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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>>ght, president trump goes for a do-overaf ter siding with putin and blaming america. mr. trump now saying heisspoke and says he accepts u.s. intelligence that russia interfered in the election. >> i have a full faith in our intelligence agencies. >> the moment the lights went out at the white house. can the damage be undone? a suspected serial killer caught w returned to the scene of the crime, spotted by a news photographer. >> this guy looks right at me, like he just looks right at me. i'm thinking, is this the guy? >> setting off a child chase and a dramatic arrest. a fatal collision in mid-air, two planes crash into each other over the everglades.>> > it was the deadliest mass
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shooting imodern american history. tonight, why the victims are being sued by the vegas hotel where it happened. frightening moment a lava bomb reigned down on a packed tour boat in hawai in our spotlight, it's he only one left in america. our visit to the last blockbuster. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. r > good evening, thank you being here. back on american soil and facing blistering bipartisan criticism, president trump today found the words that somehow escaped him yesterday in that press conference with vladamir putin in helsinki. mr. trump expressing what he claims he meant to say, that he believed u.s. intelligence assessments th russia worked to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. he seemed to accept the ffdings america's intelligence experts and not the findings of vladamir putin. late details.
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>> i thought about the meeting i had with president putin was really strong. the porter: first, backlash, now the walkback, president trump tonight reading from prepared rerks livering his attempt at a do-over offering this explanation what he meant to say in helsinki. >> a key sentence in my remarks, i said the word "would" instead of "wouldn't." the sentence should have been i don't see any reason whwoi dn't or why it wouldn't be russia, sort of a double negative. so you can put that in and i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. >> reporte here is what the world heard 24 hours ago. >> they said, they think it'sss . i have president said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: the president accepting the president's denials of russianin rference and the president accepting the fufa
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h of the intelligence agencies he threw under the bus yesterday. again in the next breath, castg doubt. >> i accept our intelligence community's conclusion that ssia's meddling in the 2016 election took place, the other people also. thers a lot of people out there. >> reporter: the rare reversal briefly interrupted when the cabinet roned dark. > have a full faith in our intelligence agenes. whoops, they just turned off the lights. that must be the intelligence agencies. >> reporter: the cameras in the room catching a idlimpse of the prt's typed script with mr. trump writing in the words there was no us con, a point he emphasized. >> there was no collusion at all. people have seen that and seen strongly. >> reporter: still, the clarification did little to eraspresident trump's stunning with putin by side for worsening relations. >> i hold both countries sponsible. i think the united
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states has been foolish. >> reporter: tonight, the president's refusing to denounce the russian leader. wi>> mr. president you publicly condemn vladamir putin? >> reporter: so who tonvinced president trum walk back his putin comments today? a source familiar with the conversatio tells me vice president pence and the secretary of state, mike a pompeo had private conversation with the president urging him to make those collartations. ca clarifications. >> even some top republicans spoke out against him. that part of the story. >> reporter: president trump's f performance land fueling fierce criticism on capitol hill today much from republicans unwilling to follow the president about the inteigence community. >> russian is a menacing government that does not share our interests, itoes t share our values.
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i think that should be made very very clear. >> it feels like the dam is breaking and i was glad to see ofpeople both side the aisle condemning what happened yesterday. >> i think it was a bad day for president. >> even fox news usually reliable supporting chorus for the president -- >> it was not a very forceful prettation for president trum with putin standing next to him. >> it sets us back a lot. >> he should have defended us. he should have defended his own intelligence community. >> reporter: beyond the beltway, president trump's supporters stood readto offer him more slack. >> i'm not sure he put faith in vladamir putin myself. i think really he's trying to maybe trying to reset things, trying to get things off to a better footing r our country. >> i think it's all politics, the russian thing, cia, fbi. all that. i think that's what it is. >> reporter: eve farther, a afield a voice present trump probably ignored. president obama inso
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uth africa soundiut alarm wit mentioning trump or putin. >> strong men politics are ascending suddenly. politics seem to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning. >> reporte tonight, democrats are calling the president's attempted walkback too little too late. mark warner, the top democrat on the senate intel committee telling reporters he gives it 24 hours before the president changes his tune again. lester. n capitol hill tonight. thanks. a dramatic capture, a suspected serial killer under arrest tonight after authorities say she was spotted returning to the scene of the crime. among the witnesses, an eagle-eye'd journalist. gabe gutierrez has the details. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt is over. in police custody, a suspected serial killer, 46-year-old rodriguez. rodriguez who has a lengthy criminal history had been a
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person of interest in a violent crime spree in and around houston includinre murders, attempted murder and home invasion. detectives released this believed to video show rodriguez walk through a mall. he estigators say was on parole and cut off his tracking monitor. >> we believe he was ib po casing the area looking to score his next victim. >> reporter: cesar martinez a photojournalist with s nbprc says he was shocked to see rodriguez drove right by him near a crime scene. >> he pulls right up next to me m thinking, this looks like our suspect. >> reporter: he then led officers on a 14 minute chase. >> right after police were on him and pulle him over and then he takes off. >> reporter: among his alleged victims, 28-year-old ali barrow, a worker at a mattress store and 62-yr-old pamela johnson, who police found dead in her home another mattress store employee, ed, shot a killed.
