notice the gates open right now at 4:30. you can see the line out there right now. if not for the rain the line would be a lot longer. actually inside the reswiurant th these guys right here hand that was abouestion everydy was asking today is when the rain is going to stop. i told them, hey, no problor the game tonight. actually looking really, really good for that, but take a look at what it was looking liketust abalf an hour ago, 45 minutes ago as the rain was real consng downe nats park. of course they had the field covered here, but the rain waso coming down heavy. we saw some periods of upwards of a quarterf inch rain coming down in just about a pen-minute
4:32 pm
period, upwards of halfn inch of rain in ten minutes and that's why we have some flooding outs there wsl. tonight's game should not be an issue. amelia and i have been looking at this and do think this rain as itontinues to move out is going to be just okay. say that again f me, please. >> okay. we have aevere thunderstorm warning now for calvert county. two warnings today in ourrea. onceor prince george's county as the storm made its way through and the other now forer ca county. that is the area that is seeing a lot ofest rain with lightning associated with it. had pretty good wind gusts gusting upwards of 40 to 50r miles our. this all moves through over the next couple of house, and as it does so we'lleaee thingsy improve. we'll see the sun come back out and we'll see a n realle night for the game. here it was for a while ago. know they had the tarp out for sure. this is about the time that they were supposed to be out there practice.ting no batting practice today. as a rest of all of the rain that we saw outhere on the
4:33 pm
field. now we had t tarp up there on the field. that's not a problem. also the grass. you think about how much rain. we've seen about an inch this. grass is made to drain very efficiently so not worried about that again. isould be a nice night for the game. s kind of like yesterday whereas it was extremely hot and humid. shers came through in the home run derby tonight and went off without a this storm definitely a good one here. we needed it. we hen't seen much rain. got a lot now and tracking those storms as they continue to move off towards the chesapeake. >> all righty. looked like that rain moved on into the dugout. >> thanks a lot. while world is reacting tot president's meeting with the leader of russia his daughter ivanka tru visited a summer camp at prince george's county interacting with young people who could be o future cyber security experts. news 4's tracee wilkins takes us
4:34 pm
there. >> reporter: these prince george's high school students are building compu r gables from scratch and today had a special guest. ivanka trump, president donald trump's daughter and senior adviser visited the national securitygr p created by theal natiecurity foundation and their goal isui to a stronger s.t.e.m. woforce. r many of the students babies of the president obama era, hard separating the headlines and the politics of today'shite house from this visitor. >> i don't agree on the things that donald trump has to say about people in this community and how people -- i think that america andequal i in this world. >> reporter: but for kennedy, a
4:35 pm
student interested in s.t.e.m. with her eyes set on dentistry this, too, was a leasing exsfwle experience. >> when she came if i was surprised and was interested to see how her thoughts and ideas were on the s.t.e.m. program and i wasn't going to letum donald interfere with all this stuff and, you know, let my mindset be free. >> reporter: this particular summer camp actually has a waiting list every year. students in prince george's county are allowed to participate here but there are other classrooms like this across the country. in prince george's county, industriesy will ,di news 4. an the next cyber summer camp will be in mar on the 23rd and 30th of this month. the camps are held across the cotry, and they are free. the national security agency and the national science foundation provide funding. for more information go to our nbc washington app and search gin cyber.
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>> flash flooding on the g.w. parkwayas left cars stranded along the roadway. take a look at this. no word of any injuries at this point, but there are reses underway. we have shomari stone headed to the sce andne
4:37 pm
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a swirling ball of fire along the california-arizona border. a viewer captured this along the arizona side of thead col river over the weekend. meteorologist amelia draper is here taking a closer look at this firenado and how this thing formed. amelia. >> pretty incredible, pat.
4:42 pm
first you had a firedo, and that's what you're looking at right here. that happens when you have the dry brush which is perfect fuel and you have very intense heat. that creates these whirling eddies. it has cooledir over it and that's where you get the spin. it has a core and outer parat ou're seeing on the outside is actually supplying oxygen to tha fire and then this travel oefrd the water and spout a water now, firenados can bextremely hot with temperatures up to 2,000 degrees farenheit. interestingly enough, these cannot be putut by firefighters. you can't exting risch these and boats there are traveling very close to thatad fir that then became a water spout. pat and wendy. >> that's amazing. pretty incredible. >> nature. children dream big and for one dad it was time to make his childhood dream aty rea for his own kids. a client treehouse that you can
4:43 pm
see from the prince william coun parkway. he came to the u.s. from peru and says he designed a tree house himself with his associates degree in chitecture that he got from the northern virginia community >> i'm thankful, you know, to this country that gave me the chance, to youknow, to be able to, you know, accomplish my dream. this is one of my dreams and if tely started because i -- i wanted my children to have perhaps what i didn't have. >> ortiz they said they can fit up to ten people in the treehouse and his kids spend hours there playing and r ding books. probably nice to be in there even during a rainstorm, you know. >> that's a fun place to be any time. >> yeah. >> let's go back to the park and doug. how is the weather down there? is the rain clearing up any? >> yeah, theg rain is clear up and starting to get more on the yarm and humid side again but really rea nice conditions
4:44 pm
out here right now, and i expect as the front comes through a little bit later the humidity is going to drop, too. we're tracking the sun and the sun is coming out and you'll really feel the heat and humidity coming back and we'll ta about what's in store for the rest of the night. we'll take a closer look as amelia will join u with a closer look at the radar. calvert county and still under a severe thunderstorm warning.