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>> he was an outgoing guy, funny, very out going. >> reporter: his sons describe ei dad as hard working and say they're devastated. >> value the people you love knbecause you neve when they will be gone. >> reporter: so far, investigators don't have a motive for the killings. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. back in the headlines tonight, the las vegss shooting, a terrifying night when a gunman fired onto a music festival crowd from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel last october. now the hotel's owner, mgm, has angered the victims by filing lawsuits against them. stephanie gosk texplains why. >> rep days before the worst shooting in modern american history, stephen paddock amasd an arsenal at the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas, making multiple trips carrying 20 plus pieces of luggage and 22 rifles paddock went on to
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kill 58 people and wound more than 500 others. now, mgm, the owner of mandalay bay, which faces over 1,000 victims' ur lawsuits hasd around and suing the victims back. >> there is confusion by the victims. now, they are being sued by one of the s argest compan america for getting shot. they're in disbelief and they're mad. >> reporter: the company is not looking for money but is asking two federal courts to throw out their cases because mgm says it is protected under a federal anti-terrorism law. that law shields private companies from financia liability following a terrorist attack. if the business relied on security msures certified by the department of homeland cu sety. mgm says it did. the fbi never declared the las vegas shooting a terrorist attack. >> this had nothing to do with terrorism and theyve o motive for the shooting. >> reporter: in a statement, mgm writes in part, om e day of this tragedy we have focused on the recovery of those
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impacted by the despicle act of one evil individual adding years of drawn out litigation and hearings are not in the best interests of victims, the community and those still healing. for the victims who believe the hotel could have done a better job precting them, lawyers say a speedy resolution is not their first priority. stephanie sk, nbc news. wild weather today and rain m acrossh of the northeast, causing flooding from c. up to boston. philly and new york also got socked. a funnel cloud spotted in new in the d.c. area, the g.w. rkway looked more like a river, all blowing through quickly and should dry out by midnight. investigators are l looking into what caused a fatal mid-air crash, two planes lliding over the florida everglades this afternoon and questions being raised about the history of nearby flight school where it's thought the planes came from. here's nbc's tom costello. reporter: it took helicopters and air boats to reach
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the crash scene, two planes down, at least re fatalities after a mid-air crash this afternoon. >> we had been able to see three individuals deceased and we're fourth a possible because we're hearing two planes were training and leads us to believe ere were two on each one. >> reporter: the planes involved, a piper and cessna area of the grassy everglades, both painted with a logo of nearby dean rnational flight school which has 50 aircraft and a checkered safety record. our nbc station in miami, nbc6, reviewed 29 accidents or incidents involving the school from 2007 to '17, average of e incidents per year with at least eight fatalities inuding today's. last year, the owner insisted his school does no have more incidents than other schools. >> if you're operating an operation like this and you're operating 50 acraft, operating 60,000 hours per year,
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ur so if you take average and another school's average ere're in a heck of a lot be shape. >> reporter: dean had suggested pilot errs had been a factor. >> faa investigators issued warning notices and fined the school citing failed preflight inspections d insufficient maintenance and now two more planes have crashed. nbc news, washington. tonight, the coast guard in hawaii is warning of more potentially dangerous lava bomb explosions on and off the big island. omt comes after molten rock slamming down onto a tour boat injuring more than two dozen people on board. miguel almaguer has that momt of impact. >> reporter: just after sunrise, the fireball exploded out of the ocean. fireball exploded out of the terror and panic rattling a tour boat, as flaming rocks showered down. >> we can hear the rocks hit the boat and people yelling. >> reporter: 23 injured, the
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most serious, a broken femur. we all thought at some point we could die here. >> reporter: steve monahan was aboard the sightseeing expedition off the big island when a basketball sid lava ball went through the air punching a hole through the roof. >> w didn't know how big, how strong, was it going to sink the boat or catch on re. >> reporter: with lava gushing for more than two months we have i se fire and fury first hand. >> you can't compare it to anything. >> repter: now, after destroying more than 700 homes, the volcano is creating a new island in the pacific as rivers of molten lava pour into the ocean. shane terpin operates the boat damaged monday. he took us on a tour in may. >> i don't think anybody can really be prepared for what they see at the ocean entry until they're here. >> reporter: tonight, tour longer allowed o