4:45 pm
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let's get you caught up with four things you need to know in the distribute. police ncleased new surveil video of that deadly shooting. you can see the car pull up to the apartment complex in the northeast. a group of people getting out t ann opening fire that. shooting killed a 10-year-old girl, wounded four adults. >> president trump says he
4:48 pm
accepts the intelligence that russia did interfere with the 2016 election and did major damage note a the helsinki summit after appearing to believe vladimir tin over his own intelligence and first daughter ivanka trump visits a s.t.e.m. camp. it is free and aim at getting students interested in cyber security career fields. and the district is gearing up for the big event tonigh th2018 all-star game at nats park. peis afternoon the stars got the red car treatment. last night's home run derby winner, bryce harper and tonight's srting pitcher max scherzer were there. the ar game starts at 7:30. >> well, all the hype around amazon prime day means mor i mone your pocket and that's because other retailers are
4:49 pm
competin for your business and they are slashing prices. consumer reporter susan hogan is there working for you andme finding peals from some of amazon's biggest competitors. >> actually kind of funny watching all of these major retailers, and whether you buy in hype or not, that's really a good time to snag a deal. >> target is having its own massive one-day sale offering up big savings on almost everything under the sun. the deals are online only, and there' more. target says spend $100 online andre get same day delivery. walmart's summer savings are offering 30% off smart home products and we've even seen savings of more than $100 off eleconics and don't forget walmart and target ask free two-day shipping on most orders over $35. here's a prime deal from dfw. baneed -to-school shoes, just enter promo code yay 20 and snag
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20% off everything in store and elline. and d is holding cyberor week in july sale and save up to 0% on home pcs and electronics. bottom line. if you're an amazon prime member before you actually click by now really take the time to explore otherebsites because there is a good chance you may be able to find the deal >> shop around? >> totally shop around. gen't take advan of amazon only. >> thank you, wendy. back to you. yay 20. >> bryce walker walking hand in hand with his wife making a grand entrance on the all-star game in nats park. d.c. is still buzheng about t superstar's dazzlingerrmance in the home run derby and sbures is live at the park this afternoon and it's clearing up. not raining and looks like sunshine might be comingug th >> the sun is starting to peek out here, but it's certainly been wevent.
4:51 pm
if told literally the floodgates are open. there is flooding in the dugout out here in front of me and for 45 minutes they didn't let an fody on to theld or off but certainly things getting ready to get started for a tonight'-star game. it was eventful here last night with that home run derby. bryce harper winning tn home derby in dramatic fashion in front of the homerowd. in fact, it looked a little dicy round point in that final before bryce reeled off nine home runs in a minute to win the derby. max scherzer and sean doolittle ran the trophy out to their teammate. an incredible scene and hper celebrated with his dad ron who was pitching to him and harper gotmotional talking about winning the derby for d.c. >> that's the kid in me that you saw tonight, and i was very fortunate to be able to share that with you guys and show that to you guy and show that to
4:52 pm
these fans and, you know, this wasn't only for me and my family and everybody like that, but this was for the cook and the guy that works the front and ifw you're thatker upstairs. i mean, this is for the whole city of d.c., and, you know, it was very fortunate to be able to bring this back to them and do it here. >> on the red cpet we talked to max scherzer and sean doolittle who are all stilles smiles talking about that home run derby and everyone is getting set particularly now that the sun is out. >> sun is come t out andhe storms are moving by. i can see the storms and sunshine right there starting to get a little bit moree on warm and humid side. temperatur jumping up to 1 and expect it to jump a little more. you guys ready for the all-star game tonight. >> got all f nationalss right here. all nats fans right here whi is real, real great. >> he's excited. > who are you excited to sea most?