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to get as close to the action after many have already gotten a view they will never forget. miguel almaguer, nbc news. there's a lot more ahead here tonight. stl ahead. atold case cracked, why invests think they solved an infamous kidnapping and murder after 30 years with help from genealogy websites. also police body cam video putting you in the driver's seat for an intense shootout the driver firing through his own windshield. and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of
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my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. we're back now with the big break that has finally led to an asrrest of an infamous cold investigators from indiana think they solved a 1988 kidnapping and murder, thanks to the testing kit so learn icans use to about their ancestry. kate snow explains. >> 8-year-old april tinsley went missing walking to a friend's house. her body found in a
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ditch. >> 30 year 30 years this family waited for answers. >> reporter: retired police officer, dan camp, was one of the police officers assigned to the case. for decades he carried photos of april in his wallet. >> i would put these pictures on my dining room table and scanning them over and over again thinking there might be something there i'm missing. >> reporter: he got a call when her killer taunted him with a message crawled on a bar and in -- crawled on a barn and in 2004, threatening notes found on young girl's bicycles. after all these years it took only weeks to solve the case edge a new cutting dna analysis. parabon labs compared e th suspect's dna from genealogy information, results people get from a test called " me." they found distant cousins to build the tree bawards and looked descendants and narrowed the search to two brothers.t >>ally had to be one or
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the other because they were carrying the right mix of dna fifrom ancestors t that profile. >> reporr: investigators collected dna from one ofhe brother's trash and got a match. john milleras arrested sunday. in just three months, parabon has iden four other killers and working 40 other cases. a court affidavit says miller admitted to killing apri tinsley and has not filed a plea in court and has no attorney. >> only rd will ask is why. >> reporter:ap l's mom hoping jtice will finally be within reach. kate snow, nbc news. a thrilling victory in the home run derby. now, some are crying foul. out of all of america's billionaires, who has claimed the title of the richest man in istory? america's billionaires, who has claimed the title of the richest man in modern htory? (woman) so beautiful.
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caughtn camera, dramatic body cam veo of a police chase and shootout, the officer at the ee whl, opening fire through his own wishield of suspects ng from their suv. this happened in las vegas. the officer pulls alongside and shoots again. the suv eventually calibeng into a school. the officer reloans fires more rounds, one suspect was killed, the other captured. they were wanted in an fatal shooting. ahead of tonight's all-star game, the nationals, bryce harper, staged an epic comeback at the home run derby, belting 19 in front of a home crowd.ay th the pitcher in this case, harper's dad, 't di
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follow the rules that b eal must land before the next pitch is thrown, but experts y it will stand. amazon's day may have gotten off to a rough start but ceo jeff bezos is doing just fine. according to bloomberg, bezos is now the richest person init history a net worth of $150 billion, $55 begin more than the second richest person, bill gates, though i suspect he's doing just fine as well. when we come back, rewind with a nostalgic trip to the past with the last one of these standing. ♪
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of the biggest names in home entertainment with ov 9,000 stores. times and the way we watch movies have changed. now, there's only one left in the entire country. joe fryar has your ticket for stthe last blockbu in oregon. >> reporter: no movie ticket needed for this star, a blockbuster video store. >> we were here and my friend said, they have the last blockbuster. you have to get a picture! >> reporter: now, it's an exclusive comingtr etion beca two shops in alaska are closing their doors. causing them to pause and decompetition from netflix, business is somehow booming. >> reporter: you could stream those movies. why come here? because i live three blocks away. >> reporter: for adults, it's nostalgic. >> i'm sad but at the same time i'm happy there's a sole survival. >> i lovat movie! >> reporte for kids, it's a bit of a history lesson. >> "home alone". >> repter: while corporate
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owned blockbusters all closed by 2013, this private store still licenses the blockbuster brand and still uses '90s ibm computers with floppy disks. >> is there a lesson we can learn from the success ofhis store? >> i think the social interaction yoget ce-to-face talking to people and not having your nose in your phones, i think is what you find when you kb come to a blter store. >> reporter: general manager, sandy, worked here since 1994, and her sons worked here, too, including ryan, a chiphe off t old blockbuster. >> everybody in the family has worked here to cousins. >> reporter: for customers a chance to rewind a classic. joe fryar nbc news, beor, on. >> we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that is "nightly news" tuesday night. i'm lester holt for all of nbc news. hithank you for watc and good night.
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