4:53 pm
>> bryce harper. >> bryharper. >> bryce harper. aaron judge. >> aaron judge. >> that guy is so big. i was hoping to see him today. i actually got into the locker room a little bit earlier. i was looking for some of the taller guys. i didn't jet to seege. i was in the national league locker room with all the guys. all sink stuff and these parents right here. met them inside thesaltline, here when it was pouring down rain. they got a table all ready to go asking how long until the r an is over we're good now, guys. a good night for it. you want to do theer weath with me or at least watch me do the weather. >> we're track the storm as it continues to move off to the east. temperature-wise we're sitting in the 70s. we'll continue to watch those numbers come up. it's 79 degrees right now and 79 by 7:00 and down to about 76 with lower humidity. we're going to see the front come through. the frontasn't even come through yet. we'll see that come through a little later on which h wilp to lower humidity which means a nice night for the game. don't worry about that, guys, there.all okay right
4:54 pm
looking towards the radar. nothing up around frederick or leesburg but notice this are right here, a big-time storm, severe thunderstorm warning ino effect calvert county and st. mary's county until 5:15 and notice all the lightning here. a prolific lightning. mak look right here. southern portions of calvert county. that's wheret severe thunderstorm warning is once again until 5:15. this will move across. no l ger for st.mary's county. you can see it right there. just for southern portions of calvert county. looking at calvert beach area and downust to the north of paucket river andill continue to move east which means a nicer night tonight. this storm has dumped a ton of rain and when i say a ton, the average amount of rain for the monthf july s far should be about 2 inches. we sawod 2.63 alone, and that's caused a lot of problems. >> yeah, absolutely, doug. 2.636 inches of rain and it
4:55 pm
wasn't over a 12-hour period. we picked up that much rainfall in about an hour and that's why we saw such incredible flooding issues across the area. getting reports that se of the flooding concerns are starting to diminish as we've had dry weather and the water is able to eain. to hive you an idea we shattered the old rainfall record for today a just saw the update come in, guys. we've now had 2.8nches of rainfall today so we've shattered a rainfall record that was set back in 1899 by two inches. that's att p significant amount of rain. that's a pretty significant record that we've broken today. so some very serious rainfall that has moved through. still have that flood warning until 6:30 for parts of arlington, alexandria, fairfax county and up through part of that does incats park. we have flood warnings for parts of northern anne arundel countye up to baltimore area that will be in effect until as late as 6:45. tomorrow though it's a totally differen story.
4:56 pm
there's no rain in the forecast at all. if you've been watching, you know we'al beenng about the rain that we would pick up this afternoon and the potential for some heavy rainut not the case tomorrow. it's a pleasant start. 70 degrees at 7:00.m. and by lunch low humidy and 82. it's hot and not humid and it's feeling refreshg outside compared to the past two days. 7:00 tomorrow night on your wednesday, temperature right around 83 degrees so right now outside we're starting to seat out.ine come back we could still be dealing with a few more hit-and-miss understorms and showers tonight, but the heavy, serious rainfall is now pushing out of the area asoug was just showing you on radar. here's the tomorrow team 4 four-day forecast. 87 on thursday and 89 onriday and 86 on saturday and then as we look to sunday thernumidity re with a chance for some showers and thunderstorms sunday throughedsday. pat? >> all right. thanks, amelia. a suspected serial killer in the houston, texas area arrested following a police chase.
4:57 pm
police say his arrest this morning came as he b may haven looking for his next victim. as nbc'san sheneman reports, a videographer for the nbc affiliate in ouston became part of the story. >> 46-year-old jose gilberto rodriguez, hisri week long spree in the houston area ending early this morning after a sit season spotted his carnd called police. >> it's possible he was casing the neighborhood in search of his next rvictim. orter: rodriguez who has an extensive criminal record and was out on par he when cut off his tracker days ago. he's suspected mn threeders as well is a the robbery and shooting of a metro driver monday andal 1th home invasion. police found a handgun they say was stolen from o one its victims. >> knowing what this guy did and knowing what he's capab of, i'm just lucky he didn't -- he didn't want to do anything to me. >> caesar martinez, a st
4:58 pm
photojournalith houston's affiliate kprcame face-to-face with the suspect before the 15-minute long pole chase began. >> pulled up right next to me and looked right at me and i'm thinking thise looks l our suspect. >> martinez had his camera rolling as deputies closed in. >> we're glad it ended without incident and again a collective or everybody.f >> at this point we hope that he could be heldab accou, that the full extent of the law is applied and that we could bring closure to the family. >> rodriguez will have his first court date later this week. dan sheneman, nbc news. >> right nowt 5:00, horror and heart ache. >> he was just popping, popping. she died right there in her mother's arms. >> a 10-year-old gunned down feet from her front door. tonight search for the men who unleashed a barra of bullets on a court-yard packed with
4:59 pm
people. >> plus, storm tm 4 tracking rain and moving through our area. >> i'm amelia draper continuing to track rain at this hour. i'll have thect im on your evening and the all-star game tonight. >> and technical foul. a hard foul during a pickup basketball game at a local gym results in a 911 call to police. >> and now the incidenton has viral. >> you got fouled? >> two people who were there described what happened next. we begin tonight with the haheavy downpours t drefrpd our area earlier today. take a look at this. have you ever seen the g.w. parkway like this befe? this was just a little over an hour ago. the cars stranded after the war just rose quickly to the knee hi those storms were fast moving and powerful. that's a great testament to in
5:00 pm
a. >> wow, is it, and check out the scene at nats park, o the site the major league baseball all-star game to the. thekecars dng as the rain comes down in buckets. now the big question is will it impact the game tonight? we know the sun is out. boy, is it going oo be humid there. >> more green behind it and not lightning. and thanks for joining us. >> i'm wendy religioner. >> and i'm jim >> 2.3 inches of rain in about an hour and that rain that you can see behind >>srolling out. amelia draper is in the storm center. amelia? >> to get 2.8 inches of rain is edible. we shattered the old rainfall record of .8 inches oft rain. his though. set all the way back in 1899 so some flash flooding out thereto that was very serious in part of the city of alexandria and the g.w. parkway. thankfully we're starting to see


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